i just would like some equality up in here


I don’t believe this note is here in the flashback - which would mean some point in the past 5 years Hojo was like, “ugh right I should probably do something about that, i know how about a haunted mansion vampire scavenger hunt?”

A lot of things in this game are ridiculous. One of the things that makes Hojo great is how consistently ridiculous and horrifying he is in equal measure. The cavalier, slightly harassed attitude he has towards the absurdly fucked-up shit he’s always doing just puts him a cut above your garden variety mad scientist and makes him something really special.

Help me visit my sister?

hey guys! so I haven’t seen my sister from another mister in about four years (the picture is from the last time I saw her). I really hope to fly to Denmark from Michigan In January. So, that means I will be offering readings

Every single dollar a make off of these readings will be going to this trip!

If you would like to purchase a reading, look below the read more. If you would like to donate, thank you so much! If you can’t, that’s all right too! Please reblog this if you could, though :) (check back often, I will be adding more services!)

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