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one night, the commandos see something, a flicker of something none of them dare name, between their captain and their sniper.

‘i think we should just ignore it, dugan. it doesn’t really make a difference. we’re still a team, right?’ gabe asks, eyes flickering over to where cap and barnes are sitting at the bar as he does. there’s so much there; it’s in the way they move around each other, the look in their eyes as they stare at one another. 

‘i mean… does anyone here have a problem with it?’ falsworth comments. gabe quickly translates, and dernier waves him off in a way that tells gabe that he’s got no quarrel with it.

‘speak now or forever hold your peace, gentlemen,’ morita says. they stay silent, and falsworth raises a glass. the rest of them follow suit.

‘swear yourselves to silence, gentlemen. cap and barnes deserve this. we owe ‘em that much.”

they drink, and the moment passes. none of them mention it again. they don’t mention it when barnes and cap go missing for hours, only to sneak back into camp in the middle of the night. they don’t talk about the way the two of them slide their sleeping mats ever so closer together when they’re out in the field. they don’t talk about it, until the day after they receive the news that cap’s plane went down, with him on it.

“to the captain, and to barnes. may they find each other again, in every eternity.”

well whatever i guess this is just my life now




red carpet 7 second challenge

Ug. I still want to talk about James Ironwood.

I want to talk about how amazing it is that someone who is a pillar of strength to his army is equally physically strong.

I want to talk about how he isn’t afraid to charge in and fight himself when it’s called for.

I want to talk about how skilled he is; what a heavy hitter he is.

I want to talk about how he threw that grimm around like he was nothing. How Ironwood could lift Penny with one arm and not flinch. I want to talk about how physically intimidating this controlled, military man really is and how well he hides it.

I want to talk about how much I love his weapon of choice.

That pistol.

That beautifully carved, formal weapon that is just so classic and fitting for a man of his stature. He’s not a flashy man. He’s simple, he’s elegant, and he’s got a gentleman’s weapon to foil his brawler fighting style.

It’s so perfect.

I want to talk about how Ironwood called Roman a “Vagabond.”

I want to talk about how he told the students to fight or leave, and carefully added that no one would blame anyone if they left. It was a comfort, not a condemnation.

I want to talk about how much having his army turn against him is going to hurt him in future episodes.

I want to talk about James Ironwood.

Talk to me about James Ironwood.

do u remember when nico was forced to come out and jason immediately accepted him and was ready to fight anyone who had any shit to say and told his friend not to make rude jokes and drank poison w/o hesitation to show his trust just bc nico asked him to bc i sure do