i just watched the new episode of avengers

Marvel Cinematic Universe Viewing Order (by release dates)

I am hoping to find time to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including some things I’ve never checked out before, so I made basically a big list of what order to watch everything in going by release date as much as possible (I’m not going to watch The First Avenger before Iron Man, that’s just silly).

Anyway I thought since I made the list I might as well share it. If I have made any errors please let me know or remind me to update it as we get new releases.

1.     Iron Man

2.     The Incredible Hulk

3.     Iron Man 2

4.     Thor

5.     Captain America: the First Avenger

6.     The Consultant One Shot

7.     A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer One Shot 

8.     Avengers Assemble

9.   Item 47 One Shot

10. Iron Man 3

11. Agent Carter One Shot

12. Agents of SHIELD Season 1 episodes 1-7

13. Thor: the Dark World

14. Agents of SHIELD Season 1 episodes 8-12

15. All Hail the King One Shot

16. Agents of SHIELD Season 1 episodes 13-16

17. Captain America: the Winter Soldier

18. Agents of SHIELD Season 1 episodes 17-22

19. Guardians of the Galaxy

20. Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episodes 1-10

21. Agent Carter Season 1

22. Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episodes 11-16

23. Daredevil Season 1

24. Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episodes 17-19

25. Avengers Age of Ultron

26. Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episodes 20-22

27. WHIH Newsfront Ant-Man campaign

28. Ant-Man

29. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 1-8

30. Jessica Jones Season 1

31. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 9-10

32. Agent Carter Season 2

33. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 11-12

34. Daredevil Season 2

35. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 13-17

36. WHIH Newsfront Captain America Civil War Campaign Episode 1-2

37. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 18

38. WHIH Newsfront Captain America Civil War Campaign Episode 3-4

39. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 19

40. WHIH Newsfront Captain America Civil War Campaign Episode 5

41. Captain America: Civil War

42. Agents of SHIELD Season 3 episodes 20-22

43. Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 1-2

44. Luke Cage Season 1

45. Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 3-6

46. Doctor Strange

47. Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 7-8

48. Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot

49. Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 9-15

50. Iron Fist Season 1

51.  Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 16

52.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

53. Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 17-22

54. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Fuckin Disney

They won’t release the D23 Infinity War trailer

They’re not airing the next episode of Avengers Assemble until the 26th of August

What do they expect me to do in the meantime? Just sit there and suffer because there’s no new stuff in my fandom that I can actually watch?

Can we talk about Avengers Assemble? About how so many episodes are just popular fanfic tropes done in 30 minutes? In the current season (season 2), the team is trying to track down the infinity stones. Each time they come in contact with one, fanfic greatness happens. Today I was watching the episode where Tony gets de-aged when the time gem gets lodged in his arch reactor. Steve volunteers to stay behind with kid!Tony (of course he does) while the rest of the team battles dinosaurs in the streets of New York (like you do). Kid!Tony is trying to put together a kid version of the suit before he ages out of existence while staying one step of Red Skull who has his mind back and is loose in the tower (that’s a long story). While Tony is a young teen, he goes off on Steve for letting him do something Cap warned him about. When Cap points this out, Tony lashes out and reveals that he’s jealous of Steve because his father, Howard, talked about him non-stop, compared them and how he feels like he’ll never measure up. When Tony ages down to about 7-8, he tearfully admits to Steve that he’s scared. Steve tells him to be brave and this exchange happens:

Little!Tony: That’s easy for you to say! You’re a big brave superhero!
Steve: I was brave before I ever put on the uniform and Tony Stark was a hero long before he was Ironman.
Little!Tony: Looks up at Steve with big eyes, throws himself into his chest, crying. EPIC HUG.

After everything is over and the day is saved, adult!Tony goes to the training room to see Steve. He thanks him for what he did and tells Steve that he’s always been his hero. He SHOWS STEVE A PICTURE OF HIMSELF AS A KID WEARING STEVE’S WWII COSTUME and proudly tells Steve that he made the shield himself. Steve hands him HIS *real* shield and asks him if he wants to play with the real thing! Tony looks so happy! Like all his dreams have come true. Then the episode ends.

I was so full of feels, man! I love AA Tony and Steve SO MUCH. And AA!Tony is probably my favorite version of the character. I swear this show ships Stony (Steve/Tony). There are so many shipper moments and episodes. Like, the episode after this? The team SWAP BODIES because of the mind gem. And Steve gets Tony’s body. PURE FANFIC GOLD.

I really want to finish the book I’m reading but I also wanna read fanficton and I also need to finish that show I started watching but what if I start a new show and a new episode of that anime came out yesterday and I really want to watch that show but I also wanna watch that other show and now that I think about it I haven’t reread Harry Potter in a while so I’m just going to sit on the couch and browse Instagram for 11 hours while I try to decide what I want to do.
~story of my summer vacation

anonymous asked:

Okay so I'm rewatching AA's episode "Savages" from S1 and it's hilarious! Clint screaming bloody murder when some dino eats all the cookies, Tony's climbing skills, Steve & dinos... But the best part is the easy-going relationship Tony and Steve have. Even though Steve's saying how he doesn't wan to rely on tech it only leads to a good-natured bet between him and Tony, not some major fight. They're such parents too who just want their kids to behave and learn to live w/o technology for a while.

my friend, I couldn’t have said it better myself! honestly sometimes I forget about “Savages” simply because it’s surrounded by so many other stevetony-centric episodes (“Avengers Protocol,” “Super-Adaptoid,” “In Deep,” “Exodus,” “The Final Showdown”……damn season 1 was hella gay)

you’re right though, I really love that the episode establishes how Steve and Tony’s relationship is built on good-natured ribbing, trust (literally the whole damn premise of the episode is Steve’s unfailing belief in Tony’s ability to save the world without tech!!), and joint responsibility for their team

and seriously, even within the first few seconds of the episode, despite being played for laughs, we are introduced to Tony’s unshakable habit of building Steve shiny new toys because he cares, okay

(note how: 1. Tony says “keep up with me” and not “keep up with the team,” and 2. there’s an unspoken implication that Tony just wants to make sure Steve can save himself in case Tony’s not there to catch him)

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I love RDJ, and I have since the mid-90s. I'm just so. damn. tired. of the MCU being the Tony Stark Show. Can we please focus on other characters?

but it isn’t? let’s look at this step by step:

  • iron man 1, 2, 3 are tony-centric, yes. as the name would suggest. but other than that, 
  • the incredible hulk: tony makes one post credits appearance 
  • thor - no mention of tony
  • the first avenger: no mention of tony
  • the avengers: yes, tony is a central character in the avengers, just like he is a central character of the avengers in the comics. 
  • thor: tdw - no mention of tony
  • the winter soldier: maybe one or two passing mentions of tony
  • guardians of the galaxy - no mention of tony
  • agent carter - no mention of tony
  • agents of shield - maybe like a few mentions of him in a lot of episodes?
  • daredevil - i haven’t watched it yet but i’m guessing he doesn’t come up
  • age of ultron - yes he is a central character considering he, you know, is the reason the avengers have a place to stay and cool new weapons. so.
  • civil war - yes, he will probably be a central character just like he was in the comics.

so, in 15 projects, he’s only the lead character in three, and one of the central characters in other two. so he’s a part of about 30% of their projects, that’s HARDLY the tony stark show. the same can be said for chris hemsworth or chris evans, should i now talk about how the mcu is their show too?  i can’t help it if the general public prefers iron man/tony stark to other superheroes, but that definitely does not mean that he’s what the mcu is about. 

we’re going to have movies about black panther, captain marvel, inhumans, thor: ragnarok where he won’t come up either. and contrary to unpopular belief, rdj doesn’t actually have the authority to make executive decisions within marvel. the civil war was planned long before he had anything to do with it because it’s a very important and polarising event in marvel comic book canon, and it will go a long way in establishing the future of mcu and will have a significant influence on other marvel characters. i hate to say this, i really do, because i love him a lot but a movie about bucky’s recovery and reunion isn’t as important in terms of progressing the marvel cinematic universe as the civil war is. so yeah, marvel was lucky to get rdj to sign on for the movie, not the other way round. 

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pei can you cry about aa with me pls i'm watching episodes at random and i canNOT


you know what’s so great about AA? The fact that, along with the shameless and blatant shows of stevetony (friendship-wise or romantically, it doesn’t even matter), each episode also does an excellent job of choosing to show us their closeness in subtle, background, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments. For example, one of my favorite episodes is “New Frontiers,” where the Avengers go to space. Now, besides the fantastic space-superhusbands scenes and all that, there’s one scene near the end, where the Avengers had just saved an alien planet from Thanos and the Black Order, and they’re boarding their Avenjet to go home.

(sorry for the crappy screenshots haha I threw this together really quick), but what gets me is that poor Jeter wasn’t even done talking before Tony lays a hand on Steve’s shoulder and they just stare at each other and forget the rest of the world exists. You can’t see it in the screenshot that I provided, but these two idiots literally just stare at each other smiling, probably having some wordless “good job shellhead/winghead” conversation. In the context of this moment and this episode, this shoulder touch was completely superfluous. And yet, someone decided to put the time and effort into animating this teeny tiny moment of intimacy.  

this is what I love about AA. they put in the effort to include these little moments to reinforce steve and tony’s relationship. this is what we lacked in the mcu, I think. the mcu just tried to tell us what steve and tony’s relationship was. the AA-verse, on the other hand, puts in the effort to show it.

(also i just love how you can see clint in the background thinking like “where’s my shoulder pat iron man, wow why do i even put up with these losers).