i just watched this video and as much as i like 1d

it’s been a year since my papa passed and i’m watching the history music video (1d) and it’s just reminded me of how supportive my papa was of me like one of the last conversations we had literally was him comforting me that they were gonna come back after their hiatus. he legit gave me $20 when zayn left 1d cause he knew i was upset man. like this is just a small fraction of how much he cared and did for me. i miss him so much!! 

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I've been a fan of 1D since 2011 and the fandom has seen so many shady things and kept track of it, I advise you to go on youtube and search and watch "management fails" + there should be more videos of how miserable they really were under Simon's watch (some have to do with covering up Larry and promotion) I don't think 5H has ever been through as much as the boys did or even close in that matter since Simon wasn't concerned with them. Trust me when things get shady you'll know he's behind it.

omg I just looked up a couple of ‘modest management fails’ - they are so shockingly bad!!!! Especially those photoshopped pictures louis wtf!? Thats so creepy and disturbing.

5H have had some fails where managers were tweeting from accounts when the girls are performing, but nothing too bad. Also one time management tweeted something like ‘we are in the studio’ and DInah tweeted something after saying basically that they weren’t even there lmao. I think 1D fans are generally a lot more aware and critical than 5H fans, so I don’t think ppl notice as much. I still don’t think most 5H fans have got through their heads that the artists’ social media accounts are micromanaged. Tbh I think Maverick (5H’s management now) are literally the best at what they do. They do big cheap stunts such as the Nicki Minaj/ Miley feud. i think they are really good at big drama and negative publicity. 

I didn’t watch an interview all the way through. A 5SOS rant to end all 5SOS rants.

Perhaps that’s when I knew that I was getting tired of it. The video was playing fine- no buffering or sound issues to speak of, everything was in sync and playing perfectly. 

But, I found, that I just didn’t care.

Or rather, that the answers/questions didn’t matter so much to me. And that was startling, because the last year of my life has been centered around four Australian boys and their music. I followed them on twitter, checked instagram every day, and kept up with the news on Tumblr. 

Maybe it’s because I feel like with 1D, every interviewer asks the same damn questions, and they give the same answers. Maybe it’s because they’ve grown tired of it, and haven’t been putting as much effort into it. 

I don’t blame them- being in the public eye and having so many things depend on you is impossibly challenging, and a crazy difficult way to live. It spreads like a sickness in the mind, plays with them physically, and renders them defenseless when being picked apart by the thousands of people that watch them. 

However, I think the biggest thing that’s influenced my outlook on 5SOS within the past week has been Arzaylea. I won’t pretend to not know her name, or to make fun of her by calling her something that closely resembles it. I know that name because for the past couple months I’ve typed it into the search bar on twitter and tumblr anxiously to keep track of her. I know that name because I closely follow the drama that permeates my social media accounts like the plague. Maybe next week I’ll unfollow a couple of the more negative blogs in an effort to clean it up a bit. 

This girl has single-handedly caused a good 30% of the current stress in my life. I’m not delusional enough to think that one day Luke Hemmings will fall in love with me in a fanfiction-based event and that we’ll run off into the sunset together. I don’t hate her. But I’m also not a fan of her like a lot of people seem to be. I don’t know if they genuinely like her or think she’s a good person- but I haven’t been able to identify one redeeming quality in her. Whole blogs/twitter accounts are dedicated to idolizing her, calling her queen and mom as if flattering tweets are going to give them access to the boys we love. 

I see photographs posted on her personal accounts that advertise products. She is being paid to advertise these products as a direct result of her relationship with 5SOS. For a while she even had a link to a brand of headphones right in her bio. 

Fans are unhappy, and it seems that all that negativity is making the band unhappy. Yet, by some miracle, they still allow her to associate with them. Not that I think their management would allow them to say anything one way or another, but even after all the shit that happened at the AMA’s with her, there are still scandals happening weeks later. Any other rant that you read will talk about Luke clearly wanting a private relationship- and it’s true. He either doesn’t want to publicize his romantic endeavors, or he isn’t allowed to. Either way, it seems to me that every single time things start to simmer down a little bit, another scandal rises up from the ashes of the old one, with photographic proof. 

And you would think that it would be enough to stop it. Overall, I think the fans have responded to Arzaylea negatively. I think that they’ve received quite a bit of negative feedback from the media, and from the fans. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why the management team that removes salty/negative tweets from the boys accounts would allow something like this to continue. 

This band is getting bigger every day- they show up around every corner. They don’t need some girl-drama publicity. Ashton is making huge strides is the music world just because he’s fucking fantastic on the drums. Their passion for music and the lyrical relevance is what initially drew me in. 

But I’m tired. 

I’m so tired of thinking about it late at night, trying to wrap my head around the fact that a girl in L.A. is gaining new followers every day, is taking up so much time in my thoughts. She’s benefiting hugely from this relationship, and really taking advantage of it terribly. Opening up her own online shop with seemingly overpriced merchandise (I think almost everyone could find a crystal necklace cheaper than $15- she’s selling her name and popularity) and causing even more strife with that!

Then, just recently, talking with Dash radio. 

I mean, honestly, what does she do? This isn’t meant to be rude. I would genuinely like to know what she thinks she’ll be answering questions about. As far as I can tell, by the lack of promotion on her new store, she isn’t making huge strides with that. Her social media presence isn’t massive. She posted photographs of her modeling, but doesn’t appear to have any significant interest in it. 

She walked under the limelight hand-in-hand with Luke Hemmings, and has since taken advantage of the situation. Shameless self promotion, releasing personal pictures of him in a slow stream whenever it seems like things are cooling down. 

I like the escapism that this band provides me with. Sometimes, if I’ve had a rough day at school or work, I like to sit down and watch a montage of videos where they do stupid shit. Or funny shit. Or really sweet shit. Because it takes me away from my own hectic existence and allows me a little bit of peace. Honestly, though, my own life has been less chaotic than 5SOS land recently. 

So I found something different to do for a little while. I picked up and old book series that I had loved so much and, instead of scrolling though the tweets of disgruntled fans and desperately searching for more evidence as to why Arzaylea is a terrible human being, I read for six hours straight. 

And I painted a little bit. And I caught up on a television show that I had been neglecting for a little while. And I did some online shopping for the holidays. One day turned into two, and soon enough I realized that I had spent a whole weekend away from 5SOS drama. Or rather, Arzaylea drama. 

Because, as each new thing came out, I found myself gravitating towards Michael Clifford, of all people. The snuggliest little bug. The boy that still managed to be silly and sweet and upbeat in spite of the craziness surrounding the end of the year. I’ve loved all of them, but Luke always holds a special place in my heart. Drama-free Michael Clifford was the silver lining of any shitty story that came out. 

I came back tonight, to catch up on everything, and was immediately assaulted with the newest leaked images, the screen-shotted text conversations, the random accounts claiming to be “so done” with her. 

And I’ll admit: I’m starting to understand what they mean. I’m growing bored of the back and forth, the anxiety, the drama. I get completely sucked into it- I sift through all of the information and feel myself sinking a little bit with each new discovery, and try to pull myself out of the vortex of subtweets and fandom hierarchy. 

I’m also struggling to recall if I’ve watched certain holiday-themed interviews. They’re starting to blend together in a swirl of eggnog and marijuana mistletoe. I started one that I was relatively sure I had yet to see, and then stopped abruptly in the middle because the content just didn’t interest me anymore. 

Are you dating anyone? No.

What are your plans for the holidays? Family, then vacation time.

Try this commercialized american christmas tradition. Okay. 

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done? Calum: This one time, the fans crawled through a vent… 

Let’s play a game that we’ve re-named to include “5 Seconds of…” because we’re witty and original. *Plays the game half-heartedly*

So perhaps it’s because they’ve lost interest. Maybe they’re tired and I’m picking up on that lack of energy. Maybe I haven’t heard Ashton giggle in a while, and maybe Calum is tweeting depressing shit, and the content on their various social media accounts are calculated to the littlest detail. 

Calum rarely posts anything, and when he does it’s a direct response to a celebrity friend he’s close with or a high-quality photographer shot of him on stage. 

Luke basically just tweets the name of the city they’re currently in with all caps and a little party emoji, or promos the fuck out of their tour dates from next year. 

Ashton is tweeting and living but doing so privately, posting unexplained images of him doing tamed (yet still bizarre) things. He also throws in thank you tweets sporadically, and memes of himself. 

Michael scrolls through Tumblr and finds random text posts/pictures he relates with. He finds fanart that he posts (and the others will sometimes retweet) and is often looking through fan tweets and responding. 

I miss the stupid teenage boys from Australia that wore penguin hats and did keeks. I didn’t expect them to stay like that for forever, but I didn’t expect them to be buffed and polished into completely different people. I didn’t think that I would be searching a girls name just to keep updated about them. I didn’t think that they could ever make me miserable. 

So I think, in a way, that I’ll still keep tabs on them. And maybe I’ll stop checking in every day like I generally do now. Maybe one day, two or three months from now, I’ll see a picture of Arzaylea on the arm of some up-and-coming actor. But for now, I’ve grown bored. 

And I really hope that in a few months, I can fall in love with them again. 

Imagine Louis finding something super super funny on Youtube and he’s laughing for like ages and showing Niall who is also laughing but not as much as Louis and Harry is looking over at him with this ultra fond love sick smile but he can’t come over because he’s in make up and Lou reprimands him gently to keep his eyes shut so she can get this shadow right and Harry does close his eyes a little bit but not really because he’s still watching Louis laughing and Lou knows from years of dealing with these two that this is the best she’s going to get from Harry right now. Finally Louis, all bright sunshine comes over, eyes still glued to the video and says “Hazza, baby, look at this.” And Lou automatically adjusts so she’s on Harry’s other side and Louis can crowd into Harry’s Larry arm side to show him and Harry is so fucking eager to see what Louis was watching and all it is is two bunnies in mugs side by side rubbing noses and it’s not that funny but Harry laughs SUPER hard anyway and Louis goes in and rubs his nose against Harry’s and says “I’m the left bunny, you’re the right bunny.”

So I worked SUPER hard and used my videos + other videos on Youtube from OTRAEdmonton, only to create the WHOLE ENTIRE CONCERT.

I didn’t sleep for a whole 24 hours well creating this just because I had to get it done, so now that it is done I’d love for everyone to be able to watch and just relive one of the most amazing nights of my life. 

All videos that aren’t mine are credited on the actual video + there is a link to each video in the description. [ Please share as much as you like and you can hit me up on twitter @ 1DAFEdmonton for questions etc] Hope you enjoy!


okay so after seeing 1d in baltimore I find that the thing I want to talk about most is STAGE PRESENCE and how they work as a unit because seeing it happen in person for a full show is so different to hearing other people talk about it or watching videos or even seeing them do the songs they did at gma. this may get a little lengthy.

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