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Hello, I just wanted to say thanks. For Valentine's day, I went through ur blog and found about 75-90 of these that applied to my bf (and then wrote some until I got to 150) and put it in a jar that said 'Lucky Me'. He loved it, so thank u so much

That’s so cute??? I can’t believe this omg

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I just went thru ur entire blog (instead of homework) and I love u and this made my heart happy. Also for your consideration: obscure southern phrases. My favorite bein "cold as a witch's tit" and other such stuff (I'm texan IDK what constitutes southern slang 😅) ps ur art is beautiful and the tags you leave for other artists are so nice

aw omg thank you so much!!!!! im so glad you think so its so nice of you to send such a nice ask :’)) i m laughing really hard at “cold as a witch’s tit” omg??? the south is truly amazing

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Head cannon of embarrassing moments for the Baker family before the infection

Jack Baker:

- lmao the dude accidentally killed a bird when driving and he cried
- haha marquriete had to hold him for a while cause like
- the dude is a animal lover
- he didn’t mean to kill the innocen t bir die
- but in closer inspection it’s just leaves and twigs
- marquirete laughed so hard
- he was so embarrassed
- he stayed in his room for like 5 hours
- “jack sweetie please come out”
“no Marquiete im dumb”
“ur not dumb u just misunderstood, atleast u didn’t kill a actual
“Marquiete im going to embarrassed for a lifetime”
- she had to lead him out with cookies
- they had to cuddle for a while haha

Marquiete Baker:

- she was tired ok don’t blame her
- she was just going to feed Zoe’s bird
- but she ended putting her tablets in there
- and put bird food in her drink g od
- it wasn’t really embarrassing
- but to her it was cause like
- the birdie could’ve died dude
- she’s a animal lover too
- when Zoe told her about her mistake
- she literally went silent
- got up
- walked to the couch
- sat on it
- and contemplate her life choices
- it was that bad to her lmao

Lucas Baker:

- he was going on tumblr ok
- he was stalking his favorite tumblr blog
- it was normal to him so like :////
- he accidentally liked the dude photo from like
- a year ago
- the main rule on the Internet
- when stalking someone’s blog
- don’t ever like a post that was posted years ago
- because the op might think ur weird
- “fu–”
- he immediately unliked photo
- and had to put up his hoodie to hide his sh am e
- he went up and laid on his bed and just
- smushes his head on the pillow fri ck
- after 5 minutes, the op messaged him and lucas went to check it
- “hey!! this might be rlly weird, but i notice u followed me for a long time and u like a post that was posted a year ago?? lmao dude u broke the main rule on the Internet!! I honestly found that funny :D anyways, I’ve been looking thru ur blog for a while too and i love ur content!! wanna talk for a bit?? i honestly have nothing else to do and u seem like a cool dude :)))”
- he was just blushing at this point and only typed out 8 words
- “sure. what do u want to talk about?”
- ( can u guess who it is ;) )

Zoe Baker:

- the only embarrassing moment in her life
- was letting cats inside her trailer
- and realizing that she’s allergic to cats
- she knew this from the fact she let a one cat inside
- she didn’t start sneezing until it left
- and it shed cat hair everywhere
- on the couch, on her bed, on her fridge
- even on herself
- it was everywhere and she start sneezing a lot
- so much that it didn’t stop until she took a shower
- even so it kept happening
- to the point where her family literally had to make her stop
- because her sneezes are so loud ugh
- maybe she’s embarrassed by her sneezing but idk
- so yeah she regrets bringing cats inside her trailer
- ( Zoe doesn’t really do anything embarrassing so like :// )

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Here's a request please: Hanzo, McCree and Pre-Fall Reyes taking care of their s/o with a really bad stomach flu. I'm super sick with a stomach bug and I just need some fluff of my boys to make it all better.

(Hon, I know your pain! My stomach literally hates me. Also, I follow ur blog, love that content~)


As the old saying went, “in sickness and in health…” And this sickness was not pretty. Even still, Hanzo knew it was his duty to be there for his s/o, no matter how gross things were… His partner was hunched over in bed, puking into a bucket, cursing after every retch. Part of him felt a little guilty: it could have been the sushi he made for them the night before; he would have hated himself if he had given them food poisoning.

Sighing in pity, Hanzo entered their room, taking a seat next to them on the bed and rubbing their back. He held a tea mug which his s/o was eyeing suspiciously.

“I’m sorry, my love,” he mumbled sympathetically, “I hope this isn’t my fault,”

“It’s not,” they croaked, “Anyone can get the stomach flu–and it just so happens that it’s my turn,”

Then they proceeded to hurl into the bucket again, making Hanzo cringe. Continuing to massage their shoulders, he handed them the tea mug that they had been so curious about.

“This should help,” he explained, “Drink it slowly, and I’ll bring you a fresh mug every hour,”

“Every hour?” they whined, taking the mug and giving it a sniff, “What is it?”

“Rice water–with some honey and cinnamon,” he shrugged.

With a dubious look, they took a sip of the rice water, then crinkled their nose and shuddered.

“Not…bad?” they tried to be tactful.

“I know, it doesn’t taste very good,” he hummed, “But my father would have this made for Genji and I when we were younger,”

Then Hanzo smiled wistfully and chuckled, “Though he’d always tell the servants to mix in extra cinnamon for us,”

Realizing how important the old remedy was to him, his partner mustered up a smile themselves. Holding back a grimace, they took another sip of the rice water.

“Thank you, Hanzo,” they said sweetly and leaned over to peck him on the cheek.

Hanzo, however, did not hold back his grimace. He simply stopped their lips with his hand and chuckled, “Let’s wait until you’re better for that…”


[Name] already felt crappy enough, slumped over the toilet bowl, feeling like the end was neigh. But then McCree put the most putrid drink they had ever smelled in front of their face, and that made everything ten times worse…

“Ugh! What is that?” McCree’s s/o gagged at the icky looking swill.

“It’s a hangover cure,” he said simply, “Always works for me,”

“Hangover?” they echoed, “Who said I was hung over?”

“Well you did get a lil’ tipsy last night,” he shrugged.

“Not enough to give me a hangover,” they shot back, “This isn’t a drinking problem, Jesse, I’ve got the stomach flu. I must’ve picked it up at the bar…”

“You sure?” he asked, “You may have had more shots than you thought,”

Humoring him for a moment, his significant other took the cup from him and stared into the murky concoction.

“What is even in this anyway?” they asked bitterly.

“Olive oil, egg yolk, bit o’ tabasco n’ ketchup…” he mumbled awkwardly.

“Are you kidding me?!” they shrieked, handing the drink back to him, “Uh-uh! No way! Even if I was hungover, I’d never drink something that sick!”

“Haha!” McCree laughed and ruffled their hair playfully, “Ya shoulda seen what the Deadlock gang used to do for hangovers,”

“What’s that?” they grumbled.

“Boiled rabbit feces,”

“What the f–!” they started to exclaim, when suddenly they felt more bile build up in their throat.

Then they threw up into the toilet again. They weren’t sure if it was the rabbit poop story, or just the flu.

Pre-Fall Reyes

Gabe couldn’t braid hair like he had bragged he could. But his s/o just let him try anyway, and at least it felt nice having his hands in their hair. Earlier, they had pulled their hair back from all their puking, but the ponytail kept falling out. So Gabe offered to braid their hair, saying he was pretty good at it. He was decent at it, they supposed.

“I never want to see a piece of food for as long as I live,” [Name] groaned.

“I’m sorry, carino,” Gabriel cooed sweetly as he fumbled with their hair and lost half the braid.

“Where did you say you learned to braid?” they asked curiously.

“Urm, I didn’t,” he suddenly sounded embarrassed, “I uh, used to braid my mother’s hair…”

“Aaaw~” they squealed, “That’s so cute!”

“Yeah, well…” he shrugged, “Whenever she got sick, she’d ask me to braid her hair. I guess I’m a little rusty,”

His partner tried to imagine a young Reyes sitting obediently by his mother’s bedside, carefully braiding her hair as she hummed softly. He must have been a nice kid growing up. [Name] turned away from the toilet bowl towards Gabe and smile sincerely.

“She is lucky to have you then,” they said.

He just smiled bashfully and went back to their hair, “Heh, well I guess. She doesn’t have me anymore, though…”

“…I have you,” they whispered.

This time he looked back up at them and smiled back. He was starting to think about kissing them when [Name] suddenly doubled over and threw up into the toilet. Oh well, at least they had him.

–Mod Sirana

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sophia ... are there certain foods u feel helped clear ur skin ?? i remember u said u had really bad cystic acne prior to becoming vegan. do u take anything else for it or has just being vegan really helped? my dr wants to prescribe me accutane and i'm scared it may make me depressed but i'm at my wits end. is there anything topical u have applied to ur skin that u feel has really helped? love u love ur blog and ur outlook on life <33 thank u

My acne was still there when I went vegan and it actually got worse in my first year of veganism. I went to a dermatologist in this first year and we waited months to get in for the appointment and all he did was say ‘go on the pill or go on accutane’. Then he proceeded to hand me a 5 page booklet of the side effects of accutane… ‘bleeding out of nostrils’ ‘infertility’ ‘depression’ etc etc etc …. I cried when I was reading it lol… At that point in time I was lucky enough to understand how detrimental the pill and accutane can be for our precious little bodies and hormones so I simply refused… I started working at a health food store around the same time as my dermatologist appointment and we had a beautiful naturopath lady who I started speaking to about my skin!! In my first year of veganism I was eating ‘raw till 4′ and was SO unfoundedly afraid of eating fats and salt and I was stressed and ridden with anxiety .. so those things really contributed to my acne. The naturopath made me write down what I eat for a week and answer all of these questions she gave me then she gave me some tips that actually WORKED and really helped me clear my skin. Doctors are amazing but pls remember they are paid to prescribe you things, so they will do so regardless of how badly you need it / how it will help you. Naturopaths are paid but they don’t make any extra money for telling you to eat turmeric for you skin … they just tell you. 

Sorry about this rant but I’ll list some of the things that really help my skin! I still struggle with it sometimes and I’m still working things out, and pls remember everyone is completely different… It’s taken me 4 years to figure out some of the things that truly work for me!!!

- ginger !!! put fresh ginger in your cups of tea. 

- echinacea tea! every single day! I drink the one by the brand ‘yogi’…its called ‘immune support’ 

- eating MORE foods in general!!!!! and whole foods!!!!! I wasn’t eating enough in my first year or two of veganism. Even recently if I’m noticing my skin breaking out, I start to eat more 

- putting next to nothing on my skin!! i leave it alone. do not touch ur skin .. and do not pick at it … My favourite cleanser is aqua marina by lush (I don’t have any right now so I’m using dr broners lavender hemp soap but its too strong for my skin) … I would use aqua marina at night and just warm water in the morning, then I love to moisturise morning and night with the ‘acure’ sensitive skin moisturiser… sometimes I apply makeup but rarely! let your skin breath. 

- controlling stress!!! find ways to centre yourself… meditation ,, creating things, sitting down and breathing … going outside for a walk… talking to someone who keeps you calm! and most importantly do not stress about your skin … you will not have acne FOREVER. and it adds to your character! nobody thinks its gross, nobody sees you any differently, so why should you put yourself down and set yourself back by stressing about it??? 

- eating more fats !!!! seeds, avocado, nut butters … particularly with breakfast …. I don’t know why with breakfast but thats what the naturopath told me to do and I do and it works. 

Sending you copious amounts of love and sunshine and PLEASE try to stay positive about your acne! She is truly beautiful!! 

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hiya desperate for some extra ships and stuff ya know craving more nessian or elorcan or feysand bc just went thru ur masterlist do you have any preferences for other works cause i need more

There are just so MANY good ones out there!

How about I give you a list of writers so you can check out their fics?

@accidental-rambler​ ➳ AO3 Page

@elnabu​ ➳ AO3 Page

@hermajestymanon​ ➳ MasterPost

@highfaelucien​ ➳ Fanfic Page

@illyriantremors ➳ Fanfic Page

@propshophannah​ ➳ AO3 Page

@pterodactylichexameter​ ➳ Fanfic Page

@squaddreamcourt​ ➳ Nessian Fics

And of course since I can’t put EVERYONE down ‘cause there are TONS of wonderful writers out there I’m also including this Tumblr blog down below. The blog has loads of fanfic from many writers. I always visit this archive to discover new writers! (And possibly my new favorite fics!)

@acourtofheadcanonsandfanfiction​ ➳ Archive

i just went from following 630 blogs to 430.

If you blog abt:

  • overwatch
  • world of darkness
  • homestuck
  • fashion
  • nature
  • writing/story/character ideas
  • pastel aesthetic

reblog this and ill check u out!!! (mega bonus points if you put ur most blogs about topics in the tags)

(so sj/anti-sj/sjw/anti-sjw/politics blogs, please. im trying really hard to turn my tumblr into where i go to escape. if u do do some politics blogging and you tag it, ill still follow!)

hi my name is ur-mommy-hates-shitmadacest-and-mcweyez and im an anti uwuwuwuwuwuwuwu im just soooo new to this community omg i was just so inspired by god bc he is lord of all and totes came to me in a dream and told me to make a shitty blog on the internet and harass people for shipping consenting adults who happen to not be real together

and also these blogs im gonna tag to get more followers for nothing @ gas @ is @ an @ abuser @ anticgl666 @ character-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-this-against-xyz @ swjwidowabuser @ attention whore @ everyanti @ bitterIMAMINOROMG @ i-secretly-enjoy-shimadacest @ why-else-would-i-stalk-the-tag @ i-invalidate-survivors-bc-im-uncomfy-uwu @ 95-chance-im-a-minor

uwuwuwuw sooo,,., , , , , , , , ,… follow me if you too hate shimadacest and mcreyes for made up reasons uwo

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Ok sorry if I pissed u off but are u serious rn. Nothing u just said is true. Will is not his pretend bf I know that for a fact and the spotlight has not been on cc for years no one cares about them anymore glee is over. Ashley isn't always with them either if u did listen to recent videos u would know they just came back from Germany and went on a road trip to New Mexico JUST THE TWO OF THEM. I understand that u have your own opinion and that is completely fine but ur making stuff up here .

Dear CHLOEF8899- I appreciate that you created a blog just to spam me. However, I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT CHILL IS A PR RELATIONSHIP CREATED FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIVERTING PEOPLE’S ATTENTION FROM THE ACTUAL COUPLE. But believe what you want, just stay out of my inbox. Last night I was amused. Your subsequent 5 messages just pissed me off.

And for the record Mia is a vile person. Not one to be admired and she has treated Darren horribly. Someday you will all be enlightened and realize how your refusal to see the truth has done nothing but hurt these two wonderful gentlemen.

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Okay, I'm up for something angsty rn. XD what would the RFA+V+Saeran react to finding out so suddenly that MC is in the army and went MIA for many years and suddenly show up in the messenger couple years after? (Luv ur blog hun)

Okay, I changed it a little :3 I found it really hard to write something going on in the messenger so MC shows up at their doorsteps instead. I promise (~~hopefully) that it will be just as angsty. I’m doing it about 2 years later btw.


  • He’s. a. wreck.
  • When he opened the door it wasn’t him but you that began to cry
  • His skin was too pale, his hair uncut, and there was a patchy small beard growing on his face
  • It’s been two years how long has he been like this?
  • MC?
  • he doesn’t say another word he just turns around and walks inside leaving the door open for you
  • you step inside and you’re crying more
  • you can’t see the floor
  • there are holes in the walls
  • Yoosung?


  • When she opens the door she’s not really paying attention or she’s too tired to care
  • your smile of anticipation is returned with a blank stare
  • Jaehee…
  • And she looks at you
  • and frowns
  • MC?
  • She looks exhausted and sad
  • dark circles under her eyes
  • and she falls into your arms
  • she mumbles but you can’t understand
  • I missed you mc


  • When you reach his doorstep you can’t reach the door
  • just piles and piles of untouched fan mail
  • you push things out’ve the way and knock
  • at first, no one answers
  • you start to yell
  • Zen! it’s MC
  • and you hear heavy footsteps on the other side
  • whoever this is it isn’t funny anymore!
  • Zen it’s me, please
  • and the door is thrown open
  • And it’s zen, but not the zen you remember
  • he’s pale and unhealthily looking
  • and most of all
  • his eyes are hollow
  • MC it’s really you?
  • He grabs you and holds you tight
  • please never leave me again
  • he’s crying
  • (Extra: After you go inside, you make him food but while throwing something away you realize the only things in the trash are empty cigarette packs and beer bottles


  • The security seems to be beefed up
  • you wonder why
  • and they keep giving you sad looks
  • it makes you anxious
  • when he answers the door you nearly fall over
  • his face is gaunt and pale
  • he’s not even wearing a suit
  • MC? is that you?
  • he voice is crazed
  • and that’s when you realize the extra security isn’t to keep people out but keep people in
  • Jumin? what happened to you?
  • MC… come inside.
  • and you do
  • he’s not the same man you remember
  • (extra: when asked where Elizabeth is he simply responded V had to take her away)


  • You knocked
  • you waited
  • you knocked
  • you waited
  • nobody ever came


  • He found where you were being held
  • he didn’t stop
  • day and night
  • and then he traded himself for you
  • he always saying he would die for you
  • and he did


  • After you went missing he shut himself off
  • he’d never needed emotions before
  • the one time he felt
  • she was taken away from him
  • and so when you knock he knows it’s you
  • and he ignores it
  • Saeran?
  • you don’t leave
  • and so he answers
  • MC, please leave I’ve moved on and I’m assuming you have too
  • the door shuts
  • no more 
  • he wont do it anymore

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Tfw you had a huge panic attack and you messaged ur fp but when they replied they ignored ur messages and went on to talk about something shitty they're dealing with and now ur just so angry at them and refuse to talk to them even tho you feel bad because they probably need you but ur still like "I NEEDED THEM AND THEY IGNORED ME" so ur just in a battle between splitting and trying to be reasonable (':


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Qis, can i just hug you? Like, rn? I don't like the idea that we didn't get any Markson moments fur such long time and then, the week when all ot7 were back together went by so fast that my heart is hurt again and now Mark is away, and Jackson was hurt in that awk live and i just hope that when Mark will be back, he will hug Jackson till his guts are squeezed af. So, can i hug you?

come here this is so cute let me give u the biggest hug ever……….

Originally posted by toinfinityannnndbeyond

ure wrong tho!!!!!! we actually have quite a bit of markson!!!!! go to my markson blog (lol i know this sounds so dumb bc this is my markson blog) @marksonsarchive!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

also i just wanted to add that markson back hug.. i lov e boyfriends

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hey!!! do you have any sabres blog recs? i need more jack eichel in my life LMAO


i don’t think this is everyone i follow that posts sabres stuff bc i pretty much just went thru my follow and activity looked at urls, so if you guys know someone i missed pls reblog and add urls. also would be good for me bc god knows we need to stick the fuck together.

@happyatheart , @@andersnilssons@eicheltheshots , @eichelholic , @rhyreichel, @the-eichel-tower, @ristorocket, @rasmooseristolainen, @pbergeron, @jackeichels, @jackyeichs , @oreillysmissingtooth , @sabresinthetardis , @pandasandsabres

@wonthetrade also posts just a lot of great gifsets in general so if ur not following them and ur into hockey ur making a mistake.

im really sorry if i left anyone out, so definitely reblog with more people/you are a person who posts that dank blue and gold shit.

also disclaimer that a lot of us are combo blogs esp with playoffs coming up. i’d say leafs are the most popular secondary team (?) so….i hope you don’t hate them with a passion lol.

this is so disorganized im sorry. have a gif?

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✨ blog rate (for whichever blog u prefer)
📖 = tell a story
🎉 = post a selfie
🌚 = talk about my crush (me) 

📬 + tell me about yourself: am ur wife 
💋 + tell me about your crush: you
❤️ + what would you do if you were dating me: we r married I love u

✨= blog rate

10/10 I love ur blog n it was always one of my favs even before we become friends :oooo

📖 = tell a story

The other day I went to the animal shelter with my best friend to play with cats n there was the cutest cat named Tess who loved to be held and would just sit on your lap and purr and she was the sweetest cat I love her

🎉 = post a selfie

Hshshs I will post one for u soon

🌚 = talk about my crush (me)

I love u so much the sweetest n cutest I love talking to u and your SO CUTE when u send selfies n voice notes in the chat I love u

FOR THE LAST THREE: yes u are my wife and I love u and of course am ur crush u r my wife and we rlly are married I love u when’s our next date