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xmen headcanon

an alternative ending for xma where 

  • instead of going away again, erik stays after saying “you can convince me to do anything” and charles answers him “what if i can do that without my powers? stay for a week or so and in the end of that you decide whether to go or not”
  • erik is all like “oh u little shit u think you have this much influence over me you’ll see i’ll stay here and yet i’ll leave” 
  • spoiler: charles has this much influence over erik. yes, even without his powers
  • on the first day they just talk a lot and charles leaves the training and administrating to hank and raven all day long, focusing on making erik feels welcome and comfortable in the mansion
  • they talk a lot about random things and things go out of track and the subject of the conversation changes and as expected, they fight, because erik thinks charles is uncapable of understanding him and everytime they fight erik starts thinking he’s not worthy or like he belongs in charles bubble of safety and happiness
  • raven “stop bitching around erik for fucks sake charles is just trying to help for once in your life let the man in (pun indeed) and open up to him (pun indeed /2)
  • erik stays 
  • on the second day erik wakes up really early and starts walking around the property of the mansion and runs into peter and even if peter is all awkward and blushing a little he manages to have a real conversation with his dad and when erik says “what would you do if you told someone horrible things that you didn’t mean but yet you feel you are kinda right?” and peter says “if this person really matters to you, i think you should put it all aside and apologise”
  • erik keeps walking alone after peter “i’m sorry i’m really sorry i want i really do to spend more time with you but my class will start maybe we could talk more later? you are an awesome person and i still don’t have many friends in here” maximoff is gone and after a few hours erik just starts running as fast as he can and asks every person in the mansion where charles is until he finds him giving classes and stops in the entrance of the room and goes “i’m sorry charles, i didn’t mean any of that” and charles has his chest warm for the rest of the day
  • erik just disappears after that but in the beginning of the night charles finds him and is all like “i know you didn’t, my friend” and their day two is just watching the trees and feeling the wind together remembering each other that they are still alive after all that insanity 
  • on day three erik wakes up around noon. this is the first night in a very long time he’s slept more than eight hours straight without a nightmare, and he is really grateful to charles for that, even if he didn’t use his powers to help erik. so the day starts really nice and he takes his time taking a long shower, relaxing his muscles and puting on his sweatpants and sweatshirt and goes running around the property while watching a few students playing different sports
  • erik being all like “you are not in the right position, kid. you have to put your feet like this and your torso like this so you have more support to throw the ball” and he goes like that for the rest of the day
  • charles watching and having an ideia
  • day four charles “hey erik i saw you helping the kids out there yesterday and i was wondering if you’d like to give some classes here in the instutute”
  • erik really freaked out 
  • “hey r u that kid with white hair from that day omg please help me charles wants me to give classes what should i do”
  • peter “you were supposed to give me advices and not the other way around” maximoff keeps quiet and just says “you go man!!!!”
  • at first charles only introduces erik to the kids and says “he’s gonna be your physical education teacher, i hope you all be nice to him” and all the kids are like “omg erik is gonna stay here????” and after some awkward moments erik says “well maybe i stick around for a while but only if you can throw a ball right” and everybdy feels challanged and too anxious for erik’s class
  • the class is a success and everybody wants erik to stay 
  • erik and charles laughing together at the dinner table and staying wake until late in the night
  • during day five erik wakes up early again, but not so early, and runs into peter again. this time, though, erik talks excitedly about how good he felt by teaching those kids and that he could do that everyday of his life. it was just nice and fun and made him feel good about himself
  • peter still feels a little awkward, but listens with lots of attention and is basically shining of happiness because “omg dad is talking to me help”. he decides to watch the older kids training when peter again has to go with a lot of apologies and erik goes like “u know what? i think i’m gonna see this famous training of yours”
  • charles is secretly watching from far with a bright smile on his face and his day has never been better than after watching erik giving tips and advice to the young mutants in training
  • after a long day of teaching for both of them have a lovely dinner night in private, after everybody is asleep and just the two of them are in the kitchen and the lights are out and the only thing illuminating the place is the light of some candles 
  • “how it feels like to be teaching the new generation?” “quite tiring, charles”
  • day six they all take a day off and charles takes erik to his favorite part of the mansion: the library. he just knows the kids would be out there with their parents or friends so they’d be alone in that place of the mansion. charles told erik that he loved that place because it was always so quiet and clean and when people weren’t around he could relax his shields and just think
  • and charles babbles for several minutes and all erik can think is how cute charles is and for a moment he forgets charles can read minds so when he blushed erik didn’t understand why so charles projected in his mind “i think you are cute too” and then erik smiles and holds charles hand and suddenly they were back in time when they were all young and innocent because charles countinued to be that dreamy little puppy he’s always been ever since they’d met
  • and that night charles asks erik to sleep in the room with him because “i feel like i can finally relax when you are around”
  • but day seven goes to shit because while erik is on his way to the fields to wait for the kids, he can’t see peter anywhere around so he uses the time he has left to go after the kid and when he finally finds him he sees him in charles office and he has a sad look in his face. at first erik thinks about going in but he sees charles with that serious but gentle look on his eyes and then he says “i know it hurts to watch him be gentle and nice and fun with the other children, but he’s not a psychic, peter. he can’t guess he’s your father”
  • erik storms out so furiously that he doesn’t even risk be near anyone, he just isolates himself and when hank goes look for him, he asks him to tell charles that he’s “leaving right after de sunset” and when hank delivers the message charles doesn’t get what happened until he understands that the enraged thought waves he listened were erik’s and fuck now he could be angry at peter too and dear god now erik is gonna leave and it’s all my fault for not convincing peter to tell him the truth”
  • charles goes after erik and finds him under a tree watching the kids from far and for the look on his face, decides to leave him alone, knowing he lost the bet right in day seven, when he was so so close of getting erik home finally after so many years
  • and the rest of the day is just really gray and peter comes after him again asking what happened and why erik was so weird and when charles tells him peter is fucking pissed like he’s seeing red and he asks professor to take a day off and charles is so sad and not caring at all he agrees and lets peter do whatever he wants
  • so peter passes the day walking around the mansion and calming himself down and suddenly it’s after the sunset and he knows erik’s leaving and he speeds up to stop erik from doing the wrong thing again “i can’t believe you are leaving because of that, you are such a baby”
  • “how could you tell him and not me? and how could he keep that secret from me?”
  • and peter is so fucking done with erik because he’s helped saving the guy two fucking times already and the fucker is still bitching out and “i know i shouldn’t have kept this secret from you and i am sorry but you can’t just be extra and run away you should be thankful because you still have family”
  • erik then goes “come with me”
  • “i can’t leave with you because they need me, and they need you; and more than that, professor needs you because he fucking loves you can’t you fucking see it? you two have been making me sick all week”
  • and then realisation hits him and he puts his baggage down and starts running and only stops to hug peter and “i’m sorry. we’ll talk about it later”  
  • erik runs straight ahead charles’ office and pulls him closer and then he kneels and looking into charles’ eyes “i’m sorry for everything i souldn’t have done that, will you forgive me?” and charles can’t say a word he just starts crying and he hugs erik and “i’m not done yet; i think we should compensate the lost time, right?” and charles’ is still crying and laughing and he just kisses erik and everything ends fine
  • next fathers’ day both charles and erik gets best dads cards 

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Hi! Could you recommend me some of your favourite fanfictions? The ship doesn't matter, I like all! <3

Helloo~! ^_^ omg there’s so many of ‘em but here ya go :

(This isn’t in order since I can’t rank them)

- Vampire!AU , Soulmate!AU , (kind of) Smut, Fluff,  Angst with a Happy Ending, Enemies to Lovers. 

“‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. He can’t believe that he of all people got soulmated by a vampire.Why him of all people? ‘Wait,’ the vampire shouts, ‘I don’t even know your name!’ ‘You should have thought about that before you gave me your blood to drink!’ Taehyung yells back and keeps walking through the rain.” Taehyung and Jeongguk become soulmates – more or less – by accident.

{ My review : I honestly love Enemies to Lovers too much for it to be healthy XD , and this fanfic just gave me all da feels)

- Vampire!AU , Angst, Happy Ending, Friends to Lovers, Implied Sexual Content

“Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human.“ Jungkook has successfully kept his condition under control for many years, until a certain someone’s scent suddenly becomes too overwhelming for him to ignore.As he begins to lose the firm grip he has on his instincts, the safe and happy world he has built for himself with Bangtan begins to crumble, and he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to keep it together.

{ My review : I know I know, I have a thing for Vampire AUs :P but tbh who doesn’t? This fanfic is a bit long so ya gotta grab your popcorns and cuddle up :3 This was real good, definitely one on da list~} 

- FakeDating!AU, Friends to Lovers, Slight Angst, Fluff.

Yoongi’s sister Hani is fake-dating Jimin to hide from her mother that she’s gay, but Yoongi doesn’t know this. All Yoongi knows is that he has had a not-so-little crush on Jimin for over a year and that its kinda hard to be a supportive dutiful brother when Jimin is just too blindingly beautiful.

{ My review : I’ve seen this fanfic around a lot, but I was a bit hesitant to read this, cos I usually don’t read fics like these, but goddamn this was soo good I even cried :’) }

- Cyborg!AU, Android!AU, Smut, Implied Homophobia, Slight Angst, Slight Fluff

Yoongi is a struggling novelist with four cats, an obsession with coffee and an unhealthy relationship with his parents.

And Jimin is…a cyborg.

{ My review : And again..this fic was totally out of my comfort zone but omg this was soo fxckin good I died inside, definitely at the top for me}

-Angst With a Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Childhood Friends to Lovers, 

everything starts when jeongguk moves over, and jimin teaches him to ride a bike.everything ends when kim taehyung moves over, and jeongguk abandons his bicycle.+ “they say that if you watch the sunset on that hill for 31 consecutive days, your unrequited love will be reciprocated.”

{ My review : I..wow…I just ;-; 1000/10 would recommend. It’s so good omg)

- Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Metaphors

Jimin takes the sun with him when he leaves Yoongi on a snowy Thursday morning.

{ My review : This was was absolutely amazing, so amazing that I recommended it twice here on my blog! This is definitely a tear-jerker)

- Heavy Angst, Sort of a Happy Ending, Violence, Assasins!AU

“I-I don’t understand…” Jimin said, eyes watering as he focused on Yoongi. “I thought…you were going to kill me…in the bathroom.” “Yeah, well so did I,” Yoongi said wryly, and Jimin flinched, trying to make himself impossibly smaller. AKA It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Min Yoongi in possession of a heart will be in want of sleep.

{ My review : While the ones above were soft and heartfelt, this one is pretty brutal yet with a kind of romance that could get you to feel a tug at heart :’) }

- Soulmate!AU, Tattoist!Taehyung, Heavy Angst

“You’re so beautiful, Hoseok-ah, I would have loved you forever.” Hoseok never wanted to meet his soulmate. So he has his soul tattoo removed, only to find Taehyung, his soulmate, and also the tattoo artist to remove the bond.

{ My review : This one was real angsty, so if you don’t like sad(but not really)endings, don’t read it, or else you’ll be bawling your eyes out like me T_T I know I mainly read Yoonmin or Jikook but this one was too good }

- Blind!Namjoon , Medic!Jimin, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Slice of Life, Smut

From a prompt: au where jimin is a medic and namjoon is a lieutenant who becomes blind after a bombing.Rating bumped to M for mild smut in second chapter.

{ My review : This melted my heart, I keep saying this so much but just trust me when I say that this is so so good :’) }

-A/B/O AU! , Angst, Humor, Eventual Smut 

First heats suck. First heats especially suck when you were never ever ever ever supposed to be an omega.

{ My review : This fic is from the same writer as Look Here, yes, but it’s cos his/her fics are always so good. :’) }

  • Check out my fics if you want as well ^_^

I have so so much more to recommend~ But these are some of my favorites

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Valentine's day request please! RFA forgot Valentines day and MC is salty

So, MC is pissed (really pissed), just to clarify!

Thank you for your request, and i hope you like it!


  • Yesterday he kept playing and playing, he could see that MC was grumpy…But he didn’t know why!
  • Now he knows…It was Valentine’s Day.
  • And today he is on his knees begging for forgiveness “PLEASE MC, I’M SO SORRY…!”
  • “Go play that stupid game and forget me this time.” You were very angry about that, of course.
  • “MC…!Please!” He gets up, looking at you, crying “I love you…And i’m so so sorry!”
  • You try not to look at him…So you don’t melt in his apologies, you need to be strong with that!
  • You made a lot of surprises for him, and he forgot that important day…
  • He never got a girlfriend, so maybe he should be a bit more romantic since he was the one who respects relationship so much!
  • Yoosung put one hand on your cheek and then he makes you look at him “…I’ll do anything!” He said with puppy eyes.
  • You gave him a marvelous look, with a little laugh “…Anything?” Your face is the face of the devil right now.
  • Yoosung gasps with fear and then he says “…Anything.”
  • ….
  • MC! DO I REALLY NEED TO CLEAN ALL OF THIS?!! I DON’T REMEMBER THAT WE HAD SO MUCH DISHES SINCE YESTERDAY” Before he could realize that you got those plates dirties just so he can clean more you walk to him, picking one plate and throwing on the ground.
  • He opened his mouth already knowing that he was going to clean that up, you smile and walk away
  • “…I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day again…I can’t be Cinderella all over again”


  • He talked about Valentine’s Day so much…He’s a very romantic guy so he was excited for that!

  • But he forgot on the day.
  • He was concentrating, watching himself on TV to remember it… Of course, this is not an excuse, but this is his explanation!
  • And just to think about how you must be angry at him… Make he trembles every time he looks at you…
  • Omg…Will you cut his ponytail…?
  • You’re not talking to him, so it’s hard to know…
  • When you get out, Zen fills the place with flowers!
  • After 5 minutes you’re back…And you’re very surprised!
  • He made all that in 5 minutes!
  • And then you see Zen, with a rose in his hand, smiling, looking at you…
  • Oh, you know, he wants you to forget him…But he was not properly punished yet.
  • You walk towards him, and then you kiss him, a very wild and sloppy kiss, he is very surprised by it, but hey…He is playing along
  • After some minutes, you’re still kissing him, but now you’re on the couch, with him, on his lap, and then you put your hand in his ponytail…And you pull it.
  • His eyes got wide, you know the beast is out, you stop the kiss “…Wait for me in the bedroom…” You smile as you get up.
  • He nods, quickly and runs to the bedroom, you pick the key and lock him there…
  • And then you call a taxi so you can sleep in Yoosung house.
  • After some minutes Zen realizes he was locked up in there…That’s not the problem…The beast inside of him is so hungry for you that he might even break the door.
  • But when he sees that you escape…He wants to cry…
  • And, of course, he’ll be very mad when he discovers that you’re sleeping in Yoosung’s house, A WOMAN AND A MAN CANNOT BE ALONE IN THE SAME HOUSE!
  • But deep inside…He knows this is a revenge…


  • All her responsibilities made her forget about this important day.
  • She’s very sorry, and she already said this to you almost a million of times…
  • But she understands that you’re angry and sad with her, it’s perfectly fine if you’re.
  • She’ll treat you better, she’ll reassure you that she IS sorry for forgetting this holiday
  • It was the first Valentine’s Day you two were going to spend together…And she messed it up.
  • If she forgot, she must take the consequences for that, it was a mistake…But maybe you being cold with her will make her remember the next year…
  • Jaehee wants you so badly to come back to “normal”
  • And when you do she’ll prepare something very special to you!
  • Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be in that day…Can be every day!
  • She just wants to make something for you because of that…But first she’ll be calm with you and understand you.
  • But you’re her first priority now, she’s very sorry…
  • She loves you, so she feels bad for making you feel sad.
  • Just remember that.


  • Jumin forgot.
  • Of course, the next day, the bedroom is filled with presents…To a very meaningful gift…To a very, very expensive one.
  • Ok…
  • Jumin knows that time can’t come back, and some presents would not fill the hole that was for that missed holiday…
  • He feels bad, you’re his wife.
  • But you smiled after all those present… Maybe they do work out?
  • But you said that you need to do something, he respects your privacy and your life.
  • Jumin was on the couch, trying to take a photo of Elizabeth while she was running around
  • Hint: He failed.
  • But then you get out of the bedroom, with a very provocative lingerie, with cat ears, cat tail…
  • When Jumin saw you, he froze, the place got really hot all of sudden.
  • You sit beside him, seeing the TV, he doesn’t even waste time, he got closer and closer, until he was sucking your neck.
  • You laugh with that and push him away “You don’t deserve this, you’ll just see me and nothing more.”
  • He opens his mouth, YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT?!
  • He’s sweating, with a bulge in his pants, he wants to DIE!
  • While you were chilling, watching TV.
  • He wants to jump on you, but he respects you if you don’t want it…He’ll not go to get it.
  • But he’ll explode, you’ll be a widow.
  • And every day…You’ll be using this UNTIL you decide to forgive him.
  • He’s losing his sanity…
  • But he learned his lesson.


  • Ok Seven…You forgot…Pick one spear now so you can defend yourself for the creature know as MC!
  • JK, JK!
  • He would pick a gun instead of a spear.
  • He’s feeling like a douche for not remembering it… He’s creating new robots for you…Even new toys.
  • But you still grumpy.
  • Even Saeran knows that Seven fucked up.
  • He always makes jokes about everything, make cosplay of ridiculous things…You would be laughing so much right now…!
  • But you’re serious, not even giving a single smile for him.
  • He can take the grumpy face of Saeran, but not yours!
  • Come on MC let’s prank Yoosung? No?! OMG, YOU’RE REALLY MAD AT ME!
  • He wants your love!
  • He misses it!!!!
  • Ok, he got the lesson, he will not do this again, but please forgive him!!! He’ll make up to you!
  • Even Saeran is pitying him, even Saeran wants you to forgive him, so please!
  • He needs your smiles, your laughs, hugs, kisses, everything!
  • He needs your love!
  • Is like a battery for 707!

I haven’t blogged in a very long time and titled this “Unsure” only because I am very bad at giving titles to anything I write. For some reason every time an “incident” or “event” unfolds or seems to be on the horizon I keep thinking I’ll just wait and see what happens……I’ve now waited for months……watching, commenting, enjoying posts, considering, laughing, gawking, and laughing more. But one thing has become clear to me the longer I participate in the fandom…..I am here for the people in the fandom that I have become acquainted with in the process. And I FIRMLY support everyone’s right to ship and fan as they want. And Jess @jamesandclairefraser I especially admire your resolve to ship any way you want this week and have fun no matter what is thrown at you. That is an example of a strong women.

I am by nature a very easy going and accepting person and I do not like conflict and strife, bullying and hate, nor control and manipulation. All of the above is what drove me to the shipper universe when I first discovered Outlander and Cait and Sam. I saw a group of people here who were intelligent, curious, passionate, diverse BUT also accepting of differences of opinion. I like that.

At the present time I’m not sure if I have an actual label for myself but I probably don’t need one. Neutral, wishful shipper….maybe that comes the closest..I do really think Sam and Cait have something special and to be honest I only see it when they are together. But I think FAN and FRIEND are what I want to be known as here because that is far more important. 

As I’ve stated a few times before, we are not ever going to be Sam or Caitriona’s friends so we really have no idea what their lives are like nor does it really matter in our daily life. What we do here is fun and entertainment. Again, what I do and say here are for ME and my friends and acquaintances. I needed all this as a distraction the past couple of years when I was dealing with the care of my husbands terminal illness and yes i admit to being addicted to every aspect now. But, I have tried to develop a healthy attitude in the process.

I am not bothered by anyones’s opinions on their blogs as long as they are not hateful towards other bloggers for THEIR opinions. As far as I’m concerned, other than that anything goes. Snark, love, information, comfort, grief, disappointment, joy, celebration……its all awesome. That’s what blogs are for.

So….here are some of mine….opinions that is: And I’m going to jump right in the shark tank and go for blondie first. I don’t know nor do I really care who or what she is to Sam. I didn’t like her before she was associated with Sam nor do I like her now. And I don’t hide myself from pictures, youtube, her movies. I just don’t follow her on any platform and rarely if ever click. I’ve checked it out because I wanted to be honest with myself. She is not someone I would be a fan of, admire, follow after or want anyone in my family to associate with. And that is based on many, many aspects of things I’ve seen on many SM platforms and other media. Do I hate her? Well of course not because I don’t know her personally and she is not my friend or acquaintance. If I ever met her in person I would shake her hand and say nice to meet you and move on. She is just not the type of person I would be interested in spending time with or getting to know. We have nothing in common. It seems Billy dodged a bullet…or freight train. 

Sam. Oh Sam. I really like the way Sam portrays Jamie and my initial impression of him a year or so ago was that he was someone I could truly say was talented but not tainted. I’m really unsure now. I definitely don’t hate or dislike him but I’m equally not interested in being a fan at the moment or following what he is doing with his life. And yes his association first with Shamuso and also with blondie has influenced that. Seeing the comment on his IG the other night after his “red carpet” appearance from Camuso thanking him for the night left me cold. That man is a weirdo to say the least. I’m not one who “needs” Sam to be with Cait. There are many mature, talented, philanthropic, kind women in the world. Hopefully he’ll find one some day if its not Cait and he’s not gay (which doesn’t bother me either). You are who you associate with unfortunately. And beyond that, his new “branding” does nothing for me either….so…..that just means I don’t need to spend my time being his fan at the moment. Maybe I will again some day.  I am involved with MPC and have met some awesome people and I love the program. I have gotten other people involved in MPC too. I actually don’t even associate MPC with Sam anymore. I am doing it for me and I love the program. 

Cait. She’s not perfect and has made mistakes. I do admire her in most areas of life and she is a fantastic Claire. I think if she is with someone besides Sam and has kept it private I do not fault her on that. At least she has been somewhat consistent and the “other” must be extremely tolerant to say the least. She has hit a grand slam on promo this week in the face of everything else that has been unleashed. I do have a problem with her silence on the bullying and misogyny in the fandom because she does stand as a strong women on so many important and controversial subjects. I’m sure she has reasons not to speak out and hopefully some day that will change. I support things associated with WCC because of the charity and what it stands for. 

Outlander. I love the books and the show. I find the author a little different and don’t follow her on anything. I respect everyones decision whether to watch or not to watch and I understand all aspects. I cancelled Starz but then my cable picked it up in the package. I watched S2 last episode again last night to see if I could see Jamie and Claire and not Sam and Cait. It was fine. So I will probably watch and see how it goes. Voyager is my favorite book so I am interested to see how it is portrayed. And I can’t wait to go to Scotland in May!!

The fandom. OMG. I’m shake my head every day. I’ve never blocked people before this year. The policing, ass kissing, bullying, double standards…….I just can’t. A fraud drama llama stealing art and then going to fan events and pictured with Valbo and continuing to be BFF with said author.  Whatever. The collage “borrower” kissing MM’s ass and trying to be her BFF while trying to keep shippers out of MPC. The gaelic guy…..not even realizing he’s hurting his own business. The heughligan, self righteous person who was a complete bitch to Jess….wow. And on and on. Well they’re all fans…..just not people I want to be associated with….which is why I’m over here with all these “dangerous” shippers. I guess I like adventure in my life. Hang in their ladies. And shoutout to some blogs that have given me life in the past few months that have been very dark for me @jamesandclairefraser of course @thefullbronte @fromheretoeternity1121 @just-a-wretched-wumman @rainmanjdog @sfidressage @mama-tumblz @queencaitriona @balfeheughlywed @hardblazesong @wishesandswitches @superfluffycool @pissedoffsoka13 @tvuckic @acdoptis @yellowfeather84 @caitriona-m-balfe and ALL THE FANFIC writers too! I’ve probably missed a few but I celebrate all your DIVERSITY and TRUE Outlander fans!!

ha sungwoon - demigod!au; apollo

Originally posted by woojinnies

  • he thinks hes cool but in reality hes a loser/dork 
  • is best friends with noh taehyun from the hermes cabin and they’re both loving playing pranks
  • like during capture the flag, they’re in charge of setting traps but they do more then just set simple traps
  • they always do stupid things like leave a trail of whoopee cushions in the river and it pissed off guanlin, the child of hephaestus, so much that he burned the ends of their shirts
  • they tried to prank the demeter cabin by mowing the roof but it would just grow back on its own??? and the two of them are extremely confused but they keep trying to mow it?? 
  • and thats when you come out you’re even more confused
  • “uhm, excuse me, what are you guys doing to our roof??” 
  • “we just thought the grass on your roof was getting long!” sungwoon laughed 
  • “so were mowing it!” taehyun finished 
  • “why? it’s just gonna grow back? its charmed?”
  • it doesn’t help that you’re a newer camper too so you’re just really really confused at this point 
  • and your head counselor, lee euiwoong comes out angrily 
  • “leave our roof alone! you always do something stupid to our home okay just go away our mom ended up charming it you idiots, we’re gonna end up planting velociraptors if you keep going up there”
  • and they’re snickering as they come down but you’re kinda just ???? like whats so funny ??? 
  • when you have that confused look on your face sungwoon frowns and hes about to speak but euiwoong got a head start 
  • “those two are the stupid pranksters of this camp. i mean all the hermes campers love to pull pranks but these two just get so into it. just ignore them” euiwoong rolls eyes and is about to push you in the cabin to finish the tour 
  • “god you demeter kids are soo booooring, laugh a little jeez” taehyun starts 
  • “but i don’t get it, whats funny??” your face is deadpan is too. 
  • euiwoong hold his laughter but taehyun can see him grinning and glares at him 
  • sungwoon kinda just sits their, a little distracted, cause you’re just kinda, sorta, really, jeongmal jeongmal jinjja daebak real heol wanjeon pretty. 
  • like flowers are literally blooming behind you and there’s a flower in your hair as tradition of all demeter new comers
  • “c’mon lets go sungwoon, euiwoongs being a meanie again” taehyun sticks his tongue out at him 
  • did i just start a euiwoong and taehyun ship??
  • and sungwoon is just looking behind him, watching you go back into the demeter cabin as hes getting dragged away mumbling an “uh oki” 
  • and hes just sorta mesmerized by your beauty like omg he’s such a day dreamer but obviously you would never ever notice him
  • oh but honey boi u do
  • you noticed him at the campfire one night and he has such a sweet voice when he sings, like it was so soothing that you almost fell asleep on euiwoong’s shoulder 
  • he saw you with your eyes closed and he almost had a heart attack, was he making you fall asleep??? was his voice that boring?? 
  • the next time he sees you, you and the entire demeter cabin were harvesting the strawberries 
  • he watches you patiently wait for the strawberries to grow as you use your chlorokinesis
  • “if you can control the plants, why are you going so slow??” he asked bluntly, squatting next to you 
  • “because its healthier for the plant, if i rush, i might rip out roots, especially since i’m harvesting” you mindlessly input, not bothering to look at who it was 
  • you picked out one of the berries and offered one to him and that’s when you guys meet eyes and you realize who it is
  • your heart is banging against your cracking ribs
  • hes slightly flustered because your noses are just about to touch 
  • both of you red face step back and you just go back to your strawberries
  • he notices how awkwardly balled up you are now, hugging your knees as you raise the strawberry stems 
  • “w-why are you here again? here to attempt so pull a prank? steal strawberries and give them away? even though that’s our intent??”
  • awe u smol bean gettin all nervous 
  • “no i came to visit you” he smirks, his cocky apollo side is showing and you’re blushing all over again 
  • but euiwoong had already prewarned you, telling you to stay away from the aphrodite and apollo boys as they are just a bunch cocky fuck boys that love playing with people’s feelings
  • and euiwoong was definite that sungwoon was not an exception 
  • “that’s sweet of you,” you just blandly respond, hiding your true colors
  • he’s scrunching his nose, highly unamused by your mild tone 
  • “stop being so boring” he huffed and got up and trotted off in his puff of arrogance 
  • and you just shrug it off 
  • but he comes back because honestly he’s such a little pup and he really wants your attention
  • so you’re carrying a huge basket of strawberries to the big house while the rest of your siblings go off to the mess hall to fed everyone else
  • and as your walking, sungwoon walks by your side, taking strawberries from your basket 
  • “stop,” you tug the basket away from him, pouting “these are for mr.d and chiron” 
  • and you were so cute he didn’t even bother to argue and just nodded
  • and hes reaching for the basket and you pull away, looking at him with disbelief
  • “i literally just tol-” 
  • “calm down, i’m helping you carrying the basket idiot” he snatched the basket from you
  • and your red again, stomach fluttering with butterflies and fingers fidgeting 
  • but when you get to big house he leaves the basket on the porch and steals a berry 
  • you’re about to scowl him but hes already off running with the biggest grin on his face and a berry between his lips 
  • when he turns around you can’t help but touch your warm cheeks as a small smile spreads across your face
  • and as he biting the strawberry his flushed cheeks are redder than the fruit itself
  • he starts to wonder if your lips are that sweet probably are tbh 
  • the next encounter is at the stables as you’re cleaning the pegai as punishment 
  • you may or may not have been on the big house porch and accidentally wondered how big a bean stalk was and grew one through the roof
  • you notice that there’s only one golden white one which, its pretty, but yea just one?? why is he so special ?
  • and guess who’s about to go a pegasus ride??? sungwoon!!
  • and he sees you and slyly walks over to you, leaning against the low wall that surrounded the pegasus, 
  • “i see that you’re cleaning my pegasus, solace.” he smirks “that’s too kind of you” 
  • you just rolled your eyes explaining your situation which led to him bursting into laughter, making fun of you 
  • “you’ve been here for how long??? and you still can’t control your powers?” he snorted 
  • hes lucky your’re patient
  • instead of continuing his teasing, he starts climbing the pegasus and offers a hand
  • you, with your hair stuck on your face, dirt smeared on cheeks and a dirty brush in your hand, is confused all over again 
  • why is he so c o nfu s ing  ???
  • “c’mon, lets go on a ride” 
  • “i’m kinda not allowed to, ya know cause i’m in trouble” 
  • “you’re doing it again, you’re being a boring demeter kid.” 
  • you didn’t have time to fight back since he threw the brush out of your hand and pulls you onto the pegasus 
  • “hang on!” he’s joyfully laughs as you slightly squeal and you guys fly out
  • in the sky, there is a brief calm silence, eyes closed, wind tangled within your hair 
  • and you finally sigh and ask him 
  • “why are you doing this?” 
  • hes avoiding your glance as he mumbles into his reins 
  • “i dunno,,,,,” 
  • he’s not used to liking someone, feelings feel kinda foreign to him 
  • he’s used just checking girls out, think they’re fine af and that’d be it
  • you made him feel soft and chummy in the inside, and he just wasn’t to used to it, almost afraid of it
  • and you just sigh and your grip around his stomach tightens and your cheeks rest against his back 
  • “thats fine, i’ll just wait” 
  • blushies on both ends!!!!! 
  • and you he settles the pegasus back at the stables and (lucky you!!!) you don’t get caught 
  • and he just awkwardly stutters away, but of course not without giving you a small smile 
  • god he’s such a sleaze, but hes so cute?? can i really betray euiwoong’s warning 
  • and so you guys resume your daily lives once again, occasionally speaking to each 
  • whenever you passed him when he was with taehyun, you could see the boy nudging sungwoon while snicker and giggling 
  • omg and taehyun would the obnoxious ‘heeEELLlllLLOOOOO y.n!!!!!” 
  • but one day, one of your demeter sister tells you about how she really likes sungwoon
  • “like he’s so sweet, he helped me up the climbing wall when it was my first time and he eve-” 
  • and just keeps rambling and you’re forcing you smiles and lot of over excited “uh huhs”
  • and you kinda throw yourself into a black hole and get slightly insecure 
  • because she’s so perfect for him there’s no way he could possibly like me if he could have her or just anyone else, so many girls are willing to do so much for him anyways forget him omg sungwoon isn’t worth 
  • and so as you walk through camp now, you avoid his gaze, you don’t clean up the stables, you dont even bat an eyelash at the apollo cabin anymore 
  • of course he notices i mean the boy stares you 24/7
  • and he panics 
  • he thinks he did something wrong so he ends up asking taehyun to ask euiwoong what the heck is going on
  • and when euiwoong just utters the first syllable of his name, you just roll your eyes, admitting defeat and agreeing that sungwoon is bad news; he just has way to many girls on him
  • and euiwoong’s like goddamnit but he isn’t omg why can’t you listen to me now the boy likes you !!!!!!
  • but he obviously can’t say that now so instead he’s like 
  • “well maybe you can give him a chance??” 
  • “that doesn’t matter anymore, he’s too popular, and plus he needs someone who would be willing to go wild with him, someone who would hop fences, sneak out in the middle of the night, climb the highest trees, and steal strawberries with, not someone boring demeter kid” 
  • euiwoong: fuck
  • but at least the camp leader managed to get you to go to dinner !! in one piece !! in a kinda sloppily lw mess !!!
  • this continues for the rest of week
  • taehyun has had enough of panicked sungwoon and euiwoong is getting sick of depressed you
  • so the two of them decide to sit next to each other in hopes to lure their partners together
  • you arrive first and you’re good at blocking out your feelings so you just keep it casual, greeting euiwoong and taehyun 
  • someone how it didn’t correlate with you that taehyun = sungwoon 
  • so when sungwoon sat down it got awkward
  • the tension was tHIcK
  • you cleared your throat, feeling uncomfortable you got up and excused yourself 
  • taehyun nudge sungwoon and he hurriedly runs after you 
  • you’re speed walking towards the cabin but sungwoon easily catches up to you 
  • “wait wait y.n please wait” 
  • so take a deep breathe and turn towards him 
  • “yes, whats up” 
  • “did i do something wrong, you’re avoiding me” 
  • “i’m not avoiding you, and you did nothing wrong” 
  • “okay, then talk to me” 
  • “i’m just trying to get over you because i know someone else is better for you okay?” 
  • you both can’t believe that you just confessed, now you really can’t look him in the eyes
  • and you’re about to escape into your cabin but he’s already engulfed you in his arms 
  • “why would you ever think that??” 
  • he sighing into the back of your shoulders. 
  • and you’re sighing too, feeling his warmth surround you
  • “you knew i liked you, so why would you bother?” he asked 
  • and now you’re red, he liked you ???? 
  • and he laughed and flicks you on the forehead 
  • “don’t ever doubt yourself again, i like you, and it doesn’t matter if someone else likes me or they’re a supposed “better fit” for me okay?” 
  • i’m not crying ur crying
  • now you guys do everything together
  • he takes you on pegasus rides, helps your harvest eats all the strawberries 
  • he still plays pranks on you every once in a while but they’d be really cute 
  • her once charmed your blanket into a garden and your freaked out cause you were like omg wheres my bed 
  • even euiwoong was in on it was cracking up him and taehyun are exchanging high fives
  • he’s been exposed to world of pranks
  • it turned out to be some 3d blanket the hermes and hephaestus cabin was working on 
  • well they wanted real life fire but sungwoon modified it to become a garden cause fire kinda scares you
  • he figured out the coding to add roses and would change it that when he was just feelin some lovin 
  • and when you get hurt he’s immediately there, since he has vitakinesis 
  • you’ve definitely became a little bit of a daredevil now that you’ve been dating him
  • he snuck you out after curfew once and you guys climbed up a tree to watch the stars and just talked 
  • you giggled when he told you how he’s super cautious when he walks around camp now, afraid of stepping on the flowers 
  • “you know, its like having a pet pig and eating pork” 
  • “so i’m your pet pig now?” 
  • “nOOO” 
  • and it’s past 12 and hes tired and tired sungwoon means clingy sungwoon 
  • he doesn’t let you go when you guys make it to the demeter cabin
  • you end up having to drag him into the cabin, praying that no one was awake 
  • and you guys snuggle under the sheets, legs tangled and noses bumping
  • he hums a simple song into the back of your neck which helps you fall asleep
  • and when euiwoong finds you both in your bed all cuddled up the next morning, he sighs
  • yall lucky he’s the one doing cabin inspection today
  • sungwoon is literally the sun to your flower

dvastatedr  asked:

Hi. I felt like I creep I spent the whole day reading all your Voltron Family AU prompts. And when I say all, I mean all 44 pages in your blog. It was a lot but so worth it. I cried, I laughed and cried again. It's just so fluffy and wholesome I felt like I witnessed a whole family grow. If I could give a prompt, what if one of the daddies caught one of the boys watching lewd videos? Hilarity ensues, I hope? :) Thank you again and you're amazing for doing this for a year!

Dude. OMG? That’s hella lot. I hope you took a break and all that. But thank you! This dedication makes me smile :’D <3

[The Voltron Family] It was Lance. Of course it had to be Lance out of his two boys. Hunk wouldn’t do such a thing, that perfect angel of his. Lance, however, Keith knew one day it was going to happen but not this early.

Keith was walking down the hallway after doing his business in the bathroom when he passed by Lance’s room. The door was slightly opened and he saw his son watching… lewd videos. Keith’s eyes widened in shock and quickly made his way back to the master bedroom, a hand on his chest. He couldn’t tell Shiro about it, it was embarrassing enough that he saw it himself. 

He had to deal with this alone.

So he walked back to Lance’s room quickly and knocked. He heard “Uh! Just a sec!” and Keith had to close his eyes and prayed to all the possible gods that could hear him. After a loud strained “Come in!” from Lance, Keith went inside and saw that Lance’s laptop displayed Google homepage. Of all things! A Google homepage. How lame could his son even get?

Keith: *eyes the bed suspiciously and sits down beside Lance* Sweetheart.
Lance: Hmmmm? *smiles*
Keith: You’re 15 now. *furrows eyebrows*
Lance: I am aware, yes. *nods*
Keith: *gulps* There are things that are—well… inevitable, you could say. You’re at the peak of your curiosity and you tend to… well, for the lack of better word, get curious about things—certain things. And you might think there’s only a linear way to get things done, but you see, that’s not really the case. 
Lance: *confused* Daddy Keith, I’m not quite sure I’m following?
Keith: *sighs and looks up* I’m a damn best-selling author and I can’t even articulate words. Oh my god. I’ll need reinforcements. 

And by reinforcements, Keith meant Shiro. He quickly told his husband about it and he was expecting Shiro to be shocked, but instead, he was highly amused. They both went back to Lance’s bedroom and faced their son.

Shiro: *smirks* Your Daddy Keith saw you watching por—
Keith:lewd videos. I caught you watching lewd videos.
Lance: *blushes in embarrassment* *buries face in his hands* Oh my god. 
Shiro: *laughs* Don’t be embarrassed, Lance. *stops to rethink* Actually, no, you should be embarrassed. It’s pretty much the law that you need to lock your door when you’re planning on watching… *looks at Keith pointedly* lewd stuff.
Keith: *crosses arms* *mouths* Thank. You.
Lance: I don’t know what came over me. I kinda just—
Shiro: *hums in amusement* That’s what we all say.
Keith: Shiro. Not helping. *glares*
Shiro: *chuckles* Okay, but seriously. It’s normal. You’re a teenage boy and we’ve all been there.
Lance: *snorts* Yeah, I could understand you. But Daddy Keith probably hasn’t even wat—
Keith: *still crossing his arms while shifting his weight* I have.
Lance: *head snaps towards Keith* YOU WHAT?
Shiro: *smirks while looking at Keith*
Keith: *gulps and looks away* I had to find out somehow that I’m ace, yknow?
Lance: Ohohohoh! So, what? It didn’t work for you?
Keith: *groans* Yeah, it didn’t. Nothing did. 
Lance: Oh my god. *chuckles* So how do you get rid of it then? *glances at Shiro and comes to a realization* Oh my god. Does Daddy Shi—
Keith: I take a cold shower, okay?! *panics* What were you even thinking?!
Lance: *laughs* I wasn’t even thinking of—
Keith: Yes, you were! And to answer that, no
Lance: Oh. *looks at Shiro expectantly*
Shiro: *winks*
Keith: Takashi, stop giving our son the wrong idea. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: *pouts* He takes a cold shower… with me. *winks*
Keith: Oh my god. *has had enough* Your father and I don’t do anything in the showers aside from showering just to clear that up.
Shiro: Boo. You’re no fun. *frowns*
Keith: Who even is the child here? *points at Shiro and Lance* *shakes head*
Lance: *goes to hug Shiro* It’s okay, Daddy Shiro. One day, you and Daddy Keith will have fun in the showers.
Shiro: *hugs back* *sniffs dramatically* I hope so, too, Lance. I just want a little hugging and kissing—
Keith: I’m right here!!!
Lance: *looks at Keith* *laughs* Sorry, what was it again?
Keith: What I was trying to say all along was, in case you want to have other options when we’re all at home, you should just take a long cold shower.
Shiro: Or clench your thigh muscles really hard if you wanna go the medical way, yknow just to give you more options aside from the shower. *thoughtful*
Lance: *steps back* Wow. All of these just because I accidentally clicked an ad and I didn’t know how to get rid of it, so it started playing a video.
Keith: YOU WHAT?
Lance: *laughs* Yeah, my bad, my bad. But yeah, honestly thanks for the tips I guess? I’ll keep them in mind. 
Shiro: *smiles* Oh, also, peeing. 
Keith: *looks at Shiro in disbelief*
Shiro: What? In case of morning problems! 

sh4desofsadness  asked:

just read the new cheeky bird imagine and let me tell ya... omg, like srlsy wow. Could you another one please? Like fionn teasing again or smthing idk. Pleasee? I understand if you don't want tooo.. thank youu♡

Edging on Punishments
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1661 word count
It was a lazy rainy day for you and Fionn so you decided to stay in, watch movies, and have soup delivered. You’d been cuddled up in the bed all day under a big, fluffy, white duvet, you and Fionn taking turns of who got to lay on who and who got to have their hair played with by the other.
“Muuunch, dont stop scratching my scalp please, your nails feel good, relaxing”.
He would whine anytime your fingers would start to get tired.
Munch is usually what he called you when he was being extremely cuddly or whiny. Love was what he used on a day to day basis. And finally Baby girl, now if he called you this you knew you were to either be punished or you were making him feel incredible.
And of course Fionn being Fionn, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, they started low on your thigh and slowly made their way up to the top and underneath the button up you were borrowing from him.
“Fionn stop it! Are you gonna watch the movie or be cheeky all day?”
“Mmmm I like the last one”.
You rolled your eyes at the cheeky boy,
“But, I will stop if you give me a kiss”.
Fionn knew that one kiss would end up being two and then a whole make out session, it always was with you, he had you right where he wanted you.

You lean in placing your hand on the side of his face and you intertwine your lips, Fionn slides his tongue in your taking control over the kiss. Just as the kiss is intensifying you hear Fionns phone go off,
“Just ignore it”.
Fionn mumbles, his lips still on yours, the phone continues to ring.
“Ugh, ok one second love”.
Fionn breaks the kiss as he reaches for his phone, its Harry.
Ugh you knew that this was going to be more than a second, anytime Fionn and Harry get to talking- they get to talking. You sat back hoping that it wasn’t going to take as long as expected, you were just starting to feel Fionn get excited and so were you.
“Yea mate I’d love to get lunch tomorrow…. Yea yea yea how about you come over tomorrow night for dinner and Y/N and I will cook ?”
Ok you had had enough you wanted to continue with what y'all were doing. You roughly pushed Fionn down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. Fionn looked up at you with nervous eyes wondering what the hell were you doing as you placed hot, wet, slow kisses down his neck.
“Fionn? Fionn? Are you still there mate?”
Fionn wasn’t listening to anything Harry had been saying due to being distracted by your behavior.
“Uh yea I’m still here, sorry zoned out”.
You made your way down his bare chest with your lips slipping your hand down his pants grabbing his semi hard length.
“Mmmm no boxers today baby?”
“What was that Y/N?”
You could see the conflict between panic and pleasure in Fionns eyes when Harry heard you.
“Yea. Um no love I don’t want any. She was just wanting to know if I wanted any tea”.
Fionn gave you a warning look to stop. You stopped pumping his now hard length and started to slowly and teasingly grind on it. Fionn took a sharp intake of breath.
“Fionn, mate are you ok?”
“Y-yea yea I’m fine just…just getting into an ice bath, um worked out too h-hard this morning”.
“Mmm something’s hard”.
You smirked down at Fionn as you continued to grind on him, taking your hand and playing with his balls through his pants. Every time you were sure he was about to cum in his pants and he sounded more and more suspicious to Harry, coming up with a lie each time you stopped. You were edging him, he now had tears running down his face from the intense feelings you were refusing him.
“Baby will you tie me up later for teasing you?”
“Fionn, are you a little busy with something?”
“N-no Harry, s’just the TV”.
You pulled his hard cock from the confines of his pants, stopping to admire it, all the little veins running up it, how pink his head was and the precum oozing from it. You lick a broad stripe from the base to the tip, laughing when Fionn moans out a “shit” then explaining himself to Harry. You then strock his hard length while sucking and tugging on his balls, going back to the tip to suck up all the Precum and swipe your tongue over the slit.
“Fuck me!”
“Fionn are you doing what I think you’re doing while I’m on the phone?”
“Sorry mate gotta go”.
Stuttering your name
“Y/N, please please stop”.
Little whimpers coming from his lips with quick breaths.
“I need to cum baby girl, please”.
You continued teasing him with your mouth sucking him to nearly orgasm and stopping.
He quickly flipped you over, now straddling you and quickly grabbing the tie he had your wrist knotted to the headboard with last night and doing it again.
“That was very naughty of you baby girl, edging me while I’m on the phone with Harry”.
You’re now smiling up at him, happy to receive your punishment.
“What’d I do baby?”
You ask innocently.
“Oh you’re about to see”.
Fionn unbuttons your shirt, spreads your legs and immediately places his mouth on your clit, sucking harshly.
“Oh looks like you’re already wet from all the teasing you did to me, already on the edge of cumming, just like I was 7 times”.
“F-Fionn please feels so good, your mouths so warm please”.
Fionn immediately stops his actions letting your high go down so he can do the same thing to you 6 more times. You are now the one with tears running down your face and little whimpers leaving your lips. Fionns lips and tongue are back at work on your clit, two fingers inserted inside you pumping in and out at a quick pace. He’s now humming around your clit,
“F-fuuuck baby please please let me cum, I wanna cum so bad please”.
You were whimpering and writhing under him, sweat matting your hair to your neck. Just as you think he’s gonna let you cum again he stops.
“Listen, I’m gonna let you cum if your a good girl, but you’re cumming with me in you”.
Fionn quickly pulls off his pants and lines himself up with you , slowly sliding in,
“S-shit Y/N your so fucking tight and wet and warm”.
You start to move your hips against him,
“Fuck stop or I’ll cum right here”.
Fionn waits a second before he slowly and deeply starts pumping into you, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck and growling in your ear.
“Baby girl your pussy feels so good around me, squeezing me so tight”.
You’re whimpering at the feeling of pleasure he’s giving you The intensity stronger than ever.
“Why did you do that baby girl while I was o-on the phone huh, why’d you make me punish you?”
“I like it when you punish me baby, shit”.
Fionn starts moving his hips faster deeper,
“F-fuck baby girl you’re gonna make me cum, please make me cum”.
“Fionn you’re s-so fucking deep, hitting just the right spot, please don’t stop”.
“I won’t baby girl, but can you feel me all the way in your tummy? Can you feel me all the way up here? Does it feel good?”
Fionn slid his hand up your stomach pressing down with his thumb into your flesh letting you know just how deep he was.

Fionns now thrusting harder into you, his pelvic bone rubbing your clit just right as his cock is buried deep inside you, the feeling overwhelming.
“Fuck me baby girl I’m gonna cum, but I need you to cum please”.
You’re now both whimpering and moaning you screaming his name as you cum around him milking him of all his cum. Fionns now shivering, sweat on his forehead as he kisses you,
Fionns mouth is now level with your pussy, him lapping up both of your juices,
“ god we taste so good, so sweet”.
Fionn continues licking at your fold, you overly sensitive from the edging and the intense orgasm you just had.
“Fionn, baby stop, please stop, s-sensitive”.
“No want yeh to cum one more time, cum one more time for me”.
“Baby I can't”.
“Yes you can, I know you can, I can feel you about to explode”.
Fionn continues flicking his tongue over your clit while pumping his long fingers in and out of you. Just as you were about to cum he started rubbing your clit in circles with his thumb, and fucking you with his tongue.
“F-fuck me Fionn I’m cumming you’re making me cum so hard, shit!”
Your legs shaking around his head, he’s holding your hips down with his big hands, and your convulsing through your orgasm, it being extremely intense from the overstimulation. Your head is pressed into the pillow, eyes clamped shut, and your gripping the headboard as hard as you can. You feel your juices leave your body and the sheets soaking, you can hear Fionn lapping up every drop. Looking down you can see Fionns face soaked in your juices and him licking his lips.
“You taste so amazing, could eat you out everyday”.
You’re out of breath and still shaking, sweat coating your skin,
“Look baby girl you’re fucking blissed out, so bloody beautiful like this”.
“You too baby, I’m sorry I was bad, just wanted some attention”.
“Well you definitely got it and in 15 if your up for another round, you’ll get it again.”
“Oh I’m definitely up for it”.


You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story…Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.”

x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x

awkward-but-nice  asked:

what does everyone do for valentines day?

Vanessa and Nina always find the shittiest/nastiest Valentine’s for each other and gorge on chocolate together.

Benny and Usnavi always go buy cheap candy the day after Valentine’s Day and make shitty raps about how Valentine’s Day sucks (when they’re single, that is)

Sonny rants EVERY year about how stupid Valentine’s Day is and it’s a capitalist bullshit holiday, and EVERY year, Pete buys him a big bag of candy and a teddy bear or something and Sonny gets Pete pretty bouquets and they have fancy candle lit dinners of McDonald’s on the fire escape.

One year, Pete is really distant and he’s just been working and Sonny’s frustrated and he’s pretty sure Pete is going to forget about Valentine’s Day, and then around noon he sees Pete again, and he’s grumpy, but then Pete tells him that he’s been doing all these commissions day and night to get more money and Sonny can finally get top surgery like he’s been wanting and Sonny is like??? omg??? He cries he loves Pete so much

When Sonny’s in elementary school, Usnavi helps him make Valentine’s for everyone and has to tell him, “Yes, you have to give a card to everyone. I don’t care if you think Max is gross, you have to give him a card!!!” Later they just share candy and watch shitty television together

Sonny always gets Nina a lil box of chocolates!

Usnavi gets Vanessa big ass bouquets and makes her dinner and covers in sof kisses, and she’s not the best at romantic gestures, but she buys champagne and makes him breakfast. Like, she’s not a big Valentine’s Day person, but she knows Usnavi is.

Oh gosh, Benny and Nina. They’re so annoying on Valentine’s Day omg. They’re ALWAYS together and holding onto each other and kissing a bunch. Benny buys Nina those giant ass stuffed animals and big bouquets of flowers and Nina always takes Benny out to dinner and they cuddle so much jfc. When Nina’s out at Stanford and can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, they Skype and text the entire. Damn. Day. Benny stays up late for her!

Daniela has never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, but Carla LOOOVES it, so they usually go to dinner together and buy makeup or jewelry for each other.

Camila and Kevin usually just have a nice dinner out, and Kevin buys Camila roses. They also get Nina a lil teddy bear every year! When she’s at Stanford they mail it because their daughter needs love

Abuela Claudia hasn’t had anybody to celebrate Valentine’s Day with in a long time, but she gives roses and hard candies out to anyone who comes by.

Chanbaek in Roommate..

omg.. i know this is a bit late for an analysis / my thought about all the chanbaek in Roomate the other day..but after close observations and discussions i came out with this post.. hahah…lol.. enjoy.. 

after reading this you may want to re-watch Roomate ep13 again.. hehehe..

**warning : this is just what my chanbaek shipper’s mind managed to capture after watching 39 minutes of chanbaek in Roomate ep.13.. and it’s SUPER LONG post.. i didn’t break it into parts.. so bear with it..^_^.. you must’ve known by now that i believe in Chanbaek so hard its not even funny anymore.. so don’t like what you’re gonna read..? no need to read it and no need bash me ok.. we are all love chanbaek here don’t we..?? heheh..**


ok let’s start..


first of all can we take a moment and enjoy the fact that Baekkie call channie when he is mere bored..?? 

hehehe…*dramatically applause*

**which means he didn’t have any schedule at the moment**

and did anyone noticed how chanyeol was taken aback when suddenly baekkie said he wanna visit the Roommate house..??

he hesitated..


the one that asked baekhyun to come is actually minwoo… Chanyeol eyeing his roomates and suddenly minwoo ask Baekhyun to come visit and as if he got the green light he’s waiting for, Chanyeol immediately ask baekkie to visit…hehe… i bet he must be very excited but half unsure if baekkie really gonna come..



and how did he came..? he said he came by bus..lol.. was he..?

i don’t know if this is true but he does look like he come by himself.. the production crew didn’t show baekhyun come out from a car or a van.. we can say that he really come by himself..

the question here is WHY..?? why he decided to come right away after he call chanyeol..? and why he came by himself..? why he make it hard for himself..? maybe the manager really doesn’t know that he sneaked to the Roommate house..?? i’m not sure… what do you think..? 

let’s go back to chanyeol shall we..? can we talk about chanyeol hidden dimple that shows up when he know baekhyun is at HIS house..? 

look how anticipate he is.. he looks like he can’t wait another second to meet baekkie.. he looks so happy to meet his best-friend..  he also looks like disbelieved that baekhyun really came.. doubt maybe..? that baekhyun really came.. that baekhyun actually managed to come…

i have to admit that in that episode of roommate, chanbaek got many moments, however, its very subtle and kinda - secretive? .. i don’t know why..

look.. why SBS wanna cut so much of chanbaek moments..? i know that we can’t believe SBS Roommate previews but there are a lot of their moments got edited and ended up not being broadcast.. 

Nervous Chanyeol


Chanbaek acoustic duet 


i admit that i anticipated a lot from this visit from baekhyun as a chanbaek moments galore.. at first i thought SBS are not gonna air this episode at all.. but they did..! i wonder why they have to wait up to 5 episodes before air this baekhyun’s visit part..??? maybe they REALLY not gonna air this part but as Bom’s part needed to be cut out and i guess many EXO fans ask for this part be air, the SBS decided to air it..

but SBS cut a lot of Chanbaek moements.. its not fair..!! when other guests come to the house they got almost half the air time but baekkie only got 39 minutes.. huhuhu T_T …

*wipes tears* Ok back to chanbaek..

when chanyeol first saw baekkie at his house, he was kinda shocked..


didn’t baekkie already said that he wants to visit..? my thought..? i think chanyeol didn’t expect baekhyun really come.. he don’t think that manager are gonna allow him to come.. maybe the manager know something about chanbaek that make chanyeol disbelieving..  but he really at the roommate house.. 

**caption : Heok! (you) really came?**

and the first thing chanyeol did when he saw baekhyun is run towards him and hold his hand..???

if you look closely you probably can see that actually chanyeol are going for a hug.. coz his both hands are up towards baekhyun..

chanyeol had been in the house for few months now, he is kinda used to the camera.. at some point when you are too comfortable and used to something you kinda forgot that they are surrounding you…

but knowing there are camera everywhere, baekhyun stops channie by receiving his hands in a very feminine manner EVER..!! look at their hands.. it looks so right… like they are used to hold hands like that.. look how baekkie take channie’s hand and look how they grip their hands together.. best-friends do that..!!????

and one more weird thing happened… its what chanyeol said to baekkie after that..

why is it weird seeing your own best-friend in your house..? or is it weird that baekhyun actually really in his house..? it kinda feels like chanyeol didn’t believe that baekhyun managed to actually came.. you know what i meant..? like it is something close to impossible but it happened..

maybe chanyeol think its impossible baekhyun are gonna make it to his house because - my guess - the manager and the company are not gonna allow it.. that’s why i think SBS actually consider not airing this part.. maybe they have too many obvious moments that can make fans noticed about their relationship.. maybe.. who knows right..?



SBS cut many Chanbaek moments that can rise suspicions.. Nervous Baekhyun and clumsy chanyeol on Channie’s bed.. they are so adorable.. 

i don’t understands why but many of chanbaek’s duet are not broadcast-ed anywhere.. many times i heard that chanyeol had prepared some songs and performance with baekhyun but unfortunately it never get on TV or any shows.. i’m sad T_T..

and this is one of them.. i wanna see chanbaek duet again, like in Boom street where they sang that love song and chanyeol messed up his guitar solo.. SBS cuts and edited just too many.. WHY..!?? 



Eventho they edited many of Chanbaek’s obvious moments and skinships, little did they know, Chanbaek is very careful when they touch each other.. they can make it look very normal yet so loving and longing.. with hidden meanings kind-of-skinships..?


Remember when mama Shin asked Baekhyun which girls he is most curious about..?

look carefully at Mr.Park.. his wide grin disappear.. Jealous much Park Chanyeol..? 

and suddenly he tries to grab the cake slicer on Baekhyun’s hand.. with no reason whatsoever.. hahah… he is so obvious.. and Baekhyun didn’t even glance at other girls and pointed out GaYeon while his other hand instinctively handing the cake slicer to chanyeol.. how he knows chanyeol wanna take that cake slicer..!? soulmates~~~

hehehe.. maybe its just another reason for them to have some skinships..  and for Chanyeol to show his emotions at the moment.. hehe..


They danced to Overdose for the Roommate family..

and there’s Chanyeol, making weird face while Baekkie bend in front of him (because his pants are too tight) .. Park Chanyeol..! control your hormones..!

what with the tongue and the eyeing and the lip-bite..??!??


their glances and eye-contacts..


Park chanyeol being a proud boyfriend… haha.. 

His power is shining my life.. while I’m warming his.. <3

Baekhyun can do this.. Baekhyun will do that.. again, chanyeol will do anything to make sure Baekhyun got airtime.. and proudly show off his wifey.. hehe…


moments that didn’t caught obviously by camera.. but the reflection on the mirror shows their thirst for each other..

out of nowhere, suddenly Baekhyun initiate skinship with Chanyeol.. there’s no reason for Baek to touch Chan at that point.. but why they look so scared but yet so happy when they managed to touch each other for a little moment like that..? 

look how Chanyeol take a quick glance at Baek when he feels Baekkie’s hands on his back…he look at Baek and lean towards his hug..  at this time, everyone are focusing on Seho.. so they think this is the perfect moment to touch each other.. 


Again chanyeol being a proud and happy boyfriend for Baekhyun..

look at the proud shining on Chanyeol’s face when he see sassy Baekhyun.. hehe.. again.. its the mirror that capture this… 


and lastly… can we talk about why suddenly baekhyun have to leave..?? he already changed his clothes to seho’s and settle himself on dongwook’s bed, that means he really want to spend the night at the roommate house.. 

if you watch ep.10 where Lee Dok Hwa(?) sunbae-nim came to the roommate house, we can see that he didn’t want to sleep over he just want to rest for a while.. so he just laying on Seho’s bed and not changing his clothes.. 

but its definitely different in Baekhyun’s case.. Baekkie already changed his clothes to stranger’s clothes and lay  comfortably on stranger’s bed, and suddenly his phone rang and he has to leave..??!? if he just wanna rest for a while, why bother changing his clothes..?? and after few hours he has to change again.? right..?

and if you look at chanyeol when he send baekhyun to the car, you can see that he already asleep and woke up just to send Baekkie.. is that means that he really thought baekkie are gonna spend the night there..? and got caught off guard when beakkie said he has to leave.. and again.. remember, didn’t baekkie said he was bored earlier..? which i guess he don’t have schedule that day.. why he has to LEAVE..!?? 

chanyeol looks nervous and baekkie look aggrieved when they walk towards the car.. look at channie’s face when baekkie  grab his hands and hold it tight just for that short moment before he got in the car and gods know what happened to him after that..


so what do you think..? i bet many of you will say this is just me and my chanbaek shipper’s mind hallucinating and delusional.. maybe you’ll say that none of what i write is true and i just manipulating things.. but please.. we all know Baekhyun is Fearless right..? he stands up for what he believe… and for what he wants… if you realized, all the secret skinships and longingness initiated by baekhyun.. chanyeol just play along.. they miss each other.. i know that.. i can see that.. but they can’t show much coz camera all over the house.. and even if they did show much, i’m sure SBS and SM will edit it and ensure it didn’t go out to public.. 

there are too many edited parts, and its suspicious at some point.. chanyeol and baekhyun themselves also suspicious that day.. but again.. this is just what I thought when i watch Baekhyun around chanyeol and Chanyeol being around Baekkie.. 

if you disagree, just ignore this rant….

but #IWillAlwaysBelieveInChanbaek <3


Man, AJ Lee would’ve had a ball in this era of women’s wrestling, huh? Lee was an underrated wrestling talent with quickness and lucha elements in her moveset, yet there is an argument that she was big fish in a small pond of meddling Diva’s talent. Lee’s selling and pyschology would translate well in any era of women’s wrestling, it’s spot on. Her skipping, mannerisms, and promo skills is what AJ had over the other women during that time. That’s the crux of AJ’s talent, she’s a great character worker. With concise mic skills and brilliant mannerisms, she was instantly over post Wrestlemania 28, as D-Bry’s punching bag transitioning into mentally unstable queen of the division. While WWE has done all but write her from history, Lee’s arguably one of the most over women that has stepped foot in the company.

Her rise to stardom allowed her to finally make some leeway in the Divas division in 2013, leading to her first championship reign. Over the next two years, she would serve as the unquestionable face of the women’s wrestling in the biggest sports entertainment company on the planet.

Not the prototypical Diva by any stretch of the imagination, she broke barriers and served as the inspiration for young female fans in the audience, not to mention her fellow competitors across the independent scene who may have spent the early portion of their careers believing they would never make it because they did not look a certain way

I felt like AJ’s retirement is even more tragic due to the NXT women being called up after she retired. Imagine: AJ Lee vs Charlotte, AJ vs Sasha, AJ vs Bayley, AJ vs Alexa, AJ vs Mickie James!! I hope one day she comes back.

My favorite matches of hers are:

Queen of FCW title match vs Serena

NXT Season 3 vs Naomi

AJ vs Nikki on Raw 2015

Payback Diva’s title vs Kaitlyn

Natalya as well, TLC ‘13,

AJ vs Natalya - Main Event early 2014

My fave moment: The Total Divas PipeBombshell:

“OMG you guys, I just watched last night’s episode of Total Divas and it was insane, oh my gosh. I mean, the Bellas were dealing with their obvious daddy issues. The Funkadactyls broke up and then got back together again. Natalya’s fiancé isn’t much of a man. And the other two were also there. It was great, it really was, and it was the end of the world and it’s only Sunday nights on the E! network. Do you wanna know what I see when I look in that ring? Honestly? A bunch of cheap, interchangeable, expendable, usuless women. Women who have turned to reality television ‘cause they just weren’t gifted enough to be actresses. And they just weren’t talented enough to be champion. I have done more in one year than all of you have done in your entire collective careers. I have saved your Divas division, I have shattered glass ceilings, I have broken down doors. Why? So, so, a bunch of ungrateful, stiff, plastic manikins can waltz on through without even getting as much of a thank you? You guys can’t even go backstage and shake my hand and look at me in the eyes because you know that I worked my entire life to get here, I gave my life to this and you were just handed fifteen minutes of fame. I didn’t get here because I was cute, or because I came from a famous wrestling family, or because I sucked up to the right people. I got here because I am good. I earned this Championship and no matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in your four thousand dollars ridicolous heels, you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors. You’re all worthless excuses for women and you will never be able to touch me. And that is reality.” – And even till this day, none of them ever did!

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{ @starkmatriarch

they’re here, your grace. the words echoed through his solar, ned facing the window as he gave a single nod. in the distance, he could see the grey banners of house stark, his house. he could see the men marching towards the capital. while they knew they were meeting the king, they had little idea of who it was. little idea that he would be standing there, greeting them with a solemn face. ned waited until the last moment to leave, his boots echoing through the halls as he was flanked by his kindsguard. there would be changes in the next few days of the guard, he trusted none of them. 

as he waited patiently, the throne was uncomfortable, a piece of a melted sword poking his back, causing him to sit straight up. ned wondered how robert always slouched in this, it was highly uncomfortable. the impatience grew, knowing that he would see his wife for the first time in months, in almost a year. his son would be with him as well, a man now from the whispers that filtered their way. their daughters were there as well, both eager to see their mother and brother, to be back within familiar people. 

the doors opened basking the hall in sunlight. the shadows were larger than the people standing there. he could see the auburn colored hair of both his wife and son and ned stood, glad to be out of the throne for now. ned was fully aware of the eyes on him, watching this well awaited moment for those still left in his household from winterfell. “my lady,” ned greeted his wife with a smile, the first smile he’d worn in days. descending the stairs, his boots echoed again through the throne room. “i have missed you.”


that Penelope is still dating Sam since season 9 and that it’s “impossible” for Luke and Penelope to happen - I’m just wondering, where has he been?

aside the fact that he was last mentioned on 12x01, I would’ve expect he would appear more this season. maybe even during 12x17 or 12x21 where Penelope has hit rock bottom emotionally. you would think she will confine to her boyfriend about her emotions. yet he has been nowhere to be seen or even mentioned at least since the very first episode.

Penelope has mentioned that this year has been the hardest for her. She feels as if every single time something happens, a part of her is chipping away. she’s exhausted and really unable to carry on with the heavy emotions she is clenching into and we have to remember that she isn’t trained like the others.

Penelope Garcia is the heart and soul of the BAU. To me, I view her as the glue to the team. She always lifting people’s moods and always making sure she is there for the people she loves and cares about. So it was deeply heartbreaking to watch her at her most emotional breaking point in 12x21.

With how heavy and centric the season has been going on with Spencer, I get it if the writers choose to not show too much of the other member’s personal lives. Maybe that’s why we haven’t really seen Penelope lose it emotionally a lot after experiencing so much changes in one year. Remember, she isn’t a fan of changes. Maybe that’s also the reasoning behind the absence of Sam.

It’s just the fact at how OUT OF NOWHERE the whole resignation scene was, it literally threw me off. Are the writers leading that scene to somewhere? Penelope is always there for people and she wouldn’t hand in a resignation knowing that everybody else in the team is still trying so hard to help. It would’ve been nice to see where or how this decision of hers was made or maybe even a scene where she had a discussion about it with Sam (assuming they’re still dating) BUT WHERE IS HE?

Then here is where the shipper part of me comes into logic and say, “why would the writers continuously tease us about the growing friendship and obvious chemistry between Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia?” Why was it Luke that found Penelope, crying by herself in her little office. Why not JJ? Emily? Rossi? I understand if Penelope didn’t want to confine to others in the team because they’re already going through too much as it is. Why exactly did it have to be Luke? Especially with the ending of that episode where he went out his way and bought her that dang adorable little cat stress thingy? (STILL WAITING FOR HER TO USE IT!)

And maybe it’s just me (probably is) but the way she looked and talked to him after receiving the sweet gift, it made think that she wouldn’t be like that unless she didn’t have a boyfriend. okay, maybe she was looking at him like that bc she’s still feeling shy after getting caught crying but still??????????

I have so many questions for the writers honestly. I understand that they want showcase a different dynamic for the show since Morgan left but please don’t play with us. Luke and Penelope stole my heart immediately as soon as that elevator door opened and she started to awkwardly talk about “fingering techniques” and that smirk on his face, OMG ADORBS.

Why did Luke have to be the one that found Penelope crying? Why did he have to use those beautiful words of “if I ever happen to be the someone…”? Why did he give her that cat thingy? Why are they always playfully teasing each other? Why is Luke always looking at her like that (when he told the remote and when he took the file folder from her) ? Why is it we only see Luke smile that beautifully when he’s around Roxy or Penelope?

It’ll break my heart if the writers are just playing with us. Penelope and Luke may never become a thing, I can take that. Maybe it’s the friendship that the writers are aiming for and sure, I get it. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see more of their scenes together on my screen because it brings me so much happiness to see them like that. (WHICH WHY I AM WONDERING WHY HAS IT BEEN 4 EPISODES SINCE WE GOT ANYTHING GARVEZ RELATED?!

Regardless, I’m tired and now realize that this post might not even make sense since I am rambling on.

Conclusion: It will be a damn shame if Luke and Penelope never become a couple and we’ve been played. Just like the last 11 years.

BTW, I swear if a girlfriend comes out of nowhere again (like what they did with Morgan) for Luke - I am never trusting anything that the writers throws at us. Wouldn’t you want to watch a friendship to grow beautifully into a romance that’s undeniable? *coughs* garvez *coughs*

I’ve seen some yoi appreciation posts and I’d like to try this for once (゚∀゚)━!
ok first of all, 
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I’ve found so many nice people ever since I’ve entered in that fandom and I???? Just love y’all so much?? and sorry if I forgot to tag someone, I have a shit ass memory ;;’

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So just enjoying watching Harry's performances on SNL again and I know it's been mentioned how nervous he was but I never saw anybody specifically call out the deep breath he took at the very end of SOTT, when he had backed away from the mic and was standing in the back. It reminded me of the that breath and expression when he was young and did the solo in WMYB that he was so worried about. I'm too clueless with tech to post them side by side but just struck me as similar. Have a great day!

OMG, anon. I’ve been talking about his face when he finished SOTT for days now. He looked SO scared - as though he wasn’t sure how the audience was going to react. That fan who was in the rehearsal audience said how obviously nervous he was then, so I’m sure he was still VERY nervous at the live show. There was so much riding on it - like, I don’t think any of us can really comprehend exactly HOW much. Awful SNL performances have set people’s careers back in HUGE ways (anyone remember Ashlee Simpson’s or even Lana del Rey’s SNL performances?). And he knew his wasn’t a flawless performance. 

That SNL moment was a really tough one, as a fan, to see. I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him! And yes, I can see the WMYB comparison. I’m sure, though, that he had a crowd of his closest ones backstage (including, I hope, Louis) to steady him and bring him back to himself. And I think Harry’s grown SO much since the WMYB moment - both as a performer and as a person, so he was able to come back and do the skits and the performance of ESNY wonderfully well. I’m very excited to see how he does on Graham Norton this weekend. I have no doubt he’ll get better each time!

Just came back from japan 2 days ago, OMG!!! I sinned a lot them! Being able to watch my children in the Akiba Screen, the J-world, the only event, Nagoya and the Jump festa…

Once again thanks so much for the support! GUYS I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Regarding the pending orders, I’ll send them within these days! Sorry for the delay! >< The jetlag is still killing me ;;

Omg can you guys imagine BTS performing at Billboard and Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and the Jenner’s literally fall in love with our boys.


(I love Selena but no Swiftie stay AWAAAY)

Just kidding. I just want to see that moment when they all rock out.

lol I so want bts to perform, it’s political af y'all and tbh watch trump make a stand the next day (cuz lol we don’t live in normal political discourses now) saying ‘this is why we need to make America great again’ feeling threatened by our boys singing in their beautiful Korean voices

I only have a few thoughts about the new video but anyhow:

  • I still hate strongly dislike WGtP. I watched the video on mute which is totally petty of me but that’s just how it has to be.
  • The SPONSORS this phase omg. There seems to have been a significant change of heart this phase. The other day, I was also reading that Jamie apparently once thought a TV would be a bad idea and here we are! I wonder if Glee was still airing they would be up for that now too  😂
  • They’re playing with their instruments again! It’s not full 2D animation but I’ll take what I can get.
  • 2D’s figure still looks like it’s in Phase 3 and Noodle’s still looks like it’s in Phase 2. 
  • Murdoc is standing the frontman position. Idk if that was intentional or what but lmao. Get it! 

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Another one of those late bloomers here, I just finished binge watching myself through all three seasons for the first time a couple of days ago and omg. Am I okay right now? I don't even know :O Now I'm listening to this one song on repeat - For Real by Okkervil River - because it gives me so many Hannigram feels. Do you know it?

Hey dear non!

Oh wow - I wish I could experience it again for the first time - what a wild ride!

Welcome to the fandom - I don´t think anyone here is okay after watching Hannibal haha…uhm…

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I think my biggest WTF moment was when Hannibal used the bone saw on Will. Followed by the guy that ripped himself out of that eye mural and of course Mizumono *sob*