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Hcs for being damian waynes motherly/sister figure?❤❤

I appreciate this request because I, too, wish I could adopt damian

  • I’m imagining you somehow getting involved with Team Batman and meeting tiny ferocious Robin and just thinking, “yes, this child needs mothering and he is mine now.”
  • Bruce is probably a little suspicious at first because people trying to get close to his children usually do so because of some ulterior motive, but Damian warms up to you surprisingly fast and eventually Batdad decides you’re trustworthy. Plus, he’ll be the first to admit that Damian could always use more nonviolent influences in his life.
  • The way that Damian shows affection is a lot like the way a cat does. He’s not sitting next to you because he enjoys your presence, it was simply the most convenient spot. He “just happens” to be in the same room as you, trying very hard to look busy. It’s not because he’s lonely and wants company, and he’s frankly a little insulted that you’d make that assumption.
  • Hugs are Out Of The Question, at least at first. Damian is definitely not used to being touched in a casual or affectionate way, so he’ll probably never be a touchy person. And again, like a skittish cat, it’s best to proceed with caution on the physical affection front.
  • I feel like you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to make up for all of the normal childhood things that Damian never got to do. Marathoning your favorite kid movies, baking cookies, giving him your old favorite books to read, ect.
  • His reactions to the movies vary (he enjoys Mulan but isn’t a big fan of most of the princess-y ones), but he’ll grudgingly admit that he really does like your cookies. His reactions to the books are a little bit hilarious, because he’ll come to you with these deep observations about themes, even if the book in question is, like, Percy Jackson or something.
  • If you take him to a pet shop or a dog park you will instantly become his Favorite Person. You make an effort to take him back at least once every couple of weeks. 

I meant to talk a bit about Dora back when I watched Parental Bonding, but since she appears again in Prisoners of Love, this is a decent excuse to bring her up again.

Anyway, I thought it was cool that Dora showed up multiple times as a side character before getting a focal episode, but my sister and I thought of an idea when watching Parental Bonding that could’ve had her in more of the show and been kinda funny and cute.

What if Dora had developed a crush on Tucker after this?

Tucker’s always trying to woo the ladies, and Dora’s always wishing to go to the ball.

I think it could’ve been interesting to see Dora show up a few more times, asking Tucker to take her to the ball or dance with her. Tucker’s her beret-wearing prince charming.

I don’t even ship them at all, I just think this could’ve been an amusing and cute running thing, especially because I always love seeing this ghost princess.

Stupidly Hopeful [Changkyun Angst]

Request: Hello!~ I wanted to request an angst scenario with Changkyun. Where you are best friends and are very affectionate with each other (lots of hugs, wraps his arm around your shoulder, etc.) and you develop feelings for him. You think he likes you because of the sweet gestures, but he only sees you as a little sister. You confess but he doesn’t return the feelings. You pretend to be okay but you’re not. If you could add “It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.” I would really love it! Thank you sm! 

A/N: I left this as angst because i think it’s not supposed to have a happy ending hehe…but if anyone wants a happy ending or anon, if you want a seperate happy ending I’d be glad to write one! I hope you like it!

Having a best friend used to be a blessing.

You always beamed with pride when other girls commented about your perfect best friend, Changkyun. No, you never got jealous because at that point of time, he was more of a brother than a guy you would have feelings for. The title of ‘best friends’ was an extremely prestigious, exclusive relationship that you wished would last for more than a lifetime.

But one day, you realised that you didn’t want to be just best friends with him anymore.

That day, you and Changkyun were out on your usual Saturday dinner. It wasn’t some fancy candlelit dinner, a special occasion or anything like that. You wore something simple, making sure that you weren’t late being your first priority.

When you got there, plates of food were already on the table and when you scanned through them, you smiled because each half of the table was filled with each of your favourite foods.

“Nice, you got my sweet and sour pork,” you grinned as you took a seat and the boy shrugged.

“I always get ‘your’ sweet and sour pork. ‘Your’, wow, as if you own it.” You shot him a look and he looked away, grabbing his bowl of rice before you poured a whole bottle of chilli on it. Watching as he stuffed himself with rice with a few side dishes here and there, you felt that there was just something special about him that you couldn’t quite explain.

You weren’t quite sure whether it was love because you thought that love always came and hit hard, something like a rush of feelings, a flood of emotions and the typical heart-pounding thing that books and movies always portrayed it to be. But the thought of it would always pop up in your mind from time to time.

Instead, you would feel this small warmth in your heart at the little things that he did and the perhaps ‘insignificant’ things about him. You weren’t giddy with love, but you were always finding more and more things about him, each one making up the boy who was somehow everything to you.

That realisation that you liked him more than you thought you did surprised you that night and you were in a daze until a hand waving wildly in front of your face snapped you out of your trance.


“Y-yes yes, I was just thinking about something,” you said and his nodded slowly, giving you that uncertain look.

“Yeah…sure…You know, if there’s anything-”

“There’s nothing wrong with me Changkyun! Don’t worry.”

Suddenly, you felt his hand holding yours tightly and you were so shocked that you almost pulled away but somehow, you didn’t. This was normal and it happened all the time but that night, it felt so different.

Changkyun must have been extremely hungry that night because the food was all gone in no time and you didn’t even remember eating that much. After paying, the both of you walked out of the small shop and you were just going to go back home because he would probably have dance class like always.

“Okay, you’re gonna have to go for your dance class now! Remember to rest a while before dancing because you just ate and I think you ate a lot. You don’t want to puke in front of that pretty girl in your class that you were talking about, don’t you?” You teased and Changkyun smiled slightly.

“Nah, I think I’ll skip class for today,” he sighed and you raised your eyebrows.

“You? Skipping dance class?”

“You know ________, I really have this feeling that there’s something bothering you. Let’s just talk about it tonight okay?” he said, placing both hands on your shoulders which was something he always did when he was comforting you.

At that moment, you felt this urge to blurt out that constant thought in your head that maybe, just maybe, the both of you could be something more than just friends. It had been in your mind for so long and you wondered whether it would be best to just get it out. But the fear of losing him as even a best friend was too frightening and so you didn’t. You were scared.

“I’m just tired. You know, exams and all. I think I really need some sleep,” you said in the most convincing way and he thought for a while before nodding.

“Okay. Have lots of rest then,” he said as he gave you a tight hug. And yet again, that common gesture got you flustered like never before.

I’ll sort this out when I’m alone. Seeing him doesn’t help things.

“Bye!” you said real quick and he waved before walking away.

That was the hardest dinner you have ever had to go through.

That night, you spent more than an hour trying to figure yourself out and foolishly, you tried to figure him out. You tried to make assumptions by his actions, his words. As if love could be calculated, you tried to guess his feelings for you and the countless hugs and affectionate words he showered you with made everything worse because it made you stupidly hopeful.  

And as foolish as the thought of getting together, as foolish your decision was. After all, you were confident that he wouldn’t end the friendship just like that and you knew that talking about something like that probably wouldn’t make things awkward. You only got one aspect of the entire thing wrong.

You thought that as long as he remained as your best friend, you wouldn’t get hurt.

It happened a week after. You spent six days dragging things on and finally, you decided to do it because you knew that it was slowly killing you.

“Changkyun?” you said in a soft voice and you knew that your confidence wasn’t showing because you didn’t even have any.


“So I was just thinking…you know, we’ve been best friends for a long time,” you started, your voice shaky and you wished that you could muster up more confidence.


“I’ve always liked you and I don’t know…I love you now.”

There was silence for a while as if he was trying to process everything.

“What do you mean by that? I mean, I’ve loved you since the start! You know, you’re the little sister that I’d do anything for and that I love to the moon and back. You know that right?”

He was getting everything wrong.

“No. As in….I love you. Not as a brother changkyun and not as a best friend either. Don’t make things hard for me…You know what I mean right?”

“I’m sorry…I…I know what you mean but-”

And once the word ‘but’ left his lips, your heart shattered. You felt a pang in your heart that you had never felt before. It was as if you were plunged in darkness and left all by yourself. It was as if the sun had disappeared and all you could feel was raindrops shooting down at you. ‘But’ was an indirect ‘no’ and so you stopped it right there.

“Just stop. It’s okay, you don’t have to love me.”

The boy kept silent and stood there, his gaze lowered towards the ground.

“I don’t want things getting awkward between us okay? We’re best friends forever, and I mean it,” you said, mustering the brightest smile you could.

“Are you sure?”

Am I sure?

No, you were in a million pieces and that feeling was something you never expected. You truly loved him, after all.

“I’m sure. Okay, enough of this! Let’s go for lunch okay?” You said, keeping in all your sadness and making sure none of it showed.  


You knew that he was still feeling bad, it was typical of him. And if he didn’t, he must have been a really oblivious and uncaring person which he wasn’t. How you wish you hadn’t asked. But you did.

Because you were stupidly hopeful. 


The Edge of Seventeen Tag

I believe I was tagged many years ago by @grumpysimmies and @romeo-and-simulet

I’ve been debating on who to choose, but I felt nostalgic about Keith Fletcher and Jena McGee of the sixth generation (and super dissatisfied with how their beginning went in the legacy, to be honest), so I picked them. Man, my makeover skills have improved so much!

I might share a bit of their actual story that never happened in the legacy (we later made it up together with @blurrypxls, Jena’s creator). Basically, Keith was a popular athletic guy with tons of friends, but good at heart. Jena was the only child of her mother, who was overprotective of her and this was the reason of their constant fights. She also had a dad who split up with her mother long ago and lived quite far away but cared about her a lot, and two older sisters who she wasn’t really close with. Jena was a shy and innocent girl, always in the shadows of her friends, and had a silent crush on Keith since she first saw him on the football field. He finally paid attention to her when she, unexpectedly for herself, approached him at the skating rink and offered to skate together. They’ve quickly become good friends and later something more, even though Jena could never believe her happiness and thought she doesn’t deserve a guy like Keith. But he genuinely found everything about her adorable. Since she got together with him, her mother became even more crazy, always telling her that he’s a typical footballer and will leave her, which woke up so many insecurities in her. One day Jena just snapped and left, showing up at Keith’s door in the middle of the night. His family gladly accepted her, especially his mother Carrie and sister Paris, and she felt like at home. Keith always made Jena feel like she matters, and years later, when he survived a terrible accident that left him in the wheelchair for a long time, she paid him back with her unlimited love and support. That’s why these two are so special and I wish I’d explored them more ♥


No I don’t want to be your slave. 

No I don’t want to be your slut. 

No I don’t want to be your fucktoy. 

No I don’t want to obey you.

No I don’t want to call you master.

No I don’t want to used and abused for your pleasure whenever you want it.

Yes I am a submissive. More importantly I am a person. I have a brain, a personality and have no problem telling you just how much of an idiot you are. 

Yes I am submissive. That doesn’t give you the right to be rude. Therefore I will treat you with the distain you deserve should you approach me with any of these as your opening line. 

Yes I am submissive.  I am NOT your submissive and I don’t have to obey you or call you anything other than what I may wish to call you. I am sure I can  come up with more than enough names if you really want me to. They would be a lot more fitting than what you wanted me to call you.

Yes I am submissive. That does not give you the right to treat me in any other way than you would want a stranger to treat your mother, sister, wife, daughter the first time they spoke to them.

You may think this doesn’t makes me submissive.  That shows just how much you don’t understand exactly what a submissive is. This is why you don’t get a reply from me to your trolling messages unless it is to toy with you like a cat plays and destroys a mouse. You become nothing more than  MY play thing. 

grandpa: my facebook screen is small, what do i do?

me: oh, here. you just click this fullscreen button like so, and there we are.


grandpa: i knew how to do it, though, i was making sure you were still sharp.

The Psychology of Talia

For throwntotheair, who has a few questions about Talia. :) I’m grouping this under a few broad questions that should bleed into answering some of the others you mentioned.

The preface of this, of course, is that all of my answers are based in the character of Talia al Ghul prior to Grant Morrison writing her. So the 30+ years of content and development we had beforehand. Grant largely ignored the fundamental pieces of her character that were recurring themes over the years, turned her into an infanticidal rapist and, generally speaking, made her as 2-dimensional as possible. His interpretation also gave Talia wildly inconsistent motives, so he is not a good measure for delving into her character.

What are her motives?

Talia has always been motivated by one thing: love. Love for her father, love for Bruce, love for Damian. Even love for the planet (though less so than Ra’s). Each step of her journey has love somewhere in the why. The primary conflict for her, especially early on, was the tug-of-war between acting for good (because of her love for Bruce) or acting for evil (because of her love for her father). 

The animated series still gives one of the best summaries of Talia’s goals, too: she says that she believes in her father’s vision for the world, but not in his means (namely mass genocide). 

Even in dealing with Damian (Morrison, again, notwithstanding), I think she meant everything for love (I’ll explain more in the ‘why did she raise him this way’ section).

When she throws Jason into the Lazarus Pit in Lost Days, her letter to him says that she has done this “for love.”

Despite her badassery, Talia is actually a very loving, empathic person (though sometimes she denies it). Either way, love is at the core of what she does. For her father, that love spills over into loyalty…most of the time.

Why the loyalty to Ra’s (Why has she never stood against him?)

Wellllll this is two parts. The first question: love and indoctrination. The second question: she has.

First we have to understand that Talia is pretty much a psychological trainwreck. In Batman Chronicles #8, we see one of the only stories that’s specifically from Talia’s point-of-view. This and Lost Days are as close as we really get to such direct access to her thoughts.

Yeah. She’s messed up. We should note that Ra’s, despite his being just about Worst Dad Ever, does genuinely love Talia, in his own way.

Realize that Talia has been raised exclusively in Ra’s in environment (like Damian) and that the way she raised Damian was A LOT like she was raised. She’s in a place where he father is viewed as a deity, it’s this massive, powerful cult, and so there’s a level of indoctrination going on.

But that said…Even from the beginning, Talia was defying her father.

She thinks for herself and, growing through the years, she becomes increasingly agitated, worn down and plain ol’ fed up with her father. I would argue that in most cases, she betrays him for Bruce (or Jason, or Damian) because she knows he’s wrong.

(Prior this panel, Batman asks why Talia is betraying Ra’s, and if it’s because she loves him:)

Doesn’t she seem to be lacking independence?

Here’s where I think there was a massive missed opportunity. Talia, after being shot for betraying her father in Tower of Babel, nopes out and goes off on her own. She’s fed up with both Bruce AND Ra’s.

Ra’s shows up and has Talia kidnapped to bring her back. She winds up rescuing Bruce one more time before leaving BOTH of them and heading off to Hong Kong, where she becomes a successful businesswoman in her own right.

At the time, Lex Luthor is about to run for president. He shows up at her door:

Talia becomes CEO of LexCorp. I wish so much that more happened in this era for her. She butts heads with Superman a few times (and even teamed up once and it was awesome), but it was so under-utilized. In the end, though, she runs the long con on Luthor, willfully bankrupts LexCorp and sells off the assets to Wayne Enterprises. Mostly just to spite him.

She hates Lexcorp mostly because she’s an environmentalist. And because Luthor.

So she’s this awesome independent businesswoman who manages to trick one of the smartest men in the DCU.

Unfortunately, her half-sister shows up during this era in Death and the Maidens. She kidnaps and tortures Talia by murdering her over and over and bringing her back with her Lazarus Pit. This goes on until Talia’s psyche shatters.

Nyssa brainwashes Talia, first with intent to kill Ra’s. Ra’s eventually kills Talia.

When Nyssa kills Ra’s, she and Talia both continue with Ra’s mission (with Nyssa as the Demon’s Head until her death). Then Talia, still brainwashed, becomes the Demon’s Head and leads into the modern area (as with Villains United which ran pretty close up to the New 52).

Why did she raise Damian in that environment?

To put it short: because it was how she was raised and because she knows it’s the only way for him to survive. When Talia was 18 (her first appearance) she was kidnapped by an enemy of her father. Her entire life has been violence, danger and bloodshed. Her father is a powerful, dangerous man in a dangerous world.

If Damian had not been trained, in her mind, he would not have survived. I think she believes it was the best way for him to be able to protect himself. Some indoctrination bleeds through (as her raising him would be post-brainwashing, though the timeline is a bit wonky). 

I hope that helps! I’ve got a lot more essays in on my blog, plus one that’s a comprehensive account of Talia’s history.

eene-fangirl  asked:

What would you liked to have known more about the Kanker's? Do you wish they could have had more portrayals?

I’m not sure what it is I want from them specifically, but I do feel generally unsatisfied with the way the Kankers just kinda fade away each season. Season 1 makes them feel like such a major plot thread and selling point of the show, that even when it inserts them into a story for no reason, it at least feels like the show wants you to wonder where the sisters are when they haven’t shown up yet. But then season 2 boils them down to sisterly squabbling (good) and random endings (bad), season 3 avoids them in like all but 2 or 3 episodes, and then season 4 and the digital era tried to experiment with the Kankers’ roles more but ultimately failed to change up their plot devices enough to elevate them beyond background character status.  The Eds manage to get low-key development out of the Kanker element of the show, which is a little more important as the title characters, but female characters are not well-served by this show, so the potential for Kanker development in their own story arc should be obvious and deserved more thought.

I think season 5′s strength was in exploring how versatile the cul-de-sac kids’ roles could be.  When you think about it, adding the school setting depended ENTIRELY on the kids being able to step up and fill the roles that would be missing from a school show version of an adult-free world.  And up until that point, the show had clearly been avoiding spending that much time with anyone besides the Eds, so I’m really inspired by how many new functions they came up with for the cul-de-sac kids. While the school episodes aren’t popular, I do think they effectively demonstrate new depths to the show’s peripheral cast and I wish the Kankers could have benefited more from that.

Overprotective (Requested)

Brother/Sister with Scott

Thanks for requesting!

Requests are open :)


“Did you finish your history homework last night?” Scott asks, pulling into the parking lot of Beacon Hills high school.

You nod, fiddling with the strap of your bag.

“What about your Spanish? I know you were having some trouble there.”


“Well, did you-”

“Yes Scott,” you cut him off. “Whatever it is, I promise you I’ve done all of it.”

He shrugs. “I was just making sure.”

You step out of the car and head towards the entrance to the hallways. 

“Be careful in the halls! I don’t want you to get trampled!” He calls after you.

You whirl around. “I can take care of myself Scott!”

You quickly walk into the crowded hallways, leaving Scott alone. He had to be the most annoying, overprotective brother ever. Sure, it was nice to know that he cared but sometimes you wished he was the type of brother that wanted nothing to do with his younger sister. You probably would’ve had more freedom. He’s more like a parent than a brother.


On Thursday, you got detention for showing up to English late. You hadn’t meant to be late. It just happened. You were talking to Liam in the hallway and before you knew it, the bell had rung and you were late. Now here you were, getting chewed out by Scott as soon as you were let out of detention.

“I can’t believe you would be so irresponsible. You know better.” Scott looks at you with such a look of disappointment.  

“I’m sorry, okay? I was talking in the hallway and I just lost track of time,” you try to defend your case.

“You should be learning instead of socializing,” he scolds, giving you a hard look.

“Would you stop acting like your my parent please?” As soon as he parks the car in the driveway, you hop out, not wanting to talk to him any longer.


On Saturday night, you and Liam had decided to go see a movie. You and Liam were only friends but everyone knew, including the two of you, that you liked each other as more than friends. 

You and Liam were sitting in the dark movie theater watching Fantastic Four. You reached across the seat and grabbed Liam’s hand, lacing your fingers together. He looked over at you and grinned, his blue eyes sparkling in the dimly lit room. 

He leaned in to kiss you when a two guys jumped up from behind your seats.

“Absolutely not!” One yelled. You recognized Scott’s voice and quickly stood up, letting go of Liam’s hand. Thank goodness there was no one else in the theater. 

Stiles appeared right next to him. “What the hell?”

“I know you were not trying to kiss my sister.” Scott glared Liam, his eyes turning red. 

“I thought you guys were just friends.” Stiles scratched his head, confused. 

You roll your eyes and storm out of the theater. You can not believe Scott just embarrassed you like that. You always knew he was an idiot but you never thought he was that much of an idiot. 

The three boys ran after you, finally catching up to you outside.

“(Y/N)! Wait!”

Scott grabbed your arm and pulled you around the corner. “What is your problem?”

“What’s my problem?” You were outraged. How could he think nothing was wrong? “My problem is that you totally just embarrassed me in front of Liam! Now he probably wants nothing to do with me! You’re so annoying! Why can’t you just leave me along? You’re not my parent so stop acting like you are! Stop trying to be my dad and just be my brother!”

Scott was silent. He looked at you with an expression mixed of hurt, sadness and guilt. You crossed your arms in front of your chest and glared at him.

“I’m sorry,” he said finally. “I’m just trying to protect you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do is protect and I guess I got a little bit carried away. I promise I’ll do better and I won’t embarrass you anymore.”

Your face softened. “Promise?”

He wrapped you in a hug. “Promise.”

Episode 12 Goblin Review: An absolute fate that is beyond human beings’ eternities

OMG!! Episode 12 was such a wild ride… I don’t even know where to begin! DAMN, GR made me fall in love with him 12 times over in this episode! Warning: This review is gonna be super long. 

So that bastard Joong Won wasn’t dead after all and had the audacity to approach Eun-tak with his disgusting hands. Idk… her ghosts friends were being awfully weird. Thank goodness she didn’t touch his hand and told them to leave. After experiencing a frightening sight, Eun-tak ensures that she has a lighter in each and every one of her jackets (fuck, I’d do the same too and even put a back up lighter just incase). Then we see a depressed Sunny as she tries to make up her mind about GR, but it didn’t matter anyways cause Sunny knew she would finish in 7 shots and started with “I want to date him.” As for GR, he discusses with a grim reaper friend that he wants to have his memories back despite the painful longing and the consequences that come with remembering them. Shin notices that GR hasn’t been well lately and tries to find out the reason for GR’s behavior, but Eun-tak comes looking for GR’s help to translate Shin’s journal. She finally finds out that the journal wasn’t a love letter, but instead the words she was told by DH were Shin’s personal thoughts. This causes a domino effect causing Shin, GR, and Eun-tak to finally realize the many “mysterious” things that DH has done and said

The conversation between DH and Samshin was finally revealed - showing a very different DH from what we know. Samshin questions this his motives and why he brought them together, while he answers back, “It was fate.” This mysterious DH speaks with a presence of almighty and knowing… which suggests that God has always been listening and watching. The most interesting thing was when God said, “All God does is ask questions.” This means that God asks questions because he already knows the answers, but it’s up to ourselves to discover them, to think through them, and to make our own choices based on what we believe. With the scene of the butterflies flying out from DH’s body, it suggests that God has been inhabiting DH’s body to watch over Shin and GR. The look on their faces was priceless as they couldn’t believe that God was in front of them all this time, such as the saying, “God is closer than you think.”

Though Sunny knows GR’s identity of being a grim reaper, the first thing that concerned her was if there were any female ghosts who approached him. This shows that Sunny is quite strong-minded for accepting GR’s position as a grim reaper and just how amazing her attention and consideration to people’s situation (To both Eun-tak and the grim reapers who came to eat at her restaurant). Joong Won stirred trouble by approaching the female grim reaper, who was a maidservant during Goryeo, to discover her past by touching Sunny; apparently she committed a huge crime but we don’t know what she may have done exactly to put her in that situation (Maybe she was conspiring with Joong Won? Or maybe she did something to pit Wang Yeo against Kim Sun?). From the earlier confrontation with God, GR contemplated over about what God meant when he said, “I’ve never erased your memories. You made the choice to erase them.” He probably felt conflicted after learning that it was HIM who chose to erase his memories… not God - therefore this suggests that people who become grim reapers choose their own fate to erase their memories

I wasn’t prepared for it… our loving Grandpa passed away due to a heart attack. It was heart-wrenching to watch GR informed Shin of Grandpa’s death and how Shin asked GR to take care of him because, “I don’t want him feeling sorry toward me, even in his last moments… he mustn’t be tethered down to anyone in his next life, but live freely.” The way how DH looked when he realized what had happened and watching Shin cry as he mourned for Grandpa’s death killed my soul, “A man who was good-hearted every moment of every day rests here.” Eun-tak provided the best form of comfort: a hug in silence. During times of pain and sorrow, sometimes a silent hug is what people need the most because they just need to know that there’s someone there for them. With Eun-tak’s childhood, she gave the best advice, “That’s why the people left behind have to live their lives to the fullest,” because she is trying to do that herself for her mother. DH showed so much growth with the passing of his Grandpa and it was touching how GR, Shin, and Eun-tak tried their best to cheer him up with their own gifts (I loved how GR cut the apples into bunnies, Shin made his special dish, and Eun-tak was willing to give her camera to him, lol). Despite DH’s feelings of regret, it was very mature and thoughtful of him when he went to dust the candelabras/silverware, “I’m worried that Grandpa might be fretting over this.” He even acknowledged Secretary Kim as the CEO and how he has much to learn from the bottom up before becoming the man his Grandpa was, “I’ll learn everything well, from the bottom up…. how to play baduk, too. And I’ll become a good older brother, father, and grandfather to you.” 

Firstly, I’m so glad that Secretary Kim is not Joong Won! And secondly, we see that Grandpa leaves behind two letters with one for DH (his credit card T.T) and the other for him (his name is Kim Do Young). His letter said, “If someone whose last name is Kim and first name is Shin, meaning “belief” comes and says “I’ve come to claim what is mine,” give him everything. Everything I’ve left behind is his. He will walk through the rain and disappear with a blue spark. If he does that, know that that man is truly Kim Shin.” From what Grandpa wrote, it almost sounds like he knows Shin’s fate and this might be how he “returns to nothingness” - or how the drama might end for Shin. First, it’s important to note how he took the time to explain Shin’s name meaning “belief” and I think this suggests that Shin must believe in himself, the people he loves, and maybe God (regain his faith in the gods) to attain peace. And once he “walks through the rain” which symbolizes spiritual rebirth (or overcoming an obstacle) after he claims what is his, Shin will “disappear with a blue spark” which might be him “returning to nothingness.” Disappear with a blue spark could mean that 1) Shin will be reborn as a human after the sword is removed or 2) he will go to heaven. Why? Blue symbolizes stability (truth) and, also, heaven. Sparks symbolize a new source for a flame which can possibly be interpreted as a “new life” for Shin; thus the future of Eun-tak calling out to the “President” could actually be SHIN!! :O DH and Samshin walked pass each other again as the same in ep 1, but this time DH being himself. We learn that he is the “child who has nothing but kindness. And because of that, you brighten the world,” which is the DH that we all know. 

GR expressed his feelings of jealousy towards Shin for being an uncle and, for a split second, Shin saw Wang Yeo’s face in GR which surprised him. We then learn that Shin’s solider friend, Kim Woo Shik, was reborn and had applied to work for his company. Shin sees Eun-tak off on her first day of college and he presents her the necklace he bought in Canada, “It means “a fate decided by the heavens” in French.” This necklace is significant because it represents how their relationship was fated by God, but at the same time Shin took action into his own hands to ensure that he was the one who bought the necklace from 10 years into the future. Also, gifting a necklace usually symbolizes a strong connection between the giver and the receiver. Just saying, but what a perfect use and advertisement of SNOW when Eun-tak sent him a picture showing off her new necklace and to assure him that she’s safe, but I’ve also noticed how the word “death” is used often as a pun in this drama. I cried when Shin reunited with his friend, hired him, and how CEO Kim spoke to him with respect while presenting the gifts to Shin’s friend, “Because you saved the country in your past life.” T.T 

Ah, I love how Eun-tak is not ashamed to do cute stuff with Shin! But most of all, I love how she’s always thinking of what she can do for him such as giving him the money to repay Sunny so that he can see his sister. And I love it even more that she initiated the kiss and left Shin flustered, “Small and tiny mean the same thing. I want to come here every day.” But damn, that Joong Won just had to ruin my mood by showing up and revealing to Eun-tak that GR is Wang Yeo. But most of all, he’s causing trouble because he “wishes for their demise.” This obviously left Eun-tak conflicted, especially when GR came to talk with Eun-tak about him, Sunny, and Shin being connected in the past and about his true identity. With this conversation, GR resolved to confront Sunny, return her memories so that she could remember Shin, confirm if he was apart of her past, and erase her “sad and difficult memories” along with him so that she can live a normal life. It was so sad how GR decided to let Sunny go as his answer to the question as to why he chose to erase his own memories, “I, who gives you nothing but wrong answers hope that this, at the very least, is the right answer.” OMG!! Their kiss was so deep filled with longing for each other, but at the same time with sadness because they can’t be together. But it made me so happy to see Sunny greet her brother with her memories back and the joy on Shin’s face realizing that his sister remembers him. 

However a shocking revelation, Eun-tak cannot see ghosts anymore! :O Why? I’m not exactly sure but it may be connected to Joong Won’s appearance or it may be God’s doing? Or it may also be due to her becoming an adult and no longer considered a child because only children can see ghosts? But I was so glad that she at least told Shin about Joong Won - I was beginning to wonder when she was going to tell him. Finally Shin and Joong Won met again after 900 years - it seemed like Joong Won was “hunting,” which gangshi do hunt for life source during nighttime. BUT WHY CAN’T SHIN KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER DAMNIT, “You can’t slice away the 900 years of history we have together.” Essentially, what he meant was that something stronger and meaningful can only kill him because you can’t change what happened between them no matter how much you try to cut it away. Also, if Joong Won really is a gangshi… they can’t be killed by swords. He revealed to Shin that Wang Yeo has been beside him all along and Shin realized it was the truth when he confronted Sunny. It hurt my heart when Shin said to Sunny that she insists on protecting that idiot even in this lifetime… Shin must have felt betrayed, but knew it was inevitable. GR finally confirms to himself that he’s Wang Yeo when he went to the temple and understood why he erased his memories, “It seems that I was the source of the worst memories, after all.” Shin can hear GR’s thoughts and approached him while walking up the stairs just as he did 900 years ago, but this time Shin finally reached the king and was able to deliver the message that he couldn’t relay before he died, “Your Commanding General Kim Shin… is here to see you, Your Majesty.” 

But if you watched towards the end, we get a scene of the King holding the robes of Kim Sun and he asks, “These beautiful clothes have no owner… are you searching for them, perchance?… you may take them.” This may mean that he regretted killing her and, despite even holding onto her clothes after death, she wasn’t coming back to him. Therefore, he burnt her clothes so that maybe she may finally rest in peace (finally letting her go). 

So in conclusion, all the players are in place and the climax of the series will happen in the next episodes: the Goblin, the Bride, the King/GR, the Queen/sister, and the evil Eunuch. Now that we know Shin can’t simply kill Joong Won at any convenient time and Shin and the King finally meet again, perhaps Shin will be able to “save” Wang Yeo this time and they may be able to defeat Joong Won together. However, despite all of these answers - new questions were created. Why can’t Eun-tak see the ghosts? What will Shin do next? Did Sunny really forget GR? How do you kill that bastard Joong Won? Was this God’s plan? Personally, I think Sunny didn’t forget GR/Wang Yeo because, despite she had a tragic ending, I believe she cherished every moment with Wang Yeo/GR and that’s how Shin was able to confirm that Wang Yeo was indeed GR. Therefore, even if GR erased her sad memories, she has the happy memories of him and she died as “the woman who loves him who is the sister of a traitor.” In the next episodes, we’ll definitely learn more about Wang Yeo and how he lived his life after killing Shin’s family. We finally learn that God has been watching all this time and was the reason for how things happened the way it did. Also, there was another death card announcement for Eun-tak and I think it might be related to Joong Won? Ugh.. I just want Shin and GR to make up so that they can kill that bastard and then run to their woman and never let them go in this lifetime. T.T 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

All We Do Is Drive

Request: Can you do a dean x reader where the reader and her best friend or sister love the show supernatural and somehow like a spell or something get dropped into Sam and deans world and ended up staying and fighting monsters with them and Dean and the reader end up together??? (alexstarnes1701)

A/N: Thanks for all your good wishes! Samantha and I definitely appreciate it. Things are still stressful with school, but I’ve fixed up my life and made it a little more bearable. // Man, this sounds like an epic idea that I should be writing a novel for, not just a one shot. haha :) I kinda got stuck halfway in but then I was listening to Halsey (as I do every morning on my way to class) and inspiration struck.

Song: “Drive" by Halsey

Writer: Castielle

Words: 2645

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

“I… I just can’t believe it!”

You threw down the TV remote and shook your head.

“After all this time… after Charlie dies and we get all this hype about another death… we get a lame-ass finale like that? I mean, what even was that?!” you demanded.

You and your sister (who also happened to be your best friend in the entire world), Cath, were sitting in the living room in the aftermath of the Season Ten Finale.

“I… I actually liked it,” Cath said slowly. “That scene with Sam and Dean at the end was beautiful and now they’re going to all be united in a single cause.“

You threw the pillow you had been hugging to your chest across the room and, jumping up, started pacing.

“But Cas!!! And Crowley? What’s going to happen to them? Ugh, I can’t bear the suspense! And I can’t believe that Rowena… she just got… ugh.“ You shook your head again. “There is no way I’m waiting until October.”

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*Spoilers* Thoughts on Turn Season 3, Episode 3 “Benediction”

Narratively, “Benediction” was a return to the tight coherence of the season opener, presenting a well-crafted story that forwarded its various subplots in a well-paced and understandable way. Visually and textually, it presented the layering and foreshadowing that make Turn’s better episodes feel like compelling television.

The Great 

Peggy Shippen/Benedict Arnold - Again, this plotline, which is actually the most important story Turn is currently telling within the overall context of the Revolutionary War, is moving along deftly and believably in a historically-accurate way. The true-life personalities of Arnold and his fiancee are contrasted sharply–Benedict is a blunt instrument; Peggy is a scalpel. By playing on his frustration and insecurity, she’s maneuvered him into position to become Andre’s pawn. Historically, Peggy served as go-between for the two men, and we’re seeing that dynamic develop believably before our eyes, even as we watch Ksenia Solo show us another side–that of a woman separated from the man she truly loves but trying to help him as best she can.

Subtlety and Symbolism - When Turn is firing on all cylinders, it features scenes that work on more than one level, a hallmark of great television (and film). This episode, to my surprise (since it’s not something we’ve seen much of lately) managed this narratively a few times. Notably, when Ben Tallmadge is apprehended (which I’ll get to in my next section), both the dialogue and the manner of capture echo–purposefully, I assume–the manner of and actual words spoken during and after John Andre’s historical capture as a spy. In the same scene, Ben’s captor reinforces that he works for Andre. This is subtly setting up the true Culper feud, which is Tallmadge vs. Andre, an honorable rather than vicious opposition, but certainly a strong one. I don’t care about Hewlett, Simcoe, and Rogers faffing around on AU Setauket. I do care about Ben and John, two very young men who had huge responsibility and ended up in direct conflict. Also subtle in a different sense was the emotionally-charged scene in which Peggy Shippen declared that she’s working for the man she loves. Ksenia Solo as Peggy played this convincingly on two levels–it’s easy to see why Arnold believed she was completely smitten with him, but it also worked as a reminder of how strong her feelings for Andre still run. 

The Good

Caleb Brewster - Putting this here instead of in the great category has nothing to do with the acting performance. Turn has an incredible cast that constantly does far more with far less than they deserve in terms of making the show enjoyable. The reason it’s here is that I would put his actions in this ep in the “semi-historical” category. He was always the rogue Culper, who signed his letters with his own name instead of a code because he just didn’t care, and his actions are in the realm of personal possibility. On the flip side, Hewlett isn’t a historical figure, and Brewster should probably be using his talents to foil the British war efforts’ plans elsewhere. “Benediction” is true to the spirit of the character, but I wish it had drawn more from specific historical events.

Ben Tallmadge - Nice to finally see more of the pitch-perfect nonverbal acting of classically-trained Seth Numrich in this episode, and my feelings about Tallmadge’s subplot are similar to my feelings about Brewster’s, though Ben’s tips slightly more to the side of actual history. Historically, Tallmadge had some close shaves with the enemy, and he had some daring escapes like we see depicted. Additionally, as I noted above, his pivotal scene of capture very strongly foreshadows future events with the ill-fated Andre. It’s a half-and-half historical/fictional “inspired by” kind of thing, but again, it shows that Tallmadge was uncompromising in his beliefs and absolutely willing to kill in the name of his cause (though not without pause), and running around the woods being captured makes far more sense for him than most of the other Culpers, since he was an active-duty soldier. With relatively little recent screen time, we still have a strong character in Tallmadge, who casts a long shadow over the show. Just…can’t we see more? 

Simcoe - Turn has gotten a huge amount of mileage out of the fact that, historically, Simcoe suspected spy activity but was never quite able to pin it on our Setauket folks. He was no psycho, but he was a persistent man, and I can deal with him not giving up easily. I wish they hadn’t turned him from “very committed soldier” to “very creepy would-be serial killer,”and I lament the exclusion of the entire fact that he tenderly courted Robert Townsend’s oldest sister (who apparently doesn’t exist in Turn),  but at least his slow-burn attempt to take down the Culpers has a historical basis. Again, like the two above, Simcoe’s is currently a subplot of medium historicity. 

Room for Improvement

Robert Rogers-as-Culper - I’ve already written at length about my irritation that Robert Rogers, against all history and logic, is even around, but the idea of fixing Simcoe’s Culper suspicions by pinning them on Rogers is so ridiculously contrived that I really don’t have strong enough words to express it. By all means, ignore the fact that the Culpers were amazing enough spies that they effectively protected themselves and each other for years while living among Loyalists, and instead make their safety contingent on an accidental mistaken identity subplot involving someone who wasn’t even there. It’s trite; it’s lazy; and it taxes disbelief suspension beyond the breaking point.

Hewlett/Anna/Abe - Abe on his own, quietly rebuilding his farm, was actually welcome this week, vaguely true to his personality and real-life behavior. Unfortunately, he’s still embroiled with Anna Strong and Hewlett, who are–now planning to get married? I’m not sure what to say about this. I’m really not. None of it happened, it’s an insult to the memory of the real Anna Strong, the scenes involving this subplot were wooden and overly-dramatic, and ultimately, none of it matters to the overall story or history of the Culpers. When Anna says the ring no longer needs her because of Townsend signaling in the Gazette, she’s absolutely right. It’s not meant as disrespect to the actors, but the show no longer needs her, or Hewlett, either. They’re totally extraneous to the tightening drama of Arnold and Andre coming together with Peggy between them, while Abe, Townsend, and Tallmadge as-yet-unwittingly position themselves to break open one of the biggest attempts at espionage in US history. 

I feel like Turn is increasingly becoming two different shows. Show 1 is an above-average, tightly-wound, and sometimes subtle historical drama showing the disintegration of Benedict Arnold’s fragile relationship with the Continental Army, Peggy Shippen’s brilliant political maneuvering, John Andre’s behind-the-scenes plotting, and the historical actions of Robert Townsend and Benjamin Tallmadge that will put them in the right places and times to expose a traitor. Show 2 is a confusing island soap opera, filled with characters (most of whom shouldn’t be there at all or most of the time) who come and go, jump into and out of bed with each other, yell and make up, form alliances, betray each other, shoot at each other, and have constant standoffs that have no actual purpose. “Benediction” was a better episode because it gave a lot of time to Show 1; that’s pretty much the episode barometer at this point. The writers are on solid footing when they’re taking us down the pathway toward Arnold’s destruction. Somehow, though, it seems they get lost on the forest pathways of Setauket and can’t seem to find a way to produce a story that makes Show 2 work or unites the two shows they’re writing in a historical or engaging way. 

  • Holt: That's actually a very difficult question. The whole show is amazing. I've been a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda since IN THE HEIGHTS. BRING IT ON, THE MUSICAL, I think, is a work of under appreciated brilliance. And I have been mulling over which is my favorite song since seeing the show last February. (Kevin and I are members of the Public.)
  • But if I were forced to choose, I would probably say "Non-Stop." Miranda does a masterful job of weaving each characters leitmotifs into a rousing crescendo that builds on everything that has happened in Act I while foreshadowing the tragic fall in Act II. You can really hear why he won a MacArthur Grant.
  • My least favorite, by the by, is "You'll Be Back." I have had that song stuck in my head for DAYS at a time.
  • Peralta: Hey, I've been "All About the Hamiltons" since 2005! I love this show!
  • My favorite was the Cabinet Battles. Those were awesome! Wouldn't it be great if interrogations were done that way? I've tried but... suspects haven't really gone along with me.
  • Santiago: "Non-Stop."
  • No, not because it's Captain Holt's favorite. Is it? I didn't know that. But I've loved Alexander Hamilton since I was a little girl. I would go to the New York Historical Society every weekend. I wrote my fifth grade book report on his biography. "Non-Stop" really captures that relentless work ethic I so admire.
  • (Oh, jeez, is it really the Captain's favorite too? Now I look like a kiss up. Maybe I should pick something else. Can I get back to you?)
  • Boyle: Well, at first it was "Schuyler Sisters," then it was "Helpless," then "Satisfied," then "Burn," then I went back to "Helpless," and then back to "Satisfied," and went back and forth between the two, and finally ended up back at "Schuyler Sisters." Really, I wish that the show was all about them.
  • I just want to know more about Peggy.
  • Diaz: This is stupid. It's a stupid question. What kinda dummy ranks songs? It's a good show, I like it, what does it matter which song is "the best"?
  • Besides, it's obviously "My Shot."
  • Jeffords: My favorite is, huh, okay, you can do this, Terry. Keep it together. It's, huh, it's "Who Tells Your Story."
  • Hoo boy. Just... when Eliza wants to show Alexander... what she's proudest of, I... just... *breaks down in ugly tears*
  • Linetti: You have to ask?
  • *pushes button on her phone, music starts playing"

Tried the best I could at 2 in the morning. (which honestly isn’t that good tbh lol) Hope you like it though!


It’s not like you regret being Michael’s best friend, that’s a privilege. One you’re more than grateful for. You just wished that didn’t come with being seen as his ‘sister’ as the other boys liked to call you. You’ve known each other longer than he’s known the boys but you’ve only just started to have these feelings towards him in a not-so-just-friends sort of way.

Of course Michael being Michael, he’s completely oblivious to the fact and shows up at your house at nearly three in the afternoon with Calum, Luke, and Ashton in toll because he and his recent attempt of a girlfriend had just broken up. This isn’t something new, you’ve both been through your fair share of heartbreaks, always seeking the other out for comfort - that comfort always ending in cuddles and marathons of your current favorite tv shows.

So it really shouldn’t be a problem but now, with all these unsorted feelings you’re not sure cuddling will be any good so you’re a bit distant with him, choosing to stay on the couch rather than up in your room and sitting at the opposite end as him with Luke and Ashton sat between you two and Calum sprawled out evenly across you and Ash.

“You alright?” Michael asks, startling you from where you’re just getting snacks and drinks for the rowdy, whiney, teenage boys. “Yeah,” you shrug effortlessly but being best friends comes with its price, that being he knows when you’re bullshitting and vice versa. He cocks a brow in question. “Honest, i’m fine,” you swear, popping a piece of popcorn in your mouth while you wait for the other bag to pop.

Right,” he says a bit skeptically. “You know, I haven’t gotten my breakup cuddles,” he says instead of pressing the matter. “Bit old for cuddles don’t you think?” you chuckle lightheartedly, desperately trying to get him to forget the stupid ‘breakup cuddles’. His brows pull together and he frowns, “No? Never too old for cuddles.” “Alright well maybe Luke can substitute,” you grab the popcorn from the microwave.

“I don’t want Luke cuddles,” he pouts. “Sorry Mikey, i’m not in the mood for cuddling, it’s too hot out anyway,” you quickly scrape up an excuse and head for the door, calling back for him to grab the drinks.

After much convincing you finally get your seat on the couch back from Calum, the dark haired boy plopping himself down in your lap and taking the bowl of popcorn. When Michael comes in and sees you two he unnecessarily passes by, roughly shoving Calum’s feet out of the way which you send him a scolding look for. You figure he’s just upset about you turning down cuddles and reach for some more popcorn though.

When you’ve all decided the couch is getting a bit too cramped for the warm weather, you clean up while the boys - unknowingly to you - find their way to your room. It’s not until you walk back out into the living room the you realize just how quiet it is downstairs and soon find them snickering in your bedroom.

“What are you lot doing up here?” you cross your arms at the doorway. When they turn to look at you your absolutely mortified with what’s held open in Luke’s hands, the other three crowded around it. “Who knew you were so naughty,” Ashton laughs and your cheeks immediately heat with a blush of embarrassment. “Give me that!” you snap, walking in but Luke stands to his feet, holding it above his head.

“Why? Hiding something from us?” Calum chuckles, encouraging Luke to read more. “Yes, now give it to me,” you reach for it but to no avail. You honestly didn’t care if they read what was in there, half the things they already new, but you were dreading what they’d eventually find and you silently curse yourself for even writing it out.

“Ooo, this ones from the other day,” Luke calls out and Calum and Ashton erupt in their own ‘ooo’s. You get on your bed, hopping onto Luke’s back as he starts reading the entry but he’s quick to pass it to Calum who continues reading it while you desperately try to grab it but it’s too late. It’s out there and you can’t even bring yourself to look at your best friend. Ashton gives a careless, “Boring, lets read the dirty things again.”

You’re surprised they don’t make a bigger deal than they do, almost seeming like it was something they already knew and maybe you weren’t as good as hiding it as you’d thought. Still, they may be fine with it but Michael hasn’t even said a word and you’re not even sure he’s in the room anymore. You chance it, glancing where you’d last seen him and there he is, the smallest grin on his face.

You quickly dart your eyes away and make your way out of the room, feeling a bit suffocated now. You don’t make it far though before you’re stopped. You sigh knowing it’s Michael and turn around to just get it over with. “I know, I know, I know, we’re best friends and you don’t see me that way, I got it, please just save me the embarrassment.” “I like you too,” he gives a small smile.

“What?” you try to see any sign of him just teasing but he seems as serious as can be. “I’m actually surprised you haven’t noticed, why else did you think I keep demanding cuddles?” And you’re heads a bit dizzy at the revelation. “You’ve broken up with ten girls in the last month for cuddles?” He nods, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Why didn’t you just ask for cuddles you idiot?” “Why didn’t you?” “Fair enou-” but you’re cut off with the feel of his lips on yours and instantly smile into the kiss.

You two pull away only to kick the other three out and lock yourselves away in your room for cuddles and cheeky kisses.

lala-kate  asked:

Oh! I get another birthday prompt? Wheeeeee!!!! In that case, I want Outlaw Queen--warming up after falling into a cold lake. :)

Missing Year, just for you!! (There’s even a wee bit of Evil Charming interaction!)  Happy birthday my darling big sister! I’m hoping to get to your other birthday prompt later today or tomorrow!

It’s all the stupid thief’s fault.

Belle, while pouring over some moldy old book in the library, had stumbled upon a discovery—an enchanted lake, no more than two days’ ride away, that will supposedly show a worthy person the location of anyone or anything they wish to see. Normally Regina wouldn’t put much stock in what could be nothing more than an old wives tale, but the Wicked Witch is a pest that she needs to stop before she gets completely out of control, and for weeks she’s been nowhere to be found. Regina is getting antsy waiting for her to strike, and she knows the others are too, and one more attempt to try to locate the green bitch certainly won’t hurt. Even if this lake turns out to be just another dead end, even if it doesn’t exist at all, they won’t be any worse off than they are now.

Unless Zelena decides to strike while Regina is gone, but she tries not to think about that.

A hero would take on the quest anyway, Henry would say. A hero would do everything in his or her power to stop the Wicked Witch, no matter how impossible or difficult it may seem. And ever since Regina put her heart back in her chest (the pain still gnaws at her, deep and agonizing and worse each and every day that she misses her son, like some terrible monster is clawing and eating away at her from the inside out) she’s been trying to be the hero that Henry seemed so sure she could be, if she just let go of the darkness. It’s hard, but she’ll do it for her son. She’ll do anything for him.

Besides, Greenie clearly wants something to do with the Un-Charming’s baby, and Regina doesn’t like that one bit. Even if this damned lake doesn’t show them Zelena’s whereabouts, maybe the time away from the castle will give Regina a chance to think about a plan to stop her once and for all.

Her plans had hit a snag, though—the lake was located deep within the forest, at a hidden location lost to the wilderness and time. It wasn’t a matter of just poofing herself there and being back in time for lunch. If Regina wanted to find it, she would have to search for it the old-fashioned way.

David had volunteered to look (the man clearly has some kind of crazy hero complex, he must, because who the hell else would volunteer for quest after quest? What exactly is he trying to prove? He’s already got the hero thing down pat, the fearless leader bit too. Anything more, in Regina’s mind, has to be just showing off), but Regina had put an end to that idea quickly. “You’re the leader here, not me. Both of you,” she’d added, casting  a look at Snow, trying to ignore the way that her hands absentmindedly cradled the small bump of her stomach. “You’re who everyone will look to for hope if, God forbid, the Wicked Witch comes back. Not me. I’m the one who needs to do this. You’re needed here.”

David had shaken his head vehemently, and Snow had protested as well. “You can’t do this alone, Regina.”

She’d rolled her eyes, once again floored by the stubbornness of this man. “Sure I can. I’m the Evil Queen, remember?”

“It’s too dangerous.”

“Your concern for my well-being is touching, David, and duly noted. But I can handle this alone.”

“You should take someone with you.”

She had arched an eyebrow, eager for this conversation to end so she could get on the road sooner rather than later. “Are you volunteering? Because if you insist on saddling me with a sidekick, I’d like to have some say. Not that you’re not handy with a crisis, but Granny and her crossbow might serve me better in those dark woods. That is if we didn’t drive each other crazy and turn on each other before we even reached the lake.”

Snow had quickly turned her snort into a cough at that remark. Regina had rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, looking at the two of them pointedly, waiting for them to see reason.

It occurred to her that she might be waiting a while.

“I’ve got it!” David had shouted, snapping his fingers as if he’d just discovered the true meaning of life. “Robin will go with you.”

“Excuse me?” Regina had sputtered, her mouth nearly falling open as she caught sight of movement out of the corner of her eye. She hadn’t even realized that the thief was there—he liked to remain quiet during these meetings, listening rather than talking, unless he was making one of his usual smartass remarks—and now he was suddenly to be the one to escort her to the lake?

“Sure you don’t want to rethink your stance on having David accompany you?” he had whispered in her ear as he’d passed her by, striding across the room to David, agreeing to go along with Regina and promising to keep her safe. All of her protests after that had fallen on deaf ears. Robin was the most logical choice—he knew the woods, could guide her until they got properly lost enough to find what they sought. Regina knew that, but she didn’t have to like it. And she certainly didn’t have to keep quiet about it either. They had set off to find the lake two days later, bickering all the while, until Regina had started to think that even Dopey might have been a better travel companion.

Still, it was nice to have someone who knew the way, who could identify which plants and nuts were safe to eat and which would leave them dead on the ground before their next breath. It was even nice to have someone to talk to, if it only meant that Regina wouldn’t be lost alone with her thoughts and her grief for the son she would never see again. The thief had his uses, it would seem.

Robin Hood might have been the one who knew the forest best. He might be the best choice to keep her safe. But there was nothing even he could do about freak snowstorms, or paths of ice hidden beneath knee-deep drifts of snow that suddenly break underneath your feet and send you plunging into the frigid depths below.

One moment they had been trudging through the snow, their hands outstretched to keep the stuff out of their eyes, and the next there had been a shudder beneath their feet, followed by a cracking sound that seemed to echo even above the noise of the blizzard. The ground beneath her suddenly crumbled away, and the last thing Regina remembers thinking before tumbling into icy blackness was that the damned thief should have listened to her in the first place.

“Regina!” she hears Robin’s shout of panic just as she disappears beneath the waves.

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@neuronjxlly​ - MY WILL MUST BE DONE. 

My mouth is slightly agape - a rude gesture, no doubt - as I observe what it is I have been dragged out to see. A Pokemon rather famous in the Unovan region, where she is from, for its rather fascinating physiology and round face that has likely attracted her attention more than anything else.

“Sister Ai, is this what you wished to show me?” I ask her, my eyes still stuck on that mysterious Pokemon - wondering if, perhaps, it was capable of human communication. Some Pokemon, quite strangely, were. “It is rather… cute, as you have said.”

“Of course it is!” She pipes up, shooting to her feet as she brings her hands close to her chest. “Just look at it! The eyes, the mouth, the bubble encasing it! It truly is a work of art…" 

At her last statement, she releases a sigh of contentment; completely enchanted, enraptured by the Pokemon. We stand in the center of this day care of mine, where she oversees - likely, it is because she has never seen it before. And indeed, neither have I. Is it a stray, perhaps? And just how in the world did it get into the church grounds without passing through the front door?

"Hm…” I kneel down in front of it, one knee on the ground and my arms resting across the other. I give the Pokemon as gentle a smile as I can, hoping that somehow, it would be able to communicate with me.

“You are rather… unfamiliar. Is there a place you call home, little one?”


So yesterday, my 17th birthday, I met the guy that has influenced my life in so many ways. I honestly cannot believed this happened, everyone around me behind the barrier was so kind they were pushing me upfront and telling Darren it was my birthday I could not be more thankful. If any of you see this just know I said thanks and I was too frazzled to say it then lol. Anyway, after Darren was told he looks at me and says “happy birthday! How old are you now” and I said thank you and 17 and he says “wow 17, I hope it was a good day” and I most nearly died. I wish I wasn’t so starstruck so I could’ve said all the things I wanted to say but ah well. I got my wish.
So the show was absolutely incredible. Right before doors opened my mom upgrade my sister and I’s tickets to eighth row! We were originally in the last row on the balcony and I could not be more happy. And during the show Hedwig talked to me twice and called me darling??? I won’t say the context just in case someone is going in blind like I did. It was absolutely incredible. I forgot it was Darren up there I am so in awe of his talent really.
This was the perfect birthday and nothing will ever be able to top it

Dustings of Truth: Chapter 8

Before there was Merida-verse, there was Little Lark, a different child, a different AU, but one I hope you enjoy all the same. I thank my wonderful readers for their patience in waiting for an update, and I sincerely hope you think it was worth it. :)  

You can scroll down or pick up from Chapter 1 here

He’s watching her, wishing he could just pay attention to America’s Funniest Home Videos and not wonder what she was drawing at the small pink and white table. She must like crayons and paint, he thinks, she has more than he’s ever seen in his life. His sister—his little sister. He’s never had a sister, and he’s not sure he wants one now, especially one who showed up out of nowhere and claimed his papa as her own. It can’t be right, can it, that one day it’s just him and his papa, but now there are three of them? No—wait, four. He can’t forget Gina.

He knows his papa never has.

But he doesn’t mind Gina being back in the picture. He’s missed her and has wished on more than one night that she would somehow poof her way into their cabin so his papa could finally get a good night’s sleep. Because he doesn’t sleep—not much, anyway. He paces, tosses and turns, grunts and groans and sighs too much. But he doesn’t smile much, at least not as much as he used to do before Gina disappeared.

Roland doesn’t mind Gina making his papa smile. But a sister? He’s not so sure about having a sister.

“Here,” Lark states, standing and carrying a large piece of paper in his direction. “This is for you.”

Roland takes the picture and looks at the drawing of five stick figures of varying heights, all standing beside what is obviously supposed to be this house.

“That’s you,” Lark explains proudly, pointing to the second shortest person on the page. “And that’s me.”

“I get it,” Roland replies, earning himself a direct stare from the woman named Tinkerbelle. “This must be your mom.”

“It is,” Lark grins, pointing to the woman with black hair and a red mouth. “That’s Henry, and that’s Daddy.”

“Whatever,” Roland mutters under his breath just before Tink snatches the picture out of his hands.

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My Full Thoughts on the Divergent Movie

Okay, so I saw Divergent yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve never done a movie review, but I really wanted to do this because I love the series. I definitely recommend seeing this, but only if you’ve read the book. I’m only including a few of my favorite and least favorite scenes. There are some subtle details, and after reading and re-reading Divergent, I could catch them all. I’m basing this off of memory, so I thoroughly apologize if I miss something.

I’ll post it below.


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