i just. this entire interview yes please

I have to be up for work at 7am. It’s almost 2am and I hate myself. Lol. I was in bed but then got up to take pictures of my tattoos for an ask and then I began trying to convince @oh-styles to buy the ticket for the seat next to me to see Niall in June(because… YES PLEASE), and then had to watch the BBC1 video of Harry’s interview(I NEED THE REST OF IT. I’LL STAY UP 3 MORE HOURS FOR THE ENTIRE THING) and now I just started a movie. Who needs sleep, anyway?

Not even joking, I will be genuinely heartbroken if Poe and Finn are just ‘bros’ in canon.

If either of them are paired off with anyone else, I will actually lie on the floor of the cinema and cry. I will become a meme, an Onion headline. ‘Fat Girl Cries Over Heterosexuality’. 

I don’t want to read fanfic, I don’t want to rely on fanart, as excellent as it all is, I want a visible, canon gay relationship in a major cinema release. 

If Star Wars does it, other major releases might actually start following suit. Regardless of your feelings on the series, you can’t pretend they didn’t change cinema as we know it. It’s time they do that again by following through on the queer relationships they’re hinting at.

In this day and age, there is literally no reason why Finn and Poe shouldn’t be the love story. This is an entirely new canon, we don’t have any previously published canon which establishes them as heterosexual, so why do they need to be? (And yes, Finn may have a little crush on Rey, but who says that means he can only be interested in women? I’m bisexual myself, so I know all too well that it’s entirely possible to be attracted to both genders. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a myth!)

Stop TEASING in the interviews, stop joking about it, please, for the love of Han, just do it.


One episode in and here I am shipping them. Enjoy!

Word Count: 914

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“And here I thought you weren’t a reporter, Ms. Danvers.”

Lena smirked, looking Kara up and down. She was overdue for an interview, something to keep the public’s attention on the good she was doing, to get more support to help save National City herself. When she was approached by CatCo, who was she to refuse?

Of course, she hadn’t expected the reporter they sent her to be the one and only Kara Danvers.

“I was not a reporter before, no, but I am now,” Kara smiles, blushing, fiddling with her glasses before looking down, slightly.

“Hm,” Lena rests her chin on the palm of her hand, “interesting.”

Kara falters, “Y-yes. Very…interesting?”

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