i just yelled and woke her up


“Go Red. I’ll be fine”

So, I had a dream last night. Everyone remembers how protective of Keith the Red lion is/was right?


In my dream Lance and Red were parked on a galra ship and Lance was out with the red bayard and was fighting. But something happened to Keith and he like yelled over the coms just as Lance was being out numbered and Red like freaked because she knew Keith needed help but she was determined to help Lance to cuz hes her new paladin. She was hesitating and all a sudden Lance just yelled at her “go red! Go help Keith!” and yeah

Lance died. Keith was very sad. It was very angsty and I may have woke up crying


Harry Styles imagine - 

Your daughter turns up at his door –

You didn’t really know Harry. He had lived two doors down from you for the last 8 months. He had introduced himself to you when you had moved in and you frequently saw each other while entering and exiting the apartment building but you didn’t really know much about him. However with your frequent interactions, your daughter had become quite fond of him, especially because he was so nice to her and gave her a funny face or a big smile on the way past. She had even on occasion asked to visit him when she was bored, but had never really acted on it. She was only three after all; she didn’t really understand he was a stranger.

After a long stressful day of work, it had been a lot more stressful then usual, (difficult clients were the worst) and you had just picked up your daughter from day care. It was very late and you were very tired, and looking after a three year old on top of all that was hard, but you did it because she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so you shared your little apartment with her and all her soft toys, and that was the way you liked it.

You got her situated in the living room with a bowl of pasta and went into the bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable, but instead decided to rest your head on the pillow for a moment. Only a moment later you’d fallen asleep.

After a while your daughter got restless. She hadn’t seen her mummy around for a while. She got up and checked the kitchen, and again the living room but couldn’t find you. When she was eating she was so used to you being in the room with her, that she couldn’t even think of where else you could be.

She began to get scared and upset, and didn’t have anyone to help her. That’s when she thought of Harry.

She stood up on her tippy toes, reaching for the door handle, and walked down the hall to his front door, softly knocking.

At first Harry thought he was hearing things. He had the TV on, but he was mostly looking at his phone, and the knock had been so soft he could have missed it. However when he heard it again he got up to investigate.

Opening the door he sees your daughter, at first he smiles but then is a little confused because firstly you are not there and secondly your front door in wide open.

“Hey sunshine,” says Harry. “What can I do for you?”

Your daughter looks up at him with wide eyes. “I can’t find my mummy.”

Harry looks at the little girl confused. “Why hunny? Where’d she go?”

You daughter starts to get a little more upset, tears starting to form at the bottom of her eyes, “I dunno. She gone somewhere I dunno.”

Harry looked at your daughter sympathetically. He didn’t know much about you but he could tell you were a good mum. He was sure you wouldn’t have just left her alone in the apartment.

“Well how about we go and have a look alright munchkin?” he asked. She just nodded in response.

He lifted her onto his hip and walked back into your apartment, knocking on the open door first, but receiving no reply.

Harry looked around the living room. He couldn’t see anything weird or strangely out of place.

“Where is mum usually hun? He asked your daughter in a soft voice.

You daughter snuffled. “I dunno. She’s always just with me.”

Harry chuckled under his breath. “Where’s her bedroom. Did you check there?”

You daughter shook her head. “No. Id fordot,” she mumbled into Harry’s shoulder, pointing in the direction of the hall.

It was then that Harry saw your sleeping form and chuckled under his breath again. You daughter squirmed and jumped out of his arms.

“Mummy I found you!” she yelled waking you up from your sleep.

You woke up with a shock, first from your daughter’s loud voice, and then because of the man standing at the end of your bed. It only took you a moment to realize who it was though.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” you asked running your hand through you hair.

He laughed. “Your daughter couldn’t find you so she came and asked for some help. That’s all. I’m glad you’re ok.”

You laughed and squeezed your daughter into a hug. “You silly billy! I was right here!” you giggled.

She laughed. “Sorry mummy!” Now that she had found you she was content and happy, going back to her dinner and movie in the living room.

You looked back at Harry. “I’m so sorry about that. She’s so silly sometimes.”

He laughed. “It’s alright. I’m glad she trusts me enough that she can ask for help.”

You smiled. “Me too. But I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. I mean she interrupted your night and…” before you could finish he interrupted you.

“I honestly didn’t mind. She’s very cute. Just like her mum.”

You smiled and blushed, a little taken for words. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. But maybe next time she turns up at my door, you can come to.”

You smiled. “It’s a date.”

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Wall of pillows

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Summary: Jughead and Y/n are forced to share a bed while on a group road trip.

The whole gang had decided that this summer they should go on a road trip to get away from the dysfunctional town that is Riverdale. They had all pitched in to rent a car together and had decided forced Archie to drive. After picking up everyone else but Y/n the only seat left was beside Jughead, who she didn’t particularly like but she pulled it together and sat in the seat beside him. In the front seat Archie was smiling smugly as this was part of the group’s plan. The day before Archie had told Betty, Veronica and Kevin of the plan he had to finally get Y/n and Jughead admit their feelings for one another. The first part of the plan was to make Jughead and Y/n sit beside each other in the car, which was already checked of their list, the second part of the plan was to have them share a room by pairing up with each other when they got to the motel.

After an eventful day of driving and stopping off at the tourist attractions they decide it was too late to keep driving and it was time to call it a night. They pulled it to the motel and all six of them scrambled to get out of the car. Y/n stood at the back of the group waiting from them to inform her where her room was. That’s when she heard Betty speak up “ Guys there’s  only four rooms and they all have double beds so we have to double up” Before Y/n can even open her mouth Veronica speaks “ I’ll have Archie” she says giggling before picking up her bag and moving over to where he stood. “I’ve got Kevin” Betty shouts grabbing a hold of Kevin’s arm. Jughead looks over to Y/n “I guess it’s you and me then” he says too tired to fight “What! No I’m not sharing with him, Betty swap with me please” Y/n says prepared to get on her knees and beg. “Sorry Y/n/n he’s all mine" she says laughing. They all pick up their bags and start to walk to their rooms except for Y/n who stays outside “Guys you can’t do this to me” she calls after them.

After fifteen minutes of standing in the cold she’s had enough and decides that one night won’t be that bad as long as she doesn’t talk to him. She begrudgingly picks up her bag and walks to the room she had seen Jughead enter. She knocks on the door and he answers almost immediately “Oh look who finally decided to show up” he taunts “Shut up Jughead” she says pushing past him into the room. He closes the door and returns to the chair where he had previously been sitting. “I’m going to have a shower” Y/n announces dropping her bag on the floor and walking into the bathroom with her pyjamas in her hand. After she closes the door Jughead takes a pillow off the bed and one of the spare blankets and starts to make a bed on the sofa. While Y/n is in the shower she starts to feel bad for what she said did. It’s not that she hates Jughead far from it actually; she just doesn’t know how to say she likes him more than a friend. But she’s almost certain that he doesn’t even like her in a friend way. He blanks her most of the time and when he does take to her it’s because he is forced to or to make a joke at her expense. What she doesn’t know is Jughead is in the same boat as her and doesn’t know how to express he feelings either. When Y/n leaves the bathroom she sees Jughead staring at the ceiling lying in his makeshift bed. “Jughead what are you doing?” she asks while putting her clothes in her bag. “I’m going to sleep” he says wondering why she is even taking to him. “Jughead don’t be so stupid you don’t have to sleep there” she says now standing across from the sofa. Jughead props himself up on his elbows “What” he asks wondering why the girl was being nice to him (in her own way). “This is our room Jughead I can’t let you sleep on a sofa that’s older than both of us combined” she says laughing. After another five minutes of arguing back and forth he agrees to share the bed.

When they are both in the bed they make a wall from the extra pillows down the middle of the bed and hope that it stays up the entire night. After a half an hour  Y/n was still wide awake, why wouldn’t she be? She was in bed next to Jughead Jones. But that wasn’t the only reason she was awake; Jughead was snoring and it was keeping her awake. So what did she do? , she kicked him. This didn’t stop he snores for long, two minutes go by and he is snoring again. So she turns over and covers her ears with the pillow trying to block out some of the noise.

Hours later she wakes up only to feel her body tangled up in his. The pillow wall had failed and she couldn’t say she was mad, it felt nice. She didn’t know what time it was but it wasn’t even bright outside yet so she moves in closer to Jughead’s chest praying he wouldn’t wake up. Little does she know he woke up when he felt her move. But he doesn’t open his eyes; he just wraps his arm around her tighter than before.

The next morning they both wake up to a knocking on the door. “Guys wake up we’re leaving in forty” Veronica yells through the door. Y/n tries to sit up only to realise Jughead still had a firm grip on her. She clears her throat “Uhh Jughead I’m kinda trapped here” she says to him. “Ohh…I- I’m sorry” he says untangling his limbs from hers. “Its fine” She says trying to make the situation less awkward than it already is. She gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom to get changed when she comes back the bed is made and Jughead is dressed sitting on the sofa waiting for her. “You didn’t have to wait for me Jug” she says walking towards him not thinking anything of the nickname she just used. But Jughead is, she hasn’t ever called him that before. “I just wanted to talk about that” He says pointing to the bed. “What about it?” she asks trying not to sound nervous. “We were cuddling Y/n” he says his eyes nearly popping out of his eyes. “Jughead we were asleep it was nothing” she says trying to say anything to leave the room faster. “You weren’t asleep the whole time and I know because neither was I, you moved in closer to me” he says moving in closer to her. Y/n stays silent not knowing what to say, she just backs up into the door of the room. “If I didn’t know any better Y/n I’d say you like me” he says moving so their faces are inches apart. “No I don’t I…I” “You what hate me?” he whispers. “No… I love you” she whispers back “I love you too” and with that he grabs her face pushing her further back into the door roughly kissing her.

After a minute or so there is another knock to the door Y/n is pushed against. “You guys ready” Kevin says through the wooden door. They pull apart “Yeah one second” she says trying to catch her breath. Jughead smiles at her “We have to do that again” he says with a smirk “We do” she says back fixing herself and opening the door. “Do what?” Kevin asks quizzically. “Nothing” Y/n says hurriedly as she walks beside him which was followed by the sound of Jughead laughing to himself from behind them. “What went on in that room?” Kevin says eagerly. “Jughead and I may have kissed” she whispers. “You and Jughead what!” He yells running up to the rest of the group to tell them their plan worked. Just then Jughead strolls up besides her “We are never going to live this down” he says laughing. Y/n responds by grabbing his hand “So what” she says looking at the group who were all talking excitedly. He was right they were never going to live it down.

Word Count : 1, 424  

Part 2   Part 3             

Meeting In Secret // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request - kol mikaelson imagine where the reader is damon and stefans sister and they sneak out to see each other and one day elena catches them and tells damon nd they all turn against her and then when Jeremy kills him she tries to kill him and maybeyou can  use a lot of gifs too ???? sorry if its so long lol

Thinking about turning this into a 2 part so I can make it as detailed as possible!!

Requests are open. xx

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“Goodnight Stefan!” I yelled from my place on the stairs.

In less than a second he appeared at the bottom.

“Are you feeling okay? The past few nights you’ve been going to bed so early.” My older brother spoke, concern on his face.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just.. trying to avoid this town’s never ending drama.” I joked lightly.

He smiled and nodded his head, “goodnight.”

I turned around and made my way to my room. My brother’s were always very protective over me. Even when we were human. Now, even though I’m almost as old as they are, they still treat me like I’m some precious thing. Not to be touched.

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Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 4

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited GuestsChapter 3: Confrontation

Chapter 4: Who Would’ve Thought? 

Word count: 4825 (omg I know it’s the longest one yet)

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Bad language.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: Yooooo the response on chapter 3 was crazy! I didn’t expect it at all. I’m sorry for giving you all heart attacks and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting these series! Seriously ;) Also keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes


“Y/n open your eyes; can you hear me?”

“Y/n wake up”

“Y/n come on love, don’t do this to me right now!”

You can’t respond. You heard his voice though. It was him. You were sure of it.

Where were you? What happened? Why can’t you open your damn eyes?


“Stop yelling her name, it obviously won’t wake her up.” A female voice this time.

Whose voice was it?

“What the fuck happened?” he asked, he was worried. He sounded anxious.

“I don’t know. I was sleeping and a loud ass thud woke me up and when I got up to look she was just laying there on the bathroom floor.” The female voice answered.

Bathroom floor? The bathroom?

The bathroom!

Yura!? Yura was in his bed! She was there!

In a shocked and panicked state your body jolted forward. You widely open your eyes and start to hyperventilate. What the fuck is happening? You’ve never had this before. You desperately look at your surroundings; you were on his couch. In his living room.

Unable to calm down you feel two firm hands on your shoulders. It’s Christian.

“Y/N shhhh it’s okay! It’s okay! It’s me, it’s me!” Christian said grabbing your face trying to get you to keep looking at him. But all you could look at was her.

The panic in your body shifted to anger. Giving Christian a venomous look.

“What the fuck is she doing here Ian?” you nearly yell at him swatting his hands off of you. Your heart was raising like crazy and all the emotions you felt before you collapsed came rushing back, making your blood boil even more.

“Babe calm down. Please” He begs putting his hands in front of him, showing you he won’t touch you anymore. “We don’t know how much you’ve hurt yourself yet. If you don’t calm down, it’ll get worse” he says cautiously looking at you.

You fainted or blacked out. Guessing the lack of sleep and malnutrition mixed with shock had gotten the best of you.

“He’s right, you must’ve hit your head pretty hard on the tile floor when you fainted.” She says cocking her head sideways while crossing her arms.

You look at her again and jump up, ready to rip her extensions out of her head when you suddenly feel light headed again.

Christian immediately jumped up when you did, and when he noticed your legs were giving out on you he caught you. Making you sit down again while he knelt in front of you.

Yura took a step back with, startled at your actions.

“You need to see a doctor” he says putting one hand on your thigh and another one on your waist

“No, you need to tell me why she was sleeping in your god damn bed” you say angrily and look down at his hand, smacking it away again. “And don’t fucking touch me Christian!” you yell at him this time.

He sighed. “I was going to tell you when you had fully calmed down and had some food, I swear.”

You only look at him, the both of you completely ignoring Yura’s existence.

Eventually Christian turned around, looking at her. “Could you leave us alone for a minute?”

Your eyes don’t leave him. You refuse to look at her. Knowing it would just make you more and more angry.

“Sure.” Her voice sounded sad for some reason. He waited until she was out of the room and diverted his attention back to you.

He looked at you, still knelt down in front of you. Not knowing how to start.

You looked straight into his eyes and crossed your arms. “I don’t think you quite understand how much it takes from me not to slap you across the face right now” you eventually say still looking straight at his face.

He sighed getting up and sitting beside you on the couch again.

This time you don’t look at him. The silence made it impossible for you to ignore the pounding pain and pressure on your head. You squint your eyes closed, trying to bare it.

“Y/n are you sure you feel fine?” he asks again just to be sure.

You know it’s childish but you don’t answer him. Not until he explains.

He sighs after realizing you won’t talk to him and he leans back, running his hand through his hair.

“She’s been staying here ever since that night” he finally says.

You slowly turn your head, looking at him, but this time he didn’t look at you.

“She was so drunk when I got back, the YG staffs were nowhere to be found so I just decided to take her home and let her sleep it off but then she told me I couldn’t take her home.”

You just look at him, waiting for him to continue. He finally looks back at you, trying to see if you had calmed down but your jaw was still clenched.

He took a deep breath closing his eyes for a few seconds and opening them again. Looking to the floor.

“Her parents kicked her out because she kept being a YG trainee a secret from them. When it was all over the news that YG was going to debut her, her father found out. They’re really conservative and don’t want her to be an idol or anything like that. Her dad is a lawyer, so he expected her to become one too. Her mom hasn’t even spoken to her about it.”

You unclench your jaw, relaxing a little bit. Looking at the floor not knowing how to feel anymore.

“Keep explaining” you finally say.

His eyes quickly darted back to yours, surprised you spoke to him, but he looked away again when he continued talking.

“She slept at the company or at a staff members’ house, but the staff member told her that she could only stay for a few weeks and when those weeks passed she just stayed at the company’s training center without anyone noticing.”

You chew on the inside of your cheek and sigh. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because you kicked me out, remember?” he says looking back at you. You avoid his gaze, suddenly feeling guilty about the situation.

“I didn’t feel the need to tell you because I figured she’d be gone in a couple of days. You still wouldn’t answer my calls or reply to my text messages so after a while I just stopped trying. Figuring that if you wanted to talk you’d show up yourself and well” he says looking at you. “Here you are.”

Noticing how your body language looked more relaxed he decided to continue explaining.

“YG only provides living arrangements for solo artists when they’re debuted.”

“Does that mean she has to stay here longer? I mean does she really not have anyone else to ask for help?”

He chuckled. “You know, she told me she was so desperate that she was going to ask you on the next dance practice, but I told her there wouldn’t be a next one with you. It was after I dropped her from DPR”

“I still don’t understand why you did that” you say under your breath.

“Because I care about you more than any deal on the planet y/n” he says looking at you.

You brush your fingers through your hair and sigh, leaning your elbow on your thigh to rest your head in your hand for support. As your hand touches your head you feel a bump growing on the side of your head.  You flinch as you touch the painful area, trying to act as natural as possible before he noticed you were in pain, but your movements didn’t go unnoticed.

“Are you okay?” he asked sitting up, grabbing your wrist.

“I’m fine.” You say yanking your hand out of his hold.

“You should have told me the minute I walked in” you say staring into distance.

“I see that now, yeah.” He says rolling his eyes. “Uhggg how did I get myself into this mess” he groans throwing his head back onto the couch.

You don’t respond to him and play with your fingers in your lap.

“Where do you sleep” you ask, needing to know the answer desperately.

“The couch” he answered calmly. “I’m barely home and neither is she, this is just a place where I sleep and wash up that’s it, I rarely run into her.”

“I still don’t like it Ian” you close your eyes. “Literally out of all the people on the planet it just has to be her.”

He sat up looking at you. “She’s really not as bas as she seems y/n, I know that’s probably the last thing you want to hear but the whole façade that everyone seems to think is her personality, is fake. It’s just a defense mechanism so no one can get close enough to hurt her feelings.”

He’s right. You really don’t want to hear about how the girl you dislike, who sleeps in his bed and lives in the same space as him; may not be as bad as she seems.

“How much longer?” you ask.

“She said she’ll be outta here in a week, her sister will return from her overseas trip so she’ll stay with her until debut” he explains

Another week? Even though Christian might not have the intention to win her over anymore it still bothered you to your core. Christian has the annoying habit of being a chick magnet. All it takes is being nice for them to fall in love, and even though Yura has a dating ban, you see the way she looks at him.

Your thoughts hurt your heart. You know he didn’t do much wrong…this time.

You’ve heard enough. Unable to handle more information for now.

“I’m going home” you say slowly getting up.

Christian’s eyes shoot up to you, standing up just as quick.

“You are in no condition to drive. You still haven’t eaten, and I’m a thousand percent sure you have some type of a concussion.” He says standing in front of you.

“I’ll just call a cab then” you say trying to walk passed him, but he stops you by grabbing your wrist again.

“No. I don’t want you to be alone.” He says letting go of you.

“Stay” he simply says giving you a hopeful look, hoping that your tired and unstable self would just agree even though he knew that your stubbornness wouldn’t.

“Not while she’s here Christian.” You say. “I just need space. A shower and my own bed.”

“Then I’ll go with you” he tries again, but you simply shake your head declining his offer.

Christian gave up, knowing you wouldn’t listen to him. He decided to do something he wished he didn’t have to do, asking Dabin for help.

The thought of you being alone worried him more than the thought of Dabin spending the night at your place. He knew Dabin would never leave your side if he heard that you hurt yourself, and he was also the only person he could trust to take care of you right now that you wouldn’t decline.

After Christian told you Dabin was on his way to pick you up, you relax. Feeling comfort thinking of him being here soon.

Waiting for him you finally gave in to your heavy eyelids and pounding head. Falling asleep on Christian’s couch.

                                                   - time jump –

You open your eyes slowly, feeling like you were being moved quickly.

Your eyes slowly adjust to the night sky, looking out the window of a familiar car watching other cars drive by in the opposite direction. You were on the high way, on the way home.

You felt nice and warm due to an unfamiliar leather jacket wrapped around your frame, blinking a few more times before you finally look beside you.

It’s Dabin, focused on the road ahead of him.

You shift in your seat, the noise alerting him as he looks at you. Giving you a warm smile as your eyes meet.

“Hey there” he says not too loud and not too soft.

“Hi” your voice was barely audible but you try to crack a weak smile at him.

“Aigoo” he chuckles. “You look like you’ve been through world war 3” he says looking back at the road again.

“I have” you joke clearing your throat a little.

“We’re going to the doctor first thing in the morning you hear me?” he says a little angry. “How do you not take care of yourself enough to the point where you faint y/n?”

You just nod like a little kid being told off, looking at your expression his face softens, sighing at the sight of you.

“But first you need lots of sleep okay?” he says steering with one hand and softly petting your head with his other.

He accidently touches the bump on your head making you flinch. You smack his arm in response.

“Ouch!” you whine.

“Fuck, Sorry. I forgot.” He says putting both of his hand back on the steering wheel again.

                                                   - time jump –

you enter your apartment. The smell of amber and vanilla welcomes you. You inhale and exhale deeply, feeling comfortable to be back home.

Dabin walked closely behind you, watching your every move.

“I’m okaaaay” you sigh, annoyed at his tense behavior.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?” he asks putting your handbag down on your kitchen counter.

“I just want to shower and go to sleep.”

“Okay, but eh y/n don’t lock the bathroom door just in case, alright?” he says sitting down on your couch and turning on the TV.

You roll your eyes and chuckle. “I won’t collapse again. I promise”

“You better not” he says following your movements with his eyes.  

After you shower and put on your pajama’s you feel at least a hundred times better.

Dabin convinced you to eat a protein bar you had laying around before you went to sleep, and you had to admit. Even though the sight of it made you want to puke, you did feel better after consuming it.

He made sure your phone was in your charger. He even tidied your place up a bit when you were already sleeping.

He returned to your room, walking towards your bedside table, turning of the little light you always had on to fall asleep.

“Sleep tight y/n” he softly whispers pulling your covers over you.

He walked back to your living room, getting comfortable on your couch, reaching for his phone to text Christian, knowing he would be stressed out of the rest of the night if he didn’t know how you were doing right now.

                                                     - time jump –

Dabin opened the door for Christian. He walked in with bags filled with take out.

Dabin rubbed his hands together taking the food from Christian. “Fooo-ooood” Dabin says overjoyed as he walks towards your kitchen immediately. Christian just chuckled, taking off his shoes.

He walked into your living room, feeling somewhat weird being here again. The last time he was here he didn’t make it past the hallway.

He sighs walking towards Dabin, sitting down on one of the high stools behind your breakfast bar.

“Is she still asleep?” he asks watching Dabin devour the food already.

“Yah-yah-yah! Chew before you swallow” Christian says throwing a napkin at Dabin’s face.

“I’m hangry leave me alone.” Dabin says catching the napkin to wipe his mouth.

Christian leaned back on the stool. “Is she?”

Dabin simply nods as he takes another bite of his burrito.

Christian got up “I’ll go check on her” he says walking towards your bedroom leaving Dabin alone with his food.

He opened the door slightly and put his head through, checking to see if you were still asleep, and you were.

He walked in, slowly closing the door behind him, sitting down on the bed beside you.

He smiled looking at your sleeping state. He sweetly put your hair out of your face and put some strands of hair behind your ear. Taking his hand down further to caress your back.

He suddenly felt your fingers intertwine with his other hand. And he looked down to see you looking at him.

Your sudden act of affection surprised him a little, but he understood. You were sorry for jumping to conclusions, no matter how fucked up the situation at hand is right now.

“Hey” he whispers softly squeezing your hand, lifting it up to kiss the back of your hand.

“Hi” you greet him back staring at him. Your voice was raspy and low from just waking up.

“Can I join?” he asked giving you a little smile.

You nod shyly and scooch over.

He quickly got under the covers with you, you lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arm around his waist. He also wrapped his arm around yours, running his fingers through your hair the way you like it, making sure to avoid the bump on the side of your head.

He kissed your forehead. Closing his eyes. This is the first peaceful moment in forever.

Christian sighs, opening his eyes again after a minute or two.

“How do we get back to where we were?” he asks, mostly to himself but also to you.

You open your eyes hugging him tighter, not wanting to return to reality where your relationship is still too difficult to comprehend.

“Baby steps” you say. “It’ll take time”

“Luckily we have plenty of time.” He says caressing your back again. “I promise I won’t be a fuck up anymore. But you have to promise me that if something happens, you have to give me a chance and let me explain.”

You nod against his chest. Closing your eyes again

                                                    - time jump –

A week has passed.

Today was the day that Yura would move out as promised. Christian and you have been slowly working on your relationship again, taking it day by day. You have talked some things through and you made it clear to him that mending your trust would take time. He has been amazing to you though. Always checking in on you and calling, bringing over food because he knew you’d be too busy to cook. You even started tagging each other in meme’s again. 

You had a mild concussion from your fall, and were able to go back to work after just a few days of bed rest. You ate and slept a lot through these days, trying to get yourself back to optimum health before you got back to work.

Dabin and Christian would take turns to check on you, the first day it was cute, but on the third and last day it started to get annoying how they wouldn’t leave you alone.  It felt like old times though. How you would just laugh and mess around with each other. You smiled to yourself, thinking back to last night when the three of you watched a horror movie together and how Ian and Dabin would jump, scream and hug each other out of fear. Pussy’s. 

You park your car and get out, closing the door. 

You arrived at the YG training center. Taking in a deep breath before you entered.

You decided to give Yura another chance. Feeling bad for her with everything that has been going on in her life. You enter the dance studio and see her sitting down, stretching, just like you always told her to do before practices. She looked at you surprised when you walked in. Standing up immediately.

“Oh…eonnie…What are you doing here?” she asks cautiously.

You place down your bag walking to the sound system to connect your phone to it.

“Sorry I’m late” is all you say.

She immediately got the hint. Her confused and cautious facial expression shifted to a slight smile.

“T-thank you eonnie, I’m really sorry about everything that happened, I never intended to come between the two of you and- “

you stop her from talking anymore. Not wanting to ruin your good mood.

“Let’s put that behind us. We both acted crazy.” You sitting down on the floor with her.

“Christian oppa was the only person willing to help me out. I would have asked you too but we weren’t exactly getting along well…”

“You know, I would have let you stay with me. Not out of pity, but because that would make me a lot more comfortable than knowing you were with him every single night.” You say honestly.

She blinks a few times at your words. “I did like him.” She suddenly says.

You look up at her, surprised at her confession. “You did?”

“The first night” she sighs “The first night I tried to come on to him but he declined me, telling me he was already seeing someone.” She says looking to the floor.

“Wait what?” you say trying to get her to tell you more.

“When Christian oppa told me he was seeing you, I was so sad. I immaturely put his clothes on when I came to the meeting, knowing you’d be there.” She says embarrassed looking to the floor.

You just stare at her. Unable to wrap your head around her words, you just burst out laughing.

She looks at you surprised and awkwardly laughs with you.

“I’m still…really sorry eonnie” she says.

“It’s okay. I know how easy it is to fall for him” you say stretching your legs. “Let’s begin okay?”

                                                   - time jump –

You drank some water and sat down on a bench looking at Yura lay on the floor spreading her arms and legs, panting out of exhaustion.

“You did well today” you say taking another sip before throwing the water bottle to her so she could have a sip.

She caught it with both hands, quickly drinking out of it as if she had been dehydrated for a couple of days.

“I tried extra hard today” she says getting up and stretching out.

“You better. I would have walked right out again if you didn’t” you say in your teacher like tone.

Your phone rang, it was Christian.

“Hey, where are you? I’m at your house but you’re nowhere to be found.” He says.

You quickly look at Yura who was on her own phone, probably going through social media.

“I’m at YG” you say

He didn’t respond.

“…Ian?” you ask.

“uhh why?” he eventually answered.

“I’m giving Yura another chance.” You say, hearing her name she looked up at you. Knowing who you were on the phone with she paid a little more attention.

“I figured that if I could give you another chance than I could give her one too.” You say pursing your lips together.

Yura smiled to herself at your words, and focused back on her phone again.

“Does…that mean…you’re back with DPR?” he asks cautiously.

You sigh. “Yes”

“Oh my god!” he nearly screams through the phone. Ecstatic and relieved.

You hold the phone a little further from your ear at his loud voice. “If that’s okay with you of course” you say teasing him a little.

“Of course it is. Without a doubt. No fucking question about it.”

You were happy that he was happy again. Things really were slowly getting back to normal, he might even still have a chance to direct her mv.

“I’ll be there in 10” he says hanging up.

You chuckle at your phone and put it down.

“Was that Christian oppa?” Yura asked getting up.

You just nod and give her a soft smile. “He’ll be here soon, If you freshen up we’ll give you a ride to your sisters place. “

She nods, taking her towel and her phone “Thanks eonnie” she says walking to the ladies’ room to change in clean non-sweat-drenched clothes.

You close your eyes, content with being alone in silence for a little bit. How did all of this happen in just 10 days. You feel like the past two weeks were just as long as two months.

After exactly 10 minutes Christian and Dabin walked in. You greet both of them with hugs and they sit down on the floor with you, waiting for Yura.

“This is literally the last place I expected to find you in” Dabin says scratching his head.

“I decided to be the bigger person” you say shrugging.

Christian just smiled at you, giving you a kiss on your cheek.

“Stop that shit, not in front of me.” Dabin says dramatically waving his hands around.

The both of you just chuckle, when finally Yura walks in. The look in her eyes alerted the three of you.

“We have a problem” she says in a panicked voice.

The three of you got up, walking over to her when she shows all of you an article on her phone.

“Former Kpop Idol and now director Christian Yu dating Kim Yura. YG’ Entertainments new gem.” you read out loud.

Christian’s eyes widened and so did Dabin’s. You swallow harshly. Oh fuck no.

“What the f-“ Christian says not finishing his sentence, taking Yura’s phone from her.

He clicked on the aticle to see what it says.

“Kim Yura was allegedly spotted going in and out of his house for 10 days in a row, confirming the fact that Kim Yura and Christian Yu, formerly known as Rome from C-Clown share an intimate relationship together.” He reads out loud.

He scrolled down. Looking at the “proof” seeing dispatch photos of the both of them outside of his house.

“This was today…when I helped her move her stuff to her sisters’ place.” he says still not believing his eyes.

Christian’s eyes dart to you, checking your facial expression. But your attention was diverted to Yura, who was now crying.

You rub her back trying to comfort her. “Oh my god if my manager sees this. If Yang Hyun Suk sajang-nim sees this!” she says choking up.

Dabin stood there awkwardly. Not knowing what to do given the fact he didn’t know Yura all too well.

“I’ll get you some water” he says escaping the scene.

Christian sat down on the bench. Looking at Yura crying on your shoulder.

This is literally the worst thing that could happen to a rookie idol. Dating scandals were awful to begin with, especially when they weren’t true, but try to explain that to the media and the public.

You felt bad for her, Christian wouldn’t suffer much damage from this, none at all actually. Maybe people in the industry would talk but he could simply clarify the situation to them. If anything this was publicity for him, but for her. Her whole world must be falling apart.

At that Dabin returns with a man behind him. He awkwardly stood behind Christian. Wrapping his arms around Christian’s neck, watching the scene unfold.

It was Lee Hyung Suk, Yura’s manager.

“I saw the article” he says dryly.

Yura looked to the floor facing him. “I-it’s not true”


She squinted her eyes closed, ready to take a verbal beating but you stepped in front of her.

“Hey, if you would have just arranged a place for her to live none of this would have happened.” You say angrily.

Dabin, Christian, Yura and her manager looked at you with a surprised expression on their faces.

Who would’ve thought you out of all people, would defend Kim Yura.

“Excuse me young lady?” he says looking you in the eye. He’s scary. Really scary. “We can just tell them the truth right? About her parents” You eventually say.

“Absolutely not. Having a rebellious daughter who disobeys the wishes of her parents is far worse than a dating scandal. We can make a better story out of this” he says as if it’s no big deal.

“A better story?” Christian asks getting up.

“Let’s just go with it for a while” Her manager says, looking at Christian.

“If we take this opportunity and mold it our own way we could take this ‘scandal’ and turn it into something worthwhile for the both of you”

Yura stayed quiet, quickly looking at you and Christian.

“Let’s just go with it.” Her manager says again.

Christian looked at him startled. “I don’t…” he starts. “If you don’t want to that’s fine also, but that means you’ll ruin her career before it has even begun.” Hyung Suk states crossing his arms.

“Oppa” Yura says. All of you look at her. “I know I have asked the world from you already. But if you do this for me, I promise I will never bother you again. I just really don’t know what to do anymore.” She says as tears fall down her face.

You take a step back, looking at Christian with burning eyes but he didn’t look back at you. Dabin looked at you knowing that if Christian agreed on doing this. Your heart would break, again.

He walked towards Yura, wiping her tears away.

“Stop crying.” He says letting go of her and looking at Lee Hyung Suk. “Well?” Hyung suk asks.

You close your eyes.

“Fine” Christian says “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 5 

Dad!Shawn, Daily Walk

A/N: This is going to be a seris about Shawn taking a walk with his little girl, look out for new posts following this story line. (SEND REQUESTS)

“Y/d/n, you need to calm down.” You scold your four year old. 

You knew getting her a hot chocolate with breakfast was a horrible idea.

But Geoff insisted since, “I’m taking her Daddy away for the day.”

It’s true, Shawn has to spend all day doing interviews with Geoff. Which ultimately means that you are stuck on the bus with a rambunctious four year old. 

“But Momma, the floor is lava.” She says with her wide eyes staring into yours. You try your hardest not to roll your eyes. 

“You are so your Dad’s daughter.” You laugh and decide to text Shawn what she just said. 

iMessage to Shawn<3: No need for a paternity test, she is so yours. 

You set your phone down and wait for response, watching your daughter jump from rug to rug. 

iMessage from Shawn<3: Why? What happened?

You decide to record her for him. 

“Y/d/n, honey what are you doing?” You ask her as you record her jumping around.

“I told you Momma, the floor is lava.” She explains, giving you a bit of sass. You just laugh and then end the recording. You send it to Shawn.

iMessage from Shawn<3: SHE’S PLAYING WITHOUT ME!

This time you don’t hesitate you roll your eyes at him. 

“Honey, Daddy said he wants to play with you once he gets back.” You explain to your daughter.

“When is he going to be back?” She asks, with hopeful eyes. You check the clock and see that he should be back any minute now. 

“Soon.” You smile.

“You sound like Daddy, Momma.” She laughs, continuing her game. 

She isn’t wrong, Shawn does say that a lot. 

You watch as Shawn walks onto the bus and smiles at you. Y/d/n doesn’t hear him, that engrossed into her game. Shawn sneaks up on her and is about to surprise her as she starts to fall from the couch. 

You engage Mommy mode and jump up, like you are even remotely close to catch her.

“Shawn!” You call out, hoping he’ll get her. 

You watch as he grabs her small body and pulls her into him. 

“Daddy!” She squeals. He looks at her for a minute, assessing to make sure she isn’t hurt. She almost just fell from the top of the couch. 

“She’s okay.” He says looking up at you, knowing you are doing the same thing.

“Y/d/n, what did I tell you about calming down. If Daddy hadn’t been there then you could have,” You stop yourself, it’s best not to freak her out. 

“Little rowdy are we?” Shawn asks tickling her.

“Well you know, when Uncle Geoff buys us hot chocolate for breakfast.” You sigh. 

“That always helps.” Shawn laughs still tickling her. 

“How long do we have you?” You ask him as you sit back on the couch. 

“Well she has me for the next hour, you my dear are getting an hour off.” He says winking at you. 

“What?” You ask confused.

“You just spent almost three hours, locked up in this bus with my daughter. You have to have a headache?” He says raising his eyebrows at you. You look down sheepishly. He knows you so well. “Take a nap, read a book, do what ever.” He says grabbing your daughters jacket. “I’m taking my babygirl on a walk.” He says looking at Y/d/n. She gets excited and scrambles to get her jacket on. 

“Have a good time babe.” You say leaning your head up as he connects your lips quickly.

“Sleep well.” He smiles at you as he starts to walk off of the bus.

*Shawn POV*

“Where are we going Daddy?” She asks me. I take her hand in mine and start walking with her down the street.

“I’m not sure, I say we just walk until we get tired and need to walk back.” I smile at me baby. 

“That sounds good.” She nods, determined. 

“I say that we do this whenever we can, it can be our tradition.” I say and she looks up and smiles at me. She’s about to say something but then her over active mind changes her train of thought.

“You are super tall Daddy.” 

I laugh and nod.

“That I am, let’s hope you aren’t as tall as me when you grow up.” I say still laughing. 

“How tall should I be then?” 

“Mommies height. She’s perfect.” I say looking down at her. She smiles. 

“She says I am definitely your daughter.” She giggles.

“That’s true, you are more like me. Let’s make a deal.” I say as we walk past a ice cream parlor.

“Ok.” She smiles.

“If you can be really good for Momma tonight, during my show.” I nod at her. 


“Then we can come back here tomorrow, and I’ll buy you ice cream.” I say raising my eyebrows.

“Ok Daddy, sounds like a deal.” She nods. She lets go of my hand and holds hers out. “Shake on it?” 

“Shake on it.” I confirm shaking her tini tiny hand. 

We continue to walk around the venue and she just talks to me about anything her mind comes up with. Princesses, Princes, dolls, Momma, Grandma, Geoff, the concert.

“Can we see Uncle Geoff?” She asks out of the blue.

“I think he’s in the arena baby.” I say looking at the back entrance.

“Can we see him?”

“Sure.” I smile, I check my watch. I gotta go do soundcheck anyway. We walk in the back and start making our way around. 

I can’t find him anywhere. I see on of the guys on my team.

“Hey Shawn. Hey Y/d/n” He smiles and waves at her.

“Hey man, do you know where Geoff is?” I ask. 

“I don’t but I can call for him.” He says grabbing her radio. “Hey wheres Geoff.” He says into it. 

“Who’s asking, because I didn’t do it.” He responds. Y/d/n’s eyes light up when she hears his voice. She reaches for the radio.

“Can I please answer?” She asks. 

“Of course.” He smiles at her, kneeling down and holding the radio for her. 

“Uncle Geoff?” She asks.

“Eh its my girl.” He responds. I smile at their relationship. 

“Where are you?” 

“Tell your Daddy I’m waiting for him at Soundcheck.” He says. She looks at me and I nod.

“Told him.” She says giggling.

“Also tell him his late.” 

“Your late Daddy” She looks up at me and giggles again. 

“I know, we gotta go to him baby.” I pick her up. I throw her over my shoulder and start jogging to the stage. 

“We’re here.” She yells when we make it.

“Good, your Daddy is super late.” Geoff laughs taking her from my shoulder.

“Not super, just a little.” I say grabbing my guitar. “You got her?”

“Yeah of course.” He says waving me off. 

“What did you and Daddy do today?” He asks Y/d/n.


*Your POV*

You woke up twenty minutes ago and Shawn still hadn’t come back from their walk. You venture to the arena and realize that he’s due on stage in a half hour. You head to his dressing room and stop when you hear her giggle. 

“We win!” You hear her cheer. You walk in and see Geoff holding Y/d/n. She’s holding a ping pong paddle and Shawn is on the other side of the table holding one too. 

“What’s going on in here?” You ask walking up to them.

“MOMMA!” She yells reaching for you.

“Wait!” Shawn says before you can take her from Geoff. 

“What Daddy?” She asks sassily.

“We gotta play another game, we’re tied.” He whines at her. She shakes her head. 

“Wait a minute Momma, I gotta beat Daddy again.” She says looking at you with her brown eyes. You laugh and look at Shawn. The look on his face is priceless. 

“Babe, you just got burned by our four year old.” You tease him.

“Yeah I know, she’s been like that since we started.” He says watching as she hits the ball. 

They get into a heated match which ends with Shawn losing. 

“Celebratory tattoos.” Geoff says walking off with your daughter. It’s the nightly ritual. 

“How was your nap?” Shawn asks walking to you. He pulls you onto him as he sits on the couch.

“It was good, would have been better with my Husband next to me.” You say with a small smile.

“Yeah if he was there, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been napping.” He smirks at you. You lightly hit his shoulder and laugh with him. 

“You kill me.” 

“I realized today, being with her alone. She’s more like you than we thought.” He says brushing some hair behind your ear.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah she’s polite and sweet when she needs to be, but brutal when she needs to be.” He snickers.

“So sassy?” 

“Yeah, but like you.” He shrugs. “It’s cute.” 

“Thanks” You laugh. He laughs too. 

“Look Daddy now we match!” She says running into the room. She climbs up on the couch. She’s holding her arm out and we both see the temporary tattoo on her arm that matches Shawn’s. He rolls his sleeve up and shows her his.

“I like yours better.” He smiles at her. She giggles.

“There the same Daddy.” 

“Yeah but yours looks prettier.” He shrugs smiling at you. You kiss his cheek.

“How was your walk with Daddy today?” You ask your daughter. 

“It was good, he told me that its gonna be our new tadidtion.” She stumbles over the word.


“Yeah, whenever we get a chance, were gonna go on a walk.” He smiles looking at your daughter. 

“That’s precious.” You express letting your hand run through his brown curly locks.

“You’re precious.” He smiles at you. 

“You’re cheesy.” You laugh at him. 

Mafia-Suho pt.4

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                  “Forgive me for my sins for I’ve just begun.”

“You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will and ca-”

“Can you just skip this? You know I’ll be out by tonight.” You rolled your eyes at the cop that had you pinned against his car, in a very sexual position might you add.

“Close your mouth or I’ll give you something to choke on.” He whispered in your ear, pushing against your body more. 

You cringed at his closeness, “God, you’re breath stinks.” You said, yanking your head to the other side. 

“You little b-” 

He was cut off by his phone ringing.

Grunting, he shoved you forward and pushed away from you to answer his cell.

You could hear the other person on the line, “Do you have Y/n?” the person asked.

“Yes.” The officer replied looking back at you.

You took this time to turn your body around so that you were facing him.

“Why would you take her? Do you know how much trouble you’ve just put me in? She doesn’t get arrested. She doesn’t get questioned, am I clear?” The voice yelled and the cop looked at you.

“So she really is untouchable?” He questioned the man on the other end of the line. 

“Yes now let her go!” He hung up. 

You watch the cop slowly walk over to you, once he got close enough you grabbed him and kneed him between the legs, “Next time, remember to cuff me correctly instead of trying to get off on my ass, pervert.” 

You grabbed the cuffs and punched him in the face with the end of them, “And that’s for not knowing who I am.”


You decided it was a long overdue night out with your best friend so you decided to go the one place you loved.

The club.

Your friend pulled you to the dance floor where all guys and even girls tried to dance with you… on you.

“I can never have you to myself.” Your friend pouted, screaming over the music.

You laughed, “Don’t hate the player baby, hate the game!” 

She laughed and pulled you closer to her so the obviously drunk girl didn’t spill her drink on your brand new dress.

You were ready to say something but were cut off by a screech, “ Oh my god! It’s Suho!!” 

You looked towards the door in the back to see Suho and his gang walking through the door.

“I swear he’s stalking me.” You said to your friend. She laughed and caught Suho’s attention.

“Oh, Y/n. Nice to see you here.” Suho greeted, changing his direction to walk towards you. 

You tsked and shook your head, “Can’t say I share the pleasure.”

The drunk girl from before gasped and pushed in between you and Suho screeching at the top of her lungs, “Suho baby! Don’t listen to her! She’s a jealous b-” 

He flagged one of his men to come get her and you raised your eyebrows in question.

“Now why would you go and do something so foolish? She was gonna let you have her.” You said and your friend laughed a little.

Suho looked at her up and down then walked a little closer to her and bent down to grab her hand, “I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you.” He whispered before he kissed her hand.

You scoffed and looked at your friend who looked all too comfortable with what was happening.

You slapped her shoulder, “Yah!” You shouted at her.

She looked at you in panic then looked back at Suho and snatched her hand away, gasping and rubbing it against her dress.

Suho looked at one of his men, Chanyeol, and he came and took your best friend to the bar.

“If something happens to her, I swear I’ll -”

“Kill me?” Suho questioned and chuckled, he looked at you up and down, lingering at your exposed thighs and then tsked.

“As ravishing as you look right now, don’t think you’re showing a little too much skin?” He asked while he walked closer to you. 

You backed up until you felt someone’s back hit yours and you got an idea. 

“You might feel that way but my date doesn’t.” You saw Suho’s stance change, everything about him seemed to get a little darker, dominant and you hate to admit it but it turned you on.

“What da-”

You cut him off by turning the guy who was behind you around and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss got deeper and the guy dropped his hands to your ass and pulled you closer to him.

Suho ripped you two apart and launched himself onto the guy. You watched as he threw punches left and right until some of his boys pulled him off. He turned around and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him. 

He slammed opened the door to the bathroom and screamed, “If anyone is in here get out now!” 

You heard a man chuckle and Suho pull out his gun and shoot in the air, “I SAID GET OUT!” 

The man’s eyes went wide as he tried to pull up his pants quickly with shaking hands. You watched as Suho followed his every mood until he left the bathroom.

Suho went over to the door and locked it and then looked at you.

His hair was out of place but still looked fine, his eyes were a darker shade of brown and the dominance he’s giving off swallowed you whole. 

And it was sexy. 

“Is this what you want to see huh?! You want me to kill every man who looks at you to prove to you that you’re mine?!” He screamed and backed you up against a wall. 

Your back hit the wall and Suho’s body trapped you. He punched the wall next to your head and screamed “Answer me!” 

You looked in his eyes as he breathed heavily in your face.

“Why do you want me so bad?” You whispered.

He looked at you and chuckled and backed away from you.

“What’s so funny? You think I’m just going to lay on my back for you?! That I’ll let you destroy what I built from nothing?!” You yelled and started walking towards him until his back hit the wall on the other side.

“You want me to be your trophy wife and I wont.” You growled at him. 

The room seemed to get smaller as you looked into his eyes. 

You pulled on his tie, forcing his head to down to yours, and kissed him.

He kissed you back as his hands went to your waist as he squeezed your hips. 

He switched your positions and slammed you back against the wall and held your jaw in his hands while you started to take off his suit jacket.

Suho slammed you against the wall again and started kissing down your neck, your hands left his jacket and went into his hair, pulling it. 

“Mhm. Y/n” He mumbled into the crook of your neck. 

When you heard your name you sort of woke up, the room expanded and the foulness of the bathroom hit your nose.

“Stop Suho.” You said pushing him away from you.

“Don’t be like that.” He whispered trying to pull you towards him again. 

“I said stop!” You yelled and ran to the door, opening it and walking out. 

You tried to look for your friend but you knew Suho would get her home safely and you just wanted to leave. 

You walked out in the back of the club and got in side your car, resting your head against the steering wheel you sighed and looked up.

There was a car flying in your direction, and it wasn’t stopping.


Theo does something bad and the reader does something worse. Turns out Theo had done something worse. 

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Y/N P.O.V  
I had had an awful fight with Theo. He had been out with a couple of friends and gotten too cozy with a stripper. He swore he didn’t do anything with her but I didn’t believe him.

Then I didn’t something even worse

I woke up in Isaac’s bed. Since the fight with Theo, I had been staying there. The first night I got here I was upset and hurt and wanted to make him feel just like I did. I did the most awful thing I have ever done. I didn’t even think about Isaac.

“Y/N IT’S FOR YOU” Isaac yelled from downstairs. I quickly got up and pulled on some of my sleeping shorts and my shirt that had been thrown off my body the night before. I ran down the stairs only to be met by the blue eyes of my soon to be ex-boyfriend. He looked like he hadn’t been sleeping and there was a bit of confusion behind his look.

“Hey” I whispered looking at the floor. I was not in the mood to even deal with him after what he had done. But now I had done something even worse. Theo and I were never broken up and what I did was the thing I swore I would never do, cheating. Theo stepped in and looked at me up and down. I’m almost sure he could smell Isaac on me.

“What happened here last night,” Theo asked giving Isaac the death stare but as soon and his stare fell on me his eyes turned soft and loving.

“I'm… I am so sorry” I answered. I knew he knew what had happened. He could see it as soon as he came in. he could smell it as soon as he came in. He could sense it on me. On Isaac. I didn’t know what to tell him. Nothing I could say would make him stay. But he didn’t yell. He didn’t get angry.
He just left.

“Okay…” he quietly said as he dropped my hand he had taken just seconds ago.

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Work Comes Home - Part 8

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution.

Words: Approx. 6100

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone who read this over (@ourforgottenboleros​, @secretschuylersister​, @letsgiggletogether​: your enthusiasm and excitement honestly helps me to write this. @iwrotemywayto-revolution​ THANK YOU for fixing my horrible grammar - you’re amazing.) Let me know if there’s any little mistakes, I can go in and fix later <3

Disclaimer: I’m sorry for any pain, there’s a few more parts left in this story so please stay with me. Feel free to yell at me all you like because I UNDERSTAND. Again, the timeline is definitely a little weird and artistic liberties were obviously taken in reference to the publishing industry. 

Warnings: Angst, maybe swearing

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What if the paladins ended up with kittens the same colors as their lions somehow?

“Uhhhhh,” Lance said, voice hoarse from sleep. He rubbed his sleep ridden eyes and looked down at his chest, “What?”

There was a small creature laying on his chest. He didn’t recall owning any creatures.

The small animal turned its head to Lance slowly and Lance braced himself, expecting to be faced with a hideous and scary alien creature. Lance held his hand close to himself and got ready to whack the thing sat upon him but- as the thing faced him fully- Lance realised it was the exact same as a small, harmless, cute, fluffy cat. The cat jumped up in excitement when it noticed Lance was awake, it mewed at Lance and licked his cheek.

Lance was immediate putty. He lowered his hand and sat up, gently pulling the cat like creature into his palms and setting it down on his lap. 

“Aren’t you just adorable,” Lance cooed gently and pet its head softly. The cat nuzzled into Lance’s hands and Lance had to hold back a squeal. He held the cat for a few doboshes before startling and scaring the cat in the process.

“Oh, should we go find where you came from?!” Lance asked and lifted it up, bringing it to his face and rubbing their noses together. The cat let out a tiny sneeze and Lance melted.

He put the cat down on his bed and stood up. He quickly shrugged on his jacket and picked the cat up once again.

The cat clawed its way up Lance’s sleeve- careful not to actually scratch Lance in the process- and settled down on Lance’s shoulder. Lance blushed happily at the cute animal and resisted squeezing its little paws.

He walked gently, so he wouldn’t drop the cat sat precariously on his shoulder. As he got to the dining hall he saw the others sitting on the table normally.

Pidge looked up as Lance made his way into the room and dropped her tablet in shock. “Lance!?” Pidge yelled and stood up, gawking at the thing on his shoulder. “Is that real?!” 

The others took notice of the cat perched upon Lance’s shoulder and exclaimed in various levels of shock. 

 “Yeah… I woke up and it was just there? I was hoping Allura or Coran would know where it came from.” Lance answered and scratched behind the cats ears.

Hunk came out of the kitchen. “What’s going o- Ah!” Hunk tripped over, spilling the tray of food that was in his hands and landing with a thud. A loud, surprised meow came from Hunk’s feet. 

Everyone rushed over to Hunk and saw a cat. It was slightly larger than the blue one sat upon Lance’s shoulder and was yellow.

“… Is this some type of Voltron thing?” Lance spoke up and lent Hunk his arm. Hunk took his hand and got up. 

 “We’ll have to ask Allura.” Shiro said and the others agreed. The all turned to leave to the control deck and began walking as a group.

Pidge lagged behind while fiddling on her tablet and felt the air shift around her. She glanced around curiously before looking back down. A mistake on her behalf.

A hiss sounded from above her and she glanced up in shock “Ah!” Pidge yelled and held up her tablet protectively as she was ambushed from above.

A small, green cat dropped from the roof and onto Pidge’s head. Pidge’s hand shot up and pulled the cat down by the scruff of its neck. 

She held it in front of her face and stared at the cat for a ticks before blinking in surprise when it licked her nose.”Wow…. never seen a green cat before.”

She placed it on the floor gently with a scratch behind the ears before continuing and it stumbled behind her.

Hunk picked the yellow cat up and held it in his hands. 

All of a sudden the castle alarms are blaring, red bathing the room and the paladins take off running. Lance carefully pulled the cat into his arms and sprinted to the control room.

When they arrive the control room was in a panic.  Coran was running around frantically, fiddling with the computers and Allura was running a deep scan of the ship.

“Princess?” Shiro yelled.

“The lions are gone!” Allura yelled and frowned. The paladins looked at each other and at the cats- the weirdly colour co-ordinated cats- before turning to the panicked Altaens.

“I think we might have them?” Shiro said as he looked at the cats in doubt “Maybe?”

“What do you mean?!” Allura snapped and spun on them, she immediately took note of the cat perched on Lance and shrieked. 

“Oh not again!” Allura groaned exasperatedly. The cats blinked at her innocently and Allura frowned.

“What do you mean ‘again’?” Pidge asked and Allura sighed.

“… I remember when I was a child this happened, they never knew why but one day they suddenly had real cats instead of mechanic lions.” Allura stated and sighed. “Coran will remember more that I.”

Coran stopped running about and stood next to the princess looking a bit frazzled. “Ah yes. It was quite an eventful couple of days-” Coran twirled his moustache. “-if I remember correctly they were only in this form for about a week? Maybe-”

Keith spotted a flash of red and chocked.

“He- Ack!” Keith yelped as a cat jumped on his face, he tried to pry it off but to no avail. The red cat hissed at Keith and purposefully made it’s way on top of Keith’s head. It sat proudly above the heads of everyone else and seemed to haughtily stare down at everyone.

“So there’s Red, Blue, Yellow and Green…. Where’s Black Shiro?” Allura asked and looked around.

“I’m not sure, it all happened very fast” Shiro said and looked lost. He jumped when he heard a quiet mew from right next to his ear, he whipped his head around and locked eyes with a cat as dark as the vacuum around them. “Found her…,”

The black cat hung off of Shiro’s back and seemed to smile at Shiro. Lance pulled the cat off of Shiro’s back so it wouldn’t fall off and handed it to Shiro.

“…….They will return to normal soon enough, why don’t you go and bond with you lions?” Allura sighed and brought her hand to her head, drained.

The paladins all looked at each other and shrugged, leaving the princess to recuperate.

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Hi I want to start off by saying I love your writing/blog and I would like to request number 18 with tom please I don't really have an idea and if you are too busy and don't have an idea than just forget about don't stress yourself out over it than thank you hope you have a great day 😊

Tom x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol

Word count: 1744

Prompt: 18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

A/N: I hope you liked it, it took me quite a while and I’m sorry if it ‘s not that well-written, I kinda had writers block.

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(Idk what that part is lol, kinda like an introduction maybe)
Watching her from farther away became his only occupation when she was near him. Loving someone and knowing you can’t have her is hard for someone to handle. But even harder for someone like him, someone as sensitive and full of heart.

“Hey what’s wrong?” He looked at you with a worried expression as you surprised him by ringing his doorbell at 11:30 PM. With your head held low you stood silently in front of him.

He was one of your best friends since you two met on set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both of you lived in London which brought you two even closer.

“I’m sorry. No this was probably stupid, I don’t wanna bother you. Good Night.” You rambled on before starting to leave but he pulled you back at your wrist and into a tight hug.

“It’s okay. You’re never bothering me or anyone. You don’t have to talk to me about it. Come in.” You had never come to Tom with such a personal issue but the way he reacted was just utterly cute.

Tom parted from you while closing the door behind you. “Want some ice cream? Or something else? Come on we’ll get you something to eat.” Hesitantly he took a hold of you hand and lead you into his kitchen.

Swiftly he opened the huge fridge, placing you in front of it and signaling you to take whatever you wanted. He remembered how you had told him that you didn’t like just taking stuff in other people’s houses even if they told you to, so he made it very clear that he would give you anything you wanted.

“Let’s see. I’ve got some pudding right here but also yoghurt, there’s some of that leftover pizza from this evening. But-” He closed the fridge in front of you. “I’ve also got a bunch of different chocolate bars, loads of Ben & Jerry’s, um, (insert favorite flavor), your favorite flavor as I remember.”

“Ben & Jerry’s sounds good.” Sheepishly you shift from one foot to the other before speaking up once again. “Oh and I know it’s hard for you, ‘cause that is just the way you are but could you just not be all quirky? Aren’t you tired at all?” You added sadly. “I am quirky because I want to pass some happiness on to you. Package or bowl?” “Are you really asking?”

“Package it is.” Tom grabbed two packages or “cups”, however you personally call these Ben & Jerry’s ice cream packages, and two spoons before you two settle down with it on the big couch in front of his TV.

After a while of silently eating ice cream and watching some TV you suddenly began pouring your heart out, startling him a little. “He hurts me.” “What?!” “N-not physically.” Awkwardly you corrected yourself.

A sigh of relieve left his lungs. “But he, well this is probably so stupid but, every chance he gets, he discreetly drops hints that he thinks my work isn’t real work and that it’s just ridiculous. Also he complaints about my personality a lot. That I am so immature and all.

It’s like he’s not even paying attention to me sometimes.” Tom’s heart dropped, breaking in two as he listened to how her boyfriend makes Tom’s loved one suffer. Also because he knows he would make her feel so much better if she just let him. “I know this is not the right question to ask and I’m sure I know the answer but why do you stay with him?”

“Cause I love him.”

“I won’t try to convince you that that is not love but just know that that’s my opinion.” “Thank you, Tom.” A tear rolled down your cheek as he wrapped his warm arms around you.

You were planning on visiting your favorite bar today with your boyfriend, meeting Tom and Harrison along with some other friends there. It was your birthday and you didn’t feel the need to throw a big party.

“Happy Birthday!” You hear Tom’s soft voice approach from behind you. Your heart skipped a beat. “Thank you.” He handed you a small gift, wrapped in wrapping paper. Hugging him tightly you thank him once again. “It’s nothing big but I hope you still like it.”

With a smile on your face you unwrapped it when you saw Tom glaring at your boyfriend who was sitting at the bar. Your boyfriend didn’t seem to notice. 

As you looked at the small gift you laughed happily. “That is awesome!” You turned it around. It was a framed picture of you and Tom. You didn’t even know that this existed, at least you forgot. “Because you always complain about every picture, ‘cause either one of us always looks weird. I thought we both looked pretty acceptable here.” A chuckle left his lungs.

“That is literally so sweet. We really do both look cute!” A bright smile was plastered on your face. You two were sitting on the couch in one of the trailers from the Spider-Man: Homecoming set in the picture while resting your head on his shoulder.

All giddy inside you quickly peck his cheek. “Wanna go drink something?” “Sure.”  “I’ll pay.” Thomas tried insisting on it but you were faster. “My birthday, I pay.” Pouting he sat down on a barstool next to you, to your other side; your boyfriend.

As you vividly kept up a conversation he was watching the both of you. Saw you laugh at Tom’s comments the way he never made you laugh. The alcohol was starting to get to him as he stood up. “I think I’ll take it from here.”

Your boyfriend suddelny cut in pushing Tom off the stool. Tom just threw a  questioning look at you. Shrugging you watch him turn around and walk over to Haz. 

Your boyfriend mumbled something about him being ridiculous. You knew he was drunk and decided to bring him home, preventing possible negative incidents.

Quickly you said goodbye to your friends, explaining the situation.

After going home he told you how much and how fast he had actually drunk already. Slowly you dragged him into bed. He started arguing again but you cut him off by saying good night and walking out of your shared bedroom.

After a while of watching TV as he was sound asleep in the bedroom someone rang your doorbell. Again. And again. Quickly you rushed to the door. “What is it? Don’t you think once is enough?” Opening the door a heavy smell greeted you. Alcohol. And in front of you, bringing the smell to you; Tom.

“Not another drunk man I have to deal with.” Sighing you let him babble. “I-I’m sorry. I camehereto tell youthat I-I love you.” Your eyes grew wide. “I shouldn’t be in love with you. But-I-am.” He connected the words sometimes, giving you a hard time understanding the drunk man.

“I think you should, you should come inside first.” Supporting him so he wouldn’t stumble you guided him into your flat. He flopped down onto the couch in your open living space.

“Tom I need you to talk to me, are you serious?” “Yes.” Damn it, drunk boys are exhausting. “I. Love. You.” Forgetting all about your boyfriend in the bedroom you sat down next to Tom.

“I know I am currently taken but I just can’t do that anymore. I’ve been falling for you for quite the long time and-” As you realized he had fallen asleep you sighed. Not knowing what to do you just left for your own bed, where you noticed your drunk and still sleeping boyfriend again. “This is going to be hard.” Terribly sorry for one of them and madly in love with the other you tried to get some sleep.

“What the fuck is this idiot doing on our couch?!” A loud, yelling voice woke you up, leaving you completely startled. Swiftly you hopped out of bed before rushing into the main living space. Tom, just as shocked as you were, sat up on the couch.

“He was drunk and came by last night. No big deal.” “No big deal? I can’t believe you. I don’t wanna see you anymore. Leave! And if I see you one more time with her I swear to god.” Well, it was going to be even harder than expected. “Leave him alone.” You started defending Tom, who was already about to leave.

“No, no, Tom. You are not going anywhere. Come here.” You grabbed his hand, pulling the confused and hungover Tom next to you. 

“I am tired of this. Okay? I am not under your control. You do not have the right to fucking tell me what to do and complain about everything. My job, my body, my character. That is not love. Love is when you’re there for someone every time she needs you ‘cause her boyfriend is being an ass again. No matter how late it is. Love is keeping quiet about your own feelings because you think she’s happier with her own boyfriend. Love is listening to her, remembering the little things about her. Looking at her in awe when she stands in front of you with his big t-shirt on; not complaining about it. Love is the way he treats me.” You pointed at Tom. “Not you. You should be ashamed of yourself. And I swear if you go out of here worrying why I fell in love with someone else, something is clearly wrong with you.”

Both of the boys looked at you in shock, Tom giving your hand a light squeeze. “Well, I guess I’m not wanted here anymore.” Your boyfriend stated as he went to grab his shoes and jacket before storming out of the flat.

A tear rolled down your cheek as you felt somewhat relieved. “It’s okay. You know I’m here for you.” Tom pulled you into his arms, making you feel the warmth of his body. “I didn’t know you had feelings for me.” Tom whispered questioning, still holding you. “I told you yesterday but you were already asleep.” “Okay, well, um…” (This phrase is from Fifty Shades Darker ;) It’s not Tom that is referring to Fifty Shades Darker here, just me, the author, using the phrase here.)  “…generally, a key part of good communication is that both parties be concious.” “You were drunk.” “So what? You could’ve told me earlier!” Tom whines.

“Same for you, idiot.” Scoffing he looked at you. “You’re the idiot.” A sweet smile appeared on his lips as he cupped your face with his hand, bringing your lips together.

Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tag List:  @dropdeadrxses, @5-seconds-of-sarcasmm, @purplehippo-cheeseandtrees, @mrsbatman-robin

Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2


He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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Jealousy Pt3

Word Count: 1974

    A/N: oh my gosh again with the angst. I’m hoping that maybe part 4 will be the end, I just have so many things I want to put into this series! I’d love to know your feedback, and if you have any requests please let me know! Hope you enjoy!

    “Someone text you?” Y/N asked.

    “Yeah, Jughead.” he said, and he watched as her face fell. He opened the text, and sighed.

    “What does it say?” she asked quietly.

    “Please tell me Y/N is okay. I really messed up with her and I can’t stand the thought that I hurt her. I love her Archie, and I think I’m ready to admit it.” Archie read the text out loud, and Y/N backed up to the couch slowly.

    “He…he what?” she whispered. Archie’s heart fell, how could he give her up after tonight. She obviously felt something, why else would she almost kiss him. Or was it out of desperation? Only time would tell.


    It had been two days since the incident at the diner, and Y/N hadn’t talked to Jughead or Archie since then. Not only that, but she decided to skip school for both those days, deciding that she just needed some time for herself.

She’s my cherry pie! Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise! Tastes so good make a grown man cry, Sweet Cherry Pie!

    Y/n rolled over on her bed and turned off her alarm, and stared at the ceiling.

    “Nope, I can’t do this today, I’m staying home.” she mumbled, turning onto her side and closing her eyes. She fell asleep quickly.

“Jughead?” she asked, as the raven haired boy walked to her. He grabbed her hand and they walked together into the diner. He pulled her to his favourite booth in the back and they sat side by side. She snuggled into his chest, and he typed away on his laptop, occasionally leaning down and kissing her forehead. She looked up at him, and he met her gaze. She stared lovingly up into his eyes and he leaned down and planted a kiss to her lips. She closed her eyes, relishing in the moment. When she opened them again, she was met with a red headed boy in a letterman jacket. He smiled down at her, and winked.

    “Y/N! Get up!” she heard someone yell. Slowly she woke up, blinking as the light burned her eyes. She stared up at the figure hovering above her, and sure enough, it was Archie. “You need to get up, sleepyhead. Your ass is not sleeping all day.” he teased.

    “Archie leave me be.” she said, burying her head into her comforter. He quickly ripped it away from her and she groaned. “Andrews I swear to god I will end you!” she said, trying to sound annoyed, but secretly she was enjoying the company.

    “That wasn’t me.” Archie said, leaning against the door frame. Just then a weight dropped onto the other side of the mattress sending her up into the air with a shriek. She landed next to the weight, which had been Kevin. He laughed as she punched his shoulder. “Are you going to get up now?” Archie asked.

    “Nope.” Y/N stubbornly said, crossing her arms across her chest. Archie started towards her bed, and she quickly scrambled into Kevin’s arms, and buried herself into his side. “Save me from the ginger!” she yelled. Kevin wrapped his arms around Y/N.

    “You heard the girl, I have to help her.” Kevin teased and Archie groaned, sitting on the bed. “By the way, this is a nice place you’ve got here, Y/N. You live here alone?” Kevin asked.

    “Yeah, why?” she answered, unsure where the conversation was going.

    “Mind if I borrow it from time to time. I’ve got stuff I wanna do without my dad home.” Kevin said, winking down at her. Y/N rolled her eyes, and suddenly four others barged themselves into the room.

    “Sorry Kevin, she’s actually got a roommate.” Jughead said. Y/Ns gaze shot up at him, feeling the butterflies in her stomach she got anytime he was around her. As much as she hated to admit it, she missed that feeling the last couple of days. He was standing behind Betty, Veronica and Cheryl.

    “Hi Y/N.” Cheryl said, giving a sweet smile Y/N had never seen. At least not directed to her at least. She nodded a response to Cheryl, and her attention went right back to Jughead. As her gaze went back to him, she caught him staring. He smiled at her, and she quickly looked over to Betty and Veronica. The room became silent, and the seven of them stood there in a small cramped room not saying anything.

    “You going to school today?” Veronica asked, breaking the silence.

    “Nah, it’s Friday and I don’t feel like wanting to jump off a bridge today.” Y/N joked, and everyone nodded and laughed.

    “Well in that case, we’ll skip with you.” Betty said cheerily. Y/N shook her head furiously.

    “Betty, your mom will actually kill you if you skip, same with yours Cheryl. And your dad will Kevin, and so will yours Archie. And Jughead…” Jughead perked up at the sound of you saying his name. He missed the way you said it the last couple of days, it felt like home in your voice. “You need the education.”

    “Are you trying to say I’m stupid?” Jughead asked, faking offense. Y/N jumped off the bed and walked over to Jughead. She whacked him upside the head and rolled her eyes.

    “No, I’m saying you guys need to go to school. You’re smart Juggie, so be smart enough to make the decision to go.” He pretended to think about it for a second, and sighed.

    “Yeah, I don’t think so.” he said, dropping his backpack on the floor. Y/N glared up at him, and he laughed.

    “So, are you gonna let us stay or what?” Veronica asked. Y/N turned to her, and Betty gave a pleading smile.

    “Please let us stay!” She begged. Y/N thought about it for a second. She looked around at the room full of people who came to see her, to check in on her. They cared for her, which isn’t something she could say about her old family, not that they mattered, she had a new one. And they were crowding her room.

    “Make yourselves at home.” Y/N said, and everyone smiled. “But I’m not going down for the blame if any of your parents find out.” she teased.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll take the blame.” Archie said, laying down on Y/Ns bed. He turned his head over to the tv that sat in front of her bed, and he quickly sat up. “Damn you have a nice tv in here!” he said.

    “If you live alone, how’d you even afford that?” Cheryl asked. Y/N knew she didn’t mean for it to come out snobby, but she felt a bit offended by the comment.

    “I stole it from my old house. My parents never used it anyways, they were always out. And besides, they have 2 others that are nicer.” Y/N laughed.

    “Did they even care?” Betty asked.

    “No, they didn’t care about the tv, they cared more about the PlayStation 3 I took with me. Plus all the games, there was no way in hell I was leaving that.” She pointed to under the tv, on the mini entertainment center. There sat a PlayStation 3 and a stack of games beside it. Everyone turned to Y/N shocked looks on their faces.

    “Isn’t that stealing? You could get in trouble for that!” Betty exclaimed.

    “No, its mine. My uncle gave it to me before he passed away.” Y/Ns voice caught in her throat. “He was the only reason I stayed where I was for so long. So when he passed, I packed everything and left.” Everyone’s faces fell, and Y/N gave a nervous laugh. “It’s alright guys, I promise.”

    “Little Big Planet, Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout New Vegas…” Archie named off the games he saw, throwing them on the bed.

    “Hey be careful with Fallout! That ones my favourite!” Y/N said, quickly grabbing the game and holding it to her chest. Jughead laughed, and Y/N turned her head to smile up at him because he was the only one who would know that, but when she looked over, him and Betty where talking in the corner standing rather close. Kevin leaned over to Y/N.

    “I’m surprised you’re taking it so well.” Kevin whispered. “With you being madly in love with him and all.” Y/N turned to face him, and Kevin swallowed hard seeing the confusion written on her face.

    “What am I taking well?” She asked. Kevin put his finger up to his lips and shushed her.

    “Be quiet, I didn’t know you had no idea. Just drop it.” he said.

    “Kevin you are never one to drop the subject of gossip, now tell me what I don’t know!” Y/N yelled, anger bubbling up. Everyone in the room stared over to Y/N. She stood to the side of her bed with her fists balled up.

    “Kevin you told her?” Betty asked, worry very present in her voice. Y/Ns gaze shot back to Betty, and then Jughead. Both of them looked guilty as all hell, and Y/N started to put pieces together, her heart breaking. Archie stood up from the bed, obviously confused as well, and Cheryl looked just as lost.

    “Y/N sweetie-” Veronica started but Y/N shoved her hand in her face.

    “Kevin…” she said slowly. “Tell me right now.” Kevin gulped, and slowly stood from the bed, his hands in the air.

    “Betty and Jughead kissed.” he whispered. Y/n fell silent and the room got eerily quiet.

    “I am so sorry…” Betty started. “I was helping him feel better and he helped me with my sister and things just happened! Please tell me you forgive me!” Betty begged. Y/N turned to the door and stormed out. Cheryl looked at Betty and Jughead, giving them shocked looks.

    “Damn that was low. Hell even I wouldn’t do that.” she said. She turned to the door and chased after Y/N. Archie looked over to Betty, and then Jughead as well. He watched as a tear rolled down Jugheads face.

    “Who kissed who first?” Archie asked. Betty looked back to Jughead, and he stared at the ground. “Was it you Jughead?” But he didn’t get an answer. Archie rolled his eyes at the raven haired boy and then looked to the blonde. “You both knew she was in love with him, you both knew she was hurting. Jughead, you said you were ready to tell her, what the hell happened?” Archie yelled .

    “I don’t know!” Jughead yelled. “It was a mistake, we both agreed that it was! I… I can’t tell you why it happened, I guess I was so heartbroken that she hadn’t talked to me in days that I needed something…. something to make me feel better, to feel wanted!”

    “Did you even try to call Y/N?” Archie asked. Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but no words could come out.

    “Don’t even start with me Archie! I heard you tell your football friends that you came super close to kissing Y/N that night after the diner!” Jughead argued, finally finding his voice.

    “But I didn’t go through with it, because I didn’t want to ruin what you had with her! Trust me, if I wasn’t half of the decent person I am now, I would have. And I wouldn’t break her heart over and over again.” Archie turned for the door, and stopped at the frame.

    “I’m going to give you a week to fix things with her before I come in and take her for my own. You better hope she takes you back.” Archie said before leaving.

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Deal? (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 1800+

Warnings: cursing

Request: hey! could i request a lafayette x reader modern au, where laf is in france and he meets an exchange student from north america who is struggling with their french? hhhh i think that would just be so cute ❤ @strawbirby (did i tag the right person??)

A/N: i don’t know why it took me so long to write this

You walked into your dorm room, sitting your bag on the bed. You were put into a single, different from everyone else. You would have rathered sharing, to have someone to talk to on your experience in a different country, but this would have to do.

You flopped onto the mattress, looking at the open door. Different people from different countries walked past, some excited and some nervous. You opened your dictionary, studying some words that were pertinent to what you had to learn. Since you were an exchange student, you had to speak almost fluent French. It was easy to read and write it, and the verbal tests weren’t that difficult. But speaking it in the home country? That was a completely different from saying it in America.

“Are you Y/N?” You looked up, seeing a woman standing there. You nodded, placing your book to the side. The woman walked in, giving you a folder. “Monsieur Leroy told me to come and give you this. It’s a correction to your schedule, the last one did not have your speaking classes.” You thanked her, and she smiled, walking back out of the room. You glanced over the schedule, seeing that everything was pretty much the same.

You heard your phone ring, and glanced at it. Your friend, Peggy, picture shown, and you answered immediately, already missing her. “I didn’t know you woke up at seven in the morning before.” You joked, looking at the 12 on your clock.

“Y/N! I missed you!” She yelled into the phone, and you laughed, moving it slightly away from your ear.

“I just left yesterday, Pegs. How can you miss me so quickly?” You said, placing your phone between your shoulder and ear. As you crooked your neck, you began unpacking your belongings.

“Yes, but that’s still too long. When will you be back again?” She asked, and you heard some shuffling in the background. “Laurens, stop-” You heard her giggled, and rolled your eyes. The two of them were inseparable. “No, I’m leaving the room. Stop, you idiot, I need to talk to Y/N. Yes, she just left yesterday. Do you have a problem?”

“Am I interrupting something?” You said, smiling. You grabbed a hanger, putting your outfits together.

“No, John is just being John. Y/N, why did you have to go so far?” She complained, and you imagined her pouted lip, the usual expression she made when she was disappointed.

“Oh well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m majoring in French and international studies. But that’s just a guess.” You snickered, placing your clothes on the side.

“You know, I don’t need your sarcasm right now. Just-” The line cut off, leaving a tone ringing in your head. You sighed, throwing your phone on the mattress.

You walked out your dorm room, on a mission to learn where all of your classes were before you attended them tomorrow. As you were searching for one, you bumped into a taller fellow, his curly hair wrapped up in a bun on the top of his head. He wore a plaid shirt, the long sleeves pushed up on his forearm. You quickly said sorry in French, cringing at your terrible pronunciation. Whenever you were nervous, every single word jumbled up.

He gave you a kind smile, nodding at you. “It’s okay, mon ami. I know English.” You let out a sigh of relief, and he laughed at your reaction. “Are you a student?”

“Yes. I’ve just made it here today.” You glanced at the schedule in your hand. “Um, can you help me find this class? I’ve been looking for it for ten minutes now, and I cannot seem to find it anywhere.”

“Of course, anything for a beautiful woman like yourself.” You frowned slightly at his flirtatious behavior, but quickly assumed it was just French culture. You gave him the schedule, and he scanned the paper quickly. “Ahh, you have the same schedule as I.”

“Really? That’s interesting, I thought the international students had specific layouts.”

“They do, mon ami. I’m part of the program. It’s part of my major in international studies, I am to help any exchange students. Like yourself.” He winked, walking with you through the hallways. You could not help but feel slightly disappointed, thinking he was just helping you out of kindness. Now that you knew the real reason, it seemed like he was forced to do this.

“I see…” You said, saying nothing more. He looked down at you, grinning.

“Would you like for me to help you with your French? Since our classes are the same, I can help you understand.”

“I’m fine, but thank you.” You said, slightly annoyed.

“How about this: I help you with my mother language, and you help me understand things about North America. I plan to travel there next semester. Deal?” He asked again, stopping in the middle of the hallway. You bit your lip, considering the options.

You felt like you were pretty knowledgeable about your country, and him helping you in French would benefit you immensely. After looking at his face for a few moments, you nodded. “Oui.” You replied, and he laughed.

“Let me show you the rest of our classrooms.”


You soon learned that his name was Lafayette; the man had too many surnames for you to remember. You quickly nicknamed him Laf, and the two of you became inseparable. Every day after class, he would help you with your pronunciation, and you would teach him things about America that he didn’t know. He was surprised that something like pineapple would go on pizza, but he was willingly to try it, much to your dismay.

Your French was improving greatly, and since half of your classes were in the language, it was beneficial. Lafayette soon taught you slang and curse words, laughing at your face whenever you said one. You taught him English curse words, and could not help but grin at the way he said Fuck with a French accent.

“Ah, and what does this fuck actually mean?” He asked you, pursing his lips. You held back a chuckle, raising your shoulders.

“Honestly, it could be used for anything. A noun, an adjective, a verb, an interjection, an adverb, whatever your mind creates, you could probably put fuck in front of it.” You replied, sipping on your beverage. He nodded slowly.

“That’s fucking cool Y/N.” He said, and you spat out your coffee.

You noticed that he stayed by your side, barely paying mind to the other international students. He told you that he was supposed to help those students, but he seemed to ignore them. You asked him why, and he always shrugged, telling you that you were his one and only.

That definitely made you blush.

As the two of you were giggling about something in one of the study rooms, a professor walked up to you. You looked at him, and Lafayette smiled at the man. “Monsieur, how may I help you.”

“Ah, Gilbert, I see you have found someone to mentor. See, I told you, someone will partner up with you.” The professor laughed, looking at you. You gave him a closed-lip smile, glancing at Laf. His smile was slowly going down at the man’s words.

“Ah, monsieur, this is my friend Y/N. I am not with her just because of the partner program.” He said, his voice becoming harsh. You were now curious, looking between the two of them.

“What is he talking about?” You asked, butting in. The professor looked at you, surprised that you could understand french. You rolled your eyes.

“Ahh, it is required for his major. He is suppose to find someone to be a friend with, and communicate in both English and French. I assumed he picked you.” The professor walked away, ending his conversation on an awkward note. You looked at Lafayette, upset.

“So, I’m just an assignment? I’m just here to get you a good grade?” You said, rising out of your seat. Lafayette widened his eyes, shaking his head quickly.

“No, mon amour, monsieur is just telling you about an assignment that I had to complete. Please do not misunderstand.”

“Fine, tell me that you didn’t talk to me in the beginning just to complete your requirement. Tell me that I was not just a part of your grade.” You crossed your arms against your chest, looking at him. He pleaded with his eyes, not answering. You nodded, grabbing your bag off the floor and taking your notebooks off the table in front of you. “Guess this buddy system is over, Laf. You should find someone else to lift your grade.”

“Y/N, wait-”

You walked out the study room, slamming the door behind you. Some people gasped at the loud sound, looking at your figure walking out of the library. You felt the tears falling, staining your cheeks. You used your right hand to wipe away the unwanted tears, walking towards your dorm. Before you could walk in, an arm grabbed you, turning you around.

Lafayette was standing there, unwilling to let go. You pulled and pulled, but he resisted, making his grip tighter. “I swear Laf if you don’t get your arm off me right now-”

“Y/N, please, just listen to me. Can you do that?” He begged, his eyes never leaving yours. You nodded, and he let go of your limb. “Y/N, when I first met you, yes, I used you as a way to get a better grade. I will not deny this.”

“You ass-”

“Please, let me finish, mon amour.” You knew that he used that nickname to calm you down, and of course, it worked. “After getting to know the person you have become, I realized that I do not care about this grade. And I’m so sorry for treating you like a number. I liked you, I like you, as a person. And you are my only ami around here, but I could not help but see you more than that. Today, I was going to ask if you would like to go on an, how you say, outing with I. I wish for you to be my girlfriend, Y/N. You are not and will never be just a project to me.” He said, looking at the red of your cheeks pouring out onto the rest of your face.

You looked down, cursing this man in your mind for his eloquent words. You glanced back up at him, and he looked nervous, sweat pouring down his face.

You felt a drop of water hit your forehead, and looked up at the sky. Oh.

He wasn’t sweating. It was rain.

Good grief, you were always making up scenarios in your head. As you watched the rain fall, you heard the clearing of a throat.

“Y/N?” He asked, getting your attention back. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, I would liked to go on a date with you,” he smiled, and you glared at him, “But there better be nothing else coming out from someone saying that I’m a grade.” He nodded quickly, placing his hand in yours.

“Let’s be on our way, then.”

Ink and Grease

A/n: So this is a play on the soulmate AU where you write on your skin, and it shows up on your soulmate’s skin too. Basically any little mark or dirt or whatever can appear on your soulmate’s skin. I had another way I wanted this to go it kinda deviated from my original idea, so I hope you still like it. Requests are open, and we don’t have any atm so don’t be afraid to send some in! -G

Warnings: I still can’t fluff

Pairing: Tony x reader

Originally posted by maximumstarks


You were a child when it started, you’d notice grease on your skin and dirt under your nails. You were too young to know what was going on but when you asked your parents, they told you not to worry about it. You were always asked by your teachers what you had gotten into and to wash your hands. When you turned 13, you and your friends decided to research what exactly was wrong with you when you found a book on soulmates. Your friend explained to you that some people had special connections and that due to said connection marks on your skin would show up on your soulmate’s and vice versa.

“Damn you’re lucky” one of your friends, Jane, commented as you looked at the small burn that had appeared on your skin the other day

“Are you kidding that is, like, the worst thing ever,” Leah exclaimed, “now she has to get married and like, have kids!”

“I’m sure he’s great,” Mads commented

“Whoever he is he needs to learn what soap is,” you joked.

“Maybe it’s time for a little revenge,” Jane smirked pulling out a sharpie

“Oh you’re evil,” you giggled as the girls drew all over your body. Some doodles were good, like the amazing portrait of Yoda that took over your shoulder. Others were crudely drawn dicks in various places or innuendos.

Little did you know that the poor boy that was fortunate enough to be your soulmate had a very important meeting at MIT the next day to see if he could get into the school early. Tony walked into the living room in search of his mother, there was no way that Howard would take this well. Unfortunately for him both of his parents were sat at the table eating breakfast.

“What the hell is all over your skin!’ he father yelled “Do you know how important this meeting is? Are you trying to ruin your life?”

“I swear I have no idea how this happened,” the boy tried to explain “I went to bed and when I woke up they were just there.”

Howard looked at his son in disbelief as his wife looked at him “Maybe he has a soulmate?”

“You know how rare that is,” Howard said looking down at her

“Well it happened to us,” she shrugged

“Wash up as best you can and put on a nice suit or something to cover that up,” The boy’s father sighed “we’ll figure out something for whatever is on your hands.”

Tony walked down the stairs in his best suit hoping that it would compensate for the doodles covering his hands.

His mother held out a bottle of concealer “This should do the trick” she smiled as she blotted it to his skin. Tony just hoped it would hold up long enough.

He must’ve done something right because here he was a few weeks later at MIT a new sleeve of doodles covering his forearms. His parents had explained to him that he had a soulmate which meant somewhere in the world some girl was lucky enough to call him hers. It wasn’t long before he was trying to flirt with you, writing little messages on his arm and waiting for a response. It was a few weeks before you responded with a simple “Fuck off” scrolled in beautiful calligraphy.

It had been a few years since you discovered your soulmate and even though at first he seemed like an ass he grew on you. You had been writing notes to each other almost every day. You would try to find out as much about each other as you could without breaking whatever rules there were. For some reason, the universe had decided that you weren’t able to tell each other your names or whereabouts so you’d drop as many hints as you could. It wasn’t long before you were getting questions from your fellow classmates as to why there were notes written all over your arms. At first, you would tell them that you had a soulmate and while some would call you crazy or tell you that you were lucky most grew jealous. And that made high school a living hell for you. Somewhere along the way instead of you thinking that you had something special you became to think of yourself as a burden.

“You only have a soulmate because you’d never attract a guy on your own,” one of the boys told you

“Poor guy is stuck with you now,” his friend called as they waited for the bell to ring

“Dude, kick his ass,” the third boy in the group muttered to you noticing how on edge you were

“I would,” you paused “but someone as pathetic as him isn’t really worth my time.”

“Oh yeah,” the second boy said, “Well, I don’t even know you!”

You had to hold in your laughter till the bell rang and you exited your class with Leah. After that, you figured it’d be best to keep your predicament a secret.

Years had gone by, and for some reason, your soulmate had stopped writing you little notes, you hadn’t really thought anything of it. At first, it worried you, but you noticed the grease marks that appeared on your hands still and knew that he was ok, maybe he wanted to keep it a secret too. You had managed to get yourself a degree and further your education at an academy for an agency called SHIELD. You hadn’t heard of them before they approached you for their academy. Apparently, your research had caught their eye. You had gone through years of your life and thousands of milestones and not one moment had you thought of your soulmate. It’s not like they had seemed to think of you with the lack of letters written on your arm.

It wasn’t until you had been recruited to work in the lab for the Avengers that you began to think of the mystery man again. You noticed that as you’d jot down notes on your hands, you’d see little doodles around them that you hadn’t drawn.

“What are you doing?” Bruce had asked you as he watched you doodle on your forearm

“Nothing’ you replied continuing to scroll out a “hey” on your arm in the fanciest font you could think of

“Doesn’t look like nothing,” your friend said watching you “you have a soulmate don’t you?”

“Maybe,” you smirked, “don’t tell anyone though, I don’t need people to hate me.”

“And you trust me with this information why?” he asked

“Because you’re too nice to hate me,” you responded, “besides you’d have to deal with Tony on your own if you did.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bruce muttered as Tony waltzed through the door in a long sleeved tee.

“You look happy,” you commented, “how much alcohol have you consumed this fine morning?”

“None thank you very much,” the man shot back “I just got a very important letter from a very important person regarding some very important things.”

“Care to share with the rest of the class?” you asked raising your brows

“Nope,” Tony said turning to Bruce “we’re going to lunch I need to talk to you.”

“But science?” Bruce attempted to argue

“Your work can wait this is important.” and with that Tony was dragging the man out of the lab.

“See,” Tony said pulling up his sleeve excitedly

“I see,” Bruce said hiding a smile the word ‘hey’ was written out beautifully on his friend’s forearm, just like the one you were drawing back at the lab.

“She hasn’t written to me in ages,” Tony said smiling at his arm “what do I say back?”

“Why not a simple hi?” his friend replied

“Hi?’ Tony questioned “Hi. This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then why did you come to me?” Bruce asked

“Because you’re my bro” Tony smiled

Bruce sighed “Just talk to her. Say anything if she’s your soulmate does it really matter?”

“Of course it matters” Tony rolled his eyes

“She was pretty much born to love you, Tony. She’s dealt with you this long I’m sure you could say anything to her, and she’d be happy to write back.” Bruce assured him

“Fine,” Tony said taking out a pen and writing out a measly ‘hi.’

‘What are you up to’ she wrote back

‘Lunch with a friend’ he replied

‘I could use some food lol’ her handwriting seemed familiar, but he dismissed his thoughts, he had been writing to her since she was a teen so of course, he recognized the writing

‘I’d bring you some, but I still have no idea who you are’ he wrote down

“Really,” Bruce commented

“I thought you said it didn’t matter what I wrote,” Tony exclaimed as his friend rolled his eyes

‘I’d tell you if I could’ she replied ‘these rules are stupid how are we ever supposed to meet if we can’t even set up a date.’

Tony chuckled ‘the world is cruel.’

‘You can say that again.’

You were clutching your hand when Tony walked back into the lab after lunch.

“What’d you do this time?” Bruce asked going over to examine your hand

“It’s just a small burn,” you said

“Huh, Tony come here,” Bruce commented “look at this,”

“Looks like a burn,” Tony said casually

“Looks like your burn,” Bruce said

“I don’t-” Tony paused noticing a small burn forming on his finger “you’re-we’re.”

“Soulmates?” you looked up at Tony pulling up your sleeve as he did the same. The conversation from earlier was still present on both of your arms

Tony looked at Bruce “how in the hell did you know before I did?”

“I saw her writing on her arm,” Bruce shrugged “good thing Y/n already likes you.”

You’re face flushed “I do not,” you said “I mean- I- I hate you” you scowled at Bruce


A/n: I hope you guys liked it, sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. School is starting soon, and work has been hell. Love you all -G

Broken (Damian Wayne X Reader)

Request: Nope.

Prompt: You’re from the rougher parts of Gotham and get paired up with Damian in a project.

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warning: Abuse, Cursing? Death

A/N: Please feel free to request anything DC related, just drop your request into my inbox. Enjoy!

Narrative POV

The first thing Damian thought when he saw you was ‘Street-rat’, due to your not-top-quality clothes and the cuts and scrapes on your face, however, you weren’t a like any other ‘street-rat’ he had seen before, you were timid and flinched at the slightest of bangs, like someone closing their locker near you, you also were pretty bright, and artistic in the classes that you shared together.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walked into school, my hood up covering my face from peering eyes, I had a lovely black eye from my father, if I could call him that, my mother was pregnant and I had been protecting her from the beatings that she used to receive, I put my things in my locker before it was slammed shut making me flinch, big-time, “So, what’s your whore of a mother gotten up to?” The usual bully taunted, but what he didn’t expect was a right hook in the jaw from me, then being tripped up “Talk about my mother in that way again and I’ll make sure no one finds your body” I growled before walking away from him, everyone staring at me with wide eyes.

People could say whatever they wanted about me but saying something like that about my mother, was something that definitely triggered me, she’s never been a bad mother, she’s kept me clothed, fed and protected me from my father’s abuse before she got pregnant, I sat down in class as the bell rang, everyone filed into the classroom, “Morning everyone, now before I start today’s lesson, I’d like to set an assignment. You’ll have three months to complete it and you’ll be working in pairs…” The teacher rambled on pairing people up, “Damian Wayne and (Y/N) (L/N)” She said making my eyes widened, out of everyone here she paired me up with rich-boy, great.

He made his way over to my desk and sat on it, “If you want I can do it all then put our names on it” I say, he scoffed “This is an assignment for both of us, (L/N), and I’m not letting you do all the work” He said, I sighed “Fine, but I will hardly have anytime out of school to help you with it” I say, “Give me your timetable” He demanded, I did so and he examined it “We have most free periods together, so we can meet in the library and work on it together” He said as he marked the free periods on my timetable, “Sounds good to me” I say as I took my timetable from his hand, it fell silent between us, well before he cleared his throat gaining my attention, “That was a good right hook you landed on Tracey’s face this morning” He compliment, “He disrespected my mother” I shrugged.


Damian’s POV

It had just been over a month since (Y/N) and I had begun working on the assignment, and undeniably we had gotten close, I was stood at the entrance waiting for her to come in, she did but on crutches making my eyes widened as I approached her, “What happened?” I asked as I walked alongside her, “Fell down some stairs” She said as she came to a stop at her locker, I noticed how she winced as she did the simplest of movement of putting her bag into her locker and taking out her books, and she had a new bruise forming on her cheek, “Are you suitable to be at school?” I asked, she let out a frustrated sigh, “I’m fine, Damian. Stop worrying” She said as she slammed her locker shut, I nodded and removed her books from her hands so she could make her way down the hall without struggling.


Today the assignment had to be in and I was waiting for (Y/N), like usual, at the entrance, she came through without her crutches making me sigh in relief as I approached her, she kept her head down, “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” I asked stopping her, I felt her tense under my touch making me let go, “(Y/N), look at me” I say, she lifted her head but it was still hidden by the shadow of her hood, I gently took it down to see her bruised, cut and bleeding making my eyes widened as I took her to the toilets, “What happened?” I asked as I cleaned her bust lip, “I live in the rough parts and I got mugged” She whispered.

I raised an eyebrow, “(Y/N), I’ve seen mugged victims, and none of them are hurt this bad” I say, she avoided my gaze, “Your left eyebrow is cut, and your left eye is bruised so bad you can hardly open it, and you’ve got a bust lip. If someone’s purposely doing this to you, you can tell me” I say, she shook her head making me sigh, “How about I take you out this Friday?” I asked, “I’m grateful, Damian but it’s my mother’s due date and she could fall into labour any day. Perhaps another day, yeah?” She said giving me a small smile, “Oh…yeah. I understand” I say giving her a half smile.


(Y/N)’s POV

I arrived home and her mother let out a moan of pain making my eyes widened as I ran into her room, she was on the floor clutching her large bump “(Y/N)!” She yelled, “It’s alright, everything’s going to be fine” I say as I helped her on to the bed, I set the pillows up so she could sit up and put her legs up, luckily she was wearing a dress, and had already removed her underwear, I could already see the head had half-made its way out, “The head’s almost out, so the next time you feel a contraction, push with everything you’ve got” I say, she nodded and screamed in pain as she pushed, the baby was born, screaming it’s lungs off, I cut the umbilical cord off, “It’s a girl” I say as I cleaned the blood off her, wrapped her in a blanket and handed her to Mum.

“Rosie” Mum smiled as she cradled her, “What is it?” father asked from the bedroom door, Mum past Rosie to me, ‘Run’ She mouthed, my face dropped but I nodded, “It’s a girl” She said turning to father, anger flashed over his face as he came towards her and grabbed her hair pulling her off the bed, “I asked for a f*cking boy!” He yelled as he landed a punch in her face, Mum looked at me and mentioned the door as he landed a kick in her stomach, I nodded and ran, cradling Rosie into my chest, I ran to the closest Orphanage and burst in, “Please, look after her” I begged as one of the workers came up to me and I handed Rosie to them.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked as she cradled Rosie, “My father, he’s an-He’s bad. I don’t want Rosie living with us. Not until he’s sorted out” I say, “Name?” She asked, “Rosie (L/N). She was born thirty minutes ago. I’m (Y/N) (L/N), her sister. Please just take care of her. I need to go back for my mother” I say, she nodded and I ran back home, I got in and saw father beating Mum’s body with a bat making my eyes widened, “Leave her alone!” I screamed pushing him off her, her breathing was faint “You want to end up like her?!” He yelled as he smashed the bat into my right knee making me let out a yell of pain, “R…un…” Mum said.

I sighed and ran out of the apartment, well the best I could, I could barely put weight on my right leg, so I was limping, “Where the f*ck do you think you’re going?!” Father yelled, I got my phone out and rang Damian, “Come on. Pick-up” I say as I got out of the building and made my way down the street, it went to voicemail, I groaned in frustration before my leg gave way and I fell on the ground, “F*ck” I muttered, “Think you can run from me?! Stupid b*tch!” Father yelled as he came over to me with his bat, my eyes widened in fear as I backed away from him, “If you’re going to kill me then do it” I groaned as he picked me up by the throat and slammed me into a wall.

“Just like your mother. Pathetic” He spat, I glared at him and began attacking his face, he threw me to the ground making me cough, “If anyone’s pathetic, it’s you” I spat as he landed a punch in my face, he picked up the bat and chuckled, “(Y/N)!” Someone yelled before Robin jumped down attacking father, I sighed in relief as I sat against the wall and closed my eyes, “(Y/N)?” Someone said making me open my eyes to see Robin crouched in front of me, “How do you know my name?” I asked, he sighed as he took down the hood and removed the mask, my eyes widened “Damian” I say, he gave me a small smile “So, who was that arsehole?” He asked mentioning my father’s unconscious body, “My so-called-father” I say before realisation hit me.

“Mum” I muttered as I forced myself up and ran back into the apartment, “(Y/N)!” Damian yelled after me as I heard his footsteps following, “Mum?” I asked as I went over to her body, she wasn’t moving, “Mum?!” I yelled as I fell next to her, I shook her but there was no response, “He killed her…” I trailed off, I felt Damian stood behind me, “(Y/N), you need to go to hospital” He said as he helped me up, “I can’t just leave her here!” I yelled, “The police have been notified, they’ll sort this out” He said as he took me out of the building.


I woke up in a bed making me raise an eyebrow, I shook my head and pulled the covers off me to find a knee brace on my right leg, I sighed as I stood up, wincing at the pain that shot through my right leg, I walked through the pain and found my way to the front door, “You shouldn’t be walking, Miss” Someone said from behind me, I turned to see an elderly man, “I didn’t mean to startle you, my name’s Alfred Pennyworth” He introduced, “I need to go get my sister” I say, he hummed “Very well. I’ll drive you” Alfred said, as he opened the door for me, helped me down the steps and into the car.

“Where is your sister, Miss?” Alfred asked from the driver’s seat, “The orphanage near my house” I say, he nodded and began driving, we arrived and he helped me out of the car and into the building, “Ah, Miss (L/N), are you here for Rosie?” The receptionist asked, I nodded “She’ll be brought out immediately” She smiled, I sat down as Alfred stood beside me, “How old is your sister, Miss?” He asked, “How long have I been out?” I asked, “A couple weeks” He replied, “She’s a couple weeks old then” I answered before she was brought out making me stand up and go over to her, she was dressed in some unisex clothes but had her blanket wrapped around her.

She was passed over to me, “She’s been a darling to have” The worker said, “Thank you” I say, she nodded and returned to work, Alfred helped me back into the car with Rosie and drove us back, to what I was presuming to be the Wayne Manor, we got in the door to find Damian and his brothers running around hectically, Alfred and myself exchanges looks, “Excuse me, Master Damian, Tim, Jason and Richard but what’s going on?” Alfred asked making them all freeze to the spot, “It’s (Y/N)! She’s…” Damian trailed off as he noticed me stood next to Alfred, relief washed over his face as he came over to me, “You shouldn’t be walking” He said, “Alfred’s already told me that” I say.

“Why didn’t you send her to bed?” Damian growled, “She was very stubborn about getting her baby sister” Alfred replied, “Baby?!” Dick yelled as he ran over to me along with Jason and Tim, they all peered over my shoulder to see Rosie, who was sleeping, “Why are you all gathered around (Y/N)?” Bruce asked as he came downstairs, “She’s got a baby” Jason replied, confusion cover his face, “Baby sister” I say and relief washed over his face as he came over to us, “I guess we have our work cut out for us, don’t we Alfred?” He said, “I believe so, sir” Alfred replied.


“(Y/N)!” Rosie’s voice echoed through the Manor, I sighed getting up from my bed and going into Jason’s room, where she was on the bed “What?” I asked, “Jay’s not moving” She said as I went over to her, Jason was fast asleep “That’s because he’s sleeping, Rose. Come on” I say picking her up and carrying her on my hip out of his room, “Now, shall we go downstairs for some breakfast?” I asked, her eyes lit up as she nodded, I chuckled and carried her downstairs into the kitchen where Alfred was making pancakes, “Good morning, miss’” He said not turning around, “Morning Alfie!” Rosie beamed as I put her in her high-chair.

We had been living at the Wayne manor for the past three years, the media knew all about me, some even accused me being Damian’s girlfriend, but they hadn’t seen Rosie, which I found a relief since I didn’t want the media monitoring her every movement and influencing her, Alfred set the pancakes in front of us, “Thanks” I say, “Thanks” Rosie mimicked making me chuckle, I finished my pancakes as Damian came in, “Dami!” Rosie yelled, “Rose, I know you’re excited to see him but he’s just woken up so don’t shout, okay?” I say, she pouted, “I don’t mind. Morning Rosie” Damian said as he ruffled her hair, she stuck her tongue out at me making me raise an eyebrow at her.

“Come on, eat your pancakes before I do” I say, as I went to eat a piece “No!” She screamed, as she pulled my hand with the fork away from my mouth, “Give it me” I groaned as I ‘fought’ against her pulling, “No, it’s mine” She laughed as she won the ‘fight’ and got the pancake piece in her mouth, I sighed in defeat as I crossed my arms, “You’re lucky I love you” I say making her beam at me, “Love you too” She said with a mouthful, “Don’t talk with food in your mouth, it’s bad manners” I say wiping her mouth, “(Y/N), she’s three” Tim said as he came in, “Timmy!” She squealed, “So? It’s best to teach her now, so she doesn’t do it in future. I bet Alfred did it with Bruce” I say turning to him.

“Actually, Master Bruce got away with a lot of things in his younger years” Alfred piped in, “Ha, see” Tim said as he sat down, “Well, you’re not the one raising her. When you get your own kids then you can raise them however you want” I say as I took mine and Rosie’s empty plates to wash, “Jay! Ric!” Rosie yelled making me turn around to see Dick and Jason enter the kitchen, “Hello Princess” Jason said kissing her head, as Dick high-fived her, I went over to her and wiped her hands removing any stickiness from her pancakes, “Morning all” Bruce said as he entered, “Morning Bruce” Dick, Jason, Tim and myself reply.

“Morning father” Damian said, “Morning Daddy!” Rosie said making my face immediately drop along with the boys dropping their cutlery, I stood up and face Bruce, “I’m so-” I was cut off as he picked her out of the high-chair, “Hello petal. How are you?” He asked, stunning me and by the looks on the boys faces they were stunned too, Rosie whispered something into his ear “Well, I think you’ll have to ask (Y/N)” He said as he handed her to me, I rested her on my hip and listened in on the boys tormenting each, “(Y/N)” Rosie dragged out, “What do you want?” I asked turning to her, “Can we go see a play?” She asked, I bit at my lip and reluctantly nodded “Since it’s your birthday soon, I guess we can” I say, “Yey!” she cheered as she lifted her arms in the air knocking my chin.

“Ow” I say as I rubbed my chin, “I’m sorry” She said as she hugged me and kissed where she hit, I chuckled “I’m alright Rose. I was only teasing you” I say, she made an angry face and turned away from me, crossing her arms making Jason laugh, I shot him a glare shutting him up, “Rose?” I say, “What?” She grunted, I restrained myself from laughing, “Can I have kiss?” I asked, “No” She snapped making my jaw drop, “Fine, I guess I’ll just have to kiss-” “No” She said as she kissed me, “You can’t kiss anyone but me” She said narrowing her eyes at me, “But what if-” “No” She said cutting me off, “Okay…” I trailed off as I avoided her gaze, the boys were laughing, including Bruce and Alfred.


I was bathing Rosie, to go to the play, we all were going to see the theatre performance of Sleeping Beauty, there was a knock on the bathroom door and Dick popped his head around it making Rosie scream as she hid her body in the bubbles, I chuckled “What’s up?” I asked facing him, “How long you going to be? I need a shower” He said, I rolled my eyes “They’re plenty of bathrooms in the Manor” I say, “But this one has all my stuff in it. Plus, Bruce, Tim and Jay are using the other ones” He argued, I sighed “Five minutes” I say, “Thanks” He smiled before leaving, “Bath time’s going to be cut short today, Rose” I say as I pulled the plug and got her towel, “Why?” She whined, “Because Ric needs to get washed for the play” I say as I wrapped her in the towel and picked her up.

I took her to our room and set her on the bed as I chose an outfit for her, we all agreed to go smart-casual, I pulled out a white dress, that went to her knees, some white converse and a Demin-jacket, I set them on the bed and proceeded to get her dry, once I dried and clothed her, I styled her hair into a half-up-half-down do with a medium-sized white bow, “Can I have some lipstick?” She asked, I chuckled “What colour?” I asked as I went over to my dresser “Pink!” She yelled, I picked up a pink shade and put it on her, she ran over to the mirror and smiled “I look like a princess” She beamed, “You’re always a princess, Rosie” Bruce said as he came in, “Daddy!” She yelled as she ran over to him, he picked her up “Don’t ruin his shirt with that lipstick” I warned.

“You’re wearing lipstick?” Bruce asked, “Yep! Pink” She smiled, “Can you keep an eye on her as I get ready?” I asked, he nodded and took her out of the room, I quickly got showered before returning to my room where I changed into black jeans and a white dress-top, with some white converse before styling my hair in a plait leaving two strands out by the side of my face before my door slammed open and Rosie ran in and over to me, “We’re twins!” She exclaimed looking at our outfits, I chuckled and nodded “You should wear pink lipstick too” She said, “Pink doesn’t suit me, Rose. How about you come help me choose” I say mentioning her over to my dresser.

She looked at all the shades before picking out a bright red, “This one” She said handing it to me, I put it on and faced her, “How do I look?” I asked, “Like a princess” She smiled, I returned it and put the lipstick back before touching hers up and then heading downstairs, where everyone was waiting, they all stared at me as I straightened out my shirt, “What?” I asked, “Nothing” They all said as we piled into the limo, “This isn’t going to attract attention” I muttered, Damian held my hand and gave it a squeeze, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they don’t get her” He reassured, he knew my ‘fear’ of the media on Rosie’s life, I gave him a soft smile, “You also look beautiful” He whispered, I felt heat rush to my cheeks “Thanks. You look pretty good, yourself” I whispered back.

We arrived outside the theatre and the paparazzi were waiting, “We’ll shield her” Jason said as he, Bruce, Dick and Tim got out of the Limo, “Keep your head down, okay?” I say to Rosie, she nodded, Damian got out and held his hand out to me, I picked Rosie up and took his hand, getting out myself, Tim and Dick was on one side and Jason and Bruce were on the other sheltering, Rosie from the cameras, we got into the theatre and took our seats, which were front row, Rosie was sat in the middle of us all, I was on her right and Jason was on her left, Damian still had a hold of my hand making me smile.


It was half way through the play when gunfire echoed through the theatre making people scream, I grabbed Rosie and got down, “Go. We’ll be fine” I hissed to the boys, they all reluctantly crept out, “Now! Nobody’s going to get hurt! I just want two people!” The man yelled out, Rosie had tears welling up in her eyes making me cradle her into my chest, “Sh, it’s going to be alright. Everything’s going to be fine” I whispered stroking her hair, “Two girls. They seem to have an importance to Batman! Their names? (Y/N) and Rosie (L/N)!” He yelled out making my face drop as fear struck through me, “Oh come on now, (Y/N). Did you really think a cell would hold me? I just want to see my daughters” He said.

I poked my head over the chair to see father near the back with the rest of the men he came with, I looked towards the stage and noticed that there was a hidden door, I opened it slightly and saw that they were extra chairs, “Rosie, I want you to hide in here until Daddy comes back with Damian, Ric, Jay and Timmy, okay?” I whispered, “I don’t want to leave you” She whispered, “I know, Rose, but you’re gonna have to be a big girl for me, can you do that?” I asked, she nodded as she wiped the tears away, “That’s my girl, now climb in there and don’t make any sound, okay?” I say, she did so “I love you (Y/N)” She whispered, I smiled, “I love you too, Rose” I say as I closed the door.

“Are you really going to let all these people die?” He asked, I sighed standing up, “Fine. You’ve got me. Just let everyone else here go” I say, “Where’s the other brat?” He asked coming closer to me, “She got out with Bruce” I lied, “Damnit!” He yelled hitting me across the face with the gun, “One’s better than none, right? Just let these people go” I say, he grabbed my hair and dragged me to the stage before throwing me to the floor and kicking me in the face making me spit out blood, “We’ve got what we came for boys. Let the rest go” He ordered, his men came closer to the stage as the other civilians left in a hurry through the doors, I sighed in relief before I was booted in the stomach making me curl up coughing.

“It was the right knee I busted, wasn’t it?” He asked before jumping on it making a loud crack causing me to yelp in pain as tears came to my eyes, “You haven’t changed one bit” I coughed as I sat up, only to be knocked down by a blow to the head with the gun, I sat back up and blinked repetitively to unblur my vision, he tossed his gun to one side and picked me up by the collar of my dress-shirt, I was placing all my body weight on my left leg, then the doors burst open and Batman and the others come in, easily taking down the men guarding the stage, “Not any closer!” father yelled as he held me in a headlock, “You make any movements and her neck’s snapped” He threatened, all their eyes widened, he chuckled “Why do they care so much about you? Especially, boy wonder over there, just itching to take me out. You’re nothing but a pathetic, broken girl” He whispered in my ear.

I looked over to Damian and saw that he was right, Damian was on edge, I sent him a small smile and winked before biting into father’s hand making him yell out in pain, I pushed off him and collapsed at the edge of the stage, “Stupid b*tch!” He yelled as he picked up the gun and began firing, I rolled of the edge of the stage and groaned as I landed on the floor, Bruce and the boys took father down, I opened the hidden door and Rosie’s eyes widened as tears were streaming down her face, she climbed out and gave me a hug making me wince as I hugged her back as I sighed in relief, “It’s okay, Rose. I’m okay” I say stroking her hair as she cried into my shoulder, “(Y/N)!” Damian yelled as he and Jason ran over to me, since Bruce, Tim and Dick were taking father and his men out in handcuffs, they removed their mask/helmet, Rosie let go and tackled Jason with a hug as I began to drift in and out of consciousness, “(Y/N)? Todd, get Rosie out of here” Damian said before I completely fell in to darkness.


I let out a groan as I woke up, holding my head, I uncovered myself to find that my whole right leg was in a cast, I swung both of my legs off my bed and noticed Damian asleep on the floor, I grabbed the crutches that were at the side of my bed and went over to him, “Damian” I sang as I tapped his shoulder with the crutch making him stir, “Damian!” I yell making him jolt awake, he groaned rubbing his eyes before looking up at me, “(Y/N)?” He asked, I raised an eyebrow waiting for his realisation to dawn upon him, it did as he scrambled to his feet and pulled me into a hug causing me to chuckle as I returned it, “Morning to you too” I say as he pulled away.

“Don’t you ever risk your life again” He said, “He was going to kill the others in there. Wait, where’s Rosie?” I asked as I began to panic, “She’s been sleeping in father’s bed for the past couple of days because she’s having nightmares” He said, “She’s been having nightmares?!” I asked as I made my way out of my room, “(Y/N), wait” Damian said as he appeared in front of me, “Damian m-Wait, have I missed her birthday?” I asked, he shook his head “It’s today” He said making me sigh in relief, “Good. I’m gonna need your help” I say making him raise an eyebrow as he followed me downstairs and into the living room where Rosie’s presents were.

I was trying to sit on the floor but not being able to bend my right leg was proving to be difficult, “Need a hand?” Damian asked tilting his head at me, “Please” I say, he smiled and helped me sit on the floor, then sat next to me “So, what’s the plan?” He asked, “You’re going to wake Rosie up and I’m going to be the best goddamn present she’s ever got” I say, he chuckled “Well, if you’re going to be a present, you best look like one” He said as he reached over to one of the presents that had a stick-on-bow on and stuck it on top of my head, “So, how do I look?” I asked, “Perfect” He smiled, I smiled back lowering my head as I blushed, “Go wake her up then” I say mentioning him to go, he rolled his eyes as he got up and left.

Moments later he appeared at the door holding her hand, “Go open your presents then” He said and she made her way over to me, she stopped when she saw me before she ran over giving me a hug, “(Y/N)!” She yelled, I smiled and hugged her back, “Happy birthday Rose” I say planting a kiss on her cheek, she pulled away and looked down at my cast, “Why don’t you go wake Jay, Ric and Timmy so then you can open your presents” I say, she chuckled and ran out of the room, “So, how bad is my leg?” I asked as I moved myself over to the couch and sat against it, “Pretty bad. They said it’ll take a year maximum to heal, and then you’ll have a permeant limp depending on your physio” Damian said as he sat behind me, “Well, that sounds like a lot of fun” I say sarcastically, “I’ll make it fun” He said as he removed the bow from my head, “Hey. Look who’s awake!” Dick said as he, Tim and Jason, who was carrying Rosie came in with Bruce trailing after them, “Come open your presents Rose” I say as Jason put her down and she ran over grabbing a present then sitting in between my legs.

After she opened her presents, Alfred brought in a birthday breakfast, aka pancakes loaded with syrup, “Ha!” Jason exclaimed as he glanced at the newspaper Bruce was reading, “What?” I asked tilting my head at him, “Read this” He said removing the paper from Bruce’s hands and passing it to me, “I was reading that” Bruce said, “Was being the key word there” Tim said, “Wayne’s Teenage Pregnancy” I read out making my jaw drop as it was a picture of me carrying Rosie into the theatre holding Damian’s hand, “Someone take Rosie out of the room” I say restraining myself from cursing in front of her.

“Miss Rosie, would you care to help me with decorating the buns?” Alfred asked, she nodded and jumped up before following Alfred out of the room, he closed the door behind them, “They think that Damian got me f*cking pregnant?! And that Rosie is the outcome!” I yelled, “Well, she does have his eye colour” Dick said making me glare at him “I suggest you shut up before you end up six-feet-under” I threatened, “I’m sure they don’t think that” Tim said, “Really? On 16th of March, it was seen that Bruce Wayne, along with his sons, and Damian’s girlfriend, (Y/N) (L/N), entering Gotham’s Theatre with a baby girl that was clinging to (Y/N). I suppose that this explains her sudden move into the Wayne Manor” I read out, “Oh…” Tim trailed off.

“Alright, me being seen as Damian’s girlfriend, I’m used to, I can accept that. But Rosie being seen as an outcome of a teenage pregnancy, no I can’t have her seen as that. I mean if she was, then that means Damian and I would have conceived her at the age of 12. Apologies Damian but you only hit puberty last year” I say making Jason keel over laughing, “Hey!” He exclaimed as he crossed his arms, “It’s true! Bruce get me on every possible interview, immediately” I growled, “That’s taking it a bit far, (Y/N). I can ensure you that everything will blow over” Bruce said, I let out a yell of frustration throwing my crutches at the wall making them all widen their eyes at me as I just sat there, trying to calm myself down.


I was laid on the floor in the living room as Rosie was decorating my cast, with Jason’s help, “You’ve been crushing on her for two years, Damian. Grow some balls” Dick said from outside the room, “Done” Rosie said gaining my attention, I looked down and smiled at my now brightly colour cast, “This is great, thanks Rose” I say, “I helped as well” Jason said, “Jason, Rosie’s got all the artistic talent here” I say as Rosie stuck her tongue out at him, “Help me up, please” I say, he let out a sigh and stood up before lifting me up on to my feet as Rosie handed me the crutches, I ruffled her hair before going towards the stairs, I sighed and set the crutches against the banister before making my way up them, “(Y/N), what are you doing without your crutches?!” Damian asked, I turned to face him but misplaced my foot and slipped, lucky for me he caught me.

“Thanks” I smiled, “Come here” He said before picking me up bridal style, “This would be more comfortable without this cast” He said as he carried me to my room, he placed me on my bed, “Now, who’s your crush?” I asked, “Crush? No one” He said sitting down next to my legs, “Really? I could’ve sworn that Dick said you had been crushing on someone for two years” I say raising an eyebrow, “Grayson’s massive gob” He muttered, “Oh come on Damian, if you can trust me with your Robin secret, telling me who your crush is should be nothing” I say, he remained quiet making me sigh, “I’ll make you a deal, you tell me your crush and I’ll tell you mine” I say leaning forward.

His body tensed up, “You have a crush?” He asked turning to me, I rolled my eyes “Yeah, impossible to believe, now tell me” I say, he shook his head “It doesn’t matter” He said going to stand up but I pulled him back down and pinned him down by his shoulders making his eyes widened, “Tell me” I growled, “Is it bothering you?” he smirked, I leaned closer to his face “Yes” I answered, he raised an eyebrow “Why?” he asked, “Why do you think?” I scoffed letting go of his shoulders, “I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you, so spill” He said, “I thought you were good at reading people” I replied crossing my arms, “Fine, you leave me no choice” He said, “Wha-?” I was cut off as he flipped me on to my back and straddled me, pinning my arms next to my head.

“Tell me” He said leaning closer to me, I remained quiet making him let out a frustrated sigh, “Fine, if you’re going to be that way” he said letting go of my arms and went to get off me, “Ah, f*ck it” I muttered before grabbing his face and kissing him, he was stunned at first but returned, lowering his upper-body so that I was laying down, we broke a part due to someone clearing their throat, we looked up to the door to see Bruce stood there with his arms folded, “I don’t want that headline coming true” He said, “Father” “Bruce” Damian and I groaned in unison, as he walked away, “So, I’m going to take a guess here, and say that your crush is me, and that’s why me having a crush was bothering you” Damian said as we sat up.

I rolled my eyes, “You’ve been crushing on me for two years. Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked, “You were busy with Rosie” he shrugged, I sighed “I may be busy with Rosie but I’ll always have time to spare for you, after all you are my hero” I say, kissing his cheek.

Pt.2 Imagine while the pack is at a bar Leah gets a call from your doctor that you collapsed due to pregnancy problems so she leaves, but not before saying her part to Paul for what he did to you.

Part one https://my-fandom-imagine.tumblr.com/post/161642803732/imagine-paul-breaks-up-with-you-because-he-thinks

“Where you headed Leah the parties just begun!”

“You’re a real fucking piece of work you know that Paul!?! You never deserved her! She didn’t deserve the shit you did to her either and now i’m saying it to you, don’t fucking go near Y/N, or the child you left her with!”

I woke to yelling outside my hospital room and my heart sped up a bit when I recognized not only Leah’s voice but Paul’s voice among a few of the nurses and doctors. I weakly reach up to press the call button and when the nurse enters I politely asked to see Leah and Paul.  

“You don’t have to worry about me being around anymore Paul, my doctor called it Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, basically my heart won’t be able to pump enough blood throughout my body during the childbirth, it’s unlikely that i’ll live through it. I am glad I got to talk to you before it was to late, it killed me each day I went with Leah or Emily to the hospital instead of just telling you I was pregnant, but I was scared that you would hate me… that you would hate our child so I kept it a secret, I guess that kind of back fired in the long run. I don’t want you around me for this Paul, I want you to leave and forget about me, and forget about our daughter.”

dating nct jaehyun!!!1!1!

• you guys are super cute
• jaehyun always smiles when he’s w you, not just any smile but he whole, cresent eyes, and the cute, well defined dimples
• he really likes being lowkey w you like
• “hey…,,,, wear a black and white striped shirt tomorrow” “,,,,,ok???”
• the next day
• “oh,,, my,,,, i- we didn’t even realize!!!! haaaa, we’re so perfect for each other”
• he’s awkward in a really non awkward, cute way
• it’s confusing
• it’s like he’s your best friend that happen to be dating and kissing on basis and hugging
• he doesn’t do cheesy things like put your name in his IG bio or anything, but he does make you his profile picture on his social media sites
• there’s some weird shit going on in his lil perv brain
• omg ok when nct u debuted you were like “hoLY- shiT. bABY DO U LOOK GOOD OR DO U LOOK GOOD”
• he’s super tall so you kinda, cling to him but he doesn’t care he likes it
• k he loves kissing you sm sm sm sm
• he kisses the top of your head a lot tho
• ok first kiss time w jaehyun!!!!
• ok so what happened was you were just chilling on the nct boys’ dorm couch
• and the sm BABy rookiES. were like “noONA. LET’S WATCH A MOVIE” and you were like “daMNBOYS. OK”
• jaemin, the princess himself, chose sleeping beauty.
• and at that very moment jaehyun came in the living room and was like “lol what are u guys doing w my girlfriend” and just plopped down in between you and jaemin and jaemin was like “hyuNG. wyD.”
• so it went like, donghyuk, jeno, jaemin, jaehyun, you and jisung.
• the first 4 boys were like, so INDULGED IN THE MOVIE, BUT you and jisung were like “lol lol lol we saw this like 40 times together already let’s just goof off” and you just kept squishing his cheeks being like “ugh jisung u’re like 3 what are u doing in an entertainment company i should be baby sitting you and be feeding u mushed up bananas”
• and jaehyun looked over at you and you whispered to jaehyun while squishing jisung’s cheeks and you were like “omg look at this literal baby jae”
• and jaehyun smiled bc goodness you’d be the most embarrassing mother to you and jaehyun’s children
• and then jisung fell asleep and you got bored and fell asleep with him while leaning on jaehyun’s shoulder
• “WHAT HAPPENED” and you screamed
• and the 2000 boys were like “HYUNG WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER” and he was like “whAT- WHY DO YOU ALL BLAME ME I DIDNT DO ANYTHING”
• and so you just hugged jisung and told him to go back to sleep but he was all shaken up
• and jaehyun just “oK. LET ME. JUST. GO TO MY ROOM.”
• but then 2 minutes later he motioned w his hand for you to come into the room
• and all the babies got up and started following you to his room and jaehyun was like “why- NOT ALL OF YOU. JUST HER. YOU GUYS-”
• a unison of “ooohhhhhhhh” from all the boys who go back to the couch
• and you got into the room and he closed the door and you were thinking “crap”
• but he very awkwardly was like “uh so… uh”
• “a dream??? uh well, did you, enjoy it?”
• “what?”
• “um” and he kinda, walked closer towards you and you just stayed there and he got crazy close to you and he put one of his hands on your cheek and another one on your hip and put his lips on yours and you hesitantly kissed back and put your arms around his neck and sjdjrjejf
• then he gently took his lips off of yours and smiled and he just kinda laughed and it was so cute honestly
• and you coughed and was like “um, uh, we should, take the boys, out of ice cream or something they…they wanted ice cream”
• and he put his arm around your shoulders and was like “alright”
• and fast thinker jaemin was like “hA. LOL. STUPiD US. JENO YOUR CONTACTS AREN’T HERE”
• “me-? oh- Oh YEAH MY CONTACT-”
• “jeno, you don’t wear contacts.”
• “you guys still gonna buy us ice cream or” cause all donghyuk wanted was some ice cream
• y'all did end up getting ice cream tho bc you love jisung sm, he’s you and jaehyun’s baby and he wanted ice cream
• it was a fun day
• ok when firetruck came out you went nuts
• ok you once found an old predebut video of him having a full on conversation by himself in english in his english class and you sent it to him
• he didn’t reply for like, 12 hours
• he cooks for you and you guys cook together sometimes it’s great
• you wear his sweaters sometimes and it’s so cute he loves it you look so tiny
• jaehyun made you cry once
• you guys were best friends first before you guys started dating
• he’s so modest it makes you ejdjfjfk
• ok jaehyun, not to be weird, but he gets boners a lot
• you pretend not to notice sometimes bc “jaehyun come on this happened on stage too you gotta chill man i know you’re growing up and you cant help it and all but-”
• but sometimes you just laugh and give him a small kiss on the cheek and continue doing what you were doing or something bc yoU GUYS AREN’T GONNA DO IT EVERYTIME HIS FRIEND ACTS UP DOWN THERE
• ok but he gets needy he just, hugs you a lot and back hugs you when he NORMALLY REALLY DOESNT, and he kisses you and whispers in your ear and, hM. IT’S TEMPTING BUT YOU’RE A STIFF STONE YOU’RE “you’re cute”
• you guys watch nct life together
• when he sleeps over/when you sleep over it’s so fun you always ask him to sing you to sleep and he does sing and skdkf
• but honestly most of the time y'all are gummy bears, potato chips, video games, dance breaks, and candy till 4am
• lol ok he looks at you, the same way he looks at honey butter chips and oh my goodness it’s the cutest thing
• johnny always messes w jae like “yoUR BAE OR HONEY BUTTER CHIPS JAEHYUN. ANSWER ME. 3, 2, 1. OHHHHH”
• ok jaehyuns lock screen is a picture of you and him together, smiling and laughing at your favorite coffee shop that yuta took when he was with hansol.
• ok so yuta and hansol were stalking you, but the way they put it was “we were not stalking you we were following you to make sure that you were being nice kids and just going on clean, 18 and under age dates.” and while they were behind the bushes, they saw you and him laughing at something and you two looked so cute that yuta snapped a pic and sent it to jaehyun and hansol was like “…wait. YUTA-” and then at that very moment jaehyun and your heads turned and you two made eye contact w hansol and yuta who was awkwardly standing behind the bushes of the coffee shop.
• it was a weird day
• jaehyun’s home screen is a picture of you sleeping, your hair in your face, your mouth kind of open, your cheek squished up from the pillow under your cheek and you hate it but he thinks it’s the cut e s t thing e v e r. it’s his favorite picture of you.
• he loves feeding you and being fed like he’s kinda shy about it but he loVES. IT.
• jaehyun doesn’t really get jealous, i mean, he does like any other guy, but he prefers to talk it out with you and ask you directly rather than keeping his emotions and questions to himself and hurting both himself and you and the relationship.
• he pretends you’re his giant teddy bear
• he likes it when you sit on his lap
• he does aegyo when you’re sad or when he wants something and you’re like “uGHWHAT”
• he loves spooning well, not spooning but, he just likes holding on to you while you’re both laying down
• he loves it when you touch his hair and play with it
• he catches all the bugs and when you’re scared he’s like “iTSOK I GOT YOU”
• when you’re cold, he doesn’t hesitate to take his jacket off and give it to you
• or when you’re like “oh no you’re gonna be cold ill be fine” he just let’s you sit in between his legs and he just drapes around you like a giant blanket
• ok your selfies are so cute it could be super casual where to u’re wearing normal clothes and just smiling or you guys could be wearing weird clothes that look like you’re about to go on stage to perform for lady gaga, sticking your tongues out, they’re all cute, super cute
• you guys say “i love you” when you’re in the mood for it meaning like, you guys would be watching TV then it’d get boring and you guys would just be smiling and really quiet and then he’d say “i love you” really quietly and pat your head.
• he talks in 3 different languages
• now he’s learning chinese from winwin and kun and his chinese classes so, 4 LANGUAGES. Y A Y.
• you saw jaehyun in a suit, once.
• once was enough.
• “stoooooooop”
• you guys never stop smiling around each other
• you guys, barely fight/argue
• he once took advice from johnny and, “went for it” aka took your head band to wash his face without getting his bags wet.
• “she won’t notice” he said. “she won’t laugh” he said. “SHE WON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND KEEP THEM FOREVER.” HE SAID

• he lied. johnny lied. and johnny’s the one that told you about the head band thing, allowing you to get the picture in the first place.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW HARD THIS WAS I HAD TO START THIS OVER AGAIN LIKE, 6 TIMES WHEN I WAS ¾ DONE BC I KEPT CLICKING THE BACK BUTTON AND SJDJJFKG i feel like this one isn’t as good as the other ones bc i restarted it so many times omg but yES. bias wrecker af jaehyun yes thank u for existing u wonderful human being//giraffe.