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The Balcony

A/N: this is just a little thing I whipped up while watching Moana. It probably has a bunch of typos but yea..

Warnings: None

Word Count: 518

You were beginning to regret come here tonight. Tony had promised that Steve and Bucky were going to be gone at least through the week, but when the two soldiers walked through the door dressed to the nine’s, you knew that either Tony lied or they came without telling Tony they were.

And knowing Tony, you guessed it was the first one.

As you watched the two men, you noticed Bucky make his way through the crowd towards you.

Your quickly looked down at you glass, hoping that he didn’t notice your staring. As you watched the people on the dance floor, you heard him clear his throat behind you.

Taking a deep breath you looked at Bucky, meeting the blue eyes you used to know so well.

“Hi Bucky,” you said after you took the last drink from your cup, observing the way his eyes roamed over you.

“Doll,” He greater you taking you hand and placed a feather like kiss, but not releasing you hand “it’s been a while.” He said looking at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

Nodding in agreement you looked at the man in front of you, you looked at the balcony near you and smiled “Want to get some fresh air?” You asked him.

Nodding he gripped you hand tighter and led you through the small crowd in front of your destination. Opened the sliding doors the two of you slipped out into the cool air, not saying anything for a few minutes.

“I missed you.” You said as the two of you watched the cars below you guys.

“I missed you too, Doll. It’s been hell without you.” He said as his hand slid across the railing and gripped you hand in his

Tightening his grip on your hand, he pulled you away from the balcony. Bucky grabbed you other hand he held you close to him.

A deep sigh came from the brunet as the two of you leaned closer.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, as you nose brushed against his.

With a nod from you, he closed the gap between you two and gently pressed his lips against yours.

You quickly returned the kiss, moving your hands to the base of his neck, grasping the hair by your hands. When you pulled away for a breath, you let out a small chuckle.

“Remind me why we broke up?” You asked breathlessly as you looked at Bucky, his eyes bright in the moonlight.

“Because I’m an idiot,” He laughed nudging his nose against yours. “Would you give me a second chance?” He asked looking at you with hopeful eyes.

Nodding you let out a small laugh “let’s start with lunch, yea?” You asked him pulling away a but to create a small space between the two of you.

And when Bucky nodded and pulled you in for a hug, you gladly returned it, the cologne he was wearing engulfing your nose.

It was at this moment you realized how much you missed your solider and now… you don’t plan on letting him go any time soon.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Fond of Me

Request: Hey can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is an avenger and is like 22 and she’s really sarcastic and witty but at the same time very physically affectionate with everyone on the team( like hugs and cuddling and leaning into someone’s side when they stand together) and buckys new and is super stand offish with everyone but he gets this soft spot for the reader and let’s her be super physically affectionate with him too, and it turns into something more, thanks !

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 2k

A/N: Sorry if it’s bad. I was busier than I thought I’d be so I just whipped this one up quickly.

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Bucky was about to join the Avengers and he was a nervous wreck. To help him out, Steve tried to coach him through the transition. Even though Steve tried to tell Bucky everything he needed to know to assimilate into the Avenger life, Bucky would never be prepared for what was really in store. Bucky kept to himself most of the time. If he was ever to interact with anyone it would be Steve and no one else. Bucky just didn’t want to bother anyone. He knew that in order for him to be involved in the Avengers, a civil war had occurred. Now that he was technically in everyone’s good graces, he made sure he didn’t step on anyone’s toes. This resulted in Bucky leaving randomly during times of conversations and supposed team bonding times which turned a lot of the Avengers off from him.But even though Bucky tried to be a hermit and stayed away, there was one person he never seemed to get enough of. Ironically, it was the loudest, most brash person on the team: you. You were one of Bucky’s greatest fears and yet he seemed so drawn to you. He figured it was because you were a walking, talking oxymoron. You were cutthroat in the field, intellectually savage, and generally showed no mercy but when it came to your friends, you were like a cute, gentle, furry animal. You tackled any member of the team the minute they got home and covered them with kisses. You cuddled with the person closest to you when you watched TV and movies. You just needed to have physical contact with anyone within a five foot radius. Out of anxiety, Bucky stayed away but as he got more familiar with you, he started wishing to be a part of your five foot affection radius.

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a Drarry scene

For @ash-castle because I say so.


They walk up the cobblestone path through the wild garden towards the towering home.  One pair of tennis shoes crunching the loose gravel, a pair of oxfords clicking against the stones.  Draco readjusts his grip on the neck of the bottle, feeling the foil at the top with the pad of his thumb, back and forth, back and forth.

A gnome darts across the path ahead of him, kicking Harry in the shins and just as quickly running off giggling madly into the geraniums.  A grumbled comment including “fucking gnomes” escapes Harry and Draco sniggers, earning him a glare whipped back at him.  Huffing, Harry turns his head back around and stomps his way up the steps to the Weasley home.

Sighing, Draco follows, putting on his best warm smile as he steps through the doorway into the overwhelmingly warm and cozy house he can never quite get used to.

“Uncle Harry!” comes a tiny scream, and a blur of turquoise collides into Harry.  Draco ignores the twinge in his gut as he watches Teddy snuggle up into Harry’s arms, his hair — already unruly — fading to jet black.  Whenever he visits his aunt, Teddy is thrilled to see him.  But if Harry is ever in the room there is no way he will get any attention.  Jealous over a toddler.  Ridiculous.

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Your back hit the mattress moments before Derek’s body pinned you down against it, lips never once disconnecting from your own.  Now his hands skimmed under your shirt, resting against your hips under your shirt and caressing your skin with his thumbs.  Your own hands had just began to crawl up his chest, under his shirt, when the door to the loft came sliding open.  Derek pulled away quickly and growled, head whipping around to glare at the intruder.

A group of teenagers stood in the doorway.  The tall skinny one in the front threw his arms up over his face and made a gagging noise.  “A sight I never needed to see.”  He grumbled, getting shoved in the shoulder by the tanner boy beside him.

“We’ll ah, come back later.”  The tan boy mumbled, grabbing the door handle and sliding it shut once again.  Derek sighed, letting his head drop down against your collar bone and groaning.

“Derek?  Who were they?”

“People I never wanted you to meet.”


“Imagine being Barba’s childhood friend, having a guy crush on him, and you lose touch with him after he goes to Harvard. You guys reconnect when you become a detective at SVU and you still have feelings for him and he is in love with you and everyone knows it except you two. He volunteered to protect Barba when he get the death threats. He ends up taking a bullet for Barba and that’s when Barba confesses his feelings.”

The two of them were still arguing, back and forth, back and forth. It had been going on for nearly twenty minutes, this verbal tennis match in Benson’s office. You stood quietly between them, listening to the same points being rehashed over and over.

Barba didn’t want a protection detail, they were just threats, and he could take care of himself, and didn’t she know he was from El Barrio? Benson was livid that he had let the threats continue for so long undisclosed, and of course he would be getting a police escort, and didn’t he know better than to doubt her judgments when it came to law enforcement?

You agreed with Benson, but you also knew Barba better than anyone else in the squad, knew exactly how stubborn he was, and knew that it had been his pride preventing him from bringing up the threats for months.

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“So Oikawa, when are you gonna ask Iwaizumi out?” Makki asked for the third time this practice. 

“I told you I’m getting there!” Oikawa shouted, loud enough that nearby team members whipped their heads in his direction. Oikawa quickly lowered his voice. “It’s not that simple Makki! Besides you’re one to talk, you haven’t even asked Mattsun out yet.”

Hanamaki put his hand on his chin and contemplated this for a brief second before turning towards Matsukawa - who was on the complete opposite end of the gym - and shouted. “Hey Matsun! Do you want to go out with me?!    

 “Yeah sure,” Matsukawa replied, looking only slightly surprised but otherwise unfazed.

“and that’s how it’s done,” Makki nudged Oikawa’s arm with his elbow and walked away, grinning smugly.

Oikawa stared at him wide eyed in disbelief and whispered to himself, “….How.”       



Your head whipped around and the bite of pancake you had just scooped up on your fork fell with a splat back on our plate. Your eyes scanned the people sitting down the long row of tables next to you. They landed promptly on two men, sitting next to each other a few bodies down. 

One of them, the one with the longer hair, met your eyes for a half a second, then they quickly darted away and towards the waitress that was passing at just that moment. His friend (or…whatever) picked up his coffee and his eyes slid sideways and you took in a sharp breath as you saw his lip curl into a sly smile just before he raised the mug to his lips and looked away…


snowball fight!

ok but during a snowball fight everyone would think zane would win right cause he can whip up snowballs in like .5 seconds

but like cole can make waaay bigger snowballs cause of his super strength and after he hoists one above his head he like, throws it at kai and kai just burns right through it and he’s suuuper pissed at cole and then cole makes another and throws it at jay and jay is completely covered by it because jay is thAT TINY-

cole then quickly runs over to dig jay out and as he’s digging him out he finds his face and jay is stuck looking up at him and whispers, “asshole” and cole just leaves him there after laughing while kai has his fists on fire

and then zane like, looks up at everybody and then after getting everyone’s attention he points at the sky (with both of his hands) and all three of them look up and see hundreds of snowballs above them and they’re all like “shi-” and then are covered by the snowballs

lloyd in the bg is laughing while nya is like digging out $5 from her coat/pocket bc lloyd bet that zane would win and also sensei wu AND misako are drinking tea while watching this from the bounty or off to the side, you choose

so yeah zane won this time but kai/cole/jay swears to win the next fight

bonus: zane apologizes to jay a lot because jay’s nose and fingers are frozen and had a hard time getting himself out from under all the snowballs (kai and cole were fine cause kai is literally a fireball and cole has super strength so they got themselves out quickly)

barista! Michael seeing you sit down at a empty corner of the cafe every single Friday night curled up in the corner with a classic novel, but one day, a random stranger sits right next to you, clearly creeping you out and Michael just couldn’t bear to see you like that so he quickly whips up a cup of tea and walks over to you, lightly tapping the mans shoulder and says: ’ I think you should leave my girlfriend alone, sir’ and the man immediately glares at Michael because he knows that he isn’t actually his boyfriend and he eventually leaves them alone, slamming the cafe door shut

‘Girl friend eh’ you giggled, causing Michael to blush. He had always stared at you from behind the working area, noticing your every action. He knew that when you ordered a soya latte you’d always ask for a shot and he always wrote a little message on your cup like ‘have a nice day :-)’ or sometimes he would be feeling confident and would write ‘you look gorgeous today’. But after a few times, he would stop because you didn’t seem to quite get the hint that shy little barista liked you and when Michael finally snapped out of his dream and stretched his arm to scratch his neck, he blurted out ’ heyareyoufreethissundaydoyouwanttogotothecarnivalwithme?’ and all you could do was just giggle because this flustered barista never ever blushed and of course you said yes, despite only hearing the last few words.

for anarchyaustralia and wherekatewritesthings ’s barista! 5sos blurb night! Hope this isn’t too bad :-)

Calum || Ashton || Luke

5sos preference: He walks in on you changing

Calum: You pull your top off over your head and are just about to pull on your sleeping clothes when the door flings open. Your head whips straight round and you immediately try to cover yourself up. Calum just stands there smiling at you. “Well, well. What did I do to deserve this?” “Shut up and just get out!” You shout whilst still trying to cover yourself with anything you could find . “Sorry! Honestly it was a mistake…but not one I regret.” He adds on quickly and wink before turning and walking out the door leaving you blushing.

Luke: You pull off you dress and turn to face your wardrobe staring intently and two t-shirts still trying to decide what to wear when you feel a pair of arms wrap around you. You jump with horror and turn around but a relieved look crosses your face when you see it’s just Luke. Then the horror strikes your face again as you realise your in nothing but your undies. You step back from him grabbing the nearest thing to cover yourself. “What are you doing?” You question staring at him dumbfounded. He just shrugs his shoulders. “I wanted to see you. Is it a crime to see my girlfriend?” He asks with a big grin on his face. “Not when she’s half naked you can’t.” “You didn’t seem to mind earlier.” He states. “You’re a real ass sometimes you know that right?” “I know but you still love me. And you should wear this.” He says before grabbing a white shirt and holding it up against your body before leaning in for a kiss.

Ashton: You come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around your lower half. You hum along to the radio oblivious to Ashton sitting there on the bed. Once you finally spot him you let out a scream from shock that sends him jumping up, looking around the room in a frenzy. “Omg, why did you do that for?” He questioned putting his hand across his chest staring at you in disbelief. “You scared the crap out of me! What are you doing?” “I was just waiting for you to finish changing so we could go out.” “So you thought you would just casually watch me get ready?” “Pretty much.” He replies before shrugging his shoulders at you. “Ok, I’ll be done in 5 minutes but not if you’re watching me!” You shout as you push him out of the room

Michael: You rummage through your wardrobe trying to find the top that Michael had let you borrow when he went on tour. You sighed when you finally found it, thinking about how it was still 3 weeks and 4 days before you could see him again. You couldn’t help but count down the days. You pull off your top and get ready to put his on. All you had plan for today was to sit around watching movies and missing him. You were allowed to do that once in a while right? “Wow, this is the best he coming gift you have gotten me so far.” You slowly turn around thinking that you’ve probably just imagined it and there standing in the doorway was Michael Clifford. You squealed with happiness and ran straight up to him wrapping him in a tight hug. You stand there for a few moments just hugging him with your face buried deep in his chest.
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Omfg imagine badboy!michael about to get in a fight at school so naturally every one starts circling around them and the other guy pushes mikey to the ground and his face shows pure horror as he quickly gets up and heads straight to you and he just whips out a small kitten from under his leather jacket and asks you to hold it while he kicks the guys ass and also “she likes to be held by your heart so she’ll stay calm ok thanks” and he’d go and beat the shit out of the other guy

This was the first Christmas in two years that Tatum was actually out of that hell-hole of a basement and was able to celebrate it. Christmas was a day to be surrounded by people you love and care about, but now for the third year, she was surrounded by no one. When she had heard that they were giving away supplies, she came just for that–not to spread the Christmas cheer she didn’t have. As she walked around the hotel, consumed by the bittersweet memories that were made this day, she felt herself collide with something–someone? Her head quickly whipped up, her face as if she was a deer caught in headlights, “I-I’m sorry,” she said, her voice no more than a low whisper.