i just..........................really love this picture


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!

list of AU’s I’ve collected from tumblr that are totally hernst 

(hint: someone plz write these)

  • you’ve been awkwardly inching your way towards the human sexuality section of the bookstore i work at for like fifteen minutes are you looking for something in particular or –?
  • i’m the superhero’s sidekick and you’re the super villian but i don’t know that and we both met on an online dating website and you look really familiar?
  • you and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and i’m really just trying to study over here so i’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game
  • It’s the day before opening night and I’ve lost my voice, you have to nurse this melodramatic ailing actor back to health
  • the school went into lockdown mode and somehow you and i ended up basically sitting in each other’s laps in a corner to stay out of sight for like 4 hours, cool
  • I’m a private detective hired to follow you, but you’re endearingly boring and mostly I just like watching you and oops, I sort of find you adorable
  • I don’t have my hearing aids in, you don’t know sign language, and we’re stuck in an elevator. Your miming is very funny and adorable though
  • we’re both hired as disney world royalty and our characters never intermingle but that won’t stop me 
  • i’m a headchef and a restaurant owner and you are a feared critic coming to eat at my place
  • i cluelessly inherited this huge mansion and everyone in the close-by village is mean to me and you take a pity on me and help me out
  • i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit
  • will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit
  • the sweaters you hand knit are actually really scratchy but you put a lot of work into them so I wear them all the time
  • my stupid friends roped me into a mall scavenger hunt and you’re on the list
  • I don’t know how to tell you the reason you have all these viruses on your laptop is because of all the gay porn you look at
  • we sat next to each other at an LGBT poetry fest and are both getting angered by the speaker’s bi-erasure
  • yes i am a vet and yes i cure animals but this goldfish is just beyond saving oh no nonO NOW YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE ABOUT TO CRY I’LL FIX HIM I SWEAR
  • hey, my friend sent me over here to give you his phone number cause he thinks you’re hot, but now I’m seeing you and here’s my number instead

(all credit goes to the tumblr users who wrote these aus)


cause there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

to find my way back to you