i just... like... sad things.

hoo boy

 dan’s diss track

“please, just talk to me.”

what: beck morrow catches feelings–most of which are regret. / aka jacky sent me a meme 30 years ago and i am just now replying to it at 4AM and am also, incidentally, the reason we can’t have nice things. 
when: after beck meets owen’s family.
where: a motel about four miles from an armstrong family wedding.
who: beck morrow and owen armstrong | @merlinsbeard
trigger warnings - none of which i am aware? let me know if this isn’t the case for you.

“I know that was a lot, okay? I know, and I’m sorry, Beck, but please–” 

His voice is quiet. Low. As in, physically low–he must be sitting now, too. The idea of it makes her want to cry.

Again. More. Whatever.

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