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We’re Losing You

Look! I’m posting a thing! It must be a herald of the endtimes!!!

Heheh… Sorry for my absence. I’ve been in a bit of a downward-depression slump, and as some of you may know, there is nothing that kills my already-fickle muse like a depression slump. Damnation. At any rate, here’s something special as the first part of my “Thank You For 1000 Followers Two-Parter Extravaganza!!!!!” The next one will be quite fluffy ;)

This…. This one is all about the angst.


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July 16: Cotton Candy / Childhood / Sloth @bakudeku-week

Izuku looks up at the weathered treehouse, broken boards still sitting amongst the limbs, and wonders if Katsuki has visited this secret spot of theirs too.

Katsuki pulls the rug back to stare at the charred patch on the floorboards, tracing it with a steady finger and wonders if Izuku secretly hates him.

A story in two parts.


Note: Light angst, bullying, broken relationships.

Izuku looks up at the weathered treehouse. The afternoon sun is falling lower and lower into the sky, and the heat chases it, steam rising steadily from the little creek. A soft breeze blows through the trees, rattling along the branches and over the old wood nailed into the thick oak trunk. He traces a fingertip along the ladder slats that trail up the tree, gently testing their strength and grimacing when one splits in hand.

He remembers building it, what feels like not so long ago. It was fun, and, even if he was teased for being slow, even a quirkless kid holding a hammer can drive a nail.

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What the fuck is wrong with our generation?

Why on earth are people cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend like its some joke or game??! Are you really that ungrateful? Unappreciative? Immature? Self-centered? I mean c'mon… Here I am and I can barely get my dog to like me back. I would kill to have a significant other who is genuinely interested in me and who I could be equally obsessed with. If you are no longer feeling it with someone just be honest and tell him/her. Don’t go breaking their heart leaving em with a multitude of trust and self esteem issues. If you can’t be straight up with your feelings toward someone then you probably shouldn’t be with em in the first place. If you wanna be a hoe then go be a single hoe, not a hoe who rips someone’s heart out and crushes it all because your coward self can’t be 100 with the one person who deserves your honesty.

-Tired of Seeing Others get Hurt
Rhetorical Ink: The Big Bang Theory, “The Retraction Reaction” Review

**Retractile Spoilers Below!**

Apologies for the late upload – after having a meeting Monday night, it’s been a catch up game, but I was excited to keep Season 11 going after a good opening season episode! So, without further adieu –

My Top Ten Thoughts on The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 2:

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10. Apparently the actress that plays Bernadette in real life is actually pregnant, which is why the writers went with the choice to have Bernadette having a baby again…I’m okay with this plot development, but can we all just agree that Melissa Rauch, who plays her, rocks the pregnant look?

9. So, Sheldon was…right? Clearly he was, as Leonard is not cut out for the interview that he gets for the Physics Department…come on, Leonard, can’t you not tell the complete truth? Maybe he’s been hanging around Sheldon for too long after all…

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8.  The Actress who plays the Human Resources director, Jeanine, is just a great actress. She’s a comedic breath of fresh air this week, and I liked her role in the initial cause of conflict in questioning Leonard’s interview. 

Originally posted by platypus-quacks-too

7. I love when Bernadette, Penny, and Amy all get along, so the scene where they bond over their slightly-*coughcough*-egotistical husbands was so cute! Bernie continues to be a savage! I would prefer Tahiti to Boise…More on that below, though…

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6. I can totally relate to the Sheldon-Amy conflict of having equally “taxing” and busy days. I find that people often compare how “busy” they’ve been as if it’s some kind of contest. It obviously shouldn’t be, but we tend to treat it as such…and come across as ridiculous as Sheldon does here.

Originally posted by platypus-quacks-too

5. Speaking of ridiculous, just as I start to like Bernadette and Amy hanging out, they decide to brag to each other since they can’t around their husbands. This, of course, devolves into them trying to “1-Up” each other. I appreciate the message they’re trying to send us about the downside of bragging all the time, but I dislike that it’s causing a temporary riff between Amy and Bernadette.

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4. Holy Cow – I’m not sure what has surprised me most with this episode: The fact that Sheldon and Leonard have lived/worked together for FIFTEEN YEARS, or that both of them are “tired” of physics! My mind can’t grasp a series where our adorable nerds aren’t involved in the world of physics!

Originally posted by platypus-quacks-too

3. Penny tries to get Howard and Raj to come and get them out of their funk – only to have Howard dissolve under the pressure of raising two children so close together (speaking of which, I’m assuming their daughter is at home with Bernadette, since we don’t see her this episode) and Raj is in a depressed mood about not having a girlfriend. Penny decides to “party” it up with the Romulan themed blue vodka that Sheldon got at Comic Con…which leads to…

2. The group drunkenly go to Feynmann, their hero physicist’s, grave and become oddly inspired by his past life – not, though, by Sheldon’s “smurf vomiting” of the Romulan Vodka.

1. Jeanine, the Human Resources director, has the last laugh in the matter as Leonard DOES send out a retraction email she had requested, stating physics is important…only, he was incredibly drunk as he sent it out. Squirrels, Sheldon vomiting blue; clearly there is a lot that amuses Jeanine. I hope Leonard isn’t fired, though.

The whole episode is interesting, as it plays on Leonard going through a similar crisis as Penny over his profession; I like how Penny works to offer the best support she can, and ends up being inspiring to all of the TBBT men. I just hope Bernadette and Amy reconcile by the next episode: I want happy Amy and Bernadette, darn it!

anaya-of-wolves  asked:

Yami Yugi/Atemu

How I feel about this character:

Oh man… Where do I even start? I… well, I’ve already jumped ahead and accidentally written a mini-essay about my feelings about Puzzleshipping, so I’ll try to keep this frank and brief.

But, Atem (and Yami no Yuugi, but I always stick with ‘Atem’ these days) is amazing. He’s in a lot of ways what I consider THE best approach to the ‘avenging angel’/’defender of the underdog’ trope, because he displays not only the capability and the impulses to fulfill this role… He also embodies the negative aspects that would realistically have to come with it. The quick-to-anger-for-others impulse control, the refusal to so much as blink or drop his smirk in the face of adversity… and the shutting down of certain emotions that likely requires in the midst of danger, the easy willingness to harm attackers on the basis that if they aren’t smacked down they’ll hurt those he intends to protect. All of these things that Atem embodies… And that some read as swept away and replaced by the end of the series due to the influence of Yuugi. But I don’t think that’s quite right—As the ‘Yami your season zero is showing’ hashtag that pops up with later manga chapters implies, Atem has not really changed his base nature… He has simply learned both the consequences his actions can have on himself and those he was meaning to protect, and been offered counterexamples of how to respond thanks to Yuugi and the rest. That initial behavior is not gone, or just part of the madness or Puzzle or losing his identity or whatever. I think that is truly him- And that’s okay. He’s still a hero in the end because of his intentions and actual actions.

But, at the same time… He’s not just this Strong King Warrior Protector of the Weak and/or Friendly Faces. He’s, this lost ghost of a teen who initially clings to the boy and friends and identity that are all he knows, feels out of place talking to pretty much ANYONE outside of a duel, and slowly blossoms into the realization of his own, separate, pre-puzzle identity… Only to realize the fact that he died thousands of years ago and that the rest of his existence on this earth is basically going to be focused on finishing what he started in a fight against a demon… And then dying for good. And it’s an interesting thing to behold. There’s no fighting this fate, or countering it, and I won’t get into ‘proofs’ but I really never felt like he WANTED to leave, so much as he accepted he couldn’t stay, and focused on his pride in his partner and his love of his friends in the final moments. It’s just, it’s INTERESTING to me that we have so many main characters dealing with the weight of some pre-destined fate in this series (the Ishtars, Yuugi, Kaiba, etc.) and yet Atem has one of the tightest routes of ‘this is the path I have to take’ and, what does he truly think about this? Relief for the guidance? A sense of rightness? A resignation of the inevitable? A ‘make it my own’ conviction? WHAT?! I know you don’t like showing your feelings, pharaoh, but I want to know!

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Hmmm, well, there’s a number of people I would happily read/see him being icly paired with in fan works— Some of his antagonistic links (Malik, Thief King) would make for an interesting Highly Dramatic Rollercoaster of Hate and Feeling. I am curious – if not fully convinced – how he and Ryou would get on, and I’ve come in recent years to appreciate that he at least in part returned Anzu’s interest, if not in a way she’d hope or that would give them much of an endgame likelihood, and Jounouchi is one of the very very few I see Atem relax with to some degree and just freaking have fun, so even if I more Friend than Ship them, I wouldn’t sniff at that. MAI is a very interesting alternate to me just because, however much they might internally tick differently, her prompting during their duel showed that she GOT him. That she read his behavior in a way I haven’t seen really outside of Yuugi, and on top of it they displayed a level of challenging but very unhostile respect for each other. So while I don’t know how it would go, I think she has a chance to get passed his walls more than even most of the others on this list, and that would be a Thing To See.

But yes… While I ship both of them with other people (and honestly have an easier time of it on Yuugi’s end) the ship that stands head and shoulders and skyscrapers over all of these others is Puzzleshipping. I mentioned earlier that I like Jounouchi or Mai with him because they either see or access lesser seen, more protected sides of Atem… But Yuugi is the only one I recall him truly being open with. And it’s not because they’re sharing a body or partners— Time and again they each try to keep the other from seeing their pain or doubt if they think it will hurt the other. And yet, Atem shares things with Yuugi, his inner feelings and hopes and doubts that run contrary to his acceptance of his fate and the image of strength he fights to portray. Atem lets his humanity show with Yuugi, because of Yuugi. And Yuugi— The final exchange with them might show he wanted to be strong like Atem, but it also showed Yuugi doesn’t see it in himself. He wasn’t thinking ‘I’ll do these things and it will make me strong/it’s what someone strong would do’, when he showed such courage in the last arc, defeating Atem included… I think he was thinking more along the lines ‘I will do this for him’. Because, whether or not he realizes it, Yuugi displays his own strength with Atem, because of Atem.

And while Atem draws strength from all of his friends, time after time both forms of the canons show Atem gaining motivation and determination first and foremost from Yuugi. As Yuugi admires him and wishes to first emulate, and then be strong for Atem, Atem in turn values Yuugi for his warmth and faith and loyalties from pretty much the start… And then just proceeds to spend the rest of the series piling onto that view with other traits to admire, like Yuugi’s own strength and ability. …and I could go on and on specifically about their admiration for each other and how it might start out with the identity crisis and hero-worshipping and guardian-trope that some see and point to as problematic… But we would be here all day, so I’ll just say that wherever it started, the series ended with these two looking at each other as two, equal individuals who meant so much to each other and had to say goodbye, and give each other up to truly be themselves in their own rights. And that reality has been there from the start… They only really started talking properly late Duelist Kingdom, and besides the one scene about adding the chain to the Puzzle, the next time we see them speak on screen we’re getting hit with them facing the reality that he likely can’t stay. From proper start to finish this has been a relationship doomed… We didn’t get to ever canonically see what they would be like as two people, not just side-by-side but face-to-face, two close people who can just enjoy their bond without something hanging over it. And whatever my gut feelings of NOOOO about this, I will admit this very lack is at least partly why it’s such an intriguing chimera of a pairing to me. We’re left hanging.

For that reason I never fight too hard against anyone claiming ‘romantic’ or ‘platonic’ or whatever they say about Atem/Yuugi. It IS ambiguous, as it should be, because how do you give their bond a traditional label when it is SO unique in its set-up, history, and dynamic? No, the only thing I could really protest is anyone claiming ‘definitely NOT this’… Or, well, anyone who says they don’t care insanely about each other. I might like ships that put them with other characters – some of them A LOT – but you will never hear me say that Yuugi and Atem aren’t each other’s, as Cardcaptor Sakura put it, ‘Number One Person’.

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

Aaaaah, do I want to say Jounouchi or Dark Magician/Mahado? Hmm… On one hand I love Atem’s relationship with Jounouchi to bits, how supportive and embracing and accepting they are to each other in their own right – beyond Jounouchi’s bond to Yuugi without belittling that friendship at ALL – but on the other hand, Dark Magician. Mahado. Now, I’ll get into why I pause on ‘Mahado’ below, but maaaan do I just love how much he loves that card/guy and how they are so clearly in-sync with each other. I mean, come on. Dark Magician is to Atem what BEWD is to Kaiba…. Without the almost-romantic history undertones.

My unpopular opinion about this character:

This is tough, do we go with ‘I really don’t think Atem EVER got his memories back in the original story, the manga shows no actual flashbacks beyond a shot of the last pharaoh’, ‘he’s not this jerk-faced/ultra smooth sexual predator some of fandom seems to pin him with’ oooooor ‘I, honestly usually head canon Atem as graysexual. Sometimes asexual, generally though demisexual’?

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

That he got to live… Mind you, I say this feeling that, ending where it did, Atem DID need to go. Where he was psychologically, what he thought of his place in the world, the circumstances as Takahashi laid them out to be… Yeah, it would be weird for him to stay. And the series arc of him slowly realizing he would have to leave had been there from the start, it would take a lot to realistically circumvent that in a satisfying way…. (And while a large part of me really wants something MORE for him in this upcoming movie, I don’t want it to be cheaply won or a cameo for purely a duel with Kaiba for its own sake. That’s just… no.)

I still wanted it, though. For him to live. For him to HAVE a life, knowing he lived to only 16, died it looks like weeks into his reign, and then spent 2-3 years sharing a body with an admittedly awesome boy before finishing his duty, and dying for good. I am clearly not Atem, because I would be calling fowl on fate like all-get-out. Just… UGH. Give him a chance! Let him walk around on his own for a bit and learn to talk to others about trivial stuff and discover if he still loves falafels and hang out with Jounouchi solo and get to call Yuugi ON A PHONE and actually fill him in on his day and have an awkward relationship with Mrs. Mutou who now has two sons and do stupid daily stuff like brush his teeth and do laundry, and just stand out in the rain just because and.


Excuse me, I need to go flip a table.

My Angel

Gabriel x Reader fluff 

For the Anonymous request for “I would really like a fic about a night of pure romance and sex with Gabriel.”

Word Count: about 900

Warnings: just some smut

“Come on Gabe,” you giggled, “Can’t I just see where we’re going?”

“Well that would hardly be a surprise then, Y/N. Goodness, has anyone ever told you that you complain a lot?” he joked back to you. His tug on your hand to guide you had stopped and you bumped into his chest. Your chin automatically raised so that if you had been able to see, you’d be gazing into his eyes. His lips brushed against yours gently.

“Ready?” he asked softly.

You nodded in response, anticipation building. You had been blindfolded since you were in yours and Gabriel’s apartment in New York but you knew he had transported you to at least a few different places before you had walked a few minutes the rest of the way to wherever you were.

The soft fabric slid off your face as your angel’s hands carefully unknotted and pulled it away.

You took in the scene in front of you – there was a wall of glass right in front of you, floor to ceiling, outside of which you could see the spread of a mountain range and a crystal-clear sky with more stars than you had ever seen before twinkling at you. Tears welled up in your eyes and you folded into Gabriel’s embrace. “Thank you.” you whispered into him.

“Anything for my love.” He whispered back.

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EXO’s Reaction to You Fighting Off A Creep At the Bar

@ere-the-sun-rises Thank you, thank you, thank youuu! I’m glad to hear that you’re liking my blog so far, and I hope not to disappoint you in the future~! Also, I absolutely love this request, it’s just too perfect!♥

Ahh, I really should start asking people what kind of relationship they want between the members and our little reader (or…you, I guess?). Ninety percent of the time, I just assume you’re meant to be their girlfriend, or their crush (‘cause it’s usually more fun that way, right?), so that’s the route I took with this one. ^-^”

Baekhyun: wouldn’t have expected such a thing from you at all, but he’d find it friggin’ awesome, regardless. He’d probably go around for the rest of the night, trying to taunt a ton of other people in the bar. “Anyone else wanna mess with my badass Y/N, hmm? Didn’t think so!”

Chanyeol: would be surprised as hell, but pleasantly so. He’d be so proud that he had a girlfriend who was able to take care of herself when she needed to. “Jagi-ya, is that really you? I didn’t know you had that kind of fight in you!”

Chen: would honestly not believe it for a single second. He’d be the type to assume that you had planned some sort of prank to pull on him, seeking revenge for all the ones he managed to pull on you. “Don’t you lie to me, Jagiii. You set this all up, right? There’s no way my cute girlfriend knows how to fight like that!”

D.O: would honestly not know how to handle such a situation. I feel like Kyungsoo’s the type who prefers to avoid conflict so, if it were up to him, he’d likely tug you away from the guy before you had a chance to act impulsively. “That drunk’s not even worth your effort, Y/N. Let’s just get outta here.”

Kai: would be equal parts impressed and concerned. Impressed because you absolutely destroyed some sketchy guy. But concerned that you had put yourself in such a dangerous position. “I know you’re tough, Jagi, but you’d better be extra careful for a bit. This guy could have tougher buddies kickin’ around, y'know.”

Kris: would actually be a little disheartened by it all, feeling like you having to defend yourself was a blow to his own pride, as he’d think that’s his job, rather than yours. “You know you can rely on me, too. Right, Y/N?”

Lay: would be the type to make a fuss over you after the guy left, checking every available inch of your body for any injuries. He’d probably find a small bruise that wasn’t even related to this scuffle, and scold you for it. “See, Y/N! This is why you shouldn’t resort to violence, you’re hurt!”

Luhan: would be a sarcastic, little shit about the whole situation. He’d lean down towards the man, who’d be sprawled out on the cold floor, and give him the most sarcastic round of applause. “Congratulations, man. You just got your ass handed to you by a girl who’s half your size.”

Sehun: would be a little shocked at first, since he’d never, in a million years, have expected you to throw a punch, but his pride would easily overshadow the initial feeling of surprise. Sehun would be forced to chuckle when the guy looked to him for help after your first hit, begging him to make you stop. “Nah, man. It’s not my fault you picked a fight with the wrong girl.”

Suho: would not be impressed by this situation at all. He wouldn’t care how tough you were, he’d just be worried about the dangers and consequences of such actions. He’d give you that signature, disapproving look of his that he has absolutely perfected and scold you for your rash decision. “That could have ended a lot worse, Y/N! What if he had a weapon on him or something? You need to be careful.”

Tao: wouldn’t even give you a chance to dirty your pretty, little hands by laying them on such a creep. Tao can be a little sensitive at times, but he’d steel his nerves, stepping in the moment he saw the man’s hand graze your skin, before you got a chance to make a move and showing him the fruits of his wushu training. “Don’t worry, princess. I won’t ever let creeps like this hurt you.”

I honestly feel like Tao’s the type to give his girlfriend the “Princess” nickname, 'cause he’d seriously treat her like one

Xiumin: would likely stand by you as you taught that creep a lesson, intimidating the guy even further and being totally prepared to step in if he thought you needed a helping hand. After the guy scurried away from you, Xiumin’s face would soften and a proud grin would come to his lips. “You impress me more and more each day, Y/N.”


Father's Day Card (DBZ Fanfic)

After getting a pretty positive response to the fanfic drabbles I wrote inspired by stupidoomdoodles mermaid AU, I decided I should take a stab at posting more of my writing online. So after much debate on what piece to clean up and post first, I picked this one cause it’s close to my heart. Inspired by a mix of my own childhood and stupidoomdoodles awesome head canons about Bra Briefs. Feedback would be super appreciated and help encourage me to get over my shyness of posting more of my writing. 

Summery: A school project of making a father’s day card turns sour when Bra decides not to follow the teachers instructions.

Characters: Bra, Bulma, Vegeta

Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT belong to Akira Toriyama, Toie Animation, and Funimation.

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Pagan God Dean inspired fic

Dear diminuel, I just loved the pagan God Dean verse! I hope you won’t mind this fic! ~ kindaangelic :3


Dean teleported to his shrine hurriedly, fretting all the way. He plopped down in front of his Cas, who was twirling around in a tizzy, squealing.

Dean caught his deliriously happy lover in his arms and steadied him. He met Castiel’s eyes, which were wide with joy and brimming with innocence. Dean felt his worry melt away at the sight of his beautiful Cas radiating happiness.

“What is it, my sweet?” He asked softly, stroking his flyaway hair from his eyes.

Castiel beamed and gasped out, “My prayers were answered!”

Dean raised his eyebrows. He respected Castiel’s faith, and knew full well that it was justified. After all, he had interacted with the Angels that Cas and his convent held in such great esteem. It was a separate issue that he was not too fond of them, himself. The cupids were clingy, the Seraphs had all the personality of a block of wood, and the Archangels… Dean rolled his eyes. Best to avoid that line of thought.

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To My Ex-Husband

I can just imagine your face right now as you get this message, that same look where you unconsciously clench your teeth out of stress, making those whining lips of yours to look more perched than they need to be. It really does astound me how ridiculously predictable you are sometimes, but I guess old habits just never die, do they? But I digress, I like seeing you that way, stressed and all. It happens to be one of the things that puts an ever slight warm feeling of ease in my “black, wretched heart,” as I hear a certain someone likes to call it these days. And that’s just when you choose to acknowledge my existence. Ever since I left, you’ve been doing all you can to convince everyone that I don’t even exist, even going so far to make sure that no one ever mentions my name again. Tell me, do I irk you that bad? Do you despise me so much that you figured the only way to hurt me (or more like put an insignificant dent on me) was to absolutely discard the time that we had together? Even though we both know that I was your first?

Let me be extra clear on that. I. Was. First. You can go spread whatever bullshit about me that you like, but I will NOT stand in second place to that pansy of a wife of yours. I will never understand why so many people would be so foolish to even consider her as the first. Her. A weak-willed, mindless footstool whose only purpose for being relevant was literally so you wouldn’t be left fucking a goat. All of this happening after I left you, of course.

And it’s really funny because you were so determined of getting me back when I left. You just couldn’t stand me saying no to you. You couldn’t accept that I wasn’t willing to be at your every beck and call. Hell, you even got three of your father’s buddies to force me to come back to you, as if you OWNED ME! LIKE I WAS SOME PROPERTY THAT YOU COULD CLAIM ANYTIME YOU WISHED! BUT EVEN THEN… I still refused to come back. I didn’t want you and I didn’t want anything to do with you.

By that time, I was already quite popular with my new friends, so there was no longer a need to be with you anyway. And even though my friends were of a different…”kind”, I can assure you that each of them were more of a man than you’ll ever be. Unlike you, they knew how to treat a woman. In fact, they were the first to ever treat me like a woman. They, too, were outcasts that refused to go along with the status quo. And with that, we bonded with deep intimacy on levels you would never understand. I was different then, but I was becoming one of them soon enough. We were prepared to be our own family. But your brute father and his three bastards weren’t willing to accept that either. So they presented me with a choice: Return to your side as your wife or watch my children die. Every. Single. Day.

That was the moment. That had to be the exact moment where every bit of mercy that I had left for your pitiful being had vanished. All of these men constantly telling me what to do… I couldn’t handle it any longer. The enraging hatred that I had for you, for ANYONE that felt that they could exert their control over me had consume me like a roaring flame. It was to the point that I descended into violent fits like that of a madman. I screamed at the top of my lungs, telling the three to go fuck themselves. I cursed your father, I cursed his name in great defiance knowing all too well he took your side even though I was practically his daughter. I vowed that your children would have no peace for as long as I roam the nights. So long as your putrid blood ran through their veins, I would be there waiting to claim their lives. And If that meant the hundred of my own children falling to their deaths everyday, then so be it.

Besides, it ended up not being that much of a big problem after all, not at the rate that I was working. And I have you to thank for that, actually. You see, because you foolishly covered up my existence from everyone (or tried to, I might say), most of your children never know to defend themselves even when I’m standing right in front of them. Your daughters would never know that I was the reason for their miscarriages or the silent deaths of their humble babies. They would never know I was there, laughing in delight as they cry their eyes out over their children’s graves. Your sons would never know that I would disguise myself as the woman of their dreams, making them fall head over heels for me and giving me all of their pathetic love only to drive them to insanity or take their own lives in response to me rejecting them ever so coldly (with quite ease, I must add). All the while, they would give their bodies to me out of their deepest affection and I would use them and continue giving birth to thousands of my own children who would follow in my suit. Sometimes, I don’t even have to come to them physically to get what I want. With the amount of wet dreams your sons have, I’m practically giving birth to a whole army. A few losses doesn’t even phase me anymore.

I just want you to get the clear picture of how inevitable you’ve made this to be, because if you really think about it, this is all your fault. If you would’ve just treated me as your equal instead of some subservient dog, I would have never turned out like this. Your children would’ve never suffered a day in their lives. Your whole kind would’ve never been damned. You and your wife would’ve never eaten the forbidden fruit. Your wife would’ve never came… and we still would have been together. But you broke that. You broke that for everyone. That’s why I can’t give you any hopes of my work ending here. Oh no, you’ve thought too kind of me if you don’t think I have another card waiting up my sleeve to dash out.

ALL of your children have to die with you. None of them can be left behind. All of your traces have to be removed. I will not cease until I have each and every one of their skulls rotting in my clutches.  I will paint this whole fucking world with their blood, if I have to.  And as they cry, scream, and beg for mercy, I’ll simply tell them that you were the reason for their bloodshed.  You were the reason for their fall.  I’ll tell them that you foolishly managed to seal their fate before they were even born.

Do you understand now how much of a serious mistake it was to cross me?  Because I can definitely tell you that everyone going down was always the plan, even since the beginning. I mean, how do you think that snake got into the garden in the first place? How do you think it knew to trick your wife, a newcomer of the garden, into eating the forbidden fruit first instead of you? How do you think it knew precisely what would happen if both of you ate that fruit?

Who exactly did you think that snake was?

Did you seriously think I was just gonna idly sit by and let you live out your happy ending unscathed? Now what type of story would that be? But don’t you worry, I have no intention of letting this story go to waste. None of us do. And with the ending that we have in store for your children, oh, we’re gonna go out with a huge bang. We’re all excited, especially my beloved.

I probably should have mentioned him earlier when I was talking about my group of friends because he was, in fact, their leader. And boy, a leader is only an understatement of what he’s capable of. When he finally comes into power (and he will come into power), he’ll have this whole world eating out of the palm of his hand, if he’s not doing so already. He tends to play your children like a deck of cards, so it’s literally only a matter of time until they willingly give him a throne. And he has plans, GREAT plans to deal with each and every one of your children.

By that time, all of my dearest friends and children will be free to walk on the same ground as yours. We’ll even be close enough to visit your own homes, and maybe even closer… And no, there’s not going to be any barriers of any kind. There’s not going to be a single law or force to protect you. There’s not going to be any prayers, any blessings, or any rituals that you think will stop us. We will have our way and not even your father will be able to do anything about it.

We’re very much looking forward to becoming well acquainted with all of you. We’ll be like one big family. After all, isn’t that what we are at the end of the day? You know, even after all we’ve been through, we never technically got a divorce. And what type of wife would I be if I didn’t come home to take care of my loving husband? So don’t you worry. I might have been away for a long time and there might be a couple of things that has changed about me since we last met. But I promise you, after I finish my work, I’ll be home soon once again, honey.

I’ll be home real soon.

Sincerely your first wife,


“From the author of the New York Times bestseller All the Bright Places comes a heart-wrenching story about what it means to see someone—and love someone—for who they truly are.

Everyone knows Libby Strout. She’s the girl who was so heavy she had to be lifted out of her house by a crane. After being homeschooled for years, she’s ready to rejoin the human race, aka the junior class of MVB High. She’s free, she’s strong, and she’s going to get through this—or so she lies to herself. (Okay, fine, she’s terrified out of her skull.)

Everyone knows Jack Masselin, too. He may not be the most popular guy in school, but he’s got swagger. What no one knows is that Jack has a secret: his brain is different, or maybe a little broken, and he can’t recognize faces. Even his own brothers are strangers to him. But he’s made it this far, and he just has to keep it up: Be charming. Be hilarious. Don’t get too close to anyone.

Until he meets Libby. When the two get tangled up in a cruel high school game—which lands them in group counseling and community service—Libby and Jack are both pissed … and then surprised. Because the more time they spend together, the less alone they feel. Because sometimes when you meet someone, it changes the world, theirs and yours.

Jennifer Niven delivers another exhilarating, heart-wrenching love story about finding that person who sees you for who you are—and seeing them right back. “

This is the synopsis for Jennifer Niven’s upcoming novel Holding Up the Universe (you can find it from here) and I just wanted to bring it up here too because there’s just so many things WRONG about it.

“ready to rejoin the human race” –> yeah, because when she was fat, she wasn’t part of the “human race” ?!??!?!?!

“she’s free, she’s strong” –> this makes it seem like being fat equals being imprisoned some how, of being weak.

“his brain is different, or maybe a little broken, and he can’t recognize faces”   —> sure, pair up the fat girl with a guy who cannot even recognize her (because for sure someone who would actually recognize her wouldn’t want to be with someone who was once fat) –> also, nice description of a disability there, ms. Niven

Majority of YA authors are women. Majority of YA readers are young girls. Why on earth would you write stories like this to girls who are at their most insecure, girls that are struggling with their looks and personalities and everything else. Why make fatness seem like something that imprisons you, like something that distances you from happiness. Why make it seem like losing weight is the only way to reach some sort of contentment. Why turn fatness into some sort of character trope; the fat girl who finds happiness when she gets rid of her extra package? 

Yes, you might thing I am over-thinking this, but look at Twitter conversations right now and see that I am definitely not the only one. This needs to change - we need books in which fat girls can find their own happiness despite their weight - if that happiness involves weight loss, then good for them, but it should not be considered as the only way to becoming happy. We need more books like Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’ - characters who are not defined only by their bodies, characters who can be interesting and funny and loved DESPITE the fact that they are also fat.

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blurb where youre actually really badass and in a super grungey band and michael is totally head over heels for you but you're so intimidating omfg

Dude I love this

send me requests kids

*(y/b/n) is your band name

*note* there’s now a Part Two


“Mate,” Michael mumbled from his position next to Calum on their hotel bed, “She could kick me in the teeth and I would send her a thank you note and a box of chocolates.”

Calum snickered at his friend. “She would probably mix your blood with the chocolates and use them for a ritualistic sacrifice.” He paused, leaning in cheekily, and said “BuzzFeed thinks she may be the antichrist.”

Michael shoved him off, grinning. They were referring to his current lady of interest, (y/n). She was the lead singer and guitarist for up-and-coming grunge band, (y/b/n), based out of Portland. She was also known for her “fuck all” attitude and an affinity towards red eyeshadow.

“I really don’t understand your obsession with her mate. I mean, she’s kind of cute, in a way-” This earned Calum an elbow in the ribs-”Ow. What I mean is, she wears more black than you do, and she would probably stab you or something.”

Scoffing, Michael turned away from his friend. “You don’t see her like I do. She’s not all ‘Hot Topic’ clothing and glares. She’s brilliant.” He murmured. “What I wouldn’t give just to pick her mind.”

Calum snorted and rolled off the bed. “Well pick her whatever later, we’ve got shit to do.” Michael sighed, but followed behind his friend.


The group was just barely coming off-stage, sweat propelling down from foreheads to necks, from necks to chests. The raucous laughter of teenage boys lead the way ahead of them, bouncing off of walls and reverberating through the halls. They all went through the motions, done dozens of times before, of showering, changing clothes, making dinner plans.

“There’s a group of people meeting up at that pizza place we passed.” Ashton piped up, gauging the other boys’ reactions. All were more than willing, the promise of greasy, cheesy, wildly unhealthy food and the company of strangers inviting them in like moths to flames.

They arrived easily after an hour or so of snapping quick pictures and sneaking away in cars. The restaurant was simple, and if the boys were being honest, kind of dingy. Well, all the boys except one. Michael.

Because there, sitting with the only other group in the restaurant, was (y/n).

Calum glanced over at Michael curiously, also taking note of (y/n)’s presence. The pale boy swallowed, feeling his stomach suddenly, inexplicably, drop to somewhere between his knees. He went on with the boys, focusing on on not falling- “How do feet work again?” he thought to himself. They somehow made it over to the big table, Ashton trading handshakes and half-hugs with the men at the table, introducing them to Calum and Luke.

She was wearing a flannel so threadbare, it had probably been worn since the 90′s. Her converse were strips of canvas recklessly tied onto her feet, and her pants had enough holes to compete with Swiss cheese. She was turned away, but slowly, so slowly it was almost bored, her gaze slid over to Michael, steely eyes grazing his form up and down in such a way that could only be seen as evocative. Something glimmered deep in her eyes, some kind of recognition, but it flickered out as quickly as it came, and she looked away.

“…And this is (y/n).” Someone, ‘Andrew,’ Michael remembered distantly, said. Michael tore his eyes away, flashing a grin at the others. At some point, the others had brought an additional table over, and the boys were already situating themselves around it, leaving Michael with a spot next to her.

A few minutes passed in silence between the two, conversation seeming to completely diverge around them like oil in water. Finally, Michael turned to her abruptly, and said,

“‘Breed’ was the best album I’ve heard all year.”

She raised an eyebrow at the mention of her own album, but the surprise quickly morphed itself into contempt.

“I’m glad you think so. Rolling Stone certainly didn’t.” Her voice was soft, but not the feminine soft often associated with girls and all things gentle. It was a tired soft, the kind of voice that drifts over pillows and wakes you from even the deepest of slumbers.

Michael snorted, trying to play off his excitement at her words. “Rolling Stone has a fanbase of washed up ‘Pantera’ fanatics and 13 year-olds trying to seem mature.”

This made her laugh, a legitimate snort erupting from her previously serene face. It sent a chill up his spine, echoing around his skull, and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to make (y/n) laugh again.

“What about you then, Mikey? Living the rockstar life?” She took a drink of her water, mouth concealed, but eyes so alight they almost glowed.

Something fluttered inside him at the nickname, but he pushed it aside. “Oh, you know, the standard. Drink marijuanas, get into scandalous entanglements with beautiful women, the usual.” He grinned at her, voice teasing and light.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes. “I’m terribly sorry I don’t fit the ‘hot girl groupie’ quota you have set up,“ she mock-frowned, “And I was just beginning to like you, too.”

“You’re much better than any ‘hot groupie.’“ Michael said seriously, with so much sincerity that, in better lighting, you could see the blush that crept up along (y/n)’s cheeks.

“No no, I’m not, like, fishing for compliments,” she stumbled over her words, waving her hands around as if to dissipate the sudden tension. “I just mean, I’m not really traditionally beautiful. It’s not bad or anything, but it’s still true.” She shrugged slightly, hair bouncing with the movement.

“No. You’re definitely not ‘traditional,’“ Michael began, and, building up his courage, barreled on, “but I like that, and I like you, and I would like to like you while being on a date.”

(Y/n) stared at him for a moment, mouth just barely open, and some distant part of Michael was proud for actually rendering her speechless. Eventually, she nodded, saying, “Yeah. That would- yeah. Totally. Rad.”

Michael smiled, glancing around briefly, then leaned in, knocking their heads together like conspiring children. “Want to get out of here?”

She grinned back, equally as mischievous, and whispered, “There’s a burger joint a few blocks from here with milkshakes to die for.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Want to just break for it?”

“As if there was any other way to exit. On the count of three?



“Three!” They exclaimed at the same time, vaulting themselves over their chairs, running in the opposite direction of their very confused friends’ shouts.

At some point, Michael slipped his hand into (y/n)’s.

At some later point, (y/n) stole Michael’s jacket.

But neither of them really ever points it out.


I don’t believe this note is here in the flashback - which would mean some point in the past 5 years Hojo was like, “ugh right I should probably do something about that, i know how about a haunted mansion vampire scavenger hunt?”

A lot of things in this game are ridiculous. One of the things that makes Hojo great is how consistently ridiculous and horrifying he is in equal measure. The cavalier, slightly harassed attitude he has towards the absurdly fucked-up shit he’s always doing just puts him a cut above your garden variety mad scientist and makes him something really special.

Wow, you know I never thought I’d ever be writing this up. When I started this blog it was mainly because I love photoshop and I love helping people. If someone had told me ‘Taylor did you know in 7 months time you’re going to have one thousand followers?’ I would have laughed in their face and said that they were kidding. But I think at this point I probably should start thanking you guys because honestly I love you guys so much and you make me so happy when you send me compliments and recommend my rph and even when you reblog my stuff and use my rph I love that and I feel so helpful so thank you. I’ve met so many nice people in this community and have made so many friends and for that I am entirely grateful. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you and know I am doing this for you;

Let’s get started shall we!


Hi babe! So you want to enter this give away, it’s fairly simple I only request a few things from you that is all;

  • To enter you can either like/reblog as many times as you want there really is no limit. I’ll be picking winners based on a generator! So don’t worry no one is favourited over the other. Everyone is an equal.
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Okay Okay Guys! Calm down… *giggles* I’m kidding… So here is what is on offer!


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I find it quite interesting how you "real" social justice blogs need to hide behind a persona in order to talk about issues. I talk about social justice issues on a personal level, because they affect me and my friends, and that's why I'll never be afraid of being bullied or sent hate mail, because I'm doing it for something more than myself. What are you trying to do other than shit all over the hard work of other people?

I assume you haven’t read through any of our blogs at all. It was smart of you for sending things to all of the _____forsocialjustice blogs though, maybe you can get a good range of perspectives this way.

Some people have rude, counter-productive, and hateful opinions. It’s just a fact. Blogs like this are here to give a more peace and equality-oriented opinion on the matter. I know it’s very comforting to see people that still have peace and equality in mind making blogs like ours, which must be part of why so many blogs of this sort have popped up recently. It’s comforting to get the opinions of other level-headed people on very radical and hateful comments on the internet.

If you had been following the various blogs of our kind, you would see that many of us do, actually, do work to promote and further equality. Donations, petitions, real work outside the internet, you name it. Much more than can be said about some little kids whining about what Bad Dragon names its dildos, of all things to complain about in the world.

So, basically, we’re not setting back anything except the work of people with ill intentions, and your assumptions are false.

~ Neptune

Help me visit my sister?

hey guys! so I haven’t seen my sister from another mister in about four years (the picture is from the last time I saw her). I really hope to fly to Denmark from Michigan In January. So, that means I will be offering readings

Every single dollar a make off of these readings will be going to this trip!

If you would like to purchase a reading, look below the read more. If you would like to donate, thank you so much! If you can’t, that’s all right too! Please reblog this if you could, though :) (check back often, I will be adding more services!)

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