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lol guess who almost forgot what day it is today
          bc it totally wasn’t me nope

But on a more serious note!! Has it seriously been two years since I started writing Yonah? I almost can’t really believe it myself ; it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve found a muse I’ve clicked so well with. I’m actually pretty glad that I left Belle to start writing Yonah, but if it wasn’t for my now-boyfriend Nico( who formerly wrote Brother Nier on this website )  I wouldn’t have been coaxed into writing this muse.

Not even going to lie, there’s been a lot of ups and downs over the two years I’ve wrote Yonah. In those two years I’ve lost friends and gained friends and struggled really, really hard to continue writing in spite of feeling as though my efforts were not bearing any fruit. But regardless, I’m still here and now have accumulated 700+ FRIENDS on this blog  ( where the hell did y’all come from anyway lol ) which is pretty amazing imo.

If I had more energy I would totally go through and thank all of you personally, buuut I don’t so this is why I’m making a post for it, lol. But there are a couple of notable people that I would like to personally thank for sticking by me over these past two years——

@irafatum — Juli, you best know that I love the shit out of you dhgndhfh and I wish I could say it more often tbqh. You alongside everyone else I’ll be thanking here have always made my time with Yonah super special. Writing on here just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t here also. I’m so glad to have you as my friend and so glad that despite the shitty stuff that has happened over the years, you’re still going strong on Zero. You just keep on keeping on.

@emeraldheroics — TICKLES. I’m not gonna get into a huge soppy mess, but I really want to thank you for always being such an enthusiastic supporter and always trying to pick me up whenever I’m down. I love Don and Yonah’s dynamic so much and how they seem to complete each other in different regards; he’s the excitement she really needs to her monotonous rituals. And you yourself are just a bundle of joy to be friends with. ily man

@necrogenna — Kokoooo puffffff we hardly really talk anymore which is really sad bUT DON’T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT THE TIMES THAT WE DID. That group chat was hella fun and I always loved seeing your shenanigans whenever you popped up. On top of that you’re such??? A fantastic writer????? How you manage to keep up with all these muses is beyond me but you’re overflowing with so much energy so I’m not really that surprised. I love you bab and I hope you’re hanging in there

@fatecarrier / @solefated / whichever blog you’re on — mARSIE~ I’m not leaving you out of this B\\ we don’t talk as often either but whenever you do you always try to be helpful and you’re always the one that tries their hardest to pull me up out of the dirt. I appreciate you so much and I know I don’t quite say enough so here’s where I’m gonna be saying it. You’re a talented writer and a wonderful person overall. I hope you’re doing well <333

@langenoir + @jourdevanille — I’m tagging the boTH OF YOU TOGETHER because my message is to the both of you overall. dhfndgh I remember the days when we all were on that group chat discussing stuff about The Last Story and how to implement DrakeNieR characters together aaaaa that was so much fun. Even though you two aren’t writing your TLS muses anymore and I do miss them, it warms my heart to know that you two are still pouring your energy into both writing and your careers. Makes me want to work real hard in school as well. We honestly need to talk much more because I lose touch with my friends way too easily sobs but I love you both so so much ok <333

And then finally all the friends I love lots and those that I want to get to know more——!!

@apexpraedator ; @boargored ; @crimsonstars ; @dacteg ; @diito ; @divinecannon ; @dorrcha ; @duciit ; @faillte ; @fideluxx ; @fujuun ; @fxrtem ; @hakureimaiden ; @hiunmei ; @ibisangelus ; @illustrisxarma ; @inferiornost ; @jjillekkot ; @lamaree ; @lucislegend ; @lunastusx ; @meiyoisan ; @narxkami ; @nicetryshyguy ; @obruor ; @peilot ; @photondebugger ; @popokki ; @prcmising ; @prometheansins ; @pxllidum ; @qorvian ; @rationalclover ; @ryujinta ; @saecris ; @sniperils ; @supernalblade@sunfreckled ; @tiiamate ; @visionsparked ; @void-earth + BLOG ROLL

Thank you so much for two great years !!

Hihihi, i’m usually a quiet one on tumblr but here’s my first follow forever! In the two years that I’ve been stanning BTS I still don’t have a bias. And I know so many armys feel my pain. (I swear all the members have been my bias at least once). I just wanted to say thank you to the people that follow me because I never say how much I appreciate all of you! I’ve gained a surprising amount of followers these past couple of months and I’m so close to my goal of  1k (also thanks for noticing my crappy gifs because I honestly didn’t expect anyone to reblog them). Coming on tumblr is a nice little get away for me and I seriously love every single person I follow. Everything you guys post makes me laugh at 4 am in the morning and I wish I could’ve found so many blogs earlier. It would be nice to name all the 470+ people I follow but I’ll just list a few. So thank you to the wonderful blogs that make my dashboard entertaining and lovely! I also have a blogroll so feel free to check that out and follow every amazing person on there! (you won’t regret it). 


95brotp || 95vmn || aegyojimin || aestaegi || agustd || ah-zimin || aidatae || applejimin || asdfghobi || ayosugah || bang-tan || bangtanboobss || bangtannoonas || bangtanshityeondan || bangtantwerkteam || bangtella || bangtan-juseyo || bts || bts-allerji || bts-gfx || bwikooks || bwiseoks || bwiyomi || cookjinmama || cowjimin || cuteyoongi || cypherslut || dropthatjjeoreo || ew-jiminnie


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this was more than i meant to put but i still feel like I’m missing so many! Thank you again especially to these lovely blogs! ♡♡♡


You can get me in your TRAP any day you like~ Cue hawtness! (Digitalian DVD)

Hi beautiful people!

I have reached a very important milestone for me, 5,000 followers. And since it’s kind of a big one for me, I decided to do something in edition to my follow forever

So what I want to do is to celebrate the incredible friendships I formed here, but also the CS friendship atmosphere in general.  For those who wish to skip my emotional intro just go to the bold part and read all about it.

Ever since I opened my tumblr account I came to realize more and more each day that what we have together is very unique. I feel a part of a large family, the CS family.

I love how we fangirl together, get excited about every little piece of information, and support each other in the difficult times (like this very long hiatus for example). God knows we have ships battles and that it sometimes seems like our favorite (or one of our two favorites) character is the most hated character on the show (I’ll never understand why). But through all of the hard times we have been there for one another.

But I think what I love most about this ship is the good vibe that there’s here. 99% of the people I have come to meet here have been nothing but kind, complimentary, helpful, supportive. I have never met so many wonderful people in one place in my life.

So this is what I want to do to celebrate it. I hope you will love the idea and want to participate. 

I was thinking about doing a different kind of rewards than what people usually do in the fandom. Instead of complimenting people for their CS activity (best blogs, gifs, metas and so on), I would like to compliment people for their CS friendship. And for that I need all of you wonderful CS shippers.

So this is the activity for those who wish to participate:

First thing, like and hopefully reblog this post to get more and more people on board. 

Then, Send me in a message a name (with url or just url) of a person who has become your friend here. Tell me what he means to you, how did he reached out for you (if it’s just by listening to you and sharing with you, fangirling with you, or giving you technical help with your blog or posts, and so on). Tell me what makes this person special to you.

I will then publish your story and it will be a beautiful surprise for your friend. 

Follow the publication, I will send you a message asking you to send me your top 5 CS moments of all times (if someone can’t receive messages I will ask them when I answer the ask). I will then send the same request to the friend you mentioned and I’ll dedicate a gifset of all 10 CS moments of you both choice to celebrate your CS friendship (this part may have some delay since in two days I’m traveling to Italy, but it will be done once I’m back!).

I also decided that 2 friendships (4 people in general) will get a small reward, a CS bookmarker of their choice made by one of her finest artists on the ship and my personal friend Svenja winter-by-the-sea

The bookmarkers will be given among my followers (old and new) as my own appreciation to them, but all CS shippers are welcome to participate in the activity.

I hope you are all excited as I am about it!!! 

Let’s honor the CS friendships together

*Editing here, I will announce the winners of the bookmarks for the season premiere, so you all have time by then to send me your messages and participate :)

I recently hit 600 followers which is crazy cool! So I thought I’d do a little follow forever to thank you all for being awesome. I wish I could put you all on here but that would just be a ridiculously long post.  I know I’m going to forget so many amazing blogs because I’m hopeless, so just know I still love you all even if you’re not on here!

Most of these are Harry Potter blogs or at least post some HP. Thank you all so much for following this piece of Potter trash because I really appreciate it <3.


All these beautiful little golden nuggets who I can always rely on when I get a little emotional about Harry Potter, thanks for being fabulous!

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