i just was exhausted and doing a million meetings


As a third grade teacher, I absolutely adore every single one of my students.  They are so wonderful and unique and hilarious and caring and seriously light up my life.  At the same time, being a first year teacher is definitely the hardest and most exhausting thing I have ever done.  Always trying to find more ways to meet my kids’ wide variety of needs and do anything possible to help them succeed can be very draining.  My heart breaks for some of them. When 1989 was released, it completely lit me up on the too early drives to school.  I would have a million things on my mind, and the music helped me to just be in the moment for a bit and just LOVE. LIFE.

Then I decided to post a video and then tay saw it (LIKE WHAT) and THEN she REBLOGGED IT (LIKE WHATT??) and said I deserved a standing ovation (!!!) and then all these other fans started sending love my way and I was completely overwhelmed with love and support! I can’t really tell you how much that means, but I thought I’d try.  so THANK YOU taylorswift <3 You quite simply brightened up my day, my week, and even my year. You made this teacher bring some more life into her classroom, so you actually helped the sweet eight-year-olds in her class have a brighter day, too.