i just went bi

i just love that skam wrote a character like Even, who had been in a relationship with a girl for four years and then saw a boy at school and thought “damn ok” and proceeded to pursue those feelings with a complete disregard for gender. no “what am i feeling??? am i gay??” just straight up bi/pan rep ✌️️


“Should we go on the bed?” - Hanbin to Jiwon  (/ω\)

I accidentally came out as bisexual to my brother because he said “I hate when people aren’t straight with me” and I couldn’t resist making a joke about it. 

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I realized i was bi when a friend in grade 8 went "yeah im pretty bi" and i just went SAME, i realized i wasnt cis (id as genderfluid) a few years later and soon after a gf went "but ur not a boy" and it just Clicked so now im a rlly bi guy

nice omg !!

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