i just watched the special and oh my god

I feel like at some point there was like, a radio talk show about sports and they’re discussing the Stammi Vicino duet and who wore the costume better and people are calling in to vote about it, and it’s pretty close but Victor is winning by a little bit.

And then they get another call and the talk show hosts don’t even have a chance to get a word in before the caller is like, ‘Yuuri, the answer is Yuuri. Yuuri looked the best in that costume, honestly do you people who voted for me even have EYES, Yuuri looked so amazing and that shade of blue is just beautiful on him and did you see how great his ass looks in that outfit? No? I invite every last one of you to watch the gala performance again and pay special attention to Yuuri’s ass because it is truly a thing of beauty-’

And then the line suddenly cuts off and in the background there’s a sound of scuffling and someone saying ‘give me the phone victor oh my god’ and then the background voice comes on, ‘I am so sorry about him, he’s drunk,’ and hangs up.

Six Nights (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Prompt: “We live on the same floor and the dorm between ours always has REALLY loud sex so now we’re both in the main lounge at two am do you want this last bite of ice cream?” aka the college AU that grew legs and went for a walk. 

Warnings: only a few minor curses

Word Count: 5k

A/N: University AUs are a favourite of mine and this prompt was too good to ignore. It was supposed to be short, but as you can see, I got a little carried away… I hope you like it! :)

(Allison is alive because fuck Jeff Davis.)

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The first night, you were woken by the sound of a headboard banging against a wall. You tried turning over and burying your head in the pillows, but the loud noise just persisted until you were left completely conscious.

Groaning, you sat up. After glancing at your phone and discovering it was only a little after 1am, you swung your legs from the bed and pulled on a large hoodie. You debated knocking on your neighbour’s apartment, but decided against it - just because you weren’t getting any, it didn’t mean you had to ruin their fun.

After slipping on a pair of shoes, you grabbed your laptop and decided to go for a little walk. As tempting as staying in bed sounded, you really didn’t want to have to listen to your neighbours having sex, and there were other things you could be doing.

The corridors were desolate, students behind each closed door, undoubtedly busy with things like sleeping or studying. Seeing as your dorm building had a communal lounge, you headed in that direction and quickly set up camp at a small table in the back corner. You dumped your laptop on the desk and made use of the drinks machine to fix yourself up with a hot chocolate before going back at your table and beginning to browse the internet.

You didn’t have a plan, per say, but reckoned your neighbour wouldn’t take more than half an hour to…finish. You would just stay in the lounge for that long, reply to a few emails, scroll through out-dated social media, relax. You’d had a busy week and having a little time to catch up online didn’t sound so bad.

As time began to slip by, you became less and less aware of those around you. The night grew darker and the lounge grew quieter, people draining out until you were almost completely alone.

Absorbed in your laptop’s luminescent screen, you gasped loudly when a photo of one of your friends getting proposed to appeared on your feed, completely unable to contain the surprised exclamation. You slammed the mug on the table, pulling out your phone and immediately going to call her. You couldn’t believe she’d forgotten to tell you - you’d known Allison for years, and she’d just, what? forgotten to inform you of her engagement? It was completely unacceptable.

“Answer, goddamnit!” You growled, glaring at your phone when it went straight to voicemail. You were beginning to construct an angry - yet supportive - text message when a voice cut through the air.

“Y’know, people don’t normally answer their phones at,” the stranger paused, presumably checking the time, “2am.”

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Crush Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: nicky10876

Prompt: Hi! I’m really loving your stories so far:) I was hoping maybe you could do one where during an interview, Bill admits that he has a crush in the reader? I would be super happy if you did💚

You hummed as you scrolled through the tv channels looking for something to watch. You were bored out of your mind since it was your day off but none of your friends were able to come over.

Well you had texted your friend Bill and he told you he had an interview today but he SHOULD be able to stop by real quick around noon. It was noon but it looked like he wasn’t going to show up.

You finally put it on Nickelodeon and quickly sat up noticing Spongebob was playing. The old one too, Tea at Her Tree Dome. (Don’t judge I’m still in high school but I remember every Spongebob episode! I love the old ones more like Tea in her Tree Dome, Pizza Delivery, Survival of the Idiotics, etc. If Spongebob is on I’ll watch it. Doesn’t matter who has the remote I’ll fight for the remote! XD!)

You heard a loud knock on your door and in a split second you were off the couch and at the door. You swung open the door and squealed when you saw it was your friend Bill.

“Billy!” You squealed nearly tackling him.

“Hey (Nickname).” He chuckled patting your head.

“Thank GOD your here! I was bored out of my freaken mind without you. But I found Spongebob so I’m all good now!” You giggled.

Bill smiled his cheeks turning a light pink from your compliments. He couldn’t help but notice also that you were wearing a black tank top that showed more than enough cleavage and your Lilo and Stitch lounge shorts that had Stitch on the front and Ohana written on the back.

Not to mention your innocent and crazy personality where once second you’d be happy as a bee and then the next you’ll turn into Satan himself with a fiery rage if anyone pissed you off.

“I uh…I just wanted to come by for a few minutes.” You said.

“Well then come on in and let the party begin!” You said stepping out of his way.

(I’m sorry I’m a Nickelodeon Nerd B 3 !)

Bill grinned and stepped in and you closed your door before plopping dowjmon the couch next to him. When he looked at the tv Patrick screamed, “WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?!?!?”

He chuckled and looked at you grinning, especially at your adorable giggles. Suddenly his smile turned into a tense, straight line and he pursed his lips in thought.

He started to bounce his leg nervously and you finally ripped your eyes away from the tv. You looked towards his bouncing leg before looking towards his nervous expression.

“Is something wrong?” You asked tilting your head cutely.

“Uh…(Name)? Um, may I ask you…something.” Bill said fidgeting.

“Sure. What is it?” You asked eagerly.

“I uh…”

Bill looked towards you and you smiled which only made him stutter and fidget worse. He glanced towards the clock and bolted up from the couch startling you.

“I’m sorry I need to go. I-I’ll see you later!” With that Bill rushed off and you sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds but didn’t say anything.

“Oooo Kay then.” You turned back towards the tv and your smile came back on when you saw Patchy the Pirate on the tv.

A couple days later you hadn’t heard much from Bill since he failed to ask you the question. You had texted him but he never replied back so you figured he was just busy with interviews and other work-related stuff.

That is until you got a message from one of your friends, Shelby,  sent you a link and put under it WATCH IT NOW!!!. You didn’t ask but tapped on the link anyways and it brought you to a  video of Bill being interviewed for his role as Pennywise.

Which was basically the interview he had to go to when he tried to ask you a question. You decided to watch it and hummed as you laid on your bed with your feet in the air like a school girl.

You tapped on it and idly kicked your legs well listening to it giggling occasionally on how Bill was nervously fidgeting. He had a habit of doing it.

“So, do you have any girlfriends?” The male interviewer asked.

“Girlfriends? No. I uh, I do have a crush on a certain person.” Bill said biting his lip.

“Oh and whose this person?” He asked.

“Uh. My friend (Name).” You couldn’t help but gasp and feel your cheeks heat up.

“She is the most sweetest, kindest, and beautiful young woman I’ve ever seen. Heh, but ah, she’s a bit innocent so it just makes it hard to tell her cuz, which I tried to do this morning but…she’s just…god I just…I can’t get over her.” Bill gushed.

“Do you think she might be watching this video now?” The interviewer asked.

“I uh…I really hope not.” Bill chuckled nervously.

“Alright, uh, moving on fans have been-”

You had to stop the video and replay that part over again. Bill was in love with you? You were in love with him but you knew…well thought you weren’t his type. Your heart was beating so fast you couldn’t help but fangirl and grab one of your teddy bears pulling it to your chest as you rolled around, screamed, clapped, kicked your legs, cried, and squealed like a retarded seal.

You were rather surprised you hadn’t heard anything from your neighbors thinking you were dying or something like that. But then a thought crossed your mind. How could you tell Bill?

Or could you perhaps convince him to tell you?

You hummed in thought looking down at your stuffed teddy bear.

A few days later you heard a knock on your door and you calmly walked over to the door and opened it to see it was Bill. In his hand was a stuffed bear.

“Hey uh…for some reason Shelby told me you seemed to be sad for some reason…and for me to get you a teddy bear.” The man explained making the adorable giant teddy bear in his hand wave to you.

You had a painted on frown of sadness, even when you took the bear from him and held it to your chest.

“Thank you.” You muttered softly.

“What’s wrong?” Bill asked noticing your sad demeanor.

You were wearing a cold shoulder shirt and sweatpants which was no your usual clothing. Just to not even nearly tackle him or make a cartoon reference was so unlike you.

You seemed so sad.

You were very rarely sad, especially at this depressing low.

Bill closed the door and walked over to where you were sitting in the living room sitting criss crossed on the lap nuzzling the back of your bears head.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Bill asked sitting next to you.

“I tried to send a message to my crush but he…rejected me.”

Tears slipped down from your eyes and Bill frowned and gently touched your shoulder, “Who would reject you?”

“His name is Billy. You wouldn’t know him.” You said your voice watery.

“Well, this Billy is out of his mind for rejecting such a sweet and cute girl like you.”

You looked at him confused your eyes sparkling, “You think I’m cute?”

“The cutest.”

“I am not.” You denied shaking your head.

“Yes you are, you are the most beautiful, kindest, girl ever and he missed out on a one and only opportunity.” Bill said.

“You really think that?” You muttered.

“I know so.”

You turned back and sniffed before turning back to him in a flash smiling and happy, “So you love me?”

Bill blinked confused until he realized he had just been duped by you his face turned a bright red as he realized he just basically poured his heart out to you. You chuckled and wiped the fake tears off your face.

“You…you jerk.” He teased pushing your shoulder.

“Did I do good?”

“There’s a possibility you can get an acting job.” Bill chuckled.

“But seriously do you really love me?”

“You saw the video didn’t you?” Bill chuckled rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yep. Shelby sent it to me. Thanx for the bribe by the way.” You chuckled squeezing your new bear.

“Don’t you already have like a hundred?” The man sighed.

“60. And I actually like you back too.” You said blushing.

“So uh… do you wanna?”

You silenced Bill with a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Your so awkward it’s cute! Now shut up! Spongebob and Patrick are about to fight over whose Dirty Dan!”

Once again…Bill loved your craziness.

Ending Notes: So I’m almost 16 but I still watch Spongebob. It’s just so nostalgic to me since I used to watch it with my brothers all the time. If my siblings had the remote I used to black mail or call my parents to tell them to give me the remote.

The youngest gets the most power XD!

Also why doesn’t Spongebob have Patchy the Pirate anymore??? I LOVE his episodes like Shangied, The Christmas Special, and the House Party one—oh my god I love the house party the most :3! Okay enough about Spongebob enjoy life and watch Spongebob. Or don’t. It’s your life. Thanx for reading!


Hi are you making a part two? For Working for Roman Roman. 😊


billsgirls23 said:
Hey, love your works! Can you do an imagine for me? So one night Bill come home stressed out. His british girlfriend (Orchi) tries to talk to him but he snaps. When she tries to tell him she’s pregnant he tells Orchi to get out and never cone back. 5 years later Bill goes to the park with Alex and Gustaf, when he bumps into Orchi and their 5 year old daughter Rosalia. And then you can end it however you’d like.


Maybe a Bill Skarsgård x reader mermaid AU where the reader saves Bill from drowning but swims away quickly because she’s scared even though she’s always admired him from afar but her family doesn’t like humans until there’s a really bad storm and she gets washed up on shore cos her tail gets caught in some stray nets and Bill patches her up and fluff fluff but they face the dilemma of how they are going to keep the relationship since one on land and other is in the sea. Thank you! Ily *hides*

Dating Jungkook

I did this as non-idol, I hope you don’t mind! 

Originally posted by jimiyoong

  • Getting shy about skinships in public (with friends, family, etc. We all know he’s a little shy with females)
  • Although he’s shy about it around people, Jungkook loves to cuddle and hold hands when it’s just the two of you.
  • He likes dates but he doesn’t have a lot of money so dates are rare but romantic and special when they happen
  • You win fights by embarrassing him with kisses in front of his mom
  • “I cannot believe you did that.. She won’t let me live it down.”
  • He would definitely say ‘I love you’ first then get a little panicked about it
  • Why did I say that? Watch her be like 'me too.. buddy.’ Oh god, I would just go ahead and dig my grave. Why did I not know I was dumb? That would have been nice information. 
  • When you say 'I love you too’ he would be the cutest and most excited little squirt ever. 
  • Nervous around your family, he gets shy and quiet when it comes to meeting and sitting with siblings/parents/uncles, etc. But stays formal and polite
  • Goes to bed fully clothed when you stay the night at his house or vice versa
  • Nicknames are cute, he will give you a million of them and will call you a different nickname every time he wants your attention
  • Once he opens up and gets away from the shy aspect of his life, he’s the sweetest and most annoying human you will ever meet
  • Clings to you in the mornings when you’re trying to leave the bed
  • “Stay here, I’m sleepy.”
  • He will stay up ALL night if you’re upset trying to fix whatever is wrong
  • Fights are never serious (which is why you always light him up in front of mama Jeon)
  • Gets so embarrasingly shy whenever someone mentions marriage or kids to you guys
  • When you fall asleep in the middle of texting him, he gets pouty and spams you
  • Jungkook is no fighter but if someone’s giving you a hard time, Jungkook is your number one. He’ll drop kick someone’s ass in a heart beat
  • Flirts with you 
  • When he’s in a bad mood, he tends to be more quiet than usual and just lays on top of you
  • Cheesiest dad jokes / pickup lines
  • He’s a jokestar so be prepared for dumb but funny pranks
  • Matching pajamas when he’s not stubborn and decides to wear skinny jeans to bed
  • Star gazing 
  • Aegyo is a weakness. You can use it when you want him to do something (carry something heavy or go get you something from the store) He can’t say to your cute little face so he’d be a running man
  • Probably signs you both up for a dance class so you guys can goof off and have fun whilst failing at dancing
  • He plays with your hand when he’s nervous
  • Ice cream and a Disney movie on a Thursday night is a date
  • Playful when he wants attention
  • Gives you flowers all the time because he feels like it
  • “I cut my hand trying to pick out all of the pretty ones. You had better like these flowers or I’m chopping my hand off and giving it to you.”
  • If he finds an interesting book, he will read it to you 
  • Late night conversations about nothing
  • Forces you to play Overwatch with him
  • Board games and hot chocolate in the winter because his mom is still protective over the twenty year old
  • Can be childish sometimes so expect him to wear a bra on his head 
  • Will put up a fight if you think you’re about to leave him without giving him a kiss first
  • Falls asleep when you play with his hair
  • Learns how to bake different desserts and has you be the taste tester for all of them 
  • Gets a matching piercing with you (he doesn’t care where it is, he’s getting the same piercing)
  • Pouts and gets antsy when you make him wear his glasses
  • Takes you with him to all appointments he has
  • “If I die just know it’s your fault because you forced me here.”
  • He’s the cutest and sweetest boyfriend after he opens up and gets used to being around a female so often. You’ll just have to give him a little bit of time. Otherwise, he’s a handful of fun and cuddles

Hope you enjoyed! ~A

Ni Times
  • INFJ: I want to learn how to play the piano
  • ESTP: That's great, why don't you take some less-
  • INFJ: I've been wanting to play the piano since I was six, I've always had a special relationship with music
  • ESTP: Uhm well, all the more reasons to take-
  • INFJ: I've been drawn to piano since I can remember. I love music, I love playing, I love watching the hands of people as they play, oh my god have you seen their hands?
  • ESTP: Yeah, they're pretty impressive, so why don't you just-
  • INFJ: They're amazing, I wish I could be like them. I really really really want to play the piano, I'm tired of waiting
  • ESTP: Great! Just take some lessons then, I know a guy that can help you. I'll call him
  • INFJ: Call? Lessons? You mean now? Now as in RIGHT NOW? What if this is just a phase, what if I don't have the patience, what if I find out I don't like it or am not good enough? IT'S TOO SOON! WE MUST NOT RUSH INTO THINGS!!
  • ESTP: ...
  • ESTP: Didn't you say you have been dreaming to play the piano since you were six?
  • INFJ: Yeah?
  • ESTP: How is 15 years TOO SOON???
in twenty years time | kth

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

summary: sometimes, celebrities fall for non-celebrities, and maybe that should be an issue for taehyung. but when it comes to you, he’s willing to make bad decisions. (idol au)

• word count: 2.3k

• warnings: swearing

→ note: inspired by a lyric from this beautiful song. i also may make a part two to this later because i can’t ever seem to just write drabbles & be satisfied. hope you like it!!

Taehyung is doomed the second he sets eyes on you, really.

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No rain, No flowers.

REQUEST : Can you please do a one where the reader forgets his birthday? - Anonymous

I know I have been MIA in writing for a while, but I had lost all the motivation to write. But I’m back and I really hope you enjoy this one! So.. ENJOY! xx

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Chyler Interview

What was casting for Maggie like? You went through chemistry reads, so what do you remember of Floriana coming in to do it?

Well, in that conversation when I was talking with Greg, I was like, “Listen, I don’t want to come across like I’m super strong about this whole thing, but at the same time, just hear my heart, hear where I’m coming from: I’m insisting on being in the room.” We were in Canada at that point. We had already made our move up there, which we learned we were moving to Canada, and then I learned that I’m a lesbian, and I’m just going, “All right, hold on a second, give me a minute to breathe here.” [Laughs.] So, I was up in Canada, and I was like, “Please give me the short list of who you were thinking,” because I want to make sure that we’ve got a good connection. I’m very particular about who’s on our set, just because we’ve got a vibe. We’ve got such a great cast, and it’s a family, and I’m a mom, so for me, I want to make sure that everybody gets along. This was incredibly important to me because I knew how delicately this was going to be treated.

They sent up the audition tapes for three girls. I looked them over, my husband looked them over with me. He’s like, “I’m going to make sure you get a good girl!” I was like, “All right, honey.” It’s pretty great — he picked out my girlfriend before I did. So, we saw the tape, and he was like, “I think this is your girl,” and he was talking about Floriana. I said, “All right, I’m going to test her in the room to see how it goes.” She was the second one to come in after the first girl who came in — they were all lovely. The first girl came in, and I looked at casting and everybody in there is like, [shakes head] “Not it.” Then, Floriana came in second, and the moment she walked in — and she’s stunningly beautiful, so that is one thing, but I could see that she and I, we’re a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve kind of person and real-deal kind of person. Life’s too short, I don’t have time for B.S. I was like, “I’m just going to put it out there and say, ‘This is me, this is where I’m at, this is who I am, who are you?‘” We didn’t even have many moments to really talk, because she’s testing. But it was just this thing, all of a sudden I just look over at her, “Huh, I like this one, I think she’s great.” We did the scenes, she walked out, and I looked over like, [nods head] “She’s the one.” We had the third girl come in, she was lovely, too, but I was like, “No, no, Floriana is the one.”

We get through the whole process, and it seemed like everybody was on the same page. I wrote to Greg, I wrote to Andrew, I wrote to Peter Roth. I’ve known Peter since I was a teenager, so I was like, [mimes typing] “Dear Peter, I want her. Get her for me. I love you. Thank you. Take care. Bye.” He was just like, “Chyler, I can’t believe you emailed me.” I was like, “No, for real.” He’s like, “I totally see it, I get it, she’s lovely and wonderful.” Then I get the call that she was going to do it. I got her information. I literally hunted her down. It sounds really creepy, actually. Hmm. But I was like, “Please, please, you’re lovely and wonderful, please come, please be a part of it.” She’s like, “I love it.” It was pretty awesome.

Since you didn’t know each other beforehand, did you take any time to get to know each other, or was the onscreen chemistry just immediate?

Well, she was in L.A., so I didn’t really have time to sit down or what not. But we texted each other quite a few times and went back and forth, tried bonding that way. But when she came on set, it was like, “Oh, okay.” It’s one of those times where you meet somebody and it feels like you’ve known them forever. It’s the same thing. We were very similar in a lot of ways, so it was just easy. That’s what I really appreciate about it; we didn’t have to manufacture something. In our business, you never really know who you’re going to get and who you’re going to work with. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful, and you gotta do what you gotta do. But this was one of those cases where she’s a special girl and we have a cool bond.

When you started shooting the episodes with the very first seed of Alex and Maggie’s burgeoning relationship, were you nervous?

I was. The first scene that I had with Maggie was in episode 3, and she shows up in the airport, and we’ve got this whole crime scene situation. That was fine. There was this flirty thing, and it was this unspoken thing going on, but you see the fans that watched — the second they saw a photo of us, they were just like, “Oh my god, they’re in love with each other!” [Laughs.] I’ll tell you when it was, it was when the light bulb started to go off in the dialogue for Alex, and all of a sudden, I was like, “These words are coming out my mouth!” and I felt uncomfortable, because I hadn’t walked in Alex’s shoes from that side of her. I felt like I was coming out as Alex, so I’m just saying all these things, and I’m talking to my husband going, “This is so strange, but it’s amazing and I love it.” It was challenging, though, for sure. The director, Glen Winter, who is just amazing — this was episode 5, the episode where I sit down with her in the bar and say, “Maybe there’s truth to what you said.” I kind of felt like I was nauseous doing it, because I’m a very emotional person, so I don’t have to sit here and think of things that make me super sad from my past to be able to cry. I don’t know, I think I have this empathy reserve in my body that I can just defer to that. “Okay, I feel things really intensely, just use it.” So all the stuff in the bar, I really felt it. That’s something that people have been relating to the most because it’s honest. I’m not trying to [whispers] bullshit people. That’s not me. That’s when it started for me, episode 5, when it was going, “Oh my gosh, these words are coming out of my mouth!”

Read the rest here! :)

Blueberry Muffins; 540 words
In honour of Isak’s 6 months out of the closet, I’ve written a little thing for the year anniversary

It’s a random Saturday in November and Isak would rather be in bed recovering from a hectic Friday night shift, but Jonas had insisted they do something and Isak had eventually conceded.  They weren’t doing anything fancy; it was just coffee and a sandwich.

They were both busy third years after all.

When Isak gets there Jonas is already sat down with two drinks in front of him and a blueberry muffin that has Isak’s mouth watering before he’s even sat down.

“Cake craving?” Isak nods at the muffin sat innocently between them.

“Actually, it’s for you.” Jonas says casually as Isak takes his coat off.

“Me?” Isak raises an eyebrow.  “Why?  My birthday was in June; you were there.” Isak is beginning to wonder if all the homework has fried Jonas’ brain.  “What day is it?  What year are we in?” He asks, eyes flickering over Jonas’ face worriedly.

“Don’t be stupid, Issy.” Jonas rolls his eyes.  “It’s November 18th.  The cake is for you.” Jonas reaches into his pocket and produces a candle and his lighter and Isak gets impossibly more confused.

“What are you doing?” Isak asks.  He hates how helplessly confused he sounds, but he is so damn lost.

“November 18th last year, you remember it?” Jonas replies casually as he plants the candle in the muffin.

“What is this?  Test Isak’s memory day?  No, I don’t remember some random day off the top of my head.  I was having a shit time last November anyway.” Isak shifts in his seat uncomfortably.

“Yeah.” Jonas nods.  “And on November 18th, you asked me if I wanted to go for kebab after school.” He continues, watching for Isak’s reaction.

“We do that all the time, Jonas?”

“Oh my god.” Jonas rolls his eyes.  “You’re impossible.  Why does Even ever try to impress you?” Jonas shakes his head.

“Hey!  No need for that!  Just tell me what’s so special about today, huh?” Isak bristled in his seat a little, not liking being made to feel like an idiot even if Jonas was only kidding around.

“On November 18th 2016, Issy, you told me you liked guys.  You came out to me a year ago today.” Jonas explains as he lights the solitary blue candle.

And suddenly Isak’s chest feels too tight and his eyes are prickling.

“That’s why you wanted to do something today?” Isak’s voice comes out croaky, but neither of them acknowledge it.

“Pretty much.  It was a big deal.” Jonas smiles across the table at him and Isak’s heart soars.  What did he do to get such a good best friend?

“So, Isak Valtersen, why don’t you blow out your candle and celebrate your first birthday as the real Isak Valtersen, not the fake one you pretended to be before that.” Jonas grins.  Isak gives him a shaky smile back and blows his candle out quickly, not wanting to attract attention to himself.

They cut into the muffin, agreeing in an unspoken agreement to share it.

“Why blueberry?” Isak asks curiously as he licks some of the filling off his thumb.

“Thought chocolate was a bit on the nose for a happy one year being out of the closet cake.” Jonas deadpans and Isak snorts.



mariah: what time is your friend coming over sweetheart?

elf: she should be here soon.. do you think you guys could like.. not scare her off..

mariah: why would we go out of our way to scare the poor girl elf.. is she just a pal or is this someone special we should know about.

sidney: am i gonna have to ask this kid what her intentions are towards my daughter?

elf: oh my god ;-; she’s just a f-friend please stop.

mariah: fine fine, what do you two have planned for tonight?

elf: i’m not sure, maybe walk around or watch a movie.. we’ll see. there’s not much to do around this town after all. 

anonymous asked:

Dropping this idea on you bc I love your blog,,imagine a college Reddie AU where Richie hosts a radio show each week. He plays mix tapes, does his voices and just talks about random stuff, and every so often he'll put on a song and say "this is for someone special" and he's talking about Eddie. Eddie of course always tunes in to Richie's shows but he never knows who Richie is talking about when he does that


he sometimes records it so he can listen to richie’s stupid “voices of the day” specials whenever he misses richie or thinking about him because he loves the idiot.

every time he hears “this is for someone special” he gets heartbroken but he secretly thinks in the back of his mind that richie is talking about him. he’s asked him a million times who he’s talking about but richie never tells him!!

Labour Pain Simulator » Conor Maynard

Requests: 17 with Conor 😍

76 with conor??

“Y/N, I’m going over to Joe’s to film. You coming?” Your fiancé, Conor asked. You and him had been dating for six years and he had proposed to you around a year and a half ago, not long after you son, Noah was born. Now, you were pregnant again with your second child; you were five months pregnant and the two of you were very excited, especially Conor, who was ecstatic to learn that you were having a little girl.

“Yeah, will you grab Noah’s stuff for me while I dress him?” You questioned.

“Yeah sure.” He replied. You made your way to Noah’s room where he slept peacefully in his cot and sighed, knowing what was about to go down. You carefully picked him up and winced when he inevitably began to cry.

“Shh.” You hushed rocking him, sighing in relief when he finally stopped wailing. You grabbed a white t-shirt, a pair of denim jeans and a pair of socks and got him into them. “Look at you, handsome boy.”

“Thanks babe.” Conor replied startling you.

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Imagine: Minho tries to flirt with you using cheesy pickup lines.

For: @zoerest97

Minho’s POV

“What do I do?” I ask Newt, he just chuckles in return, “Help me shuckface! You know I like Y/N, but she barely even gives me a second glance! I need to make her fall in love with me! Help me!”

Newt just sighs and responds with, “I don’t know mate, maybe she just fancies someone else.”

“Maybe you should try using some pickup lines on her, I heard girls love those!” Thomas pitches in. 

“Uh Tommy, I don’t think girls-” Newt begins, but Thomas cuts him off.

“Trust me Minho they love pickup lines!” 

I guess it’s worth a shot. 


You lean on your shovel, exhausted from the planting that you been doing all day, and fan yourself with your hand. 

“Hey Y/N,” You hear Minho’s familiar voice call from behind you. 

“What do you want Minho?” You groan. 

“Are you okay?” He looks at you up and down, and for a moment he looks genuinely concerned. 

“Um, yeah,” You shrug, “it’s just really hot out here.” 

“I think I know what the problem is,” He says leaning a bit closer, “I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.”

You laugh, “Seriously Minho? You’re an idiot.”

You roll your eyes at him before walking away.

You make your way towards Newt, Alby, and Thomas, with your lunch tray in your hands. You’re in the midst of a normal conversation when Minho slides into the seat next to you. For a moment he’s completely silent, which surprises you, but then he finally says, “You know Y/N, if you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” 

“Really mate, is that the best you can do? Cutecumber?” Newt asks, clearly suffering from secondhand embarrassment. 

Once again you just chuckle and roll your eyes. 

Once you finish eating you make your way back to the gardens, to continue with work. Suddenly you see Minho running towards you, “WOAH WOAH WOAH! Y/N!”

He stops in front of you and looks down, “Can I tie your shoelaces for you?” You assume that is another one of stupid jokes, until you notice that your shoelace is actually untied.

“Um thanks, but I can tie it myself,” You say before crouching down to do so. 

“Good. I just wouldn’t want you falling for someone else,” He winks. 

“Come on Minho, again? Really?” You shake your head, finish tying your lace, and walk away. 

The rest of the day goes on without disturbance from Minho, that is until dinner time. 

He makes his way up the line and stands right behind you, cutting in front of Newt, “Come on mate, wait your bloody turn.”

Minho ignores him and instead taps you on the shoulder, “Y/N? Do you know what’s on the menu?”

“Um, I think Fry made his fa-” Minho cuts you off before you can finish. 

“Because I’m pretty sure it’s me-n-u!” 

“Oh my God, what’s wrong with you today Minho? Did you have too much of Gally’s special drink?,” you laugh.

The day is finally over, you’re just watching the stars by the fire with a drink in your hand, and once again, Minho slides next to you, “What now Minho?”

“Nothing…” It’s never nothing with you Minho, after a short pause he adds, “The stars just look gorgeous today.”

You wait, and to your surprise he doesn’t say anything, “Um, yeah. They are.”

“You know, if I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d be holding a whole galaxy,” You look at him ready to roll your eyes, but then you realize that this pickup line is actually pretty sweet, “Wow, you’ve been rolling your eyes all day at me, but look at you now, you’re actually blushing!”

“I’m not!” You argue.

“Thomas was right!” He says under his breath.

“Huh?” He just shakes his head, so you continue, “Seriously though, what’s gotten into you today? You’re acting so strange.”

“Thomas told me that girls like pickup line,” He shrugs.

You laugh out loud, “Oh God Minho, you’re such a dork, I thought you’d know better than to trust Thomas!”

“So…you didn’t like it?” You chuckle at his cuteness and shake your head.

“You’re adorable Min,” You say before leaning into give him a peck on the cheek. He looks at you in shock but you just get up, “I’m going to bed, you should get some sleep too.”

As you walk away, you just hear him call out, “Wait! You didn’t answer my question! Did you like it?”

“Go to sleep Minho!” You respond without turning back.


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write a kinda cute/smutty/funny imagine where the reader lets it slip that she has a thing for harry in that mick Jager outfit. So he kinda teases her about it.

Anonymous said:Hi I really need a blurb or imagine? Idk what you call them sorry where you go with Harry to SNL and you get excited about meeting Colin Jost and Michael Che because you love their skits and Harry gets a bit jealous of your attention on them?? You can end it however I just need this in my life please

—- —-

Hahaha I’m laughing at myself right now, this is so corny. But I hope you like it anyway.
So I’ve had these requests in my box since I wrote the last SNL blurb, so I truly apologize for taking so long to write them. As you can see, I decided to combine them since they’re both about the SNL night.
P.S. I hope you get the Stones references in the end.

Live From New York

We gotta get away from here…

Harry’s lyrics were still ringing in your ears as you watched the stage being set up for the next skit. Your stomach flipped when you realized it was going to be the Weekend Update segment. You liked this skit in particular, having always had a little secret crush on Colin Jost and Michael Che. Perhaps it was their humor, and the way they would sometimes roast each other that got your juices flowing, but they always managed to crack you up.

“Hey, come with me,” you heard to your left.

You turned your head in time to see Harry walking toward the dressing room. Hesitantly, you followed him, quickly returning your focus to the monitor set up on the wall.

“Sit with me for a minute,” he requested, beckoning you to the sofa where he sat.

Smiling, you did what he asked, taking his hand.

“You were great.”

“Yeah?” he grinned.

“Mmm hmm,” you nodded. “I especially liked seeing you in that white Mick Jagger suit.”

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anonymous asked:

I never thought this show would come through like this. Also, everything that was showcased makes their relationship even more special than before. S1 Alec was so repressed he couldn't even look Magnus in the eye, despite being completely blunt, as always, and then the second flashback and Alec is open, and giddy and smiley. Magnus saw something in him, he trusted him, his insecurities, his fears, oh my god.

it was really jarring tbh watching 1x06 alec again, but in a good way; i really loved it bc matt was … actually very good, just bringing back that closed off and gruff alec he usedto be?? and magnus, too, was like…open but still guarded, and you can see the way he’s deflecting even while he’s admitting some things to alec.

they were so obviously falling for each other even then, but like to see them being so open and comfortable with each other after is just killing me, the juxtaposition was actual art I WANT TO FRAME ALL OF THIS THEY’RE SO IN LOVE NOW.

Psh Soulmates?! (Part Four)

Pairings/Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Sam and Dean Winchester, OC Wilson

Word Count: 1496

Series Summary: Soulmates. You’re meant to love your soulmate, right? But what happens if your soulmate is a human-hating, spiteful archangel?

Part Summary: You wake up in a field in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a slip of paper in your pocket. The only word on the paper? Winchester.

A/N: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s me actually posting something for once?! Oh my god, what a turn of events. SO many people have been asking for a part four, to which I am very greatful for, I hope I did this part justice haha ENJOY xoxo


Part OnePart Two– Part Three

Blue sky. Warm air. White clouds.

Long grass. Cars in the distance and birdsong floating through the air.


I shot up. Quickly I ran my hands over myself. Still had my head, hair, legs, boobs, all of which were completely unharmed. What the hell happened? I was dead- or I should have been anyway. I looked closely at my once broken arm, more shocked than anything that there was no scar or anything at all. It was like none of it actually happened.

It was so hot, had to be near 100 degrees if not more, and the jeans and jacket I was wearing only multiplied the heat. I chucked the jacket off, not really caring where it went. I just needed it off. As I chucked the jacket, a small white slip of paper fell out the pocket. Curious to what it was, and also for the sake of not littering, I picked it up. One the front, written in black ink was one word. Winchester. I had no idea what it meant, I knew I hadn’t had it the last time I could really remember anything, so whatever had happened this must be important.

My first priority had to be water. My mouth was drier than the Sahara desert and from the headache I had I knew I wouldn’t be any good without some water at least. I had to find some kind of civilisation. A drink of water, a bathroom and maybe even someone to tell me what the hell Winchester meant? So, I started walking. At first I decided to walk towards the car sounds, sure enough there was a round but no one stopped. I had to keep walking, who knows how far it was to the next town or if I was even going the right way?  

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BTS | Their s/o Is A Famous Chef

Anonymous said:

ikon and bts reactions to their s/o being a famous chef, please. 🍾☺️

He would be excited about dating a famous chef and would love to tell everyone about your food.

“I went to Y/N’s new restaurant…the burgers were a lot better than I thought. I ate five,” he said, when asked about you and the recent opening of your new restaurant.

“You what?!” Namjoon and Jungkook asked.

“What? They were good.”

Originally posted by namjinkiss

“This is so good Y/N, you have no idea,” he would manage to say as he shoveled more food into his mouth.

“I’m glad you like it,” you said, watching him and hoping you wouldn’t have to perform the Heimlich at some point. 

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

“Where did you learn to make these?” Hoseok asked as he took a mouthful of the pastry you made him.

“Culinary school…” you replied.

“Mmm…oh my god this is amazing.”

Originally posted by tbhobi

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“You brought some for Tae too?” he would complain, “I thought you said it was a special recipe.”

“It is a special recipe…my special recipe…not a special recipe just for you,” you would say with a chuckle, “No don’t give me that look. You do realize that all my customers have that chicken too.”

“This breaks my heart.”

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

“Is is good?” you would question, watching him shovel bite after bite into his mouth. He looked up at you, some food hanging out of his mouth causing you to laugh.

“Mmhmm,” he would hum before continuing on with his meal.

Originally posted by cowjimin

“You do realize you don’t have to eat it all at once,” you said watching Tae shove a full piece of full in his mouth.

“But it’s so good…” he said.

“Well there’s more…”

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

“I would ask if it was good but the fact that you have food in both hands answers that for me,” you said.

“Yeah…is there anymore of this?”

Originally posted by sotaehyung


The Most Important Holtzmann headcanon:

She doesn’t tell anyone about it at first but once they’re all pretty famous Holtzmann uses her new reach to get in touch with local NYC foster care programs, and she starts teaching monthly classes to pretty large bunches of kids at headquarters on Saturday mornings once a month. Sometimes she does Lego robotics with them, sometimes they build potato clocks, in October she helps them all decorate mini ghost traps that they can use “to suck the most candy up on Halloween and be the richest kids on the block.”

One or two supervisors from each program and sometimes a couple of foster parents come each time to keep an eye on the kids but after a couple months they all end up sitting quietly in a corner with their laptops or books and cups of coffee that they ducked out in the middle of the lesson to get, not watching the children at all. Holtzmann is just so good with the 5-12 age group (which is most of the participants that come to class, though sometimes she’ll get stragglers as old as 17 and she’s extra nice to them because she knows how hard it is to age out of care). She has them get up and dance and shake out their arms and stretch at least once every 15 minutes and she makes a fool of herself and laughs with them but here’s the thing, she also treats them like the little adults they are. She treats them like they can learn how to do anything they want because she truly believes they can. And they love her for that.

When Holtzmann shares with the Ghostbusters that she’s been doing this they’re all really surprised and touched but she brings it up like its nothing, she just wanted them to know because hunting is getting pretty active lately, and well, they shouldn’t be worried if on a rare Saturday they get a call and catch her ferrying 10 or 20 children out of the building before she runs upstairs to change.

Erin, with curiosity in her nature, shows up the next month and hides in the back not by the program supervisors, but in her own little nook closest to her friend and all her students, and she watches as Holtzmann squats down in front of a sniffling little girl who is looking down at a tangled mess of wires in dismay and embarrassment.
“Sweetheart, it’s ok,” she soothes with an easy smile as Erin strains to listen, “they’re color coded, so that means blue goes to blue and red goes to red, so yellow goes to…” She trails off and waits until the little girl whispers “yellow” too quiet for Erin to hear.

“That’s right!” Holtzmann celebrates, making perfect eye contact with the small child, and Erin in her corner is falling in love and combusting, oh my god. “Remember what I said last time? The secret to being a genius is always keep trying. You’re smart and you matter.”

She gives the girl’s shoulder a little squeeze as she stands up and moves onto the next table where 12 year olds are helping 7 year olds build circuit boards and 5 year olds are watching 8 year olds and copying what they see, trying to connect the kiddy-proofed special sets they have just for them, that clearly don’t even have electricity ports built in, and it’s just all so amazing to watch.

Erin is speechless. She can see that every single one of these kids trusts Holtzmann. But what she doesn’t know is that Holtz does this because she used to have to do every single project and craft she came up with on her own. There was no one in her series of homes to tell her that she mattered. To tell her she was smart.
So she tells it to every single kid. Every month.

When all the kids leave, after they bop about the room to the Monster Mash with Holtz leading the pack and clean everything up, Holtzmann turns on the now empty floor and her face is filled with a look of relaxation and pride and warmth that Erin has never seen on her friend before. Nothing has ever even come close. And it’s beautiful.

Holtzmann sees Erin after a moment and she just grins, and waves. Erin without explanation or forethought walks up to the blonde, wrappes her up in her arms and kisses her. It’s the first time, but it’s been coming for a while. Both of them just melt into the experience. They’re ecstatic, home at last, and neither of them is fazed.

They break apart after awhile and Erin pulls Holtz in tighter and leans her chin on her shoulder, tilts her mouth up and says into her ear, “you’re smart and you matter, Jillian.” And Holtz stares at the wall and tries to ignore the building tears behind her eyes. Because maybe Erin gets it after all.