i just wish that they were all blonder

CW Superheroes are Back! Part 1

The CW returned this week with all new episodes of new and old shows and I was super (no pun intended) excited to pick up with all new episodes of the legends of the superflarrow universe. Check out my reviews on Supergirl and Flash below!


After the emotional season finale last year, we all knew that Kara would be experiencing a lot in the 3rd season, and we were correct as the show began with a sad dream sequence involving Mon-El and Kara’s mom, Lara. [I think it’s fantastic that yet another alum of the Superman universe is on Supergirl–Erica Durance Smallville’s Lois Lane–but I like how we’re not addressing the change in actress at all.]

I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so long since the finale, but everyone looked so different. It might just be because it has been a while, but Melissa’s hair definitely got blonder. (It always looks so good. I wish I could pull off some many of her hairstyles as Kara Danvers.) I loved seeing all members of Team Supergirl again and was very happy that James Olsen even made multiple appearances. Last season, despite his new role as Guardian, there would be several episodes at a time where he was just missing and no one addressed where he was. In the boardroom I couldn’t help, but notice a little connection between him and Lena when they backed each other up on Supergirl. Could they possibly be setting up something there?? Am I reading too much into this?? (Probably.) But she did just buy CATCO, so the two can possibly have more screen time together….We shall see. 

Kara’s focus on only being Supergirl this episode and leaving Kara Danvers behind was very reminiscent to some of the other superhero plots we’ve seen on other shows in the past. Oliver Queen on Arrow only being the Green Arrow. It seems like a plight that each character must undergone and I’m interested in seeing how Kara experiences it, seeing as how she has been such a positive hero in the past. 

I understand why Kara was feeling the way she did, but was happy when she had some consoling by J’onn. Everyone had been pestering her about her feelings and he was the first person I thought of that she should talk to. He has experienced something extremely similar. I’m glad that conversation happened even if it was super short. J’onn had a strong father figure role, yet again, this episode. I love how Alex asked if he will walk her down the aisle. :)

While there were mixed reviews on Mon-El last season, he was always one of my personal favorites (and I was on the Team Karamel ship). So, it was great still seeing his name as a series regular, and I love how he was the one to get through to Kara to, “WAKE UP!” I can’t wait to see where he’s been all of this time later in the season. 

Maggie and Alex’s talk about their wedding made me really nervous for how things are going to go. On shows we’re never allowed to have anything nice, so I’m crossing my fingers that it is smooth sailing. They deserve to be happy. I also thought I heard that Floriana (who plays Maggie) isn’t a series regular, so that worries me (but I might be wrong–Let me know.)

Talking about things going wrong, we got a first look at the new villain, Reign, who doesn’t know who she is. That is going to be an interesting character arc for sure!

Favorite quote from this episode (paraphrasing):  Alex and J’onn- Don’t cry or I’ll cry and then people will know we actually can cry.

The Flash

How crazy is it that we are already in the 4TH SEASON!!! Time is racing by…(okay that pun was on purpose) :)

The beginning, when we saw Team Flash minus its lead hero, felt a lot like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Buffy left and the Scooby Gang were fighting the bad guys. It was interesting to see Iris step up and be the leader back at STAR Labs. Loved seeing Cisco (or should I say Vibe) getting in on some superhero action out in the field. Also really enjoyed Joe’s shades. Iris sleeping on the couch made my heart break. The team felt really small compared to where we were last season. I was kind of sad that Harry wasn’t around. I hope we see him soon.

I was happy Barry was brought back in the same episode. I thought we were going to have to wait till like the last 5 minutes or till the 2nd ep. I also like how they made him in a different state of mind, but feel like his recovery was too fast and he can’t be 100% back. It seemed too easy and I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to Barry later in the season as a repercussion.

I’m excited this season’s big bad is actually not another speedster, but I’m going to have to do some research on who he is because I don’t know much. 

Caitlin! At first I thought she was taking a drug to suppress Killer Frost and the guy who interrupted her and Cisco at the bar was her dealer. Then I thought she was a part of a gang. But I was shocked that she’s got a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. Super intense! I’m hoping we gain some backstory in flashback form for what happened with her these past 6 months. 

The parallels this episode to the pilot were FANTASTIC! I had just rewatched the first episode recently, so it was even more satisfying. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Cisco and the twizzlers, plus Caitlin asking him to pee in the cup. Too good!

I also really enjoyed all the new STAR Labs merch. There was a towel that Joe used when he gave Barry a shave and a white tee that Wally was sporting. Very nice. 

My favorite quote this episode was a tie between: “This house is bitchin.” (So funny) and the comment Cisco made about Caitlin liking urine. 

Stay posted for my CW Superhero Reviews Part 2 involving Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.