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Hello everyone, so lately I have been thinking about doing a Snake Plissken webcomic about our favorite outlaw badass. It would be called “Old Snake” and take place after the events of “Escape From LA” and follow Snake surviving a new dangerous world. Right now this is just a concept, but I would really like to try out and wanted to know your opinion. I will post more sketches of Snake from my proposed idea soon to give everyone some better idea of what it will look like eventually. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated! A big thanks to everyone who has been following my Snake Tumblr!

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Stage Left - A Robbie Kay x Reader Imagine - Part 1

Hello lovely humans! So as we all know I am absolute trash for Robbie Kay because he is an adorable cinn bon roll that is too perfect. Anyways I started to write this fic and I was really digging it. So I hope that you guys like it as well! 

Also!  I am currently taking requests for Musical/ song themed imagines. So If you want me to write you a story based on your favorite song please please please send me the song title, who its by and what character or person you want me to write about in my ask box! It would mean the world to me plus I think it would be really fun!

Part two

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I'm in love
  • Me(via text): I know you won't read this till morning but I needed to say this because it's all very very true.......ready?
  • I love you, so much all of you, your personality your looks, your laugh, your likes and dislikes, the way you're obsessed with Attack on Titans, Smite, and Ark!, how you can play video games with me and just be a total derp. I've never been in love nor have I ever said "I love you" to someone and actually meant it. But you're different, you have brought emotions out of me that I would of never guessed were even there, you make me actually want to sleep?!?! And wake up early?!?!?! (Wat😳). You make me question my actions, try new things, want to turn my life around for the better, make me think of my future and what it's going to be like. Thinking ahead you're there, I'm in love with you, and every aspect of you. You are so smart, kind, gentle (when you want to be 😏), by far the biggest dork I have ever meet, only gentleman in the world as far as I'm aware, you're cautious (WHICH IS A GOOD THING), you have a clear understanding of how the world works and what you want and how to get it (that's hot). Seriously I love you, I love laying in bed all day playing video games with you, or just cuddling, watching game of thrones, Attack on Titan, movies that I clearly need to be watching but because I'm ridiculous and a derp I just haven't until you make me which I love!, when we have sex, you literally make me feel things I've never felt before and I'm sorry I'm addicted, I'm new to this stuff. Remember your a drug to me, I wasn't kidding.
  • I really don't mean to say I'm sorry all the time or try to feel bad about things that I can't control it just happens, and it only happens because well, I'm in love with you, and since this is the first time for that, I don't want to fuck it up even if it's the smallest thing in the world like poking you in the eye (I AM STILL SO SORRY YOUR POOR EYE IS ALL RED 😭) or bumping you when we wake up or are goofing around. I want to be good enough for you because you're to good for me. I have only ever dreamed of someone less than you in my life and it's like you're an being created by the gods sent to me; They took one look at this clumsy, dorky, hot headed girl, with a huge heart, and said "That girl. She needs HIM the perfect HIM, beyond what she prayed for, or dreamed of. HIM." You. That's only a theory I'm pretty sure you're like and alien or angel but we will discuss that another time lol. But I adore you so much, you're everything to me I enjoy bragging about you to people, buying you gifts, going on dates with you, everything all of it not a second goes by where you aren't on my mind. I love you. You are the love of my life and I don't plan on you leaving my life anytime soon. I'm sorry for the book but it had to be said you've got me head spinning what can I say ☺️ alright I'm actually going to try to sleep now. Maybe. Night💘
  • Him(via text): Oh baby I love you so much. You truly are the moon of my life 🌖 I had all but given up on finding someone who would love and appreciate me for me and not only that but be willing to give back just as much as they take. I never have had to question whether you really love me and I know I never will. You have given me everything I have been so lucky to give you and more. I don't mind the small pokes, bumps, or bruises. Nothing so petty could ever endanger my impression of you or the way I feel about you. At times I cannot believe I have been so blessed to be able to share my life with someone who knows me, who loves, and who understands me. I am beyond exhilarated to know I can make you feel the way you do, both emotionally and physically 😊 you never have to worry about bothering me or annoying me with cuddles or kisses because I always remind myself that you do this because you love and desire me, and there is nothing more in this world I could ask for than that. I love you beyond words, and I always will 💗💕💞 oh and good morning😂

Concept:  Me, sitting in the theater, watching the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  It’s a good movie, beautiful, and Emma Watson acted her heart out as she just confessed her love for the Beast.  The curse breaks.  The Beast transforms, into a woman.  I start crying.  Three pissed off moms storm out with their kids and, unsuccessfully, try to get their money back.

It's A Date

Prompt: A 15 yo Sofia got injured while she was skating but when she is under medical care, she refuses to tell her name (because she scared that Callie who’s working in the hospital as a nurse or whatever, would find out and ground her) and somehow she bonds with her doctor (Arizona).

Disclaimer: This is AU.  I do not own any of the characters from Grey’s Anatomy. I just manipulate them to my will.  Also, any line or phrase or setting that seems remotely familiar from any other show, movie or book, also not mine.  I borrow…

AN: This was prompted a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the wait. Here’s a fun little one-shot for ya’ll. Enjoy!

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favorite rizzles fics, requested by mc-rizzles.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?, by JoBethMegAmy. my homegirls
Rated T - AU, 1959. Revolves around teenaged Rizzles: Jane fighting her attraction to Maura, and Maura, once she figures it out, trying to get her to go with it. Actions speak louder than words. Because I love a slow burn and the journey of figuring it all out.

Calamity Jane Meets Dr Isles, Medicine Woman, by JoBethMegAmy. my homegirls
Rated T - An AU set in the Old West. Why? Because I want to know how a proper, aspiring female doctor would react to a driven, hard-as-nails woman on the range. They don’t know it yet, but Maura’s fiancee just met his match.

Countdown, by aliveinwndrlnd
Rated M - Jane wants to start off the New Year with a bang.

Do Over, by LitGeek
Rated MA retelling of the “sleepover” from the pilot episode, plus a reimagining of Jane and Maura’s first meeting.

In A Lonely Place, by JoBethMegAmy. my homegirls
Rated T - 1945 noir AU. “When Maura Isles walked into my office, I knew three things right away: she came from a family wealthy enough to own a private island, she could turn heads faster than a struck match could make fire, and she was almost certainly the woman who had tried slipping a gorgeously manicured hand inside my pants in the back of a taxicab three weeks ago.”

Inescapable, by goldflecks
Rated M - The first time Jane Rizzoli met the new medical examiner it made her physically sick.

Jane, Maura and the Trunk of a Car, by Alucino
Rated TAfter a bet with Frost, Jane and Maura climb into the trunk of a car. Things happens.

The Commitment, by AnExhibition
Rated M - “No husbands. No dating. Just you and I.” Jane and Maura agree to commit to each other. Somehow, they’ve fallen in love, they tell everyone. And nobody can ever know they’re settling for each other just to put an end to loneliness. On this, they agree. Behind closed doors, they’ll just be best friends. Together, but just best friends. But what happens when that line begins to blur?

The Diary of Jane, by Argyle.S
Rated M - Three weeks after the incident with Dennis, Maura has to fly to D.C. for the weekend to consult on a case, but she leaves something behind for Jane. Her journal, which contains a series of letters she’s written to Jane over the months since the two settled their argument over Doyle’s shooting. Letters she’s been too afraid to show Jane.

You Smell Nice Today, by dontmissthis
Rated M - Maura’s head jerks up in shock and her eyebrows slowly knit together. “I only said you smelled nice, Jane. I didn’t say I wanted to orally stimulate you.”


Interview with Denis Stoff, 2015 (Ukrainian and Russian)

English translation: (I can’t guarantee it’s 100% correct, if you’re a native speaker and you find any horrible mistakes, feel free to yell at me. Neither English nor Ukrainian are my native languages.)

Interviewer: “Denis, thanks for coming to my basement.”

Denis: “Of course”.

Interviewer: “So, you’ve got an invitation to join a British band as a vocalist.”

Denis: “That’s right.”

Interviewer: “You’ve already recorded a song together, haven’t you?”

Denis: “Yes, it’s been released recently, during the night of June 27. So, the track got over 600000 views on the first day.”

Interviewer: “On Youtube, right?”

Denis: “Yes. Now the track is number one in charts around the world. So far, so good.”

Interviewer: “Super. And why have they turned to you?”

Denis: “Probably I am the man they should turn to.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “ How old are you?”

Denis: “I’m 23.”

Interviewer: “So, you’re 23, and you’ve got a proposal from a band with millions of Youtube views and which excites everyone at gigs in Britain, yes?”

Denis “Yes.”

Interviewer: “And you become a British rock star, don’t you?”

Denis “Well, yeah.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “And now you are involved in concert activity, world tours and stuff, right?”

Denis: “I’m getting a Schengen visa in a few days, and then I will go to Czech Republic for a festival, where we will play for 45000 people. Then I’ll get fully acquainted with the guys as a member of the band, shake their hands, then we’ll try to figure out a set list for today, and just do our first gig straightway.”

Interviewer: “Why are you so confident about your first performance?”

Denis: “Because we are good musicians. I am sure we’ll be great.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “That’s quite immodest.” (laughs)

Denis: “You know, it’s rock-n-roll.” (laughs)

Interviewer: “I know that you had two bands before. But they were popular abroad, rather than in Ukraine. What were those bands called?”

Denis: “Yes, the first band was “Make Me Famous”, and second “Down & Dirty”.”

Interviewer: “Denis, how did you start? How did you get in this rock show business, how did you become a metalcore star?”

Denis: “It probably began when I started to shoot small cover videos with a cheap camera in my bedroom at home in Khartsyzk*. Youtube had just launched and I saw that people did covers. I liked them and thought: “Why not to do it myself? I’m a musician too, i play guitar, try to sing”. So I took action, and over some time I got an increasing amount of views and subscribers, people liked it and wanted more. I just continued to do that. Most of my views came from USA and Europe, and that helped me to bring my music out. When I uploaded my first song on Youtube. i already had people who wanted to watch it, and they just spread the video. I started to get massages from record labels, management companies… So that happened.”

Interviewer: “All right. Denis, thank you for dropping by. I wish you and your new band success. Come to Ukraine with a big concert in Sport Palace or Olimpiysky stadium, not only Vakarchuk** could gather enough people for it.”

Denis: “Thanks! Hopefully.”

Interviewer: “Super. Thanks!”

*(town in Donetsk region, Ukraine)

** (frontman of Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”)

50 Shades of Raudenfeld Chapter 2

A/N: Thanks for the all the love on the first chapter! I’m going to try and have a new chapter out every week. This is also a pretty long chapter because I wanted to make sure we got some Karma and Amy action. I’m also trying to stay  with the 50 shades of grey theme but also make the story a bit of my own just to fit who Amy and Karma are. Feel free to send me more feedback or suggestions! Hope you enjoy :D  

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The closer I am to someone, the harder it is to come out

gckinsey submitted: 

 I first came out as ace last year on Ace Day/Cake Day by tweeting a selfie of me wearing my black ring. I’m generally a very private person, so I found it a bit odd that coming out to a bunch of random strangers online felt easier than telling people I knew in real life. Even later, when I did start coming out to people face to face, I realized I was much more comfortable telling new friends I’d just met than ones I’d known for a long time. I was torn between wanting to share this truth about myself with my closest friends and being terrified to say anything.

It’s unfortunately so easy to have your asexuality invalidated. People might not believe you because of your actions. They might try to help you figure out what’s “wrong” with you or what you’re “missing.” They might not even think your orientation is real. And the closer you are to those people, the higher the stakes. That’s why I tweeted something I ordinarily would have told my best friends first.

Over the course of the last year, I did come out to each of my three closest friends and my mom. With my friends, it went better than I could have asked for, and their support means the world to me. Things didn’t go quite as smoothly with my mom (I had to come out/explain things multiple times before she really “got it”), but we’re finally at a place where she understands and supports me, so things are good overall.

When I really think about it, the hardest person to come out to was actually myself. I didn’t know asexuality was an option until I was in my late 20s. My questioning process lasted about two years. And during that time, I fell into the trap of invalidating myself at every turn. But once I finally got on the other side of that way of thinking, and did come out to myself as ace, I felt unbelievably happy and complete.

I recently made this comic about the journey I went through in discovering that I’m ace and coming out. And I hope it helps other aces in whatever way they need, whether it’s coming out, explaining asexuality to someone, or just understanding themselves a little better. Happy Coming Out Day, fellow aces… stay strong, and remember that you are not alone. :)

New York Surprises (Tayvin AU) Part 4


I was suddenly very confused. Calvin and Taylor were looking at each other, both with shocked expressions. And Taylor called him Adam, which sounded fami- wait ADAM? The same guy I had heard about from Taylor? As in the twins’ dad who was nowhere to be found?

“Do you guys know each other?” I asked, snapping them both out of their dazes.

“Um, yeah… we used to go to camp together every year, but lost touch about 6 years ago now.” Calvin said, turning to look at me and smiling.

“Well… pull up a chair!” I exclaimed, ignoring Taylors panicked expression.

Calvin moved away slightly to get a chair and I saw Taylor let out a breath she probably didn’t even know she was holding.

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smegandtheheads  asked:

tell us your top five scifi/fantasy tropes :>

  • groups of people that get stuck together on some long space mission or cross-kingdom trek etc. etc. and by the end of it theyre a family (but theyve also established a complex social structure along the way that gets explored in-depth)
  • hey, so that thing you were trying to stop from happening?? yeah, the actions you took to prevent it actually caused the thing to happen because time travel/self-fulfilling prophecy/youre cursed to fuck up literally everything. wow. embarrassing.
  • The Chosen One
  • ‘oh no, youre transforming into some feral beast!! ’ fuck you, i love my new terrible monster body
  • reincarnation/repeating pantheons of pseudo-deities like oh my gosh yes please. give me horrible cyclical mythologies that no one can escape. give me creatures that just want to Have Fun but turns out theyve been playing the ancient celestial game all along, oops, theres actually several civilizations that have factored you into their creation myths?? sorry, your ~genes have aligned~ in just the right way so now you have to reenact the tragedies of your ancestors. 10/10.