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Sorry the picture is kinda dark but here’s my art for today in honor Edd Gould.

Edd’s comics and  videos have just inspired me so much from when I found them. I found them in late February of 2015, watched Space Face first, and my life had honestly just changed then and there. I love the show so much, its so well done, funny, and kinda heartwarming in a way. Tom took it so far, Matt is doing great with the new comics, and I can’t wait to see the upcoming Eddisodes. I’m certain they’ll be incredible. Edd’s so creative and I hope he likes the new content. I do. I hope everything is going great for him and I hope he knows how many people he’s inspired. Thank you, Edd!

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// GJHWLEKJHGKLWETG THANK YOU SO MUCH Q___Q!!! I WAS SUPER PROUD OF HOW LIE, MAMA, CYPHER, & OUTRO CAME OUT ; THEY ARE LIKE SUPER CLEAR O___O It was like the first time I ever used that camera too, so I had no clue how the focus worked HAHAHA and a bunch of the videos was like me just zooming in and out of focus lol but for the 4 listed above I was super proud of how they turned out. (My fancam for Outro is probably my all time favorite lol even though my camera died at the end of it and cut it off awkwardly ;;)



Final Fantasy XV - Honest Game Trailers


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

do not read this if your name is Harrison Browne

seriously, Harrison, stop reading!!

Today (3/14/17) Harrison Browne announced his retirement from the NWHL and women’s hockey. He made history as the first(!!!!!) out trans person in a professional team sport when he came out last year just before the NWHL season started. Harrison has been a role model for LGBT+ fans and athletes, and has been an advocate for inclusion since coming out. 

Watch his video on the decision to retire here X 

(okay for real, Brownie, this is where you have to stop reading)

I’ve seen so many personal accounts from people who have been inspired and encouraged by Harrison’s bravery and I want him to know just how special and important he is to so many people so @unofficialbuffalobeauts and I have come up with a plan: on March 24th (the number on his Beauts jersey) show your love and appreciation by using ‘#ThankYouHarrison’ on tumblr and twitter. We’ve got 10 days, so collect your thoughts/make your art and reblog to spread the word!!! 


Alright, sweeties! A bit of a different post from me today! I have been meaning to make this for awhile, since I haven’t seen anyone organize their grimoire the way I do, I thought this could certainly be helpful for someone!

First, let’s talk about the book itself! I don’t use a blank book or a notebook. I wanted a graph paper notebook this size, but just couldn’t find one! So, after watching this video, I was SO inspired, I could just MAKE the whole thing! So, we went out and bought a used book, a pack of graph paper and a glue stick. This was SO freeing because I make pages before I put them in, I write in pencil, then I go over it in fine Sharpie pen, erase pencil marks, and then glue the page in when I’m finished. That way, I don’t have this fear of “messing it up” (even though I think messing up things is part of the fun sometimes!).

So if you like to be organized, I might be stressing you out. I understand. Organization is something I love and need in my life. I’ve seen so many folks using binders for their grimoires, but it wasn’t my style. I wanted it to all be sort of chronological, but also organized??? My answer to this– COLOR CODING. Ever section (energy, astrology, spells, candles/incense, etc) has a different color that I make on the side facing outwards, along with the category written on the side. This way, if I’m looking for something in particular, I can flip through and find it, no problem!

Secondly, I use ENVELOPES. Alright, I love astrology. Astrology is something I want to have a lot about in my book, but also I don’t want to take it up my entire book with this. So envelopes were my answer for this! I water-colored each envelope in a color suit that felt fitting to each of the elements, and drew on the constellation, glued those bad boys in, and BAM, I have WAY more room to add things about signs because I can just stick ‘em in their designated envelopes. 

In addition, I like using/decorating with things from the internet, magazines, etc. This is YOUR book, your documentation of learning, your personal reference. Don’t be afraid to go off the ‘traditional’ leather bound, calligraphy written, beautiful grimoires if that isn’t your style! It doesn’t make it ANY less witchy or magical to use highlighters, friends! Don’t be afraid, no one can tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to YOUR grimoire!

Also, I would LOVE to see your grimoires, so tag me in your photos!! 



Today is the worst so I’m just going to repeatedly watch this video of Carrie and Oscar being walking disasters on the red carpet and pretend it’s 2015 and that this hell year never happened.

Dear MatPat “fans”

Look, if you weren’t one of the thousands of people to insult MatPat for his Undertale videos, you can kindly ignore this. But for those rabid Undertale fans who DID, this is for you.

I don’t care whether or not those theories impressed you. I don’t care whether or not you enjoy his content. I don’t CARE. Watching the first half of Mat’s video today absolutely shattered my heart. The fact that almost all of the fandom completely ATTACKED him for a fan made theory video is despicable. Making theories for his channel can take MONTHS of work and effort. Do you find it morally right as a person to ridicule and mock him for almost an entire YEAR just because his theory didn’t match up to whatever you thought was canon? Do you think it was right to crush his spirit and make him afraid to post any more theories about such a popular game? I’m not saying that this particular theory was the best one he ever made, but so what? You DO NOT harass him online for ages upon ages just because you don’t agree with him! Why is being a decent person online so difficult for everyone? Why does this type of thing have to be so common and accepted all across Youtube? 

 Meeting the Pope was a huge honor for him, and now he can no longer look back on that experience as he should, with pride and happiness, because you took that away from him. You FAILED to see the subliminal message behind his gift, and you left him at the point of having to pause one of his theory videos just so he could share that. And you can see the tears he has in his eyes throughout that whole clip. Mat isn’t the type of person to make his feelings public, so this should be a GIANT embarrassment for you as a community, if you can even call yourself such. And the Undertale fandom doesn’t have just this one instance under their belt, either. Quite a few of you have been art thieves or just toxic people in general, and that definitely isn’t something to be proud about. So I have a request…


The Appropriation of Black Culture in K-Pop/K-Hiphop

Okay so if you don’t know, a lot of k-pop and k-hip hop has a lot of African American influence in it. When I show music videos to my parents they are surprised at how black culture has expanded all over the world now.

But there is a difference between influence and Appropriation. There are a lot of black k-pop/hip hop fans, and we love to see how our culture influences others. But sometimes people cross the line.

For example earlier today FOMO Daily posted a video of Rae Sremmurd vs MOBB. Although I didn’t watch the video I read the comments. A lot of people were mad at how people get uncomfortable/upset when non-black people wear dreads. A lot of people tried to explain the reasoning but some people just weren’t understanding.

Yes, black people are going to get upset when non-blacks wear dreads, braids, etc. We as a people have always been made fun of for our big curly hair or our dreads, or our cornrows. We were told it looked nasty or unkept. But it those are ways we protect our hair from damage, etc. We are denied jobs for wearing our natural hair. We are discriminated against because of our hair. And just because you don’t see it happen or because it’s never happened to one of your black friends, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. So when we see other people wearing it we’re gonna get pissed off. It’s not just a style that will come and go, it’s our culture. It’s like when people wear War Bonnets. That’s Native American culture not just a style. It’s disrespectful.

And going off of that, let’s talk about the word “nigga”. HELL YEA we’re gonna get pissed off when non-black people say it. Most people don’t even know the history of the word. During the slave trade people couldn’t pronounce the words “Nigeria” “Niger” and “Nigerian” so the word “Nigger” came about and was used as an offensive term towards blacks people. We took the word changed the spelling and gave it a new meaning. So no, if you’re not black don’t say “nigga”. How hard is it to refrain from saying one word??

There is a lot of controversy with idols saying “Nigga”. The only thing they have to do is apologize and admit they were wrong for saying it.

So we have no problem with the influence. In fact it’s very exciting and cool to see how our culture has touched all parts of the world. But there’s always a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

- From your fave unapologetically black admin, Zar 💕


So I’d like to take a minute to address this video. This is the first @crankgameplays video I’ve watched. I’ve just finished it. I’m crying.

Idk today was a bad day for me and I dunno the fact that… lemme quote some of this at you guys:

“You do matter. Everybody matters. Even thought I may not know all of you guys… I care about you guys. I may not know you, but I do care. I care so much about you guys… and you do matter! Every single person matters! And there’s no one out there that doesn’t matter! Eveyone matters. Everyone.”

“I’m here for all of you that may be feeling this way!… You’re not alone!”

“There’s no one out there that can’t be loved. Everybody can find love.”

“I just want to let you know that every single one of you, you do matter. You seriously, seriously do. You matter to me and I’m sure you matter so much to so many other people in your life, and I hope that you guys realize that. And I hope that, whatever you’re going through, you can get theough it. You can get through it, 100%. Every day is a chance to improve yourself ans to get better, so if you’re going through a tough time, just remember that you can do it. You can get better ans you will get better and sometimes it just takes time. Even if you’ve been trying to get better for years and years and years, there’s no reason why tomorrow couldn’t be ths start of something great and for you to find happiness. And I really want to make sure that you guys know that you mattwr ans you matter in this community and not only do you guys matter to me but you matter to each other.”

“I just wanna make sure you guys know that it can get better and you guys can be happy. If any of you guys are going through a tough time, gou can get through it. Please, please stay here with us. Stay here on this planet and don’t give up. Just keep fighting. And I know it might be really hard, but you’ve gotta keep fighting, you have to keep going because if you give up, you’re just eliminating the chance of it ever getting better.”

“I believe in you, and you can do this. I just wanna remind you that you’re not alone. You are not alone in this.”

Fuck life man that was everything I needed to hear and I’m just so???? Thankful???? Damn. I just. Thanks, man. And that was only some of it??? Like??? Bless you the world needs this.


What If Dragon Ball Z’s Senzu Beans Were Real?

Have you ever wished that Dragon Ball’s Senzu Beans were real, a Little magical food that you eat and all injuries, aches, pains and soreness just left and all your energy returned to you. 

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Well what if I was to tell you that a Modern Day Real Life Senzu Bean could possibly exist in Real Life? There are many foods that can heal your body and speed up your recovery 

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and with today’s video we use exercise science to explore how they do that. Be sure to watch and share with your friends. It’ll make ya feel super, just saiyan :)



Coming out is scary just like battling You Know Who. But once you’ve done it, you can say you’ve faced Voldemort.

I’m hella potterhead since I was five years old so I chose Harry Potter to help me say that I’m hella gay too.
(watch this video(idea) (her/she)

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What do you do on an everyday basis? Do you work or study? Tell us a day in the life of Bonny!

Always studying
Always working
Sometimes playing 🙈

There are so many things that goes into working online that people don’t realize.

Just a little upload since you’re curious this week has been really good! Everyday this week I have been testing two recipes a day for our new ebook with Tim and filmed two new videos 👏🏼

Today I’ve been creating a new banner for my YouTube channel so that mainly involved watching tons of tutorials on YouTube because the font and photo I’m trying to use are a bit complicated, and also have edited half of my new video “top vegan places to eat in Sydney”.

Just about to hop off the computer and test a new recipe for tonight’s dinner 👅

There is always something to do that why I can get behind with videos but my aim now is 3 videos a week.

-A full what I eat in a day
- a vlog
- a sit down question/chat or a work out video.

What do you guys think in terms of what videos you want to see each week? I want to get into routine and film on certain days of the week.

Yewwwwww 😘

Y̴̧̨̟̲͓̠͈̾̎̈́̂͜ö̵̧̝̪͍͚̗͙̫̗̽͊́̓̂̔͐͢͞u̸̢̨̬̮̲͛̑̍͐͑͌̐̆̌͋͢ c̨̭̰͚͚̰̱̫̆͌̒̀̏͛̕̕͠ȁ̢̤̺̟̠̙̐̓͂̃̚͞͡n̸̙̝̹̮̒̉̅̎́͐͜͝'͕̩̣̰͙̪̘̉̆̉̃̍̆͢t̡̻̭͇͍̻̼̱̲̎͒͌̀̿̔͘ ḩ͙̳̖͎̮̀͂̂̿̿͋̌͠͝è̡̧̪͇͙̥̖̥̉̃̾̌͑̆̀̄͢͡l̸̗̣̜̥͂̇̌͒̇͟p̴̤̼̭̦͎͕̭͑͂̂̚͝ ḩ̰̠̺͕̼̬̒́̀̄͗́͛̂̕͜͝ȉ̮̮̳̪̗̎͂͌̊͂m̴̞̯̜̣̖̺̬̓̓́̾̋̒̾͝ͅ

Happy Halloween everyone! God, this was the first video I watched today and I just can’t express how much of a treat this was! Well done @therealjacksepticeye​ and Robin for the amazing video and Halloween hype!! As a sort of tribute to this community and to the spirit of Halloween, here’s Anti and Jack! Thank you Jack and Robin and everyone in this community for making my Halloween fun and spoopy!

So I've kept quiet with my stuff for a while now

 cause I just like being lowkey about my goals and plans but I had to finally share this. So 2 weeks ago I made a video blending together my Love of Nerdy Stuff and my knowledge of Exercise Science and it went viral and today it just hit 1 million views which is the first time ever for a video on my channel

 also Last week I had just hit 16,000 subs on YouTube but because of that video people have been binge watching my stuff and I’ve gone from 16k to currently 47,000 and it keeps going up.

 Its really a humbling experience and cool to see so I just wanted to share that 

Basically today’s video:


Phil: You can do it! I believe in you! It’s going to be okay. touches Dan

Me: They are doing this on purpose. They like to watch as suffer. I’m gonna choke myself. Completely non-kink related, I just want death.