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i'm glad ur enjoying the jaal romance but i'm still upset that i can't with my scott ryder

from what I have played of his romance so far, there is no reason it should be locked to f!ryder only. Your frustration is valid and I share it considering how they pulled a bait and switch with him for hopeful m!ryders. And now all it does is pull out the “defend jaal’s heterosexuality” crowd from the woodwork, and I already have to see that enough with the solas romance. 

It’s just a mess and I truly hope bioware realizes the mistake they made, and patch it back in, because otherwise they are taking a giant step back in making their games inclusive imo.

just wanted to say I’m proud of everyone assuring Mark because of his new video, or sharing your story, etc. and I’m glad Mark was able to speak out about his worries, and I hope he knows that we’re always here for him- because he’s always been there for us.

Thank you, everyone, and Mark. ❤️

it bothers me more when people make dumb comments on my posts rather than when porn boys spon themselves in my reblogs :/


Hi babes <3

I know, I know…I should’ve been here. I haven’t, I know. 

Before Skam S3 I wasn’t really active on Tumblr, and after S3 ended I just needed to take a break. NONE THE LESS all your comments were so APPRECIATED AND LOVED, honestly, I mean it…takk.

In the meantime, I’ve travelled the world. My boyfriend of 13 years proposed to me in Tokyo. In the top of Tokyo Tower. (I cried and said yes in front of a bunch of Korean tourists! They smiled at me later!)

Also I have a tremendous amount of work. 

Will I be translating S$? (S$ ??? OMG I meant S4 XDDD dunhateme!)

Yes. I will.

But. I don’t think I will be as ‘on’ as I was during S3, and while that is regrettable to you guys, I do have obligations to my work, which really means the world to me. I know it might not to you, but I hope you can understand and get that. Thanks. Takk. Merci. Arigatou. Dzęnki!

Elsker dere, ass! <3


Ever since I’ve rewatched Civil War, I just wanna’ comment that T’Challa is being really fucking nice to Steve when he really has no reason to be such.

I mean, yes. T’Challa knows that he had done wrong in falling into the rut that is revenge, and that he must fix that issue. Learn from your mistakes, and whatnot. In the comics, it was obvious that T’Challa was always much more analytical and objective than most of the other superheroes. Being a King and a prince before that gave him perspective. So, seeing him help Bucky by fulfilling his wish to be iced again was his way of fixing things. An honorable, respectful offer of aid. He also captured and was persecuting Zemo personally, another part of Civil War fixed.

But Steve? T’Challa owes nothing to Steve. Wakanda has a history, in the comics and implied in the film, of nobody really allowed past their borders. Wakandans can come and go as they please, but foreigners have to gain the respect of the Wakandans and their King to even get past the borders, or survive the man-eating jungle that surrounds Wakanda. Steve is/was Captain America, a symbol of America both visually and in myth. I doubt he’s seen very positively on an international level. And T’Challa? He perhaps respects a fellow warrior, and a man of conviction. He can respect a man who would go against everyone and everything for a friend.

But he owes the man nothing, and T’Challa is fucking awesome. I really hope they don’t make T’Challa some kind of sugar daddy to Team Cap, funding their Secret Avengers and whatnot. Because he shouldn’t be cheapened as a character by just existing in the upcoming Avengers film as Mr. Moneybags like Tony. He’s the Black Panther, he’s gonna have his own film, RESPECT THE SUPERHERO HE IS.

Literal comment that I’ve just seen.

“LGBT people have had no sympathy for us, so why should we have any for them?”

Uhmm? Last I checked straight people weren’t being killed for being straight. Last I checked you weren’t oppressed. Last I checked you weren’t being kicked out and disowned. Fuck off. You have literally everything handed to your asses. Marriage, jobs, kids; whereas LGBT people have to fucking fight for it. That’s why we have no sympathy for you - because you haven’t gone through anything to deserve it.

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Sorry but the gp is unanimously most excited about Harry's solo work, yes probably thanks to years of having been hyped up while in 1d. He already broke the internet with AM since it really contrasted with his everlasting silence, and now the grapevine has him being linked with great collaborators. Take off your Louie glasses for a second and accept that things aren't looking all the same for 4/4 (sadly). People barely remember Liam outside of Chiam, and Louis just looks... bad.


What it’s your problem, you should take your harrie glasses and see that no, not everyone is in love with Harry and it’s dying to hear his album like us. I said that gp is leaving some nasty comments because I saw the comments myself, with my eyes. Lots of people still have that “boybander” image of him, gp won’t be remembering AM forever you do know that right? Most people probably already forgot, we remember constantly because we’re fans, gp isn’t. Besides, I never said gp as a whole hates him, I said some people are already :/ about all this rumors because every time is a new one/a new date/ a new song influence, ect. Most of gp do think he’s good and it’s the best of the band to go solo so I don’t understand why you’re so twisted about this when I never said Harry is in a bad situation to the gp like the other boys. It’s like you people can’t see a person saying Harry isn’t the best of the band, the only one with a clean image, the god above all others without getting angst - Harry doesn’t have this sacred image everywhere so maybe chill for a bit 


I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that my comment was good enough for Harry to include in his caption and that Harry’s got me.

If Harry’s got me then no one touch me because I only fuck with my boy Harry.

Also can I just praise how I was the only comment he responded to out of over 400?

I realize I’m being a selfish asshole but I have the right because he’s one of my favorite actors and I’ve never felt so happy.


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I just saw the Shodai!Touka comment, and who wants to bet that Tobirama helped keep them distracted while she took the hat? Or at least made sure the ceremony went smoothly so there was no chance to interrupt once they pulled themselves together. He'd be overjoyed to have someone sensible in charge - less work for him (you know Hashirama probably lets him take over most of the paperwork). :) I can also see this with Mito, only they wouldn't realize what happened until the cheering started. :)


It would be glorious and so amusing, and Tobirama would absolutely help. (Makes me wonder what form ‘distracting’ Madara might take :P) 

Arc V Fandom Group Hug

I’ve had a really enjoyable past 3 years getting to know all you guys thanks to this show. I hadn’t ever really interracted with the Yugioh fandom much before Arc V (despite having seen every single episode of the other series before it) so I’m very grateful that my overall experience and interractions with the vast majority of you guys have been positive! I also wanna thank both Arc V and you guys for this immense amount of creative motivation you’ve all given me throughout (seriously be it artist, writer, editor, or just a fan who reblogs or comments I gotta say this fandom has some really talented and creative people that have inspired me in MANY ways). Lastly, thank you all for the SMILES you’ve given me. It’s been a fun time with you guys and I made a lot of really cool and incredible friends out of a lot of you guys! Thanks! 

Ah but don’t worry, even if the show is ending, the EGAOS will keep on coming for sure! Looking forward to much more from you all!

The fun has just begun!

I just saw a YouTube comment that said “If you went on my page you’d know I’m actually a big msi fan” and someone asked why he was being a dick then and he said “i never said i don’t like msi. i just told you to stop listening to them because they suck“

Live Q&A Starting Now (March24)!

Use the message icon at the top right of the home page and send me a message.  I will definitely respond to you using the messenger and will also cut and paste your message and my reply on this blog so others can follow all the conversations.  If you want to keep our conversation private then just tell me so in your message, though I hope you will be OK with me posting it.

I prefer the questions and comments to be of a sexual nature - and I especially enjoy anything said about my tits and nipples - but they don’t have to be.  You can be as intimate and “dirty” as you like.  Believe me, I’ve done just about everything.


My Live Q&A’s are about having fun and probing deep sexual desires.  You can go many places with that, please don’t go to places I put in bold above.

All comments and questions will be answered in the order I receive them and all will be answered.  It may take me a few minutes depending on how many questions I receive.

So let’s get started!  I’m horny and ready!


donttellmymomilikecock:  Hi! Love love love your blog! My question is would you be interested in anyone around the age of 25? How can I get involved with a shoot?  I’d love nothing more than to suck on your beautiful breasts, and eat your pussy

Marti:  Of course I am interested in a guy of 25.  I’m interested in any guy who is 18 or over and finds me sexy!

themaskedhillbilly:  Hey Sexy, hope you have a fun-filled, juicy, milky evening!

Marti:  If I’m having fun them I am being milky!  It’s become so easy for me.  Glad you joined in tonight!

1flashlog0:  May I join in tonight?

Marti:  You sure can!  Ask me or Michelle anything

:  I know your son was 39 when he first got to experience fucking you but I was infatuated with the fantasy of fucking my mother as early as age 12!… By age 14-15 I jerked off while spying on her multiple times a day if I were able and if not then I looked at photos of her I’d sneak out of the album of her in a bikini sun bathing etc … Always came so hard! So my question is when did you first want to become sexual with your son and the same as to when was his first intentions made clear to you??

Marti:  My son did the same to me when he was a teen.  He kept the pictures and wanked to them for over 20 years before we actually had sex!

Marti:  I didn’t know I wanted to be sexual with my son until the day it actually happened.  His intentions were forced upon us by my daughter.

bbwlookers:  Long time since I pushed anything I’m hoping Michelle remembers me lol

Michelle:   Yeah, I remember cause I save conversations.  Glad to hear from you again

:  Wouldn’t miss the chance to chat with you, especially when Michelle is there too.  Love the shot of her legs you shared and the pix Jake took of you in the kitchen are fantastic!

Mari:  Always nice to hear that you like what you see - whether it is of me or Michelle!

amoe42608:  Do either of you lovely ladies smoke.

Love those big natural tits. I wanna cum all over them.

Michelle:  Neither of us smoke or have ever smoked.  And whose tits are you referring to?  We’re both pretty big up top!

dion1900:  Do you like masturbating 

Your tits and nipped make me so erect just like your gorgeous 

Marti:  I love to slowly stroke a cock as the guy stares at my tits.  The sight of a cock blowing its load is so erotic!  Oh, and happy you appreciate my nipples.

cd-4:  Well it’s about time I got to speak with you.  Been with you so long thought you forgot about me. Really miss the chats a lot to catch up on. But quickly never saw anything on the photo fuck winner.  Did you have it? Do you like your body now? When do you travel again.  One’s coming up right?

Hi Michelle. Are you going to be able to keep yours hands off your mom long enough to do this for more than 30 mins ? Did you ever find your happiness? Know things were a little rocky there for a while? Miss ya! Nipples being taken care of?

Marti:  Hi CD.  I could never forget you.  You and TMH have been with me longer than anyone.  The contest did happen, though I was a little disappointed with the weekend.  I’ll write about it soon.

As for my body - I’m loving it!  I like that my boobs have grown 4-5 cup sizes as I’ve learned to lactate.  I don’t even mind that they now droop almost to my navel!

Michelle:  I feeling pretty good now, thanks CD.  It’s still a little difficult being a lesbian while married to a man, but we’ve worked things out - thanks to Mom.

Michelle:   And, no, I’m not keeping my hands - or mouth - off Mom’s tits and nipples for long!

aw8295:  Evening Marti and Michelle, amazing blog, how does one get to join one of your sessions?

Marti:  Glad you could join.  Being involved in my photo sessions is mostly by luck.  My husband, son, and a few friends find the photographers/lovers so the guys in the sessions are mostly locals.

:  Haven’t fucked my mom yet but we discussed it , it even lead to us masturbating in her room together

Really? How ? 😈I have fucked my sisterIf you’d like I can show you her pic ?Only once but words can’t describe 😍👌🏼

I’d love that detailed story btw 😉

Marti:  The details of how I got into incest are given in my Sexual Jounrey page here:  http://mybigmaturetits.tumblr.com/martijourney.

jpark111:  Hi I’m an 18 year old virgin and you are my favorite blog! What would be your ideal way to take my v card?

Marti:  Glad you are loving my blog!  No doubt my favorite way to take a virginity is riding you cowgirl with your hands (and eyes!) on my tits.

bbwlookers:  It’s nice to talk to u I figured I’d take a break from 3d printing to join the chat. How have u been

Michelle:  I’ve been doing good.  Actually, I’m doing great right now because I’ve pulled Mom’s tits out and am playing with them - when I’m not typing.

:  Good evening my question to the both of you have either one of you had sex in a public place

Marti:  Lots of times, but just out of sight - like in a car or behind a bush.  Love sex out of doors.

Michelle:  I feel Mom up anytime I think someone won’t see

themaskedhillbilly:  As good as you look in lace, I tend to imagine you in a clingy chiffon peignoir.  You’re putting the final touches on your make-up as I walk up behind you.  You look at me through the mirror and smile, you see the bulge in my pants.  I caress down your chest as I lean over and kiss the top of your head and tell you, you’re beautiful.  The night we had planned doesn’t matter anymore, the need between us is too strong now.  You stand and lean on your dressing table, the mirrors giving us both wondrous views of your swinging, swaying tits as I slowly saw my hard cock in and out of your juicy, dripping wet pussy.

Marti:  Fuck, baby, love the imagery!  (Yeah, that’s it Michelle, masturbate my nipples as I reread TMH’s post.)  I especially love the bit about us both watching my tits swing as you fuck me!

dion1900:  Oh how erotica that would  be while I pull and suck on your long nips I would blow a huge load all over your 

Thank you for answering

Marti:  You’re welcome!  Pull enough of my nipples and I’ll spray you with milk.  And about that cum on my tits - I’d lick it all off as I smiled at you!

vanman3360-blog:  Mmm.. Marti and Michelle…I love your sexy pics…Can I join

I love your last set of pics..Those sexy tits and highheels​..And a horny ass..

I would love to fuck both you and Michelle..And see you clean my cock after ..

Marti:  How about Michelle and I with our M and J cup tits suck and titty-fuck your cock at the same time!

Michelle:  Or I’ll suck Mom’s nipples and drink her milk while she blows you!

1flashlog0:  You seem very happy being large breasted and exposed, what do you suggest that would help other ladies become comfortable and exposing their sexuality?  Do you enjoy nudity and others admiring your assets?

Enjoy reading your stories and sexual experiences. I would enjoy being your photographer.

Marti:  My #1 piece of advice to help ladies be more free with their bodies is to not wait as long as I did to do it! Now there is nothing I enjoy more than having people - men or women - look at my body with lust, especially to look at my tits!

donttellmymomilikecock:  could I send you a dick pick?  I’ve never had sex with an older woman before its my biggest fantasy 

I would like to be a photographer and get a chance to fuck you

Marti:  You’re always welcome to send me a dick pic.  Older women know what they want and they want to please their man.  Hope you get to try it!

bbwlookers:  Lol I’m printing out Batman cufflinks for a customer but I’ll trade u

Michelle:  Not a trade - but I’ll share  Mom’s  monster boobs and long hard nipples with you!

Marti:  Oh, God, guys.  You need to ask Michelle more questions.  She’s not busy enough so she has my tits out and is really working them over.  It’s hard for me to type with one of my hard nipples in her beautiful mouth and the other between her tiny fingers!

cd-4:  still the freak luv it..

Michelle I know fighting happeniest is a hard thing to do  been there but you are staying for the right reason and that well be why you will be rewarded with it in the end. You are a good person  (most of the time) it’s all good .

Michelle:  I’m letting myself be me more than I ever did - think that is important to happiness.  Of course, that means I still have too much of a temper!

Marti looks like your nipples are getting depth ot thicker?

You should do an update on the crew and your son’s latest fetish that took him away you for awhile.  Any lucky lately special additions to your circle of lovers?

Marti:  Both my tits and nipples have grown considerably over the last 9 months.  It comes down to my increased ability to lactate.  My breasts think I’m eternally pregnant!

And, yes, several new close lovers - mostly women.  I sure need to write about that.  Have been a bit hesitant to write about Jake’s fetish since he’s somewhat past it.

:  Your nipples dragging along the smooth, wooden tabletop, leaving trails of milk droplets only to have them erased when I pull you back and we tumble onto the bed, you turn and mount me, slipping into your drum tight ass.  The groan and growl you draw out of me makes you smile down at me before you bury my face, smothering me with your awesome tits as you slowly bounce up and down on my cock.  Your moans become whines as you beg for my cum.  My hips thrust up as my cock swells and throbs then erupts in your ass!

Marti:  My nipples, so hard, covering you in spurts of my milk.  Your face and chest covered in white.

speedracer0068:  How can we see even more of you

Marti:  Stay tuned here and you will.  Another way is to google my old porn name martiddds.  You can find some older vids of me that way.

purple-lamborghini-lurkin-2:  Thank you! Yes she does, we’re both in other committed relationships now but I know if we could be alone for one night again she (like myself) would want to fuck again…But I’m lucky really , most only fantasize of it and I actually hit her from behind and got to cum all over her big sexy ass 😍👌🏼

Your daughters legs are amazingI’d love to see the three of y'all pictured in a three some if ever possible 😉

Marti:  Doesn’t she have the best legs ever?  I doubt I’ll show any of her and I having sex - at least until her kids are 18 (which is another 10 years).

rbrandhoefer:  Can you describe the taste of Marti’s milk.

Michelle:  Love to!  It depends on what part of her letdown I’m drinking from.  Early, it is richer and a bit sour - more like dilute buttermilk.  Towards the end it becomes less intense and milder in flavor.  Throughout, there’s just a slight taste of earthiness.

Do I sound like a Mother’s Milk connoisseur or what?

bbwlookers:  Sounds like fun to bad I’m never get to Florida anytime soon unless I go be a roadie again

Michelle:  When you said you were once a roadie it reminded me of some pictures of Mom when she was in her 20’s.  She was quite the hippie!

i-incest-us:  Michelle, do you have any pictures of your mom you can share?

Michelle:  I probably have 100,000 of them - and my husband has more than that.  Maybe, if I ever restart my blog, I’ll show some she doesn’t have herself.

themaskedhillbilly:  Love that!  Then your tongue licking me clean as your ass flexes and keeps my cock hard.  We kiss, sharing your milk before I roll you onto your back and lift your legs up to my shoulders.  Watching my cock slowly slide out til just my head is in you then slamming back in making your tits bounce and flop around.  I give you several hard thrusts, thumbing your clit the whole time before popping free and moving up your body.  Nestling my cock between your tits I squeeze them tight around me and fuck them hard and fast, quickly building toward another orgasm.  My cock throbs and I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head up and blow my second load into your waiting, cum-hungry mouth!

Marti:  I love watching your cock disappear inside my deep cleavage, the licking the tip as it punches out above my tits.  Your so wet with my milk, my pussy juice, and your precum!

bbwlookers:  Lol think u could sneak some of those on the site? I’d love to see them

Michelle:  Maybe if I suck on Mom’s nipples a little harder she’d agree to do that!

vanman3360-blog:  Mmmm…I would love that..I would love to pull her nipples as you suck my cock..I love your sexy long legs in heels..Marti’s gorgeous..Those sexy tits..And you long legs..Six sexy fuckholes​..Michelle…Love to see your sexy tits too..I know marti’s cunt is shaved, is yours as smooth as Mom’s.. Michelle?

Love to see move videos of both of you..Michelle, do you and Gina ever gang fuck Marti..Michelle..I hope your nipples have elongated areolas like the 3d pic…My ex wife nipples are like that..I love them..Super sexy..Love to milk marti’s nipples over your tits as you both suck me..

Michelle and Marti…I love seeing you in a sexy outfit.. Both in tall platform pumps.. Taking you both out.. Fingering your cunts as we dine..Teasing you..Pulling your sexy nipples till they’re hard.. People watching … Stopping at a strip club..Or just someplace to fuck both your cunts and asses..Or home..So you can hang fuck my wife…Gang fuck.Her..

Michelle… Who’s tits do you suck more… Marti’s or Gina’s?

Michelle:  My, you have a dirty mind - and I love it!  Me and my lesbian girlfriends gang bang Mom all the time.  I’m a bit of a cuckold myself and enjoy watching other women enjoying Mom’s awesome body.  Oh, and Mom did post one pic of my tits - look back through her archives (earlier this month I think) and you’ll find it.

Michelle:  As for whose tits I suck more - Mom’s for sure.  Gina is more into sucking mine and Mom’s than she is having her own sucked.

vanman3360-blog:  Your all gorgeous..I would love to milk you..As I suck your mom’s cunt..

Michelle:  Unfortunately, I don’t lactate, but that’s OK - Mom can squirt enough milk for 10!

1flashlog0:  Wonderful Woman!!

Marti:  Thanks!  Love thinking of you looking at my body

themaskedhillbilly:  I’m dripping now Sexy!

Marti:  Love precum.  My favorite sexual juice!

bbwlookers:  Then keep sucking lol

Michelle:  I am!

rbrandhoefer:  I figured you’d have some

Michelle:  I could go days having nothing to eat or drink other than Mom’s milk and be perfectly happy!

:  Michelle..Your mom is my jack off cunt..Love to use both of you for fucks..How does marti’s cunt taste..

When I was younger..I fucked a older woman.. Amazing..Her tits were not as big as yours..But she loved to have me cum on her cunt lips and then finger fuck her cunt coated in cum..

Love to see more Gifs..Of both of you two..

Michelle:  Love the way you put that - Mom being your jackoff cunt!  Mom’s cunt is always very clean tasting,  probably because it gushes so much it keeps it clean!

speedracer0068:  Is there away to see Michelle

Marti:  I’ve posted a few pictures of her legs and tits and one of her in a bathing suit.  Just scroll through the archives.

Michelle and I will answer questions submitted in the next 10 minutes then sign off.  We desperately need to fuck with all the attention she’s been giving my tits throughout this Q&A.


Would love to have you licking each and every drop of my precum, straight from the tap so to speak.

Marti:  Fresh from the source is always the preferred way!

vanman3360-blog:  Is your cunt shaved too..

Love to see you or Gina.. Riding marti’s tongue..As she sucks the cunt juice from your fuckhole.

Michelle:  Mine is very closely trimmed with just a bit of hair above it.

rbrandhoefer:  Very nice

Michelle:  Have you swallowed mother’s milk - since being an adult, I mean?

bbwlookers:  Love when u do these live chats it’s actually nice to talk to u when ur not busy of course

Michelle:  I’ve enjoyed it immensely, too.  And I don’t just mean sucking Mom’s nipples!

donttellmymomilikecock:  I would love to watch you do so, and play with your breast as you suck my cock.

Marti:  Maybe coat your cock with my breast milk first!

Sorry, guys.  We’ll answer the questions we have now, but no more.  I want to feed Michelle my mother’s milk - she’s been so good to my tits while we’ve chatted on here.

vanman3360-blog:  Mmmm..A fuck strip..Marti..Do you love sucking Michelle’s cunt..Love to fuck Michelle as you lick her clit and my cockshaft as it pumps in and out..As Gina sucks your cunt.. Marti..

Marti:  Michelle and I are mostly a one way street - she doing whatever she wants to my body.  She does ride my face when she wishes.

donttellmymomilikecock:  Omg yes!! That would be so hot, i would love to taste it as well. Kiss you after you’ve tasted yourself

Marti:  YOu could drink from one of my nipples as I drink from the other!

themaskedhillbilly:  Marti: I’ve cum twice already tonight, working towards a third thanks to you Sexy! Michelle: any chance of you taking a photo or two or another 100,000 of Marti tonight during the live chat?

Marti:  Glad Michelle and I have been of service - just wish all that glorious whiteness had gone down my throat!

Michelle:  If I can take her tit out of my mouth long enough!

Sorry, guys, but this Q&A sessions is now closed.  Time for Michelle to! have her way with me!  Thanks to all who joined us!

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I am so tired of people talking about Harry's music. I decided to stop carrying and I'll just freak out and die the day he really drops it. (Please do it soon tho son. Lova ya)

hahaha that’s mostly me. I try not to comment so much about it because I’m just like *shrugs* and I get excited and if it turns out not to be true I’ll just shrug again and move on. I just really want to hear my baby new songs (soon pls)