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Good Mornings - Steve Rogers

Title: Good Mornings

Parings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Clingy Steve is the cutest Steve.

Words: 994

Warnings: Mentions of Sex (But no smut)

Genere: Fluffy.

A/N: Something short I wrote before going to bed. Because I really needed some love. :D Excuse my grammar mistakes, English isn’t my native tongue and I haven’t really edited it.

- Katie xx

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She woke up by the soft sunlight that shone trough the half shot blinds. (Y/N) was wrapped up in white covers and something else draped over her body. Steve’s strong arm held her close to his naked chest, his nose nuzzling her neck. A happy sighed escaped her as she remembered last nights activities.

How could she get this lucky?

She actually bedded Captain America himself. Well not just that. She actually got to wake up next to him and (Y/N) could call him hers.

He was perfect. Not because he was a Superhero. No because he was Steve Rogers. The most caring, generous and drop dead gorgeous man in the world.

She broke herself out of her day dream with a sigh. There was nothing that she wanted more, than to stay here all day. But they had to get up for a mission.

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