i just went bi

#justgermanthings: Coming Out
  • *Christmas Dinner*
  • Grandma: soo, do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: no.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...and not a girlfriend either. Did i tell you i like both? *nervous sweating*
  • Grandma: Oh! I thought so, it runs in the family. My father swung both ways too. If my mom found out she would've killed him, but he didn't come back from the war anyway lol

Anonymous: Would it be possible for you to make Hamilton logo pride wallpaper, like the musical…? And do you do different flags, like bisexual? (I’m new to your blog and I really like it.) :)

Hamilton: An American Musical

Pride Month - June 2017

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happy pride month!!!!!

thought of contributing to the month of happiness by drawing my favourite character Guren is a Bi sweater XDDD

i just love that skam wrote a character like Even, who had been in a relationship with a girl for four years and then saw a boy at school and thought “damn ok” and proceeded to pursue those feelings with a complete disregard for gender. no “what am i feeling??? am i gay??” just straight up bi/pan rep ✌️️


“Should we go on the bed?” - Hanbin to Jiwon  (/ω\)

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You don't believe in the Kinsey Scale?

no. the kinsey scale is a lot of bullshit, for a number of reasons.

  • it relies on the gender binary, and doesn’t take non-binary genders into account
  • it oversimplifies sexuality and doesn’t look at differences between sexual and romantic attraction
  • it sort of has a space for asexuality ?? (people coded as 0 are asexual) but there’s nothing there for gray-a, lithosexual, or demisexual people
  • monosexuals use it to codify bisexuals in terms of being “more heterosexual” or “more homosexual”
  • on a related note, it tends to pigeonhole “actual bisexuality” into an even 50/50 attraction towards men and women

even if you look at the kinsey scale in the context which it was created, as a descriptor of sexual activity rather than identity, it still has problems. once again, it ignores the existence of non-binary genders and still codifies bisexuals into being either more hetero or more homosexual.

in other words the kinsey scale blows.

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Hey, so I'm a bi girl in college and I just went out with a girl for the first time :) I'm just really happy about it and wanted to share !

YAY!!!!!! Congratulations 💗💗💗 we hope you two have a lovely and fulfilling relationship. So happy for you.

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i came out to my dad in the car. hes always been uneducated and can sometimes say the wrong things, but never out of spite. he knew i had lgbt friends, and she was asking like, whats bi n gay n trans really. and when i explained bi i just went, bi is this, and thats what i am. then we just continued to talk. we dont talk about it much but he said then and many times he accepts me any way i am, that i can correct him when he says smth wrong, n sometimes he texts me happy news abt lgbt stuff

that’s so good!!! that makes me really happy to hear. thank you for sharing :))