i just woke up))

What? NOOOO NOOO, I’m fine, I’m fine really…

I’m fine 

I’m fine 

I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine

evenandsana  asked:

so. even and sana happened.

i literally just woke up (because i’ve been depression sleeping a lot lately) and saw the clip.

faiza, and everyone else out there i guess, i don’t even know how to express how i’m feeling. i’m like. completely bowled over by emotions.

just….seeing even’s face? how afraid he must feel. how alone. how fragile everything he’s built up around him is and how easily it could come crashing down around him. and how sana is the one person still around who understands that.

and sana obviously cares so much. the way she sees isak, how happy he is? she doesn’t want anything to happen to him. she cares. she’s aware. but she knows even needs to do things in his own time and on his own terms, just like she knew with isak coming out.

guys i’m really a mess and just. yeah. lots of emotions.

anonymous asked:

marte i dont know whats going on i just woke up and i watched the clip and im so confused and scared and isak and even's interaction just seemed so awkward and rushed and the way sana's face fell when she saw isak UGH :(

hello, anon!! 💖 yeah, that was an intense clip, wasn’t it?

i understand that you’re worried, but it’s going to be fine. even has some stuff from his past taht he’s still dealing with and that he’s not ready to tell isak about yet (probably because he’s ashamed and scared of how isak is going to react), but he’ll tell him when he’s ready. he has to do it at his own pace. 

@welastrolls thank you omg! I just woke up from a very long nap and I’m feeling a lot better.

Also I wanted to throw this out here just as a hypothetical although I don’t know what the implications would be re:planetary geology and the consequences of such

What if Alternia were like Jupiter and experienced very quick day/night cycles?

Or even more unsettling, the planet were tidally locked and synchronized with its sun?