i just watched shadows

Just finished watching tonight's Doctor Who

WARNING: Spoilers!

…What the everloving fuck did I just watch?!

That was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most dark and horrifying things I’ve ever seen from this show. Holy hell, it was terrifying - and absolutely phenomenal.

I’ve not been a big fan of Moffat’s seasons thus far, but omg he absolutely nailed it tonight. In my opinion, this was his best episode.

That one scene where Bill discovered her fellow patients in the hospital, and the state they were in (one of them even constantly asking to be killed)… I’m astonished that the BBC approved that O_O It was so sinister and is gonna stay with me for a while now. Just… damn.

I really hope that Bill’s cyber-conversion is reversed. For me, she’s been by far the best companion of Moffat’s era and I’m gonna be heartbroken if this is how she’s written out. That scene at the very end where she was crying and the tear was shown coming out of the eye of her Cyberman shell (alluding to the later designs having an actual teardrop shape under the eyes) was ridiculously powerful, though. Poor thing, she doesn’t deserve this ;_;

Massive props to whoever’s doing the voice of the Cybermen! I recently watched The Tenth Planet and crikey their new voices sound identical to the ones in that episode (their very first appearance)!

“Genesis of the Cybermen” though :p Nice, I do love a good fourth-wall break like that lol!

I’m not over the Master effectively flirting with himself - that’s perfect characterisation, right there (and is just hilarious to boot). I’m so excited to see the pair of them interacting some more!

Oh man… I literally can’t wait for next week now! I’m still in shock :O

  • Kit: i passed the clave testing!
  • Ty: good job! *sticks sticker on Kit's shirt*
  • Kit: you're giving me a sticker...
  • Ty: it's not just a sticker
  • Ty: it's a sticker of a kitty saying 'Me-wow'
  • Kit: i'm not a pre-schooler!
  • Ty: fine, i'll take it back
  • Kit: i earned this, back off!

Remember when Shadow was forced to remove his own limiters to finally get Knuckles rekt?

And yet, it took him literally no effort at all to deal with Sonic, a few minutes earlier.

This will always make me wonder how strong Knuckles may FULLY and ACTUALLY be. Because it seems that this red echidna is somewhat used to simply “adjust” his own strength accordingly to who he might be about to face.

And nope, I didn’t forget about a post about him literally punching Sonic outta his Super Form™.


zero fucks were given in this mv they fucking filmed it in a church

kiss count: 35!!!

  • me reading books: i can relate this to sonic shipping
  • me watching tv shows: okay but i could use this in an au sonic
  • me sitting on a train: this is now the start of a sonic adventure
  • me in an exam: okay but imagine if sonic were here
  • me: okay but sonic

‘I’m sorry I left you’ 

- TLSP live Europavox/Clermont Ferrand 2/6/16

Everyone’s saying that Yuta will be Lambert, which. I can see. Because he subbed on that play, and he’s learning Lambert’s lines, and he’s basically Hiiragi’s understudy now. And Hiiragi basically gave him his blessings. I get it. I get it.

But even as I see it laid out in front of me, I still don’t want it to happen? It’s strange because I would love for Hoshitani to get that kind of role so young and play a role directly opposite his beloved senpai…

The twins, though. The twins were MADE for this Alexis/Lambert role. We’ve had a whole season to bring those two together. I don’t want to give Hoshitani that role. He’s GOOD, the purest boy, but Hiiragi deserves to sing on stage with his beloved twin brother. They’ve been building up to that and I don’t want the show to take that away from me.

The order in which you say the elements most comfortably shows what personality traits you prioritize

Someone emergis from the dark
*pam pam paaaaaaam*
Shit !! This is really scary

one of the most amusing things i saw in anime north today were like four swords links cosplayers going to tim hortons together.

Hello you magnificent followers and lingering stalkers who watch my tumblr from the shadows!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

I just wanna say THANKYOU for your likes, your reblogs, your art, your kind words, and most of all… your comments on tumblr and Ao3!!! Comments which have filled me with life and re-inspire that spark (I constantly loose) to write and continue stories.
(੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

Somehow… (almost overnight) Ive gathered 300 followers and its ridiculous how awesome that is! Especially between all the chaos in real life, missing documents, internet issues, delayed communication, frequent hiatus breaks, lack of updates, shitpostings, and garbage writing i put out. Like…WOWIE… I have zero redeeming qualities and yet you guys are still here and growing.

_( :⁍ 」 )__thanks for believing in me.

I know no one really cares or reads these long blocky walls of text so heres a picture to explain what words bore you with…

Finally getting to Morishige’s part in Book of Shadows like...

First BEAUTIFUL classical music plays, strings and all. Him talking in such a poetic way…

Then he says it.