i just wanted to try the static tv thing

You have!  I’m a little confused whether you wanted to remain annon or not, but I can answer one of those questions right away because i’d like to try and draw my responses for the other questions. 

8: Do you prefer your tiny/giant to have a static height or to be able to change size?

 I want my tiny/giant to be able to change size. TV Tropes calls that ability “Sizeshifter” and they explain it pretty well. If there’s another term for it, then I don’t know it yet. The thing is…it depends on how the author represents the ability.

If the person just changes their size instantly and shoots up 50ft, like how Alice in Wonderland does with a piece of food, then it’s not that impressive. Meh, okay, you’re super tall now. Now if their ability is presented in a sequence, then you have my full attention. I like to immerse myself in the situation- make me do a double take. Take me on a roller coaster of emotions and build up that anticipation. Have us both experience the effects of a size change. 

Beyond the Future ~ Camus Tetra Porte ~

Static height is fine because of the size difference, but you can totally tease someone with the ability to change size. 


My favorite manga, although not a G/t story, is a good example. Although it’s age progression, the protagonist has to deal with a boy that can change size if he is left in the dark. Even her pet dogs grow into giants when this occurs. At first these two are struggling to deal with this curse, but later on the male favors this ability to use around the protagonist. 

It’s four volumes long, a sappy love story between a prince and a high school girl, but I just love it because the character changes size a lot. There aren’t any giants, but it does have a fairy that later grows into a human. There’s even a one-shot where the protagonist shrinks herself.