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I'm sure this has been asked before but pls tell us how you and cute boy met. You guys make me melt so much.. and you both give me immense faith with my LDR (10 hours apart). I get so happy when I read your posts about you and him. Gahhhh 😭💕💞

we met at a mutual friend’s party last winter!! it was definitely a rough start. we didn’t talk too much but when we did we got along swimmingly. similar interests and opinons and stuff! the timing was just always off. but the crushes remained.

we started talking again recenly via text and snapchat, and he drove four hours to my tiny little college town for our first date where we went out to dinner, went stargazing, and then watched movies and played video games at my apartment and talked/cuddled until 5 am. it was honestly so nice to just be myself around someone and have that immediate chemistry!! i drove to his town a few days ago for a late night coffee date, and then we cooked dinner and sang for hours into the night. it just… works. when we can’t be together we talk on the phone a lot or skype or text. plus im currently wearing a tshirt he accidentally left in my room right now and even that just… helps with the distance.

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Name: yiklam

Star Sign: capricorn

Height: 1.66m

Time right now: 12.01am

Favorite music artist: ummmm well there are a few. coldplay, ed sheeran, fall out boy, the script, rihanna, boys like girls, onerepublic, a few i can’t think of right now lol

Song stuck in your head: she sets the city on fire by gavin degraw

Last movie you watched: miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children. i thought it was supposed to be a kiddy movie but it turned out really great!!

Last TV show you watched: gilmore girls

What are you wearing right now: um. just a pinkish t-shirt and blue shorts

When did you create this blog: summerish 2012

What kind of stuff do you post: literally anything i want to, but mostly football

Do you have any other blogs: juvereactions, my hockey blog romanrosi

Do you get asks regularly: nah not really

Why did you choose your URL: ok so i kinda saw it on some betting ad but. isn’t he incredible. my favourite son

Favorite color: maroon

Average hours of sleep: 7 hours

Favorite characters: i’ve watched far too many shows to have an answer for this

How many blankets do you have: one

Dream job: something that allows me to travel

Amount I follow: 284

How many follow me: 1078

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6 Films I Can’t Get Tired Of

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1. Interstellar (2014) - I love space exploration movies and I love movies that question the purpose of life. And the soundtrack is simply amazing. The movie isn’t perfect (questionable physics and all) but I love re-watching this. Any Nolan movie I love re-watching tho. 

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2. The Last Unicorn (1982) - My favorite childhood movie and still my favorite animation movie to date (sorry Disney but no). I remember that I saw so many things in this movie differently when I was a child, now the movie just makes me cry. No happy ending here.

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3.  Doctor Zhivago (1965) - I grew up with older movies because my mom was older than most moms. I watched many of the old war movies like The Longest Day (1962) etc. but this one is one of my favorite “old timer movies”. It’s so long tho, like 3 hours plus.

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4. Mary Poppins (1964) - Hello, yes, this is a current movie list and almost all movies so far are older than 30 years and I am only 28 years old. But seriously, if you don’t like Mary Poppins, there is something wrong with you. I will refuse to acknowledge any remake that Hollywood will undoubtedly soon come up with. Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke are what made this movie so great - just ignore the awful CGI. Also a movie that makes me cry for some weird reason (feed the damn birds already).

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5. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Man, 2014 was a great movie year. But while I love all Marvel movies (and tv shows) - sorry DC - GotG is my favorite movie. And I don’t even like Chris Pratt. But I am Groot.

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6. Harry Potter (2001 - 2011) - I grew up with Harry Potter books and I grew older with the Harry Potter movies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve re-watched the entire series but it’s been more than 10 times for sure. It just never gets old.

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NAME / ALIAS.  Sunny / Iz [NOT SINNY?!!]
BIRTHDAY. December 1st B) 
ZODIAC SIGN.  Sagittarius 
HEIGHT.  5′4″ ?? i never know the answer to this question every time it comes up omg. but im quite short. 
TIME.  13.37pm
SLEEP.  need a lot of it but find it difficult to actually switch off 
FAVOURITE ARTIST.  gahhhh too many so i’ll just roll off some of my top favs rn: i monster, hot chip, holy ghost! , everything everything, french horn rebellion, dutch uncles, clean bandit, glass animals, the juan macclean, alpines,  
LAST MOVIE WATCHED.  caught a bit of Big Hero 6 yesterday 
COLLEGE. BMus degree from University TM 8) 
DREAM JOB. professional musician *___*. i want to be able to score films, release my EP, freelance and conduct. do a bit of everything tbh to a successful extent but moreover to make a living from it and say it is 100% my job and not my aspiration. 
THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL.  MY URL IS SO BAD I THINK ?! i came up with it very quickly because i just was really pumped to write keith tbh. i mean i kinda just merged red lion cos keith is THE P AL - A D I N . and then added star for space lol. 

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omg pls spoil the first girl i loved for me i don't have the energy to watch it

there’s not a whole lot to spoil it’s basically an ~edgy~ post-juno exploration of teenagedom and a “coming of age” tale except the main girl is gay….. but it’s like…. depressing as shit and there’s a r*ape and crappy thing after crappy thing happens and the last scene was good but overall it felt kind of gross to me esp being directed/written by a man…. idk idk idk it’s not a bad movie it’s just like…. if i wanted to relieve traumatic alienating experiences from my adolescence i’d go to a therapist 


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Nickname: Thea
Star sign: Libra
Height: 5'4"
Time Right Now: 1:26 PM
Favorite musical artist: Indigo Girls
Song stuck in your head: Shut Up And Dance by Walk the Moon (I SERIOUSLY HAVE HAD THIS IN MY HEAD ALL MORNING)
Last movie watched: Oh boy, I have to think…. I think it was rewatching Deadpool. As for new movie that I last watched…. Boy, probably A Walk in the Woods.
Last TV show watched: Mr. Robot
What are you wearing right now: black dress bunched at the waist, a blue/lavendar cardigan, and a grey statement necklace. And nude heels.
When did you create your blog: My old yoursidekick one was in 2011. This new iteration, just this month! And I mean to write a few “homecoming/new home/home warming” ficlets to break it in. As soon as I get some time to actually write.
What kind of stuff do you post: Cherik, X-Men, pretty pictures, things that make me laugh or smile.
Do you have any other blogs: None
Do you get asks regularly: No
Why did you choose your URL: Because theapolis.tumblr.com has been inactive for five years and my will to live was slowly dying while I waited for Tumblr to release it.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, with a side of Hufflepuff
Pokémon Team: I’ve played a little Pokemon Go, but not enough to get a team yet.
Favorite color: I don’t really have a favorite color. I like bright, vivid colors, though
Average hours of sleep: 7ish, maybe? I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep. :-/////
Lucky number: I also don’t have a lucky number.
Favorite characters: OOOHHH MAAAAN. Too many to list! James T Kirk, Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, Emily Gilmore, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Horatio Hornblower, Nancy Drew, Miranda Priestly, Andrea Sachs….
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3+. I like being cozy!
Dream job: Being rich and getting to write
Following: 87 at the moment

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1. Last movie I watched. Zootopia (for the umpteenth time)
2. Last song I listened to. Even Though Our Love Was Doomed by Garbage (pretty appropriate, hey?)
3. Last show I watched. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
4. Last book I read. Written In My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon
5. Last thing I ate. Vanilla cupcake with pink vanilla icing by Cupcake Royale (the last of the cupcakes I made to get me through episode 2.08)
6. If you could be anywhere at the moment, where would you be? In the oceanfront corner suite room at the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach, OR, fire burning, wine in my glass, watching stormy seas and writing
7. Where would you travel in time? I would go back to spend time with my grandparents. And I’m not saying how far back that would require…*arches brow*
8. First thing you’d do if you won the lottery. Purchase a rather large property in Scotland or Ireland and invite my creative friends to come live with me. 
9. Fictional character I’d hang out with for a day. Demelza Poldark and her darling son Jeremy
10. Time right now. 5:54 PM PDT

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I had never actually seen Halloweentown before this week. Can you believe that?!! So I recorded it when it aired on ABC Family/Freeform last night and watched it tonight.

I was 26 years old when the movie first came out, and I didn’t watch the Disney Channel. It just never blipped on my radar…until I joined the autumn community here on Tumblr last year. I forgot to watch it last October, but I finally remembered this week.

And now I see Halloweentown II is coming on at 11:00, so I’ll watch that as well.

I thought it was cute. Not Hocus Pocus level, but cute. ;)

Getting to know you

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Relationship Status: single.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick.

Last song I listened to (that meant anything): The kills - Cheap and Cheerful

Last movie I watched:  Magic Mike XXL

Favorite Color: Black and purple.

Top 3 shows: ohh just 3? Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Vikings.

Top 3 favorite characters: John Winchester, Negan and Anakin Skywalker.

Top 3 ships: John/Mary (Supernatural), Ned/Catelyn (Game of Thrones) and Negan/Lucille(The walking dead)

I tag: everyone lol <333

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Hello 29-47 please

29-35, 39, 43, 45

who was the last person you took a picture of?
zairra, yep. we’re having fun at sm that time. she was trying to imitate all the posters and such of celebrities there and i was secretly taking picture of her. and we’re with gelyn btw

can you live a day without tv?
i rarely watch tv so the answer’s yes

when was the last time you were extremely disappointed?
can’t even remember ugh idk why but i’m slowly getting used to that feeling so i tend to just forget ‘bout it agad

are you currently in a relationship?
nope, got no time for that

what is your all-time favorite romance movie?
not a fan romance movies :(

do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?

have you ever had your heart broken?
ofcourse, i’m only human char

how many kids do you want to have?
1 dozen!!! jk, 2-3 will do

have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
yeah, especially when that specific person doesn’t even know you exist 

OK so I have now seen Doctor Strange, I’ll probably talk about it in general in another post. Overall it was a good film, probably the better Marvel origin movie. I went with 2 other people who normally hate Marvel films and they enjoyed it. I’ll keep this post focused on Mads, spoiler free.

So, I have absolutely NO idea why Mads was in this movie. He had 1 actual dialogue scene, the rest could have easily been any athletic person instead. If you watched Spectre last year, recall Dave Bautista’s character, turning up randomly to be a violent asshole, with a bit more dialogue and magic hands.
 His and Chiwetel’s character Mordo should have just been merged to make one fleshed out character. Mordo is almost as badly restrained for no real reason than dragging him out to a sequel that may never even come.
 Kaecilius’ motivation made sense up to a certain SPOILER in the film, then the ending, whatever rules that might have been in place don’t line up at all. Elsewhere his comic prelude motivation is vaguely alluded to by Mordo and not shown.
 There is a constantly mentioned big bad ‘behind it all’ that is also in the film who gets about a minute of screentime with no explanation of what it is capable of and 1000% less exciting and experimental than every other visual extravaganza in the movie leading up to it. The knowledge of who plays it makes it even more disappointing.
 I did not go in expecting him to be around much, but, Mads may well have been in Clash of the Titans more, if not though I’d say that movie made better use of him tbh.
 Onward to Rogue One, I can only hope for better. He probably has more written substance to his character in the few seconds of the Rogue One trailer than the entirety of this film.

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Relationship status: single

lipstick or chapstick: usually chapstick

last song I listened to: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Last movie I watched: Captain America: Civil War, but last movie in theater was Suicide Squad

Favorite color: Blue and green (and any combination of those two)

Top 3 favorite shows (in no particular order):

- Sherlock

- The Flash or Marvel’s Defenders series (I know that there are multiple shows with the Defenders, but I love them all)

- Doctor Who

Top 5 favorite characters (again, in no particular order)

- The Weasley Family (Harry Potter)

- Tom Holland’s Spider-man (so far just CA:CW)

- Loki (Avengers and Thor)

- Tulip (Preacher)

- Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

Top 5 favorite ships (in no special order)

- Stucky (Captain America)

- Stony (Avengers)

- Steggy (Captain America)

- Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)

- Johnlock (Sherlock)

(Sorry so many of those were avengers)

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behind the muse.

NAME / ALIAS.  Alice
BIRTHDAY.  November 9
HEIGHT.  5′6.5″
TIME.  10:19 PM
SLEEP.  Not enough but also too much.
FAVORITE BOOKS.  Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games, idk I haven’t read in a while
FAVORITE ARTISTS. The Colourist. Bad Suns. Imagine Dragons. Orange. Sum 41. Youngblood Hawke. Metric. The list goes on and on tbh…
COLLEGE.  Graduated with a BSc in Design
DREAM JOB.  I just wanna be employed
THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL.  Vermillion is the color red but also it has LION in it so I mean… pretty cool to me. Extra “i” because I couldn’t get the regular one.

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Behind The Muse

Name/Alias:  Fuss (Short for ‘Fusspot’, but it feels creepily formal when people call me that.)
Birthday: October 12th

Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height:  5′9:
Time:  9:11 PM
Sleep: Wat.
Favorite Books: The Motherfucking Hobbit.
Favorite Artist: Mystery Skulls, Starcadian, Cœur de pirate, DANCE WITH THE DEAD
Last Movie Watched: The Boy and the Beast
College: The wrong fucking one, I tell ya.
Dream Job: Pinup artist. Getting there.
The Meaning Behind Your URL:  It’s quite literally just my muse’s name. I’m so god damned creative, I scare myself.

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Last movie you watched: Some bootleg copy of ‘The Hangover’ that started skipping and freezing so we gave up and went to sleep.
Last song you listened to:  忘記 - 西瓜JUN
Last show you watched: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Last book you read: Uh…A manga chapter of ‘Only Sense Online’ I think?
Last thing you ate: sunny side up egg with soy sauce on toast
If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Anywhere away from campus with friends just hanging with no work to think about. Also my dog needs to be there.
When would you time travel to? Honestly I dunno. 
First thing you would do with lottery money: Travel and put money in the bank cause I don’t know how to get a job.
Character you would hang out with for a day: SEVEN OH SEVEN~ (please let it be more than just a day /sob. imsolonely

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NAME / ALIAS.  Rebecca / Apple 
BIRTHDAY. June 13th
HEIGHT.  5′4″?
TIME.  7:44 PM
SLEEP. Uh… dunno?
FAVORITE BOOKS. Percy Jackson Series and Harry Potter.
FAVORITE ARTIST.  Owl City, Boyce Avenue, Imagine Dragons
LAST MOVIE WATCHED.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
DREAM JOB.  A freelancing Artist.
THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL.  I mean… it was the name of the email account i made just to make this account and my buddy who egged me to make this account said it would make a good url so… yeah.

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NAME: Rina.
GENDER: Female.
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown.
RELATIONSHIP: Single and not ready to mingle.
ZODIAC: Aries.
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Halloween or Chirstmas.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Kingdom Hearts or TWD: Survival Instinct.
LAST SHOW/MOVIE YOU WATCHED: The Walking Dead. (I haven’t watched my tv since Sunday ok)


I love him. Like no joke. He’s an asshole, but he has his reasons. A lot of people think the things he did were ridiculous and to a point they were, but y’all also need to understand that he was shoved into this new world without a warning.

He was a simple cop before all of this and nothing prepared him (or anyone tbh) for this. However, seeing his friend get shot and put into a coma; trying to take care of Rick’s family and give them something to hold on to put a weight on his shoulders. Then shit hits the fan and the dead start rising. He gets them to safety and goes back for Rick. It’s what he would want. He listens and doesn’t hear Rick’s heart beat. This makes him believe his best friend of so many years is dead. It’s fucking hard for him to deal with, but he does it.

Then as he gets Lori and Carl safe, he has to protect them and these other people they find along the way. He begins to start a family with Lori and Carl. They were his family before, but this is a real family. But then Rick comes back and all of it just comes crashing down. He feels guilty and (god help him) angry. Also the fact Lori blaming him and acting like what they did never happened sent him into more anger.

This new world along with losing his new family and Rick deciding to take charge when he had things under control did a number on him. He was thrust into this world with nothing and left with nothing. He had something before Rick came back and then he had nothing again. Having nothing makes you feel empty and makes you more capable of hurting people.

I just think that if maybe things were handled better - if Rick didn’t try taking charge so quick and maybe talked to Shane; tried working together, things would be better. Maybe it wouldn’t have been, but the point still stands.

Shane had nothing before, gained something, and then had nothing again.
Shane Walsh deserved better than the shit hand he was dealt.


Idk. Probably.


Angst tbh. I live and breathe it.


Yep. Too many bad experiences not to be.


Shane. Since I’ve deleted every muse I had except for Derek and Shane (recently made Daryl again, hallelujah), Shane is my favorite.


My friend showed me the show. I watched it. I started rping Daryl and kinda stuck. I’ve been in and out of the fandom, but now I’m back in.


Oh yes. As long as I stick with the good ones I have, I’ll be okay. That part of the fandom is the sweetest and I love them very much.

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NAME: Rain
GENDER: it’s whatever.
EYE COLOR: green/grey.
ZODIAC: gemini.
FAVORITE COLOR: aqua, blue, pink.
FAVORITE PLACE: my nana’s house. it’s the only constant in my life so.
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: beltane, litha, samhain/halloween.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: mass effect. if we pretend the indoctrination theory is a thing…

Carl Grimes needs help. that’s… he just… he does. I love him to bits, to be honest. I really dirive a lot of strength from him. he’s younger than me & he’s in an apocalypse & he’s handling it like ?? w/e. like… he’s not all there, & he does terrible things sometimes, and there’s plenty to dislike & yes he can be an asshole too. but i’m honestly just awed by him. i think he deserves more screen-time show wise & better arc’s comic wise.

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way.

action or angst, for sure. like. i love dark things, but more than dark things i love drama. like different relationships. rivalries, enemies, pain… I love consequences, too, seeing the reactions of other characters & group threads are good for that.

I guess I can be?? but looking at my 170+ drafts & the fact I rarely say no to people even if I am sorta swamped & not feeling it… maybe not?? i don’t know. :c I NEED TO SAY NO THO LIKE PLEASE. I NEED HELP.

i really did enjoy playing Morrigan, from Dragon Age. but i think that Carl is my baby.

i adore the show, i used to read the comics & have since gone back to re-read. i didn’t know the tumblr community was so amazing at first, tbh. i just made a Carl Grimes ‘cause i adore him so much?? & then i found out how lovely, welcoming, active, open, kind… the people are & for me, it kinda’ mirrors the show?? how i love everyone, how everyone is family… it’s beautiful. i love this fandom.

i hope so. i think if the show… totally messes up?? i don’t know. because i’m not a fan of Carl’s current comic arc. but i will probably revamp so i can keep going. i doubt i’ll ever stop loving or rping Carl but I’ll have to see how it goes. the actual fandom though are amazing & i’d  wanna’ stick around them forever.

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