i just watched it in the cinema and loved it

The reason why I love La La Land

My sister fucking hates La La Land because after I saw it I became so obsessed with it. And she just hate the movie but has never seen it (also she tends to hate musicals and I love musicals so it can be that too lol) but anyways, my point is that I see son many people hate the movie for so many reasons and that is okay? Because cinema tastes are subjective (for example, I hated Avatar for years and I still do but people were like sksndmsldms all the fucking time and I finally watched it last year and I still think is fucking trash but that is other story) Anyways, why do I love La La Land? I mean, apart from being a visually stunning movie (sets, costumes and cinematography are flawless) and a musical (those four notes on the chorus of City of Stars instantly remind you of the movie) it felt relatable to me. No, I am not white, no I am not an actor or an aspiring actor. But goddammit, I am a woman in my mid twenties who has no fucking clue of what she is doing. I feel lost at times, like Mía. I have tried to see the bright side of things but reality is fucked up sometimes. I try time and time again and fail and I feel like it’s not worth it. I try to make me believe it’s worth it. And mostly, I am trying to fight for that dream that seems so impossible that my family sometimes sees me with a mix of pity and concern. And then this movie comes along, with a character that is as lost as I am, who actually gives up at one point but she is reminded that she’s got what it takes and I think “well, that could be me”. I could be the Mia of my musical. And maybe I’ll get my Sebastian at one point. Or maybe I’ll never will, but at least I’ll know that I found myself. And that is why sometimes, it makes me uncomfortable when people like my sister talk trash about something that means so much to me. People see this movie as trash or they hate on it because it’s “edgy” to hate it but they don’t think it means something to someone out there. Just like Moonlight means something to someone, and they have the bloody right to love that movie. But that’s just me.

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relationship status: single

favorite color: burgundy

lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

last song i listened to: girls like you by naked and famous

last movie i watched: uh I think that would be rogue one, at the cinema… a long time ago…

top 3 tv shows: scrubs, carmilla, critical role? tbh I rarely watch tv shows right now I just download stuff I can listen to on my phone while going to class… 

top 3 characters: SO HARD???? I’m going to say keyleth (critical role), dutch (killjoys) and carmilla (carmilla) but honestly it changes so often because I love them all so much

top 3 ships: vox machina x vox machina. lets be honest here, you could probably make me ship anything. but seriously: vaxleth, kimallura, vexleth

books i’m currently reading: I just finished the name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss! I really liked it! 

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just so many rogue one emotions, spoilers ahead:

  • i thought being spoiled would mean i’d be prepared but NO. cried my way out the cinema. thanks disney.
  • ppl calling jyn unemotional and detached and like???!? she puts herself in very immediate danger to save a little girl and probably feels so much all the time she eventually shuts down cause SAME
  • cassian andor is every sexy girl love interest that’s been in the shit so much longer than the chosen one and is capable and dangerous and so emotionally closed off she should honestly not grow attached to one person so quickly but goddamn he didn’t even feel her steal his blaster 
  • welcome home JUST FUCKING DESTROY ME 
  • poe dameron always wanted a pet robot cause cassian andor had a pet robot
  • …what is saw’s deal i want a mini-series about him and the fact that the rebel alliance considers him an extremist though he was the one trying to protect a baby girl from being a pawn
  • baze no longer believed in the force but he sure as hell believed in chirrut and i want to cry
  • baze is actually 25 
  • living around chirrut ages a person
  • bodhi’s reaction when face to face with saw’s breathing apparatus makes me convinced he had a terrifying run-in with vader 
  • speaking of bodhi this man was a born leader and i’m so pissed he never got to do that
  • krennic’s crumpled-ass cape was a disgrace. no wonder no one likes you
  • so okay vader’s corridor fighting was awesome but what i most enjoyed about his return apart from his dramatic sauron tower was that they kept his fucking dorky finger-pointing hand gestures
  • the hugging at the end destroyed what was left of my shriveled husk of a heart
  • people knowing the odds and choosing to sacrifice themselves because someone has to fight, someone has to resist, someone has to draw that fucking line in the sand is the surest way to wreck me 
  • so fuck me this movie has left me void

Two movies, second time I cry.
Clearly, Damien Chazelle knows how to use music….no, how to make live it.
Like the instruments of a jazz band, there is a constant dialog between the narration and the music ; the camera dances, the melodies feels, the colors sings…

Whiplash was inflamed, La La Land is solar. This movie is a call to joy and love, “It’s another day of sun” like the world is crying at the beginning.
It reminds me so much of Singing in the Rain, the kind of movie that only wants you to feel good and enjoy the music of life. 

That is definitely a Land I will want to go again.

I keep forgetting they’re going to trap thousands of homophobes in the cinema and trick them into thinking they’re watching The Het Life but instead have them watch the love confession on a giant screen where they can’t escape and if that isn’t just the best image

I absolutely loved that episode.

I’ve just watched it in the cinema and it was fucking amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

  • So much humour, it was done tastefully and relieved tension at the perfect moment
  • Mycroft didn’t die
  • Mrs Hudson listening to Iron Maiden
  • Creepy ass clown test thing like damn Sherlock that is just MEAN apologise to Mycroft
  • Sherrinford being a place?? Like woah I did not see that coming
  • Euros being a sneaky little so and so she’s pretty awesome
  • Little puzzles like The Great Game episode which I loved
  • Lots of Moriarty clips… tick tock tick tock choo choo!
  • Mycroft didn’t die
  • So many tense moments
  • I swear I was on the edge of tears for the whole episode, I struggled to see what was on screen
  • Violin playing
  • ireNE’S THEME
  • Mycroft didn’t die.
  • Molly didn’t die
  • Redbeard in fact being Sherlock’s HUMAN best friend… WOAH
  • The airplane inside Euros’ head?
  • Sweet soft Sherlock
  • Mycroft didn’t die
  • Fixing 221B and Mary’s sweet little voice over
  • The Baker Street Boys
  • Sherlock Holmes, and Dr John Watson.

I don’t know how to feel… that was just incredible. I have never been so emotionally distressed in a cinema before… it was so hard to not scream every five minutes!


Some more Film Gold stuff~

Ok, I’ve just watched Fantastic Beasts and you know what

It was fucking fenomenal.

People in my country are pretty reserved with their emotions and the only thing that can be heard during film in cinema is laughter and an ocasional “aww”, but this time? There were at least 2 rounds of applose during film + 1 in the end. People were so invested and so lively it was awesome.

I personally loved it. Seeing a new movie about the HP universe was like meeting a wayward friend whom you love so much it hurts and who was away for a long, long time so you’re very glad to see them again but at the same time you wanna punch them in the face for being who knows where for years. 

Also the romance is nice in this one. I think people are finally catching on with the idea that sometimes one movie isn’t enough to develop an actuall love story with all the action happening. And the one love line that is actually loud and clear in the movie is just adorable.

Also the 3d is good. It’s a bit blurry at times but the great part is you’re constantly aware that the thing you’re watching - yeah, it’s 3d. If you can, go watch it like that, I really enjoyed it.

Overall I’d give it a strong 10/10. Loved it, will watch again.



I was tagged by the lovely @edngyma to make a list of 9 films I watched for the first time in 2016. Turns out I have a terrible memory and had to go with films I saw in the cinema because I know FOR SURE that they were for the first time this year. 2016 was actually a really good year for films and, again, I practically lived at the cinema in my free time. Some of my other faves didn’t make the list but know there were more than just these 9 that I adored!

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The Verdict: The Lego Batman Movie

So, I’ve waited for this movie a very long time, since its announcement, despite the minor hiccups *cough* thebabsxbatsthingwhichwasntbadliketkjdidthanksdirector *cough*

(If you got the Prince reference, I love you.)

I just wanted to say, finally, Thank you DC. I know it’s quite the best BatJokes fanservice ever. But you actually finally acknowledged us. Them:
BATJOKES. I practically disturbed audiences in my local cinema with my fangirl squealing at every moment they had. But I will never regret them. At all. I CRAVE FOR EVERY MOMENT. I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH IT ALL OVER AGAIN. THANK YOU, THANK YOU DC!

To Chris Mckay, the director, I believed in him, and he delivered well. Much love to you sir.

To Will Arnett and Zack Galifianakis, you both just brought BatJokes alive on an animated film, and your voices are just beautiful, thank you for lending them to this beloved characters.

To TLBM Writers, I’m totally in love with what you had written.

I love you all. I just love this movie. I just loved every bit of it.

And thank you for adding few of my loves in the this film, like:
(Which will go under the cut to avoid spoilers for my BATJOKES FAM.)|

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30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 10

Your favorite director?

Tim Burton

I don’t think it’s a real surprise for everyone. Everybody around me knows how much I love him and how much I love his movies. 

He’s my favorite director because his movies made me fall in love with the cinema. Two years ago, I was watching Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street with my family and this movie had such a big impact on me for no real good reason, but I just realized at this moment what I really loved in life: cinema.

Tim Burton has an unique style and an unique way to see things around him. He has such an interesting way to interpret his ideas and his drawings into movies. I would like to see what happens in his head sometimes.

His movies are pretty dark and strange, but that’s exactly why I love them. I find almost all his movies really good and I think it’s impossible for me to choose only one movie as my favorite Tim Burton’s movie.

I relate so much to a lot of his characters and it’s probably another reason why I love so much his movies. 

I don’t think he’s the best director ever, really not, but his movies has a weird impact and effect on me, I can’t even explain why.

Watching A Horror Film With The RFA Guys

Jumin: Will probably diss and roast the horror film, and he would be mentally complaining to himself 24/7 about how fake everything is and how stupid the protagonist is. But in the end, he really enjoys it because you got to be with him in his private cinema?!

Zen: If you’re the type of person that’s scared of horror films (but still loves it anyway (like admin chisa)), then Zen would be a gentleman and hug you (and “protect you”) throughout the movies (and cuddles?!) but if you’re the type of person to be okay about it, then it’s just going to be a normal movie night ;) (sitting on his lap and popcorn?!)

Yoosung: Scared af. “(s/o), I’m so scared- AHHHHHHHH!”Sobbing, “I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THIS ANYMOREEEEEEEE.” TT_TT He would be the type of person to be paranoid and be afraid that something would jump on him anytime in the night when he’s in the bathroom or alone in the bedroom. Probably won’t be able to sleep in the night, and will keep the lamp on. But then in the end, the two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms. <3 

Luciel: Not even kidding, he would try to scare you the next 24 hours after watching a horror film with him. And if you’re the type of person to get scared, he would tease your squeals and would imitate you. He would go to great lengths to scare you, if you had a resting unamused or not scared face. “No, Lucielllllll it’s not even scary-” “B-but I want to see you scareddd! I bet you’re so cute-” //gets hit in the forehead// 

My god, here are things I am currently thinking about

Moonlight the movie was beautiful beautiful beautiful and I am very infatuated, and I love movies and cinema and I want to watch everything

Thinking about a girl from my class who hugged me for a while today after we were talking about some lovely homophobic remarks a certain someone had made a bit earlier, and how these girls knew I had heard them and that angered them. I got very quiet mostly because I was tired and cold and then she hugged me. And then I said some things I don’t actually agree with because nothing was on my mind. I’m just so used to overhearing small remarks like that every day it seems like nothing out of the ordinary and then I realise that there are people who care and worry….. It was very nice of her and well appreciated, and I know she follows this blog even though I doubt she ever reads anythig I write bcz I’m not exciting enough

Also thinking about bean burgers and how I wish I could wake up next to my girl tomorrow morning. Last saturday was a very very happy one