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Okay, so this thing really snowballed. I read over it this morning and did some minor editing, but I don’t hate it which is a good thing I guess.

All I wanted was some Astrid taking care of Hiccup for a change plus leading the Dragon Riders because he can’t. Anyway…

I hope you enjoy it, I’ve posted it below the cut because it’s loooong. You can also read it here.

Hiccup pushes himself too hard after the events of the season finale and winds up sick. Astrid is torn between looking after him and leading the dragon riders against the last of the dragon hunters.

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Timid Beginnings (Kim Taehyung)

Originally posted by maidxsama


Summary: Hi! I saw your post about having writer’s block so here’s my request: can I have a Taehyung imagine where you’re worried because you haven’t been in a relationship or let alone kissed any one and you’re afraid you’ll never find love? Then he confesses? Thanks!

Word Count: 1,380

Genre: Fluff, one shot


Hope you like this anon! I actually used a real cafe and the weather report for Daegu today lol. Thank you for requesting and enjoy! <3

You tapped away on your computer as you finished the last sentence on your essay, closing your computer and releasing your tense limbs onto the cushions of your bed. There are just a few more weeks of school, You told yourself as you took a few deep breaths. All of a sudden your phone rings from your desk on the other side of the room, the buzzing and vibrating of your phone creating a hollow noise against the hard surface. You ignored a few more rings before finally getting up to answer what must have been the fifth or sixth call.


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I can't help falling in love

It began, as many things do, with a tweet.

Any plans for meeting the infamous @Y/N anytime soon? I hear she’s been obsessed with your work

Gosh, I wish! You think anyone would notice if I ‘casually’ bumped into her?

It didn’t feel earth shattering, in that moment. You hardly even paused. You responded before you had a chance to think.

No need. I know a guy who may be able to set you up.

The next time your phone buzzed, it alerted you to five new private messages.

Were you serious? Because I happen to know the best burger place in all of New York

That is if, if you like burgers. Do you like burgers?

What am I kidding, who doesn’t like burgers.

I think they have sandwiches there, just in case. You know, if you don’t like burgers.

Oh my god, I’m gonna stop talking now.

You hit respond.

I love burgers. It’s on.

And that, of course, is what led you here, three blocks from the Richard Rogers, waiting patiently for one Lin-Manuel Miranda to show up.

“Gosh, I’m so sorry i’m late. There was a problem at the theatre-”

He stopped short. Eyes wide, mouth open slightly, he stared at you for a minute before shaking his head, seeming gaining his composure, and sitting down slowly.

“You’re pretty. I mean, I know you’re pretty. You’ve always been pretty. I’ve seen you before. Not in like, person. That would be weird. You’ve never seen me before. It’s just, you’re so. Wow.”

He trailed off, face heating. You spent a moment taking him in. Slightly hunched posture, flushed face. Eyes bright and beautiful, watching you carefully. You smiled, shaking your head.

“You’re fine. I’m itching to try these burgers. Someone told me they were New York’s finest.”

He smiled, and just like that, the tension was broken. You spent almost two hours in that tiny booth, snatching fries off the others plates and telling stories.

He was the fastest friend you’ve ever made.

Someone tell @Y/N to take a break. She’s been writing for three hours!

He had attached a picture of you, bent over the piano in your apartment, pencil in hand. You smiled at the tweet, before calling out to the man on the couch.

“I’ve got a deadline, Mister. Not all of us have six years to finish our work.”

“Maybe I would have finished faster had I had a dashingly handsome, terribly hungry best friend waiting on me.”

You shook your head, before standing slowly, and held a hand out to the man in front of you.

“Come on, Mr. Handsome, lets go. Burgers are calling my name.”

The internet, understandably, had a field day with your newfound friendship.

From: Mr. Handsome
The internet thinks you’re pregnant again.

To: Mr. Handsome
Darn. How will we break the news to them?

From: Mr. Handsome
You may want to do it carefully. I worry they might take it rather hard.

It was almost scary how quickly he became a permanent fixture in your life. And an even more permanent fixture in your home.

Hearing the front door unlock, you glanced over to see the door swing open, bearing a tussled brunette, whistling softly.

“I got milk while I was out. Did you finish the laundry?”

“Yeah, the last loads in right now. You hungry?”

“I was thinking burgers for dinner tonight,” he said, winking at you, before setting the bags in the kitchen, and joining you on the couch.

Lin rested his head on your lap, and you looked down at him, marking your place in your book, and closing it gently.

“Tough day?” you whispered.

He looked up at you then, smiling softly.

“Nah. I just missed you.”

You didn’t find it necessary to tell him you’d missed him too. From the look on his face, he knew.

You were never the most observant girl. So when you woke up, one morning, Lin’s head on your chest, you started to wonder when the two of you had gotten so…. domestic.

“Lin,” you whispered, shaking him softly.

He opened his eyes then, and rubbed the sleep out of them.

“You’re gonna be late for work,” you said softly, giving him a light push.

He glanced at the clock then and, muttering a string of curses, the hands around your hips pulled away, and he was up, shoving on clothes, and hurrying to brush his teeth.

It took you a moment to realize you missed them.

“Which one do you like better?” you said, gesturing to the dresses lying on the floor.

“The blue one. Why, do we have plans?”

“No, Daveed’s taking me out to dinner, remember? I think he might be vetting me,” you said, laughing.

It took you a moment to realize Lin hadn’t responded.


He looked up at you then, but his eyes were distant.

“Sorry. The blue one, for sure. He’ll love it.”

Something was wrong, but whatever it was, Lin wasn’t telling.

You spent the whole night missing him.

“Come on, come dance with me.”

“Absolutely not. Why do you think I never went into theatre?”

“Dance with me and i’ll take out the trash.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Handsome. It’s a deal.”

It shouldn’t have surprised you. Something was changing, slowly but surely, and you had felt it for months. But when it came, it hit you like a ton of bricks.

“I’ll wash, you dry.”

You nodded, grabbing the plate in front of you, and wiping it clean. It always surprised you, how easy is was to just be there with him. Neither of you spoke. Neither of you needed to.

You looked over at him, and it was instantaneous. Some people take years to fall in love, but with Lin, all it took was easy silence. Maybe you’d loved him for months. You didn’t know. You didn’t care. You didn’t even kiss him. He washed, and you dried. It was as simple as that.

It ended with a date. An almost date, and one too many drinks.

“That guy over there keeps staring at you. Should I touch your boobs or something?”

You laughed then, loudly and suddenly, and he smiled back at you. Then, eyes darting left, his arms unwrapped themselves from your waist.


The word was short, and utterly unreadable. You took a step back from Lin, and smiled at the newcomer.

“You care if I step in?” Daveed asked, question pointed at Lin.

His jaw twitched, but he shook his head. He stayed standing there a moment, eyes roaming over you, before seeing something in your expression that made him wince. Without a glance behind him, he left.

“Sorry about that,” Daveed said, leaning in, “he’s always been a bit possessive. How long have you been dating?”

He took your hand then, spinning you around, and began to dance. You looked for Lin, but you couldn’t find him in the crowd.

“We’re not dating.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“You might want to tell him that.”

You smiled then, and he spun you again.

“Do me a favor. When he comes back, tell him I asked you out.”

You shot him a look, quizzical, eyes questioning. He just smiled, and without another word, carefully let go of your hands.

“Go. Find him.”

You went

You found him outside, knees against his chest, sitting on the cement outside the bar.

“Did you have fun?”

He didn’t seem angry.

“He asked me out.”

His head shot up then, eyes scanning yours frantically. Not angry, then. Terrified.

“What did you say?”

He sounded calm, but you could hear the panic in his voice. You bent down, mouth against his ear.

“I told him I was a little too in love to bother with another man right now.”

You pulled back, searching his expression for disgust. It never came. Eyes wide, mouth open, he reminded you almost of the boy he had been that first day you met him, blushing across from you in a tiny booth, in the greatest city in the world.

He didn’t speak. He didn’t have to. Hands buried themselves in your hair, and before you could blink, his mouth was on yours. Your fingers clutched at his shirt, desperate almost, but your mouths were gentle. Slow. This was it, the moment where it all began, but tonight? You had all the time in the world.

Did I say it ended with a date? It didn’t. It began with one.

Sad Song-Michael Clifford

I heard this song and knew I had to put it in something…gotta love We The Kings…This is the Mikey version of the 4/4 where management makes you pr date one of the guys….so ya….enjoy!

You were in desperate need of new guitar picks. You were hopeless at being able to keep anything, honestly if your head wasn’t attached to your body you might loose it. You headed to your favorite music store, to get some new picks and see what new guitars they had. You were eyeing this Yamaha acoustic guitar, when you heard a familiar melody. Someone was playing on one of the pianos. It was “Sad Song” by We The Kings, one of your favorites…actually one you used to listen to quite often after you broke up with someone very special to you. Whoever was playing was good. Really good. You decided to find this mystery player. You headed to where the pianos, where a boy with longer blond hair in a red flannel shirt was playing. You were standing behind him, so you couldn’t see his face. But when he started singing, you instantly knew who this boy was.

“You and I, We’re like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky.

With you, I’m alive, Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He sang in a deep, raspy voice. Then he proceeded to sing the chorus.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

He continued to play, and the sight of this boy who used to mean so much of you pulled at your heart. He hadn’t noticed you were there, so it made it easy for you to join in on the next part.

“With you I fall. It’s like I’m leaving all my past in silhouettes upon the wall.

With you I’m a beautiful mess. It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.

So stop time right here in the moonlight, ‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyes.”

He didn’t stop playing, and you saw him smile even before he looked at you. He knew your voice just as well as you knew his, and would recognize it anywhere. You finished the rest of the song together.

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

You’re the perfect melody, The only harmony I wanna hear.

You’re my favorite part of me,

With you standing next to me, I’ve got nothing to fear.”

“Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.”

“Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.”

“Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song.

Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.

Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.

Without you, I feel torn. Like a sail in a storm.

Without you, I’m just a sad song. I’m just a sad song…”

Despite the years apart, you still knew each other well, especially when it came to music. This was probably the best cover the two of you had ever done together. When you finished, there was applause filling the shop.

“Looks like the audience loves us Y/n” The blond boy said.

“They always have Michael” You smiled.

“How’ve you been? It’s been what?”

“Too long. I’m doing good. I’m guessing you are too, from the way your band has took off”

“Yes. It’s been amazing,”

“How are the guys?”

“They’re great. They’d love to see you…I’d like to spend some time with you too…”


“Just dinner or something?”

“Sorry…I just can't…”


“Look Michael. It took me a long time to get over you…I understand why we had to break things off, I mean you had so many people expecting things from you, and management thought I’d be a distraction…but that doesn’t mean that years later, you can just walk into my life again Michael”

“I’m sorry…” Michael said, a pained expression on his face.

“I know Mikey” You said, tears in your eyes. “Take care of yourself ok?”

Before you could turn to go, he pulled your arm to bring you into a tight embrace. You stayed like that for awhile, wrapped in his arms. It felt so nice, brought back so many good memories. But then you pulled away, kissing his cheek.

“Bye Mikey”

“Bye Y/n”

Then you left the store, refusing to loo back. So much for the guitar picks.


Later when you got home, you opened twitter, needing a distraction so you wouldn’t dwell on what just happened.

However the internet was cruel.

As soon as you opened the app you saw that you had gotten over 100 new followers. You were flattered, but knew something had to be up. Sure enough, all over your feed there was a video of you and Michael singing. There were even pictures of you guys hugging and you kissing his cheek. Of course this was all the 5sos fam was talking about.

Who is she?

Oh my gosh its Y/n! Remember when they used to date?

So cute!

Think they’re back together?

These were some of many comments you read. Weird how some fans literally knew everything, you just hoped they were just really old fans who were there from the beginning.

So that was why so many people were following you, and why you were tagged by all these people.

So much for forgetting what happened. You turned off your phone and decided to call it a night, even if it was only 8. You didn’t want to deal with anything now.


The next morning you were woken up by the sound of your phone ringing. You weren’t able to resist last night, and scrolled though everything everyone was saying about you, luckily mostly nice things.

“Hello?” You said groggily. You looked at the clock. 7:30. Who calls so early?

“Miss Y/n?”

“Yes…who is this?”

“My name is Joan. I’m part of the 5sos management?”

This woke you up.

“What? Um…what do you guys want with me?”

“We’d like you to come down and meet with us. We’ll send you the address. Be here in one hour. Believe me, you should come” Then she hung up.

What the hell? Sure enough you received a text message with an address seconds later.

Feeling as though you had no choice, you quickly got dressed and headed down to meet with that goddamn management that you still couldn’t bring yourself to particularly like.


The address was one of those fancy hotels that held a lot of business meetings. Sure enough, the room given to you was a conference room. There was a lady already there, who you were assuming was Joan, and another man you didn’t recognize. Of course management would change, maybe this was a good thing.

“Y/n. So glad you could make it. I’m Joan.” Joan said, standing up to shake your hand then leading you to the table.

“Hello. My name is Mark.” The man shook your hand.

“Hi…so what is this about?” You asked.

“All will be explained in just a bit Y/n. We’re waiting on one more person” Mark smiled.

“Yes and in the meantime, tell us about your former relationship with Michael?” Joan asked calmly, as if she was asking about the weather and not something very personal.

“Me and Michael? Um…we dated for about a year. Then his band started to take off. And people not to different from you thought it would be a good idea for us to break things off. End of story”

Before they could answer, the door burst open and Michael came running in.

“Sorry I’m late! I was-Y/n? What are you doing here?”

“That’s what I’m waiting to find out”

“Michael. Finally. Aright now that we have the both of you together, I’ll get straight to the point. We want the both of you to date”

“Isn’t that our decision” You said while Michael said “Woah”

“For PR purposes of course. We don’t expect you guys to be in a committed relationship based off our request. Listen it will be great for the  both of you. You both used to date before, so news of you guys getting back together will be huge. Already, those pictures from yesterday are all over the place. It will give you both some positive attention. Y/n, you are releasing an album soon are you not? This could give you the perfect opportunity to  gets some publicity-”

“Wait, you’re trying to bribe her? That’s ridiculous! I mean she’d-” Michael practically yelled, but you interrupted him.

“Might just agree. I’m not as famous as you Mikey, and my music is going well, but any attention is kind of needed right now…”

“Very good Y/n-” You also cut Joan off

“Of course I would need to know what exactly this whole “PR relationship” entitle? What do you expect us to do?“

"Everything will be set up of course. Paparazzi sent to the restaurant, they take a few photos. Then of course you guys post some things on social media, make it seem as though you guys are dating. That’s really all there is to it” Mark said.

“So do we have an agreement?” Joan added

You looked at Michael.

“You’re not actually considering this are you?” Michael asked you, completely frazzled.

“Well you wanted to do dinner right? And how bad could it be? I really need this Mikey…”

Michael sighed. “Fine. For you.”

You gave him a hug and he held you tightly.

“Alright. We’ll let you guys know the time and place of your guy’s 'first date’” Joan smiled, seeming pleased.


“Laser tag?” You asked Michael. When they said date, you expected dinner, maybe even a movie, but laser tag? That was the last thing you’d think of

“They may have gave me a say into what we do…” Michael grinned

“You don’t say?” You laughed

“Alright, ready for some fun?” Michael asked while buckling you into one of those heavy jackets.

“I don’t know, ready to get your ass kicked?” You teased

“You wish” Michael said, giving you a wink.

Several hours later, he had two games on you. You couldn’t believe this. And of course, Michael didn’t let you forget it.

“Not so easy to beat am I?” Michael laughed.

“Whatever Mikey…fuck you”

“Why so salty?”

“Shut up. You won, got it. End of story, may we move on?”

“Well I won, so I get a prize don’t I?”

“Prize? What on earth could you-”

You were interrupted when he suddenly smashed his lips against yours, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you close to him as he continued to kiss you so tenderly and passionately…

“That” He said when you both had pulled away. “I think that’s reward enough. I’m starved, you want some pizza?”

You just smiled, grabbing his hand, as you headed towards the food court.


Author’s Note: That was long and ended terribly, I’m sorry. Nevertheless hope you liked it!! -Lydia

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im doing 7s route and i love him but he's really going overboard pushing mc away like he is ;its really darn upsetting? could we get some angst or smth where mc sneaks out of the apartment because she can't stand being there with mean seven anymore?


Part 1

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alittlemissfit  asked:

"I'm sorry, I just can't deal with this right now." for the five sentence fic. :)

Season 9 || Post William || I’m sorry

‘I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with this right now.’ 

It’s been four minutes since she last spoke, to say hello, and the therapist catches Scully with her eyes as she tries to gather her stuff to leave.

‘Miss Scully. I know this is a difficult time for you, but I-’

‘Do you?’ Scully cuts her of with two brutal syllables, her knuckles whitening around the handle of her briefcase. ‘Do you really know how “difficult” this time is for me Dr Hansard?’ And though the therapist starts to reply, now that the words have loosened in Scully’s throat, there is no stopping them pouring forth, drowning any offer of help as they fill the room.

‘Do you know what you were doing last night at 3am Doctor? Or how about last Friday at 3am. Or last year? 1997? What were you doing on July 9th, 1994 at 3am? Sleeping probably, most people would be, and if they weren’t it’s unlikely they’d remember what exactly they were doing at 3am on a random day any time in the past decade. But I can tell you.

The day after our first case together, Fox Mulder called me, after 2am, just to talk things over. At 3am I was still awake, thinking about all that we’d achieved, all that we still had to find out. And that was just the first time. Almost every night for the next seven years I was awake at three, talking to him, learning him, or awake by instinct, thinking of him and wondering if he would call. Whether I should call. I was never alone at 3am. He was just a phone call away.

And then he was closer. So close. He was under my skin and everywhere and when I woke up at 3am I could reach out and touch him. It turns out 2.47 was his nightmare blackspot, so 3am was when I would hold him and scare the demons away. Sometimes when I woke up he’d be watching me. Loving me. It was as simple as that. Every 3am, for better for worse he was there, loving me. Making love to me. Until he was gone.

The first 3am was the worst. I was in hospital and I didn’t know yet. I thought I was alone and that night was agony. The next one was a little better, for the imagined flutter of our baby growing inside me. So though 3am was hard, it wasn’t impossible. 3am was when I prayed for him. Prayed for them both. It was a painful peace but I had hope. Even after he died. 

Even after he came back different. 3am was a ritual, and it was close to the time he came to my door and asked if he was the father and then came back to me. He worshipped us both at 3am. All day really, but it was special at that moment. For as long as it lasted.

He left. 

I made him go. 

And part of me went with him. But the rest of me had a purpose. At 3am there would be soft snuffling on the baby monitor. I could while away the loneliness knowing that William needed me. That Mulder was gone but that I was still not alone.

Except now I am alone. 

That room where I used to rock him is empty, study furniture stacked hastily over the baby blue walls as if that can somehow make up for the silence. For the cold spot on my shoulder  where he used to lie. I bought new sheets. I thought maybe that would make it easier, but the bed is still empty doctor, the house is still empty. I am still empty. And 3am is the emptiest.

Every night. At that moment I lie awake an listen for the breathing of my son, for the heartbeat of my love, for the ringing of that phone from all those years ago, and when they don’t come, the silence smothers me.

That’s how difficult it is for me, doctor. And I’m sorry. But I can’t do this right now.’

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I Can’t Wait To Hear You Scream PT. 17

Summary: You finally made it back to the sanctuary and the rest of the night is normal. You expect everything to go smooth the next day, until there’s another intruder.


You followed Negan into his room and he sat Lucille down and made his way over to the bathroom, “I’m going to take a fuckin’ shower. You gonna join me this time, darlin’?”

You looked over to him and bit at your lip, “I just took one.”

He nodded, “Well, you’re still gonna be coming in here. I need you to do me a fuckin’ favor.”

“What’s that?” You said, raising an eyebrow.

“Clean up Lucille for me. She’s dirty as fuck.” He said motioning his head towards the bat.

You smirked and gave him a nod as he went into the bathroom.
You got up and picked Lucille up off the desk she usually laid on and carried her into the bathroom.
This was the second time ever that he let you hold her.

When you walked in, Negan was already shirtless.
You were frozen where you stood for a moment just looking over him.
His body was toned and he looked incredible, and it finally gave you a chance to see the tattoos he had scattered across his body.

He noticed and gave a coy smile, “See what the fuck you’re missing out on?”

You smiled back, “Yeah, I’ll have to join next time.”

“Fuck yeah, you will.” He said, reaching down into a cabinet to pull out a towel.

He handed it to you and you took it from him.
He obviously wanted you to wipe down Lucille with it.
You watched as he unbuttoned his pants and kicked them down to the floor.
you had never gotten a complete view of Negan naked since all of your encounters were during sex.
You stared at him with a lustful eye as he stepped into he shower.

For a moment you debated on just ripping your own clothes off and jumping in with him, but you had a job to do now.
You turned the sink on for a moment to dampen the towel he had given you.
You laid Lucille down on the sink as you carefully brought the towel down on her barbed end to begin scrubbing away the dried blood, but being cautious as to not stab one of your fingers with the sharp ends of the wire.

It took about 10 minutes, but when you were finished, you discarded the bloody towel.
Negan stepped out of the shower, slicking his black hair back with his hand and you looked up to him.

He chuckled as he saw you still holding Lucille, “Well, look at both of my fuckin’ girls playing nice.”

You smirked, “She’s clean now.”

He nodded and licked his lip, “I can fuckin’ see that.”

He took her from your hands and you both walked back into the room.
Negan set Lucille back down onto the desk and laid down in bed, letting the red sheets drape over him.

He looked over to you, raising an eyebrow, “Are you waiting for a goddamn invitation, darlin’?”

You shook your head and began to unbutton your shirt slowly.
Negan bit at his lip and whistled.
“Goddamn, I wish I had some dollar bills to give you, darlin’.” He said with a wink.

You smirked and rolled your eyes playfully as you got the rest of your clothes off and crawled into bed with him, pulling the covers over yourself and feeling the coolness of them on your body.

“So, back to business.” He said, looking over to you with a serious face, “You gonna tell me what your damn problem was earlier.”

You looked over to him and propped yourself up onto your elbow, “You’d just tell me I’m being stupid if I told you.”

“Try me, darlin’. I’m in a decent fuckin’ mood.” He said, staring at you.

You took in a breathe and decided the only way to get over it was to tell him about the dream, regardless of whether or not he told you to get over it.

“Look, I had a nightmare about Randy, okay? He came back here, and he killed me. It freaked me out.” You said, looking at him, biting your lip.

Negan looked at you for a minute and sucked his teeth.
You could tell he was trying to think about what to say to you.

“Is that it?” He said as he raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I know it’s stupid.” You said slowly.

“Well, fuck yeah it’s stupid.” Negan chuckled putting his hands behind his head.

You sighed, “See, I told you.”

“Darlin’, it’s stupid for you to think that fucker is getting anywhere near you. You’re my wife and nobody fucks with one of my wives. Especially you.” He said, giving you a stern look.

You nodded slowly, “I don’t want anything to happen to you either. I think that worries me most, if you want my honesty.”

He scoffed and gave you a grin, “Damn, I think you’re going fuckin’ soft on me, sweetheart. That fucker isn’t gonna fuck with me either.”

You shook your head, “No, I’m not going soft. But I do care.”

He cut his eyes to you and blinked, “Yeah, I fuckin’ know you do, babydoll.”

You gave a nod back to him.
In his own way, that was him letting you know that he cared for you too.
You laid back down on the bed, slipping your arm under your pillow.

“So, what’s the deal with tomorrow, I heard you talking to Dwight about questioning someone.” You asked, looking over to him.

Negan’s hands were still behind his head and his eyes were closed, he opened one eye and glanced over to you before closing them again.

“Yeah, I’m gonna have a little fuckin’ chat with that shit stick Vernon. I think there’s more to the goddamn story of why they were here. I need to have chat with Sherry too.” He said, clearing his throat.

“You think she’s involved?” You said, giving him a look of concern.

“No. But I think she probably knows some fuckin’ things.” He said.

“Meaning, you think they could be in relation to Randy.” You said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Negan nodded, “Fuckin’ correct, darlin’.”

“You should off both of them if they’re involved.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Mmm, now that’s my girl. Fiesty is how I fuckin’ like you, darlin’.” He said with a seductive smirk.

You smiled back and curled up towards him on the bed, “Fair is fair.” You said closing your eyes.

You laid there in silence for a few minutes, you were beginning to doze off when you felt something.
You opened your eyes a bit to see Negan had laid a hand on your hip.
You smiled sleepily and closed your eyes again.
That night you slept easily and had no other dreams.

You woke up the next morning with the sun creeping into the window, you turned your head over to Negan to see that he was turned towards you, his hand still on your hip.

You smiled to yourself and gently slipped out of bed, gathering your clothes off of the floor to put them on.
When you got dressed you slipped on your boots and made your way out and walked back over to your own room to get his jacket.
When you walked in you grabbed the jacket off the the cot and grabbed your gun off of the table, slipping the holster onto your shoulders.
You walked back over to Negan’s room and placed his jacket onto the bed.

It wasn’t long after that that he woke up.
He stretched and sat up, “Shit, how long have you been up?” He said in a raspy tone.

“Not long. I just got dressed and went over to my room to get my things and your jacket.” You said, pointing to where it laid on the bed.

He smirked and stood up, gathering his own clothes off the floor, “Too bad I fuckin’ missed that.” He said with a wink and he put on his clothes.

“There will be plenty of times to see me nude.” You smiled.

“You’re goddamn right about that.” He said, biting his lip as he walked over towards you and pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you hard.

He pulled back and licked his lips giving you a smirk and you bit your lip and smiled back to him.

He put on his jacket and grabbed Lucille as you both went downstairs to start the day.
It was another busy day as people were rushing around doing their jobs and of course, when they saw Negan coming, they stopped in their tracks and kneeled down as you both walked past.
Negan smiled proudly watching everyone kneel before him with Lucille propped onto his leather shoulder.

You made your way out into the yard where a lot of the crew were gathered around waiting for Negan’s orders for the day.
You saw Daryl standing by Dwight, still wearing his jumpsuit with a big “A” on it.

Negan approached the men and smiled, “Good fuckin’ morning, gentlemen.”

“Goodmorning, Negan.” Everyone said back in unison.

Negan chuckled at their willingness to comply so easily, “Alright, it’s gonna be a fuckin’ busy day, boys. Dwight, we still have that fuckin’ shipment coming in, right?”

Dwight nodded his head, “Just got the word in that they’re on their way back now.”

“Good. Take those three fucks from lastnight and bring them out here and put their asses to work.”

Dwight nodded back and looked to Daryl. Daryl just looked on in silence as he usually did when Negan was around.

Negan chuckled, “Don’t worry, D. You can still keep Daryl.”

Dwight smiled back weakly at Negan’s joke and grabbed Daryl to drag him back off to where the other prisoners were.
You and Negan followed behind them and made your way down into a small basement-like room.

“Bring our other fuckin’ guests out, Dwight.” Negan said as he leaned back against the wall.

You watched as Dwight went to one of the makeshift “cells” which were really just small windowless closets.
Dwight brought out his gun as he opened one of the doors.

He pointed his gun to the men inside, “Get up.” He said in a stern tone.

The men all walked out in a single file line and lined up against the wall.
They were all dirty and you could tell that had endured an ass kicking after they got back, they were all wearing jumpsuits with the different letters “E”, “F”, “G”.
But you felt no guilt for them.

“Rough fuckin’ night, fellas?” Negan chuckled holding Lucille under one man’s chin, making him lift his head.

The man winced as the Sharp points of Lucilles barbed-wire dug into his skin.

Negan looked over the man’s bruised face and sucked his teeth, “C'mon now, don’t be a pussy, it’s just a couple fuckin’ bruises. If you’re that fuckin’ fragile I’m not gonna have any goddamn use for you.”

The man said nothing as Negan lowered Lucille to his side.
All of them looked to you and Negan in fear.

Negan rolled his eyes, “Well this is fuckin’ boring. Get them outside.” Negan said eyeing Dwight.

Dwight nodded back and held up his gun to the men again and forced them out into the yard.
You and Negan also followed, when you got back outside the delivery truck was pulling up.

“Finally the shit is here.” Negan said with a big smile.

The truck pulled in with a stop and the crew gathered around in.

“Make the new fucks get that shit out, Dwight.” Negan called out.

Dwight instructed the men to get into the back of the truck and unload the supplies.
The man with “F” jumpsuit approached the truck slowly and began to crawl up into it, but was going too slow and Dwight pushed him in.
The man got back up onto his feet and picked up a crate to hand to the other men who were waiting outside and there was a loud crash as the bottom of the box fell out and various items shattered on the floor.

“Goddamnit!” Negan shouted in an angered tone as he began to approach the men.

Before Negan could get any closer to the truck a machine gun began going off inside the truck. The shots hit the man inside the truck and the two remaining ones outside.
There were a bunch of yells as everyone ducked down.
You quickly pulled out your gun and ducked down with everyone else and pointed your gun to the truck to begin returning fire, but you felt a grab at your shirt collar and saw that it was Negan pulling you towards him.
Your heart was racing and you held your gun firmly.
Negan was letting out a series of curse words as he held onto you tightly.

“Fuckin’ stay down, there’s no time for you to be a fuckin’ hero right goddamn now, darlin’” He growled loudly, looking towards the truck as he gripped Lucille firmly.

You were both trying to shield eachother from the gunfire as a couple more shots before it came to a stop.
You could hear the footsteps approaching the front of the truck as someone pulled back the plastic curtains that hung from the opening.

A kid stood there holding the machine gun.
It took you a minute to process everything, then you recognized the kid.
It was Carl.
You gripped your gun tighter.

“Move back and drop your weapons. I just want Negan.” Carl said pointing the gun to everyone in a half nervous, half serious tone.

You didn’t drop your gun, you started to hold it up and Negan put his hand on your arm to lower it, “Take it easy, darlin’.” He said with a smile.

You both stood back up and Negan approached the truck as Carl still held out the gun to everyone.
Negan showed no fear, he was even smiling, so that made you calm down a bit but you kept your eyes locked onto Carl and your finger on the trigger.

Negan whistled to him as he walked up to the truck, “Damn, aren’t you fuckin’ adorable. Now, you probably picked that gun because it looks pretty fuckin’ badass, right?” He chuckled, followed by a dangerous smile.
Negan grabbed one of the closet men by the collar and held them out in from of himself as a human shield.

“Kid, I’m not gonna fuckin’ lie. You scared the living shit out of me.”

Carl suddenly shot the man that Negan was hanging onto and Dwight lunged for Carl, throwing him to the ground.
You ran over to him, holding your gun to Carl’s head.

“Do it!” Dwight growled, still holding Carl down firmly.

“Fuck no, don’t do a damn thing.” Negan said walking over to were you both stood.

You still held out the gun, your heart racing again, looking back over to Negan, “But he tried to-”

“But nothing. Now put it up, (Y/N).” Negan cut you off, narrowing his eyes at you.

You let out a labored breathe and nodded, putting your gun back into it’s holster.
You looked over towards the fence where all the walkers were chained to see Daryl looking on in horror at the three of you surrounding Carl.

Negan stuck his hand out, “Come on, kid. Let’s fuckin’ show you around the place.”

Carl just laid there looking up to the both of you.
Negan was smiling warmly, but your eyes were still locked onto Carl, giving him a hostile gaze.

“Now, I see you’ve got the same goddamn look as your dad. But it’s only half as fuckin’ good since you’ve only got one good fuckin’ eye. You don’t wanna take my hand? Kid, you’re fuckin’ lucky that you still have one. Same goes for your boy Daryl over there.” Negan said in an annoyed tone as he motioned his head towards Daryl.

Carl looked over to see Daryl still standing by the fence, looking over at all of you intensely.
Carl finally looked back to Negan and stuck out his hand, taking it in his.
Negan pulled him up with ease.

“Smart fuckin’ kid.” Negan took a breathe and looked to Dwight, “D, take Daryl into the kitchen and you two fix up something real fuckin’ nice. And the rest of you, get rid of these fuckin’ bodies and unload the shit later.” He sucked his teeth again, throwing up his hands.

“You know, I’m not gonna a have any goddamn time to screw any of my wives today… Well, maybe just one..” Negan said shifting his gaze to you with a wink.

You gave him a smile back and licked your lips.

Negan motioned to Carl, “Come on.”

“What are you gonna do to me?” Carl interjected, unmoving from the spot he was in.

Negan approached him closely, “First off, kid. Don’t shatter my goddamn imagine of you, for Christ’s sake. You’re a badass and you’re not scared of a fuckin’ thing, so don’t be scared of me, it’s a big fuckin’ disappointment if you are. And do you really want me to fuck up the surprise? Fuck you, kid.”

Negan grabbed him the shoulder and led him up the stairs to the inside as you followed behind.
When you got inside to the balcony that overlooked the main room to the sanctuary, everyone kneeled down immediately as Negan walked up to the edge, leaning on the railing.

“Watch this.” Negan said, looking back to Carl.

“The Saviors have went out into the world and fought the dead and have always come back with some cool shit. And some of that shit can be yours, if you do your goddamn work and follow rules. So, fresh vegetables for everyone at dinner with no points needed.” Negan said in a deep tone, looking over the crowd of people who were kneeling for him.

The crowd began to applaud him at the announcement of the reward he had given them.

Negan smiled and leaned back, looking to Carl, “Cool, huh? That’s what fuckin’ respect looks like. And they’re still on their fuckin’ knees for me.”

Carl looked to the crowed and seem as if he were almost entranced as he witnessed how much power Negan truly had.

“As you were.” Negan said in a loud tone.

Everyone slowly began to rise up and go back to what they were doing.

You followed Negan up the next set of stairs back to your own floor you shared with him and he led you into the wives room.
As you entered into the room of women who were just sitting around, they all looked nervous as they saw you.
You hadn’t been in here since the first time you arrived at the sanctuary.

Negan looked around the room, “Ladies, don’t mind the kid.” He said, turning back to Carl, “You know, when every woman where your from dresses like they do in a magazine you find in an auto shop, you’re gonna wanna stare at their tits. So, go ahead. I don’t fuckin’ mind, they won’t mind. Knock your fuckin’ self out. Hell, stare at (Y/N)’s if you want.” He chuckled.

“Uhh, how about no.” You cut in, looking to both of them, shaking your head.

“Shit. She’s fuckin’ right. Scratch that, stare at any pair of titties, except hers. Unless you wanna piss me off.” He laid a hand on Carl’s shoulder and gave him a dangerous look, “You don’t wanna piss me off, do you, kid?”

Carl looked back to Negan nervously, unsure of what to say, “No. I- I don’t want to.”

Negan chuckled and slapped Carl’s shoulder playfully, “I’m just fuckin’ with you, kid. Go ahead and make yourself at home.”

Negan looked over to Sherry who was sitting on a couch.
He walked over to her slowly and left you standing there with Carl.

“Dear wife, can I have a fuckin’ word with you?” He said furrowing his eyebrows as he motioned her over to the mini bar that was setup in the corner of the room.

She walked over to him as he poured a drink into a glass and slide it to her, “Yes?”

“I’ve been needing to fuckin’ talk to you about a few things.” He said with a smile as he popped the cap on a beer bottle.

“Well, I tried to see you lastnight.” She said, crossing her arms.

“It’s not that kind of fuckin’ talk, sweetheart. We never got to talk about Amber. Now you two knew eachother, and so, I’m pretty damn curious to know if you knew about her and Randy.” He said, taking a sip of beer.

Sherry stared at him intently, “What we talked about when you weren’t here, is none of your business.”

Negan smirked and pursed his lips, “Well there’s rules for a reason. Nothing matters if you’re dead and you are still here because you fuckin’ get that. Or I thought you did.”

“She made a mistake and I never knew about the rest of it with what he had planned. So go easy on us, go easy on me.” Sherry said, taking in a breathe.

“Calm the fuck down. Have I ever hit any of you?” He said in a stern tone.

“No.. But I know you and I know that there is worse. Especially after watching Amber get killed by her.” Sherry said, cutting her eyes over to you.

You stared back at her as Negan looked over to you as well and smirked, biting his lip.

He turned back to Sherry, “Amber didn’t follow rules. That’s why I like (Y/N) more than the rest of you. She knows how to get shit done. And she doesn’t break down and cry every five fuckin’ minutes when someone needs to die. Regardless of who the hell it is. Not to mention, I can ride the fuck out of her whenever I please.” He said, licking his lips with a coy smile.

“You’re an asshole.” She said bluntly.

Negan gripped the his belt tightly, “I know, and you still like me. Why the fuck else would you be here?”

She said nothing else as they both looked at each other for a moment.
He shook his head and walked back over to where you and Carl stood.
Dwight and Daryl entered the room and Daryl was carrying a tray of food.

“Why you got him here?” Daryl said, looking at Negan.

“Whoa,” Negan said taking a bite of the food, “What we talk about when you’re not here is none of your goddamn business.” Negan said in a mocking tone as he cut his eyes back to Sherry.

She quickly looked away from his gaze.

“Dwight, why don’t you go down to the cells and get Vernon ready for some fuckin’ questioning. I’ll be down there in a few.” He said walking out of the room as you and Carl followed him.

You made your way over to Negan’s room, you weren’t sure why he was bringing Carl in here.
You all walked in and Carl stood by the door.
you walked over to one of the couches that Negan had and sat down on it, looking at both of them.

“So.. are all of those women really..” Carl trailed off.

“Wives? Fuck yeah, they are. The way I figure, why stick by the fuckin’ rules and only have one? Leave yourself open to a little bit of fuckin’ options.” Negan said with a smile.

You sort of gritted your teeth at that, but knew better than to speak out or catch an attitude with him right now.
But Negan was good with knowing when you were catching an attitude.

“But,” he spoke as he walked over to you and sat down beside you and grabbed you by the face and placed a passionate kiss on your lips before pulling back, “There’s nothing wrong with having a fuckin’ favorite. Especially when they look this damn good.” He said, smiling back at Carl.

Carl just stood there nervously, looking at the both of you, still holding the tray.

“Jesus, kid. Come sit the fuck down.” Negan said, propping his feet up on the table in front of him.

Carl walked over slowly to sit down on the couch across from you and Negan.

“I wanna get to know you a little fuckin’ better, Carl.” Negan said, leaning up towards him.

“Why?” Carl asked, looking at Negan.

You sat there in silence watching them.

“So, we can work it out. I mean you’re fucking smart, right? I know that you fuckin’ are. Kids your age usually don’t do a goddamn thing, they’d be sitting around whining about missing the fuckin’ prom.” Negan pointed to Carl, “But you, you went on a goddamn mission to find me and you did, and you killed four of my men -which wasn’t much of a fuckin’ loss - but still a loss of what could have been some good workers once they got broken in. But you are smart enough to know that I’m not gonna let this slide.” Negan spoke, giving Carl an eerily calm look.

He just sat there, looking even more nervous now than he did before.
Negan chuckled and ran a hand scross his face, looking to you, then back to Carl.

“I can’t do it. I cannot fuckin’ do this, I feel like I’m talking to a goddamn birthday present or something.” Negan said throwing his hand out to point at Carl’s eyepatch, “You gotta take that shit off, kid. I’ve gotta see what you’ve got for me.”

“No.” Carl said firmly.

“Four men!” Negan showed suddenly, making you jump a little in your seat, “You must actually fuckin’ want to piss me off.” Negan growled to him, narrowing his eyes.

Carl pressed his lips together and slowly put his hands up to unravel the gauze that was wrapped around his head.
You could see him getting even more nervous as he took it off, when he was done, he let the gauze drop to the floor.
He pulled his hair back to reveal a hollowed out eyesocket, you could see the inside reddened with tendons still attached.

You winced as you looked at it.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” Negan said in excitement as he stared at it, “That’s fuckin’ disgusting. No wonder you cover that fucker up. Have you seen it, I mean have you really took a look in the fuckin’ mirror? I can see your goddamn socket.”

You could see Carl begin suck in deep breaths as Negan berated him.

“Can I touch it? Because I really want to fuckin’ touch that shit.” Negan said with a chuckle as he continued to stare at it.

Carl put his head down and it seemed like he was starting to cry over Negan’s words.

Negan suddenly stopped and his expression turned into a somber one, “Oh fuck.. Look kid, I’m just fuckin’ around with you. It’s easy to forget that you’re a fucking kid, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Just forget it.” Carl said, holding his head down.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Negan huffed, looking towards the door.

A heavy set man walked in and you saw that he was carrying Lucille in his hands.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, sir. But you left Lucille out by the truck.” He said nervously, still standing by the door.

“Seriously? I never fuckin’ do that. But I guess a kid firing a machine gun is a fuckin’ distraction.” He said with a chuckle, looking back to Carl, “But jokes aside, I wouldn’t cover that shit back up. It looks rad as hell and maybe the ladies won’t fuckin’ like it, but I can promise no one will fuck with you with a face like that.” Negan said in a serious tone.

Negan looked back the the heavy set man, “Fat Joseph, did you really carry her all the fuckin’ way back up here for me?”

“Yes. Yes, sir.” He said back.

Negan held out his hand and took Lucille from him.

He took her into his hands and looked her over, “We’re you kind and gentle to my girl?”

Joey stammered for a moment, not knowing what to say.

“Did you treat her like a lady?” Negan cut in.

“Yes, sir.” Joey said.

Negan then shot him a seriosuly look, “Did you pet her fuckin’ pussy like a lady?”

Joey didn’t answer that time, and he looked even more confused now as he looked at Negan.

Negan suddenly laughed and clapped his hands together, “I’m fuckin’ with you, man. A baseball bat doesn’t have a fuckin’ pussy!”

Joey burst out into nervous laugh along with Negan’s.

“Get the fuck out.” Negan said bluntly.

He stopped and nodded exiting the room very quickly after that.
You had to bite down on your lip to keep from bursting out into laugher.

“Now, you see, that’s what I’m fuckin’ talking about. Men busting each other’s fuckin’ balls. This is the shit your dad should be fuckin’ teaching you.” Negan said as he looked back to Carl.

Carl said nothing as Negan looked over to you and you shrugged back at him.

He huffed and looked back to Carl, “What do you like to do for fun, do you like music?”

Carl sat there, still not answering.

“I’ve got it.. I want you to sing me and my ladies a fuckin’ song.” Negan said, wrapping an arm around you.

“What?” Carl said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, four of my men with a goddamn machine gun, kid. So for that, I want something in fuckin’ return. I want you to sing a song for us.” Negan said in a stern tone.

“I don’t know any.” Carl said softly.

“Bullshit!” Negan barked back to him, “What did your mom sing to you, what the fuck did your dad Ricky play in the car?” Negan asked, narrowing his eyes at him again.

Carl shook his head.

“Get your gun out, darlin’.” Negan said with a smile, looking to you.

You pulled it out slowly as Negan got up and pointed Lucille to Carl.

“Okay.. Okay.” Carl said in a panicked tone.

“Then start fuckin’ singing.” Negan said angrily.

Carl took in a breathe and began,“ You are.. my sunshine..” then paused momentarily .

“Keep going.” Negan said calmy as he walked to the middle of the room.

Carl glanced to you to see you still had your gun out, resting on your leg.

“My only sunshine.. You make me happy.. When skies are gray.” Carl continued, shifting his eyes from you and Negan nervously.

Negan swung Lucille in the air and Carl let out a small gasp, turning his head to him.

“Do not let me fuckin’ disturb you, kid. Keep going!” Negan said happily as he brought Lucille up over his head and brought he back down.

You could hear the WOOSH of the air as he brought her down.
It reminded you of the first run you went on with Negan when he was playing baseball with flower vases.
You smirked to yourself.

“You’ll never know dear,” Carl took a shaky breathe, “How much I love you.. please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Negan walked back over to the both of you, “That’s pretty good. Wasn’t that good, darlin’?” He said looking over to you.

You looked back to him, “Very nice.” You said, putting your gun away.

“Now, I don’t know about, (Y/N). But Lucille, she loves to be sung to.” He said sitting back down on the couch, “Almost as fuckin’ much as she loves bashing in brains. Weird shit, huh?” He said holding out Lucille to Carl again.

Negan lowered Lucille, “Did your mom sing that to you, where is she now?”

Carl sniffed and shook his head.

“Dead, huh? Did you see it happen?” Negan said, leaning towards him.

“I shot her.” Carl said, shaking his head.

“Damn, no wonder you’re a little serial killer in the making.” Negan turned to you, “Did you know this?”

You shook your head, “No. That was before my time with them.”

Negan nodded and turned back to Carl, “That was a fuckin’ example of busting balls, by the way.”

Negan stood back up, “Well let’s go, they should be ready.”

“Ready for what?” Carl asked.

“Have you ever seen a fuckin’ interrogation, kid?” Negan said firmly, looking back to Carl.

Carl shook his head, “No.”

Negan chuckled, “Well goddamn, you came on a good day then. Get the fuck up and let’s go.”

You got up and walked over to Negan.
Carl looked to the both of you and got up slowly, following you both back downstairs to the cells.

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anonymous asked:

Most heartbreaking queer as folk scene/moment/episode whichever not including prom scene

Hahaha nice caveat there, nonny, I see you.

I’m going to go with this moment right here:

Everything, I repeat, everything about this moment is heartbreaking. There’s Brian, who is quite literally the weakest and most vulnerable he’s ever been, in a great deal of physical pain, who’s terrified to tell his partner, the person he loves most in the world, that he has cancer and is no longer perfect, because he thinks he’ll no longer love him. He can’t stand the thought of him leaving, but even more, he can’t stand the thought of Justin staying with him out of some sense of obligation and starting to look at him not like he’s the most incredible man in the world, but with pity and resentment in his eyes.  But he so clearly craves Justin’s touch, his tenderness, his love, so he takes it, finally allowing him to fall asleep under his care. He went to Baltimore alone, went into surgery alone, woke up alone… and you know all that time there was nothing he wanted more than to feel Justin’s arms around him to make him feel safe and warm and loved. And he finally has that again, but he can’t bring himself to share just why it’s so powerful this time. 

And then there’s Justin, who knows Brian has cancer, but doesn’t know his prognosis. That’s a fact I think sometimes gets overlooked; Justin doesn’t know if Brian’s cancer is curable or terminal, but you know he’s fearing the worst. He’s probably already imagined a thousand possibilities of what his life would look like without Brian, what it would feel like to lose him forever, and each one of them is more devastating than the last. And he can’t let Brian know. The love of his life may be dying, and there’s nothing he can do. It’s already a helpless enough feeling to have your loved one be sick, but he’s not even suppose to know! So all he can do is try to take care of Brian and offer him comfort, but never too much, not as much as he’d like to, or else he risks Brian finding out that he knows, and who knows what would happen then?

What I think makes this arc so powerful is that we have three main types of conflict: man vs. nature (Brian’s cancer diagnosis), man vs. self (the effect of Brian’s cancer on his identity and his fear of letting others know he’s sick), and man vs. man (Brian and Justin’s efforts to keep Brian’s cancer a secret and the fallout that results when the cat’s out of the bag). Any of these would be heartbreaking on their own, but when they’re all crashing into each other, spiraling out of control, it’s especially devastating to watch. 

Money:Won’t //N.Maloley//


Screaming filled my ears,the lights are blinding me and my body is aching all over.

I need a better job.

I gulped down and tasted blood once again and my throat ached more from the dryness.

“C'mon Maloley.What you waitin’ for huh? That girlfriend of yours?”

It was the perfect chance,he was getting too cocky and his face isn’t protected.Now I see clearly what I have inflicted on him this past 20 minutes.Him mentioning Y/N only made my blood boil even more,all of my opponents made Y/N as a bait for me,and the tables always turn for them,can’t they get it by now?

I sprinted to him and took my chance,my knuckles colliding with his nose,it was the perfect moment,the breaking of his noise to the bell,announcing that the fight is over.

He fell on the floor of the ring,staining it with blood,his sweat making it slippery.

50,000 dollars bitch.

That’s how much these bruises cost.


I guzzled down the celebratory booze the Jack’s gave me,the table in front of me is fillled with even more booze,weed,a ton shit of lighters,and a lot more shit I can’t even see from the smoke in the room.

“When is Y/N going home?” Derek’s head is already lolling side to side from the whole bottle he downed like a fucking syrup while Swazz who was sitted beside him perked his head up and his eyes ogling out of its socket,like a fucking dog.He knows what’s up.

“You got me.”

It has been days since she’s been gone,may be even weeks,I didn’t bother to count just because I can’t do it.

Their last phonecall was days away,just letting him know that she’s not going to be back for a few more days and she’s working out something out with her parents.

“Where is she anyways?”

John was trying to make him shut up by now,I can tell,the way Derek was twitching and how much John was trying to stifle it pathetically.

I just kept my head trained on the table,in a mess that is full of drugs,alcoholic drink and so much more shit.

So much more shit that would drive Y/N away.

Perfect example of how easily she can leave him.

Perfect example of why her parents didn’t want their only daughter to fall in love and marry me,have kids with me,raise them and then grow old together.

Perfect example of why we can’t be together.

“C'mon,dickhead don’t sleep here,that’s my spot.”

Swazz was now lifting Derek off of the couch to crash him in a bed upstairs.

Every fucking thing happening around makes me think of her.

We do that to each.I would carry Y/N’s drunk ass from the bar to the car,up the stairs then finally into bed,she would also do that to me when it’s my turn to get wasted.She is like Derek when she’s drunk,saying things nonchalantly that might get her—us in trouble.

“You okay?”

He was left panting beside me after he carried Derek upstairs.

“Yeah,fine.Would you get me something to eat,I’m fucking hungry.”  I grabbed money for him and he head out the door without another word.

If someone gets me in this house other than Y/N,I know for sure that it’s John.

He was always with me to every fight,basically my coach.He is also always with me with every deal and deal gone wrong every time.

Speaking of the dickhead,he came back and knocked on the door,that’s when I saw his keys still on the table.

There she was.


“What the fuck do you mean deal? I won’t agree to that! I’m your real fiance!”

She flinched by the sound of my voice,and judging by it,I think the people sleeping upstairs are all awake.

“Nate,we can’t do anything you understand me? You wanna pretend and still be us behind the curtains.It’s either this or they’ll make you leave.”

“They’re not going to make me leave,I’m staying here.”

“That’s what you say but you don’t exactly have a choice when they’re bargaining you with money to leave,or swallow a bullet and die.”

“I’m just going to fucking swallow a bullet for you with a ring on my finger than to go somewhere far and be with someone else just to pretend that I don’t fucking love you.”

“Nate don’t you ever fucking say that,we’ll both make it alive with this shit.”

It was always life and death on either side of us,just one wrong twitch of a muscle then we’d go back to who created us.That’s one of the few things that I fucking despise with this arrangement,upset someone in my side,those dealers? They’re going to kill Y/N and make me suffer,with Y/N’s parents,they’re gonna kill me and make Y/N suffer.

Both aren’t very pretty.

“Then what do you want me to say? To leave you,give you to someone who you don’t know,let your parents abuse the shit out of you? Hell fucking no.”

“May be you should.”

And it fucking hurts.

She could have been happy with someone else,she could be filthy rich,she could be everything she wanted to with that guy who her parents wanted her to be with.

“You want to?”

“If you wouldn’t be hurt,then I’d do it.”

“So you’re just going to drop every fucking thing we built in this last 4 years,to be with a man who doesn’t fucking care about you!”

I’ve never had someone bargain with me other than drugs,and I would never in my whole life bargain Y/N with me.

It was taking a toll on her I could tell,the pressure on both sides making her head to explode any time now and it did.Her tears are falling down her cheeks faster than ever and I don’t know how to stop it.I don’t know how to make it better.I’ve seen her cry many of times,but I don’t know how to make it better,I can’t give her to them again,she had been better with him.

“Please don’t cry Y/N,please.”

Next thing I know we are upstairs,we managed to find a spare room amidst of my fucked up brain and her tears blocking her vision and we were on the bed like nothing’s wrong.

“You need to sleep it off.”

“Would it be gone by morning?” It hasn’t stopped yet,her tears.They’re still free falling down her cheeks and down my chest,where her head lays down.Her eyebrows met and there’s little crinkles made from her contorting her face out of sorrow she doesn’t have to fucking feel in the first place.

“If it’s not,then we’d get fucking wasted tomorrow,we’d get wasted till it doesn’t poison you anymore.”

She was asleep by the end of it.

Judging by the bags under her eyes,she hasn’t slept properly since she her parents went by her flat.She has always been terrified of them,I saw their wrath on her,I saw how they beat Y/N up to the pulp and I hated everyday for it because I didn’t interfere with them,and I just watched.

I placed a kiss on her forehead and hoped with her that by the morning,it would be okay.


She woke me up.

She was on the brink of falling,literally.

It was the good thing that our bed was close to the window sit,the only window without bars in this house.It was suppose to be an escape,for me,for the boys,for whenever someone wanted to hunt us down and decided to come here,we just need to jump over the flat next to ours that has a balcony.


Her hand is clutching on the lock of the window,the only thing that’s making her not fall all the way,but her upper body is heavier than the one that is inside the room and any moment she might fall.

“Ma,breathe,just breathe.”

I got to her first.

“Shit.I can’t I almost—Shit,I can't—”

Her pupils are dilated and her chest was heaving up and down and I could feel her heart thumping on her chest and unto mine.

“Sit on the edge.”

I guided her carefully,her legs dangling down on the open end of the building,she was between my legs,my head on her neck,placing careful kisses down to her shoulders,while my hands plays with her fingers.

“Breathe ma,just feel me.I’m right here.You love city lights right? Look over there.You can see them,they’re floating everywhere.”

Her breathing floated back to normal,just like the lights she was looking at,her fingers stopped shaking and her body melted to mine.

She’s back.

“Y/N,I won’t leave you.I don’t care about the bargain or any of this bullshit about your family.I’m going to go through hell just to be with you,If I need to walk the fucking United States,just to marry you in the end I’m going to put my fucking shoes on and be gone in the morning.If I need to dress like those fucking preppy pussy,I’m going to do it.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I won’t leave you because of this bullshit.I finally found my fucking heart,I’m not going to give it to people who wouldn’t take care of it.”

This is a bit fucked up.

Sorry for the delay.



Recent shot [x]

Part 1


Waiting For You

Anonymous said: Hi I love your blog so much and I was wondering could you do a one shot were the reader ditches the boys and cas to go on a hunt with crowley and cas gets jealous

A/N: Thank you! But look at me, posting during the week! Anyhow, if you guys took the PSAT today, how do you think you did?

Word count: 941

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: swearing.


You parked your car in the bunker’s garage, closing your eyes as the motor died off making more noise than you wanted. It was past three, and you knew that at least by now the boys would be asleep. If you woke them up, they would, with no doubt, be completely infuriated. Also, you might have sneaked out of the bunker three days ago leaving no note apart from a small scribble that read, “Gone hunting with Crowley.”

Yep, they would be infuriated.

With a small sigh, you pushed the door of the car open, climbing out as quietly as you could. If you were going to deal with Sam and Dean’s anger, you would rather do it in the morning. After all, you’d just taken out a dozen of vampires a mere few hours ago. You needed your beauty sleep.

You closed the garage door, silently tiptoeing your way across the bunker. You successfully reached the library without making your presence known, internally congratulating yourself. But just as you turned to go in, you stopped in your tracks.

With his back to you, you found yourself starting at the wearer of the beige trench coat you were always happy to see. But in this occasion, you couldn’t feel anything else besides worry or guilt. There was no way you would be able to sneak around him. You were about to turn around and go back to the garage, figuring out that sleeping in your car would be better than to face the angel at this hour.



You closed your eyes for a brief moment, taking a deep breath. Castiel pushed himself off the chair, his stunning blue eyes meeting yours as he turned around to face you. There was something off about him; maybe it was the way his eyes didn’t shine as much as usual; or about how he was holding himself, his body rigid and his fists balled up.

“Oh, hey Cas,” you replied, trying to sound as cheerful as you could. But the small smile you had managed to muster faded away as soon as it came. You took a few brave steps towards the angel, hoping that closing the distance between the two of you would calm him down. “Why are you here at this hour?”

“I was waiting for you,” he said simply, shrugging his shoulders, but you heard the clear icy undertone in his voice. “You know, after your hunt with Crowley, I wasn’t sure if you would come back in one piece. But now I see that your demon took good care of you,” Castiel spat out, his voice dripping with venom.

"You know what? I’m too tired to deal with this right now,” you sighed, dropping your strong facade. “Do you want to know why I went with Crowley? Why I just left without even saying anything?”

You were raising your voice with every word, your desire to finally express how you felt becoming unbearable. But not about Castiel, you didn’t think you would ever, but about how little freedom you’d had recently.

"You, and Sam, and Dean have been driving me up to here,” you raised your hand up to your head for emphasis, “with your overprotectiveness! Do you know how many hunts I’ve had to sit out because of that? I feel like I can’t even take a step out of the bunker without one of you trailing me! So yes, maybe I took a hunt, but I honestly don’t see why you would care so much!”

“Because you went hunting with Crowley! A demon!”

"Will you just drop it?! And what’s your deal with Crowley? At least he cares enough to let me make my own decisions!” Sam and Dean were probably awake by now, with how loud your voice was. But you couldn’t stop yourself, even if your cheeks were blazing at the proximity between you and Castiel.

“Listen to yourself, (Y/N)! He let you put yourself in danger!” Castiel yelled, his jaw set hard. You had never seen him as serious as he was now; he was right, you had been foolish.
You let out a small sigh, adverting your eyes away from him.

“I’m sorry.”

“The only reason I’ve been concerned about your safety is because I care about you,” Castiel said, his tone more gentle this time. With a bit of hesitation, you looked up again, glancing at the angel’s lips before you met his eyes. “I-I love you, (Y/N), and if something had gone wrong—”

“But it didn’t,” you whispered softly, reaching out to brush the hair that had fallen over his forehead. You didn’t think that he had realized how much that sentence meant. Castiel leaned at your touch, closing his eyes. You didn’t know what pushed you to it, but you closed your eyes and stood on your toes as you pressed your lips to his.

You felt Castiel shift as he placed his hands on your hips, desperately pulling you closer to him. Placing you hands on the back of his neck, you let yourself melt into him, breathing in his heavenly scent. As the kiss progressed, there wasn’t a moment in which his hands weren’t on your body, just like yours on his.

With one last kiss, you pulled away to catch your breath, which was coming in and out in short pants. Castiel’s roughed hands were cupping your cheeks, his eyes shinning more brightly than ever.

“I love you too,” you smiled, suddenly forgetting all about your exhaustion and starting to think of different ideas about how to spend the night.

Tsuna wants out 1/?



anyway, that aside, this is the start of the gag all27 fic. please send in pairings and prompts and what you want to see. also, please send me the stereotypical things associated with each 27 pairing because i am very unfamiliar with them. also, while this is crack, there’s still going to be serious moments touching on things i find are important. namely, you aren’t required or obligated to return someone’s affections even if they dedicate their entire life to you. you didn’t ask them to do it, they did it out of their own volition. it’s their damn problem. you aren’t even obligated to “give them a chance”. 

that being said, i hope you enjoy. 

When Sawada Tsunayoshi woke up that morning, he distinctly felt that something was Wrong.

It wasn’t just wrong, nor was it wrong. No, it was Wrong, which was the highest ‘wrong’ on the ‘wrong scale’ that Tsuna had developed in order to categorize the things that happened to him in his rather short yet incredibly eventful life.

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In CATWS, she asks Steve, “Who do you want me to be?”

The next time we see her, she has a new suit, new hairstyle, she’s flirting with Bruce, and Steve is noting how open she seems compared to her past behavior but CATWS was filled with vulnerable Romanoff. Clint is her bestie, but her and Steve can read each other and it shows from how they fight with each other, and the fact that Steve can read the romance when Clint wasn’t even aware it was happening. Steve can tell she is different from before SHIELD fell, and he’s encouraging it because she seems happier.

But how do we know that she’s not just playing another role?

She has her genuine moments, but half of her dialogue seems forced. The bar scene, she goes from mixing her own drink to slipping into a role about a fella who done her wrong. For flirting, yes, but because slipping into a role is second nature for her. You can see that Natasha is the aggressor in the flirtationship they have, and half of the time Bruce is surprised by her interest or focused on his own triggers while Nat talks him down. She “adores” how Bruce is not a fighter, and I think a large part of that is because she was born into a world of violence, and has “worked for the bad guys” twice now. He is a pacifist and she latches onto that because it is a foreign concept to her. How many times in movies have men fallen for the idea of a woman instead of the actual person?

At the farm, she seems to breeze right over the biggest issues they both have. Bruce just terrorized a whole city, Nat says in passing she’s a trained killer. Bruce says they have no future, rambles about not being able to even have kids, and Natasha latches onto it because it’s something safe they can have in common. So when she’s talking to Bruce, she is shaking, she’s tearing up, but her words are still pretty light. You’ve killed people? I was programmed–sorry, raised, that’s the people word to use–to kill people. You can’t have kids? I and groups of other girls were sterilized so we could go on missions and seduce targets (because why else would they worry about unwanted pregnancy when they raised girls that slept handcuffed to their beds. There was no fraternization, there was just the mission.) Killing was something that she did, that she still tries to atone for to this day, but sterilization was something thrust upon her.

Her voice is pretty steady, there are pauses where she tries to find the right words to use, but when she says that she’s a monster, her voice cracks and she looks broken. So she says she can’t have kids, then says she’s a monster, but really she’s talking about how the Red Room made her to be the marble doll who only lived for the mission, reinforced by the imagery in the dream sequence that had to do with restraints. The girls without their mouths. The hands resting in a twisted position at their backs. The woman hovering over her shoulder dictating her actions. The man who puts her in the headlock–and in a place that we know from Agent Carter forces the girls to kill each other when they lose fights, it seemed out of place that Natasha could just tap out when she lost. Was it just her mind processing another traumatic event in a way that could be safely shown on screen for the kiddies?

Her dialogue says typical doomed romance character and offensive interpretation of women who cannot have children. Her facial expressions say terrified broken character. Her actions at the end say that just like Steve, who had a lot of unsubtle dialogue dealing with finding “home”, her heart is where the fight is.

Being an Avenger wasn’t the dream she woke up from, it was the fantasy that she could be happy running away with Bruce.

Miracles In December Advent--Suho

“Woah~~ I’m halfway there”

Word Count: 2500

Genre: Angst/Tiny bit of Fluff

You sighed as you put on your coat. You didn’t really want to go, but Junmyeon had pleaded with you. You trudged to the Concert Hall, shoving your hands into your pockets as the snow drifted down around you.

For the first time in months, you let yourself remember how everything happened.

Junmyeon had been uneasy for days. He was almost constantly stressed out and tense, and even when you tried to comfort him, he didn’t seem to relax. You confronted him about it, saying that he needed a break and it was ok to relax for a while, but he said the company needed EXO and he couldn’t exactly confront the authorities about it because he didn’t want to disappoint them or the fans. So you let it go, doing whatever you could to help him out with the few breaks he did get to see you. But as time went by, he grew more and more uneasy around you and you couldn’t just pass it off as nothing. He had never acted like this before, so you waited for the right moment to talk to him again.

The moment finally came when you were lying in bed one night. Neither of you were really able to sleep and you were lost in thought as he held you from behind. He had his arm wrapped around your waist, pressing you close against his chest. It was a very sincere moment, and you could feel tension in the air, as if Junmyeon had something important to say.

“Jagi, what’s wrong? Seriously…”

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not,” you insisted.

He sighed and presses his nose in the nape of your neck. “I’m just…I…You know I love you, right? I love you so much, no matter what happens or what other people say or-”

You shushed him by grabbing the hand that was on your waist and threading your fingers through his. “What happened?”

He took a deep breath. “Would it be better if…we stopped…” he trailed off.

“Stopped what?” you asked, getting uneasy.


“I’m sorry, what?” you asked, completely shocked and confused, “Suho, that isn’t funny.”

“I’m serious…I’m gone more than I am here, and that must be so hard for you, but if I wasn’t tying you down like that, you be happier, right? I don’t want you to be so lonely all the time.”

“Junmyeon…” You shifted under his hold. “It’s true that I do get lonely sometimes, but that’s never been a problem before…It’s your job and you love what you do, and I respect that and support it all the way, because I trust you and I love you and I know you love me too.”

He stayed quiet, but there was something else he had to say and you were getting really nervous. After a long silence, you got the courage to ask the question that was brewing in your mind.

“Junmyeon…you do love me, right?”

“Of course I love you! More than anything…but…”

Your heart dropped to your stomach. There was a ‘but.’ There was something that was keeping him back.

“‘But’ what? Why is there a ‘but’ when you said you love me no matter what? That doesn’t even make sense! What’s going on, Junmyeon? What are you hiding from me?” you said, removing his hand from your waist, “You know I’m ok, so don’t lie and tell me the truth…Please.”

He sighed again and took a shaky breath.“The company…they…they don’t…want us to be together anymore…”

You froze. “What?”

“The company doesn’t want us to be in a relationship anymore.”

You sat up and faced him. “Why not?”

His hand gently rubbed your thigh, trying to ease the conversation. “They say that…you’re being a distraction and taking away from my practice time and stuff.”


“I know, I know,” he said quickly, trying to calm you down, “I’ve been trying to explain and negotiate with them, but they won’t listen to me.”

“Why am I a ‘distraction’? What do I do that takes you away from your work? I deal with long practice nights, recording days, promotions, and weeks of extended touring and not being able to see you, and not one time did I go and complain or oppose your company.”

“I know Jagi, and I’m sorry I’m not here very often, but I love you so much.”

“But why? I don’t understand.”

“I think it’s because after everyone learned that we were dating, I lost a lot of popularity…and they lost money…” Junmyeon said quietly.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I…honestly, I don’t know.”

“Are they going to keep pressuring you?”


“But you aren’t actually going to…” You couldn’t finish the sentence. And he shifted but remained silent.


“I’m sorry, but I really don’t know,” he confessed.


“I don’t want the company to do anything! It’s for you!”

“That’s bullshit. The company can’t do shit to me,” you spat out, removing yourself from under the covers. Junmyeon tried to grab onto your waist and pull you back, but you turned away and walked out of the bedroom to plop down on the couch. You needed time to cool off.

When you woke up the next morning, you were tucked into the covers and found Junmyeon sleeping on the couch instead. You kissed him gently until he woke up and apologized for getting angry. He kissed you back and pulled you down onto him so you could just hold each other for a while. And for a moment, you were happy again.

But the moment shattered when you came home a month later to find a pile of boxes at the front of your shared home. You stepped inside to find that it felt empty. Things were missing here and there. Junmyeon’s things were missing.

You found him sitting on the corner of the bed, wringing his hands nervously. When he saw you, he stood up, eyes shifting around.

“What is this?” you asked him, suspicions rising.

“They’re making me come back to the dorms.”

“No…they can’t make you,” you said in disbelief.

“They can’t make you do anything, but they can with me…”

“BUT YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE!!!” you screamed, tears welling in your eyes.

He opened his mouth to reply, but at that moment, his phone rang. You watched him carefully to see if he would pick it up. He looked at the caller ID and sighed, frustration evident. He answered the phone.

“Yes, manager hyung…I’m explaining it now…Yes, I’ll be out soon,” he replied and hung up.

“You’re explaining absolutely NOTHING to me right now,” you hissed.

“I’m sorry, but we can't…” he trailed off, suddenly pulling you into a hug. You broke. You screamed and cried, trying to push him away. Your heart was shattering and the pieces were too small to try and put back together.

You finally yanked yourself out of his hold, tears streaming down your face as you pushed him towards the door.

Junmyeon weakly fought back, trying to stay a little longer, but unable to bring himself to force you to stop hitting him. He just took and accepted every push and shove you gave him.


Junmyeon faltered at the door. Your makeup was running down your face and he didn’t want to leave, but his phone was ringing again, and he knew he had to leave soon.

You couldn’t see the ‘I love you’ he mouthed because the tears blurred your vision to a mass of colors. To you, he just turned and left, closing the door quietly behind him and leaving you sobbing on the floor.

His number changed. Most likely because of the company.

You moved out of the house and into a small apartment. After a year or so, you were eventually able to move on. The memory of Junmyeon was just a dull ache in your heart.

And then you got a call from an unknown number. You refused to answer. But it called again. And again, and again and again and again.

When you finally answered, you were pissed off and absolutely not in the mood to talk to anyone.

“What do you want,” you hissed in the phone.

“It’s me…”

You froze.

“Please listen to me…please?”

“What do you want,” you repeated in a flat tone.

“I want to meet up with you. Just for a little bit. A week from today? It’s when we get a break…at around 8PM at the Concert Hall? Where we first met, remember?”

You stayed silent.

“…You don’t have to come…I understand. I was inconsiderate for not explaining well enough when I left and for not trying hard enough to stay with you. But not a day has gone by that I haven’t missed you, and I just want to see your face again.”

“I don’t know…” you said with an emotionless, monotone voice and hung up.

The days dragged by as you debated whether or not you should show up, but you made up your mind to at least give Junmyeon a chance.

You reached the concert hall and saw him standing by the stairs. He had his coat pulled tightly around himself and was half-heartedly tracing circles in the fresh snow with his foot. You stood by the fountain watching him, your breath softly escaping your lips in little white puffs. It had been so long since you last saw him and for a fraction of a second, your broken heart fluttered feebly. But you pushed it down and took a step forward.

Your shoes crunched softly in the snow, but it was loud enough for Junmyeon to hear. His head snapped up and his hopeful eyes met yours. He took a few steps toward you, but stopped himself. His gaze faltered and he looked away as you climbed the stairs. You stopped a few feet from him and he finally looked up again.

“Well?” you asked, your tone a bit more harsh than you intended.

“I’m sorry,” he said, trailing off. A few seconds passed by in silence. He was searching for the right words, but you were getting restless.

The bitterness had set in. He was the reason for your misery for the past year. Every radio show seemed to be interviewing EXO, every music award show seemed to have something for them, articles about them kept popping up, and every dumb love song you listened to reminded you of him. Although you told yourself you were over him and his stupid company, you still harbored anger, confusion and a broken heart. Most of it had been patched together, but pieces were still missing. Holes were still there. But you learned to just live with it.

“…Is that it..?” you asked, unimpressed. You were about to just turn around and leave. If all he wanted to say was ‘sorry’ then he wasted your time. He already said it before.

“No!” He grabbed your arm and pulled you back. “No, there’s so much I want to say…I just-”

“-don’t know how to say it? Junmyeon, you had a week, no, a year to figure out what to say,” you scowled, pulling your arm away. If he was just going to wing it now, he seriously wasn’t worth your time.

“I know…I’m sorry, I’m just so happy that you came…I was almost certain that you were going to stand me up, I just…Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Your eyes softened a little, and he took that as a cue that he could continue. He handed you a handwritten card. A simple message in his familiar handwriting:

To My Angel

I miss you

I love you

As you read the words, he fished in his coat pocket and pulled out a small red box wrapped in red and white ribbon. He held it in his hands for a moment, cautiously adjusting the ribbons, before handing it to you. You glanced up at his face: a glimmer of hope lingered in his eyes, so you took the gift. You pulled at the bow and the ribbons fell away from the box.

A light brown plush teddy bear rested on a bed of soft cushioning. Its outstretched paws made it seem like it was asking for a hug. You picked it up and it fit snugly in your palm, the key ring jingling and swinging by your fingers as another memory flooded your mind.

He had taken you on a carnival date, face masks on in order to avoid fans as much as possible. The thrill of still being in a secret relationship coursed through your veins as you made your way around. He tried to win gifts for you at the carnival games, but failed miserably and ended up buying them. There was a cute little teddy bear key chain that he was trying to buy for you, but you insisted that it was fine and he should just drop it. He did and you convinced him to use the money to buy some ice cream instead. It was when you were sharing the large ice cream cone that you had your first kiss. The adrenaline of possibly being caught mixed with the little spark that you shared when he gently pressed his lips against yours, cupping your face with one hand while the other held the cone off to the side.

“I went back for it,” he said quietly, bringing you out of your memories. “I actually won it. I didn’t buy it…Even though it’s just a little thing, it’s how we had our first kiss, and that might be an unpleasant memory now, but…I just…I want to fight for you. I don’t want to fail you again. I love you too much to just let some management system try to ruin it. To ruin us. I love you so much and…” He was at a loss for words again.

You felt your heart revive. For a split second, it came to life, beating and feeling a joy you hadn’t felt in a long, long time. And it hurt. It hurt so much. Something shattered and wounded was trying its hardest to work properly. The broken pieces scraped against each other, clanking together, rearranging, opening old scars, but it felt less hollow. This small, simple gift replaced missing parts, helping your heart feel a little warmer.

You blinked a few tears away, and for once, these weren’t bitter tears. They were pained, but not from confusion or anger.

“Thank you Junmyeon,” you said, genuinely grateful, “but I don’t think things can go back to where they were…yet. I just need some time to think, ok?”

He nodded, understanding completely, hope and determination shining in his eyes. “Can I…can I hug you?” he asked cautiously.


anonymous asked:

can you please do everyone's reactions to MC with an extreme bug/spider phobia? sometimes can't go outside, freaks the fuck out when they get near her, can't even handle ladybugs and butterflies?

When you say everyone, I’m assuming Rika, V and Saeran are included as well. Though, if possible, it would be nice to be clearer next time :D
Oh, and the raffle is up! Do check it out!
~ Mod Ion


  • Zen wanted to bring you to his favourite hideout
  • You were like “yeah sure!!”
  • Had a lot of fun looking at the scenery while you were riding on the motorbike on him
  • So when you guys finally reached the mountains looking at the buildings, you two were smiling to one another, relaxing and enjoying how beautiful the city looks
  • But then a ladybug suddenly landed on the side of your face (Zen didn’t see it)
  • You started panicking and started flipping the fuck out, the insect flew away
  • “It’s okay, the ladybug already flew away now!! You scared it off!”
  • Worried for you, kept checking with you if you were okay after that
  • Ended up being like “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have brought you”
  • Made sure that next time if there were any bugs he would swat it away ASAP – he did not want his princess to be scared like that again


  • It’s already canon that Yoosung is also scared of bugs lol
  • But anyways
  • There was this time when Yoosung was gaming and he left his meal that you had cooked for him at the kitchen overnight
  • So by the time when you woke up you walked into the kitchen to see cockroaches and ants going towards the food and drink
  • When he heard you scream, he rushed out to help you but
  • Finally manned up to deal with the situation by spraying the insects with pesticide
  • Oh fuck they’re flying around
  • Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
  • F U C K S E N D H E L P
  • … You two pretty much did not have a good morning


  • You two decided to take a break together after work
  • So you two went out to the gardens for a walk
  • It was pretty relaxing so far
  • Until a butterfly flutters over
  • You were visibly shocked and immediately flinched
  • Jaehee noticed your discomfort right away
  • She pulled you away slowly, standing between you and the butterfly
  • “Are you okay? That must have given you a fright. Do you want to go to the nearest cafe instead now?”
  • Which you guys did
  • Before you two got back home, she would buy LOTS of insect repellent bracelets so you would go out without really worrying if any insects would fly close to you
  • Then again she would keep reading to find out more about the different insects so she would know what to do in the future


  • You were visiting Jumin before going out to a restaurant for dinner
  • You know how there would be random times when a bug managed to fly into a building for no reason? That happened.
  • So you did notice it, so you immediately started trying to swat it off with your paper, shouting in fear at the bug
  • Jumin who was coming down to meet you at the lobby saw you trying to hit the bug
  • Confidently walked up to you before grabbing the bug with his hand
  • You did not know how he even did it?
  • But he just acted as if nothing happened and asked if you wanted to go to the restaurant
  • But next time you came, the office had a lot of air fresheners which were insect repellers EVERYWHERE
  • Always made sure to see if there would be any bugs daring enough to go close to you, but Jumin would give the same treatment as he did to the first


  • You know, he threw his stuff pretty much anywhere and usually did not clean up his stuff
  • So usually you had to do the cleaning instead
  • One fine day you were cleaning up the house while he was playing LOLOL with Yoosung, you found an opened packet of Honey Bhudda Chips lying on the floor
  • You took it up and a cockroach just fell from it
  • Saeyoung immediately heard your screaming
  • Rushed down to help you
  • Ran to take the insect spray to kill the cockroach
  • “You know… This reminds me of the past”
  • He knew you preferred if he would stay near you after that
  • So he helped you to clean the house
  • Pretty much left Yoosung to die in game lolol


  • Look. Ion is just an asshole to V really, he’s now blind again
  • There was a spider in the corner of the room
  • V did not know but he could sense the sudden change of emotion from you
  • Asked what’s wrong
  • “Oh, I’ll try to catch it”
  • Takes an empty cup and listened to you about where it was
  • But you kept freaking out when the spider was moving so V did not understand where it was
  • Or what you were saying
  • Oh my god this disability was a bitch (just like the person who made V blind. WAIT IT’S JOKE)
  • In the end, he managed to catch it and placed the spider outside of the house
  • Tried to comfort as much as he could for you, apologised a lot that he could not finish the task faster
  • V just stop it you helped a lot already


  • You two were talking about V’s pictures when a butterfly flew into the house
  • You jumped onto the chair while Rika just took a look at the monarch fluttering around
  • “It’s pretty.”
  • She held her hand up and the butterfly landed on her finger before showing to you
  • Noticed your discomfort before letting it out at the window
  • “Sorry, I hope I did not scare you…”
  • Tried to change the topic so you would not remember about the incident after that


  • He was really confused when you were jumping around from furniture to furniture
  • “Are you trying out indoors parkour? Gdi Saeyoung for telling you about that”
  • He walked away to the kitchen, but he then he heard a scream
  • He ran to you worried if you fell down, injuring yourself or something like that
  • You were parkouring because of the cockroach chasing you…
  • Took a tissue and grabbed it by his hand
  • ????? How?
  • Threw it into the bin before he asked if you were okay
  • Well, tbh he thought you were really okay until you suddenly broke down in tears
  • Now he did not know what to do (Deja vu to a certain call?)
  • Saeyoung was not available currently
  • So he slowly went up to you and just stroked your hair instead, calming you down after that
  • He still did not know what to do but he seriously hoped that you felt better

anonymous asked:

"I had a sex dream about you and now I can't look you in the eye" for bellarke! Please! :)

ummmmm heyyyyyy I don’t know how this happened as a result of this prompt but it did and I regret nothing.

[AO3] [FFN]

Her slightly glazed expression tips her best friend off the second Clarke wanders into their kitchen far too early that morning.

“Oh my god,” Raven says, setting her mug down on the table so hard that some coffee sloshes over the edge. “Did you get laid last night? Shit, is he still here?”

“Raven!” Clarke says.

“Sorry, is she still here?”

“No one’s here,” Clarke groans, slipping into the chair next to Raven and dropping her head to the table with a thunk.

“Clarke,” Raven says after a moment of silence. Clarke tries to ignore her. “Clarke. Clarke. Clarke,” her friend sings, punctuating each word with a poke to Clarke’s arm.

“I was raised by a surgeon,” Clarke replies, voice muffled. “I know how to kill you slowly and painfully.”

“Shut up, you love me,” Raven says, and pokes her again. “And you know I’m not going to stop until you explain why you look like you got screwed six ways to Sunday.”

Clarke lifts her head off the table. “I…had a dream,” she admits, her face burning.

A beat.

“You look like that from a dream?” Raven asks incredulously. “Must have been one hell of a dream, Griffin.”

The sigh she lets out is unintentionally dreamy-sounding, and Raven snickers at her. “It was really good,” Clarke says. “Like, really, really good.”

“Who was it?” Raven replies eagerly. Clarke wrinkles her nose and presses her lips together, and her friend sighs and stands up.

“Don’t make me do this,” Raven says, going to their coffeepot.

“Do what?” Clarke asks, utterly confused.

Raven pours the last of the brewed coffee into a mug, but instead of handing it to Clarke, she holds it threateningly over the sink.

“No!” Clarke gasps, holding out her hands and making grabby motions. “I need that!”

“Do you? Do you really?” Raven says, tilting the mug so a thin trickle of liquid starts to run over the side. “Do you know what I need, Clarke?”

“Screw you, Reyes,” Clarke replies.

“I’ll tell you what I need,” Raven continues as if Clarke never spoke. “I need to know who dream-fucked you so good you look like a small breeze could knock you over.”

The mug tilts a little more, and Clarke finds herself blurting out, “Bellamy Blake!”

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Cipher Hunt Thing (Creepypasta Version)

Rated: 14+ (Language, Kind of Violence, Possession, THINGS GET WEIRD)

Note that this is mostly unedited save for going back and putting italics on certain things. I just wrote straight through it.

It was all supposed to be fun and games. After all, Gravity Falls wasn’t real and this was just something to get the fandom riled up. That’s what everyone thought when Alex Hirsch started this whole Cipher Hunt thing. It turns out we were all wrong.

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░  naru-uzumaki’s 8k follow forever!  ░

Holy shittebayo — that’s the only reaction that I had when I woke up this morning and logged onto my blog. I cannot believe that I’ve hit such a milestone. Some of you have been with me since the beginning of this blog [ 3 years muthafuckers woot! you know who you are ] and some have only known my blog for a couple seconds. You guys — you are the reason why this blog continues on. To the interactions throughout the years, the new followers that I still squeal about when I see you come up — to the ones that continue to put up with me no matter what happens – 

                                        All I can say is —

                                           Thank you.

It’s been an up and down year — My life has only gotten busier and busier and I’m no where online as much as I used to be, but you guys continue to follow me, be patient with me and I can’t even express how appreciative I am for every single one of you. Every single one of you has made this blog what it is. It would be no where without the asks that you send me, the responses to the lame starters I have, and all of the above. And oh — my shipping partners. How do you even deal with me anymore?

Below are the people that are just absolutely amazing, some really close to me that have been with me through all my struggles and some I just stalk you from afar and have heart eyes as big as my head because your portrayal is freakin’ awesome [ believe it ]. If you’re not on here, it’s probably because I’m lame and my brain died somewhere typing all these from the shock but do know, I love every single one of you. If I could only put all 8,000 of you on here ♥

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Sugar daddy!au HC: I know this is a non-powered AU, but I can't help imagining some assholes kidnapping Tony to use as bait so Steve will give them some of his money, his tech, etc.

Tony knew from the beginning that getting romantically involved with a celebrity was going to have its drawbacks.  He long-ago accepted that he probably wouldn’t be able to live the normal life he always dreamed of as a child, but after going on that first date with Steve, he realized that any chances of that happening were going to be nonexistent. 

Tony was ready for the paparazzi.  He was ready for the stares he’d get while walking down the street, and the murmurs of the other kids in his classes.  He was ready to deal with being photographed while out in public with Steve, and ready to answer the ridiculous questions from prying reporters. 

One thing Tony wasn’t prepared for, however, was getting snatched and thrown into a moving van by a group of large men while doing some last minute gift-shopping for Steve’s birthday.  

Tony’s watched plenty of movies, so when he comes to, he’s expecting to find himself to be tied down to a chair in some abandoned warehouse in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere. 

He’s surprised to find himself in a decent hotel room with the television playing The Price Is Right in the background.

Of course, he was still tied to a chair, and he wasn’t a particularly huge fan of the gun being pointed at his head, but luckily, the entire situation was over within another few hours.

The kidnappers had given Steve an account wire some money to, and while the police weren’t able to use that to trace the owner of the account, Steve’s tech guys and Tony’s brilliant friends were able to find the guys within the hour.

It turned out that the police were good for something though: dramatic entrances.

Between the shouting, and the bright lights, the police storming into the room, and his kidnappers crying on the floor, Tony felt like he was in the scene of a movie.

And when Steve got to the hotel—in his helicopter, like what even was Tony’s life?—he made the medics check him over three times, and after they assured Steve that Tony was perfectly fine, Steve still refused to leave his side and was touching every inch of Tony’s body that he could, as if making sure Tony was actually there.

So they got into Steve’s helicopter and had Steve’s pilot fly them back to the penthouse, and the ride wasn’t unpleasant necessarily, but it was obvious that Steve didn’t want to talk about it yet (which was perfectly fine with Tony).  And upon arrival, Tony passed out on the couch because yes, he may have escaped any actual injury, but he learned that getting kidnapped really took a lot out of a person.

Tony woke up a good ten hours later in his and Steve’s bed, with the first rays of sunlight just starting to peak over the city skyline.  He spotted Steve leaning against the railing on the balcony, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of threadbare pajama pants.  Tony put on a sweatshirt and grabbed a blanket before stepping out into the chilly November air.  

“You’re going to freeze out here,” Tony said, draping the blanket over Steve’s shoulders.

Steve’s shoulders tensed, obviously not expecting the contact.

“Steve?” Tony called out softly.  He placed his hand on Steve’s arm, and that’s when he realized that Steve was shaking. “Steve, babe, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Steve repeated incredulously, finally looking Tony in the eye. “Jesus. Tony, you got kidnapped.”

“And now I’m back home safe and sound,” Tony countered.

Steve looked physically pained.  “I don’t understand how you can even look at me right now.  None of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t gotten involved with me.”

“Nothing happened to me, Steve—”

“It could still happen, Tony.  I’m an easy target.  I’ve had my fair share of kidnappings when I was a kid,” Steve said, surprising Tony. He remembered Steve saying something about getting kidnapped once, but multiple times?  

Sure, Tony acted flippant and nonchalant in front of the police and medics, but he scared out of his mind when he was tied down with a  gun to his head.  

“I wouldn’t wish those experiences upon anyone,” Steve added, quieter than before. “I couldn’t live with myself if you had gotten hurt because of me.”

“Steve, if this is you trying to break up with me, it isn’t going to work.  You’re gonna be stuck with me until you get sick of me, and when that happens, I’ll just make you fall in love with me all over again.”

Steve smiled a bit at that. “Impossible.  I could never get tired of you.”

“Good to know,” Tony replied. “Just… stop with this self-sacrificial bullshit, okay?  I knew what I was getting into when I started dating you, and this isn’t going to scare me off.”  If anything, Tony actually felt lucky to have someone who cared about him so much to threaten the mayor to find him or Steve would make sure his political career was no more.  

Tony knew it was a little twisted, so he refrained from voicing that particular thought to Steve.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around Steve in a tight embrace and let the larger man sob into his worn college sweatshirt.

“I love you,” Tony said, peppering Steve’s face with kisses. “I’m not leaving you.  Ever.”

“I love you too,” Steve replied. 

“Sorry I ruined your birthday.” 

“Shut up.”

The kidnapping situation sucked, and watching his boyfriend cry over him sucked even more, but at least Tony could cross “sex on the balcony” off his bucket list.

Hollow Heart


Laying down in the back of the tour bus, you sighed, scrolling through twitter.

You were waiting for the boys to come back after finishing a show. 

Eventually you heard a series of yelling, signaling their return. Getting up off the couch, you made your way to the front of the bus.

Ashton and Calum slightly smiled at you before making their way over to the bunks, not letting you actually talk to them. 

Walking over to where Luke was sitting, you plopped down next to him.

Where’s Mikey?”

Looking up from his phone, he quickly glanced to you and then back down.

Um… not sure…. Last i saw he was behind us… and… then he wasn’t.”

Frustrated, you sighed.

Okay? And do you have any idea where he could be?”

“Um… nope… sorry.”

Quickly smiling, he got up, rushing over to his bunk.

Groaning, you felt yourself becoming completely annoyed.

All week the boys had been basically avoiding you. Treating you like you were some sort of nuisance.

Which. Made. No. Sense.

For a few years you had been really good friends with the boys. You were constantly visiting them on tour, sometimes even traveling with them. It wasn’t until about a year ago that you started dating Michael. And to be honest, everything was still perfect. They were your best friends and he was your boyfriend. Everyone got along and it made for a really smooth relationship. 

But then you came to visit a few weeks ago for this tour.

Everything was different.

The boys treated you like you were a nobody. They constantly blew you off, made any excuse to not talk for more then 5 minutes and sometimes even walked the opposite direction when they saw you coming.

Then there was Mikey.

Before the tour, he was the perfect boyfriend. 

You both were basically the two halves of the same person.

But now, he wasn’t the same.

He hardly touched you, kissed you, talked to you. He made a point to come onto the bus late, really giving no time for you to talk. Woke up early and left to go do things he claimed were for the band. It was like it pained him to even be close to you. 

You had no idea what you had done or what was wrong.

For the past few weeks, you tried to fix whatever it was you did to them. But no matter how hard you fought, it was like you weren’t good enough for their world anymore. It was coming to the point where you couldn’t handle it.

Tonight was the night you were finally going to confront Mikey about it.

Hearing his heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, you felt your stomach drop. You saw him immediately catch sight of you and lightly groan.

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes.

Wow… okay… hi to you too.”

Shaking his head, he looked away.

Im not in the mood to deal with anyone right now.”

Standing up, you blocked him from going towards the bunks.

Well damn Mikey, I’m not just anyone. Im your fucking girlfriend. Or have you forgotten that?”

Looking annoyed, he just stared at you.

And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Crossing your arms, you slightly puffed up your chest, trying to stand your ground against his attitude.

It means it seems like you've forgotten why I’m here in the first place.”

Rolling his eyes, he tried to walk around you but you stepping in front again.

Well fuck you make it pretty hard to forget.”

Taken aback, you fought to keep a straight face.

The whole reason you both picked these few weeks for you to come was because your one year anniversary was in a few days. He had been so adamant about you being on tour with him for that day. 

But now he was acting like it was more of a bother to him than an important moment.

So what your saying is our anniversary isn’t important?”

Throwing his hands in the air, he started to raise his voice.

I didn’t fucking say that did i? No! Stop twisting my god damn words!”

Raising your voice to match his, you could hear the other boys getting out of their bunks, confused at the sudden yelling.

Then what the hell are you saying! Jesus Michael if you don’t want me here anymore just say it! Just-”


Raging, he turned to punch the side of the bunks.

Mouth open, you took a step back, watching your vision turn blurry.

Turning around, you saw all of the boys staring at Mikey in disbelief.

He had never once raised his voice at you.

Never once even seemed to be violent.

Looking back at him, you saw a wave of different emotions play through his face. Taking a step forwards, you took a step back.

You were actually scared of him.

He looked at all the faces of the boys and shook his head.

Pushing past you, he ignored everyone and went to jump into his bunk, closing the curtain.

Shaking you turned around, meeting the worried stares of the boys.

Are you-”


You cut off Ashton before he could finish his sentence.

Stop pretending like you care all of a sudden.”

Walking through them you went over to the back of the bus, closing the door behind you.

Crawling into the couch, you pulled the blanket off the top and tried to bury yourself inside the cushion.

Letting out a silent sob, you hide your face in the blanket.

What had you done to make him hate you so much all of a sudden?

He always used to say you were his whole world and now it was like he refused to even look at you. It was like you were the problem for his sudden mood change and you didn’t know why. 

Crying yourself to sleep, you never once moved from the couch.

Eventually you heard voices, but you thought you were still dreaming.

Turning, you tried to push the voices away but they came back even stronger.

It took you a while to realize you weren’t dreaming but catching the end of the conversation somewhere close by.

Mate, you need to tell her.”

Slowly opening your eyes, you were faced with the side of the couch, realizing you had your back against the people talking.

They were in the room with you.

I can't”

You recognized Mikey’s voice.

Shifting, you tried to still act as if you were sleeping, wanting to figure out what was being talked about.

You can’t keep this from her anymore. The boys and I can keep it anymore either.”

Ashton was the other voice.

Hearing Mikey sigh, you felt your heartbeat start to race.

What was he keeping from you?

I don't want to lose her.”

You felt your heart drop.

Why would he lose you?

What had he done?

And you don’t think after yesterday’s outburst that you won’t already lose her? Mate you have been treating her like absolute shit lately. We’ve all tried staying away to give you time to figure out what to do, but you didn’t see how broken she was yesterday. How completely scared she got. For fucks sake man she cried herself to sleep last night by herself. What kind of boyfriend who claims to love her, does that?”

Pausing, he waited for Mikey’s reaction, but got nothing.

Fine Michael, don’t do anything. But don’t come crying to us when she decides to leave you for good.“

Hearing Ashton’s footsteps recede down the hall, you waited for Mikey to follow before you moved.

But instead you heard his footsteps come closer to you.

Squeezing your eyes tight, you did your best to act asleep.

Then you felt his soft lips press against the side of your head.

Im so sorry baby girl”

Walking out, he closed the door behind him.

Finally pushing the blanket off of you, you sat up straight.

What the hell was going on?

Waiting a few minutes before going out the room, you slowly opened the door, immediately hearing all the boys turn quiet.

Walking past the bunks, you saw all of them watching you from the front couch, not making a sound.

Going over to the cabinet, you pulled out a bag of goldfish and made your way back over where you had been sleeping.

Grabbing your phone off the sofa, you cuddled up against the edge. 

Hearing footsteps, you looked up and met Mikey’s unreadable eyes.

Looking back down, you didn’t even bother acknowledging him.

Shifting from foot to foot, you could tell he didn’t know what to do.

Walking further in, he kept staring at you, trying to find something to say.

The bus stopped”

Nodding your head, you tried to keep focused on your phone, annoyed at his lame excuse of a conversation starter. 

Obviously, I can see that by looking out the windows”

Biting his lip, you knew he was nervous.

Moving forwards again he was about to start talking when Calum came bursting.

Hey sorry to interrupt, but we have to go into the venue for an interview”

Standing awkwardly, he waiting for a response. 

“Just give me a few minutes, ill be there in a sec.”

Patting Mikey on the back, Calum walked out of the bus with the boys, leaving you and Michael alone for the first time in weeks.

Looking up, you waited for him to make the first move.

Opening and closing his mouth, he tried to find the right words.

Um.. Look about yesterday… I’m sorry… I guess”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you gaped at him.

You guess? Oh wow thats rich. You treat your girlfriend like shit and you guess your sorry? wow thanks Michael”

Rolling your eyes, you got up off the couch, wanting more than anything to get off this bus.

Stepping in front of the door, he held out his hands.

Wait i didn’t mean it like that”

Huffing, you crossed your arms.

No? Than what did you mean?”

Licking his lips, he still couldn’t gather his words together.

I just… I… Look I’m… Fuck I don’t know”

Nodding your head, you laughed humorlessly.

You don’t know? Really?”

Taking in a big breath, you let mouth start to run wild, holding nothing back.

So you don’t know why you’ve been ignoring me for the past few weeks? You don’t know why all of the sudden the boys want nothing to do with me? You don’t know why you treat me like I’m nothing but a pest to you? You don’t know why you haven’t bothered to tell me you loved me or touch me? Why you talk to me like I’m some sort of nobody? Why you avoid every single moment to spend with me?”

Letting out a small sob, you couldn’t stop yourself from talking.

Well let me guess why then since you don’t know! Is it because you don’t want to be with me anymore? Am i not good enough for you? Am i some sort of fucking bother to you? Do i disgust you know? Do you not love me anymore?”

Hearing your voice crack at the end, you placed a hand to your mouth, trying not to let out any more sobs.

Rushing forwards, he tried to grab your arms.

No! No! Please don’t think that! I love you so fucking much please-”

Smacking his hands away from you, you cut him off.

Then why Michael! Why do you treat me like i mean nothing to you! What did i do that was so fucking horrible that made you not want me anymore. Please just tell me what i did so i can fix this. I can’t keep waiting around to figure it out myself, please just tell me. I keep watching our relationship break piece by piece right in front of me and i don’t know what to do.”

Taking a shaky breath in, you waited for his response.

Scared and panicked, he started letting tears fall from his eyes. 

He was losing you.

Moving his hands up to his hair, he started tugging on the tips, closing his eyes tightly.

Opening them, you saw so much fear in his eyes.

So much regret.

So much pain.

He finally had to tell you the truth.

Whether he was ready or not, he had no choice.

Either way he was probably going to lose you.

Because… Fuck… Before i say anything, please remember i love you so much. I fucked up. This is completely my fault and I’m sorry. Please don’t ever think you are whats wrong with us. It’s completely me”

Stoping, he shook his head, sobbing slightly.

Looking back up, he held your eyes.

“Baby girl… Im so sorry but… I-”


Turning, you both saw the boys manager running onto the bus.

Lets go, were going to film in 3 minutes. You need to be out there”

Pausing, he took in the sight of both of you and looked a little confused.

Uh sorry… didn’t know something was going on but we need you out there”

Pushing Michael to start walking, Mikey jumped back, refusing to go.

What? No… i can’t right now. Just do it without me I can’t-”

“Just go”

Both turning to look at you, they watched confused as you stood up.

Michael just go.”

Shaking his head, he didn’t understand.

What no… I need to try and fix this-”

Walking forwards some, you stop him.

“I understand that… But right now i cant even think properly. I got out everything i was bottling up and now i just need time to get my head on straight. Just go do the interview, ill still be here when you get back”

Looking at you sadly, he nodded.


Walking forwards, he bent down to give you a kiss but you turned your head.

Backing away, he stared at you with so much hurt in his eyes.

Come on Mike… We need to go”

Pulling him lightly, his manager turned Mikey around to leave the bus.

Looking back to you, he gave you an apologetic smile.

Once you heard the bus door close, you felt a wave a relief and flopped back down on the couch.

You wanted so badly to know the truth but now hearing him so close to saying it, you were scared.

You had a feeling you knew what he was going to say but you didn’t want to hear it.

You just wanted to stay in denial.

Closing your eyes, you tried to make your now growing headache disappear.

Hearing a phone start to go off, you groaned and turned to look for yours.

Grabbing it, you noticed your screen was black.

Getting off the couch, you made your way over to the bunk area and looked for the source of the sound.

It was coming from Mikey’s bunk.

Shoving his blankets around, you reached under his pillow and finally grabbed his phone.

By the time you pulled it out, the screen had turned black.

Shrugging you were about to put it back when it started ringing again.


Confused, you just stared at the screen.

Why the fuck was she calling?

And why in the world did he still have her number?

He had told you when you started dating that he deleted her number and never wanted to talk to her again.

But yet here she was, name in his phone, calling.

Still not answering, you let her name fade away.

Trying to put the pieces together, you saw her name pop up again.

She wasn’t planning on going away any time soon.

Absolutely shaking, you answered the call, not speaking.

Oh my god you answered. Okay please don’t hang up on me this time.”

Staying quiet, she took the silence as an invitation to keep talking.

Look i know what you said okay. That night was a mistake. And i know i agreed at the time but i need to tell you the truth. Im still in love with you. And i know you have to still feel the same way or else it wouldn’t have happened again. We can make this work, okay? Please?”

Feeling like the air had been sucked out of your lungs, you started sliding down to the floor.

Mikey? Are you there? God this is because of your fucking girlfriend isn’t it? Jesus don’t tell me you still haven’t told her? You really expect to hide this from her? Fucking hell ill tell her if you don’t! Im not going to give up on us! Not when i know theres still a chance! So just own up and tell her already!”

Completely shaking, you answered her, not even recognizing your broken voice.

Don't worry about it. You just did.”

Pulling the phone off your ear, you could hear her freaking out, pleading to wait once she figured out who had been listening.

Wait.. no.. I’m sorry… don’t tell him i told-”

Hitting the end button, you shut her up.

Throwing the phone across the bus, you put your head in your hands.

He had cheated on you.

That’s why he couldn’t even bare the thought of touching you.

He gave himself to someone else.

Someone who he might possibly still have feelings for.

Acting on pure instinct, you ran out of the bus with no place in mind.

You ran into the venue, up random stairs, down different hallways.

You kept running until you were out of breath, sliding down against a wall.

Breathing heavily, you felt like you couldn’t get a grasp on air.

Grabbing your chest, you felt like the walls were starting to close in against you.

Slowly seeing black spots, you tried to calm yourself, but couldn’t.

You had let your anxiety turn into a full blown panic attack.

Seeing patches of your surroundings, you tired to figure out where you were but the next thing you knew everything had turned black.

Hitting the floor, the last thing you remembered was catching sight of someone running in the room, yelling your name.


Annnnnnd heres my next little mini series!

Basically the whole reason i started this one was because of these two suggestions from tialeashley and an anon (who is a straight savage btw):

Questions or suggestions?
Let know now here:  


(PART 2)

fshit-eaters  asked:

I have this headcanon that Nico can't cook Italian food /to save his life/ and Will is incredibly amused at first. But then Will starts cooking Italian for Nico on the weekends or something and it's pretty good, so it becomes their little tradition. -- warmestbloggerever

See, I headcanon this the other way around, but I like the idea of Will having a hidden talent for cooking.

The fire alarms are what woke Will up from his nap and let him know that Nico’s cooking. Bleary, Will makes his way into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and scratching his hip. Nico was scowling at a blackened pot when he walked in, muttering something about “flammable noodles”.

“Hey, love.” Will kissed the side of Nico’s head and pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge. “What’re you doing?” As if he didn’t already know.

“I was trying to make dinner, but apparently our stove gets hotter than I intended and it burned my noodles to a crisp.” Nico dropped the pan into the sink, giving it a glare that could melt iron. Good thing the pot was stainless steel.

Will had to refrain from laughing. The adorable grumpy scowl Nico was giving the pot made Will want to hold him and tell him he’d still eat the noodles anyway, but his mind stopped him. Crispy noodles did not sound good.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up and I’ll make a new batch of noodles.” Will kissed his forehead and sent him back towards their bathroom with a tap on his butt, earning himself a glare from his boyfriend. Will smiled and winked at him before turning to the stove and trying to salvage what was left of the meal. 

Twenty minutes later, Will had successfully created some chicken spaghetti, throwing some basil on top for dramatic effect. Nico paddled out into the kitchen from their room in one of Will’s old shirts, walking over to Will and pulling him down so he could kiss his cheek.

“Smells good.” 

Will smiled and handed him his plate. “I used the last of the chicken. We need to go to the grocery store soon.” He followed Nico to the table with his own plate, sitting across from him.

Nico took a bite and Will watched him, savoring the small smile that formed on his lips when he chewed. “This is really good, Will. And incredibly unfair.”

Really, Will thought, it’s unfair that you look so good in my shirt. He saved that thought for later and laughed and started eating his own food. “How is it unfair?”

“I’m the Italian. You’re from California. I think I should get to be the one who’s good at cooking.” 

“What can I say? I learned from the best.” Nico snorted and kept eating. 

“Your mom couldn’t cook to save her life either. I think you just watch the cooking channel too much. You know what this means though, right?” 

Will hummed in response, slowly making his way through his pasta and watching Nico sip his wine.

“You get to cook from now on.”

Will laughed again and set his hand on the table for Nico to take. When he did, Will ran his thumb over his knuckles. “If it makes you happy. And you do the dishes.”

Nico smiled and squeezed his hand and Will couldn’t help the rush of affection that went through him. “Deal.”

This made me hungry