i just wanted to use the new psd i got

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Hey, your aesthetic edit tutorial was extremely helpful !! Could also make a tutorial for icons ? If you want to of course !!

okay, so this is super late and i don’t even know what i’m doing but here you go. since you liked my edit tutorial (thanks!!) and i’ve recently just made misc icons, i’m assuming you want to know how to make those, so this is a tutorial for making misc/aesthetic icons. if u wanted a tutorial for bright/colourful icons im sorry for being stupid, pls send it as an ask again :) 

  • okay so i first choose a nice misc/aesthetic image and copy it onto a new file on photoshop (i use cs5). you can get some nice pictures from these blogs.

i got this picture:

  • i usually make 200px by 200px icons, so i crop it and then sharpen it.
  • then i add a nice dull psd with contrast, so it looks like this

(i use a combination of bright and dull psds which are not made by me, so if you need a specific one, pls ask me)

AND YOU’RE DONE! a lot of ppl doodle on their icons, but as of right now i just doodle on my graphics but if you want to, you can doodle on her hair and outline her clothes and stuff.

  • for that, use a 1px brush, hardness 100%
  • create a new layer and go doodle

(i zoom in and doodle, so its a lot easier with not zigzagging lines)

i make this

and then i didn’t like how i did her hair, so i removed that stuff and did other stuff, so even you can do a whole lot of cool things with doodles

and i made this! which is vv nice and shows how you can make any amount of doodles as long as it looks pretty (wise words: the only limit is ur imagination!)

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ahhh liyah ty for the botm!!! how do you do the effect on your new rules edit and the marauders one of like the faint diagonal lines? ty babe

you totally deserve it babe omg! i basically got this random texture off google, i’ve made a psd, which anyone can use if they like! just drag the texture onto the picture you have and resize it — you can increase and decrease the opacity to make it less or more noticeable if you want!


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hi, i've been looking through icon borders and i've noticed that you guys have a few circle and/or other shaped borders available for download, and i've been trying to figure out how to use those on gifs, so if one of you could make a tutorial on that, that'd be great! i know i figured it out a while ago but i tried again and i can't seem to get it, so it's sort of driving me crazy. thanks!

Under the cut is how to make something like this:

For this tutorial, you need to have:

  • Photoshop (I’m using CS5 Extended)
  • The timeline option (but it might work without as well).

PSD is shared at the bottom as per usual.

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i’ve been asked a few times about how i made these two sets and here we are now so you can guess what this is.

we’re gonna take this:

and magically turn this into a nice purple, yo:

  • i used cc when i made this set, but i use cs5 now

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