i just... *facepalm*

if you come to me, on this day, the day of my birthday, and tell me that james potter did not enter his mate, sirius black, into a dog show competition, made it to the final round, and then was beaten by narcissa black’s poodle… i want you off my dash, and off my blog this instant


this is a thing that’s happening now right

I love thinking of Yondu doing stupid stuff during pre-battle negotiations, or smth.

They’re trying to talk business, and Yondu’s got a fidget spinner.

Everyone’s trying to arrange a hostage negotiation, Yondu keeps falling asleep.

A rival ship starts shouting threats, and Yondu pops out an earbud, “wad’yah say?”

The Ravager Council is having a serious meeting or smth, and he suddenly holds up a hand-doodled Ravager Council Meting Bingo sheet and yells “BINGO!!!”
Or a he throws a Rubix cube up triumphantly, “SOLVED IT!!!”

A client’s meeting with him, and he whips out this coloring book, and waves a hand, “Keep talkin’ I’m listening, i swear.”

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Little Rogue meeting Frosch for the first time? ;w;

> was supposed to finish a Gray/Lyon piece and a na//lu related thing

> posts more of this shitty au

I was gonna do this one in color but apparently I forgot how to color lately :’)

Kuro 107.5: in which Vincent...

Is this super hot dude with this cool and mysterious aura…

Swirling his wine sophistically…

And debating philosophically about the ways of life…

Showing without a doubt his brilliant mind and instin–


Vincent… I really tried to believe in you…


oh. oh.

i can’t believe i just caught this.

we don’t know the color of the flower in the diner scene, but i have a feeling this isn’t unintentional or a coincidence? grindelwald probably knew of Oscar Wilde, especially because he was in Britain in the late 1890s. Or maybe i’ve read too many Dumbledore/Grindelwald fics that keep referencing Wilde, young Albus and Gellert reading his works…

But seriously, JKR isn’t a stranger to flower symbolism. She’s named characters Fleur/Petunia/Lily/Narcissa, with Petunia being associated with anger/resentment and that one moment in PS where Snape asks Harry about asphodel and wormwood.


so. this event’s missing some parts in the beginning. like my friend @qualia-solveig (who translated this for me!! bless her) put it: we don’t know what kind of “drama” happened. they were probably arguing about something… anyway,,

hinata: “even so… you never know when things (we don’t know *what* things) might change. and we can’t just leave it like that.”

hinata, after doing some Serious Thinking™: “komaeda… give me your hand.”

komaeda [sweats]: “w-what? why?”

hinata [sweats too]: “what do you mean why… it’s just a handshake”

hinata: “usually, it goes without saying but… will you be my friend?”

komaeda: “do you really think it will do something?”

hinata: “i just thought… maybe like this, we could really change something.”

komaeda: “well, if you put it that way… then okay.”

Lol it’s not even 8th yet over here but whatever! This is my drawing for the awesome @jubesy for the @emimikeweek! I’m pretty sure Tumblr (and my phone camera) killed the quality so…sorry about that ^^’

Anyways, again thank you so much for organizing this and I hope you like the drawing!! Coloring this was honestly so much fun, although trying to make it beta fish-like was painful, but hey! It…works! I think! And btw, I plan on doing Emil’s part on the prompt too, just gotta finish the design :‘3

Happy emimikeweek everyone and happy (early) birthday Emil!!

MM “fans”: Mystic Messenger fandom is dying.

Cheritz: Hey guys! We are currently planning for our upcoming update. Check out those cool sneak peaks!

MM “fans”: Maybe this update will be featuring the wizard showing himself and telling us that this will be the last update- and Cheritz is done with this game- and will soon move on to their new project- OH MY GOD- MYSTIC MESSENGER FANDOM IS INDEED DYING.


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Tesserò i tuoi capelli come trame di un canto.
Conosco le leggi del mondo, e te ne farò dono.
Supererò le correnti gravitazionali,
lo spazio e la luce per non farti invecchiare.
Ti salverò da ogni malinconia,
perché sei un essere speciale ed io avrò cura di te…
io sì, che avrò cura di te.

Also available as a print