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2x20 Beside Still Water

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Moly motherfucking God! Boy! Damnit! Note to self - don’t piss off jace Herondale! Or don’t threathen Clary’s life! OMGOMGOMOMG, how I liked him in this episode! Now he was more heroic and less pain in the ass yesssss. Too bad he choose to lie to Alec… And the hell is happening with him? Like… Really… And I must admit I cried when he died… It may be beceuase of Dom’s and Kat’s acting but also beceause of the music… Damn…

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I’m both happy and mad. Happy because I’m really proud of her how she handled almost the whole sitiation. Like literally when she was about get to be killed she simply laid her haid on that tree… She was in fear but also she looked like… Okay with this. And woah girl, your fighting skills upgraded! nice! And she killed Valentine! yaay! But… FOR TO LOVE OF GOD REALLY?! I HATE the trope with that one wish. She could have pleaded Raziel for anything. I know, she loves Jace. But… She could wish for Jace being alive and something else too in one wish. She’s smart she could have sneek two wishes in one!

But okay… i understand that book readers would eat the writers alive if that wouldn’t happen in the show so I’ll give it a pass… 

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3. Clace

Nice. Sweet. A bit selfish but okay. I’ll give it a pass. It wasn’t forced at least. You could have seen that they truley do care for each other and that was sweet. I approve this ship :P

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4. Valentine

Hail and farewell, motherfucker. May the Edom demons make you suffer for all of this. Dad of the year I swear to God. I mean… What to say after killing your daughter’s bf? ‘ugh, I’m sorry,lol… wanna kill all the downwolders?”… I mean?? WTF?? But well he’s dead everyone’s happy yay. Valentine WILL NOT be missed. Alan will…

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5. Luke

yesss. My dad is happy! And carefree! Fina… OLLIE GTFO! It’s so refreshing to see Luke like this. First being extremly worried about Maia, beating Meliorn to get to her, speking up to the Seelie Queen… And then they are awardong him with being all happy and tipsy celebreating! Omg yes please, Luke deserves happiness! And well if Jace doesn’t wanna hug him I will! With a pleasure!

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6. Simon

Okay. But. What have you promised to the Queen? Boy, you KNOW that you CAN’t trust her! So why would you do that?! But… Putting that aside… I loved ho he was worried about Maia too. Like literally he would have done everyhing to get her out of this place… And he probabbly done this… God, I’m scared about him… And I’m super happy that he and Clary are both in peace now ^^

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Girl was so good today! 1st Malec shipper I swear to God! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Award for best sister goes to her definitley! And best freind! I mean her talk with Clary at the end was so, so sweet <3I love when they show Izzy like that ^^

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I am reapting myself. I’m doing this in EVERY review and I have no idea if i ever stop doing this. he. Is. An. AMAZING. Leader. And the Head of the Institue. He was VERY fast in his actions. And I really appreciate that he didn’t want to drag Magnus into this, even when it was for personal reasons. But ahhh he showed how of a warrior he is! Book Alec who? Never heard of him. Especially that he HAS felt Jace’s death and felt it rather painful… Btw… There’s no better feeling than walk into your parabati, who you supposed was dead, kissing his gf…

P.s. Alec don’t kid yourself you’ve never been able to think staright… :P

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Gotta love this Prince of Hell, At first I was slightly annoyed by how he had acted torwards Luke and Simon, but I understand. He got betrayld TWICE in a very short peroid of time. It’s understandable. And then… Holy f… Man he is SO powerful! I’m really happy that they’ve started to show that! And that quote “I’m a High Warlock of Brooklyn” is iconic alongside “Duh…” XD And i love how caring he is. OMG. That strong contarst between Alec’s words (Magnus is not intrested in helping Shadowhunters) and Magnus’ words and actions during the whole episode… *.* (Also, Magnus… i would KILL for this jacket!)

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OMG!!! I KNEEEW IT!!!!!! I knew that they will reunite! And be protectibe over each other even if they mad at each other! I mean look at Alec’s face when he saw magnus falling! Omg he looked so worried! So did Magnus when Alec was in pain! And how Alec reacted when they saw that Valentine summoned Raziel! And that talk outide and in Hunter’s Moon. Alec is SO in love with Magnus and vice versa. They DO love each other so y’all haters who bittched on Malec for 2 weeks can kindly shut up! <3 “I can’t live without you” *.* And Magnus being speachless… That’s love. That’s a real relationship: they have arguments but they still deeply care for each other and love each other so much that they will find their way back together *.* 9Besides this scene were so aestheticly pleasing omg)

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Your Highness kill yourself, how dare you. How dare you do all of this things! Omg. I’m so, so mad. What did Valentine promised you/ What have you made to Simon? Damnit. I hate her more and more. I want her to die, honestly… but on the other gand I know that I’m gonna struggle with her and her games for a loooong peroid of time… (Maia is me on this gif…)

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12. Maia/Saia

Kind of sad that this time I don’t really have much to tell about her… I enyoed having her on the screen. I love how she had none of Queens bullshit. And I agree with Jace, she and Simon look So cute together. He really cares about her *.* And she looked STUNNING.

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11. Sebastian

I knew that he wasn’t deeeeaaad!! it would be too easy!! But… Omg… how in the freaking hell he opened the pit? Like… literally… HOOOOW… But well…. he is… um.. “safe” in… Edom? And now we know that at least his mother cares about him…

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12. Ollie

Girl… Why… Would you… Destroy.. Luke’s… Happiness? You could easly wait a few days! But nooo you came to hunter’s Moon and demands answeres… And like… Why… Please don’t piss me off… I swaer, she’s gonna die like soon… Or she’ll get turned into something…

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13. Meliorn

I trusted you… But well… on the other hand… i could expect that… Like… I know how annoying he has been in the books… In the show I like him more… Ugh…. Why would you do that…

14. Malachi

Traitor. I’m glad you had die. Like seriously I was rolling my eyes during his passionate speech about how Valntine is right… I’m glad he died…

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15. Raziel/Lilith (?)

I really enyoed both of their apperances. Raziel’s voice was amazing. And I’m really glad we haven’t seen his face. It felt… Right. But one thing… I understand that he just calmly watched how father and daughter were fighting to their death? I’m… Okay…

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And for Lilith… Yay Caring mother. Bravo Sebastian, someone trurley loves you! And I can’t WAIT to see more of her! I mean we saw only a bits, but I’m SUPER exited for her!!

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Woah that was a REALLY good season’s finale. I know that I’m gonna cry when I re-watch this ep with my friend on Agust 21st. Kat’s the winner of the best acting performance in this episode, really. So let’s sum our cliffhangers.

1. What’s going on with Jace

2. What Simon has promised to the Queen

3. Ollie cofronting Luke

4. Sebastian’s case

A lot to be expected in s3. And I simply can’t wait for it. The waiting is gonna be hell though… Especially adding school… Bet well. For an episode I would give this 5/6. But as a finale I’m gonna give it 6/6. I’m really glad to say that this show begins to spread it’s wings! Catch you guys later! Sonia’s out! ( And yes I love how retro I look on this gif XD)

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Why do you think that no one has really analysed the crypt scene from S7E2? I have watched a lot of reviews and no one really focuses on Baelish's words and how Jon reacts to them? I mean I found the words themselves to be indicating something more between Jon and Sansa, not even in a romantic sense necessarily. And if they aren't viewed to be important why was the scene actually included?

Thanks for the ask, anon. Tbh I’ve been wondering the exact same thing.

Pessimistic me wants to point out that Sam’s ep.1 totally-appropriate-in-length montage may or may not have had the same importance, and yet…

I remember when the trailer included the Jon/LF scene and everyone pressed the current leaker for details which he ended up giving. He kept saying it was a “nothing” scene and that’s why he didn’t include it in “his” original leaks.** 

One of the main issues is getting the outlined story from a biased perspective before experiencing it for ourselves. Even if you don’t read the leaks you are affected by the people that do read them (which is likely most of the people you hear from, but I probably shouldn’t generalize. Kudos to those who have managed to remain pure and unspoiled.)

What was so interesting to me was that many of the comments on the leaked synopsis from that lovely subreddit were something along the lines of “UGH-JONSA FANS ARE GOING TO BE SO ANNOYING” without any of us saying anything yet. No script or context, just the perspective of a bullet point. Meaning they saw it through shipper goggles before us Jonsas could even react.

What’s even more interesting (and telling, imho) was that nothing was said about it in the Inside the Episode discussion with D&D. They could have told us something, because as you said, the words and specific reaction seem important even if you aren’t looking at this from a Jonsa perspective. They could have simply compared him to Ned going South with the same attitude and morals and alluded to something scary happening to Jon this season (“quick temper slow minds” Stark mentality.) Instead we got some brief dialogue about Jon doing whatever it takes to defend the people he cares about.

*immediately cuts to Sansa’s melancholy Jaime Lannister wave to Jon.* 

An intense conflict between two fan favorites should be put under the characterization analysis for mixed up fans, like the other surprising character nuances in these tidbits, no? From a shipper’s perspective it wasn’t explained because it didn’t need to be. All the territorial not-so subtleties are right there. 

It seems to be another one of those instances in the Jonsa fandom where everyone else doesn’t want to dig too deep because they might not like what they find. It’s like asking “Why all the ned/cat parallels?

Or “Why do they keep throwing Sansa’s romantic interests in Jon’s face?” 

Or “Why is this scene so long? Why did they include this with limited screen time? Uh-oh, Jonsas are going to infiltrate!”

But really, what did we gain from this scene? What information is there that wasn’t before? We knew LF’s obsession with Sans. We also knew Jon was protective. The latter didn’t need to be proven after “I won’t ever let him touch you again.” Chaos is the latter (see what I did?)


As a handful of brilliant people have pointed out, the scene was entirely unnecessary since Jon was leaving anyway. Why make this half-baked threat, Mr. I’ll-Protect-You-I-Promise, that could possibly endanger Sansa if you’re not going to be there to make sure you follow through with it? 

I don’t think the show was worried about this particular point when writing, just with the purpose of the scene…

…which was- what exactly? It’s really a great question considering all the info we have on this season. Keep in mind a much beloved and loyal direwolf should have made his comeback in this episode, but that was omitted and this was kept. (Personal theory- would’ve been redundant since Jon was telling Ghost to watch over Sansa. They chose rage and turmoil over fluff. Not saying that’s what I would’ve preferred, just a head-cannon based on D&D decision making.)

**I don’t really care to speculate about leakers being the leakers they say they are, people they say they’re not, other leakers they say they’re not, HBO plants they say they’re not, etc. Air quotes remain until confirmation.

Thanks for reading! <3  I love y’all. Jonsa is endgame.

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the walking dead starters ( season 7 episode 1.)

( also known as the meme that will destroy your soul. or as the meme where 98% is negan quotes.!!! SPOILER ALERT !!! IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED FIRST EP OF SEASON 7 YET !!!

  • “ what? was the joke that bad?”
  • “ i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ what? i didn’t quite catch that. you’re gonna have to speak up.”
  • “ not today. not tomorrow… but i’m gonna kill you.”
  • “ well, we can just turn these people inside out, won’t we? i mean, the one’s that are left.”
  • “ let’s go for a ride.”
  • “ wow, what a piece of shit!”
  • “ ‘i’m gonna kill you’ - are you kiddin’ me?”
  • “ did you see what just happened, what i just did?”
  • “ your best chance is to stand up, grab that ax, and drive it through the back of my head.”
  • “ keep actin’ tough.”
  • “ go ahead. grab the damn ax.”
  • “ drop it.”
  • “ don’t make me get up again.”
  • “ well, look at that. dawn is breakin’. it’s a brand-new day.”
  • “ i want you to think about what could’ve happened. think about what happened. and think about what can still happen.”
  • “ that remind you of anybody you know?”
  • “ you are mine.”
  • “ let’s be friends.”
  • “ no. doesn’t work like that, ___. not anymore.”
  • “ think about what happened.”
  • “ i simply cannot decide.”
  • “ i got an idea. eenie… meenie… miney….”
  • “ you can breathe. you can blink. you can cry. hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that.”
  • “ oh! look at that! taking it like a CHAMP!”
  • “ suck. my. nuts.”
  • “ did you hear that?”
  • “ oh, my goodness! look at this!”
  • “ sweetheart, lay your eyes on this.”
  • “ oh damn… were you– were you together?”
  • “ that sucks.”
  • “ you should know, there was a reason for all this.”
  • “ he just took one, or six or seven for the team!”
  • “ so take a damn look.”
  • “ take a damn look!”
  • “ that? oh, my! that. that is a no-no.”
  • “ that whole thing, not one bit of that shit flies here.”
  • “ do you want me to do it?”
  • “ no, you don’t kill them… not until you try a little.”
  • “ that’s not how it works.”
  • “ now, i already told you, first one’s free, then – what’d i say?”
  • “ i said i would shut that shit down! no exceptions.”
  • “ now, i don’t know what kind of lying assholes you’ve been dealing with, but i’m a man of my word.”
  • “ first impressions are important.”
  • “ i need you to know me.”
  • “ buddy, you still there?”
  • “ i just don’t know. it seems like you’re trying to speak, but you just took a hell of a hit!”
  • “ -and it is gross as shit!”
  • “ oh… oh, hell, i can see this is hard on you.”
  • “ i am sorry. i truly am. but i did say it; no exceptions!”
  • “ you bunch of pussies. i’m just gettin’ started.”
  • “ she is a vampire bat.”
  • “ people died, ___. it’s what happened. doesn’t mean the rest of ’em have to.”
  • “ i thought you were the guy, ___. maybe you’re not.”
  • “ we’ll give it one more go. now i really want you to try this time.”
  • “ last chance.”
  • “ clock is ticking, ___! think about what could still happen.”
  • “ we’re here, prick.”
  • “ this must be hard for you, right?”
  • “ i mean, you have been king shit for so long.”
  • “ that is some screwed up shit!”
  • “ you were in charge. hell, you were probably addicted to it.”
  • “ you can still lead a nice, productive life, producing for me.”
  • “ i think you’re gonna need it. i just got a feelin’. so take it.”
  • “ speak when you’re spoken to!”
  • “ the way that you looked at me, i wanted to change that.”
  • “ i wanted you to understand. but you’re still looking at me the same damn way.”
  • “ do i give you another chance?”
  • “ and here it is, the grand-prize game.”
  • “ what you do next will decide whether you crap day becomes everyone’s last crap day, or just another crap day.”
  • “ you a south-paw?”
  • “ am i a what?”
  • “ that hurt? should. it’s supposed to.”
  • “ get down on the ground. spread them wings!”
  • “ you got a pen?”
  • “ sorry, kid.”
  • “ please, please. please don’t.”
  • “ please don’t.”
  • “ me? i ain’t doin’ shit.”
  • “ now, i know- i know, you’re gonna have to process that for a second. still though, i’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die.”
  • “ i’m gonna keep you breathing for a few years, just so you can stew on it.”
  • “ you- you don’t have to do this.”
  • “ now, i know this is a screwed-up thing to ask.”
  • “ it can- it can- it can be me. it can be me. y-you can do it to me.”
  • “ i c- i can go with- with you.”
  • “ no. this is the only way.”
  • “ not making a decision is a BIG decision.”
  • “ you really want to see all these people die? you will. you will see every. ugly. thing.”
  • “ oh, my god. are you gonna make me count?”
  • “ okay, you win. i am counting. three!”
  • “ please! please! it can be me! please!”
  • “ please, don’t do- ah… ahhh!”
  • “ just do it.”
  • “ you answer to me. you provide for me. you belong to me. right?”
  • “ that is the look i wanted to see.”
  • “ we did it. all of us, together. even the dead guys on the ground. hell, they get the spirit award, for sure!”
  • “ today was a productive damn day!”
  • “ now, i hope, for all your sake, that you get it now… that you understand how things work.”
  • “ things have changed.”
  • “ whatever you had going for you, that is over now.”
  • “ he’s got guts. not a little bitch like someone i know.”
  • “ i like him. he’s mine now.”
  • “ but you still wanna try something, i will cut pieces off of… hell’s his name?”
  • “ wow, that actually sounds right.”
  • “ i will cut pieces off of ___ and put them on your doorstep - or better yet,  i will bring ___ to you and have you do it for me.”
  • “ welcome to a brand-new beginning, you sorry shits!”
  • “ you need to sit down.”
  • “ you need to go get ready. to fight them.”
  • “ we would die, all of us.”
  • “ go home. take everybody with you. i can get there by myself.”
  • “ you can barely stand up.”
  • “ you were out– out here for me.”
  • “ i can make it now, i need you to go back, i can’t have you out here.”
  • “ we’re not letting you go, okay?”
  • “ it’s not gonna happen.”
  • “ i’m not giving you a choice.”
  • “ i need to do this, please.”
  • “ i got it.”
  • “ pl- pl- please let us.”
  • “ he- he’s out family t- he’s our family, too.”

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Someday you're going to have to write something on Will's characterization in S2, in which you defend his likability and elaborate on his emotional transparency, plus (if you're doing a criticism of Hannibal criticism) you might discuss the adverse fan reaction and the reasons behind it. My ulterior motive in requesting this is I'll probably disagree with you! (At least in part.) But I'd love to read your take, and I think it could be a very productive conversation.

(Putting under a cut because—HAHA, IT’S US—and I might as well plan ahead.)

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Why I think there was something else going on:

I may look ridiculous next week, or in three weeks when I think we’re going to get more real info on Robin. But I seriously doubt it. My first impression on watching the end of “Heart of Gold” was that there was no way Robin was doing what he did genuinely and freely. I only feel more certain of that as I think about it. He could have been, for example:

-under the influence of some spell or potion

-playing “Marian” because he suspects something

-in cahoots with Regina, Emma, or others

So, in true writer fashion, I’m writing you all an essay about why I think there’s more to this all than meets the eye.

One possibility to me is that Regina already knows what’s going on. She’s putting on a show for Rumple, but she and Robin spoke weeks ago via the rather obviously planted-for-Rumple phone number in her pocket, which…why would she be carrying it around on a sticky note when she has a smartphone? Robin and Roland already know what’s going on, perhaps even already left, and Regina is still tricking Gold in this scene. (I’m not sure how likely this is. But it’s a definite possibility.)

But now for a summary of the episode from my pov:

They set it up for us to expect a cliffhanger in which we wait for Regina to reach Robin by phone. Remember that the GA didn’t know about Zelena, so for them the obvious thing would be Robin is either somehow incapable of answering the phone, or he answers it.
Then, says “Marian”, (who at that point I think Robin still saw as definitely Marian). “Your honor is your greatest strength, but it’s also the reason you’re here and not with the woman you truly love.”
“Do you remember what you said to me our first day as outlaws?” asks Robin.
“Marian” is interrupted from answering with one of the saddest poker faces ever.
Rumple shows up and tells Robin Regina will never be happy if he doesn’t find the author. “Which might be good for you two.” Robin’s face turns into a snarl at the thought.
Robin broodily looking at Regina’s phone number. Thinking he should call her to tell her about Gold, but then he doesn’t want to upset both of them by pretending they can have something they can’t. Maybe he’ll call her tonight, if he still thinks it’s necessary.
“We can’t use magic here but we can use magical items.” Hmmm
“The woman you love” there we go again. Thanks, Rumple.
Rumple: “She [Zelena] would’ve been a fool to send him without precautions.”
Robin: “And Zelena IS no fool.”
Rumple: “No she WASN’T
“Let him die!” says Marian with, again, the worst poker face ever. Robin is a lil suspicious. “That’s not the Marian I know.” “Everything’s changed.” “Not me,” says Robin. He walks away looking upset but also…suspicious.
Zelena’s speech: “I was going to use my little Marian glamour to steal Robin’s heart. To make him fall in love with me. To steal Regina’s fated true love. How ultimate. I think that loss could finally be a wound that doesn’t heal. But sadly it didn’t take. I can’t win his heart. Something is standing in the way, like a stone wall. Could be fate. Could be true love or some other bias of the universe towards those who deserve happiness. But whatever it is, I am certain there is an author who can simply force a happy ending for me. And if there’s anyone that could find him, and bend him to their will, well, my money’s on the Dark One. Or should I say the Deathly Pale One. Anyway, whatever your plan is with the author, I want my happy ending built into it. You’d also have to stop trying killing me, of course. But dearie, what does Rumple get out of it? Well you are aware I have a certain potion that fixes hearts. I don’t know if it could cure this little lump of coal you’ve got in your narrow chest. But it will get you back home. Your life, for mine. That seems rather fair.”
Will on Robin “failing” to steal: “You did the best you could for the people who needed you. And if your wife is anything like you say she is, she’s gonna know what’s in your heart when you get home.” Hmmm.
Rumple: “A reminder that all I really wanted was happiness, and when I had it, couldn’t recognize it.”
Robin: *looks devastated* “I know what you mean” (I see this as him regretting the amount of time he spent apart from Regina in 4A, when all he wanted to be happy was to be with her.) “With Marian, I wished her to come back every day, and then, when she did…”
Rumple: “You were in love with another woman.”
Robin: “It’s more than just that. She’s…she’s like a stranger to me now.”
Rumple: “Why did you marry her in the first place?”
Robin: “Because I LOVED her.”
Rumple: “And you thought she was gonna be your happy ending?”
Robin: “Yes.”
Rumple: “And is she?”
Robin: “I don’t know.”
Rumple: “Maybe you should take a piece of advice from a man who has pushed away every chance at happiness because it was never enough. If it’s within your grasp. If you know where it is, and who it’s with, then you should run to it, grasp it, and never let it go.” (I genuinely think this was Rumple trying to give Robin a bit of a hint. Also, I don’t think we can rule out that Robin was trying to get Gold to tell him what’s going on with Marian in this scene. He’s spent the whole ep saying he doesn’t trust the Dark One. Not sure he’d be honestly pouring out his feelings to him for no reason.)
Robin has the necklace. Then we get the past-time real quote by Marian.
Angsty Robin in the shower joins “Marian” in the apartment. Keeping in mind that we saw Rumple in the 4B opener already moved in to Ursula’s and cured “6 weeks” after Heroes and Villains, this scene is what? Two, three days after they left Storybrooke?
They start the scene with us expecting it to be a normal level of angsty. Robin’s apologizing for the number because he feels guilty, but he’s been thinking about Regina. We remember the cliffhanger, and we’re waiting for another scene in which the phone rings and it’s her.
“You want to be with her?” Uh, yeah. You were there too, Marilena. 

(Side note: Robin told Regina he also did this for Roland, because the best example he can set is to follow his heart.)
“You need to make a choice.” HE DID.
Also, you can see the necklace at the edge of her shirt. 
“I’m here. Roland and I are fine. If you want to go back to Regina, then go back to her, but you have to decide what you want.” Yeah, sure, Robin’s just going to leave Roland there with you. Obviously.
So the writers have us poised at this moment where we’re waiting for that flash-forward scene with Regina and the phone, and we’ve had all this conflicted and suspicious Robin, and what happens?
Robin: *big smile* I want to be with you! *ominous sound effect plays* (Actually though. There’s this whoosh of air like the writers going Ha!) I love you. (Wait we were on past tense at the hospital earlier today.) You once gave up everything to be with me, to be a bandit in the woods, 
(Hmm this sounds a lot like his “Marian made me the man I am today. I need to remember that.” In The Snow Queen. How did that go, again? Oh right.)

and you said something to me once, that I should’ve taken to heart. (POP QUIZ MARILENA) You remember? *stares at her and waits*
“Marian”: “Of course. But I want to hear you say it.”
*ominous music plays*
Robin: “No matter where we are or what we face, I want to be with you.”
“Marian”: “And I meant every word.”
Robin: “And now so do I. You once gave up everything to be with me, and I lost sight of that. You were once my happy ending, and I was yours, and we can have that again. I thought you were dead. And now that we’re back together, it’s…it’s a miracle. And only a fool would turn his back on a miracle.”
(Methinks Robin doth protest too much here. He’s been terribly conflicted right up to this moment. If he didn’t say this to her in the moments after she reappeared, why the hell would he be saying it now?)
He then deletes Regina’s contact even though he’d been staring at it longingly all day, and frankly this would be a really dumb move because what if the Dark One comes back and they need magical help?
Roland totally sees Zelena in the mirror.
Also going to point out that Robin and Roland don’t appear in the last scene. We’re not sure they’re there for real.

In short:

This guy:

Has NOT decided to give up all hope of being Regina and instead convinced himself make gooey speeches to “Marian” about what a miracle it is that they’re together. 

Sean Maguire from his interviews this week: 

“He loves Regina as she is.”

“His happy ending is probably to have things as they were at the end of Season 3, which was Robin and Regina starting their life together.”

“He obviously misses Regina enormously…he’s still very much in love with Regina.”

“Robin said he made his decision, he’s in love with Regina.”

“It’s difficult because your heart can’t unlove somebody.”

“Robin Hood and Regina are meant to be. That’s the way it’s been written.”

“I think Robin has always been in love with Regina, pretty much from when he first met her. His mind is constantly on Regina and I think she’s all he thinks about really.”

“And then he met Regina, and that was it. Sort of an arrow straight through his heart, and I think he was completely smitten from the moment he met her–and I think he still is.”

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Your ship can hide behind Kirkman all day every day. The WSJ said Daryl was in love with Beth not Carol and I mean who are you to know better them? Caryl never got press like that. Nobody ever said Carol and daryl are in love in an article and the amc bio doesn't say Carol and Daryl but they say it about Beth. You can't make us go away just cause you afraid. You are a disgrace to this fandom.

Hi there “friendly”,

It’s really unfortunate how stuck you are on this one aspect of the future YOU think Beth could have had if she had survived the MSF, which is not just preventing you from expressing your appreciation about the other things she could be valued and given credit for but it’s also perpetuating further negativity towards her character and the actress who plays her in this fandom.
You continue berating and now even dismissing the creator of the show you obviously love enough to blog about, just because you feel misled and feel that story needs to be written the way you misinterpreted its point, AND to boot you are now pushing that line of thinking by putting more stock into media interpretations of the events despite having first-hand evidence of how easy it was for your group to get things sooooo WRONG.
Since you are obviously starting to have enough doubts to be passive aggressive to people like me and feel the need to “correct” the facts to make yourself feel better, I figured I should help.

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What do you think of Serena overall?

Sit yourself down buddy, cause this is gonna be a long ‘un. I am all for Serena as a character, for a number of reasons.

Primarily, my main interests in her lie in her influence on/implications for Ash’s character. I know this doesn’t sound like the greatest and most valid reason for liking a character, but hear me out. (EDIT: Though I used the words primarily and main interest, that it because it is important to me, but not necessarily the most important or best thing about her character in general, keep reading to see why I love her for who she is, regardless of Ash!)

I worked out the other day that I have been watching the pokemon anime for almost 15 years now. That’s like over 70% of my life really. And I suppose I can relate to her in a way, as when I was a 10 year old girl I too had a huge crush on Ash lol. Like probably for the same reasons as her, he’s just this loveable, completely selfless, goldenhearted idiot, a character that has appealed to so many people, and one of the main reasons I, and many others are still invested in this show.

However, I was always a little disheartened when a new series would start, and ash would still be ten. The basic plot has never changed. I personally always wanted this show I loved so much to grow up with me, kind of like how the Harry Potter books grew up with our generation. Instead, pokemon remained perpetually in childhood, with very little deviation from the status quo.

Of course Ash has had character development, from his bratty original series self to the more ‘mature’ and experienced present day self. However these changes have been incredibly gradual. If amourshipping becomes even close to canon, if Ash shows even the tiniest hint of reciprocated feelings, it would be monumental character development for our protag boy. A tiny step away from his denseness, obliviousness and childhood naivety on the subject, in other words… Growing up? Haha I just think it will be very exciting if done right and written well (and if they can keep Ash in character )

But anyway, enough about Ash, of course I love Serena too! As I already mentioned, I find her very relatable on a number of levels (we even have the same hair colour lol)

Firstly, I find that her ‘crush’ and all resulting behaviour is very well written. From personal experience, it’s exactly how a girl of that age with her first crush acts, with plenty of awkwardness, and embarrassment (but also the dreaming/fantasising part too!) A lot of people give her stick for being too clingy and almost stalkerish, but they are over exaggerating, and missing the fact that it’s all very innocent, silly and realistic.

Secondly, and finally moving away from the crush part, I think Serena’s journey to find her dream and ambition to be extremely relatable. Like, really how many people have a clear goal, a clear dream in mind when becoming an adult, let alone as a child! At the start of the series, she not only had no idea what she wanted to do, but also had pressure from her mother to go down a path she simply had no interest in, again something many of us will go through, as opposed to Ash, with such a burning ambition and the freedom to achieve it.

Now that she has found a dream to latch on to, becoming a pokemon performer, I think it’s gonna be super interesting to see how it pans out. I’m hoping it will be really difficult, like that she will lose the first ones very badly. (Again, realistic with most dreams) But, I believe that she has a growing strength in her character, and that she will, to quote a certain someone “never give up until the end” be able to overcome this, and hopefully fulfill her goal! (All hail the queen)

I know her character is far from perfect, Like her writing in the earlier episodes is not particularly exciting or great, and that she certainly needs more flaws highlighted (can we see more of her brattyness that we saw with her mother in the first few eps please?), and to endure more hardships (like horrendous failure in the tri pokealons), but I really like her.

Like, I’m not the girliest of girls but that’s no reason to not think that things like baking and performing aren’t cute, or valid interests. I actually think it’s refreshing how she doesn’t bicker with ash, or anyone else in team twerp. I love her sisterly relationship to bonnie. She doesn’t battle that much? So what! It’s not for everyone (and regardless, she is becoming much more confident and adept at it in more recent episodes )

Ok I’ve gone on for way to long here, but you get my point. I think Serena’s great, and I can’t wait to see how her journey and ambitions (both dream and crush orientated) transpire in the future.