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Make me

a/n: hey, is sarah. this is pretty bad and short but whatever . I’m still just starting out so any comments would be great. Hope you all have a wonderful day <3

Word count: 330  Warnings: spelling and grammar errors?

Bold: Peter  Regular: you

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The Avengers Tower had been your home since Steve and Tony had their little hissy fit. Today was a particularly chilly day in the tower seeing as it is now nearing October. Your boyfriend Peter was coming over today and you were going to do the usual, watch movies (most likely Star Wars), binge eat junk food and cuddle. Tony was supportive of your relationship but every time Peter comes over he says “Door open, clothes on” to which you reply “Am I a straw, no? So stop sucking me” and quickly ran away knowing he would beat your ass.

At around 3, Peter came over and knocked on your bedroom door, you let him in and he flopped down on the bed.

“I’ve got the movies and the snacks ready for action.” you said with a goofy grin on your face.

“If it’s Star Wars I’ll love you forever.” he replied

“It is and you were already going to love me forever so you kinda lost there.” you said giving him a quick kiss.

“I have to go to the bathroom but when I get back we are eating all of that junk food.”

“Deal” Once he left you felt cold due to the loss of heat that always seems to be radiating off of Peter. You look over and see his discarded hoodie on the back of your chair. You quietly sneak over and grab it, feeling like a child doing something they shouldn’t. You slip it on and it warms you instantly, not like the heat warm but the kind of warm feeling you get when you love someone.

He exits the bathroom and immediately sees you wearing his hoodie. His heart is filled with love and it’s reflected in his beautiful, brown eyes

“Is that my sweatshirt?”

“Maybeeee” you say drawing it out in a teasing manner. How early is too early for when you can steal your boyfriends stuff?

“Well give it back, I’m cold” he joked getting closer to you.

You stepped forwards so that your noses were almost touching. You had a glint in your eyes and a smirk on your lips when you said,

“Make me”

Getaway Café

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One day you find the need to get away from the tower. You end up at your favorite café but someone ends up finding you there.

Featuring: Peter Parker
Warnings: None

You sat at the back of the cafe in a corner booth. You watched as the rain hit the gray New York sidewalks. It had been a rough day, to say the least. You were out on a mission today with Tony and Peter. You had been searching for a secret Hydra agent operating a small task force underground. You had found his bunker, and as you were searching, he popped out and tried making a run for it. You were quick to fire your stunner at him, but before you could draw back your hand, Tony had landed in front of him to take him down and well… You had hit Tony, which had knocked him into the wall allowing the agent to escape. Luckily if it weren’t for Peter outside, the Hydra agent would have gotten away. 

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I decided to watch The Avengers today, and I’m just wondering when will they ever find out Phil Coulson is still alive? I really think he should be in Infinity War. I know AOS usually leads up to the next movie so lets hope somehow he gets in somehow

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Okay, so I’ve tried to post this 3x, but every time it keeps reformatting 🙄 hopefully this is the last time

Also, this is my first time writing headcanons, so let’s see how this goes!


~ You always wake up in a mountain of covers

~ Steve is an early riser, so he likes to bundle you up in the bedsheets so that you’re still warm without him

~ He loves to make breakfast for the both of you

~ “You gonna eat those pancakes, Rogers?”

~ “Well I guess not, now.”

~Watching the daily news is a must

~ Coffee’s in hand, you both slump on the couch and learn what’s going on in the world

~ He’ll occasionally talk about what it was like before he became a super soldier

~ Sometimes he busts out the old sketchbook

~ He loves to draw you when you’re in your pj’s, hair poking out at odd angles, while you flip through the tv channels

~ On days where Steve isn’t busy, you never just lounge around

~ These days include cleaning, grocery shopping, and doing laundry

~ Steve likes to watch you dance as you vacuum the apartment

~ “I’ve never seen more beautiful dancing, doll. Really.”

~ “Don’t mock me.”

~ Steve likes to sing in the shower. Loudly

~ Surprisingly, he doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s still comical

~ You take videos and send them to the rest of the Avengers

~ “Tony called me ‘American Idol’ today, and I have no clue what that means.”

~ You and Steve alternate nights on who cooks

~ On Steve’s nights he always tries to go all out

~ This usually results with a few cuts and beeping smoke alarms

~ “I thought we’d try something more…..Cajun?”

~ At the end of the meal, you both are an unstoppable dishwashing and drying combo

~ Showers are never sexual, just relaxing and soothing

~ Steve just stares lovingly at you as you try to rinse all of the shampoo out of his hair

~ When it comes time for bed, you both like to cuddle up and turn on an old film as you drift off to sleep

~ Steve tries, and fails, to fall asleep after you

~ You stay awake just a bit longer just to see all of the little lines of tension ease from his face

~ Somehow, you always end up scooped up on Steve’s chest when you wake up

Peter Parker |Chatroom #2:Matching

Tony has created a chatroom

Tony has invited Y/N, Peter, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, T'challa, Wanda

Loki has joined the chatroom

Y/N: What do you want Tony?
Tony: What makes you think I want something? And HOW DID LOKI GET HERE?!
Peter:Oh- uh Mr. Stark, I’m kinda busy, can we talk later?
Loki:…………I have my ways.
Bruce: Tony…. You better not be doing what you were talking about earlier…
Tony: You’ll see science bro.
Natasha: Ugh, make it quick. Clint and I were training.
Clint:……I’m trying so hard not to stab Loki right now, but hi
Steve: Hey guys :D
Wanda: and I was baking cookies.
Y/N: Can I have some?!
Wanda: Sure, but don’t eat too many, I’m saving some for Natasha
Tony: So, do any of you have plans for Halloween?…
Y/N: I would but I don’t have any friends to go trick or treating with… me rn
Tony: and you Peter?
Peter: No, not really Mr. Stark.
Tony: Great! And I told you to call me Tony
Steve: I’d rather not go to whatever you’re planning, but yes, I’m free.
Loki: I agree with the Captain.
Clint: So are Natasha and I.
T'Challa: I don’t care.

T'Challa has left the chatroom

Tony: Geez. So rude
Wanda:I am free.
Bruce: You are doing exactly what you were talking about earlier. I’m free, but I’m not going to take part in your little scheming.

Bruce has left the chatroom

Tony: I’m not scheming!  Anyway, since you are all free, let’s have a Halloween party! I’ll even make sure there’s no alcohol!
Natasha: That’s hard to believe. But I’ll come anyway.
Y/N: Yay!!! I’ll have something to do!
Steve: Sure, I’ll come.
Peter: I’ll come since I don’t have anything to do…
Wanda: I’ll come as well.
Tony: Great! Also I have all your costumes planned out!

Tony has left the chatroom

Natasha: I’m not going to wear the costume he gives me.
Clint: Neither am I.
Steve: Yeah that’s not going to happen.
Wanda: I am wearing my own costume.
Loki: I do not want his costume.

Y/N has left the chatroom
Peter has left the chatroom
Natasha has left the chatroom
Steve has left the chatroom
Wanda has left the chatroom
Clint has left the chatroom
Loki has left the chatroom

~The day before Halloween~

Private Chat between Tony and You
Tony:……So no one except Y/N and Peter are wearing the costumes I picked?…
Y/N: Yeah…I guess so?
Tony: Ok. Well, Y/N you’re going as Cinderella/Rapunzel/Ariel/Aurora you choose , the dress should be in your room, I had Natasha put it there.




Tony: You’re welcome! Now I’m going to tell Peter what his costume is! See ya!

~The day of Party~

 Your PoV

“Are you sure Nat?” Still not sure if I was ready. I was curious to see what everyone else’s costume was, since we all agreed not to tell. T'Challa didn’t come because he was busy, and Bruce is here, but he didn’t want to dress up. Since Natasha, Wanda and I were getting ready together, we all got to see our costumes. I was (Your Choice of Costume), Natasha was Minnie Mouse, and Clint was going to be Mickey Mouse. Even though Nat didn’t want to dress up, Clint somehow managed to convince her to be Minnie. Wanda was going as Alice in wonderland. my costume is alice in wonderland btw xD

When we all went to the floor where the party was going to be, I looked around, and saw everyone’s costumes. Many people were here, but just a few people were in costumes. We were the last ones to arrive. Tony was Batman, which I expected, Steve was wearing a werewolf costume, Loki was…….Thor?….. and… Peter was….(Cinderella’s/Ariel’s/Aurora’s prince or Eugene). Tony must have known my crush on Peter!!!! do any of you guys play Avengers Academy? When Peter and I looked at each other’s costumes, our eyes went wide and our faces were red. When Natasha saw where I was looking at and why I was all flustered, she smirked and practically dragged me over to Peter while Tony: did the same and dragged Peter over to us. “Well, we’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” Tony winked and walked off and Natasha went over to Clint. “Uh- You look beautiful Y/N, I mean, not that you d-don’t always but  What I uh- meant was- you look really pretty.” Peter stuttered out. “Thanks! You look handsome too…” I said, my face still red as a tomato. “I-I know this is late, but I was wondering, if you would like to be my date?…” Peter asked me, while he was fidgeting with his hands, looking nervous. “Of course! I actually wanted you to ask me…” I responded shyly. “Well, do you want to go dance?” “Sure!” I took his hand and pulled him over to the dance floor and we started dancing with each other.

3rd person
“I told you this would work Brucie!” Tony said, with a smug grin on his face. “Fine, it did work, but it still could’ve gone horribly. They are cute together.” As Bruce finished his sentence, the other Avengers joined in their conversation. “I’ll have to admit, they’re pretty cute. Good job Tony.” Steve said. “What did you do?! My sweet little Y/N is going to start dating your spider son!!!!” Clint asked frantically. “Chill! They look cute!” Natasha retorted, trying to stop Clint from going over to Y/N and Peter and ruining the cute moment. Wanda just squealed and took a picture.
The night went on, and the new couple had goofy smiles on their faces as they went to their rooms, Tony happy that his plan worked, and the rest of the Avengers happy that they didn’t have to watch them be so awkward around each other, and Clint was mad that his little Y/N was dating a spider.

A/N: AHHHH I’M SO SORRY THAT WAS TERRIBLE I really wanted to get a Halloween chapter out yesterday, but I didn’t know how to end it! So I finished it today with a horrible ending! >~< the next chapter will be the next part to Capsicle! Please like, comment and reblog if you liked it! 💜 (none of the pictures are mine)

I’ll Be With You (Part 4)

A/N: This is a long one! BUT I’m excited about this chapter. Their confessions didn’t go as I  planned but that’s just what happens sometimes.

Warning: Violence/Mention of Domestic Violence/Mention of Death/Swearing/Fluff and heavy making out.

Summary: Dating James Buchanan Barnes can be interesting, especially meeting his best friend. Unfortunately, you have to confess some of your secrets, not on your own terms. How will Bucky react to the things you have been keeping from him? And when will our couple say “I love you”?

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

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You could feel your heartbeat in your feet as you finished your final shift of your week and a half rotation, proudly earning yourself three days off before your next rotation. Your scrubs were starting to stick to you as sweat pooled at the small of your back. You smoothed down your little flyaway hairs, trying not to look as crazy as your shift felt. The dark ballcap and sunglasses of your boyfriend’s disguise had you distracted for the past ten minutes as you looked outside the glass doors of the hospital. It took every ounce of willpower you had not to run into his arms.

“Hey Y/N?” You silently groaned but turned to show your pleasant smile.

“Yes, Dr. Spencer?” The tall man before you was a cocky son of a bitch but also one of the best doctors in Brooklyn. You had started as a nurse the same time he started as a resident. You two worked well together but you never allowed anything past that to transpire. It was not for a lack of his trying.

“Dinner tonight?” There is was, the running gag. How many times could he ask you before you caved. The pool was now up to $350 dollars.

“Nope!” You said quickly, grabbing your purse and heading towards your favorite soldier. You quietly walked towards the familiar silver Audi, away from the peering eyes of your co-workers. Bucky’s hand met the small of your back as you opened the door. You weren’t ashamed to be dating Bucky Barnes but neither of you wanted the unwanted attention from the hospital staff.

“Hey you.” You cooed as Bucky slid into the driver’s seat. He leaned over to meet your lips for a quick kiss. “You know I could have just met you back at the apartment?”

“And let that asshat make a move on you? No, thank you. I’d rather watch him myself.” You giggled at his recent protective behavior then leaned back into the seat. A groan escaped as your head tilted back. “Rough shift?” You smiled and let out a sigh. You thought you had just closed your eyes but really you had fallen asleep. Bucky glanced over, smiling as you relaxed in your seat. Today marked a year of him becoming an avenger but while Steve wanted to throw a party for him, Bucky wanted spend any moment he could with you. He felt like a teenager again, constantly splitting his time between avenging and you and when he wasn’t with you, he got distracted by your many text messages and photos. Steve had already caught him twice within the last few months lovingly looking at pictures of you on his phone. He couldn’t wait to ask you about tonight.

Bucky parked the car on a side street next to your apartment, glancing over at your beautiful figure in blue scrubs. “Must have been a rough day.” He mumbled as he got out of the car to meet you on your side, smiling as he opened your door.

“Buck.” You murmured as he slowly picked you up out of the car.

“I’ve got you, sweetheart.” He chuckled as you easily fell back asleep. Mindy was attentive, opening the door for Bucky as he walked in and up the stairs. “You still up for tonight, doll?” he asked, entering your room.

“Yes!” You protested, whining almost. Your reaction made him laugh as he placed you on your bed. “We have to celebrate! We have reservations.” You sat up, reaching your arms over your head to stretch. Your back arched, showing a thin line of skin about your pants. Bucky swallowed hard, trying to keep his eyes off of your waist.

“Y/N?” His eyes were full of concern as he looked at you, apprehensive about what he was about to ask you. You didn’t notice until you opened your eyes to see his blue ones now staring at you.

“James? What’s wrong?” He sat down next to you allowing you to scoot closer. He took your hands in, the metal hand cool to the touch. “Bucky?”

“It’s fine, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to ask you…” he trailed off, making sure he wanted to ask. “Tonight, I really wanted to introduce you to Steve?” You blinked a few times, looking at him probably longer than you should have. After a moment you let out a chuckle, then a giggle, then a huge smile spread across your face.

“This is like introducing me to your family.” He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah! I mean, he’s all I got now so I want to introduce him to my best gal.”

“James…” You blushed, trying to push down the feeling of inadequacy. “I would love to meet Steve.” You pulled his hands to close the distance between the two of you. His lips were soft when you met, allowing you to push back your negative thoughts.

“Well then let me leave so you can get ready.” He gave you such a dreamy smile you wondered what he was thinking. You smiled at him as he walked out, closing the door behind him. You let out a sigh walking towards your bathroom. After your shower you walked back into your room to start getting ready. You were dating James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, and meeting his best friend, Captain America, for dinner. ‘Fuck,’ you mumbled to yourself, pulling out the short, white dress with cap sleeves. The fabric hugged your curves making you even more nervous and insecure for this date. As if it were a tradition, you turned, looking at every angle you could at your outfit. You decided that your red heels were necessary, regardless of how your feet felt.

“Alright, let’s do this.” You grabbed your clutch and walked out to meet Bucky.


The drive to Manhattan took longer than expected making you even more nervous. You were constantly apologizing for making the two of you late which made Bucky smile.    

“Doll, you don’t have to worry! And have I told you that you look gorgeous tonight?” He smirked, reaching to hold your hand as he drove.    

“Only a hundred times. I think that’s one for every year you’ve been alive.” You snickered. You knew he was trying to help you relax so you took a deep breathe. ‘Every year without you.’ He thought to himself. He was a mixture of happy and nervous, something he wasn’t use to feeling for 70 years. When he had asked Steve to talk in private, Steve’s face crinkled in concern.


“Buck, you okay?” Steve entered Bucky’s bedroom cautiously.

“Yeah, no, I’m great! I just have something to ask you.” He scratched the back of his neck as he fumbled through what to say.         

“Do I finally get to meet that girl you’re hiding from everyone?” Steve leaned up against the wall, crossing his arms with a smirk on his face. Bucky looked at him dumbfounded then chuckled a little.   

“Yeah, it’s– well– she just happens to be Bonnie’s granddaughter. Steve, you are really going to like her. She’s funny and beautiful and from Brooklyn!” Steve’s grin continued to grow as he watched his best friend describe this girl. “And a nurse, just like your mom! God, she’s perfect.”   

“Whoa, whoa, whoa Buck! How much do you like this girl?” Steve hadn’t seen Bucky like this in a long time, if ever. He was normally so smooth and cocky with women but this one made him nervous and talkative, like he didn’t want to screw it up.   

“It’s only been a few months but she makes me forget. She helps me forget about those bastards. She’s making me a better man, Stevie.” Bucky lost himself in his thought about her again. 


“James? Bucky?” You tried to pull him from his thoughts. “You’ve parked, hon.” You looked around at the nearly empty parking garage Bucky had parked, trying to be inconspicuous. You rubbed your hand up his thigh causing his head to snap towards you. You giggled. “Ready to go, Sergeant?” But Bucky didn’t turn to leave the car. Instead he reached to cup the back of your head, pulling you in for a kiss. Even after your first kiss together, he still caused your head to spin. You moaned into his surprise kiss causing him to smirk against your lips.

“Now I am.” He turned to exit the car. You hummed in satisfaction, reaching out for you hand as he opened the door. He continued to hold your hand as you entered the restaurant, eyes searching for Bucky’s blond friend. It was hard enough to wrap your head around the fact that you were dating Bucky Barnes but now an ordinary girl like yourself was meeting Captain America.The mantra continued as nerves twisted your stomach again causing you to grip Bucky’s flesh hand harder. “Nervous?” His breath hit the shell of your ear causing you to shiver. You looked up, expecting to see his shit-eating grin but his blue eyes shined down on you full of emotion and concern.

“I’m dating Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. I worry about nothing.” You smiled. The look on his face calmed every nerve you could possible hold. You thought you saw pride mixed with pure bliss as he smiled down at you. “Let’s go soldier.” You winked, pulling him towards Steve.

“Steve, this is Y/N L/N. Y/N, Steve Rogers.” You reached out your hand to shake.

“It’s a privilege to meet you Ma’am!”

“The pleasure is all mine. I am very excited to meet you and hear all of Bucky’s embarrassing stories.” You winked towards the brunette. He smirked, sliding your chair out for you to sit down then taking his place beside you.

“So, Bucky tells me you’re from Brooklyn.” Steve smiled across the table.

“Yes! I’ve lived there my whole life, with my grandmother. I believe you’ve met her?” You tried your hardest not to smirk but Bucky could see you slowly cracking, wanting to smile so bad.    

“Uh-yes, yes I have.” He smiled as you tried to be open as possible, as much as you were going to allow.    

The three of you ordered drinks, food, and enjoyed each others company. You eventually turned the conversation away from you and towards the men in front of you without Steve noticing. Bucky noticed but he thought you were shy or nervous which he found endearing. He watched as you listened to one of Steve’s story about him and Bucky back in the day. Your face showed so much emotion as he found himself entranced by your features. The way that your eyes would shine looking at Bucky but there was always a hint of darkness behind those beautiful irises. The way that you would smirk could drive him crazy. Above all else was when you looked at him. He had never seen someone so beautiful as when you looked at him.    

“James?” “Buck?” You and Steve asked together, trying to bring Bucky back to reality.    

“O-oh, yeah! M’sorry, what?” You just giggled turning to Steve who was also grinning.    

“We were just talking about that one time you made him ride the Cyclone at Coney Island. We all should go sometime.” You said, looking to Steve for confirmation. He nodded furiously but then all attention turned towards the waiter, holding a drink that no one ordered.    

“Ma’am, a rum and coke for you from the two gentlemen at the bar.” Your brows furrowed until you looked towards the bar. You inhaled sharply and Bucky could feel you stiffen beside him. Bucky turned to see an older gentleman paired with a younger looking towards the table smiling.    

“No, thank you.” You waved it away as politely as you could, trying not to alarm Bucky or Steve. The waiter slowly turned around, returning to the two at the bar.    

“What was that?” Bucky’s face contorted to concern.    

“Do you want me to talk to them? I mean if they’re both-”    

“No!” You interrupted Steve. “I think they were just confused.” You tried to smile but Bucky noticed that it was your favorite drink.    

“Well, doll, looks like they’re coming over.” He straightened up and wrapped his arm around the back of your chair, pulling you closer to him. “Good evening gentlemen.” He said, coldly, almost glaring at the pair. His jaw tightened as the younger one looked him up and down, cocking an eyebrow. Metal started to whirl as he tightened his fist.    

“Y/N, you should introduce us to your friends.” The young one commented, as he smirked. You let out a quiet sigh. Your back was rigid as fear ran through your veins.    

“Why don’t you knock that shit grin off your face, Kyle.” You hissed back at your ex-boyfriend.   

“Y/N [Your middle name]!” You stood up immediately at your father’s call, causing the two to step back. Bucky primarily watched you, only using his peripheral vision to watch the two gentlemen. Steve looked between you and Bucky, trying to find answers for anything but realizing that Bucky was just as confused.    

“Follow me. Now.” The older man man a guttural noise and folded his arms. “Unless you want to speak here, Father.” You spat out. Quickly, your heels clicked across the tile floor back to their seats at the corner of the bar area. “What the hell? Seriously?” You turned quick, trying to not lose your false cool and scream.    

“Who are the gentlemen, dear?” Kyle’s voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard.    

“Well, not like you two should care, but James Barnes and Steven Rogers, dear.” You spat back. Their faces dropped as they did a double take, staring back at Steve and Bucky, who were staring right back. Bucky was watching, your body language screamed that you hated every moment of conversation with the two men before you.       

“What are you doing with two avengers?” Kyle dug in, clearly upset about your life choices after him.    

“Aw, I’m sorry. You can’t control me anymore. Either of you.” You glared back. “So if you don’t mind, I’m going to return to my boyfriend Bucky Barnes and his friend Captain America.”

“I don’t think so.” Kyle grabbed your wrist. You couldn’t even let out the breath you were holding before Bucky was at your side.

“Hands off.” His flesh arm wrapped around your waist. You glared at him. You tilted your head up, chin strong, as you stared at both of them. You felt stronger with Bucky by your side.    

“You don’t own me anymore, dear. As I said, I’ll be leaving now.” Clearly defeated with a super soldier in front of him, Kyle stepped aside. Your father stayed quiet, pulling Kyle towards the exit of the restaurant. When you were back at the table, you let out a shaky sigh but you refused to look as shaken as you felt inside.    

“Would you like to leave?” Steve looked at you sympathetically.    

“No! I’m completely fine.” You faked a smile but Bucky could see it didn’t reach your eyes.    

“Would you like to talk about it?” Steve nudged. You inhaled deeply, looking at him. Bucky caught your hand shaking in your lap out of Steve’s view.

“We are going to head out. Steve, I’ll pay you back?” Bucky started to stand despite your objection. You thanked Steve for a wonderful evening and followed Bucky as quickly as possible.    

“James! Why are we leaving?” You called out as the two of you made it back to the car. He opened the door, helped you in, and got in himself before speaking.    

“What did he do to you?” He made direct eye contact with you causing you to look away. He had never been this blunt with you, normally give you space. You were still shaking with adrenaline or fear, you weren’t quite sure.   

“He-” you started, trying to think of the right words. You looked around for anyway out of this conversation. This was the last thing you wanted to talk about tonight “You can’t do anything to him. Promise?” His brows furrowed but he nodded. “He was- I mean- it was…” You trailed off. Tears were starting to burn your eyes. You fiddled with your hands as you nervously looked around the car. “He was very controlling.” You couldn’t meet his eyes as you tried to continue. “He works for my father so he… thought he could… get away with a lot.”    

“Y/N” He cupped your chin, raising your eyes to his. You leaned into his touch as tears threatened to spill. “What did he do?” Bucky’s voice was calm but you could hear the fire burning in him. It made you fall for him even more.   

“It started with small things, like what I wore and who I hung out with. I didn’t notice at first. Eventually, he-” your voice cracked a little. “He hit me.” You whispered.   

“God, doll…” He tried to pull you close but your hands were strong and resisted. You sat up a little straighter.   

“I’m sorry I ruined toni–”    

“No, you didn’t. And it’s taking everything I have to stay in this damn car. What the hell! Your father is still friendly towards him?”    

“He never got involved.” You remembered the first time your father saw the bruises under your clothes or the black eye under your make up. “He said we were adults and could handle ourselves.”    

“But he hit you! Dammit, Y/N. Where was your mother? Did she ignore it too?”    

“She’s dead.” Your eyes trailed out the window. Bucky looked at you in confusion, taken aback by your bluntness.    

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me? Anything? About all of this?” You looked at him with a bit of surprise on your face. You were expecting a different look on his face but instead he showed protection and anger obviously not directed towards you. He was right though. You had kept this from him, steered the conversation away when he started to ask about family. Hell, you completely ignored at time.   

“Tell you? It’s nothing compared to what you went through. How could I have possibly brought up any of this without feeling the least bit guilty? You want to know that my mother died when I was six, my father dropped me off at my grandmothers so he didn’t have to deal with me, and I was too fucking weak to see that some guy beating the shit out of me didn’t actually love me? You are James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier and Fist of HYDRA! My life’s a breeze compared to yours!” Your hands waved in exasperation and tears were now falling as you looked at him. He blinked a few times, obviously not expecting that answer. The silence grew as you two sat there, neither one knowing what to say. He reached out to run his fingers down your arms. You hadn’t noticed that the stress of the conversation had caused you to clench your fists. He picked up one hand at a time, massaging your palm until your fingers stretched out.    

“How did your mom die?” He whispered finally.    

“She”, you sniffed, “was a combat medic. She’s that whole reason why I’m a nurse.” You tried to wipe away any trace of your tears.    

“You still look beautiful.” You looked up to those blue eyes and that loving look you had grown familiar of as he continued to search your face. “Y/N?”   

“Y-yes?” You stuttered. He reached over the center console to pull you closer, close until your noses touched. Your stomach started to do somersaults, looking at his blue eyes full of emotions.     

“I will never, ever lay a finger on you to hurt you in any way. Do you understand?” You swallowed hard but nodded. “You matter, how people treat you matters, because no one deserves to go through what you have gone through.” You started to speak, trying to stop him, but he stopped you, drawing his thumb over your bottom lip. “It doesn’t matter what I’ve gone through, you should have never gone through that. I swear that he will never lay a hand on you again. He won’t even speak to you again if you wish it.” You could see the rage in his eyes as he spoke about Kyle but then he saw you look into his eyes and it all washed away. His steel blue eyes softened and he continued to rub your bottom lip with his thumb, eyeing your soft lips. “Y/N, I wanted to wait but you need to know. I love you. I haven’t felt this way for anyone since the 40s but you’ve shown me so much kindness and love that now that I know what you’ve been through, it makes me love you so much more.” He tucked a stray hair behind your ear before lifting your chin to look him in the eye. “I love you, babygirl.” Your mouth dropped. This wasn’t how you pictured any of this to happen but then again, you were dating Bucky Barnes, anything could happen.

“James…” You look his face in your hands. “James Buchanan Barnes, why are you doing this? Why are you doing any of this? Why on earth would you love me? I’m a simple nurse from Brooklyn.” You thought his face would fall but it just softened. He ran his fingers through your hair, watching as it fell around your face.

“Because you’re not dating me as Bucky the Winter Soldier or Bucky the Avenger or Bucky the best friend of Steve Rogers. You’re dating me for who you met that morning in Brooklyn. I fell for you that day I caught you. You looked at me with those big eyes like I was the only one in the whole world. I knew I loved you though when you planned that whole date for me. Taking me dancing and dressing like some 40s dame, all for me? It should make any man weak.” You smiled weakly at his confession.

“You know I call you James because of that.” He looked at you in confusion. “I call you James and not Bucky because the world calls you Bucky, I want to be one of the few that call you James.” You looked at him in the face, your eyes still full of tears that refused to fall. You bit your lip as you eyed his features. His strong jaw and sharp cheekbones looked more prominent on his clean shaven face. “I fell for you that first night but I didn’t want to believe it. I kept you at arm’s length not knowing exactly what to do with myself but now I can’t. James, I love you. I love you so much.” Tears streamed down your face as you placed your lips on his hesitantly. He passionately gripped the back of your head, tangling his fingers in your hair, as he deepened your kiss. As you gripped his shirt with both your fists, he let out a growl. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist. You were certain that you would have been in his lap if there wasn’t a console stopping you.

“Y/N, you make me so happy.” He breathed in between kisses. You moaned in agreement, not wanting to part. He kissed you so fiercely, like he was trying to memorize every one of your features with his lips. You were the first to move as you sprinkled kisses along his jawline. He moaned your name as continued down to the base of his neck.

“James,” his name came out as more of a moan. “I love-” A ringing from his cell phone cut through the air.

“Dammit,” he hissed as he pulled it out. You could tell he was concerned as he answered. “What?” He hissed at the recipient. He sat there listening intently. You sat back down, smoothing the wrinkles in your dress and straightening your hair again. “Okay.” You tried not to listen but you could hear Steve’s voice on the other end. It was another mission that needed Bucky’s attention. A small smile crept across your face as you were proud of your boyfriend. “I’m still with Y/N.” He looked over at you, grabbing your hand, rubbing circles on the back of your hands. “Yeah, she’s fine.” You perked up, mouthing the words that you wanted to speak to him. “I think she wants to talk to you. Hold on.”


“Hi, Y/N! How are you?” His voice held a bit of surprise as you wanted to speak to him.

“I’m much better. Thank you. I wanted to say thank you for tonight. I had a lot of fun. I would like to come over after you all are done with your mission to come visit the team.” Bucky looked at you. A large grin grew across his face.

“Sounds like a plan. I told Bucky this might be a long one.”

“I’ll be here when he gets back. I don’t mind.” You tighten your grip on his hand as you look at him. “Well, here’s James.” You passed the phone back to Bucky.

“Let me drop her off and I’ll be back. I’ll be there for the briefing. Bye.” He let out a long sigh as he hung up the phone. “I’m sorry doll.”

“Duty calls.” You smiled and quickly kissed him on the cheek. “We can continue where we left off when you come back.” You winked.

Part 5

Well! Tell me what you think! -Kate xoxo  

You Can’t! (Sehun)


For the past week, I’ve been begging Sehun to watch Captain America: The First Avenger with me. Of course, he refused and his reason was;

“You’ll just be fangirling over Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan the whole time.”

I’d pretend to be offended but it’s honestly the truth, come on, who can resist those two? Especially that one specific scene with Chris Evans…yeah…that one ;)

Finally, today, he let out a long sigh before taking my arm and bringing me to the couch. We both sat down and he turned on the TV. Netflix was open and I hurriedly went to type in the name.

Popcorn was made and two cans of soda was resting on the coffee table in front of us. The couch was loaded with blankets and pillows. The lights were off and we proceeded to watch the movie.

My whole being was wrapped in the giant duvet. Sehun had both legs on the couch and I was sitting on top of them. He, too, was wrapped in the blanket as he rested his back on the armrest of the couch.

My right hand was digging into the bowl of popcorn and, occasionally, stuffing some in his mouth. He, in turn, did the same.

“Awee! Look at little Steve! He’s so small…Don’t hurt my baby!” I cooed followed by a yell, watching as the bully beat up Rogers in an alley.

“Yes! Yes, Bucky! Fuck him up! That’s my boy.” I cheered, clapping loudly to emphasize my excitement and satisfaction as Barnes kicked the shit out of the guy. Sehun watched my as I reacted to the movie, now and then rolling his eyes at my comments.

“I don’t understand what’s so hot about small Steve Rogers.” he mumbled. My eyes immediately turned to give him the “Try me.” expression. He smirked and turned to watch the screen. It was now my turn to smirk as I realized what scene was up next.

A frown settled itself on his face we he saw the transition on the TV. The machine closed, some screaming happened and then…the machine opened. I clamped my hands over my mouth to prevent a loud squeak as buff Steve Rogers was revealed, glistening in sweat, breathing heavily and most important of all, shirtless. I wasn’t blinking until something covered my head.

“Hey!” I struggled to get Sehun off of me.

“I want to watch it! Get off!” my hands tried to push the blanket off so I don’t miss the scene but he, obviously, was stronger than me.

“No! Not until the scene was over! You can’t be looking at something like that!” he argued, trying to maintain his cool. I managed to open a little flap under the blanket to stare out but that soon was covered too.

“Sehun!” I yelled, by now, my feet were kicking as I wanted to watch this scene.

“I should be the only one you’re watching…Not that…serum-ed Steve Rogers…” he mumbled, giving me a hole, that was away from the screen, to breathe. I started laughing and he slowly uncovered me. I looked at the screen in disappointment as I already saw a shirt on Steve.

“We’re going to watch Finding Dory now.” he declared, leaving the movie to search for said new one.

“What?! Why?”

“Because it doesn’t have hot, shirtless men and it’s funnier.” he answered. I smirked, raised an eyebrow and leaned in closer to him, enough to make him slightly uncomfortable.

“So you agree, Steve is hot?”

A scoff left his throat before clicking on Finding Dory.

“No. I just don’t want to hear you squeal whenever he comes onto the screen.” he covered. I threw my arms around him and giggled.

“Are you jealous??” I teased. His cheeks tinted pink and he avoided eye contact. More giggles erupted from my throat as I kissed his cheeks before we both leaned back onto the couch, watching the new movie on the screen.


Just some fluff from a cute anon ♥


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(^^Sehun’s reaction when Steve Rogers stepped out of Howard Stark’s buff machine.^^)

Break Down the Walls BuckyxReader

I made my way to my room after our mission. I usually avoided talking to the other Avengers when we weren’t on a mission together. Everyone else was downstairs watching tv and relaxing. When I got to my room I took a shower and threw on some jeans and a tshirt. I was starving so I decided it was worth the risk of going down stairs. As I past the living room all the Avengers looks up excitedly, “Y/N! Have you finally decided to join us ?” Tony was looking at me with excited eyes. I snorted, “Sorry Tony. I’m just here to get some food.” They all booed, as I made my way pass them to the kitchen. Steve came in a minute later and sat down at the counter. “Y/N, why don’t you come hang out with us?” I looked back at him as I made myself a sandwich, “Steve, you know that’s not my thing. Besides you never forced anyone else to hang out with you guys.” Steve knew who I was talked about and sighed, “Y/N, you know we are here for you. ALL of us.” I smiled, “Have fun watching your movies.” I walked pass Steve out of the kitchen, and waved at the Avengers as I passed. Tony yelled, “No food in your bedroom.” I smirked, “Then I guess I’ll eat somewhere else.” I followed his no food in the bedroom rule, and went to eat my lunch on the patio. “Nice out today.” I wiped my head around to see Bucky standing at the door, I sighed “Buck, you don’t have to talk to me. I know they asked you to.” He moved to the chair next to me, “I wasn’t asked by anyone. I just wanted some fresh air.” I thought for a moment, “Oh ok, well I’ll see you later.” As I got up out of my chair, Bucky grabbed my wrist, “Y/N, stay with me.” Me cheeks turned bright red, “Okay.” I pulled the chair back out and sat down in it. We sat there for a while in silence. At least he wasn’t making me talk. “Why do you always avoid us?” I looked up to see Bucky staring at me. I sighed, “Bucky I really don’t want to talk about it.” He begged, “Please? It will stay between you and me.” I exhaled deeply, “Fine. If you tell anyone, or ANYTHING I will murder you.” He chuckled, “Deal.” I sighed, “I can’t believe I’m doing this but, I grew up in a bad family. They wouldn’t hurt me or anything, but they did verbally abusive me. They would tell me I wasn’t good enough and eventually I got it in my head. I would exclude myself from everything I could, knowing I would ruin everyone else’s good time.” Bucky wiped the tear the silently slipped down my cheek, “Y/N, you knows we all love you. You would never ruin our good time. We want to hang out with you.” I looked up at Bucky, “I know you all do, but what if…” Bucky tilted my face up so I would look at him again, “The what ifs don’t matter. Y/N, you’re perfect. You’re part of the Avengers. We all know want to get to know you.” I raised my eyebrow, “You do know me.” Bucky sighed, “We know you when you’re fighting. That’s not the real you. We want to get to know the you that just chills on the sofa and watches movies all day. The you that loves to read books. We want you to let us in.” I smiled, “Thanks Bucky that really helped.” Bucky smiled, “Y/N, I’m always here for you.” I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but when I looked into Bucky’s eyes I had the urge to kiss him. I pressed my lips softly to his at first catching him by surprised, but then he eased into it. He smirked and held out his hand, “Care to join me downstairs?” I smiled and took his hand, “I would love too.”
When I walked in with Bucky, all eyes fell on me and where he was holding my hand in his. Natasha’s eyebrows shot up, “Changed your mind quickly I see..” I smiled as Bucky tightened his grip on my hand and lead me to the nearest empty couch. It turned out to be kind of fun. We were all laughing and having fun, and the winter soldier held my hand through it all. As it started getting late, everyone said their goodnights and headed off to bed. All except me, Bucky and Steve. We found another movie to watch but halfway through I fell asleep on Bucky. Steve stared questioningly at where I laid, “What happened between you two?” Bucky looked down at me and smiled, “I’m not entirely sure, but whatever did happened, I’m happy.” He planted a kiss on my forehead and whispered, “Good night Y/N.”

Impulsive Decisions

Description: You want a small private wedding just between you and Bucky. Bucky agrees and it begins to look like you’ll be getting married sooner than you thought.

A/n: just a quick one i banged out :) look at his face awwh

I may write a part 2 of this

Update: I did, here’s Part 2


Originally posted by underthesoundofstars

You’d been engaged to Bucky for the last four months. 

The ring on your finger twinkled at you as a reminder everytime you looked down, it always brought a smile to your face.

You and bucky were sat in bed watching a film surrounded by popcorn and other treats that Bucky had sneaked out of the Avengers fridge. It was a rare treat for you both to be unoccupied with work, and you were making the most of it today by doing absolutely nothing and cuddling together.

Your head had been resting against his shoulder for about two movies now and Bucky was thankful that his metal arm couldn’t go dead. His arm was slung around your shoulders and your legs were entwined, occasionally you’d give him a playful kick to which he responded with one of his own before giving you a cheeky grin and going back to watch the movie.

As you reached over him to grab a piece of chocolate behind him he nuzzled his face into your neck and placed quick soft kisses under your ear, you chuckled in response.

“Stop that.” You said, giving him a soft thump on his shoulder.

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You Can’t Hide Things From Dad

Anonymous asked: I know your really busy with all the requests but 2 things: Do you have any more Thranduil fics coming up And can you do a tony Stark!dad x daughter!reader where she is bullied all the time and hides it from her dad and one day (either at a sporting event at hers or when she’s getting bullied and they just happy to “be there” ;) if you get my drift and step it but act cool about it? Daddy’s little girl type stuff and big brother big sis avenger family! Thx!!!

Here it is, anon! I do not own any of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: Bullying, fluff

Pairings: Tony Stark x daughter!reader, mentions of the other Avengers.

Originally posted by sgt-luz

Tony watched as you walked into the Tower, your head down and your shoulders slumped. He knew you were hiding something from him. He’d been watching you walk into the Tower from his window every day for months, but the minute you saw him, you put on a fake smile. Whenever he asked you what was wrong, you’d always answer with the same thing. “I’m fine, Dad. Just a little tired from practice today.” Then, you’d turn and leave the room.

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Rings - Tom Holland Imagine

Summary: There’s this ring hidden in a shelve. And you stumble over it.
Warnings: None just a shitload of fluff
A/N: This time the song is Tenerife sea by Ed Sheeran

Pairing: Tom Holland/Reader

You didn’t mean for it to happen. One minute you were searching for your passport and the other minute you were staring at the small black box that had been hidden in the far back of the one drawer that you used for stuff you didn’t need. Was this what you thought it was? Could it be- No. You probably shouldn’t expect anything. Maybe an old ring of yours or something else. Earrings. Yeah, there would be earrings inside of the box. You loved Tom and you knew he loved you. And yes, you’ve been dating since you were both 17 which was now 4 years back, but still, you were only 21. Wasn’t it a little early to get married?
You tried to stop yourself in your thoughts. Those were most definitely earrings. But your beating heart couldn’t bear to speculate. You could hear your own heartbeat and you were almost certain that Tom could hear it back in the kitchen.
Don’t be silly, you reminded yourself. But you fished out the box and opened it.
Definitely not earrings. Your eyes went wide and your heartbeat got even faster. You almost feared to have a heart attack. In this box, hidden in the dresser in the corridor, was a ring. And not just one ring. It was beautiful. You’ve never seen a ring more beautiful. It was silver and on top of it, right in the middle, was a little diamond. Not ant little more like I’m wonderful but classy. It didn’t look like some rich old lady who was trying to show off. It looked like…you. You didn’t wear rings often but this one was one that you would actually wear. You loved it.
You wanted to scream in happiness, but you had to remind yourself that Tom was still in the kitchen. He probably hid it for a reason. Maybe he was keeping it for a friend or he changed his mind. With one last glance at it, you closed the box and put it exactly where you’d found it.
Would he ask you? Would he wait? Maybe one of his friends was planning on proposing? You leaned against the dresser and crossed your arms in front of your chest.
Were you even ready to be this serious with him? With anybody? You got so nervous at the thought of your ring that you almost wanted to curl up into a ball on the couch. What if he did ask? You loved Tom, you’ve been together for almost 4 years. If there was anyone that you could spend your life with…
“Did you find it?”, Tom called, ripping you out of your thoughts.
“Uh- Nop. Maybe I just lost it in the mess in the guest room.”, you replied, shaking your head. You made your way into the kitchen and tried to push the thought of the ring away.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. Instead, the thought kept creeping up in your head for the rest of the day. In class, you could barely concentrate on the professor. Thank god that there were 50 other Juniors who kept him busy.
When both you and Tom were home and finished dinner, you decided to watch a movie. To explain, Tom and you both loved movies. Including comic book movies. Since Tom began Spiderman, there wasn’t a good excuse not to watch The Avengers or The Winter Soldier for the fourteenth time. He was “studying the behavior of the characters”, Tom often said when you mocked him a little. He was such a little nerd, just like you.
“What’s wrong, Y/n?”
“Huh? What should be?”, you asked.
He was sitting with his back against the couch, legs spread a little so you could fit in between with your back against his chest. You got tired, not paying attention anymore, leaning your head against his shoulder.
“I don’t know. You’ve been thinking a lot today.”
“Yeah, doesn’t matter.”, you said quietly.
“Come on, I wanna know!”, he whined playfully.
“Gosh Tom, you’re the most curious person in the world!”, you laughed. There was a pause, but you continued.
“I- uh- was looking for my passport in the corridor this morning and I found… something in one of the drawers.”, you admitted. Tom, who had his arms wrapped around you didn’t tense. Maybe he forgot?
“In one of the-”, he paused, “Oh my gosh.”
Now he tensed, but he relaxed a few seconds later.
“You weren’t meant to find it.”
“I know. It’s in the drawer where we put things we don’t need. But… what does that mean? I mean I found it by accident and I tried to forget it but it just came back into my mind for the rest of the day.”
“I bought it a few months ago. I saw it in the city and I just had to buy it. The moment I saw it I knew it would be perfect for you. So, I thought if I ever gave you a ring it would be this one. And I thought about asking you, but I didn’t know if you would even want that. I mean I love you, but we’re still pretty young and you have college stuff and all.”, he explained patiently.
“But you actually want that?”, you asked. You pressed pause, but you still didn’t turn around.
“Yes. It wouldn’t mean to get married right away. More like, when we’re ready. In a few years maybe. But as said, I don’t know what you think so I didn’t do it.”
You didn’t really know what to say. But you wanted to say something. There with him watching your favorite movie. This was what you wanted. But for the rest of your life? You’d probably need a new favorite movie.

“Tom, I don’t mean to force you to do anything. I just want you to know that I would like that.”, you almost whispered.
“What?”, he asked in shock.
“If you’d ask, I’d say yes.”
You calculated some reactions, but you didn’t think about what he actually did. Because Tom pressed a kiss to your cheek before he jumped off the couch and ran out of the living room. Huh?
You sat up, right on the edge of the couch.
“Tom?”, you asked a little confused. But soon, your boyfriend came back into the room. With a small black box in his hands.
He was smiling like an idiot, and you felt like you were doing the same thing although you weren’t sure. You didn’t know what you did. All you could see was him.
He stopped directly in front of you, where you were still sitting. He kneeled down on the ground in front of you and took your hand.
“Will you marry me?”




Cheater - PART 2

Y'all part bouta start. Holla at ya girl if you want to be tagged in the series. Hope you guys like it!!!


*4 Months Later*
I live in the Avengers Tower now and it’s been quite dull. Thor visits from time to time, Natasha spends most of her time training, Tony and Bruce are in their lab, Vision just tries to cook, Wanda locks herself in her room, and I just stay in the living room binge watching OITNB whenever I’m not on missions. I haven’t seen Bucky since I broke up with him. Steve, Sam, and Bucky have been on a mission for 3 and a half months and Bucky is also moving back into the tower when he gets here later today. I’m dreading it. For the first 2 months I cried myself to sleep every night but now I started dating again. Nothing serious, usually just people I meet in bars and coffee shops. I’m not ready for a serious relationship yet because I’m still in love with Bucky. I would never tell anyone that. Natasha comes into the room sticky with sweat asking,
“How are you with Bucky coming home in like 15 minutes? I mean have you guys talked at all? And why did you guys break up so suddenly, it was going so well with you two. You guys usually talk like everyday.”

“We broke up cause he cheated on me point blank and simple. What else is there to explain? Bucky coming home doesn’t matter because I’ve moved on. I’m okay honestly I’m over it.”
Natasha looks at me with a disapproving look as she goes into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich.
The elevator door dings.
Outwalks Sam, Steve and …. Bucky. Bucky almost looks lost the minute our eyes lock into each other’s. Bucky opens his mouth to say something but he stays quiet. Or at least I think. The minute his eyes locked with mine I bolted towards my room tears almost leaving my eyes. I won’t let them. I can’t, he can’t see me weak. Sam and Steve are saddened by my outburst but Bucky runs after me. Bucky grabs my arm just like that night saying, “Will you just let me explain? I’m so sorry. I know I promised I would never hurt you but our anniversary is coming up so I want to celebrate it with you one last time. Just give me one last chance to make everything up to you and if you still love me I will work my ass off to gain your trust back. But if you don’t love me I’ll back off and I’ll move out of here to give you your space. But please think about it because I’m so in love with you it hurts. You’ve been the only person I’ve been thinking about these past 3 months. And I love you so much there’s never a minute where that falters. I fucked up but please let me make it up to you-”
I slapped him across the face.
“How dare you think I’ll take you back after everything. You didn’t even think to call. And don’t give me the bullshit that you weren’t able to because Steve called me 3 times a week. 3 FUCKING TIMES AND YOU DIDNT. I heard you in the background laughing with someone. Yeah Steve told me you were always on the phone with someone. Most likely that girl. Youre FUCKING stupid if you honestly believe that I would ever take you back. So no I don’t want to be with you and no I don’t want to spend our anniversary together. You’re 3 months to late to tell me you love me. It’s over and I’m over it. As each day goes by I hate you a little bit more. I’ve stopped loving you so stop trying to make something out of something that isn’t there anymore. You don’t love me anymore, you just don’t want something familiar to go away. So I’m leaving and don’t follow me.”

Bucky’s POV
Each word of her rant made my heart break more and more until there was nothing left but shards of my heart. I missed her so much. Her amazing smile, the way she holds me at night, her hugs, her boisterous laugh, her never ending sassy remarks, and the way her face glowed under the moon light. Y/N was the light of my life and there’s not trace of it anymore. The feeling in my chest was heavy every single time I woke up during the mission. There’s nothing to look forward to every day. No one to go home with. No one to spend your life with. I can’t even go to sleep at night not knowing she’s safe.
I stared at her bedroom door wishing she could just come out and forgive me. She won’t today or even a month from now. But I’ll do everything in my power for her to fall in love with me again.
I can hear her sobs from outside her door.
I quickly walked to my room that’s right next to
hers. I buried my face into my pillow and cried. I cried my eyes out until there wasn’t anything left to cry. I stared at the white ceiling wishing everything that has happened was a dream. Wishing that when I wake up from this nightmare that Y/N will be sleeping next to me. Her strawberry scent would be mixed in with mine and we would have a wonderful life together.
Funny how life almost never turns out that way.
But maybe it will in the future.
I know she said to not try anymore but…
Damn if I don’t go down trying.
Alright that’s the end of part 2!! Ahhhh. Honestly breaks my heart but you never know if things will turn out better or worse than when it first started.

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Late Nights » Steve Rogers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Fandom: Avengers & Marvel

Words: 615

Summary: Steve finally comes home after being away on a mission.

A/N: So, I just watched Captain America: TWS and CW today and oh my god, I’ve fallen in love with Steve. So expect a lot more reader inserts about him! ❤️

Originally posted by naih-reedus

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Kaciart: But yeah, imagine Loki stealing Billy whenever he was in a toughspot. Needed something to boost his magic
Lol I just have this image of Teddys hand clamping down on Lokis one round
'I’ll bring him back! Scouts honour"
And Billy mumbles against his hand
“Whats that, Billy?”
“You’re not a scout”
“Oh well, Frost Giant honour??”
'Thats a terrible exa–’ and they disappear. Teddy’s lets out a string of courses before telling the room, like Loki can still hear
“Im going to find your brother! D<”

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hotemotionalmess  asked:

Can I request a Bucky X reader where the reader is babysitting or something, and he just realizes that it's a major turn on, watching her take care of kids? And maybe they're at the park, and Bucky and reader are on the swings and it becomes a competition to see who can jump the farthest and he ends up landing on top of her like in the move "13 going on 30"

(I combined this request with a drabble because they are similar!)

Originally posted by monstacookies

Let’s Play House

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

Being Avenger wasn’t just about going out and saving the world, it also means setting a good example and changing people’s lives positively.  Today a few of you guys were sent to play with kids at a foster home in Brooklyn.  Of course, Steve wanted to do it, Wanda and Pietro went as well.  You were very excited to go, which was the complete opposite with Bucky.  He hasn’t had much interaction with kids so he was really nervous. Steve pretty much is forcing him to go, but Bucky needs to get out on the media in a positive way for once, and this was the perfect situation.

All the children were so excited to see you guys, it made you sad seeing all these cute kids without families, you vowed to make this an incredibly fun day for them.  It was a beautiful day so many children were out on the playground.  It warmed your heart seeing them smile and laugh with pure happiness.  You were put in charge of watching a particular two year old, Amelia, she was the cutest little thing you have ever seen.

She held on your pinky was you walked around the playground, and Bucky couldn’t help but adore the two of you while he was with Steve.  The little girl was so comfortable around you, it was like she was actually your daughter.  Bucky’s heart skipped a beat when he saw you playing around with he, he couldn’t help but smile at such a cute scene.  He told Steve he was going to go over with you, which of course he didn’t mind.  

Amelia wanted to go on the swings so you put her in a child seat and started to push her.  A smile spread across your face when you saw Bucky coming over with a few kids.

“Hey, how are you doing with the kids?”, you asked cheerfully.

Bucky let out an airy laugh, and scratched the back of his neck, “Well it’s definitely tiring.”

“Oh no does grandpa Bucky need a nap?”, you mocked.

“Oh you hush, I can do anything you can do better”, he sang.

You were taken back by this side of him, “OH is this a challenge?”

“Well doll if you’re up for getting your butt kicked”, he gave you a sly smile.

You rolled up your sleeves, oooh this means business, “Oh you are going down Barnes, who ever can just the farthest off the swings win, but we need to wait for the kids to go in for lunch.”

Bucky flipped his hair sassily, “You’re on punk.”

There was tension between the two of you until it was lunch time.  It was anger tension but the kind where you need to do better because you have to much pride to let your crush win.  Once all the kids went in you two picked your swings next to each other.  You two had a stare down, then you both started to swing your legs.  If you weren’t in a competition you really would enjoyed the feeling of being on swings again, but there was no time for that, this meant war.  

You giggled as you got higher and higher, “ok on the count of three!” In unison you both counted down, “1, 2, 3!….”

Instantly, you let go, and you were flying for a solid 3 seconds before you met the warm sand on the playground.  The two of you laughed hysterically as you tumbled on the ground, one last flip and Bucky had landed on top of you.  

“Well I think I went farther”, you tried to say seriously broke a second after.  When the laughter fell, you caught yourself looking into Bucky’s beautiful eyes, your heart raced and it was like his lips were calling you.  When you were about to lean up Steve came out of the foster home and shouted, “HEY stop rolling in the sand! Come inside you two!”

Bucky rolled his eyes and got off you, he gave you a helping hand and the two of you walked awkwardly to the house.  Now the vibes between you too were definitely different, but in a good way.

The kids wanted to play house so you got stuck as mom, Bucky was dad.  The children were loving it, everyone of them always had a smile on their face.  

“Okay children, it is time for lunch!”, you shouted jokingly.  The 5 kids, Bucky, and you gathered around a tiny table that had play food and tiny tea cups on it.  The 7 of you pretended to eat and sip your drinks.

“So Timmy how was school today?”, you asked a tiny blonde tooth gapped kid.

“Well mom, we learned about volcanoes!”, he said with cute enthusiasm.

Then Bucky asked in a deep fatherly voice, “Colleen did anything interesting happen today?”

The little girl looked around the table mischievously, “I saw Mandy and Taylor puts their lips together earlier… I don’t know why though.”

You shook your head and laughed at her innocence, “Well people who like each other..”

You were cut off by Jimmy, “They kissed!!”

“KISS?!”, a few said in shock.

You looked at Bucky for help, “People who like each other kiss to give affection or show that they love each other.” You nodded in approval.

The kids said “oh”, and shook their head like they understood.

“SO since you guys are mom and dad you must love each other”, Jimmy pestered.

“YEAH! Kiss!”, Lucy shouted.

“Oh guys no”, you brushed off their suggestion.

“Pleaaaaassse,” they begged with puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine”, you sighed.  

You leaned over to Bucky for a quick peck but when your lips touched, Bucky grabbed your faces and pulled you in for a longer kiss. The girls aw’d why the boys stuck their tongues out.  Your heart jumped when you both pulled away.  

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately”, Bucky apologized.

You were still breathless, “No… I liked it”, you pulled him in for another kiss.

We Can’t Series (2/10)

Author’s Note: I can’t believe how much positive feedback I’ve got from this series. Thank you all so much. Message me whenever you want. I’m all ears.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 1902

Previous Part: Part One

Shaking your head with disapproval, you accused, “My parents did it again,”, covering your face with your hands. You were sitting on the Bucky’s couch.

Steve smiled at your exaggerated shenanigans. “What did they do this time?” he asked while rubbing your lower back.

“They bought me an… apartment,” you stated, moving your fingers aside to see the boys’ reaction. You were fortunate enough to have loving, caring parents that pay for anything you need. But as stuck up as this sounds, you wanted to buy your apartment yourself; be independent and stop relying on your parents’ income. You felt bad complaining for you knew that Steve and Bucky were just getting by with their rents. Everytime you or your parents offer to help, they refuse.

“An apartment?” Bucky said with wide eyes. His mouth was agape, and he was staring at you with disbelief.

You sighed and leaned with your elbows placed on your knees. “It’s their nice way of telling me that they want me out of their apartment. I guess Daddy’s job is taking him out of town again, and instead of dragging me along, they bought me an apartment complex,” you explained.

Steve asked curiously, “What’s the problem with that?” You turned to face him and you saw a smile across his lips. “That means you don’t have to leave us again,” he continued.

“Yeah,” you sighed with a half-smile. “I’m happy about that. But I don’t know if I can live on my own. I can barely take care of a goldfish; let alone myself. Maybe I’ll get a roommate. Though I hate women, they are too clingy and needy. Maybe a guy.”

Bucky addressed rather brotherly, “Nuh-uh. You are not getting a male roommate. It would be too inappropriate. Any guy living with a pretty thing like you means trouble.”

Steve added, “I agree with Bucky” placing his hand over yours and giving it a quick squeeze.

You heavily sighed, “Well, who else am I supposed to live with?” You leaned back on the couch and stared at the ceiling, hoping an answer would be written on the plaster. Then, it came to you. “What if you guys live with me?” you asked. “I mean we already hangout with each other 24/7.”Bucky and Steve gave you a look with hesitance. They would love to, but they had commitments themselves.

“Please,” you pleaded. “The apartment is already paid for, and I’ll pay for food and utilities. I just don’t want to live on my own. And I can’t imagine living with anyone else than my boys.” You then gave them the look. You rounded your eyes and pouted your lips. As a cherry on the top of the already pleasing sundae, you scooted off the couch, sitting on the floor. Then interlaced your fingers together in a pleading position.

“I’ll have to ask my mom,” Steve started. You squealed in delight and leaped on the couch to hug him. Chuckling in your hair, Steve returned the hug, wrapping his arms around your waist.

You then pulled away from the hug to look at Bucky for his answer. Bucky smiled and answered, “I’d be honored to live with you two dorks. I think my parents wouldn’t mind me leaving. I’d be out of their hair.”

You yelped, “Yay!” while tackling Bucky in a hug as well.

After a couple of weeks and lots of packing and unpacking, you guys were officially moved into your guys’ apartment. It was great. There were a few mishaps and fights, but they were always over simple, stupid stuff that would resolve with ease. However, it was getting harder and harder to get over them. With each passing minute, you were falling more and more in love with them. How can you not?

So how did you fix try to solve this problem? You went on dates. Like tonight, you had a date with this boy from your school. His name was John, and he was in your English class. He was sweet and smart and conversations with him came with ease, but he was also super flirtatious. That’s why you were surprised he asked you out on a date. He flirted with you just like he did with every girl in your school, but you took a chance and agreed on the date, which was tonight.

However, you lost track of time while studying for a history test, and next thing you knew, you had 40 minutes until he was picking you up. Bucky and Steve were still out, leaving you alone in the house, so no one was there to remind you of the time.

You quickly closed your books and jumped up from the kitchen table to prepare for your date. You took a quick shower. Luckily, there was still hot water left, making your shower pleasing. But you couldn’t stay in there for too long. After the shower, you stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around your body.

Before going to your room, you went to the kitchen to get a sip of water. Showers always made you thirsty, and it wasn’t smart to drink water after you put lipstick on. You exited the bathroom, the cold air of the apartment hitting your still wet skin. Drops of water was dripping off your hair onto the floor. You walked to the kitchen counter and filled a glass with water from the sink. You were sipping it down, when you heard the door of the apartment open. Shit. You lose your grip on the cup but quickly used your powers to stop the cup from falling. Your eyes on the door, you see Bucky and Steve were coming in, mid-conversation. You hastily grabbed the cup, so it was no longer suspended in the air, mid-fall. You heard their conversation stop when they noticed you standing in just a towel in the kitchen.

You placed the cup in the sink and tightened your grip on the towel. You felt heat rise up to your cheeks. “Hi guys,” you uttered. “You guys are back early.”

Eyes not leaving your half-naked body, Bucky stammered, “We finished up early, and we wanted to make sure we were home before you left for your date.”

Your eyes shifted to Steve, who was looking everywhere but at you. “Oh okay,” you sputtered. “Well, I’m going to get ready now.” You quickly walked to your room and closed the door behind you. You leaned on the door, completely in shock of what just happened. This was the first time you used your power since you got here. You had to have better control of it, or it can ruin everything you created since you arrived. But you were mostly focusing on how embarrassed you were being caught like that. It’s been months since you guys moved in together, but everything has been in sync. It felt as if a thousand of butterflies were flying in your stomach. You tried to shake off the feeling. This was the reason why you were going on a date.

Knowing that you only had so much time, you rebounded from the incident pretty fast and got ready. You completely dried off and slipped into a navy blue dress with a peter pan collar. You then did your makeup, eyeliner, mascara, then lipstick. You finally put your hair in a classic updo and put your white heels on. You checked your clock to see John will be arriving at anytime. While putting earring on, you grabbed your clutch and placed it under your arm and walked out of your room.

You finished putting your earring on and straightened out your dress. You grabbed your clutch from under your arm, and stated, “Okay guys. I’m heading out. I’ll be back in a few.” You looked up to see Bucky and Steve were sitting on the couch.

Steve turned to your direction and responded, “Okay. Have fun.”

Buck added, “And don’t forget. If he does anything out of line, punch him square in the face.” He smiled at this, but you could see that he was quite serious.

You chuckled, “I will.” You opened the door. “Bye guys.” They gave a bye back. You closed the door behind you and headed down for your date.

To say your date was bad would be an understatement. While on your date, John was flirting with 3 other girls. Obviously, he was not the right guy for you. You walked into your apartment heavy-hearted. You leaned onto the door, flinging your heels off your feet. Bucky was at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. You trudged across the room and flung yourself onto the couch with a thump.

You threw your arm across your face, covering your eyes. Releasing a loud sigh, you hear Bucky chuckle from across the room.

You lifted your head to see Bucky put down his newspaper. “Bad date?” he asked.

“The worst,” you responded, covering your eyes again.

You heard shifting in the room and footsteps heading towards you. Lifting your legs up, Bucky sat down next to you, placing your legs on his laps. “Wanna talk about it?”

You sat up, but your feet still remained on his lap. “It seems like I only attract knuckleheads,” you exasperated. “Since I’ve been back in Brooklyn, I’ve only been dating meatballs. Why is that? Do I only draw attention to the wrong kind of guys?”

Bucky started massaging your ankles, trying to relieve some of your stress. “Of course not, Y/N,” he comforted. “Any guy would be lucky to have you as their girl.”

Your shoulders dropped, and you scoffed, “So why can’t I find the right guy?”

Bucky said just barely above a whisper, “Maybe he’s been right in front of you all along.”

Stunned, you looked up at Bucky, but he was staring down at his feet. You responded with a low voice, “What do you mean?” Your heart was racing, and all you wanted was his answer. You wanted time to go by faster, but you knew you couldn’t. You wouldn’t do that to Bucky, so instead, you looked at him, waiting for an answer.

After a few seconds of silence, he turned to face you. He grabbed your hands from your lap and intertwined his fingers with yours. He stated, “Y/N, I would be honored if you would go on a date with me.” You gave him a half-smile, which gave him the courage to continue. “I’ve watched you grow up in such an amazing person, and I love spending time with you. You always seem to bring a smile to my face when I’m feeling down. And I’m not just asking you this because I saw you half-naked earlier today…”

You two shared a laugh, while you looked down at your intertwined hands. Then back at him, where he was gazing at you longingly. “Y/N, will you go on a date with me?” He gave you one of his charming smiles, that made you and any girl weak in the knees.

A smile plastered on your face, and you could only say one thing. “Yes.” You leaped into his arms, and his arms wrapped around your waist. You stayed like that for a while, in each other’s embrace.

You two can’t imagine being anywhere else besides in each other’s arms.