i just wrote a letter from teddy to remus

Dear Teddy,

If you’ve gotten this letter it means i’m no longer here. Know that it was never my intention to leave your side. I did mean to come back. Know that i’m very very sorry. I know the amount of words I write will never give you solace but I will try. I wish i could have seen you grow up and live your life, I know your mother will raise you right. I know that your life will be better without me in it but know that i wanted to be a part of it however small it (my part in your life) was going to be. Know that I’ll still love you even when i’m gone. You’re going to be amazing, I just know it. Everything will be okay.

Love yours truly,

Your father,

-Remus Lupin

(Askthatwolfboy wrote this as an answer to an ask I sent them)