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Captain Black

Request: “Can you do a Pirate AU with Sirius Black where you’re on a ship and it sinks and he saves you?? Or something else if that idea was horrid.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: violence n stuff


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Life on the open waters was rough. Literally and emotionally. Being an explorer of the new world required many months at sea, and currently you were sailing along the Western coast of Africa; prime pirate territory. You had warned the captain of your ship that these waters were too treacherous, that cargo ships taking the shortcut back to England were excellent targets for those vile creatures called pirates. But he had waved you off, muttering something about how you were lucky to be on board because you’re a “disrespectful woman who had no business being on his ship”.

So you had bunkered down, a permanent scowl on your face as the other shipmates gave you hungry looks. At least if you survived taking this shorter route you would be home sooner, meaning no more sleeping while clutching a knife under you pillow. You had no other choice but to accept your companions, since no other ships would accept a female adventurer. You wished that the Kraken would come up and swallow them all whole.

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Wings (Castiel x Reader)





SUMMARY: Turns out not everyone can see an angels wings

I was sitting on a cheap motel bed, laptop in my lap and a cold cup of coffee next to me, researching a case while Sam and Dean were out. Of course, I was not allowed to them. As much as I protested and whined about it I was stuck on research duty.

Sure, Sam and Dean had good reason to keep me out of the real hunting as I was very inexperienced, having only dealt with a few ghosts, a couple vampires and a witch, but surely the only way I’d get better was to actually get my hands dirty, right?

I’d been part of the Winchester group for a few years now, after helping them on a tricky case with Bobby. After a few months of helping the brothers, they decided it’d be a good idea to bring me along permanently. I didn’t mind being on the road all the time, it was fun. An adventure. Something a small town girl like me rarely gets.

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ultravanityglamme  asked:

can you do a yousana fanfic, where sana lost all her friends (thanks to sara smh) and it's been two weeks. Her mum was concerned and told Elias to take her to the beach. Elias' friends tag along too. While they play volleyball, Sana sits away from and watches the waves while contemplating about everything. But, yousef joins, and they have their first conversation after the kiss and the misconceptions about him and noora, Sorry i'm rambling. convo could be fluff angst maybe? Thnx

“You okay?”

Yousef’s voice was careful and quiet, but it still managed to surprise Sana. She was laying down on the blanket placed on the sand, her eyes closed from the bright sun. The only thing she had really been focusing on was the calming sound of the waves, and for a few, clear minutes she had been fine, her head empty of her own thoughts. A few, beautiful moments of complete oblivion not ruined by reality.

The girl scoffed at the older boy, shrugging. “I’m fine, thanks.”

Yousef raised his eyebrow, slowly sitting down next to the girl, placing his gaze on the sea and the waves that kept hitting the rocks in a peaceful manner. He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to figure out what to say to the girl - did Sana want him to say anything, really? Or was she just waiting for him to leave her alone?

Before Yousef had time to consider his words, they escaped his lips: “No, you’re not.”

The words had immediate effect on Sana: she looked at the boy for the first time during their conversation, her expression shadowed by a frown that nearly made Yousef flinch with fear. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, it is,” Yousef confirmed, his voice nearly playful with humorous certainty. “And I know why.”

Sana scoffed again, turning her gaze back to the waves hitting the waterline, focusing on the movement. She hoped she could tune out her thoughts again, she was praying for some sort of blissful silence in her head, because at the moment her thoughts were louder than she could bear.

“I’m sorry, Sana,” Yousef said under his breath, looking at the girl even though she wasn’t looking at him. Sana didn’t react, she didn’t turn her head to face him, she didn’t even blink. All she did was stare at the waves, drowning her thoughts in the white noise of the sea - but she heard him. If there was someone’s voice Sana could never truly stop from haunting her, it was Yousef’s.

Yousef sighed. “I fucked up, and you know that. And I’m so fucking sorry for everything, because I’ve never felt worse than I did after the party. Noora kissed me, but I went along with it and I just… It felt wrong. I wanted to feel that with someone, but it was not Noora that I wanted.”

The words were like tiny little electric shocks in Sana’s chest, and it was getting harder and harder to ignore them. It was like hell trying to ignore Yousef when he was looking at her like that, pleading for her forgiveness. So, Sana looked at him, and Yousef’s eyes light up with a tiny glimmer of joy when she did.

“What do you mean it wasn’t Noora you wanted?” Sana asked, her voice breaking at the end of her question. Yousef bit his lip, looking at the girl beside him, trying to fathom the words inside his head into an order that would explain his thoughts, his feelings and everything else that was just too fucking messy in his head.

“I had this weird feeling for a long time, you know? Like something was a bit off; like something had just like fucking shifted my entire world, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. And I tried to ignore it, but it just kept haunting me. And when Noora kissed me, I was hoping that she’d be the explanation for the feeling - that if I kissed her back, everything would make sense and the feeling would stop. But as soon as I did, everything just got so much more fucked up.”

Sana looked at Yousef, her curiosity peaking. “What was the feeling, then?”

Yousef chuckled in a nervous way, and for a moment he just breathed in and out, until he turned to face the younger girl. His eyes settled on hers, his voice soft when he answered: “I think it’s you. Fucking hell, it’s always been you.“

Not All Roads Lead Home

Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I pulled this from an incredibly personal place. I admit it was a struggle to write that included having to stop and take deep breaths at times. It left me drained and not being able to even come up with a summary for which I apologize. It was something I desperately needed to write and I am happy to be able to have this out. I hope you enjoy it.

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A character: Nesta

*cracks fingers* 

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them!!! | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: Her will. 10/10 can conquer entire continents with a glower level will. It’s inspiring. Also how much she cares? Just because she can’t quite put that into words doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. (And her sisters are both 100% aware of it. Even Feyre ‘I can be a bit of a dense potato when it comes to people’ Archeron gets it: ‘“But know that deep down, she is grateful, and perhaps does not possess the ability to say so. Yet the feeling—the heart—is there.”’ *cries into handkerchief for six years* 

worst quality: U can be a smidge too pragmatic at times child, makes people think you’re like…the opposite of who you are. 

ship them with: Cassian. Because like. Obvious reasons. My two strong, stubborn fierce hearts. I love you both. (And I feel like they’d….bring out the best in each other too. And they’re like 99% confirmed mates which is fun) 

Mor. Mesta is life people, I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. 
brotp them with: Elain!!!!! Obvious reasons. 

FEYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feyre and Nesta’s dynamic is fuck off fascinating (and is something I am passionate about…as you will know if you have followed me for more than two minutes) 

Rhys, actually. People keep assuming these two are automatically going to clash in ACOWAR but I’m not as certain. (I’m not saying that it’s not possible/even probable) but…the “That was why you painted the night sky” scene exists and I actually think…these two are more similar than people might realise. 

Lucien: give me snarky bickering and continual ‘everyone thinks we’re literally on the verge of murdering each other but we’re just fucking with them and it’s hilarious’ 
needs to stay away from: Tomas fucking Mandray -_- the negativity of small minded people

misc. thoughts: It’s time to voice some Unpopular Opinions. This is not what I think is going to happen in ACOWAR (we don’t do that over here, we suck at it) this is just….what I would prefer to happen even if it’s deeply unlikely. *clears throat. stages tiny drumroll for my underwhelming ‘going against fandom gradient’ thoughts* I don’t want Nesta to be trained as a badass warrior queen.

 That’s not who she is. That is never who she’s been. And I don’t want her story to just be a rehash of Feyre’s ACOMAF storyline but with different characters (Cass instead of Rhys for instance) I know, I know there are arguments for it, that she never helped before because she didn’t have Feyre’s physical skills and practical knowledge and in taking that from the Cauldron we can have some interestingness and growth and change and rebirth and blah blah blah. That’s fine. That’s probably what we’re going to get but….. 

I don’t know. I don’t like the idea for a start that a female character has to be able to physically fight someone/wield some kind of violent power for them to be ‘badass.’ And it just…I enjoy the dynamic between Feyre and Nesta, I enjoy the similarities but I also enjoy the differences and Nesta has always had other strengths. And I think it’s high time she’s allowed to actually put them to use and let them flourish. 

Feyre has used what she was given as a human to survive/grow since ACOTAR. It’s always been her practical abilities, her pragmatism, her logic, her determination, stubbornness and strength of will. She’s a survivor; she’s a fighter and she always has been. That’s Nesta’s stumbling block, it’s the biggest cause of friction between the two sisters: Feyre could do what Nesta couldn’t- in keeping them alive by hunting, she was demonstrating skills that Nesta didn’t and couldn’t attain for herself (and they both knew it) 

 The interesting thing about these two is that they really are two sides of the same coin. Nesta has Feyre’s same pragmatism, logic, determination, stubbornness and strength of will what she doesn’t have is her physical abilities. Nesta isn’t a fighter; Nesta is a tactician. Nesta uses her intelligence and her calculating mind to get ahead in the same way that Feyre uses her practical skills. (There are so many examples of this my favourite is still the one where she argues with the queens, and uses good solid logical and numbers to make her case for them helping) 

 (Consider for example: Nesta UtM; she would have struggled with the Middengard Wyrm task but on the other hand she’d probably never have had to face it since she’d have likely been able to answer Amarantha’s riddle in the way that Feyre just couldn’t) They’re so similar but so different at the same time (and since they patch each other’s weaknesses so well they’d be a fucking powerhouse if they decided to work together) 

I’d like this to come to the fore in ACOWAR. Because they’re at war. And more than warriors win wars - they need people like Nesta and I want her to be able to finally use that mind of hers, to find the value in the things that she has, the things she can do; not simply be jealous and bitter about the things that she can’t. 

Just like…please for the love of god give me strategist Nesta, okay. This was the girl who, in her early teenage years, had already devised a plan to see if she could force her father into action (maybe not…the best idea in the world since it sort of involved STARVING but she gets points for determination, ruthlessess and outside the box thinking) Nesta is good at this, Nesta is highly intelligent, she has a mind for figures, numbers and has already been shown to be able to consider large numbers of people in terms of logistics. “I have calculated the numbers.” JUST GIVE ME NESTA DOING WHAT NESTA ALREADY DOES OKAY. LET HER FIND VALUE IN WHAT SHE CAN DO. LET HER REALISE THAT SHE IS NOT A BURDEN, THAT SHE IS A GODDAMN ASSET THAT THEY NEED BECAUSE OF THAT BRAIN OF HERS LIKE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. 

And the nessian potential for this is literally off the charts okay? Like…Nesta studying Cassian’s maps, his troop movements, his battle plans…brow creasing she steps forwards and shifts a few things around then steps back and he just….stares at her like she’s the Mother herself come to ground because she’s just halved their march time and supply lines. Like…Battle!couple nessian is fun but scheming, tactical, battle planning nessian is even better tbh. And Cassian would listen to her okay and value her advice and her opinions in a way I’m pretty sure no other man ever has because nice little ladies don’t think about this stuff. EXCEPT NESTA DOES OKAY JUST GIVE IT TO ME. 

As a part shot, pls consider: “ I think I’d like to see what else is out there, what a woman might do with a fortune and a good name.”
No limits, I thought. There were no limits to what Nesta might do, what she might make of herself once she found a place to call her own. I prayed I would be lucky enough to someday see it.” 

Nesta is made to build, Nesta is made to rule, Nesta is made to plan and dream and rise. She can be so much more than another powerful fighter/warrio.. And I want it. I want it all. 

Right. Rant concluded. I talked too much. It happens. I’m not sorry. 

Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 9

A/N: Sorry for the long long loooong wait

Part 8 here *click me*

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Joker’s P.O.V.

Just kill her’ ‘she’s only a normal girl!’ ‘it’ll be over quickly’ The voices told me. I clenched my jaw angrily and tried to push them away. My head was a mine field, no one wanted to enter it. It’s like I was in a tiny room with ten televisions on with full volume, all playing a different loud movie. Ever since Y/N got here, the voices got ruder. I knew why, but I was forced to ignore them.

We ate the pizza and then Y/N fell asleep. I didn’t even bother to wake her up, because she seemed exhausted. The poor girl was terrified, but then she kissed me. A smile appeared on my face and I chuckled by myself. At first I thought she could just be a fun little project, more like bait to catch Batman, but then something changed my mind. I wasn’t the type of person who was loved, or even cared about. I didn’t love, I didn’t care about anyone.

Until now. There was something in Y/N that made me not want to kill her. She was different, special in her own way. I felt like she could go crazy if I tried hard. That’s what I’d need from her. The acid and shock therapy would be extra, just to make the bait worse. But then I started thinking..was it necessary? Could I make her more like me without making her go through all that shit?

I groaned and then looked down at Y/N. She was slumbering peacefully on her bed, her arm around my torso and in her sleep she had nuzzled closer to me. I sat on the bed, leaning against the bedpost and I got lost in my thoughts. There was an empty pizza box on the floor along with clothes. It was late at night and I knew I could be with my goons, planning a heist, but for tonight they could survive with Frost stepping up for me.

I had other plans.

I slowly moved away from Y/N and stood up. She didn’t wake up. Instead she grabbed a pillow and hugged it like she had hugged me. I put the blanket on her and tried to make it okay. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do, so I left the room before I did something wrong. Although I treated this girl differently didn’t make me a super man. I had no idea how to treat people with care. I guess I’d have to learn that. She could be my weakness since I felt like I couldn’t hurt her, but I’d find a way to make it a strength.

I walked through the penthouse until I got into my office. The curtains were pulled aside and I saw the large windows there. I saw such a huge part of Gotham city, but no end of the city. It was so big. Oh Gotham. ‘’Batsy you son of a bitch where could you be?’’ I muttered by myself and looked outside. Buildings were everywhere and lights were on even tho it was probably 3 or 4 a.m.. This city never slept. It was full of crime and action, but it still drew people here. I guess Gotham had it’s own spell.

But somewhere in this city was my worst enemy, but also my good pal Batman. I wonder if Y/N had any clue that the reason I needed her in the first place was Batman. I wanted to make her go nuts, totally crazy and cold-blooded. I wanted to show Batman what I could do to people. I wanted to play with Batman, making Y/N the perfect bait. But now I didn’t want that. My original plan included me killing her, but I knew now that I couldn’t do that. Although I had killed a countless amount of people, I was sure I couldn’t just pull the trigger towards her.

Damn girl. She was such a pain in the ass, but at the same time I had a feeling she’d be one of my greatest fails. Yes I admit I had failed, because I had to change my plan so much. But not all fails were bad. What if I was wrong about this feeling? I sighed and ignored the voices again. They wanted her dead.

‘’Shut up’’ I growled darkly and tilted my head a little bit. 

’You shut up’ ‘You’re weak J, you can’t feel pity’ ‘your heart is dead, it won’t beat for a girl’ They screamed at me again. I tried to calm down, but knowing me and my anger problems that didn’t work. I turned around to my desk and grabbed all the papers, pens, the computer, everything and threw the stuff on the floor. Everything flew around, scattering all around the desk. I heard glass breaking, papers hitting the floor and so much more. Then it grew silent.

‘’Fuck’’ I hissed and pushed my desk so it flew on it’s side. I kicked the things in anger until I sat down in the middle of the mess with my hands in my hair. I shut my eyes and tried my best to stay  in one place. Not too long later I was doing a rocking movement and I was mumbling shit by myself. I wanted the damn voices to shut up for one minute. Just one minute-

There was a small knock on my office door. I froze on the spot and growled angrily. I couldn’t control myself. Then the door opened. I grabbed a gun nearby and loaded it, pointing at whoever dared to come in. As the lights stopped blinding me, I saw a woman there. It was Y/N. She didn’t move, probably because she saw the gun. My head was telling me to shoot her, get rid of her and just take another girl to mess with. But another part of me told me not to shoot her.

Y/N’s face was full of worry and shock. I probably looked both angry and amused at the same time. ‘’You’re really one of a kind’’ I giggled and slowly lowered my gun. Y/N had no idea what was going on. ‘’Are you okay?’’ She dared to ask me. Damn this girl had guts. Even Frost would be careful if he saw me like this. ‘’You’re driving me crazy!’’ I cheered and threw my hands in the air. The truth was that I was crazy before her, but she was doing something different.

When did I go wrong with my plan?

‘’J what happened?’’ She questioned me with a soft voice. She seemed less scared now. Y/N walked closer to me, careful not to step on broken glass or anything sharp. I watched her step until she was in front of me. Y/N wasn’t wearing much. I moved my eyes from her feet to her face. She kneeled down next to me and looked deep into my eyes. Why wasn’t she afraid of me? I was a little angry because I didn’t feel like I was controlling her, but another part of me didn’t mind.

‘’You know since I’m probably going to stay here for a while..’’ Y/N started and then sat down. She scooted right next to me and I felt her hand on my shoulder. I clenched my jaw, but then seemed to relax a little bit. Yet I squeezed the handle of my beloved gun. ‘’..you can talk to me’’ She whispered soothingly. It’s like the tables had turned.  Funny how pizza made her so comfortable and less scared.

‘’I’ve talked to loads of people but all they did was bad’’ I started, having no clue whatsoever why I just told her that. Y/N sure was different, that was for sure. Then I thought about the so called doctors who tried to help me but fucked up and made me ‘worse’. Not my fault. 

‘’Usually professionals go by rules. We’re not like them, we can talk differently’’ Y/N explained, almost as if she had read my mind. I turned to face her. Her face was illuminated by the city lights that came through the window, making her really pretty. Her beauty could distract Batsy for sure. ‘’I was going to kill you, but I know that I can’t’’ I admitted, probably scaring her again, but she wanted the truth.

Y/N nodded and started rubbing my back. It was a little strange at first, but I liked it. The feeling reminded me of something. It was so warm, soothing. As I closed my eyes, I saw a flash and then I was in my memories, the last ones I still had. Of course they were the worst. A blurry face came closer to be with a bottle. I didn’t remember much, but I could never forget the shock I felt once years ago in my life. The blurred man had yelled something and then things turned black.

I opened my eyes and my smile faded. That poor memory always made me feel like I had to pour my anger out. I usually did so by hurting others..

Part 10 *click me*

Teach Me (Part 1/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 786

A/N: This is just a shit ton of fluff and it’s mostly in Bucky’s Point of View. I needed a little break from Sweetheart, that shit’s hard! BUT there will be an update sometime this week!

“How the hell do I talk to her?”  I whispered harshly to Sam who was sitting beside me, I hate to admit it but I was using him as a sort of shield between me and Y/N

“Who? Y/N?” He asked loudly, him and his stupid fucking face, but luck was on my side today because she didn’t seem to hear him.

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No Control

A/N: This is a story I’ve been working in the background for awhile, and I never thought about publishing it (it was just something I wrote for funsies). But hey, sharing is caring, right? Anyways… this does have all my favorites in it (twenty one pilots, All Time Low, 1D: i.e. another reason I didn’t want to post). Here’s a little teaser though, lovelies! If a lot of you want the first chapter, I’ll post, if not, hey that’s cool, too! I’ll just keep it to myself! Enjoy!

Gif not mine!

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“Please Harry, you don’t have to be this way.” Her voices trembles. She sits on the bed in the corner, her tiny frame pressed against the wall. Not willingly, but out of fear. Harry is angry. His shoulders are hunched, and his jaw is clenched.

“Don’t tell me what to be!” His fist collides with the wall, a large dent outline all around of it. “Fuck you! Look what you made me do!” He fingers shoot towards her soft neck, wrapping around tightly and tugging her close. He can’t help that he’s blinded by his bipolar disorder. It transforms him from the sweetest human being to the one that is the very definition of evil itself: a cold-blooded killer.

Harry feels like it’s the only way to regain a little control be satisfying that demon inside him. He seems at ease. The hunger subsiding with each breath that slips from his grasp. Niall and Liam haven’t witnessed this irrational behavior because he hides it so well. Louis, however, is cracking under the pressure of fame. With the paparazzi hounding, nasty rumors, and obsessed fans, it’s all becoming too much so Harry’s demon lets him in on his little secret and now Louis has his own.

Is it possible to change two killers when their own worst enemy is themselves?

theworldasweknowit16  asked:

Will you please me a funny story? I got dumped yesterday, and I think a story will make me feel better

oh man. listen, @theworldasweknowit16​ first of all, as evidenced by the fact that i am only answering this now, i hope that someone way funnier and WAY better at managing their inbox was able to make you laugh when you needed it. hopefully by this point you don’t even need dumb, tardy ol’ molls ofgeo who has turned up to her own comedy special 25 minutes late with a box of donuts and gets belligerent with the audience when they don’t appreciate her turning all the lights off and making them watch all 8 episodes of the blue planet, consecutively.

  • “THIS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!! SHUT UP AND LET DAVID ATTENBOROUGH TALK!!!!“ - me, almost certainly getting fired and definitely not getting any royalties

anyway, the point is, i’m very sorry that your relationship ended. that sucks, buddy. for what it’s worth, i think there are bigger things out there for you. single or doubled up, i think you’re gonna be amazing. 

ANYWAY, i don’t have any funny, like, ~breakup stories~ because although i know this will come as a shock to all of you, since i am incredibly charming and not at all neurotic, i haven’t had that many relationships that were serious enough that somebody needed to like, Officially End them??

that being said, i have seen destruction in my time, so this story is about the time @urgirlmontana and i walked in on a robbery-in-progress and tried to buy some wine. 

so the thing you have to know about me is that fundamentally, to my core, the only thing i really want out of life is to never be gauche or rude, ever, ever. every single one of the mistakes that haunt my dreams are times where i blithely said or did something that violated a rule i didn’t know or maybe just forgot.

  • i live in constant fear of getting sent to the Principal’s Office of Life, where i imagine an old lady with all of the characteristics of a cat i once had (half an ear, a snaggletooth) makes me sit in detention highlighting all the parts of Emily Post that i don’t have memorized.

the other thing you have to know about me is that i really, really love wine.

luckily for me, there is a convenience store within a couple blocks of where i live that sells two of my favorite things: junk food and wine. and it’s not like i live in a bad part of chicago; like, chicago is chicago but i live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. i mean, i know the neighborhood dogs by name, you know what i’m saying? 

  • my favorite is named maggie she’s a black lab she loves me and if there was a god she would be mine. i mean–what?
  • haha.
  • just jokes.

my point here is i never think twice about leaving my house at night to pop to the store or go for a walk or go to this all-night diner place that is like, for sure gonna give me some kind of terrible disease but makes surprisingly good milkshakes. and i extra never think twice if i have someone with me! it’s the buddy system! nothing ever goes wrong when you use the buddy system.

literally the only child at that summer camp NOT destined to die in a terrible water-related accident. DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THE MANDATORY SCREENING OF THE BLUE PLANET?

so off we go to purchase our late-night booze & candy–my candy vice of choice at the time was a 3 Musketeers bar–and the short but brisk walk gave me just enough time to like, really get into the zone in terms of thinking about the food i was going to get. like you know when you’re preparing to buy candy and even thought you’re a grown ass adult who can spend however much you want to on whatever the hell you want to, there’s still that tiny voice in the back of your head that sounds like your mom that’s like you can get ONE of those ten candy bars in your hand

anyway, we get to the store and when we walk in there’s a guy standing right in front of the door. he’s got his arm extended and he’s holding on to another guy who is also standing in front of the door, and honestly, my first reaction was like, “rude??? this is an entryway and an exit??? move like 7 inches to stand in front of the cheese.”

  • except don’t stand in front of the cheese. i may want some of that later.

my second reaction was: wow, that dude is covered in blood.

now, you would THINK that at this point, my third thought would be something along the lines of, “ABORT ABORT ABORT,” but because of that thing where i never want to be rude to anybody, ever, i instead panicked about Blood Guy noticing me staring at him. so i averted my eyes and skittered past them pretending like i hadn’t noticed.


when we got to the back of the store where the wine was–and i would like to say, in our defense, nobody actually IN the store at ANY point was like, “don’t come in, we’re busy robbing this establishment,” or even, “if you’re going to be here you have to contribute.” they just sort of let us go to the back of the store and loudly debate what kind of wine we wanted. 

while montana read off labels and prices, i wandered up the candy aisle, thinking to myself that i was soooo great for letting that guy bleed without staring at him or making him uncomfortable. like, we’ve all bled profusely in convenience stores before, haven’t we? no need to make him feel uncomfortable.

“um,” montana said suddenly. 


she pointed. the entire front of the store looked like it had been the victim of the home alone kid. shelves were upended, that weird vat of soup i don’t trust was splashed everywhere, and the very sweet young man who works the register was standing kind of frozen behind the counter, alternating looking at Blood Guy and then back at us. 

nobody said anything. it was like all five of us realized at the same time that we had walked in and not noticed what was happening. but like!!! who eXPECTS A ROBBERY? nobody expects a robbery. that’s why they’re effective!!!!

“i don’t…think they’re going to let us buy wine,” said montana.

here’s the thing: how do you get out of a store that’s being robbed but doesn’t…seem interested in robbing you? well, i don’t know what Emily Post would tell you to do, but what we did was put the candy and wine back (IN THEIR PROPER PLACE, because we’re not assholes) and just……excused ourselves.

literally, we just walked back to the door, told everybody goodnight, and left. and like, they let us go? nobody stopped us? i’m pretty sure the sweet boy that mans the register said “have a nice night”? 

“so…….wanna go somewhere else?” i asked as a police car pulled up and two cops ran into the store. 

“sure,” montana said. “i could go for some pop tarts.”

When i look at you i tell myself that i need to hold back. Because if i don’t, if i let myself pour into you, if i let my claws grasp with you with all my might, i may never make it out of the mess that i’ll create.

I am a needy person. When someone as perfect as you comes around i have to constantly tell myself to step in slowly. I am too fast. Too shallow. Too much of everything. But not enough for anything.

But when you smile at me i swear my brain goes escalating and it’s functioning levels set a new high score every time and at the same time it feels like i have stopped functioning at all and everything else just starts to seem bizarre and i just want to keep looking at you (how cheezy does that sound?)
When you smile i feel like this tiny bubble we’ve created is ours and ours alone and for those 4.5 seconds nothing else matters. It feels like all that’s left to do is wait for the world to end.
It feels like going deaf but something pounds inside my chest faster than it should be and a little voice inside my mind tells me ‘don’t hold back’.

—  You are my yellow paint || esha
By Royal Decree (Part 11)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 1,873

Warnings: None.

“By Royal Decree” Masterlist

A/N: Finally! Omg, I hope you guys enjoy this part. Sorry it’s a little short, but I wanted to put out something today. 

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Steve’s lips against your own was something you had wanted for a while. Hell, you knew there was something between the two of you that went further than the friendship that had blossomed. Yet when his lips parted to take your bottom one, you couldn’t revel in the sensations, you couldn’t let yourself get lost in how good it felt and how you had desired this for so long.

The ring on your fourth finger suddenly weighed too much and your eyes opened. Stiffening, you pulled away from Steve, shaking your head as you tried to not look as guilty as you felt. He looked momentarily startled before a range of emotions flitted over his face that let you know that he wasn’t happy about having the kiss be cut short.

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Little Rule Breaker

warning ~ daniel sharman smut, lot of smut, overstimulation, language.

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“It’s just ten days babe” Daniel sighed running his hands up and down my arms.

“I know I just wish I could go with you,” I said softly burying my face in his chest.

“Me too love,” He whispered kissing the top of my head. His head lifted up looking at the ceiling with a glare as a lady’s voice rang through the airport calling for Daniel’s flight. “I love you,” He said leaning down placing a kiss to my lips as I gently ran my fingers through his curly hair.

“I love you too,” I said slowly.

“Don’t forget the rules darling” He smirked softly a confident tone to his voice, as he kissed me once more before grabbing his backpack off of the chair.

“I wont” I sighed crossing my arms in annoyance making him wink in return kissing my forehead before walking off to the terminal leaving me there to watch him walk away. “Don’t forget the rules.” Stupid rules. Stupid Daniel. He was hot as hell and perfect as fuck but overly possessive. Telling me not to touch what’s his which according to him, is my body. Not in a demeaning way at all because dear god that boy reveres the ground I walk as I do him. He just has a very strong belief that he should be the only one to pleasure me ever, which also adds into the rules the biggest one to not touch myself. I walked out of the airport and into our car, greeting Michael our driver most of the time and heading to our house. The next eight days passed slowly full of working on some new paintings and lots of shopping with my best friends. But as I suspected something was bound to go wrong for me. I missed Daniel I really fucking missed him. I sighed to myself rolling over in our bed burying my face in his pillow. I was soaking, absolutely desperate for some type of release. There was no way I could wait another twelve hours. I pulled on my hair in frustration moving my hips around on our bed. What if I got myself off? What would happen? How would he even know? My hand slowly traveled down my body until it reached the soft material of my underwear gently rubbing my clit through the cotton. A soft moan left my lips as I pushed my underwear down and ran my hands up and down my soaking core. I slowly pushed a finger into my heat a soft whine coming out of my mouth in satisfaction as I pumped my finger in and out of my soaking pussy.

“Oh god” I whined as I pushed another finger into me before taking a deep breath and fucking myself against my fingers my eyes fluttering shut allowing my mind to imagine it was Daniel’s long thick fingers instead of my own. “Fuck” I cried as I curled my fingers against my tight walls my thumb rubbing circles on my clit. Within the next three minutes I reached my peak and came all over my fingers my chest heaving in a desperate attempt to control my breathing. Once my heartbeat was slow enough again I sat up looking at my core my eyes widening in shock as I noticed the wet spot on our sheets.

“No no no” I murmured softly to myself before climbing off of the bed quickly pulling the sheets off of the bed and holding them in my arms running them down stairs and throwing them into the washing machine. Before running back upstairs and pulling a new pair of sheets out of the closet putting them on our bed and fixing it back to normal. “Thank god” I sighed running my hand through my hair. Just as I got out of the shower my phone rang making me jump before I quickly answered it. “Hey babe” I said pressing the phone between my shoulder and my ear.

“Hey I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way home.” Daniels voice rang through my ears.

“Oh really I thought you weren’t getting in until tonight?” I asked chewing on my lip.

“Yeah I got on an earlier flight cause there was barely any people on the later one.” He explained and I could hear him getting into a car.

“Well yay I’ll see you in like half an hour then” I smiled to myself.

“See you then love,” He agreed before hanging up. I sighed to myself before blow drying my hair and putting on a tiny bit of makeup mostly mascara because my eyes were one of Daniel’s biggest turn ons. I pulled on a pair of black lace underwear and a matching bra before pulling one of Daniel’s shirts over my body letting it reach a little above my mid thigh. “Honey I’m home” Daniel’s voice echoed through the house a laugh escaping my mouth as I leaned over the balcony. I smiled widely running down the stairs and into his arms. “Whoa hun it’s only been nine days,” He laughed gently running his hands up and down my sides.

“I know but I missed you” I sighed leaning up to place a kiss to his lips.

“Me too darling, me too” He sighed against my lips his hands traveling down my back and squeezing my ass tightly a whimper leaving my lips. “Come on” He smirked picking me up and carrying me upstairs dropping me onto my bed as I breathed a laugh. His eyebrows furred looking down at me.

“What?” I whined trying to pull him on top of me.

“Did you change the sheets?” He asked confused making me groan before sitting up leaning on my elbows.

“Yeah is that a problem?”

“No I’m just curious as to why Louise was here literally the day before I left,” He said looking at me confused.

“I spilled tea on them so I washed them and pulled a new pair out of the closet and put them on the bed why does it matter?” I whined pulling him down on top of me his lips pressing against mine as a laugh left his lips before running his hands up and down my soft skin. He sucked on the base of my neck a soft whine leaving my mouths as I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him a close to me as possible.

“God I missed you so fucking much” He groaned pulling my shirt over my head before he did the same letting me run my hands up and down his chest in adoration.

He smirked down at me before pulling my bra down under my breasts exposing my chest to him. “Fuck” He cursed softly leaning down and sucking on my nipple before switching to the other while one of his hands down and snuck through my underwear rubbing my core roughly, collecting my wetness before shoving his fingers into my core.

“Daniel” I whimpered tangling my fingers in his curly hair. He pulled his lips from my chest his fingers stilling inside of me as he looked down at me confused. I went to ask what he was doing but couldn’t get the question out before he yanked down my underwear spreading my legs apart his eyes locked on my core before sticking three fingers into me my back arching off of the bed but he didn’t thrust them he just felt around. He looked up at me with eyebrows raised. Uh oh.

“Did you touch yourself?” He asked pulling his fingers out of me sucking them clean before looking at me confused.

“N-no” I shook my head no.

“Don’t lie to me babygirl” He ordered looking at me questioningly.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said softly avoiding his eye contact.

“Why didn’t you listen to me?” He asked.

“I woke up and I just wanted you so bad and I just needed to come” I admitted.

“Well, what are we gonna do about that?” He sighed sitting up looking up like he was thinking of ways to punish me. “You wanted to come huh?” He smirked as me and I nodded. “Well I think we can figure something out,” He sighed before getting up and grabbing something out of our closet. “Now be a good girl and bend over daddy’s lap” He smirked sitting down on the edge of our bed as I whimpered at his words. I crawled over to him laying across his lap feeling his fingers unclasp my bra dropping it onto the floor. He sighed at my exposed figure before delivering a harsh slap across my ass.

“Daddy” I whimpered grabbing onto his leg for support. “Do I have to count?” I asked softly.

“Good girl for remembering” He said moving some hair out of my face so he could watch my face. He slapped my ass again a sigh leaving me my lips.

“2” By the sixth my cheeks were without a doubt flushed and my ass cherry red but I loved it. “7” Daniel brushed some baby hairs out of my face rubbing my cheek softly wiping a stray tear. “Daddy?”

“Yes baby?”

“Can I have more? Please daddy” I whispered pushing my ass up into his hand.

“You like having me spank you?”

“Yes daddy I love it” I whined loving the low chuckle that rumbled from his throat.

“Three more darling it’s supposed to be a punishment you’re not supposed to like it” He laughed making me whine in protest. “But I guess since I love seeing you like this it’s okay” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“10” I cried trying to grind my heat against his thigh.

“You really do wanna come huh darling?” He shook his head pulling me up off of his lap so I was sitting in his lap my back against his chest. “Well I think I’ve decided your punishment” He smirked pinching my nipples one of his arms keeping me from grinding against his leg. “You wanna come so bad?” I nodded.

“Yes daddy so bad” I whined.

“Well you are darling, as many times as I say” He smirked my eyes widening as he turned me around in his lap.

“B-but daddy I-“

“No buts babygirl” He sighed flipping us over once again so that I was lying on my back. He quickly got up and grabbed whatever he had gotten out of the closet earlier and climbed on top of me fear filling my eyes as he tied each of my hands to each of the bed posts. “You okay?” He asked looking down at me to make sure I was okay with this and I nodded quickly anticipation building in my stomach. “Lets get started then” He smirked before ramming two fingers into my core thrusting them in and out quickly. A cry left my lips as I pulled against the restrainsts that were wrapped around my wrist. I looked down to meet his eyes my mouth hanging open in desperation as I watched him furiously fingering me. “You’re already close aren’t you babe?” He smirked placing a gentle kiss to my clit as I nodded furiously.

“Yes oh god yes” I cried my back arching off of our bed coming all over his hand, but he didn’t stop to let me recover he just continued curling his fingers inside of my tight pussy a scream erupting from my mouth thrashing slightly. My legs began shaking slightly as Daniel slowed his fingers down sucking on my clit and flicking his tongue across the overly sensitive nub. “Daniel I-“ I cried tears streaming down my face as I came again more intensely than before knowing I was probably dripping onto the sheets. He slowed down and rested his chin on my stomach looking up at me smirking softly.

“Look at that babygirl you already came twice” He laughed gently placing open-mouthed kisses across my stomach and hips pulling his fingers from my core gently rubbing my clit with his soaked fingers.

“Daddy?” I whined squirming around slightly.

“What princess?”

“How many more times do I have to come?” I asked quietly biting on my bottom lip.

“I’m not quite sure yet but you sure as hell aren’t done yet” He smiled at me before licking a stripe up my pussy his hands pushing my hips down onto the bed so I couldn’t buck them up into his face. His tongue darted into my core a shrill moan leaving my mouth as he fucked me with his tongue his thumb rubbing my clit torturously slow.

“Oh my god” I cried my back arching off of the bed as I came for the third time. I was so sensitive it hurt. “Daniel please-“ I whimpered wanting to feel his curly hair between my fingers and my hands run across his body.

“What do you want baby?” He looked up at me with a lazy smile on his gorgeous face rubbing his hands up and down my thighs.

“I-I wanna touch you” I whispered my eyes filling with tears of frustration and desire.

“Don’t cry baby girl, you will after one more” He assured before getting off of me and pulling off his jeans and boxers his hard length slapping against his toned stomach. I whimpered pathetically rubbing my legs together as he pumped his cock a couple of times. A small cry left my lips when Daniel smacked my thigh making me stop rubbing them together as he pushed my legs apart running his length up and down my slit coating himself in my dripping arousal. He slowly pushed his tip into me before pulling out and doing the same thing over and over letting me feel him a tiny bit before pulling away all while his thumb rubbed hard and slow circles on my clit. I was a whimpering, thrashing, absolutely desperate mess. “Oh fuck,” He groaned as I clenched around his throbbing tip before he pulled back from me running his cock up and down my core tapping it against my clit and moving it around making me buck my hips up into his cock desperately.

“I-“ I couldn’t finish my statement before I came for the fourth time my body shaking desperately my body jerking away from him a weird sensation coursing through my body tears running down my cheeks my eyes squeezing shut.

“Holy fuck” Daniel breathed his eyes locked on my core. “You just-“ He stuttered looking up to meet my eyes his cock throbbing in desire.

“Wha-“ I breathed looking down my eyes widening at the mess around my thighs, the bed and even some on his hand. “Oh” I said softly my cheeks flushing in embarrassment. Ugh gross I felt like a porn star or a prostitute lord help me. “Sorry” I whispered trying to remove my legs from his grip but he held them apart tighter.

“Don’t be embarrassed darling that was one of the hottest things ever” He breathed reaching up and placing his lips against mine his hands untying my wrists from their restraints allowing me to tangle my hands in his hair his lips traveling down my jaw and neck.

“Daniel” I said softly grabbing his face making his eyes look into mine a worried look clouding his eyes as he sat up quickly searching my body for any damages.

“What? Oh fuck did I hurt you? I’m so sorr-“ He started running a hand through his hair pulling on it in annoyance with him self.

“No no you didn’t” I laughed quietly pulling him back towards me. “I just love you so much” I sighed running my hand over the side of his face in adoration. A smile graced his beautiful face his eyes lighting up slightly.

“I love you (Y/F/N), so fucking much,” He breathed placing a kiss to my forehead.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked quietly looking up at him biting on my bottom lip.

“Of course not” He assured a laugh escaping his lips. “I just want you to need me, and if you can get off yourself what do you need me for?” He joked making me shake my head pressing my lips against his.

“I’ll always need you inside and outside of our sex life,” I assured a small laugh leaving my mouth as he giggled slightly. He moved slightly making me realize his rock hard length was pressed into my hip but he didn’t care, he just looked so happy to be here with me to talk with me, to laugh with me and to love me. I felt him move again my mind snapping back to our current situation as I realized his hand was traveling down between our bodies grabbing onto his cock gently rubbing his tip up and down my slit again. The rough element and desire for domination was completely gone and all hat was going through my mind was lust for this glorious man I was utterly in love with. A soft moan left my lips as he pushed into me slightly slowing inching his entire length into my tight pussy. My eyes squeezed shut at the feeling of him stretching me out entirely my body stinging slightly.

“Daniel” I whined softly as he gently kissed down my neck and over any skin he could reach while slowly sliding in and out of me letting me adjust to his size.

“After all that you’re still tight as ever” He breathed beginning to move faster one of his hands moving up to grab onto my breast squeezing tightly a deep groan leaving his mouth. He grabbed onto my hips turning me over so my chest was pressed against his, his cock slipping back into me a loud cry leaving my lips at the new position before placing my lips to his in a passionate kiss. We only pulled away when my mind fogged completely from desire desperate cries, whimpers, moans and curses leaving my lips as I buried my face in his broad chest as he gently stroking my hair shushing me comfortingly as I came around his cock that was buried deep inside my pussy. A groan left his lips at the feeling before pulling away from me and turning me so I was on my stomach keeping my body flat against our bed my legs closed almost completely as he slid into me once again his chest pressed against my back as he began fucking me harder than before chasing his high. He dipped his head down into my neck as I gripped the comforter for dear life. His thrusts got sloppier, rougher and less consistant signaling he was close and so was I for the sixth time. My eyelids were drooping and my legs stinging but I was loving it. I turned my head meeting his lips happily as he hand caressed my face before groaning loudly against my lips and spilling his load inside me causing me to come as well. He allowed both of us to ride out our high before pulling out and lying next to me. I could hear him talking but my eyes were already shut and his voice was drowned out in the back of my mind. I felt him gently pull me into his chest wrapping our soft comforter around my body as I fell into an exhaustion caused sleep.

fan-of-encouragement  asked:

God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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I miss you.

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

I have this sad, longing want for you. I thought that it was gonna get better as time went by. I thought I would be fine and you would just become a distant memory. Yet again, I was wrong; like how I was wrong for ever letting myself fall for you.

I’ve spent every single day listening to the tiny voices my head, taunting me with the “what if"s. So faint, yet the pain all the same.

I want to hate you. I want you to feel the agony and the sadness you’ve caused, but… I still love you, and I want you to be happy. From what I have seen; I guess you are now, with her.

I hope that one day, I would be able to get over you. What we had was so beautiful, so luminous. Unfortunately, it burned quickly before our very eyes.

—  3 am thoughts; i am still very much in love with you

Request: Pleaaase please please a Daddy! Derek imagine!? Like, they’re having a baby and he is playing with him or her and just being cute and protective but in a Derek kinda way? That’d be sooooo coooool. I think I’m kinda fangirling over Daddy Derek over here..

Word count: 1787

Author’s note: I was nearly melting while writing this imagine, oh God. I tried to make Derek extremely sweet, just for you, Anon :3 (For this purpose, I was listening to songs that I loved back in my childhood to get in the perfect mood.) Also, I added a bit more to this idea, I hope you won’t mind c: (As for the picture, I opted to use this instead of one out of the many others depicting Tyler from 7th Heaven because (1) he’s older in this imagine and (2) his happiness is more genuine in this photo than in any of the ones I came across.) You can find a brief relating post here.

Warnings: a bit of implied Derek Hale feels

Your name: submit What is this?

It’s been twenty-four minutes.

It’s been twenty-four minutes and thirty-seven seconds since we last talked to each other. Nearly half an hour without hearing that voice, without being close, without feeling that skin under my fingertips, with my mind swimming, with the need to be together again demanding so violently in my mind that I can barely see straight, with my –


I’m hauled out of the hurricane of my buzzing thoughts by the small voice coming from the backseat of the car. I glance at the child from the rearview mirror.

“Yes, sweetheart?” I ask, my wolf still clawing at the door of my mind viciously to just get a grip already and create proximity.

Tiny shoes are kicking back and forth giddily and small paws shoot up in the air as she exclaims, “I want the strawberries!”

I set up a call before reaching for the filled basket sitting shotgun on the seat next to me, never taking my eyes off of the road ahead. I squeeze the phone between my ear and shoulder as I’m rummaging among the bought materials, eventually fishing out the box of strawberries. I hold it out for my daughter, who takes it and avidly starts chewing on the red fruit. I eye her small figure for a couple seconds before focusing my attention back on driving.

Then the call connects.

“Hey,” comes (Y/N)’s voice over the speaker, finally settling down my raging wolf a tad. My shoulders relax, a tension that I haven’t been aware of seeping out of my frame.

“Hey,” I greet her back, an absentminded smile appearing on my lips. “Is there anything else you need me to bring?”

“No,” she says, then after a beat of silence, asks, “Can we go tomorrow to the store, though, to buy that high chair we were talking about?”

“Sure, baby,” I nod, smiling involuntarily.

“Mommy? Is that mommy?”

“Yes, Laura,” I say, glancing at her from the mirror, my hand already on its way to put (Y/N) on speaker.

“Mommy!” she cries out, sparkling eyes fixed on the device in my hand and making grabbing motions towards it. The sight makes me chuckle. “We’re alm’st h’me!” she says, munching on the berries awhile.

“About three minutes,” I supply, only to hear (Y/N) giggle on the other end of the line.

“All right,” she says. “You babies take care of yourselves. And Laura, tell daddy not to speed down the road again, okay? You two being unharmed is more important than getting home as fast as possible.” There is an ounce of chiding in her tone.

“Don’t speed down the road, dad,” Laura warns in her adorable tiny voice, even raising her little finger to point it at me.

“Okay, you two got me,” I snicker, taking a turn to the left.

This is finally the street where we live, and it doesn’t take long, a couple seconds at most, until I park down in our yard. I get the phone off speaker and put it next to my ear as I get out of the vehicle, making a beeline for the back to unbuckle Laura’s seatbelt and raise her out of the child seat. I set her on the ground, then take the basket from the passenger seat before locking the car and walking to the front door. I end the call and put my mobile away.

As soon as I open the door, I notice our two wolf hybrid dogs, Brandon and Arya, jogging casually to the living-room, chased by Mark. He’s hardly learnt how to walk, but he’s surprisingly good at running when it comes to following the dogs around. I chuckle, putting the basket on the stand next to the door, whereas Laura goes to pick her little brother up and rub their noses together.

The sound of persistent crying is getting closer now, signing me that (Y/N) is approaching. The two dogs are wagging their tails as they welcome her at the entrance of the living-room, sniffing excitedly at her thighs, attention fixed on the wailing baby in her hands. She has gained some weight during the pregnancy, but that only makes me more addicted to her than before – the reason for the weight gain, that is. My wolf whines contently in my mind, and I bridge the distance between us in three broad steps.

“Would you mind holding her for a bit?” she asks – seriously, how could I say no to that?

“Sure,” I reply, reaching for the vee body to meekly move it to rest on my chest instead of hers. (Y/N) smiles at me as she releases the body of our five-month-old baby, the youngest member of our family. My knees almost give out as she says, “Your voice always settles her, even when I can’t.”

“Oh, really?” I coo, ducking my head too look at the baby’s puffy face. I deliberately make my voice a couple notes lower than normal. “You like my voice this much?” She’s still crying wildly, smudging the Henley I’m wearing under my leather jacket with her tears. (Y/N) wipes her tiny face gently with a cotton handkerchief. “Don’t cry, my sweet Aurora,” I touch the back of her head with my hand, my palm alone enveloping the entire skull. I begin rocking her in my arms, humming softly awhile. Just as her crying starts to fade, I feel a nudging on my leg, and when I glance down, I see our third dog, Jon, curiously eyeing me, as though asking how Aurora is doing now. I chuckle, “She’s fine now, don’t worry.”

I watch (Y/N) as she kisses the tip of Aurora’s nose, the baby shyly burying her face in my chest. I can’t help my delightful laugh, making my youngest child look up at me with huge, wide eyes, shining with bliss, accompanied by an open-mouthed grin. She has my eyes.

“Dad!” comes Ryan’s voice. He’s our eldest child, and has the name of my father. He erupts from his room, with his twin sister, Talia on his side.

“Yes?” I turn to see them, only to be faced with two wolfed out youngsters. “What happened?”

“He started teasing me, and –”

“Lie!” calls Ryan, interrupting his sister. “We were just playing, and then I asked if she could shift and –”

“All right, stop it, both of you,” I interject. “Remember what I told you on how to shift back?” They share a look before nodding. I arch a brow at them pointedly, instinctively patting Aurora’s back meekly to keep soothing her.

“Concentrate on something that calms us down,” they say at the same time.

“And? Have you found an Anchor yet?”

After a beat of silence, they answer, “No.”

“Then what is it that I told you to do?”

“Find what triggered the shift and eliminate it.”

“Good,” I nod, kissing Aurora’s temple. She already has two fistfuls of my shirt balled in her tiny paws, pulling at the texture and drooling all over it, occasionally chewing and munching on it, too, albeit she’s still yet to start growing her teeth. Laura tugs on my jeans then, the box of strawberries still in her hands.

“Can I feed her?” she asks, making both (Y/N) and me snicker.

“Here, I’ll masticate some for her and then you can feed her, sound good?” (Y/N) offers.

“Yes!” Laura enthuses, accepting her mother’s hand to walk to the kitchen. However, I don’t let her go without a quick kiss on her lips.

“I’ll put everything in place later, okay, love?” I ask (Y/N) in between kisses. She smiles and nods, then I watch the two of them disappear behind the wall that divides the hall from the kitchen before kicking off my shoes and migrating to the living-room, three dogs and children following me, although Mark is carried by Talia, who managed to retreat her claws and change back to human. Ryan is still struggling with the shift, though.

I lounge myself in the middle of the couch in a half laying position, Aurora resting peacefully on my chest, still attempting to eat my Henley. The three dogs lay down at my legs, Talia sits next to me, setting Mark’s fragile body on her thigh – apart from Laura and Mark, all of our children are werewolves, so seeing the supernaturally superiors protecting their human siblings really makes me satisfied and proud as their father. More so, Ryan is already exhibiting signs of instinctively acknowledging his role as the eldest of them all, always assuming the protector’s position whenever the situation calls for it.

There is an affectionate rumbling coming from my inner wolf’s chest, like a distant brontide.

It only adds to it when (Y/N) shows up with Laura, the mash in hand. (Y/N) sits on my left after Talia makes room for her, allowing Laura to jump in her lap to be able to feed her little baby sister. When I glance at Ryan on my right, I can see as he slowly but surely manages to get a grip of his features and take control over the wolf that lives within him.

“Good job, kiddo,” I praise, making him grin up at me gleefully.

“Thanks, dad,” he says, immediately poking Aurora’s nose playfully, making the baby giggle. During her happy laughter, she involuntarily blows bubbles out of her saliva. As they pop, Ryan laughs out loud, but keeps playing with her nonetheless, until (Y/N) nudges me, signing that they are ready to feed Aurora. I move her to the other side of my chest, her puffy red cheek now resting against my left pectoral.

“Wait, let me put this on you,” (Y/N) says, holding out a cloth, ready to spread it on my bust to prevent my clothes from getting dirty, but I shrug.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” I say, never taking my eyes off of Aurora, my lips moving against the fluffy hairs covering her head. I kiss her skin before the tiny spoon starts nudging at her thin lips.

“Careful,” Ryan tells Laura, watching the feeding process closely.

“How did you turn back?” I ask Ryan suddenly. He shrugs casually.

“I just wanted to touch Aurora, that’s all,” he answers, cheeks heating up a tad. I grin at him – I suspect that he’s already found his Anchor in Aurora, he just hasn’t realized that yet. However, I have no intentions of spelling this out to him; I want him to figure it out on his own.

I rest my lips against Aurora’s head, my eyes falling closed and my nostrils flaring as I inhale deeply – the scent of home, family, and content engulfing me.

The redolence of the new Hale pack.

Additional note: Only five names from the Hale family are canon (Talia, Peter, Laura, Derek, Cora) but please consider the ones I made up (Ryan, Mark, Aurora) as names of those who died in the Hale fire. As Tyler said, “Derek would definitely use the names of his family, starting with his parents and working his way down” – and I agree with him 100% on this. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! ❤

Why Does Love Always Feel Like A Battlefield?

Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this, I hope I did your idea justice and I really hope you enjoy! And thank you to my brother for helping me when I was genuinely stuck on where to go!

If you, like the lovely anon above would like to request a fic, requests are OPEN so please do not be shy!

Title comes from this song- Battlefield-Jordin Sparks -as there were some lyrics that I felt definitely suited this story. Mainly the lines:

- ‘I’m out here without a shield, can’t go back, now’ -Geddit? Shield?

- ‘I never meant to start a war/You know, I never wanna hurt you.’

- ‘I never meant to start a war/Don’t even know what we’re fighting for.’

Request: Please can you write a fanfic based on Civil War? So here is the idea. Reader and Steve are best friends and she dates w/ Tony and she picks his side but also she knows Bucky killed his family but didn’t tell Tony, when Tony finds out they get into a big fight and he fires her from the tower. End is up to you write whatever you want :D

Warnings: Angst between Reader and Tony, they kind of verbally kick each other’s butts here. Potential fluff at the end I don’t know, you’ll have to find out! *insert evil laugh here*

Words: 1,502

When Tony stumbled through the entry of the kitchen you were immediately sweeping him into your arms, tears of relief threatening to spill from your eyes. You were whispering “thank God, oh thank God,” as you held him to you.

When you pulled away to examine his battered face, he was staring back at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite make out.

“Did you know?” he asked, voice emotionless and his eyes were expressionless and dead.

You felt your heart begin to hammer as your throat went dry. Tony removed your hands from his body and repeated, enunciating clearly as though you were stupid.

“Did you know about my parents y/n?”

You swallowed hard, heart dropping into your stomach as you nodded slowly.

The look of shock and hurt that crossed Tony’s face was nothing to the betrayal laced in the tone of his voice.

“And you didn’t think to tell me? You of all people y/n.”

You felt so ashamed of yourself in that moment and a single tear of shame slipped down your cheek before you rubbed it away furiously.

“I was afraid to tell you,” you admitted honestly, voice tiny. “I thought if I told you, you would kill Bucky.”

“Well there’s a novel idea y/n,” he mocked “Who would figure I might have wanted to kill the man who killed my parents.”

“But it wasn’t him,” you pleaded and Tony whirled on you shouting “Don’t!”

When you backed away slightly frightened, he flinched a little but continued “I saw it with my own eyes, it was him.”

You remained silent, staring at your feet before he lowered his tone approaching you slowly, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I was so afraid Tony. I was still hoping you and Steve could work this out. But I knew once you knew about Bucky it could only end with you killing him, or getting yourself killed in the process. Isn’t that why we’re in this mess in the first place, because of people getting killed?”

“I’m sorry, and correct me if I’m wrong, but are we not Avengers, is not our job to ‘avenge’ when innocent people have been hurt, like my parents?”

“There is a difference between avenging and revenge Tony.”

“Oh, is it revenge now to want to want to apprehend those who commit crime, or murder?”

“Absolutely not, if they are responsible for those crimes, but you and I both know Bucky is not responsible for the Winter Soldier’s actions. Just like Clint wasn’t responsible for Loki’s and Bruce isn’t for the Hulk’s.”

“That’s different and you know it!”

“Why? Because they didn’t kill people you were related to? Look, I understand that they were your parents, but you’re letting your personal feelings cloud your rational judgement here.”

Tony huffed incredulously “And your best friend isn’t?”

“Whatever stupid things Steve has done trying to protect Bucky at least he can see that Bucky is an innocent victim in all of this too,” Tony looked like he was about to argue but you cut him off, “Look this all boils down to you and Steve, and we all had to choose a side, even if we didn’t want to, and I was afraid telling you would ruin any chances of ending this peacefully because deep down I knew this is how you would react to finding out!”

“I’m sorry you’ve been so inconvenienced,” he mocked “But then again, how do we know which side you were really on, I mean that’s your thing isn’t it double agenting and switching sides? I mean you did leave with Steve, your ‘best friend.’ Suspicious how you returned here with his secrets and kept them from me, your ‘boyfriend’.”

Tears were now flowing freely down your face. A throwback to your days of being a Hydra agent was the cruellest thing Tony could have thrown at you and he knew it, and to make it worse you knew he was only doing it because he knew you were right, he had no more logical arguments to use against what you were saying, so he turned to trying to hurt you instead.

“Maybe deep down I knew you would react like this. I mean you basically dragged us into a war because you couldn’t deal with your own guilt over what happened in Sokovia. It wasn’t all of us that needed to sign those accords, you directed all the regulations you felt you needed yourself towards us, but we didn’t create Ultron Tony. You did, and no amount of punishing Steve, or Bucky, or me will change that. You let your guilt cloud your judgement and Steve let his need to protect Bucky cloud his. But did either of you stop to consider the rest of us for a moment? Neither you, or Steve, could see just what you were doing to the rest of us. You separated Wanda from Vision, you split Nat and Clint, who, might I add is now a fugitive while Laura and the kids are without him, and my best friend and boyfriend, the two people I love the most in the world made me choose between them and basically tried to kill each other, all because both of them were too damn stubborn to recognise what they were doing.”

Tony turned away from you and folded his arms across his chest.

“You should go. Pack your things and leave, you’re just as bad as them in my eyes and I don’t want you anywhere near me ever again.”

“Tony!” you cried.

“Get out y/n!” he shouted spinning to face you, “We’re over, and you’re no longer a member of this team. You’re not welcome here and I don’t want to see you again.”

You both stood glaring at each other for an eternity before you broke the silence, “Tony you don’t mean this, I know you’re angry and I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear it! I just want you to leave. Now.”

You climbed the steps to your apartment building, your arms loaded with groceries and smiled thankfully when your neighbour held the door to the lobby open for you to pass through, but you could have cried when the sign saying out of order remained pinned to the elevator door and you began the seven flight climb to your apartment.

As soon as you reached your door, you had to juggle your groceries with fumbling for your key and once you finally located it you wrestled your way indoors. You sighed leaning with your back against the door, eyes closed, mustering up the strength to walk into your empty apartment, where you would start to make dinner alone for one.

Walking you into your living room you must almost jumped out of your skin to find the two figures of Steve and Bucky sat on your sofa and Tony stood with his back to you staring out your window at the New York skyline in front of him.

“How did you get in here?” you asked unsure and Tony turned to face you with a look that resembled a “Bitch please,” look.

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“Ok, let me rephrase, why are you here?”

“And over to you Cap,” Tony directed your attention to Steve and took the groceries out of your arms, carrying them into the kitchen, returning with a nervous smile.

“Well,” Steve began, scratching the back of his neck, a long pause following as he tried to figure out what to say.

“Both of them are idiots who want to apologise for the way they’ve treated you. This one should never have made you choose between him or Tony,” Bucky interrupted, pointing towards Steve “and this one,” he continued, pointing at Tony “should never have pushed you away and taken it out on you because he was hurting, and I’m sorry that I seem to be inadvertently behind it all. Does that cover everything?” he sassed looking between Steve and Tony like they were bumbling idiots.

Both of whom were mumbling along the lines of “yep pretty much,” “yep think so,” and “that’ll do.”

You huffed a laugh and Bucky smirked at your reaction, clearly pleased with himself.

“I love you,” you told Tony honestly, “and I love you,” you told Steve, “so please never put me in a position like that again or I’ll bang your two heads together.”

“We won’t!” they promised in unison and Steve rose up to give you a hug, but Tony darted in front of him, knocking him out of the way “nu-uh, she’s my girlfriend, I get the first hug thank you very much.”

Steve’s laugh rang out through your apartment as Tony pulled you into a hug, “I’m sorry baby,” he told you honestly and you laughed “can I get that in writing.”

“And you ruined it! Alright capsicle you can have her now,” he joked but looked at you so fondly you heart skipped a few beats, before Steve was pulling you into a bear hug.

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