i just wow this is such a cute photo

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Do you like her new CK campaign? Personally I like it and I think she looks great, but I'm honestly tired of her always shooting and walking the same shows over and over again (i.e. Balmain, CK, Chanel). I wish she'd just expand her horizons and walk/shoot for other brands... like enough with the whole" WOW CHANEL!!!!, BALMAIN!!! GIVENCHY!!! OMG YOU'RE SO HIGH FASHION KENNY!!!!!!" Like go walk for Dior or YSL or shoot Prada/Miu Miu. Honestly the whole Chanel act is getting quite boring

I liked her Calvin Klein photos☺. I mean I don’t think it’s anything special, but it’s cute. I see no sex appeal though, just because I see her as a fourteen year old girl most of the time😂! But then again I’m normal and don’t fantasise about Kendall having sex or her clit or whatever, that’s some messy shit if you do that let’s be honest.

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Wow, didn't expect that photobomb pic hahaha thank you normily gods! Now I'm gonna start to wonder how that moment even happened. Was he loitering around whilst eating a burger &photo bombing everyone?? So random. Hahaha :p

Sorry I forgot to answer this! 

And yeah, I have no clue how it happened (though I do know it wasn’t accidental, as some like to claim, because that’s just dumb lol). If he was photobombing everyone I think we would have seen other photos. I think it was probably a one time incident but it was very cute :)

The best photo. Phil I can’t believe your 29 now. Jfc your growing up too fast. I feel like a proud mom, and even though I haven’t been in the phandom for too long, i feel like I’ve been here forever. What you have created, is just amazing. I guess that’s why your “amazingphil” (wow cheezy I know). People may say your not attractive, or that your annoying, but if any of what I’m saying matters at all, your so cute and hilarious. You’ll probably never see this, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Whenever I’m sad (which is most of the time) I just watch you and you never fail to make me smile. You, Phil Lester, are an amazing person. Never forget that. We all love you Phil!

you already know what i”m gonna say, but i’ll say it anyway. why the fuck not use actual LGBTQ celebrities for this? for fucks sake.

what about them? They’re like the first lgbtq celebrities people think of:

wow really aesthetic and romantic and beautiful and REAL. jfc

wow fucking adorable am i right? also hella aesthetic

perfect! so adorable!

have a family! They’ve been married for like decades and holy shit so cute. 

the entire fucking photo thing is called Imaginary Couples, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but ffs just stop. stop. 

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Hey!!! Loved this idea. My face can be found here: tagged/meh lol i know terrible tag xD And my aesthetic can be whatever you want really, I'm just curious about what are gonna do xD I like blue and purple, tho if that helps :))

Wow you’re so pretty??? what the heck? 

I love the photo of you and the bow, it’s adorable! I drew you in blue and purple, and added a punch of orange. I hope you like it! It’s not nearly as cute as you but alas

No more please! Just finishing the ones in my inbox :)

Has it been at least a day since I last posted avocado?! 💚💚 But no matter how often I post, there still never seems to be an avocado emoji. One girl doing her part to get the Avo emoji is the lovely Maria from @foodbymaria who is the next winner of my #healthyjo12k shoutout comp 🎉🎉 How cute is her avocado flower 🌺 Maria makes some unbelievable vegan and vegetarian recipes, and her photography just continues to impress me. Maria is going from strength to strength and one look at her account will show you why! Wow! Please make sure you stop by her account and prepare for your stomach to start rumbling 😍 by healthyeating_jo https://www.instagram.com/p/BBPensyp_BJ/

Whenever i see a cute photo of a girl, amd think wow shes pretty (lexa a minute ago) I immediately go look at adrianns face on instagram or the videos of her laughing i have in my phone. Just to remind myself how lucky I am and say damn shes gorgeous.

Mom, how old were you in this photo?

I was barely eighteen…

Wow, what made you model like this?

Honestly, I wanted to. And they paid me good. A college girl needs money.

Did you do any more?

Not really. I found an internship and started my career.


You sound disappointed…

A little.

You… You want to keep this photo?

I don’t know…

Yes you do. Just make a copy of it.

Thanks, Mom.

Can I ask you something?


Do you think I was hot?

You ARE hot.

Aww. You are too cute.

Mom, I would take you to bed.

What?? Really???

Yes. And after seeing that photo, I have a big crush on you.

Awwww, my poor baby. You really want me?


Tell you what. If you do all of the dishes after supper, we will go to my bedroom and we’ll see where things go…

Great! Let’s get supper started!

Fans Photo: So the next post’s caption thing is gonna be kinda long bc I just need to get something off my brain

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omg that flowery/strawberry-y selfie!!! what editor thingy is that??? ur so dang cute wow

AHHH TY!!! I think it’s just called instasquare??? it’s to make ur photos instagram size lmao

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I think hypertone is really nice! It reminds me of colors for some reason? lol and ur blog is so pretty it just goes nicely

dsfjsdlfajf this is so cute ;A; haha maybe because of the “tone”? hehe thank you so much!! ♥

people used to say that my url reminded me of hyperbeat, the sehun fansite (which I am 100% ok with because wow that fansite owner takes some nice photos)

today was so so so nice wow