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Fanart - The Teamiplier (again)

I..I just love drawing these guys 💛💜❤💙 also! I added @PamelaHorton13 from Twitter to the team. She’s kinda the new member I guess?? She’s not main cast, I like to think she’s like the “back up gal” y'know? And she needs moar love uwu

Speed Draw >> https://youtu.be/xuC-yZSOuiE

Anyways hope ya enjoy! :D
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What are your thoughts about the sugakookie storyline in the MVs?

i don’t think i have anything new to say but i’ll try my best since you’re interested in my opinion for some reason lol

as shown in “i need u” and “prologue” they obviously love and care about each other

something interesting to notice: both yoongi and jungkook are assosiated with the piano

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another sunday means another stack of fluffy pancakes! this time i made them with 4 different flours: buckwheat and lentilflour + sweet lupino and flaxseed flour from korodrogerie.com (get 5% off with the code “ELEPHANTS”) and they just turned out super fluffy and delicious! :) i also added some vanilla protein powder and lots of cinnamon :)

I just downloaded Socialfixer so that I can filter the no-value-added political linking out of my Facebook feed, and I discovered that not only does this plugin have customizable filters, it can also fix the stupid Facebook features like defaulting to “top stories” instead of “most recent” and displaying “x hours ago” instead of absolute posting time, among other things.

ChrisMD Drabble

Drabble Challenge #9 “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” - ChrisMD

From a list of prompts I reblogged, many more to come! Enjoy!

“Chris do we really have to watch Lord of the Rings again?” I asked as I laid back on his bed, watching as he put the disc into the DVD player.

“Did you really just say that to me?” He asked, in a very offended manner I might add.

“Yes. Considering we watched the entire series literally two days ago.” He sat at his chair, staring at me with a blank expression on his face, just blinking at me. “Well, say something.” I added.

“Sorry. Just waiting for you to actually get to a point.” He sassed back.

I sighed, fluffing up the pillows in the corner of the bed for Chris to lay against.

He grabbed the remote, shut the lights off and made himself comfortable in his spot, which included taking his shirt off and tossing it to the end of the bed.

I cuddled my back into his chest and he pressed play, starting the movie.

About half an hour in I began to tire. “Chris I’m so bored. I’ve watched these exact same scenes a hundred times over. It’s boring now.” He gasped and paused the movie, pushing on my back so I nearly fell off the bed.

“Chris! I almost fell off the bed!”

“That’s the point!”

“Hey! Not my fault. We need to find something new to watch.”

“No. Never. On the floor. I hereby banish you from my bed!” He said pushing me fully off the bed and onto the carpeted floor.

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” I retorted, getting back up and climbing back onto the bed.

“We’re no longer friends.” He crossed his arms across his chest and turned his head, not making eye contact.

“Fine. Just know if you’re going to give me attitude then you get absolutely no cuddles or hugs or kisses.”

“Wait no I changed my mind.” He said turning to me again.

“Nope too late you already made up your mind.” I stood up from his bed and went towards the couch.

He grabbed my arm quickly and pulled me towards him, his lips finding my cheeks and planting kisses all over my face. “Please baby. We can watch something else for a while. I promise we’ll take breaks between binging sessions from now on.”

I smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips. “Thank you.”

“This is a dirty game you play.” He said smirking and slapping my butt playfully, getting up to switch the movie.

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“I think you mean ‘all’s fair in love and movie choices.’”


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another thing that's kinda sad: i don't think Toshi has any friends his own age. the people closest to him are Tsukauchi, Gran Torino, and Izuku, who're all part of different generations. Tsukauchi is at least 20 years younger than him, Torino is at least 15 years OLDER, and Izuku is basically a kid. there's almost no one his own age for him to relate to or talk to

I was just thinking about adding this to the original post, since it just hit me, too! There is no one Toshinori’s age, isn’t there? Granted, we don’t really know his age, but with that wonderful post you made some time ago and from what we can conclude, it looks a bit like this:

Gran Torino, Recovery Girl - at least 20 years older than him.

Tsukauchi, Nighteye - don’t pin me down on that one, but there probably 10-20 years younger than him.

Izuku, his other students - all of them are children to him.

Doesn’t even look any better if you count his colleagues - both teachers and heroes - to it. They are all a whole lot younger than him. There is simply no one Toshinori’s age, or someone who can remember how things used to be back then when he was Izuku’s age. Nobody he can confide in, or just talk about things that trouble him. Because either people wouldn’t be able to see it from his eyes, his point of view, or because the former Number One is there to reassure people, not worry them.

He must be so damn lonely…

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i pronounce ur url as "shrip-pew-ee-no" just thought u should know

fjgnbfv just so u know @everyone its just

“ex-ri-pu-i-no” jnfvfv i just added the x bc it looks cool :’) its not part of the word laughs

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