i just wanted to voice my tiny thought

I miss you.

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

I have this sad, longing want for you. I thought that it was gonna get better as time went by. I thought I would be fine and you would just become a distant memory. Yet again, I was wrong; like how I was wrong for ever letting myself fall for you.

I’ve spent every single day listening to the tiny voices my head, taunting me with the “what if"s. So faint, yet the pain all the same.

I want to hate you. I want you to feel the agony and the sadness you’ve caused, but… I still love you, and I want you to be happy. From what I have seen; I guess you are now, with her.

I hope that one day, I would be able to get over you. What we had was so beautiful, so luminous. Unfortunately, it burned quickly before our very eyes.

—  3 am thoughts; i am still very much in love with you

anonymous asked:

Could u please give us any info on the new milo murphy's law episode I'm not gonna get to see it for a while and I'd honestly love some spoilers to get excited about, if ya don't want to that's completely fine though just thought I'd ask :)

Alright! Honestly, I think one this was my favorite episode so far. I know I’ve said that before, but this one was REALLY good, and there’s so much for you to get excited about.

  • Milo, Zack, Melissa, and Mort enter a local battle of the bands contest
  • The host of the contest is voiced by none other than the great Olivia Olson (Vanessa Doofenshmirtz) herself, and this character even acts like and looks a tiny bit like Vanessa. I was SO EXCITED to hear her in another Dan and Swampy cartoon. I don’t know how I hadn’t known about her guest appearance beforehand.
  • Scott from the episode “The Undergrounders” tries to start a band, and there’s another really hilarious Dan and Swampy cameo along with him
  • The Lumberzacks finally return!!! But they’ve gotten a new name and changed the lyrics to their one hit after Zack left them last year. Lots of fun boyband drama ensues (:
  • If you’re also a Phineas and Ferb fan, there’s a few irrelevant background characters you might recognize from some PnF scenes
  • Slash (the musician) makes another guest appearance, and he actually has lines this time (why is it a common occurrence for him to appear at music performances in Danville? I have no idea but I love it)

There was just so much good stuff packed into this one episode.

Novel Excerpt

Under the cut is a short excerpt from my novel. I am not going to set it up, I’m just gonna leave it here and see what you think. Naturally, there will be smut in the novel as the excerpt proves, but the story is so much more than that. I hope this tiny bit makes you want to read more!

I hope to have the novel out in the next couple of months for you to buy if you’d like!

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My new job

So. I have a new job in a clothing store, and today I was working on my own. This was my day:

1. We’re not even open yet, the door is closed and the register is not on. But two women just pushed the door open and stormed in while saying (in a very snobby voice): “You were closed yesterday, so we’re coming in today”. My reaction was: “So eh.. you just decided.. Ok?” (I wanted to ask them if they thought it was normal to walk into a store that had it’s door closed)

2. A German woman who thought it was ok to change IN THE STORE. Not in a dressing room, but IN THE FRIGGIN STORE. She was just standing there, in her bra, for everyone to see. It was a pretty boring, basic one too.

3. An enormous package arrived, with just one teeny tiny stack of clothes in it.

4. End of the day, I was just on my way to close the door. All the racks with clothes were already inside and all, when a couple walked in. I figured: if they only want to look, then it’s fine. The woman started taking loads of clothes and was going into the dressing room. Then another couple walked in (note: I was already 15 minutes over time) and the woman also started hoarding clothes and trying them on. Eventually it was 6 ‘o clock and a few lights went out and then they realized: wait a minute, I think the should be closed. We laughed it of and I went home. 45 minutes overtime.