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Important information for Content Creators on Tumblr (Last Updated June 23, 2017)

okay i know ive posted alot about this just now, but now that ive got it more or less figured out I’m gonna make a better post here and include the tags relevent to my interactions in it to ensure no one else in my fandoms/communities are blindsided like i was. 

I encourage you to make your own, or to just recopy this, tagging the fandoms and communities important to you!


If you make a post with external links, your post will be hidden from searches. If you make a post and link to your redbubble, no one can search for your post. If you make art and link it to your deviantart or artstation, no one can search for you post. If you make any post and just throw on a “hey here is where you find me!” no one can search that post. If you want to recommend a fic or a youtube video, no one can search your post, if you… hell you get the idea. Tumblr has completely shut down content creators on this hellsite and its fucking infuriating.

I have just confirmed that the post type “Link” also does not show up in the tags. Thats right, there is an ENTIRE TYPE OF TUMBLR POST that cannot be searched. G-FUCKING-G TUMBLR.

EDIT: Okay! I have done more testing (and a video to go along with it) and at this point i can say that this is still very real, but that it only affects links to specific websites, presumably ones that tumblr doesn’t have added to some sort of “internal whitelist” of safe sites. 
I would suggest if you intend to continue tagging, to maintain a very very unique tag and use it to keep tabs on your work to ensure they are continuing to show up.
In the meantime, I will do my best to keep a list here of links verified to work, and ones verified to not work. Please feel free to comment on the post or reblog if you have your own experiences!

Also there has been confirmation that this change affects posts regardless of posting date. So it’ll hide posts made before the update went into affect; expected but good to confirm!

Edit (6/1/2017): working with someone to try to determine why an image is being hidden from the tag regardless of if it has text or a link or anything. The image in question should have worked, we tried reposting, we tried changing the file name, it still didn’t show up. Finally we changed it from a .png to a .jpg and it worked! So we thought we stumbled on something but, i posted one of my images in a test tag, as a jpg, as a png and as a transparent png and all showed up. So sometimes posts arent showing up for other reasons that have yet to be discovered (just because tumblr is shit it would seem)

Edit (6/23/2017):  So it looks like certain links might only show up in certain searches.

in this case the etsy link only showed up in recent, not in popular and not in text posts. 

Also if you wanted to try to include a non linked post in the description such as a url with the dots obfuscated by parenthesis then you have to do both the www(.) and the (.)com, one or the other will still find your post blocked.

in short using any links whatsoever COULD be problematic, using no links at all could be, but will probably increase the chances of your post being seen.

In general Tumblr’s search is absolutely degenerating, seemingly with each passing day.


It shuts down posts with external links, so at first i assumed internal links would be fine. and they are. if you make a page on your tumblr blog called like /links or something you can certainly link to that. But in that way you run into an issue, tumblr mobile is a piece of shit and cant load tumblr pages, and itll just take you back to the mainblog any time you try.

The best solution ive found so far is put all your relevent links in your blog description like so:

and then in every content post, call tumblr out for being a piece of shit and direct them to the links in your blog description.

Edit: In the top right hand side of photo posts you can click on it and include a single link as “source” that should work if you have one link neccessary. though if you need more you are still SOL. Find it like so:

It will appear in dash format at the bottom left of the post:

in desktop them view where it can be found, or if it can be found, varies by theme.


It is important now more than ever on this hellsite that you try to support your artist and content creators, reblog as much as possible, look to find them on websites off this piece of shit, and generally do your best to spread the word and support them, since tumblr itself is trying to silence them! 


Victor is interesting and I love him

Unreliable narrator is so damn fascinating (I have an obsession w/ perception vs reality), and Yuuri is probably the best example I’ve ever seen in my life. As such, all of our main characters (that being Yuuri, Victor, and Yuri) end up being a bit different than the original assumption, but the biggest change in our perception is probably Victor. And that’s one reason why I love him so much; the way his personality and intentions slowly reveal themselves over the course of the story is fantastically executed. 

The banquet reveal is genius, and I’ve probably said that before but I’m saying it again goddammit. I will never stop marveling at the fact that we had literally no context for Victor’s actions for the majority of the show and that one little detail blew away everything we thought we knew about Victor, and suddenly it was so obvious why Victor behaved the way he did. 

 Why this was his reaction to the video: 

 I actually got this foreboding feeling in my stomach the first time I saw the episode. I had watched the show for a max of 20 minutes and I was already like “DONT YOU HURT YUURI YOU BASTARD HES BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH” and now I know that the face is more like “you little shit, you keep me hanging for actual months and then you do this??? Playing with my heart??? Not making it to Worlds with that kind of skill??” And then more quietly “I’m still going to Japan tho" 

 Why he made this face before he got up: 

 I didn’t pay mind to it at first but after ep10 I was like,, hold up and I realized that poor Vitya looks absolutely terrified. He’s so fucking nervous. Victor’s psyching himself up and I don’t think the crooning of Yuuri’s name in a sec was fully intentional on his part?? Like he’s practically vibrating with excitement and it wouldn’t shock me if, while trying to hold in excited squealing and shouting etc etc, he used that energy to sing this boy’s name. 

 Why he saw the video and thought ‘coach’: 

 My actual first thought was "you fuckin presumptuous asshole. Greeting people naked. Assuming you’re good enough to train someone outta the blue. Why u see someone doing you’re routine and ur like 'OBVIOUSLY this person wants to be blessed with my guiding presence’ just like wtf dude” and boy was I Wrong™

 The flirtatiousness, of course, and why he was such a prick?? 

 Now I can’t stop laughing at this face HES SO FUCKIN PISSED. This is the “u aint shit” smile. he’s like “BITCH YOU BROUGHT ME HERE. FIRST THING YOU DO IS SCREAM IN MY FACE AND THEN RUN OFF. EXPECT TO BE COACHED AND NOT EVEN IN TOP FORM. WHO ARE YOU besides the love of my life

 Eros, of course, makes sense, and why after Yuuri was like "katsudon=eros” Victor then drank till dawn the next day 

 Poor thing omg 

 Oh, and my favorite, why he actually cried when Yuuri rejected sleeping with him: 

 I thought he was being over dramatic and that it was a joke!!! But no!!! Victor Nikiforov is actually crying alone on his first night in Japan, sleeping on a futon after the boy he’d been dreaming about and given up his whole life and career as he knew it for to be with rejected him unapologetically!!!! I wanna be dead

That’s the fun part tho; there was no way we could be interpreted Victor’s actions as anything different! How drastically differently we’ve come to view Victor really gets me. We needed that final piece of the puzzle to see how romantic, lovesick, sweet, affectionate, caring, and really truly afraid of Yuuri’s rejection Victor actually is. Not to mention his tendency towards depression. Victor is teasing, silly, affectionate, heart on his sleeve, yet so restrained in what he shows others from years upon years of dealing with the public and press. He relishes in new and surprising experiences but likes to have an overall plan. I don’t think he would randomly change jumps and sequences so naturally while performing as Yuuri does, just to see someone else’s reaction, or at least not as often. And again, we know now that his coming to Japan wasn’t fully spur-of-the-moment–he’s been thinking about it for so long by that point. Victor just needed one last push to go track down Yuuri. 

Victor isn’t affectionate with everyone, but only with certain people. Seriously, he only touches 3 people throughout the whole show: Yuuri, Yuri, and Yakov (you can probably guess who he’s the most physical with out of those 3). Poor baby must be so damn touch starved! No wonder he’s all over Yuuri; he’s craving romantic affection. Well, depending on your interpretation of Victor’s past he’s rather starved for genuine affection. My own theory is that he’s had many an odd sexual encounter in the past, but Yuuri is his first serious romantic relationship. He’s clingy and action-oriented and kinda doesn’t know how to act. That’s okay tho, Yuuri doesn’t know how this works either. 

Victor started out as being so cold and lonely; the only place he felt he could find any semblance of living or love was on the ice, but he felt he had to work alone to be able to survive. Yuuri and Victor are a lot alike in that way; they both loathe to accept help and turn inward to try and deal with issues. This obviously doesn’t always work, and sometimes you need a little help. They both had to learn through each other that that isn’t shameful or wrong–they can rely on others if need be for assistance. 

This is a super nice edition to the show, considering that a major theme of anxiety is shame around one’s own abilities and weaknesses. To see a model of growth like that is really fantastic. 

 So, overall, who we thought Victor was: 



Highly sexually experienced (and likely romantically experienced) 

On top of the world 

(oh!! what I think is super interesting about these shots is that you can’t see Victor’s eyes. When you can’t see a character’s eyes, it implies hidden feelings or motive)


 Etc etc 

 And he turned out to be:  



Emotionally clueless 



Afraid of rejection 

(someone wrote a fantastic little meta about Victor during the ring exchange, read it here!) 

Starved for love, affection, and life 

And so, so infatuated with, lovesick for, and soon enough deeply in love with Yuuri Katsuki 

(This post really had no purpose…its just me talking about how much I love Victor Nikiforov)

Ride Me Baby *Part 3* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

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Hiya guys, so finally I’m getting this chapter up. I am beyond over whelmed with the feedback ive been getting from this series and I cant be more thankful for you guys reading it and enjoying it! I hope you enjoy this chapter! –K


Word Count: 5,869

As I stood there speechless staring at Kendall as she was staring at Harry then glaring back at me like I had done something wrong. Has Harry been cheating on me with her this whole time? My heart started to sink at the thought. Harry and Kendall did date for a while but broke up because of the public always stalking them or taking pictures 24/7, so for all I know Harry might still have feelings for her and sleeping with her behind everyone’s backs. And by his reaction it seemed like he was happy to see her, even though I was standing right there. “Your faces are priceless, cant believe you fell for that one” Kendall started to laugh uncontrollably as she stood clapping her hands applauding her performance. “What the fuck Ken?” Harry’s face slightly changed into a crooked smile as he joined in with her laughter. “What are you doing here? Please come in” He steps backwards as she walked into our room, with her long legs and flat stomach that was on show under her crop top. She is so beautiful, why did he leave her for me? “Y/N?” My head shot up as I was startled out of my train of thought. “Sorry?” “How are you doing sweetie?” Kendall came over to great me with a hug, which I accepted. I had to. Ive never really sat down and got to know Kendall to know what she is like. She is so sweet and polite, I have no hate against her. But for some reason I don’t like her either. “Im good thanks how are you?” “Good, how are you guys enjoying your trip?” “Yeah its great, Y/N has always wanted to come here so I surprised her for our anniversary” Harry butted in as we walked into our kitchen. “Oh my god I’m so sorry I interrupted, I seen that you guys were here so I thought it would be rude not to come down and say hi” She giggled as her stare as with Harry through out the whole conversation. Now I know why I don’t like her. “Aw thank you for popping in Ken” His stare was with her, again. I don’t know whether I’m reading too much into this situation but with the atmosphere it seemed like he was glad to see her or something, I don’t know.

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It Came for Me in the Night, part 1

Filling 2 requests at once, because I’m procrastinating on part 2 of the oviposition story

46 (5): Please, someone write one where somebody (m or f, but preferably f) is impregnated by a ghost by the ghost fucking them while they’re still wearing clothes, seeing as ghosts can move through materials with ease. (Bonus but not required: birth of the ghost’s baby/babies, possibly also through clothes.) The tighter the clothes and more strenuous the sex (and/or birth), the better.

57 (3): I would like to see more ghost/demon haunting pregnancies!! Maybe one where the person is sleeping and wakes up part way to find the ghost starting to impregnate them but cant do anything about it. Bonus if someone else is there and cant see the ghost, but can see them clearly being fucked/impregnated    

Request Fill:  Every night, you feared it was coming back.  You never knew what was coming, where it was coming from, or how you never had anything to go on in the morning outside of the sheer pain and aches in and around your crotch.  Above all, you were most surprised at how vivid the pain was, yet the cameras you started setting up never showed anything out of the ordinary.  Many times, you had simply wondered if you were imagining the whole thing, but then, some morning later, the pain was back, and you knew it couldn’t be in your head.

Finally, you decided to take some sick days, and find out what the hell was happening.  The first day, you went out and bought several cases of energy drinks, a bottle of sleeping pills, and a week’s worth of instant meals.  That night, you stayed in your bed, taking an energy drink every time you started to feel even the slightest bit tired.

Nothing happened.

The next morning, the moment you would have normally woken up. You got a glass of water and downed a sleeping pill so you’d be able to stay awake more naturally at night.  After a while, it took effect, and you woke up again in the late afternoon.  Again, you stayed up all night, this time needing less energy drinks than before.

Again, nothing happened.

After several days of repeating this process, your roommate started to get worried about you.  Each morning before you passed out, she would beg you to leave this alone, to just get on with your life.

“No,” was always your answer.  You needed to know, and the only way to know was to catch your attacker in the moment.  Exasperated, she always called you crazy, delusional, desperate for attention, and every time, you ignored it.  She was wrong, you knew it, and you weren’t going to be talked out of this.

5 days into this experiment, and still you had found nothing.  Once you started keeping track of these instances, you found that there was no regularity, no schedule it was following.  All you knew is that the longest time period between them was 12 days.  It had been 8 since you last woke up to the pain, so there was at least some satisfaction that, if there was something going on, it would happen soon.

That night, you laid in your bed, pretending to be asleep while you listened to music through your headphones, but strangely, even though you had kept your caffeine intake high, you eventually felt yourself fall asleep.  You couldn’t tell how long you had been asleep, but once you woke up, it was still dark when you looked out the window.  You tried to sit up, but you couldn’t move your body, almost like a kind of paralysis had come over you.  Your muscles still worked, but for some reason, they just wouldn’t move.  Then, you felt it: something inside you, pushing slowly inside your pussy.

Instinctually, you opened our mouth, but all that came out was the breath, absent the scream you had wanted to let out, desperate for someone, anyone, to hear it and come to your aid.  As you looked down, you watched in horror and confusion at how, and underneath the panties and shorts, the weird, invisible appendage pushed fully inside you, hitting your cervix before backing off.

The pain wasn’t unbearable, but still unpleasant as your walls were pushed out, accommodating a very large penis that just wasn’t there.  Yet, whatever was happening, you were completely powerless to stop it.  Your body was no longer your own, and each second that passed by was agony, as you realized this is what had been happening.  This is why there was no physical evidence, and why nothing ever showed up on the videos, and yet…it was strangely surreal.  You could feel each thrust, every push, and yet at the same time, it didn’t match up with anything you had known to be reality up to that point.

Eventually, after about an hour, there was a soft, chilled wave through your spine as you felt the phantom cock push in, further than before, and this time it didn’t leave.  Instead, it began to pulse, and there was now something very distinctly physical pumping into your womb.  The warmth was unmistakable, and you knew that whatever this was, it had just cum inside you.  Once it had finished, you felt the pressure sliding out, and the intense hold on your body was lifted.

Immediately, you gasped loudly, letting out a long scream as you scrambled into a corner, holding your knees tightly as you tried to process what it was that you had just experienced.  As you sat there, hyperventilating, you jumped slightly and yelled as your door slammed open, and your roommate stood there in nothing but a tank top, holding a can of mace as she looked around for someone dangerous.  As her eyes fell on you, she ran over and knelt down, dropping the can beside you.

“Hey!  Hey, what the hell’s going on?”

As she reached out to put a hand on your shoulder, you slapped it away, recoiling as you shook your head, trembling slightly.  “Don’t…touch me!”

“Okay, okay…” As she spoke, the fear gave way to confusion, and she was clearly not ready to hear a crazy story. “but what happened?”

“I…don’t know?  I…just…I need to go…to the hospital.”

There was a long pause as she stared down at you, clearly not sure what you were getting at, but slowly, she nodded along.  “Okay, hospital.  Got it.  You want me to drive you?”

“Yes…just get me there quickly.”

Once you had checked into the nearest 24-hour clinic, you knew you had to get your story right.  Nobody would believe anything you remembered, and you knew the only way you wouldn’t sound like a complete lunatic was if you just left out the ridiculous parts.  The on-duty nurse smiled as he greeted you, but once he saw the look on your face, his tone shifted to one of concern.  “Oh my god, you look terrible.  What’s goi-”

“I was raped…earlier tonight.”

The tone in the room immediately went dead, and everyone, even your roommate, was now looking at you in complete horror.  “Are…you sure?”

“Yes.  Please…do a test, anything, I just…please.”

Immediately, you were taken into a small room and the nurse asked you to remove your clothes, now only wearing a blue hospital gown.  She thanked you, saying they would be tested, and before long, the doctor came in, dead serious and exhausted.  “Okay,” she said, putting a package down on the small table next to you, “I’ve been told about your…situation, and I want you to know that I’m just here to help.”

You nodded slowly, legs still sandwiched tightly together.

“Now…the thing is, I’m going to need to collect some swabs.  It is not going to be very comfortable, but in order to determine what happened, it’s just what we have to do.  Got it?”

Again, you nod slowly.

“Now, we had to call law enforcement, so an officer’s on the way here.  You’re going to need to talk to them about any action you want to take before we can test these.  You understand?”

This time, you didn’t nod, and instead stared at the package, only now really second-guessing whether or not you were certain.

“Hey, I asked if you understood what I said.”

“Sorry,” you sputter, “I do.  Understand.”

“Good.”  The doctor took the swabs out of the packages, taking a thorough swab of each orifice and sealing them in their respective containers, labeling them after each swab.  “Now, once the officer gets here, you’re going to have to answer some questions.  Don’t be afraid, as long as you tell the truth, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Remember, we’re all just trying to do our job, and that job is helping you.”

One last time, you nod your head, muttering “thanks,” before the door opened, and in stepped a policeman, tall and slightly overweight, but with a pleasant look on his face.

“Good morning, officer.”  As she turned back to you, the doctor cracked a weak smile.  “Hey, you’re going to do great.  And if you need me, I’ll be just out in the hall.”

She walked out the door, closing it gently as the officer walked up to the side of the bed, biting his lip gently.  “Okay, I suppose we’d better not beat around the bush here.”  He grabbed a swivel chair from the desk, sliding it over with a squeaking sound.  ”Do you mind if I take a seat?”

You shook your head slowly, still curled up on the bed.

“Ok, thanks.  So, would you mind describing the incident as you remember it?”

For a moment, you hesitated, but then described everything you had experienced, save for one detail.  You made sure to describe a human attacker, claiming he climbed in through your window, held you down, and forced himself on you.  You also told him you had only woken up near the end, and once it was over, he left through the window you thought he came through.

Once you were finished, the officer had a clear look of concern on his face, and had even stopped writing in his notepad near the end of your story.  Finally, he nodded his head, standing up and walking to the door, opening it up and telling the doctor to come back in.  Once the door closed again, the officer took a deep breath before speaking.  “Okay, since this is a very serious crime we’re discussing, the first thing I want to ask is…are you prepared for the consequences of this test coming up negative?”

You nod your head, sniffing slightly.

“And if they come up positive…I presume you would like to press charges if we find the bastard who did it?”

Again, you nod your head slowly.

“Then I’ll send it in for testing.  It may not take long, but we might not get results for…maybe 2 weeks.”

As the officer spoke, you noticed a strange, whispering sound in your ear, too quiet to distinguish what it was saying, but eventually it began to drown out his speech, and you covered your ears, groaning as it started to become painful.  The Officer stopped talking, and asked you something, but though his mouth moved, you heard nothing beyond the screaming whispers.

Then, suddenly, you felt a squeezing force surrounding you, almost suffocating you, before you felt yourself thrown across the room, head-over-heels as your back collided with the wall.  Strangely, you didn’t fall to the floor, and through the bracing pain, you looked up, or where you perceived to be up, and saw a faint silhouette standing in front of you.  The doctor and policeman were both standing before you, eyes wide and mouths slightly open as they just stared, completely taken aback at what they were seeing.

You were still dazed from the impact, but what you saw clearly was the figure reaching out what looked like a hand, and that same paralysis came over you, but this time you found yourself still able to speak.  Hazily, you tried to ask for help, to get these two to pull you away from this entity, but they just stood there, almost frozen as the gown you wore was torn away.  Yet still, the doctor and officer remained standing, unchanged as the figure disappeared from your sight.

Your stomach churned as you felt your legs forced apart, and the phantom faded from your sight.  You let out a scream as the invisible dick thrust into you, fast and hard.  Like before, there was seemingly no resistance, yet the pain of your pussy walls being pushed apart was still vivid.  Your screams echoed through the room, but the two people in front of you did not react, did not move to help you, and just watched as you were violated over and over and over.

The doctor and policeman were completely stunned as they watched this girl in front of them being held in the air, seeing nothing in the room out of the ordinary.  Just this strange girl, floating in the air, her labia opening and closing rhythmically as if something were pushing in and out.  Their muscles were tensed, but try as they might, something held them, not just their limbs, but everything was frozen in place.  The only thing she could hear above the screams was a whisper, barely noticeable, but clear enough for her to understand. Whatever this being was, it wanted her to throw out those test kits.  The policeman, however, felt an immense fear growing in his heart, with no words being given to instruct him.  All he could gather is that this thing he couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, but could very clearly feel, was furious with him.

It didn’t last as long as the last time, but when the being seemed to be finished with you, you cringed and groaned as the warmth came back to your belly, much more than before.  Finally, you felt the force suspending you on the wall leave, and you tumbled down to the floor, shivering as the cold air started to get to you.  Now, and only now did you feel a hand on your shoulder, and the doctor’s voice, quivering and frightened, asked “What…what was that?”

Recoiling slightly, you looked up to see the policeman reaching out, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he grabbed the sheet off the bed, saying in a weak voice, “I…don’t know.”  He wrapped the sheet around you as best he could, and immediately backed away to the door, shaking his head slowly.  “I just…I have to get out of here.  I’m so sorry…I can’t stay.”

“HEY!  You can’t leave!  We need to…figure this out!”  The doctor was desperate, not just for answers, but to not be left alone with you in this room.

“I’m sorry, but whatever…that was…it wants me to leave.  I am…really sorry…”  As he apologized, his eyes immediately turned to you, and you could see the sorrow, the terror in his eyes, “but I have to go.”

As he walked out, there were a few nurses looking into the room around him as they passed, clearly confused from the screams they heard, but they couldn’t get too long a look before the doctor rushed to close the door.  She hesitated for a few seconds, then turned to face you, back pressed against the wooden door behind her.  “Look…I don’t know what’s going on with you…but can I at least ask you something?”

Slowly, you nod your head, curling up under the paper bed sheet.

“Do you have…any idea what just happened to you?”

A long, stagnant pause crawled by as you avoided looking her in the eye, and finally you managed to mutter “no…I didn’t know what was happening until tonight.”

The doctor looked away for a moment as the scratched her head, then she finally pushed off the door, coming over to you and kneeling down.  “Well…I think it’s a very good idea if…we get rid of those tests.  Whatever that was…it doesn’t want me…anyone, I’d imagine…helping you.”

Your heart sank as you heard her words, and though you were about to cry, beg for her not to abandon you, she seemed to know what you were about to say, and said quickly “I’m not telling you to deal with this yourself…but I’m just saying I can’t…interfere with whatever…it wants.  Just…here,” she grabbed a pen and paper, and scrawled something out before tearing it off and handing it to you.  “That’s my name and number.  If you need anything, just call me and I’ll try to help you through it.”

On the paper, you saw the name ‘Emily Huang,’ and after thanking her, and waiting for her to bring your clothes back, you left, going back to your apartment and going back to sleep.

You had woken up to that pain every night for the first couple days, and each time, you called Emily to ask her what to do.  She came over a couple of times, but she didn’t have much to offer besides one time bringing you a prescription to help with the pain.  After that, every day, you woke up to the feeling of something inside you, pushing in and out constantly, throughout the whole day, non-stop, save for the occasional moment where another spurt of warmth hit your stomach.  Even when Emily came over, the best she could do was make you comfortable.  You tried to go about your day, but eventually it hit you, and you collapsed on the floor in your bedroom, without even the energy to scream, to yell as it forced another orgasm out of you, and you laid there, in a constant state of sex-addled half-consciousness.

But then, for some reason you didn’t understand, it stopped.  You didn’t know how long it had been since it stopped, but eventually you awoke, laying in a pool of your own juices and the stink of sex permeating the room, but it was over.  Feeling your phone in your pocket, you took it out and called Emily, only to hear a ringing sound close by, and a weak snoring came from the side of the room.  Looking over, you saw, just waking up in a chair in the corner, Emily, wearing purple pajamas, groggily looking at her now-ringing phone.  “Oh,” she muttered, noticing you looking over at her, “Should have recognized the ringtone.”  After helping you carefully crawling off of the rubber sheet on the bed, she gave you some folded clothes and said, holding her nose, “Go, take a long-ass shower.  You deserve it.”

After a shower, she made tea and sat you down for a decent lunch, and you learned that, after not hearing from you for a few days, Emily had come over and found you, drenched and moaning, on your bedroom floor.  Knowing she couldn’t take you to a hospital, because people might try to stop it, she took you to her house, making sure you were at least taken care of.  You had been in that state for, as best you both could gather, 8 days, it hadn’t stopped when she fell asleep the previous night, and she was only asleep for around 5 hours.

“Either way, you’re at least awake again.”  As she spoke, Emily’s tone was clearly hesitant, but also a little bit satisfied.  “I don’t know what it means…but maybe it’s done with you?”

“I don’t know.  This has been going on for a few months.  I don’t know why it would just…leave.”

“I guess you’re right.”  Emily let out a long sigh as she put a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly.  “I think you had better stay here for a while, at least to figure out what the next step is.”

(I would like to be credited for this story)

Exo’s reaction to you flinching during an argument

Request:  hi i was hoping i could get exo’s and got7’s reactions to their s/o flinching during a fight due to a rather unpleasant past relationship?? (they thought they were gonna get hurt) (also i hope this doesn’t break the rules for requests!!)

*TRIGGER WARNING: Harmful Past relationship. Exo in no way harm you. 


This was your first real argument after he came back from tour in Hong Kong and you were beginning to doubt if you could handle his absence for so long. “Minseok, I come back to an empty house, empty bed, for months. You have the boys, the fans.” Minseok subconsciously steps towards you, his voice rising momentarily before you flinch quickly. He would freeze and feel his heart break, all arguments forgotten as he cautiously opens his arms for you. You’d run into his hug immediately and feel his hands soothingly rubbing your back, kissing the side of your head. Hours would pass as you both sat down and talked it out, past and future, promising to be there for each other. 

“Not all my relationships were as happy and loving as you Minseok…but I do love you”

“I would Never touch you like that. Ever.

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Junmyeon would come back to you after a very hard day of almost everything going wrong at SM. As he walked in late you jokingly complained “Junmyeon I can’t believe you made me wait longer for dinner” and he looked up at you frustrated, snapping “Look if I’m really that much of a burden, you should eat alone” before shame crashed through him at his words and your small step back. Junmyeon would immediately slowly approach you, hands up as his eyes filled, sighing in relief when you tucked your head into the crook of his neck and breathing your scent shakily in. He’d apologise in the softest voice, explaining his troublesome day but not excusing his treatment of you before you’d frame his face, showing your forgiveness.

“Junmyeon, you are not a burden. To me or anyone.”

“I’m so sorry jagi, I shouldn’t have snapped, I appreciate you completely.”

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Yixing and you rarely argued as you both trusted each other’s decisions and choices however it was the last straw for you when Yixing yet again pushed himself impossibly far and fainted. You’d plead with him “Baobei, please have a break, lighten your load! I cant take watching you get weaker!” but all Yixing could think of was the expectations of all those who supported him and his own determination. He would gesture to the side emotively as he argued back watching your eyes flicker to his hand and close. Sorrow filled him at your past, rushing to gather you up against his warm chest as his familiar voice calmly soothed and comforted you. Sitting you down and brushing your tears away, he swore he would watch his health.

“I never want you to feel like that again y/n. I will always be here for you.”

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Baekhyun being the cheerful, playful man he is would rarely have reason to argue with you but he can’t always be happy. It would be a day where he wakes up tired, too tired to put that warm smile on his face and you’d be aware of the sudden shift. Being 6 month into this relationship you’d be clueless on how to help, trying to make him laugh or cuddle him which would only cause him to groan “Can you just leave me alone for now.” as he began to push you aside with his long hands, making you curl into yourself. His usually bright eyes would widen at the sight and he would tentatively stroke over your back, speaking in hushed tones to relax you. He’d hold you on his lap for a long time as both of you find quiet contentment in one another.

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Jongdae is the member who always looks out for the others, and tries to look after them to his best ability. Walking in on a brewing argument between Jongdae and Junmyeon, you’d quickly step forward to break it up before something was said that would escalate the situation. Jongdae would shake your hand off his broad shoulder, frustrated and trying to get across how he felt a little taken for granted before Junmyeon took him by the shoulders to turn him towards you, looking down with your shoulders shaking. Junmyeon would quietly leave as Jongdae would realise how he had taken you for granted, repeating all the things he loved about you as he held your hands, smiling that unique grin that made your heart melt.

“I’m an idiot jagya, You’re always just trying to help. Thank you.” 

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You hadn’t meant to delete the track. Chanyeol always let you mess around and compose your own songs on his laptop, almost communicating with each other through music. Your finger had slipped and when Chanyeol came home and found out, he groaned loudly into his hands and berated you. When you told him what track it was, he stood up fast “The title track. You deleted the title track.”. You knew he hadn’t meant to but his height, usually endearing and clumsy, was intimidating when standing so fast, reminding you of your past. Lowering your head with your hands clenched you would feel his arms envelop you; murmuring into your hair how he’d just make another, that maybe you’d like help compose it.

“Please don’t feel intimidated jagiya, Let’d have some hot chocolate, then we can start our song.”

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Kyungsoo is another who wouldn’t argue often, being very self aware and introspective. However when he told you of the news of his new romantic drama and the possibility of a heated scene, you were happy for him but couldn’t help that insecurity that welled up. You’d quietly say “Please don’t… what if she’s perfect for you”.Kyungsoo would bring his large hand up to bring you into him to reassure you but seeing you back away quickly at his hand cause his face to fall, his heart to fill as he held up his hands to wait for when you were ready to be held by him. Seeing each other’s misunderstanding would bring you into a long hug, his hands smoothing down your waist gently. 

“You are the only one I’d imagine. I promise you that.”

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Jongin would be frustrated at how reluctant you were to go public. He would perfectly understand your cautiousness and apprehension but when he sat you down with a picnic and ask softly again you could only softly refuse. You’d feel awful but the thought of all the cameras, the invasion of privacy, you just couldn’t. Dragging his rich brown hair back in confusion, he replied sharply “It’s not about that, its about showing the world it’s you I love, in order for us to move forward!”. Hearing only his sharp tone, you’d drop your head, leaning away before his soft hands tilted your face gently up to look into his calm brown eyes, his small cheek dimple on display as he smiled reassuringly at you.

“Okay y/n we’ll do this on your time, I’ll wait with you.”

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This argument happened after Sehun noticed how much you liked to hang out with his hyungs. He trusted you and them completely, he knew how much you loved him just as you knew how much he loved him. The issue was that you would tease him about being younger, being the maknae with them. So today he would snap, angrily telling you “If i’m so young, such a baby, why’re you even here. I’m 23.” You’d avoid his eyes, immediately making yourself smaller. Sehun would instantly curse himself at his temper, sitting down and coaxing you to cuddle him on the sofa. You understood where his annoyance came from and promised him he was very much someone you respected and loved. 

“I mean, I admit I can be childish…but not all the time…”

“You’re the most loyal, caring and genuine man i know Sehun.”

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Admin C- I hope this is what you wanted Anonnie! ! It’s certainly more angsty but I feel all the members would be comforting in their own ways.  If you liked this please feel free to come request more.

Sweet Tooth: Part One

A/N: Okay so I’m happy you guys seemed to like this idea as much as I do. Let’s see where this takes us. In the movie I don’t think they ever mention Lance’s hometown, but I’ve always freaking LOVED Oregon and I figured he might as well be from one of the prettiest places in the country. Oh and in this story Lance isn’t a pedophile who fucks his gymnasts okurrr?

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: This story is going to have some very colorful language, this is Lance Tucker after all.

Summary: Lance Tucker has come back to his hometown with his ego bruised and his look on life more tainted then ever. When he runs into Y/N; a vibrant plus size woman he went to high school with at her bakery ‘Cake Faced’, he leaves the shop with the taste of sugar on his lips and a hunger that has nothing to do with the cupcakes


Everything’s too green.

He’s still trying to re-acclimate his eyes, his corneas still tender to the vivid shades. There was no colors like this back in LA; where he had happened to spend the last decade or so of his life. He missed the blur, the sea of muted tones and bright lights that came with living in the big city.

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She’s A Devil Between The Sheets (Harry Styles Smut One Shot)

This wasn’t requested but I had inspiration to write this one because of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! Sorry I got a little carried away, sorry if its abit long, but enjoyed every second of writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any requests let me know and ill get back to you asap. Enjoy! -K

Warnings: Extra smut

Word Count: 10K

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

“Babe your phone is ringing” I heard Harry shout from the living room downstairs as I was putting my skirt over my legs, getting ready for the stressful day ahead. Well not really a physical stressful day, just emotional. Last week I had flew over to New York to meet with the owner and producers of Victoria Secret to talk about me walking this year. I worked so hard to get to this point, and to even be asked to come down and have a meeting with them was a big thing let alone actually getting picked. But I know for a fact I wont get picked, I’m not like the rest of the models. They are all like six feet tall, skinny. Its just not me.

I quickly ran down the stairs to grab my phone, which Harry had at hand at the bottom of the stairs. “Hello?” I jumped onto the couch tummy first, leaning on my elbows listening to my manager greeting me back. “Hey so I have some good news, the producers of the Victoria fashion show wants you back into the casting room in New York” “What again? I’m literally just back” “Well they want you back, you must of done something right Y/N” A slight giggle came from her mouth as I sat there not knowing what to reply back. “I’ve cancelled your stuff for the week and ill pick you up in a few hours to head to the airport, okay?” “Yeah sure ill see you soon” I hung up the phone and threw it behind me on the sofa. “Who was that?” “It was my manager, Ed Razek and Monica Mitro from Victoria Secret want me to come back to their casting studio like as soon as, Claire is coming to lift me in a few hours to go there and see what they want to say” Harry’s face lit up in pure excitement. “Y/N that is really good news, your going to be a angel” He quickly ran over to the sofa beside me, lifted my arms up to make me stand and grabbed my waist, pulling me off of the sofa. “Harry I haven’t got it, its just to talk or something” I giggled as he continued to dance me around the living room. “Y/N, c’mon, they would be pure idiots if they didn’t cast you. Plus, if you walk you’ll be with me, and you know how I love you wearing sexy underwear”

He grabbed my waist pulling me into him while he attacked my neck, giving me goose bumps all over. Harry is performing in this years show in Shanghai and he’s been excited ever since I had met them the first time to talk about walking. Harry was going to turn it down because he found women walking around in their underwear in front of the whole world very objectifying. The only reason why he accepted was because its really good publicity for his music, so it was a no brainer. But when I told him that I was being considered he was ecstatic, he couldn’t of been more excited to have someone there with him, and that he wanted to see practically naked.

“Harry your going to be singing, not judging. You should be concentrating on your singing. Besides you’ll be eyeing up all of the ladies anyway, I wouldn’t judge you” “Y/N your insane, yeah I will be looking at them because they are there, but ill not be looking at them the way I look at you when your dressed like that, fuck” His breathing got deeper with the thought of me dressing like that. His hands went straight to my bum like a magnet and clutched it, giving it a quick smack making me moan into him. “H don’t start something you cant finish, I have to start packing” I pushed his chest away from me and looked up at his grin growing on his lips. “I’m defiantly going to finish what I started” He grabbed at my waist yet again and lifted me over his shoulder making me yelp in surprise. “Harry put me down” I screamed with pure laughter rising within my chest as he walked up the stairs. “I’m just going to help you pack, after I’m finished with you”

Once I got off of the plane of course it was a media frenzy, trying to get the best picture of me, but I wasn’t having it. I wrapped my scarf around my face as I walked/ran down to get into my car to head to meet the producers. I’ve never felt so nervous in my entire life, this is such a big deal for me. I just hope that I done as much as I could do.

“Y/N, so nice to see you again” Monica Mitro, the main producer of the show, came over to greet me when I walked into the studios. As I made my way to her I was looking round at all of the drawings and planograms for the show. Looking the other way I seen the outfits on the manikins all ready for the show. “Thank you so much for coming back, I know you just landed back in London when you got our call” “No not at all, its fine” She wrapped her arms around me in a warm embrace as I tried to hold back my nervous shaking in my body. “So the reason why we brought you back is because we want to see you walk for us again. All of the models are so outstanding this year and we are having such a hard time deciding who to choose, so we wanted to make sure that we were picking the right people. I hope we haven’t put you through a lot of bother bringing you back?” “No no, honestly I would give up anything to be here so don’t worry” We both giggled as we walked to the dressing room. “So at this point it doesn’t really matter about what underwear your wearing, so you can wear your own that you have on or we have simple thong and bra’s here if you want to have a little nosey through them. We will be waiting in the casting room. Don’t panic about us and just enjoy it. Pretend your walking that stage and you strut your stuff” Her grin was contagious looking back at me. “No problem, thank you Monica”

I took off my clothes and looked at my underwear that I had on, baby blue with silver diamonds on the underside of the bra. Its perfectly fitting for this audition, if that’s what you would even call it. I quickly flipped my hair across my shoulders making sure it looked sexy, even though it was just pure jetlag hair. One of the stylists on the set gave me a pair of stiletto heels to match my undies. Lets hope I don’t fall with them on, that would be the biggest nightmare of my life. I pulled the curtain back and walked straight into the casting room, which had around 30 people with cameras and clipboards, with Monica and Ed sitting beside a desk. As I walked in everyone’s eyes were on me until I stood right in front of the two producers. Oh god. Panic and nerves set heavy in my chest as I couldn’t take my eyes off of every single person in this room. “Okay Y/N whenever your ready” Ed stated while he leaned onto the deck with his elbows resting on the marble surface. I gave them a quick smile and turned around to make my way to the back of the room. My mind was racing 100 miles an hour, thinking of all the things that could go wrong within these crucial minutes. I suddenly thought of Harry, and remembering when I was practising the first time at home. Just think that your walking for Harry, c’mon Y/N you can do this. The small prep talk gave me a sudden release of confidence and I turned around facing the VS team. I started walking down, swinging my hips with my hands on them. When I made my way to the end of the walk, I gave my most cheesy grin and posed the way Harry thought was the sexiest way, pulling my waist to the side I gave them a smile, wink and blew them a kiss and strutted my way back to the back of the room with pure sass and attitude in it. I know I went over the top, but that’s the only way they will even consider me.

A round of applause came from the bottom of the room as I made my way down to the desk and audience in front. My face turned a pink shade with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement emotions running through me. “Y/N that was brilliant” Monica gushed as the claps in the room started to die down. “What are you doing on the 20th of November?” My smile gushed to my face knowing what he meant. “Nothing I guess” I giggled looking at them in complete shock. “How would you like to walk for us?” “No way, are you serious?” My body just crouched down to the ground with my hands wrapped around my face, again in complete shock. “Oh my gosh yes of course I will, thank you so much” I got up and made my way over to them and gave them a hug. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. “Your different than the rest of the models Y/N. You stand out, and that’s what we look for in this fashion show, originality. Walk just like that and the cameras wont take their lenses off of you, good job” “You have a month to rehearse and get ready, which you don’t need anyway, your a natural” “Thank you so much I cant explain what this means to me” I couldn’t let go of both of them, tears coming down my face, I’m on cloud 9 right now. “Now you can go tell Harry, I’m sure he will be ecstatic that your walking with him” “I cant wait to tell him, thank you so much” I ran out of the casting room and jumped right on Claire, my manager. “I’m walking Claire I’m walking” I shouted as her face lit up. “Didn’t I tell you that you could do it” “Yes oh my god I need to ring Harry and tell him the good news”

I quickly ran into the changing rooms where my phone was hidden in my coat pocket and quickly dialled his number with my hands shaking with pure excitement. “Hey beautiful, how did it go?” “Hey Harry, I’m walking, I’m fucking walking I cant believe it” “Your lying” “No I’m dead serious, this is actually happening H” “Y/N I’m so proud of you baby girl, you done it. Now we can go together, this is going to be so fun. I have to go sweetie, I’m in the middle of rehearsals for x factor tonight. When are you coming home?” “I’m coming home tonight, so ill see you in like 8 hours” “Okay baby ill see you soon, love you” “Okay, have a good show, love you too” I hung up the phone and ran to get changed. This is going to be the longest month of my life

**1 month later**

“C’mon Y/N were going to be late for our flight” I was rushing round and making sure that I was packing everything that I needed before I left. I didn’t wanna forget anything, this is the biggest thing that is happening in my career and I want it to go smoothly without any problems. “I’m coming H” I had a final look around the bedroom making sure I had everything and walked out to meet him in the car that was lifting us to bring us to the airport.

Once we got to the airport there was nothing but paps, reporters and fans waiting for us at the entrance. Once it came out the line up for the models and performers, social media went crazy for us two being there at the same time. Fans, radio stations, even Ellen had mentioned it on her show, I didn’t even think it was a big deal that I was walking when my boyfriend was performing. But yet again who’s boyfriend is Harry Styles? “You okay?” Harry brought me out of my panicked state and I looked straight at him. “Yeah of course I am baby” I lifted my hand and placed it on one of his hands, squeezing it a little. I knew that Harry could read through me, he knew how I was feeling. “Look babe I know you don’t like the paps and a lot of media but this event is what its about. No matter where we go in the next few days that’s all that’s going to be in our faces. I love you and I wont let anyone hurt you or do anything, but you just have to go out there and not let them bother you and walk as if their not there. At the end of the day we have bodyguards there to help us get through. If anyone says anything to you just brush it off and don’t reply back to them. Just make sure you get through to security without any problems. But don’t worry ill be right behind you, okay love?” His eyes never leaving mine, he takes my hand in his two. “Yeah okay, just don’t let go of my hand, please” “Of course I wont Y/N/N” All of a sudden our door swung open and we both walked out of the car. As soon as we walked not even 10 feet, we were bombarded with fans and paps, literally right in out faces. But I did what H said and just put my head down and rushed through the crowd of people who were screaming our names. No matter how many times I go out with Harry in public, I’m still not used to this whole thing. But I will have to be if I wanna be with him forever, because that’s the way its going to be I guess.

Once we got onto the plane and sat down, I took a massive sigh as relief rushed through me. Harry came and sat beside me and I placed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in closer to him as I quickly went into a deep sleep. This is probably going to be the only calm moment were going to have for the next few days, so I’m making the most of it. The smell of him making me feel so much comfort, no matter where I go I always feel at home with him. And I hope he feels the same way.

The plane had landed a lot quicker than I had wanted it to be, even though the flight was 11 and a half hours long. “Babe c’mon we have to go” “But Harry I don’t wanna get out just yet, I wanna sleep” “I know babe, the time difference is crazy, but we have no time to sleep, were already late, lets go” Harry’s voice more stern and his grasp on my arms tighter as he dragged me out of the chair and brought me to the door of the plane. I was so shocked to see that there was no paps or fans waiting out in the airport for us, thank god I thought. “So the plan is you are going straight to the stadium to try on your outfits and go through the line ups, and then your going to a Victoria Secret dinner with all the models and directors of the show. Then your going straight to bed quite early, you’ll need as much sleep as you can get cuz you have to get up at half 5 to do your promo and a lot of rehearsals” Claire was listing off the schedule on her paperwork as me and Harry was grabbing our luggage from the conveyer belt in the airport. “Wow, okay, so I guess ill not see you until tonight when I come to the hotel room” I looked at harry giving him the cutest puppy eyes I know that he loves. “I know babe but it’ll be worth it seeing everything and knowing what you need to do, you’ll love the experience for sure” He grinned as we were putting our luggage into the back of the car, harry helping with mine of course. “Y/N your coming with me” Claire raised her voice when I turned around to face her, seeing her getting into a different car. “Wait, can I say bye to Harry?” “C’mon be quick” She yelled as she was getting into the car waiting for me. “Babe you go ahead before she drags you into the car” Harry smirked looking at the car then back at me. “I love you, ill text you later when I get a chance yeah?” “Course babe” He answered as he pulled me in for a quick but deep kiss. I ran towards the car and got in. I never took my eyes off Harry as the car drove off to the stadium, I miss him already.

Once I entered the stadium there was nothing but people and lights and even more people. It was all like a dream, I thought to myself that this is going to be the best week of my entire life. I cant wait to get started. One of the stylist came over to me and shook my hand. His name was Olivier, he is the owner of Balmain which is based in France, and has designed the pieces for the clothing line. “Hello Y/N very nice to meet you, i’ve heard and seen a lot of you recently, I cant wait to see you walk in my clothing” “Its lovely to meet you too Olivier, I know all about you, I follow you and your fashion everywhere, I’m such a huge fan” “Thank you very much I’m so glad you like my work, its good to see the models enjoying my clothes and want to wear them, that’s what makes this job worth while you know” We both laughed and he brought to a different room that had all of the clothing ready to be tried on. We walked to a specific piece of clothing on the stand, which was absolutely breath taking. It had a very rock n roll meeting sexy innocent girl vibe. It had a black silk bra with silver studs around the pads and the Victoria secret logo underneath, with the same material on the hot pants. He had matched it with a spiked silver necklace, thigh high laced boots, and to top it off, a metal designed leather jacket with the Victoria Secret logo placed on the back of it. It was absolutely amazing looking at all the pieces put together. “When I was looking at all of the models polaroid’s on the table a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to pair this look with some of the models, but I couldn’t find the perfect person that would suit this. But when I seen you I thought that you were the perfect person to wear this piece, so I want you to wear this” “But Olivier, this is a big piece in your clothing line, you normally give this to Cara Delevigne or Bella Hadid to wear because the always lead the show?” “Well I feel like your going to be the eye of the show this year, and I want you to wear it” He took my hand and grasped it into his. “No way, oh my goodness this is amazing, I would be honoured, thank you so much” I said as I looked towards the eye catching bit of clothing. “So lets try it on”

Harry’s POV
I sat here in the hotel room, for once not doing anything at all, which made me feel out of place, like I felt like I had to do something. I got up and rang one of my friends that joined us on this trip to see If he wanted to meet up for a walk around Shanghai, to take in the city. I never really get around the cities that I’m in when I’m working in them so this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

We walked around the nature part of Shanghai when we heard a lot of screaming coming from behind us, when I realised that no one had actually found out that I was already here because we were playing it on the down low. Me and Ben ended up staying here for a good hour going through each girl, taking pictures, signing books and my album. It was nice that I could take my time with each person and talk to them. I soon realise that it was time for some dinner before I went to lift Y/N from the models dinner. Me and Ben got some food sent to the hotel room. I couldn’t really be bothered going out for something to eat, I was just too exhausted. “So Harry, you excited for tomorrow?” Ben asked as she was stuffing his face with vegetable noodles. “You know what? I’m actually nervous. I don’t really know what to expect. I mean I know its girls walking around me in their underwear, and for most guys that’s their dream come true. But for me I just cant wait to get it over with, I never wanted to do it from the beginning” “Really, man as you said anyone would kill for to do that” “The only thing that’s getting me by is knowing that Y/N is walking around me, she always makes me feel so comfortable and she just makes me feel at home no matter where we are” I smiled looking down at my food, which I had no appetite for just thinking about Y/N and how lucky I am to have her. “Speaking of Y/N, how is things between you two?” “It honestly couldn’t be better, I sometimes look at her, if its when were out for dinner, out with friends, or even if its just her lying in our bed with no makeup on and she’s reading a book, and just think to myself how did I get so lucky to have her” I couldn’t whack the smile off of my face if I tried to. “Man you’ve got it bad, its good to see you happy though” “Yeah she’s defiantly the one for me. You know when you know I guess”

Me and Ben were just sitting talking about random shit when I realised it was time for me to get Y/N to bring her back to the hotel for a good nights rest. If anything I just cant wait to get into bed and cuddle her to sleep. When I got into the car I sped off to the entrance of the stadium and waited for her to come out. It didn’t take long until her face was in sight, looking out for me. I dooted the horn to make her look my way. She smiled and ran her way over to the car and got in beside me. “Hey baby how was it?” “It was the best day of my life so far I cant believe it” “I thought the best day of your life was meeting me?” I quickly frowned at her, with a chuckle rising from her chest. “No babe in my career, silly boy” She pushed her fingers through my hair and brought it down to my thigh giving it a squeeze. She better not start this, she knows the way I get when she touches me there. “We had done the dress rehearsal and after they were so impressed with me that they asked me to open and close the show” Her smile was so contagious when she was staring at me, just pure happiness radiating off of her. “Baby that is amazing I’m so proud of you baby girl” I pulled her towards me and gave her the biggest hug I could and gave her a quick peck, I never like giving too much pda in front of people because I always like to keep certain things between us. I know were not having sex or anything around other people, but there is always certain things you like to keep to yourself you know. “Thank you sweetie” She smiled up at me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of my girl. “Oh my god it just hit me, guess who’s opening and closing the show also?” “No way, are you kidding?” “No I’m performing kiwi and only angel at the start and at the end, not sure what order though but that’s all I know so far” “Harry that is amazing, I cant wait to see your face when I walk, I think it’ll be the only thing that will calm down my nerves” She said with a sigh of relief to it. “I think It will be the only thing that will calm my nerves knowing that your going to come out on stage with me too” I sunk my head into the side of her face and I whispered “It will maybe make me feel abit more excited too while your there, I don’t know what your going to wear but I know for a fact it will be something that I cant wait to take off later” Her eyes lit up as she smacked my harm harshly. “Harry, your so horny recently what’s gotten into you?” “You”

We finally arrived at the hotel and we made our way up to the hotel room. Once Y/N got to the bed she flung herself onto it and made a groaning noise. “Thank god that day is over, it was such a long day. Everyone was everywhere and there was so many people looking me at the one time I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Don’t get me wrong I loved every second of it, but it was just so draining” I sat down beside her and placed my hands on her back, massaging her shoulder blades a little, receiving a little moan in return. “Love I know how you feel. Its the same when I’m on tour. One person wants me on stage to make sure that the lighting is right, then Lou wants me over to try on some looks, then my vocal coach is with me at all times checking my voice. It’s all just an adrenaline atmosphere, but you do get used to it after a while. I know this isn’t your true job, but this event will defiantly get you into modelling if that’s what you really wanna do” “Yeah it is, but signing is my natural calling I guess” “Well you can use both, sing for Balmain’s events” I chuckled at my own joke and Y/N turned around on her back, lifting her arms up to lean on her elbows looking at me in awe. “You can do anything you put your mind to, love. If you really want something, do it. Because I know that you can do it.  No matter what you wanna do ill be routing for you, you know that right?” I sighed as I looked down at her sleepy eyes, rubbing her stomach in small circles. “Yeah of course H, I love you so much” She brought herself up to me and gave me such a passionate kiss. The kiss quickly deepened as she quickly jumped on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist, her hands trailing up my chest and into my hair. A small groan came from within me as my hands went straight to her tight bum, my dick twitching in my jeans when she started to grind up and down on me. “Baby you need your rest, you’ve got a big day ahead” I quickly let go of her lips to look up at her. Her face just full of lust, her emotion right now was pure desperation and need. She wanted me and I never ever turn her down, but under these circumstances she needs her rest. Even though I’m trying my best to contain my hard on in my jeans underneath her grinding on me. “Baby please, I’m just so stressed and horny, please just really quick” Her body still pulling and pushing against me, this woman pure tortures me. I flipped her over so she was lying on the bed, and I was hovering over her. “The things you do to me woman, its a good job I love you” Her face went a state of confusion at my statement, oh shit that came out wrong. “Do you not want to have sex with me?” My face was emotionless as I looked at her reaction, which was pure hurt in her eyes, the lust slowly draining out. “No no babe that came out wrong, I meant to say that I would do anything to make you happy, even though I want it too and I know you need your rest” “Just shut up and kiss me” She giggled as she pushed my head down to meet her lips and she immediately sucked on my bottom lip, she knows that gets me going. Her hands diverted straight to my jeans, unbuckling the belt within seconds. Fuck she must really want me. Such a turn on. Her hands went underneath them and my under and started to rub at the base of my dick, which made me leak instantly. I couldn’t hold in my moans as they escaped into her mouth. “Fuck” I mumbled when I decided to take my lips away from hers and took my clothes off so I was naked in front of her with my dick hitting off of my lower abdomen. She decided to take off her tiny little dress, her bra and knickers being pooled to the floor beside the bed and she just lay there, waiting for me. Fuck this is so hot. “Well what are you waiting for? Are you guna fuck me or not?” Her giggles filled the hotel room when her hands started to roam around her body until they got lower and her fingers started to roam around her slick little pussy, rubbing her clit. The pleasure ran through out her entire body while she was rubbing herself, which again made my dick twitch. I couldn’t waste anymore time and I took my dick and rubbed it on her clit, teasing the shit out of her. “Don’t tease me please Harry” Her pleads ran over her lips as she looked at me in the way that she always does when she wants something, especially when she wants my dick ramming into her. I forced myself into her with ease because she was so wet. “Jesus Y/N your soaking for me, fuck” I mumbled into her ear when I leaned down to give myself more balance to ram into her harder. I reached down to grab her legs and pulled them over my lower back and pulled her pelvis as close as she could get to reach deeper into her. Now that she is on the pill I can finally feel her without a condom, and it is like euphoria. The way she feels around me makes me cum in seconds. “Aw so warm, soft, so tight for me baby” Her moans got louder and quicker by the second when her orgasm was getting closer and closer. “Harry, fuck, I’m cumming” I love when she cums really hard, she just clenches around me, pulls the cum straight out of me, so hot. Her hips started to shake uncontrollably which made me have to hold them down with my hands. A loud scream whelped out of her voice as she came around me. My high was coming just as she finished, ramming into her harder. “Fuck, I’m filling you baby, I’m filling you oh god” I moaned just as I was cumming, spurting my load straight into her. Both of out sighs filled the room when we finished. When I pulled out of her my cum started to ooze out of her tiny hole, which I then got up and walked to the bathroom to get toilet paper to wipe her clean. “Look at you looking after me, such a gentleman” “Well I cant have my cum making you all dirty” As I pulled the toilet paper around her she winced with the sensitivity of her clit. “Sorry, love” “Its alright, just come to cuddle with me will you?” “Course I will babe” I threw the tissue paper into the bin beside us and got in, pulling her body into mine and resting my head on her waist. “Thank you” She mummered as her eyes tiredly closed. “For what?” “Fucking me until my stress went away” She giggled beaming down at me. “That’s what I’m here for, to help you de-stress” She quickly fell asleep which I joined, its going to be a hell of a day tomorrow.

The hours of sleep felt like minutes when the alarm went off at half 6 in the morning. This is the day of the show and I am beyond excited. The feeling going through me was hard to explain, nerves, excitement, abit of everything I suppose. “Harry, get up” I poked at his back every second to get him out of his deep sleep. I felt so bad that he had to get up with me. He looked so comfortable and peaceful just lying there. I could have looked at him forever. “Okay I’m up, I’m up” His puffy eyes looked directly onto mine while I ran my fingers through my hair. “The car is coming in like half an hour so I’m guna go shower and all that stuff, then we should be ready to go” “Okay ill shower after, don’t be too long now, I know what your like” I sniggered whilst I got up to get ready.

Once we got into the stadium it was all fully ready for the show, the lights sitting perfectly, the names of the important guests stuck onto their seats, the décor looking 10 out of 10, I just cant wait to get up on stage. We were all gathered to the stage for a prep talk which Harry wasn’t apart off. At this point he was getting ready for to do his rehearsal sound check. “Okay ladies we only have a couple of hours to go until the big event. I hope everyone got a good rest last night.” The thought of last nights events running through my head was turning my mouth into a small grin, I wish we had more time last night, I was still so horny for him. But hopefully after today he will wanna go all night. “So the plan is were going to run through the performance one more time, then your going to do your hair and makeup, then your going to do some press interviews, Snapchat updates etc. Then the show will start. Y/N is opening and closing this year for the first time so Y/N the pressure is on you my lovely” All of the girls started to laugh and I joined in. Thanks for making me feel better about it Monica. “Harry is performing the opening song with kiwi, then Miguel is up, then Jane Zhang, then Leslie Odom, then Harry is closing the show. So there is plenty of time for you girls to walk then change, there is like 11 songs altogether so it shouldn’t be a problem. Then after the show you’ll be getting a lot of pictures for the class of 17. Then you’ll do more press, and then it’ll be the after party so you’ll need more glam and change your outfit of course. SO you guys have a lot ahead of you today, but just enjoy it and have fun. Good luck ladies” We all started to cheer and clap our hands while Monica walked off of backstage. All of us gushed to the dressing room to get everything set up and all glammed up.

A few hours later and I was all done with my glam. I hadn’t seen harry from this morning when I arrived, knowing the whole day is pure hectic, I would have liked to have seen him before the show started. But its still early days yet I guess. I put on my robe and walked towards Karlie Kloss which was standing there with Bella Hadid. “Hey Y/N girl how are you feeling?” Bella greeted me with a hug when she asked me. I also gave Karlie a quick hug and looked back at Bella. “I’m so excited its beyond words, but also terrified. Like if I fall or do anything it will be seen all around the world. A lot of people tune into see this. Its a lot of pressure” I awkwardly giggle to them. “Don’t think of it like that, just think that your going out there for a photoshoot or something and your having fun on set like you always do when you with us. You’ll be fine once you get up there” “Thanks girlies” Random photographers were coming up and taking pictures of us talking which is something I have never had done before. “This is a weird kind of photography” I laughed to the girls as I saw them taking photos of everyone and anyone apart of the show. “Yeah that’s what they do, they like to capture the moment without having to act fake in front of the camera, they like to take photos in the moment which I think is a good concept. It takes pictures of the energy and excitement of the whole day in the room” Bella explains as she is looking towards a lot of the photographers. “Yeah I guess that’s a really good idea, you would never even think about that” “Okay we have to on ahead to do abit of press interviews, wanna join?” Karlie asked as the started to put on their pink robes. “Sure”

Going through all of the media interviews and being asked the same questions all the time is very exhausting, all of which is about Harry, of course. “So Y/N are you excited to be with Harry when he performs for the first time on the big event?” “Of course, he isn’t used to an event that is as big as this one to be performing on it, its a good way to promote the album and I think that he will enjoy it” “And this is your very first fashion show how are you feeling?” “I’ve been so nervous this past week but now that its here I cant wait to get on the stage and start the show, it’ll be an amazing day. Especially wearing Olivier’s new clothing line is so exciting for him. He’s always wanted to work with Victoria Secret and now its here, its a very big moment for him today and I’m so proud of how far he has came” “Thank you Y/N have a good show” “Thank you, wish me luck, ill need it” I walked away back into the dressing room, sighing at the fact that the media interviews is done. I never liked that part of any event, especially at award shows. Its not something I’m very confident with.
“Okay so we have half an hour until the show starts so everyone into your outfits. Y/N your starting off in your grey and blue outfit first so make sure that your ready in 15 minutes” The first outfit I was wearing was a grey lacy bra and underwear with a silk material running down my arms, attached to them with diamond bracelet like jewellery around it.

I stood looking out at the side of the stage off all the photographers sitting all around, with fans sitting in the background, and I couldn’t even see the ending of the stadium it was that big. Seeing all of this now finally hit me, I now feel like anxiety kicking in. I seen Harry making his way over to me, eyeing me up and down. “Y/N you look absolutely stunning baby girl, cant wait to see you out there” He gave me a quick kiss and walked back to the side of the stage where he was going to enter out of. “Good luck babe I love you” I shouted as she turned around and faced me giving me a cheeky grin. The music started filling the stadium and I knew it was my queue to go in like a few minutes. “Okay Y/N get ready, your heading out in 10 seconds” A lot of people was working with my hair and fixing my tiara on my head. The crew ran off to the side of the stage and the doors started to open. Oh no what have I done. The screams of fans grabbed my attention and Harry’s instrumental part of Kiwi playing as I started walking out. Thinking about the way I walked in my audition was the only thing I could think of in that moment in time. I quickly raised my hands up so the silky material was waving at my sides as I was walking to the end of the stage. I stopped and pushed my hip out to the side and started to smile. I blew a kiss to the camera and made my way back, walking with pure sass in my hips. My smile couldn’t wash off of my face when I seen Harry coming walking onto the stage and he stood watching me walking towards him. His baby blue Gucci suit uncoincidentally matched my first outfit, and my god he looked so good in it. As I walked past him I blew him a kiss and he sent a wink my way, touching my arm as he started to sing the first line of the song.

As the show went on I went out a few times with the first outfit on. I was defiantly feeling more comfortable every time I walked out onto the stage. I was dancing to the different songs as I walked out, getting into the beat of the songs, which is what a lot of the other models were doing too so I didn’t want to look like I wasn’t having fun.

It came to the end of the show and Harry had changed into a different suit. A black suit with a pink shirt on underneath. Yummy. I had changed into Olivier’s outfit which looked amazing on me I have to say. Once Harry started singing Only Angel I couldn’t wait to get back out and walk around him singing. When I seen him perform it was always him by himself, and I always wanted to get up beside him and dance with his songs. This time I can actually do it and I couldn’t wait. Half way through the song I came out, and I was the first thing that Harry laid his eyes on as I walked past him. I could feel eyes burning into my stomach, radiating through out my body. I again stood at the end of the stage laughing at the camera as I done my poses. I walked back and again blew Harry a kiss while his voice was running right threw my ears. It came to the end of the song and I came walking out again, by myself. I walked to the end of the stage yet again and started to sing the lyrics and I then turned around to show the Victoria Secret logo on the back of the jacket. I stuck my bum out and moved it to the beat of the song, then turned around to stand in the middle of the stage and waited for the rest of the angels to come out to join me on stage to close the show. At this point Harry’s song had finished, and he was waiting for the rest of the singers to come out and he made his way into the middle of us. Of course he moved himself so he was standing next to me, applauding all of us as we applauded them. He was trying so hard not to look down at me because the media would take a picture in that split second and sell it to the media so he tried not to throw something out that people would report. They are doing enough reporting as it is about us being out here let alone anything else, which is understandable. We started to walk back to the backstage area once it was all finished and the class of 17 pictures were taken, I’m just glad its over now.

Harrys POV
Thank god the show is over, I actually had never felt so nervous doing a performance before, but this one was different. There was million upon millions of people watching this live so I kind of had to make sure that my voice was perfect. Another thing that was perfect was my girlfriend. She done the show so well, you would think she had been doing it for years. She looked sexy as hell. Through out my performance all I could think of was taking her back to the hotel and fucking her brains out. Once it got to the end of the show we all walked out and I went straight to Y/N. She looked so drained but still gorgeous. At least now I can take a look at her in her outfit, fuck she looked sexy. Her gaze was on one of the models, talking her life away as usual. “Y/N” I shouted to get her attention. Her gaze set on me and she quickly ran to me giving me the biggest hug and a kiss. “Harry you did so well I’m so proud of you” “I’m so proud of you, you looked really good out there” “Thank you H” Her lips retrieved back to mine for a quick peck. I pulled her head to my lips and whispered “Can you keep the underwear that you wore on stage, would love to see you do a walk for me tonight” “Maybe I will, just for you” her eyes grew a lust again, she is still horny from last night, I know she is. She’s always craving my cock even in public, I love it. “Right guys its press then the after party, so ladies lets get changed and lets go and get drunk” We all cheered at Ed as he walked off again. “Okay well I’m going to go and get changed and ill see you at the after party yeah? I shouldn’t be too long” “Wait are you not doing press?” “I done it before I went on so I don’t have to do it now” She smiled. Smart thinking my girl has. “Well you better make sure you take that baby blue undies home with you.” “Don’t worry I will”

A few hours passed and I was standing talking to Alessandra and her daughter when I seen Y/N make her way into the room, holy fuck. She was wearing a black cut out dress. It had a slit up the side and it had half of her body exposed with a bra top which faded into a full crop top on the other side of her body. She had her hair tied in a messy bun up so show the turtle neck finish on the dress. Could this girl get any sexier. She made her way to Bella to talk to her. “Sorry I’m going to be really rude but Y/N just walked in and I haven’t seen her for a while, do you mind if I go over?” “No not at all Harry, it was so nice to see you” “And you, have a good night” I replied and walked on to meet Y/N standing with my back to me. “Excuse me my lady but would you like a drink of your choice?” I tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around with Bella looking towards me. “ Harry you scared the living death out of me” She giggled as she looked straight back at me. That laugh. I could listen to that laugh every day. “I can see that you liked the blue suit better then H” I quickly changed my suit back to the baby blue one because I love the colour of it, plus it made me looked tanned and ripped so why not. “It looks good babe, like really good” Her hands made their way down my arms to my forearms and squeezing them lightly. “What do you say we get out of here early” “Sounds like a good plan baby girl” A hour or so later we left to our hotel to get some ‘rest’. We told the guests that we were too jetlagged and tired to stay any longer, what a good way out.

We walked into the kitchen part of the hotel and immediately decided to take my shoes off. Wearing heels all day isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. “Did you have a good day love?” Harry asked as he was standing near me, eyeing up my body. “Yes it was the best day, just glad all the madness is over now though” I pushed my hair back from the bun and pulled it through my fingers, loosening the curls slightly. “So…” he sighed, taking another step closer to me. He’s suddenly in front of me, brushing against me and looking down at me with lust in his eyes. “What are we going to do now?” “Mmm, I think I have a rough idea” I pulled hard on the nape of his neck and pulled him into a forceful kiss. He returns the kiss immediately, his hands finding my waist as my fingers tangle through his hair, just the way he likes it. He steps forward and pushes me against the island in the kitchen while he pries my mouth open, giving him full excess to the inside of my mouth, licking inside, making me breathe out a small whimper. I feel him pouring everything he had into this kiss. It feels like everything is happening is going in slow motion, the way his tongue is grazing yours, his hands tracing the bottom of the waistline of your open cut dress and running his hands over your exposed torso. I grab him tighter with my arms roaming around the top of his muscular back, feeling each muscle tense with my touch, I just want to feel and kiss every inch of his body. “So you know that underwear that you wanted me to keep?” His face dropped. “Well its on me right now” I suddenly felt his trousers restrict below me on my thigh when his face smirked at me. “Baby girl you know what you do to me, you can feel it cant you?” I smile at him and press my lips against this again. His hands roamed around to the zip of the dress on the top of your neck and quickly pulled it down, stripping me doing so. The cold air hit my skin giving me goose bumps. “Bed, take me to bed” I whimpered, and he obliged, grabbing my hands and making his way to the bedroom. You squeal when he drops me onto the bed and his cute little giggle lifts the atmosphere to the way we normally are. I quickly started to shed his clothes off, piece by piece, ever so slowly, teasing the crap out of him. His raspy moan escaped his lips as I flipped him over so that I was straddling his hips once again, like last night. I started licking and kissing his chest making sure I never missed a exposed inch of his body. Harry groans again, and I fight back a smile knowing that this is what I do to him.

His eyes rake down my body seeing me in my underwear from the show, eyeing me like a piece of meat that he can only have. “Harry just fuck me until it hurts” I made my way to the bottom of his naval, looking up at him through my eyelashes as I was pressing feathery kisses to it. Harry lets out another raspy groan again and snaking your hair into his hands, bringing your face up parallel to his. “I will baby girl” His green eyes have become a dark emerald, his hands never leaving your body as they made their down from your chest to your waist, then to your naval, then down to your thighs. “Ill do anything you want me to do baby, I’m all yours” “I want you so bad Harry, just fuck me” He pulled me into his chest and wrapped his large ring covered fingered hand around to undo my bra and he took them into his hands kneading them. He took one of them into his mouth as you started to rock onto him slowly. His hand reached down to your ass to help you move on him harder. “Fuck” His head fell back in pure pleasure that I was giving him. “I bet you touch yourself thinking about me ramming into you when I’m gone, don’t you?” “Fuck” You whisper while you grind on him harder and squeeze my eyes shut. I don’t know how he does it. He can make me cum just by his words let alone his touch. I brought up the courage to say something that I know would make him bust a nut right in his boxers, which also is the truth. “No, I think, fuck, I think about you ramming into me, spreading me open, making me scream” I look down at him and I see his reaction to me. His face is filled with concentration and lust. He’s looking at me like he’s imagining the different ways he could destroy me. “Fuck baby, your so good to me, knowing that you do that will make me fuck my own hand way better when I’m gone” Just the image of him doing that alone while looking at pictures of me that I sent him so that he’s reminded of what he’s missing at home just gets me off.

He pulls me to lay on the bed and crawls between my thighs, looking at the wet patch on my knickers then back up at me. “Please Harry, just touch me, or do something” I’m begging him with everything I have for him to touch me, and he groans hearing the desperation in his voice. He curses just by looking at how wet I am for him and he pulls his face away to look at me in a moaning mess. “Jesus baby your dripping wet for me, soaking your panties is all I think about” He makes his way back down to my wet centre and pushes my knickers to the side, and pushes his fingers down, rubbing my folds, gathering the wetness from me and swirling his tongue around them. “So sweet, my favourite thing to eat” He puts his fingers back to where they were, only grazing my clit with the tip of his baby finger. The moans loudly roll off of my tongue, meanwhile Harry looking up taking in the sight before him. “Baby please, just give me your cock, I want it so bad” He brought his body up to me and started to kiss me again, and I pulled my hands down to his boxers and pushed them down his muscular legs. He pushes his boxers off of his legs and he uses his hips to pin me down on the bed which made me scream in pleasure. His hips rubbing against my heat, the only thing separating me and him was my soaking wet thong. The heat coming from my hips is starting to become unbearable, the sudden ache feeling went through out my body. Harry is taking far too long to touch me. All I want in this moment is to feel his head poking at m entrance, and rock his hips into mine, but he is purely teasing at his point. “Harry just get in me already, please I’m begging” His face began to smirk and his hands grabbed your wet thong and dragged them down your legs and throwing them on the floor. He finally made is way back to me and pushed inside me, and when he finally did, it was so fucking amazing. I tried to make a sound but nothing would come out. The little grunts that he makes while he is thrusting into me is echoing in my ears. He is so deep that I can feel him hitting my stomach, he feels like he is stretching me, making me feel so full of him, he’s so big, I can take him.

His pants take up the whole room as his thrusts become faster. “So… tight” He pants as his eyes are squeezing shut, pained groans filled your ears as he continued. It starts off with his hips slowly reclining, so slow that its pure torture, then ramming into with force, hitting places that you didn’t know he could. My hands reach up to touch his swallow tattoos then up to caress his hair through my fingers as he continues to get into a pattern with his thrusts that can reach so far up inside me. “Your… so deep.. Harry, I’m oh my fucking god” I cry to him with the burning pit in my stomach forming. “Are you close baby? He presses his lips onto my neck, bringing his lips down as low as he could go while he was still ramming into me with great force. “Such a pretty cunt, taking me so well, so wet, dripping for me, fuck” My hips buck up when he suddenly hits the spot I’ve been waiting for. “I’ve got every inch inside of you, do you feel it baby girl?” I couldn’t coherent an answer, I just looked up at him, in his eyes, which was still a dominant dark green colour, looking straight at where we were connecting, looking at his cock sinking in and pulling out of me. “C’mon baby girl, give me a good one” He whispered as he looked directly at me again. His speed slowed down as he decided to go for a forceful slow pump, angling his body so his pelvic bone hits at my clit as he rides me in and out, sending me to my orgasm. In a few thrusts after I came his trusts go faster reaching his high at the end. He pulled out of me and wanked himself off onto my stomach, letting out a massive inhumane moan. He moved himself off of me and lay beside me out of breath. He grabbed tissues from the side of the bed and wiped my stomach clean. Thank god he remembered to put tissues there instead of going to the toilet to get more roll. “Wow” I was speechless when I looked at Harry, still coming down from my high. “I haven’t came like that for a while” I said to him as I laughed. “Neither have I, it must of been the underwear.”

Nancy Wheeler is amazing and you should stop dragging her

As it happened with Barb in the previous season, people drag Nancy down in order to make another character seem better, in this case, Steve. When season 1 was released, everyone felt so bad for Barb. They felt a connection with her and wanted to show it so in that time I saw a lot of posts saying: “In a world full of Nancys, be a Barb”. I didn’t get it. Nancy was amazing in season 1. She grew up immediately and had a lot of badass moments so, why the dragging? Since Barb was a minor character, people moved on and started realizing how wonderful Nancy was and it made very happy. They saw that she was trying her best and had a good development while at the same time they didn’t forget about Barb.

Now is season 2 and we have one of the greatest characters ever: Steve Harrington. He starts the season being Nancy’s boyfriend but eventually he finds out she doesn’t love him back. He is obviously heartbroken because he is crazy about her and aknowledges the fact that he had developed as a person because of her (dumping his shitty and bully friends, caring a little bit more about grades and school). He talks to her about it, about their relationship and both agree that if she doesn’t love him back they shouldn’t be together. He is angry, he loves her so much so he tries gain her back but in the way, he finds himself involved in some middle school drama where he is the responsible one. In these moments, you see his development, he shows it to us. And you immediately fall in love with Steve Harrington. Meanwhile, Nancy is with Jonathan, a boy she has mixed feelings about since their story was left unfinished. They are both trying to take down the people who hurt their loved ones and this kind of mission has obviously a love effect. At this moment, neither Nancy and Steve are really thinking about each other as they have bigger problems to focus on. They both do their shit and in the season finale, they meet again to defeat the monster. They had a little talk about themaelves and Steve tells her that everything is okay and that he has moved on. The audience loves him so much at this point they start thinking that Nancy should reconsider her decision, she may have made the wrong choice. The show ends at the Winter Ball. Nancy is serving drinks, Jonathan is taking pictures and Steve drives Dustin to the Ball (this duo is everything i swear). After Dustin gets out of the car, we can see Steve giving Nancy a look, a look that says I haven’t moved on yet but I will. And the story ends.

People loooooove Steve soooooo much. He is so protective to the kids, he had such a development and he is so cute, how can Nancy don’t love him? So, they get angry at her. Thet say she is not worthy of Steve’s love, she is not that good, Steve deserves better…

Steve deserves better? No. He deserves the best because he is amazing. But also is Nancy. Just because you love a character doesn’t mean you can insult another one. Nancy hurt Steve, obviously, but in the best of ways. Do you think it would be better for him if they stayed together even though Nancy doesn’t love him? That’s bullshit. Just because you don’t love someone back you are not a bad person. You shouldn’t feel sorry or bad just because you can’t give someone the love they want. You don’t owe love.

I’m tired, really tired of seeing people saying that friendzone is the worst and that these girls are bitches for not accepting them, good guys. Nancy didn’t love Steve, that’s a fact. So the best thing is to break up so they dont live in a lie. Did she hurt him? Yes. Did we feel bad for Steve? Of course, we love Steve. But Nancy is not a bad person. She doesn’t owe Steve an apology and doesn’t owe Steve anything. She felt that way and that’s it, that’s all.

If Steve was mature enough to understand it why can’t some of you?

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I just read a fanfic with this recently and i'm lowkey obsessed with the idea, but how about dadsona asking the respective kid(s) for permission to propose to their dad?

Craig; This was it. A clear Saturday morning. Craig was out and about for his early jog with little River strapped to his chest, leaving you with Hazel and Briar, who were scarfing down the extra special breakfast of pancakes and ice cream with a side of chocolate. You figured that the girls deserved a little prepping before you popped the big question, so you set down your fork and took a deep breath.

 ‘Alright, girls. There’s actually something I’ve been meaning to ask you two.’ You began. ‘You think I’m a good guy, right?’

  Both girls smiled. ‘Of course, we do, Y/N.’ Briar answered, biting off the tip of the strawberry on her pancake. ‘You’re charming and smart, your jokes are a bit terrible but tolerable, for the most part at least.’

  ‘Dude, you just gave me ice cream and pancakes for breakfast. You’re totally cool in my book.’ Hazel chimed in, mouth full of pancake. You laughed.

  ‘Well, that’s good. I didn’t want you both to think I was some sort of bad guy who just waltzed into your family since I am planning to propose to your dad in a few weeks-’

 ‘What?!The twins exclaimed, looking equally shocked as Briar dropping her strawberry and Hazel choking on her pancake, reaching for the hot chocolate to wash it down. You covered your mouth in regret. The table was silent for a while, both parties staring at each other in astonishment. It was Hazel who broke the silence with an awkward cough.

 She still looked surprised. ‘I mean, I’m not against it. Dad does talk about how much he loves you and, well. It’s clear he loves you so uh…’ Hazel nudged her twin, silently begging for her to back her up. Briar sighed and looked into your eyes. You knew she wasn’t going to be kidding around this time.

 ‘Y/N. Do you love our dad with all your heart?’

 ‘Yes.’ You replied without hesitance. 

 ‘Will you always make sure he’s in a good place and when he’s not, will you be there for him?’


  ‘Do you promise not to hurt him, in which case Briar and I will cast our super secret demonic witch twin powers on you to curse you and your descendants for decades?’

  You stared at Hazel, who looked dead serious before laughing at your extra shocked expression. ‘I’m just kidding, dude. Just make sure you take good care of dad, he really deserves it.’

  A sigh of relief escaped your lips as you leaned back on your chair. ‘Thank you so much, girls. You won’t regret this, I swear.’

Hugo; The front door opened to signal somebody had arrived home. You knew that it wasn’t Hugo considering he had texted you an hour ago that he was coming home late thanks to a bunch of middle schoolers in detention for setting fire to the trash bins. That meant you and Ernest were alone for the rest of the afternoon, and that gave you the chance to have a heart to heart talk with the moody teen. You watched as he made his way into the kitchen, where you sat on the sofa pretending to read a book. This was it. Now or never.

  ‘Hey, Ernest? You mind if you come over here? I kinda wanna talk about something.’

 No reply. This was gonna be a little tricky.

 ‘I could convince your dad to get a dog if you talk to me!’

 The footsteps stopped, then made their way towards you. Ernest groaned and threw his bag down, leaning against the wall. ‘Well? What is it? I don’t have all day, loser.’

You smiled and put down the book you were “reading”. ‘You know, your dad really cares about you.’

 ‘Is this what your talk’s about?’ He scoffed. ‘If I wanted to hear about cheesy bullshit I would have just gone to the guidance counselor’s office. Did Hugo talk you into this?’

 ‘Ernest, I know you don’t seem to care about your father much, but you should know that he still loves you. Very much, in fact. Hell, he told me once that you could throw a dozen cherry bombs into the boys’ toilets and he’d still love you.’ You spotted his face beginning to soften, so you went on. ‘Actually, that’s one of the reasons I like your dad. He’s devoted to you and everything else he does. It’s really admiring, don’t you think?’

 That was it. Tears began to roll down the young teen’s cheeks, trying to wipe them away with his orange sleeve. You sat up and opened your arms, Ernest running into them and sobbing into your shirt. ‘I-I know Dad loves me…’ He gulped. ‘I just..cant myself to..show him that-’

 He collapsed into a fit of sobs. You sat him down on the sofa, wiping his eyes before sitting down beside him.

 ‘I know you love your dad, Ernest. I understand that it’s kinda hard to show that you love him, but I know you do.’ You put your arm around him, hesitant at first, but when you saw that the young man didn’t mind, you relaxed. ‘That’s why I want to ask for your blessing to propose to him.’

 Ernest’s tired eyes widened for a moment at what you said, turning to you in shock. ‘Y-You want to…what?’

 ‘Marry him, Ernest. If it’s alright with you, of course.’

 He took a deep breath and stood up from the couch, grabbing his backpack and starting to walk away. Before you could start panicking, he turns to you with a smirk on his face.

 ‘Mastiff first, and Hugo’s all yours.’

Robert; You weren’t going to lie; Val seemed quite intimidating. Her city life clothes and her half joking, half serious attitude and her overall demeanor made you almost cower in your dad shoes. But you had to get her permission. After all, it was her dad, she deserves to be okay with it before you try something as big as marriage. You invited her over to Jim and Kim’s while Robert was off in the woods that night. The bar doors opened to reveal Val in all her shining glory, spotting you at a booth in the corner and giving you a friendly wave before walking over to you.

 ‘Well, Y/N? What kinda fuckery has my old man gotten up to now?’ She joked as she settled down in the leather booth. ‘Set fire to the woods? Lost his foot in a tragic car accident? Found the Dover Ghost but got taken away by it, and now you’re trying to tell me that my beloved father has been kidnapped and may never be seen again?’

 Yep. This was Robert’s daughter, alright. ‘No, no, and unfortunately, no. It does have something to do with Robert, though.’

 ‘Welp, I didn’t come all this way to hear small talk.’ Val turned away for a second to order two shots from Neil, who nods and delivers it over. ‘Spill the beans, dude.’

 You took a minute to assess the moment. There was Val, a smart, playful yet serious woman if you messed with her or her dad. One wrong step and she would definitely send you flying to the moon and back. Or poke a hole into your head with her super sharp nails. The point was, this was your one chance. And you couldn’t blow it. 

 ‘So, uh, marriage, right?’ You blurted out, trying to segway into the question. Val looked up at you with an eyebrow raised. Great job, Y/N, you thought to yourself as you awkwardly downed the shot glass, hoping the liquid courage would hit sooner. ‘Kinda a weird thing if you think about it. “Hey, I love you so much I’m going to get the government involved so you cant leave.”. What a weird thing, huh?’

 Nice, you made the situation even more awkward. Val sipped her shot glass skeptically. ‘You alright, Y/N? You look a little pale.’

 Shaking yourself out of your nervous state, you looked up to the confused Val.

 ‘Okay, Val. I’m not gonna lie; I really love your dad. I mean, I think it’s been fairly obvious already, but I really love him. I know you both have been through some stuff, stuff that I don’t have to get involved into if you don’t want to, but I know both of you love and care for each other. That’s why I was wondering if you were alright with, uh, letting me marry him.’

 Neither of you spoke for a moment, Val ordering two more shots which were delivered way quicker than usual. She picked up her glass and stared into the liquor inside.

  ‘You know, Dad’s been through a lot. Losing Mom. Losing me. I used to hate him for being such an asshole, even thinking he was incapable of loving anything other than himself. But lately, he’s been..better. He’s so willing to patch things up, get his shit together, and sometimes I wonder how that happened. So on the day I came back, I asked him.’

 She looked back to me and smiled. ‘He said he met someone. Someone who shoved some sense through his mind and made him wake up. I couldn’t even explain the words Dad used as he described you. They were all good, don’t worry. My father isn’t exactly the best when it comes to emotions, but when I saw what influence you had on him, I knew I wanted you to stick around.’

 With a flourish, she raised her shot glass in a toasting motion.

 ‘A toast to Y/N, my future step-dad and loving husband of Robert Small.’

Joseph; After weeks and weeks of waiting for the right moment, you finally found a short window of time where Joseph wasn’t with the kids. Sleeping in thanks to a late date on his yacht the night before. Thanks to this, you managed to wake up the twins and Chris (you left Crish to sleep soundly in his crib) , who were mumbling about not wanting to before you mentioned chocolate brownies, to which Christie jumped up to the chance while Chris and Christian just stirred at the thought of getting to lick the bowl. You set the kids to do their own tasks before starting the talk.

 ‘So, there’s one thing I gotta know; are you guys actually planning to kill me in my sleep?’

 Chris groaned and shook his head, signaling that he wasn’t interested. Christie and Christian shook their heads too. You breathed a sigh of relief.

 ‘Phew, that’s a good thing. Well, do you think I’m an alright guy, then?’

The three stared at each other for a moment, then nodded. You smiled. This was going better than expected.

 ‘Great. So, this next question might be a bit…shocking but it’s very important to get your answer. It’s okay to be honest and say no, alright?’

All three children froze. Christie’s brush had stopped buttering the tray. Christian’s mallet hovered over the crushed nuts. Chris’s hand had stopped moving the spoon to mix. They turned towards you at the same time, making you feel quite anxious.

 ‘I, uh, kindawannamarryyourdad.’ You mumbled, suddenly taken aback by the children’s creepiness. Christie and Christian walked up to you, and just when you think they’re going to pull out two knives and stab you for wanting to marry their father, they wrap their tiny arms around you and mutter ‘new father’. Chris walks towards you, eyes boring into yours.

 ‘We love Dad a lot. Just don’t try anything, got it?’

You nodded vigorously, and Chris shuffled back to continue mixing the bowl. The two refused to leave your waist, and though it was a cute gesture, you pried them off and insisted you had to continue the brownies, planning to make them a present for your future fiance. And, of course, you let the kids lick the bowl just this once.

Damien; It didn’t take a detective to know that Lucien was a tough nut to crack. His rebellious ways made it a bit difficult to pin him down while Damien wasn’t around, but you finally got some alone time with him when Damien was off dealing with a dog emergency at the animal shelter. You heard loud rock music through the door leading into his bedroom. Knocking on Lucien’s door, the music shut off and a familiar voice shouted through the door.

 ‘What the fuck is it?’

 ‘Lucien? It’s just me.’ You replied. ‘I was hoping we could talk for a bit, there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask-’

 Before you could finish, the teen had already pulled his door open. ‘Well? What is it?’

 You mentioned that it would be better if you talked in the living room, and he begrudgingly trudged to the living room and plopped on the couch. ‘So what the hell is this about? If it’s my music, then yeah, I’ll tone it-’

 ‘It, uh, isn’t just that, kid.’ You sat yourself down beside him. ‘I mean, yeah, it’d be really nice if you could, but there’s been something else I’ve wanted to talk to you about. It’s about Damien.’

 You could see Lucien’s face go from angsty, passive-aggressive, oh-my-god-leave-me-alone to point blank serious. Lucien was a rebellious teen, however, that didn’t mean he didn’t care about his father. It was surprising, actually. They both had a loving relationship, which is mostly the reason why you wanted to ask Lucien for permission in the first place. Sure, he was glad that you made his dad feel good about himself, but to marry the man who’s been raising him alone for years? That was pretty big, and you had to make sure Lucien was okay with it.

 ‘Y/N? You look a little pale, is it something bad?’ Lucien’s voice was unnaturally soft. You cleared your throat and spoke up.

 ‘Lucien, I know you love your dad a lot. I also know that you matter a lot to him, and he sees you as his entire world. So it’s kind of well and good to ask; are you alright with letting me marry your father?’

 It was Lucien’s turn to become pale as a ghost. He stared at you with unblinking eyes and an unreadable face before slouching into the sofa.

  ‘You know, I kinda expected this. You and Dad have been so close lately, and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it.’ He rubbed his eyes. ‘I’m really happy that he’s found someone to kind of, be weird with and shit, you know? He seems really content with you, so go ahead.’

 You smiled, thanking Lucien for his blessing. Maybe he wasn’t that tough of a nut to crack after all.

  ‘Oh, and by the way, find a better place to hide your engagement ring, dude.’ The teen laughed before heading upstairs into his room.

Mat; Carmensita was a sweetheart. She gave you the utmost respect, and you treated her like a mini Amanda, joking around with her and (attempting at) making matching flower crowns for you, her, and Mat. Despite this, she seemed a bit weak with emotions. This was evident throughout the many times she cried during an emotional scene during movie night, wherein Mat had to give her a big dad hug, asking you to skip the scene so Carmensita would stop crying. This made you a bit hesitant to ask for her blessing at first, but you decided to pull through with it anyway.

 It was in the evening, where Mat was off at the Coffee Spoon for open mic night. You passed for tonight, pretending to have a headache and insisting you would be fine with Carmensita. Waving goodbye to your boyfriend as he walked off into the night, you had a nice light dinner with the young girl, listening to her go on about school.

 ‘Miss Davers is a bit weird, but you get used to her eventually.’ She gobbled down on her food. ‘Maybe you can teach me algebra, Y/N?’

 ‘Hmn,’ You bluntly replied, picking at your dinner. You were so nervous that you couldn’t even eat anything in fear of choking it up and scaring the daylights out of her, which was not going to be the best moment to ask for her blessing. She noticed your silence and put down her utensils.

 She looked at you with concern. ‘Y/N, you’re really quiet tonight. Is it the headache? Should I call Dad?’

 ‘N-No, sweetie. I’m fine, just a little..’ You bit your lip. ‘Do you like me, Carmensita?’

 ‘Of course!’ Carmensita’s mouth curved into a smile, showing off her braces. ‘Did you really need to ask?’

 ‘Actually, yes.’ You sighed. ‘Sweetheart, I need to ask you something. It’s pretty important, and I just want to let you know that I completely understand if you say no, alright?’

 Looking a bit scared, she nodded anyway. Here goes nothing;

 ‘Will you let me marry your dad?’

 Shock. Screaming. Crying. You prepared yourself for anything that Carmensita would react with, and sure enough, the young girl started bawling up. Just as you were about to call your attempt a massive fail, she began giggling and wiping her eyes.

 ‘Ah, jeez. You really scared me for a second, Y/N. I thought you were going to ask something way worse, like you were some sort of alien and you were gonna ask me to run away and join your alien family or something.’ She walked over to you and buried her head in your chest. ‘Of course, I’ll let you marry him, Y/N. There’s no other person I’d choose. You make him feel so happy and giddy and you both seem so cute together. How could I say no?’

 ‘You sure it’s alright? I could be a huge hug alien ready to crush my next victim into a warm embrace!’ You joked, patting her frizzy brown hair. She laughed and smiled up at you.

 ‘Hug alien, shmug alien. Dad is all yours.’

Brian; Daisy was Brian’s pride and joy. He practically put her on a pedestal and worshipped her every day of his life, so you decided it would only be proper to ask for her permission to marry her father. She was a smart, sensible girl, surely she would understand, right? You knocked on her door on a late afternoon when Brian had gone shopping. She called to let you come in and you did just that.

Her walls were filled with trophies and medals, along with laminated certificates and a bunch of pictures with her dad. Their closeness intimidated you, but you were determined to see this through, sitting on the edge of her bed beside as she put down her book.

 ‘Hi, Y/N. Have you and Dad finished your “who’s the best daughter cuddler’ competition yet?’ She gleamed. You chuckled, remembering that day where you and Brian had a huge cuddlefest on the couch with Daisy in the smack middle, content of course but slightly unable to breathe in between the two huggers. 

 You put a hand on Daisy’s back to reassure her. ‘Daisy, I’m happy to announce that your father and I have decided that we are both sufficient cuddlers and will not be subduing you to our cuddling competitions. Thank you very much for your participation and we hope to see you again next year!’

 The girl giggled, covering her mouth and muttering something along the lines of ‘It was a good experience’. You cleared your throat. ‘Jokes aside, there is something I want to talk to you about, Daisy.’

 ’Anything, Y/N.’

 You took a moment to look at her. She had Brian’s hair and freckles, hell, even a bit of his eyes. It was almost as if you were looking at Brian himself, which made you extra nervous.

 ‘D-Daisy, d-do you think I could marry your d-dad?’ You stuttered, unable to get the words out. Daisy went from slightly curious to absolutely shocked. She let her jaw drop and hang as her widened eyes stared at you. You assumed she was trying to find a way to say no and started to let yourself out before a hand grabbed you.

 ‘Wait, Y/N! It’s not that I’m going to say no, it’s just… so astonishing. Don’t leave, please.’

 You propped yourself back onto her duvet as she grasped your arm, thinking that you were going to walk away at any second.

 ‘Sorry, I got a bit scared there for a minute.’ She apologized. ‘You know, Dad really likes you. Whenever you aren’t around, he would talk to me about how much he loves you and cares about you, asking me for help to think about competitions just to get closer to you, stuff like that. And I’m not going to lie; I enjoy it. But what makes you different is that you make Dad feel good about himself. He takes a lot of pride in me that he sometimes forgets to see the actual good of the real him. You make him feel like he should be proud the way he is, and I’d love for you to be a part of our lives.’

 Daisy nuzzled into you. ‘Still with me, Y/N?’

 ‘Sure am, Daisy. And thank you.’

((ahhh im sorry this took forever, i was writing this during my breaks of reviewing for exams and i just couldnt concentrate without wanting to finish this prompt! super sorry it looks rushed, i’ll be back to answering prompts regularly by tomorrow after my last exam!!)) 

-Mod Coffee Cake

jewishraypalmer  asked:

pretty pretty pls atomwave with a child i'll love u forever

let me open this little adventure with this

it’s like 1901 and they’ve found a sickly baby in a basket and ray is like MICK WE GOTTA and mick is like literally 1, no, 2, as chronos i have to tell you that this baby not dying could irrevocably change the course of history and oh you’ve already picked it up. ray that baby is very sick please put her down

they take the baby back to the ship and all she really needs is a quick antibiotics…. everything, and she’ll be good as new, and already here comes rip with the you cant pick up a sick baby letting that baby live could and mick is like i covered okay??? he wants. the baby. and rip is like oh no, dont tell me you’re fond of it now too, and mick like sort of is and sort of isn’t, mainly it’s just that like no one can tell ray no but him and ray already refused to listen SO. the baby stays

ray, holding her: what should we NAME HER
mick: i don’t know??? what do you name babies after. cars? planets? planet of cars???

they name her jupiter bc honestly? i fucking said so

amaya is full on diana like OH MY GOD A BABY and mick is like please don’t encourage this oh. oh it’s far too late why do i even BOTHER

sara: okay not to be that guy but like if that baby lives it could-

there’s a point where jupiter just starts crying and crying and she doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want to be changed and ray, rocking her while having a Deep Panic, and mick is like oh for fucks sake give me the baby and is just like, holding her. and staring at her. and she’s like, yeah i guess, as much as a baby can give that vibe, and goes to sleep

mick: i like… raised lisa when len wasn’t there??? i can do babies. i choose not to.

honestly like, they can’t put her back in 1901 bc like she’s not supposed to be alive, but also bc there’s no like…. fun place to put someone in 1901. that’s not a thing. so they have to essentially raise a baby on a timeship now, or they drop her off in 2017 with cisco and mick is like, this is jupiter, she’s essentially my child, and if anything happens to her i will burn this entire world down and cisco is like uh sure mick thanks for calling before you just showed up and handed ME A BABY

ray obviously wants to take her with them and cries whenever they’re apart. so they have to go see her. a lot. until finally everyone caves and just builds a nursery on the ship and rip is like honestly, i hate this. i hate you. i don’t hate the baby but i’m not comfortable enough with my own loss to address those feelings yet?
mick: wow so interesting show me on the map where i asked

Boyfriend Yuta
  • this was requested by an anon
  • this guy’s too attractive how can anyone resist him
  • im back with yet another boyfriend! series yay
  • okay let’s start
  • and i apologise in advance if it gets really boring i run out of ideas quickly :(
  • okay anyways he’d probably just be that random guy you accidentally spilled coffee over
  • and when you looked up , wanting to apologise , you thought he was going to beat you up because he looked so intimidating
  • but then he flashed you his big and adorable smile
  • and you stand there staring at him in shock , because how can one be so perfect ??
  • after awhile he’d wave his hands infront of your face to get you out of the trance
  • and being the clumsy and confused person you are , you thought he was going to hit you so you stumbled on the table beside you
  • and you fell into his arms
  • you’d be blushing in embarrassment and keep apologising
  • but yuta would laugh it off , helping you up
  • because he thought your actions were cute
  • like that , both of you exchanged phone numbers because you promised to get him a new shirt
  • and he agreed because he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting to know you
  • after a week both of you meet up since you wanted to pass him the shirt
  • and he suggested a date right after ,
  • and obviously you didn’t reject his offer
  • after months of casually dating and becoming closer though ,
  • one day yuta would pay a visit to your house without notice
  • and you’d still be your pyjamas with your messy bed hair
  • and yuta would smile like crazy because of how cute you looked
  • he’d probably snap a picture of you and set it as his lockscreen
  • “ yuta what are you doing omg delete that photo now ”
  • “ no , never * sticks tongue out * ”
  • “ please yuta i look like shit , what if someone else sees it please omg ”
  • “ they cant because you’re mine ”
  • and you’d raise your eyebrows at him ,
  • “ since when was i yours ? ”
  • and then yuta would hug you without warning
  • “ right now ”
  • you’d smack his chest playfully and try to deny
  • but he’d keep you close and not let you escape
  • so you gave up and embrace his hug ,
  • because you knew you had feelings for him too
  • honestly yuta would treat you like the queen everywhere and anywhere
  • he’d be a total gentleman ,
  • holding the door for you ,
  • pulling out the chairs for you to sit ,
  • pay for your meals
  • and even tying your shoelaces for you
  • basically doing everything for you
  • even when you tried to stop him by threatening him ,
  • he’d be very stubborn and wouldn’t listen to you ,
  • later showing his aegyo to you because you acted pissed
  • “ Yuta this time let me pay , for once ”
  • “ Never in my lifetime ”
  • “ Babe i swear if you stop me this time i wont go on dates with you anymore ”
    • shoves the waiter his card and shoos him away before you could stop him *
  • “ omg yuta i cant believe- ”
  • “ princess i know you cant not go on dates with me because i’m too goodlooking to be rejected ”
  • and you’d smile a little because damn he’s right
  • you’re the couple that probably goes exercising together at least twice a week
  • even when you’re too lazy to get up
  • he’d force you up and cling onto you until you finally get up
  • like that you got used to waking up early twice every week just to run with him in the park
  • you wear and steal his shirts very often because they look so big on you and they’re so comfy
  • and not to mention it smells like him
  • this guy would love seeing you in his shirts and smile to himself whenever he saw you wearing them
  • and when you’re just doing something in the kitchen , he’d attack you with a backhug and literally hug you so tight you cant breathe
  • and he wouldn’t notice because he’s too busy burying his face in your neck
  • this guy is one protective boyfriend and he isn’t afraid to show you off in public
  • he holds your hands in public and would even steal kisses from you
  • loads of skinship basically
  • when he sees someone else trying to hit you up he’d get all manly and unhappy
  • if he could he’d kiss you straight infront of the other person and glare at them before pulling you away
  • and you’d be stunned because you wasn’t expecting that
  • “ what was that ”
  • “ that was me trying to show off that you’re mine ”
  • “ well that was unexpected ”
    • kisses you again *
  • “ i like giving you unexpected kisses ”
  • and he’d get all happy and smiley again like why yuta why ?
  • he’d show you off to his friends aka the other members
  • and they knew not to get too close to you because yuta would probably beat them up
  • but all of you go on outings and hang out together often though
  • and sometimes you and yuta would forget that the members are there and just make out randomly
  • “ Yo bro you do know the kids are here right ”
  • “ oh shit Taeyong i’m sorry ”
  • “ omg yuta hyung , i see what you’re doing , it’s okay you guys can continue , we wont interrupt * sly smile * ”
  • donghyuck’s an asshole
  • when both of you get into an arguement or fight yuta’s always the one who gets agitated first and most probably shout or say things that he doesnt mean
  • and when you leave him alone to let him cool down ,
  • he’d think that you’re angry and wants to leave him
  • so he’ll apologise endless times and says how much he loves you , how grateful he is and everything like that
  • and when you tell him you love him too ,
  • he’d probably cry and hold onto you because he can be a baby too
  • when you’re sad he dances and sings for you
  • he’d tuck you in bed every night when you sleep
  • he’d probably use you as his pillow and hug you even when both of you are asleep
  • he gives you his honest opinions and thoughts and would never lie to you because he wants the best for you
  • except for one thing though
  • “ yuta promise me one thing ”
  • “ yeah baby what is it ”
  • “ dont spend so much money on me anymore please i feel bad ”
  • “ sure okay i love you ”
  • and the next day he still showers you with sweets and food you feel like a pampered child
  • yuta you sweet liar
  • okay let’s stop here
  • hope yall liked it as much as i liked typing this ~
Somebody Else *Harry One Shot*

Originally posted by thestylinsongifs

Anonymous said:
“Hey Kourtney and Betty, I love your page!! I was just wondering if you could write a little something with the storyline of The 1975’s Somebody Else please? Think it would be a good concept. Thank youuu”

I haven’t wrote anything in a while so please be patient until I get back into writing! But I hope this one isn’t too shit but I hope you like it! Please send me requests if you have any ideas for my next one shot xxx

Harrys P.O.V
The last time I had seen Y/N was last year when we broke up, and something was always in my mind about her, did I regret leaving her? Absolutely. She was the only person who could read me like a book and show me what it is like to be normal and not someone who is famous. Y/N was my everything and to me losing her was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. When I got this role in the movie I felt like it was wrong for her to stay with someone that has a boyfriend that she wouldn’t see for most of their relationship. But leaving her was killing me but I knew that’s what I had to do. I could never tell Y/N how I felt because I know it would of hurt her more. It still kills me to think that she is hurting and knowing that I was the one that broke her heart, I just cant deal with that emotion.
It was my dads birthday party at home, and I always make sure I am there for it regardless of where I’m at in the world, I always take time out for family 100%, but it was something that me and Y/N done every year together and I couldn’t imagine seeing her today and not being the girl that I used to know and love. It will kill me. And if she has moved on with someone else that makes her happy, that’s all I want.

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i saw falsettos today (7/15/17) and thought it would be fun to make a list of iconic things i heard or saw in the theater. also a callout post to the woman sitting behind me who was really rude.

-a girl walked in with someone and as they were walking to seats they went “this is gonna be hell” and honestly big mood

-yall know the hair pulling everyone talked about in tight knit family / love is blind? i forgot about that until it happened and i gasped. so loud. my mom just stared at me.

-the boy in front of me laughed so hard during days like this when mendel makes that one joke (i cant remember it) and only cordelia laughs that he hunched over and his phone fell out of his lap. i swear to christ the screen cracked. i heard that shit. 

-i started crying during either marvin hits trina or i never wanted to love you (it’s a blur tbh) and did not stop for a second until falsettoland (reprise)
-i don’t think i’ve ever cried harder in a movie theater than i did during unlikely lovers to falsettoland (reprise)

-when whizzer showed up at the baseball game one of the several women behind me whispered “oh fuck” also a mood

-when whizzer collapsed during more racquetball the entire theater gasped and i heard one person go “no. not yet goddammit.” 

-during unlikely lovers i whispered “oh no” really under my breath and my mom gave me a roll of toilet paper she took from the theater bathroom and whispered back “i can tell you’re gonna need this more than me”

-while we were leaving this group of kids were walking out. one of them took a really long, deep breath and had their hand on a friend’s shoulder. they whispered “whizzer didn’t deserve that” and their friend patted their back and went “we know, we know. it’s okay.” and they broke out crying again. i was like. mood.

-okay call out time

-to the woman who sat behind me who talked during the whole thing, complained it was “too long” (bitch it’s a recording of a broadway show of course it’s gonna be longer than a regular movie) and said they could’ve casted someone better than anthony rosenthal: eat my fucking ass! 

thanks for listening.

lee daehwi as your soulmate

imagine having daehwi as ur soulmate where u have the date u meet written on ur wrist

(as requested!)

  • ur soulmate clue isnt really visible for awhile just bc ure like. a tiny kid for the first majority of ur life lol
  • for awhile u just have a smudge of ink on ur wrist so,,, u dont rlly have a choice but to let it be
  • once u start to get older, the markings on ur wrist start to become more and more clear

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Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Shot by Shot Rundown Pt 2

  A week late but here you go (the first run down can be found here)

disclaimer: i own nothing, all shots and scenes depicted belong to Netflix

it should also be noted that these are just MY theories and opinions. I am by no means an expert, and you are absolutely entitled to your own thoughts and theories.

without further adieu here we go-


as long as she has her eggos and is safe that’s all that matters :’)

i hope shes warm enough

that person is me running away from all the shit that’s about to hit the fan

so i’m assuming this season is really going to focus on the lines between dimensions blurring around Halloween thus why Will is struggling so hard rn yada yada yada nothing new

i want to know why this monster is just now on the radar you know? like while Will was in the Upside Down did he know about THIS thing or just the demagorgan

dang i guess trick or treat is ruined then?


??? where are they? and who is that random man with them? it kind of looks like a lab or some place underground. also i’m screaming bc 

NOTE: their outfits here are different from the ones they’re wearing in the shot of them staring at the wall i love detective legends WHO GO OFF AND RESEARCH THE SUPERNATURAL by themselves how interesting 

no really who is this guy and who is he keeping tabs on (see: the white note cards to the left)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL (i made this joke in my last rundown i’m sorry i’m so lame)

i think i mentioned this in the last run down, but even though i’m not a huge fan of Steve atm, i’m intrigued by this dynamic of him and the kids they’re going to be doing

does every small town in tv shows have a lookout point where the core group congregates to see shit go down?

this is such cool cinematography if they did, in fact, make one side of the road green and the other dying on purpose

i’m ALSO SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS FRIENDSHIP DYNAMIC THIS SEASON (just bc Will was MIA last season, we didn’t really get to see much about his relationship with the other three aside from how much they wanted him back, and towards the very end of the final episode)

ok even though this new monster is creepy as hell and i’m so upset will has to suffer again this season……….this kid is a hella talented artist way to go Will you’re doing great

omg please stop hurting mah boy…but also wtf why do I have to deal with another slow burn ship this season screw this

…….you……..you’re to blame

who are you and what are those glowing light cylinders doing in front of you

NOTE: i actually think this is Hop in the same scene as a clip you will see later in the trailer…you can look there to see my theory on why he is doing this stay tuned

pictures???? of what I can’t tell. why are they showing these to him while hes in the hospital? (peep the gown)

someone help this kid pls

are they at an ER or a police station?

big mood Joyce (ugh I hate how she has to suffer through this again just let the Byers live please)

can’t even tell whats going on here other then the fact that it looks like the upside down next slide

what are all these wires yikes

this doctor seems like (based on what I saw this trailer especially) he’s going to become a new reoccurring character…interesting…he better not back stab any of my children or i will stab him in his back


oh my god a conversation between Will and Mike where Mike fills him in and tries to explain his feelings for Eleven HERE FOR IT PLEASE LORD




ummm…??????? first of all whose house is this, I dont reconize it and second of all…

why does she look so angry now i’m kind fo concerned WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?

halloween dance maybe? i’m just confused as to why people are at the school in the middle of the night, i think this is mainly wishful reaching on my part

what’s interesting to me about this shot is not even so much the drawing (which i discussed in my last rundown), but the fact that Joyce has the phone next to her again? last season she had it in hopes of communicating with Will, which causes me to question who she is waiting for this time?

a portal i’m guessing?

NOTE: I think that Steve and Dustin are going to be the main friendship focus out of the kids and Steve. i think it’s going to be Will off having problems of his own, Mike with Eleven when she comes back sorting things out, and Max and Lucas…which i’m guessing is going to be the love interest for max they’ve been hinting at and if any of the crazies out there start trying to SHIP Dustin and Steve I will come for your throats

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus please mAKE THIS STOP


nope ignore, next


how many dang trips is Hop taking to the Upside down this season?

edit: see further down for the theory

see: my last statement 

who are you odd doctor man?

well he kind of looks as out of the loop as the rest of us so i think we can trust him…for now…

*heavy labored breathing*

oh boy…

excuse me while i scream until my lungs concave (OK BUT THE BED ROOM SHARING TROUPE PARALLEL??? CANT I JUST CATCH MY BREATH FOR FIVE SECONDS BEFORE BEING ATTACKED AGAIN?? okay but it kind of looks like theyre in a hotel???? why????????????)

Holes (2003) that should be Hopper behind her

this scene was in the Comicon trailer and it doesn’t concern me any less now 

me too steve…me too…

…will the real Karate Kid please stand up

actually, the more i think about it, the more i’m thinking Hop making all these weird trips to the Upside Down has to do with that deal he made with the scientists last season…like his end of the bargain was basically doing all the dangerous dirty work everyone else is too afraid to do 

that or he’s being sent to locate Eleven but I’m choosing to ignore this theory

YIKES (Part 18937487002)

lowkey think this is going to be that weird pet thing Dustin eventually gets but watch me be wrong

classic Samwise Gamgee

nothing but respect for my sons (if their love triangle causes any sort of animosity between these two this season I’m burning something)

i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy want to like Max this season and I hope shes more like cool and reserved and not annoyingly angsty and rude like so many tv franchises like to paint preteen girls. but Stranger Things has not failed me yet so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt

interesting that Will and Mike aren’t there doing whatever the heck they’re doing, but Steve and Max are? idk if it means anything, it’s just interesting. makes me wonder if Will and Mike are going to be off figuring out whats happening to Will, while these four focus on something else? but what?

Dustin is ready to throw down (I think that this has to do with his “pet” they’ve been teasing this season. like idk maybe he’s trying to tame it or something)

everyone in this show is about to be in the best damn shape of their lives with all the running they seem to be doing my god

oh my god??? so it looks like they’re sterilizing him for something, but Hop looks like he’s in pain so I’m completely against whatever the hell is going on in this scene

NOTE: this is probably in reference to him paying off his end of the bargain with the lab

can this monster just calm tf down and give these mf kids a chance to take a BREAT?????????????? LEAVE

this whole trailer consisted of horrified looks, people in pain, and running

so maybe Hop is being used to test weapons for the labroatory on the monsters in the Upside Down? and that was the deal he made?

the amount of panic and seeming lack of experience these people working at the lab have expressed on multiple occasions makes me doubt their credibility as scientists to begin with

she looks terrified and sweaty this is not a good combination (also did you know that Nancy Wheeler could run me over with an 18 wheeler and I would say “thank you”?)

that looks like Nancy’s gun so looks like the core group is getting ready to rumble 

can’t tell if he looks suspicious, seductive, confused, or constipated in this shot so MOVING ON

??????????????? who tf are you? (based on the pictures on the walls, he’s in the Byers house?)


I don’t think I’ve ever hated an idea more than the idea of my bois going into the upside down themselves no thanks

does anyone know this guys name? i can’t keep calling him Samwise


a raid of sorts? but on what because this doesn’t look like the upside down so…the real world?

again with these inexperienced scientists working on what is apparently a very important government project. this staff need to be reevaluated

*Teenager by My Chemical Romance plays in the distance*

(the relevance behind this shot makes me curious, because from what i can tell which obviously isn’t a lot with the mask and such, its not anyone we know yet…and it’s just a bunch of teenagers sooooo)

i think it should be noted that Dustin is wearing the same outfit and headset from that scene from the previous trailer where he’s screaming “ABORT ABORT” so my guess is we are just going to have one episode where the kids venture into the Upside Down for a mission of their own (in which they ALL better return safely or I will be making some calls)

i’m confused now, because previous to this, it looked like Dustin was outside with the headset kind of running point, but here it looks like he’s in there with them??? idek anymore

i’m so sosososoososososososo really for this show down scene


this pretty much confirms for me my theory on how the love triangle pans out (Lucas and Max end up together) 

*sigh* at this point, i’m officially worried for every single one of the main characters 

LOOKS LIKE JOHNNYBOY HIT BACK(look at that bloody nose) OOooOOooOOOOOoO (also i can’t wait to hate you whoever you are we’re just going to call you Crusty for now)

hmmm….this is the same van that those teenagers in masks were getting out of a few scenes back…interesting


she literally looks so angry this trailer oh man…though this one she also looks more…upset maybe?

correct me if i’m wrong but is that not the woman who we’re pretty sure is Eleven’s mom? the distortion around the camera also kind of makes it look like a vision/ flashback, so this could possibly be something Eleven is seeing and explain why she’s so upset?

this looks like the same scene where she’s yelling and looking pretty mad. also noted: this is the same outfit she’s wearing when she appears in that unknown door way looking so angry 

NOTE: i’m also confused about her hair? like yes, i know they let Millie grow her hair out this season, but in a recently released short clip where Eleven busts out of the wall into the middle school, her hair is still buzzed. so does this suggest a time jump? if so, how much time has passed? does this also suggest that she came through the upside down a while back and has been living on her own long enough for her hair to get THAT long? which would mean she didn’t go to Mike or the others for help, she just has been roaming around doing whatever it is they’ll have her doing…

solidifies my belief that Dustin and Steve will be the main friendship they will be pushing this season 

NOTE: ….??? why does Dustin have flowers? i lowkey think Dustin is going to awkwardly go to Steve as like a big brother figure to give him advice on his crush on Max

eternal mood

oh okay wow…so this is actually right before all the shit with the kids going into the upside down all happens (Dustin’s shirt and headset)

all of these scenes with the same outfits makes me wonder how long of a time period this season spans over…honestly my guess would be like three days

lol why does Steve seem so confused by the contents of his own trunk

NOTE: whoa whoa whoa this just went from day to night…so the whole “do you still have the bat” scene is different from Steve actually removing the bat from his car

why does Steve have the bat to begin with? I thought it was Jonathan’s?

i’m betting said shit just officially went down


QUESTION: is there anything you guys want me to do when the episodes are released? maybe like an episode rundown w/ my thoughts and opinions? idek leave a comment if you reblog and have an idea


Boyfriend Chenle
  • yes this marks the end of the boyfriend! series for the chinaline , i’m so happy !
  • /coughs/ only hansol is left in this series whom no one has requested for yet /coughs/
  • okay let’s start with this ball of sunshine

  • so you met him one day when you were hanging out with mark

  • then this one kid who smiled non stop appeared beside him
  • “ MORK HYUNG ”
  • and he kept laughing non stop
  • you were actually creeped out by him because he was always smiling and laughing like crazy
  • lots of ’ ohmygods ’
  • yet you were comfortable with him because despite meeting for the first time that day , chenle laughed at every word you said and he just made you feel so happy with his positivity
  • turns out he just transferred to the school and mark was tasked to take care of him since he’s absolutely fully capable
  • so the three of you always hang out together
  • and whenever you saw chenle working hard to study and understand the lessons in class ,
  • you found yourself smiling a lot ,
  • and whenever he spoke with an excited tone to you , you couldn’t help but be positive too and answer with excitement
  • soon enough you realised that you had feelings for him
  • and being mark’s bestfriend , you decided to tell him but not directly
  • yet mark being mark , was clueless af so he kinda sabotaged you ( in a good way )
  • “ mark , by any chance is chenle interested in anyone now ? ”
  • “ why are you asking me … ? ”
  • “ because i want to know ”
  • “ i’ll ask for you ”
  • yet you facepalmed when you saw the screenshots of their text messages that mark sent you after asking
  • “ chenle ah Y/N wants to know if you have a crush ”
  • “ Y/N … ? why ? ”
  • “ yes , so do you have a crush or ? ”
  • “ yes i do .. ”
  • “ okay thanks ”
  • then chenle called you right after that
  • “ Y/N ? Mark asked me something .. ”
  • “ yes chenle i know .. i’m just curious ”
  • “ the person is you though ”
  • “ wait .. what ? ”
  • “ i like you ”
  • “ you serious ? ”
  • “ yes .. are you free now ? ”
  • “ oh yeah .. yes i’m at home ”
  • then when he shows up infront of your door , you give him a big hug and confess too
  • he’d get super bubbly and happy
  • he also brought you sweets so yall can celebrate
  • such a cute couple ahh
  • and both of you would get more touchy with each other , but never revealed your relationship to others yet because yall wanted it to be a surprise
  • a perfect example is mark
  • while the three of you were eating lunch one day at the school cafeteria ,
  • chenle would happily feed you and pinch your cheeks probably saying pretty loudly ,
  • “ Y/N’s so cute ”
  • and mark would be staring at both of you with a ?? expression
  • and when chenle reveals your relationship ,
  • his reaction gets really big and he literally jumped out of his seat , shouting like “ OH SHIT YOU SERIOUS ? SINCE WHEN ? ”
  • and like that everyone in the cafeteria probably heard so …
  • okay chenle wouldn’t mind skinship at all and in fact , would love it A LOT
  • but he gets all red and shy everytime people tease the both of you
  • he could be holding your hand secretly and staring at you in class
  • and when the teacher caught him and called him out ,
  • he’d cover his face right away and he cant stop giggling too
  • and you can see his ears getting all red
  • having chenle as your boyfriend means you’ll hardly ever get sad tbh ,
  • since this boy’s so happy and cheery all the time , his positive vibes never fail to get to you
  • you could be sharing a story ( which wasn’t meant to be funny ) and he’d just burst into laughter randomly
  • and you’d be confused at first but end up giggling with him because he’s too cute
  • “ and then she just stopped talking to me one day- ”
  • “ HAHAHAHAH /claps hands like a seal/ ”
  • “ wait what’s so funny about that ”
  • “ babe what do you mean- ”
  • “ HAHAH /almost falls on the floor laughing/ ”
  • and you found his clumsiness so cute you just stopped sharing and laughed together for like the next 5 mins ??
  • and he’d keep saying that your facial expressions were cute
  • you couldn’t help but hug him because he never failed to make you feel better
  • why do i feel like he’d be the type of boyfriend to force all his friends to support you whenever you have activities ?
  • one time you participated in a school sports event ,
  • while you were preparing to go on the tracks ,
  • you saw a bunch of boys standing up and cheering for you
  • chenle standing in the middle with his dolphin screams , clapping endlessly
  • and his friends ( aka donghyuck and mark , okay maybe the whole nct dream ) were at the side holding banners which say “ I LOVE Y/N !! ”
  • but their facial expressions show otherwise because they were embarrassed since the people around were judging them
  • yet chenle was too oblivious so he kept screaming and jumping
  • and after your run he personally ran up to you to hug and compliment you , offering you a drink
  • and with both hands on your shoulders , he’d say to everyone on the way back to his seat , “ she’s my girlfriend !! ahh so cute ”
  • i bet even the school principal knows about your relationship
  • when he gets jealous he becomes really grumpy and extra clingy
  • “ you said you loved me yesterday Y/N !! ”
  • “ yes i do ? and i love you everyday chenle ”
  • “ then what were you doing just now /pouts/ ”
  • “ what was i doing- oh that ? he accidentally dropped my pen so he picked it up for me , nothing else ”
  • “ why’d he have to touch your shoulder though ”
  • “ it’s just a kind gesture . omg chenle i love you ”
  • “ i love you too ”
  • then he attacks you with a big hug and kisses your cheek
  • “ don’t do that to anybody else again ”
  • “ you’re such a jealous small child- ”
  • “ yes i am , now shush ”
  • lots of hugs and kisses on the forehead
  • he loves it when you give him small pecks on his lips and cheeks ,
  • and he’d smile even brighter the rest of the day because they’re his source of energy
  • “ chenle why are you so happy today ”
  • “ hehe nothing ”
  • “ must be Y/N ”
  • “ shhh secret .. ”
  • then he giggles to himself as his cheeks start turning red
  • when he gets sad he gets super affectionate ,
  • he’d hug you even more that day ,
  • as he places his head on your shoulder while backhugging you
  • and you’d know right away that he wasn’t feeling himself because he was quiet that day
  • you’d give in to all his hugs and kisses
  • and finally when you ask him if he wants to share his problems ,
  • he’d go on a long rant about why he’s feeling sad
  • and at the end you would cheer him up by dancing and singing ,
  • and he’d join in and it slowly becomes a karaoke session
  • he gets all happy and excited when he hears your name in school ,
  • and when you were absent for one day without notice he’d get a little pouty and worried ,
  • he’ll go straight to your house after school to visit you
  • and when he found out you were sick ,
  • he’d attempt to cook for you and take care of you
  • he’s so sweet too tbh
  • on your birthday he gave you a photo album of all the pictures you guys took together and almost in every one , he’d write at the side ,
  • “ we’re so cute kya ~ ”
  • “ i love you so much my jagi ”
  • “ we are the cutest couple ever ”
  • “ look how cute we look in this picture ”
  • ever since you met him your days got better
  • and the fact that he became your boyfriend made you feel so blessed
  • because you never once thought this sunshine would fall for someone like you
  • yet he tells you he loves you everyday and gives you the attention and love you want
  • stan cuteness stan chenle , everybody
  • bye i love my son too much
A Song For You

I’ve always dreamed of someone confessing to me via song. Just imagining him on a stage and trying to express his love for me. SO THIS IS HOW THIS FIC CAME TO BE.


Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1,913 (wow)

Originally posted by softjiminstan

It was a two weeks before your school festival, wherein each class of each grade had to hold some kind of attraction or gimmick to draw in attention and income. Some were cafes some were haunted houses and others were food stands selling crepes, street food and other goodies.

Your group was in charge of devising a plan on how to draw attention and customers. Finally, after a sleepless night of thinking of an attraction, you settled on a carnival-style arcade within your room. You told your classmates and they agreed. They gathered stuffed animals and thought of fun games to play and win some good stuff.

After class, you went to your friends who were in the other class. They were left cleaning the classroom since they were all in the same group, you quickly called out to them “Jimin! Jungkook! Tae!” the three looked at you with a synchronized turn. You gave a huge smile to the three which they returned you a look of ‘tf you want y⁄n?’.  You waddled over your way to the boys and told them how excited you were for the coming school festival

“Wow y⁄n  you seem too excited for this.” Tae muttered to you. “yeah it’s not like we don’t do this every year.” Jungkook said as he cocked an eyebrow at you. “Hey! You didn’t have to burst my bubble!” you tell them annoyed by their reaction towards your excitement.

“so, what are you guys planning for the festival?” you ask the three

“CONCERT” the word quickly tumbled out of taehyung’s mouth.


“These two hyungs I swear.” Jungkook followed

“hm? Jungkook why are you here?” you ask as you turn to jungkook

“oh, I was just waiting for the hyungs so we could all go home together.”

“that’s so sweet of our jeon jungkookieeeee!” taehyung screams.

“How about you kook? What’re your class’ plans for the festival?” you asked jungkook curious about his answer.

“hmm y’know, nothing special. Just those food stands again.” Jungkook answers, he wasn’t really excited when the school festival is coming up. Mainly because all his classmates make the same decision of a food stand every year, nothing was particularly new.

“oh? Food stand again.” You tease.

ugh, I wish they would just quit the food stand.” Jungkook complains.

“Actually, food stands make a lot of cash kook, maybe that’s why your classmates don’t want to drop the whole food stand thing.

“well, good point.” He nods as to show how much he agrees the facts.

WE’RE DONE. FINALLY. LETS GO HOME” Jimin yells as he bolted to the door.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Jungkook yells a s he ran to his hyungs.

Did those three really just leave me here?

After those three egg heads left you, you went back to your classroom and got ready to leave and go home.

A few days later you and the rest of the school started working on the school festivities you had planned. The boys were building a stage for their concert, your class was working on the various booths for the carnival and jungkook’s had been making food stalls and trying out different recipes.


While me, Jimin and Taehyung were goimg home I told them my plans on the day of the festival.

“WHAT?! YOU’RE GONNA CONFESS TO Y⁄N?!” Jimin said with pure shock.

“AHH KOOKIEE!!” was the only thing taehyung was yelling why running around in circles.

“Are you sure though? I mean, has it developed that far?”  jimin asks me

“yeah, I mean, we’ve been friends with her ever since elementary school right? And all those times she just made me fall for her more and more.” I explain to jimin. y⁄n is special to me. She means the world to me. She gave me all her warmth and all her bright smiles make me complete and go weak on the knees. She’s just that breathtaking.

“so.., how are you gonna confess?” jimin asks, taehyung still running around in circles stopped and gave a quick look at me.

“yeah kook, how though?”

“Don’t worry! I’ve got it all planed out! You guys are doing a concert for the school festival right? Maybe you guys could uhmm.. you know.. let me sing.” I told the two.

“What! Of course we’ll let you sing! How you gonna confess though…” Taehyung asks.



“So what song are you gonna sing?” jimin asks

“The Only Exception by Paramore.. what do you guys think? Is it a bit.. too much or too little?”

“Jungkook it’s perfect!” taehyung gave me a smile which I returned.

“COME ON! LETS DO THIS THING!” taehyung yells at the top of his lungs.



“HEYHEY FELLAS!” I screamed to taehyung and jimin whom I saw about to go to their stage. I had to constantly scream because of all the people yelling and trying to make some money and some shit happen.

“the hell are you wearing?” jimin questions trying to hold in his laughter.






And at that the two just ran their asses off


“I swear sometimes she makes me wonder why jungkook liked her… she’s so weird” jimin says as he laughs his ass off.

“well she is weird.. but like, the good kind. Plus she’s pretty.” Taehyung replies

“well can’t argue with that” jimin says his eye smile just showing up on his face uncontrollably

“HYUNG!” ?!

“GET ME OUT OF THIS FOOD STAND!” I yell out with all my might, my classmates placed me up front so we could sell some more. Since more people were coming in when they saw me.

“JUNGKOOOOKIEE” Taehyung screams

“Alright! We’ll talk to your classroom president about it.”

“Hyung im so nervous! This is nerve-wracking!” I complain to jimin

“Jeon Jungkook! Don’t worry about a single thing! You’re JUNG FREAKING KOOK and I know you can woo y⁄n!!” jimin says to reassure me.

“GUYS GUYS! LETS START!” Taehyung yells as he comes dashing through the door.

“WHAT ALREADY?!!” I screamed panicking Its not that I wasn’t ready.. im just really really nervous.. and if she doesn’t accept me I would just be humiliated in front of the whole school…

“JUNGKOOK! DON’T STARE OFF INTO SPACE LIKE THAT!” Jimin shouts at me causing me to snap back int reality.

“Alright hyung lets do this!”

There were a lot of people buzzing around as I cant seem to find y⁄n. Where is she? I stood there on stage getting ready but y⁄n still wasn’t to be seen.

“WHAT?! Y⁄N STILL ISN’T HERE?” taehyung screams

“HYUNG PLEASE GO FIND HER!” I pleaded to taehyung.

“DON’T WORRY JUNGKOOK HE’LL FIND HER!” jimin reassures me.

“But hyung.. what if she went home already..”



I ran to y⁄n’s classroom and quickly found her there, she was holding up a sign that said ‘PLAY AND WIN HERE!’ seriously, did she forget?


“Oh hi taetae!”


“Forget about what?” she says puzzled, wow really.. this girl is gonna give me a headache.




“OH.. OKAY!!”


“OH WhooPs”

I pulled her by the hand and went usain bolt on all of these people. Hopefully.. jungkook doesn’t lose hope and we get to the other building in time..


“JUNGKOOOOK!! SHE’S HERE! SHE’S HERE!” I heard someone screaming in the near distance, I saw taehyung and y⁄n with taehyung being all sweaty and tired and y⁄n catching her breath.

I gave a huge smile and looked at jimin. He gave me a smile and gestured me to start speaking.

“Uhm.. Is this thing on?” I say whilst smiling and looking through the group of people starting to form. y⁄n stood up front and just in the middle where I could see her and only her.

“Y⁄N Y⁄L⁄N, I DEDICATE THIS SONG TO YOU!” was the only things I said before giving her the biggest smile and cueing jimin

*Song plays*

(you can listen to the song here :))

“The Only Exception”

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry

And curse at the wind.

He broke his own heart and I watched

As he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore

That she would never let herself forget.

And that was the day that I promised

I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling,

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul

That love never lasts.

And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone.

Or keep a straight face.

And I’ve always lived like this

Keeping a comfortable distance.

And up until now I have sworn to myself

That I’m content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

You are the only exception.

I’ve got a tight grip on reality,

But I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.

I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up.

Leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.


You are the only exception. [4x]

You are the only exception. [4x]

And I’m on my way to believing.

Oh, and I’m on my way to believing.

As the song ended I quickly came down the stage and went to y⁄n

“Hey..” I let out

“hi..” she says covering her face with a wide smile

“hey.. I like you. So much, very very very much, would you please be mine already?” I quickly mumble out to her ear. I was nervous okay!

“jungkook..” she said looking me in the eyes, I just got nervous for a sec..

“hey” I said as I gave a smile

Then.. everyone.. everything felt quiet. Despite all the people cheering and yelling my name.. it felt so quiet as I was waiting for her response…

“It’s a no huh…” I say as I sigh. I gave her a weak smile, and I turned my back on her. Trying so hard to not let my tears fall, I looked at jimin and teahyung.

As I was starting to take my first step out of this humiliation, I felt someone grab my hand.

“wh-what..” I turned and saw y⁄n sobbing with one hand covering her face.

“You idiot..” what.. what did she say?

“I never told you no dumbass! Wh-why.. why did it take you this long!! Jeon jungkook!”

“wh-what, im confused” I say as I chuckle a bit.

“Jeon Jungkook!! I love you too!”

I felt my face heat up and my eyes widen. I pulled her into a hug and gave her a kiss on the forehead before whispering

“I love you too..”

ongniel quidditch au

ok so my friend and i talk about hogwarts aus too much and i was yearning for a quidditch au and this happened sorry i got carried away lol

  • ok so daniel is 100% a gryffindor dun even fight me on this its Canon™
  • ong’s a gryffindor too, and is the keeper of the gryffindor quidditch team
  • here’s what happened lets go
  • quidditch season hasnt started but gryffindor are feeling the loss from last year because hufflepuff and ravenclaw were ON FIRE last year (where do they get those active first years,,,, we want sum of dat….)
  • seongwoo obv be feeling the determination theyRE GOING TO KILL IT!!! FROM THE BEGINNING!!! TO THE END!!! THE HOUSE CUP!!! IS GRYFFINDOR’S FOR THE TAKING!!!!
  • he also feeling the pressure because gryffindor are forgetting what it’s like to have a house cup win tbh
  • ok anyways
  • since he’s the keeper and everything he knows his team need to count on him yknow
  • he’s always extra early for team practices and spends all his free time practicing quidditch with some new teammate he persuaded one day (read: bribed)
  • prob went smthg like hey kiD!! HELP TOSS SOME QUAFFLES INTO THESE HOOPS FOR ME!!!
  • rip woojin lmfao ong’s always like lmao if thats u trying to score i might as well switch and play chaser instead
  • all in good fun he gives pointers to lil woojin on what to do to catch the keeper off guard
  • good practice for himself too
  • honestly though at some point woojin is prob thinking something like…. ong… shouldn’t u…. be studying…. for NEWTs…..
  • seongwoo : newts? haha what,,,,, are those ha,,,,ha,,, idk what ure talking bout
  • same
  • ok so one day after like 3 days of no sleep after trying to finish like 6 diff essays for all his subjects (don’t procrastinate friendos)
  • boi literally tired as fuck but still has the energy to drag his ass out to the quidditch pitch to practice
  • that saturday the slytherin and gryffindor captains scheduled a practice match to get into the groove of playing again before official matches starts
  • ofc he needs to show his best right off the bat
  • all his classmates tried to hold him back but his excuse was that he gotta train the newbie so he can do his best for the match
  • also secretly because it’s his last year he wants to show that it’s not been a waste and he’s become a very very reliable keeper and that gryffindor CAN win this year
  • so yes, he still goes to practice
  • remember boi on zero sleep and like 20 mins in woojin asks if he’s feeling okay since no sarcastic quips or anything
  • surprise surprise ong passes out but he like doesn’t go pancake because woojin manages to kind of stop him from doing so
  • still fucks up his wrist and ankle on landing though but he’s out of it and woojin is prob freaking tf out omg what am i gonna do ???
  • does the reasonable thing and sprints off to get madam pomfrey
  • hold your horses i know daniel hasnt come into this yet chill
  • ong has to stay in the hospital wing overnight bc of exhaustion but at least his wrist and ankle are okay right?
  • nah
  • he has to miss the practice match because his body isnt recovered enough for sports yet
  • he still goes to watch the match though
  • took a loooooot of convincing but madam pomfrey was finally like fine! bc he was being really loud and she wanted to shut him up hyahwhaghwhaha
  • when he gets to the pitch they had already begun playing and he sees kim donghan playing in his place and is reassured bc he was a natural even if he wasnt a regular
  • there’s other people from the two houses watching too
  • ta-daaa that’s when he meets daniel
  • daniel is an avid quidditch fanboy ok
  • always on top of quidditch news and never misses a game
  • this boy is the definition of House Pride he’s screaming the loudest and always gets hella hyped before matches
  • the type to walk up to people on the mornings of match day and tells them to cheer loudly for gryffindor to give them the support
  • gryffindor hasnt won a house cup in forever tbh but that doesnt phase him he just loves quidditch and is extremely passionate about the sport and his house so regardless of the result he will always remain their tru no.1 fan
  • about that practice match
  • lets be real we would all like to just sleep on saturday morning
  • daniel? practice match? give him the time and date and he’s there and prepared with snacks and drinks for the players he managed to get from the house elves what a considerate babu
  • he gets there extra early that morning because he knew there was a new first year playing and he wanted to cheer extra loud to give him confidence awwwwwawaw
  • but when he sees the team members arrive he notices
  • seongwoo isnt there?
  • that one fourth year boy is playing instead so he gets a little confused
  • seongwoo has never NOT played in any of their matches so he wondered why he wasn’t this time
  • he wasn’t even at the practice, even though everyone else on the team was
  • cue quidditch nerd daniel minutely freaking out lmao
  • he went through the possibilities in his head
  • team drama? detention? OVERSLEEPING??? decided to do a 180 and become studious???
  • his brain was about to explode but he stops when he sees the familiar boy walk up to the top of the stands and get comfortable
  • he’s still really confused
  • why is he watching and not playing??
  • lmao the practice match started 5 mins ago but he’s too distracted bc he doesn’t know why THE ong seongwoo isnt participating in it
  • he debates going up to ask him about it
  • but like,,,, he never spoken to the dude before
  • what if he’s in a shit mood
  • screw it
  • abruptly gets up to go walk up to where ong is
  • prob trips on the way up, someone babyproof him
  • ong is so fixated on the match he doesn’t realise someone is standing next to him
  • when he does
  • “may i help u”
  • he recognizes him too
  • because like he’s always there at practices and is maybe a bit mad for quidditch
  • kind of endearing
  • daniel honestly prob gets caught off guard hayahahaHAHAHA
  • “just,,, wondering why you aren’t out there”
  • “eh, fucked up and slacked off with homework and now my body’s dealing with the consequences”
  • he cant help the frustration in his voice
  • daniel just kinda feels bad
  • bc he looks so,,, tired? and also kind of angry that he couldn’t play bc of his own carelessness
  • he’s always priding himself on being a reliable teammate but here he is missing matches smh
  • but he doesnt tell daniel that lol
  • “why are you sitting all the way up here? pretty sure you can get a better view from anywhere else”
  • ong prob jokingly says some shit like he cant let anyone else in his presence what a drama queen
  • he really likes the feel of the wind from high up
  • that’s why he plays quidditch, being up in the air just makes him feel free
  • anyways
  • daniel and him end up watching the rest of the match together
  • ong pointing out certain tendencies and habits his teammates have when playing
  • daniel pointing out how well the team work together and how he feels like this year is the year for gryffindor u feel
  • ong kind of just
  • ??
  • “you really think so?”
  • bc why wouldnt he right
  • “it’s just that… gryffindor hasn’t won a house cup in a long time”
  • and tbh theyre all feeling it, no one says it though
  • just sucks that they KNOW theyre doing good but never seem to be able to come out on top
  • daniel looks at him like :O
  • LIKE
  • lmfao he gets flustered after that and just quickly tells him to get better soon and to have faith in his team and himself
  • he constantly checks in with ong after that though
  • can’t really forget about the look on ong’s face when he talked about missing the game, even if it was a simple practice match
  • something in him just told him that ong was feeling shit about what happened when he couldn’t play
  • so he just tries to send positive vibes his way lol cute
  • even if it’s just walking by him in the great hall at breakfast and calling out for him not to slack off in class
  • or not to push himself too hard in practice
  • he prob even watches the team practice regularly and calls out “you guys did well today! we’re gonna win this year!!!”
  • just…. postive ball of sunshine spreading positivity
  • ong always spends some time after practice to talk to daniel to get to know him
  • its the least he can do bc daniel’s been so supportive of the team
  • daniel just hopes the dude remembers to take care of himself better tbh dont we all
  • ong won’t admit like ever but he 100% looks forward to daniel’s encouragement in the morning pfft
  • (and also totally wants to get to know daniel more other than him being a massive quidditch fan lol)
  • since then he finds himself working a lot harder to keep up with his workload in class so he can be on top of his game for quidditch
  • prob looks around in the crowd for daniel at games tbh hahAHAHHDAHA
  • this boi confident for matches he brings his A game all the time
  • both of them prob think its sad that they only really became friends in ong’s last year but hey better late then never right

Alrighty doo I said I’ll do a review!

Im not going to rhyme much though so here I go!

So I am skipping the scene with Connie and Steven because i’ve already posted a lot about it when it first came out and I am just going to dive in with Sadie freaking out about Lars in space

It was great to see Sadie so worried about him but  Steven insisting that hes “fine” because he left them with some gems he knew for about 5 minutes (look i’m not saying the off colours are bad but he has a whole load of trust for gems be barely knows) anyway off colours or not Lars is stuck in space and is not home safe with his family his friends! Thats enough to get worried about. Not to mention the off colours are definitely treading on thin ground they were meant to be shattered! So if they are spotted or caught its bye bye to them heck if Lars is spotted its bye bye to him or off to the zoo you KNOW what Homeworld thinks of humans so dont you DARE say Lars is okay :) you also say oh we can go see him through Lion! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE LION IS?!

Anyway Sadie asks if he told his parents (WHO SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY) and Stevens like oh yeah! I was just practising on you! So him and Sadie go and woop theres a protest against Dewey ran by Nanafua with a load of background characters all seem to have no  sclera for some reason.. their designs so bland.. but they’re not important so imma let it slide.

“NANA PHONE!” I love this

Nana is saying that Aliens almost abducted the entire town and Dewey didn’t do jack shit which is right! He did nothing! I mean he couldn’t do much but he didn’t even attempt to do anything at all.. anyway It’s weird to see beach city be mad at the alien activity or pay attention to it at all (a part from Ronaldo) because until now they didn’t bat an eyelid. Steven for some reason is more concerned about this shitty mayor’s reputation than Lar’s parents not knowing where their beloved son is telling Sadie to go on  so I guess she has to break the news by the end of this episode you would want to throw Steven into space with Lapis.. oh wait Lapis leaving hasnt happened yet.

So Nana is running for mayor! And has her very creative chant.. “when I say do we want Dewey you say: No!”

So it turns out Steven hates watching mayor Dewey getting blamed for the whole Topaz and Aquamarine situation as it was kinda his fault! One point for Steven for admitting it. Even though it isn't  Dewey’s fault that it happened it is his fault that he did nothing about it. That’s why the towns people are mad so Steven in this whole episode is just one big flop! No matter how he takes blame for the alien invasion it’s Dewey being a lazy uninterested mayor which is the true issue! So why Steven is defending him till the very end makes so little sense! 

So Dewey spots the protests and realises that things are not looking good for him

I’ll give £500 to anyone who can do this pose comfortably because I can’t even do it at all

Steven is here to fully back Dewey up… Dewey for some reason has never ran opposed but by looking at the population of Beach City which seems to be the size of your average class (30 people about) I am not surprised. Steven then says if only he could of warn Dewey about the abduction sooner (LIKE HE KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN :/) Every thing would of been better but like I said THATS NOT THE PROBLEM the problem is that Dewey doesn’t do jack shit so no matter when you tell him he wouldn’t do anything which is why people are mad! 

AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORST Dewey says Steven is right and it is all his fault! YOU SEE! Dewey takes no responsibility this episode is perfect at painting how shitty a mayor Dewey is yet Steven still supports him.  Steven says he’ll hold a meeting and tell everyone its all his fault and Dewey basically just keeps a low profile and doesnt get involved :) So Steven DOES know that  Dewey does jack shit and still says it like its totally okay and the town should still support him even though hes a useless mayor 

Anyway the 10 citizens in Beach City aren’t having it and think that he should do more! And they’re right! Sadie looks like shes bout to punch someone anyone notice the one in the glasses on the far right hasn’t got a nose.. how she breathing?! 

Oh wait nevermind they do.. Anyways Dewey takes the megaphone and basically shows how useless he is saying oh well we all safe after all and god bless Sadie for saying THATS NOT TRUE WHAT ABOUT LARS?! ..and Dewey doesnt know who he is.. okay.. but he doesn’t know that he is missing?!! Dewey being as unsympathetic as hell basically says oh we’ll find a replacement :) IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS and Steven just face palms probably because he knows that that will make the townsfolk mad not because it was a really shitty thing to say. The townsfolk are pissed Lars’ mum (oh my god I loved her) straight up throw a tomato at his face and to be honest I think Dewey got lucky as it if were me Dewey would find himself being driven to hospital.  Someone uploaded it on tubetube.. you know they can’t say youtube due to copyright. Dewey is more worried about that video then the fact there is a teenage boy stuck in space let me just say after all that Steven is still supporting him! Dewey thinks the town is being mean :( even though they’re telling the truth and instead of reflecting on his ways and changing he acts like a victim! It just shows how childish he is!

BUT NO! FUCK THAT! Steven basically just wants to sweep that under a rug and change the convo and you know a mayor is really shitty if you need to hand him a book on talking to people especially if he’s been a mayor for over a decade. Steven plans a few jokes if they bring up the alien invasion thing. Yep.. Steven is an asshole Dewey thanks Steven saying he is the son he never had…

well at least Steven reminded him he has a son

Nana walks on stage ready for business. Dewey goes first giving the



Basically saying being a mayor seems glamorous I can tell why Nana would want to be one

Me too Nana..

So Dewey tries to give his points validity by saying hes been a mayor for a decade and he knows stuff Nana does not now painting himself as a victim saying “oh when things go wrong everyone blames me uwu” AND YET IT WAS YOUR FAULT WHEN YOU CRASHED YOUR VEHICLE INTO THE ONLY CELL TOWER

Do it Ms Barringa DO IT

Him saying that most people cant handle that sort of pressure but he can! Congratulations I guess that makes him the perfect mayor! Only question is..

Can you really?

Your method of “dealing with it” is hiding away avoiding responsibility

 Dewey basically says to the townsfolk to stop worrying at let him do it for him (okay good pun there) the whole reason why the town wanted to overthrow Dewey is because he DOES NOTHING and yet he says oh lemme do this for you… 

and people buy it? 

Can I just say the townsfolk all seem to have the exact same opinions in this like they’re being controlled by one force.

Nana says Dewey is right about one thing and that it is not right to blame him for the towns problems which is true I mean they’re always going to be issues its how you deal with them but I am confused were they all protesting about Dewey doing NOTHING about the alien invasion and not the fact that it happened?! Those are two very different things you know and the show keeps bouncing left to right on whos mad about what. 

Anyway (Ive said anyway a lot in this) Nana says that if one person suffers everyone  suffers  and Beach City together should be responsible for their safety together! Yeah it was a nice speech! Everyone cheers and Steven looks shook because he knows Dewey has lost he STILL tries to prompt Dewey who briefly tries to fix himself up then decides that it is pointless and himself says Beach City deserves a better mayor than he was.. best and most respectable thing Dewey has done that whole part redeemed the episode quite a lot..

Then it gets ruined

By Steven

 Steven gets upset and says how Dewey cant give up and still should fight.. you see even Dewey himself knows he was a shitty mayor and Steven is still pushing it now Steven is acting like a victim because Dewey did the right thing and step down because it was clear Nana will a better mayor than he will ever be and he feels let down?! It was you for some reason decided to back up Dewey even though its clear he was a terrible mayor it was you who completely ignored the town.. yes your friend’s words and support this man convincing him he is fit to be a mayor despite your friends going on about how bad he is honestly this is Stevens worst episode yet and the beginning with him and Connie puts the icing on the cake. He then says its probably how Connie feeled dont you dare thats a totally different story.

You  selfishly put yourself in danger for no good reason making your friends and family worry SICK about you

Yeah Connie was mad that you left her out I mean she’s got a point it would of been a little better if you at least had support instead of going alone you probably still be out numbered out powered but still!

Dewey did the right thing! He was a shitty mayor your friends knew he knew and despite that you totally ignored them and supported him and even got mad at him when he chose to step down!

Then we’re meant to sympathise him because Connie never gave him a call?!


Im done.


YAY we are back! Tonight’s episode was alright but had an amazing director. I really hope episodes keep building up from here till the end.

1. Caleb Rivers hasn’t been on my screen for three weeks now, if someone could return him home to Hanna, that would be awesome.

2. “Do you two want to be left alone?” I ship the game and Mona. Everyone deserves someone to look at them the way Mona does with that game board.

3. Mary Drake needs to get her butt back to Rosewood to finish up her long drawn out story line. Also give us the dirt on Peter “cant keep it in his pants” Hastings, my guess is Peter is actually the father of Emison’s baby.

4. Peter actually fathered all of us.

5. Speaking of one of the worst story lines that they are trying to make romantic, Alison is keeping the baby.

6. AND Alison kind of came out to PAIGE?

7. OH AND PAIGE, just because you knocked and a door is unlocked doesn’t mean you can just welcome yourself in. Creep.

8. Paige looking over Alison was the creepiest part of this episode.

9. But I got to give it to her, she saw the terrible story line the writers were going with and left the show.

10. Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, no big deal.

11. Spencer and Wren were fighting? I know people are going to use this as a Spencer has a twin clue and I’m upset because I really don’t want a twin. It would almost be as bad as when Sydney tried to be AD for 10 seconds and failed. By the way Sydney is probably dead by now, terrible acting job she did.

12. Wren was back, literally shook Ezra’s hand and was gone.

13. Speaking of the asshole, Ezra was being really weird tonight?

14. I’m thinking Nicole is code for something AD related because Ezra isn’t just a normal guy, he is a stalker and freak who creeps on teenage girls for a “book”.

15. By the way was Ezra wearing an earpiece?

16. Aria was amazing calling him on his shit. Honestly Ezra is blaming everyone but himself. Aria deserves a lot better…

17. Aria also need to stop helping AD, SHE IS LITERALLY TELLING AD EVERYTHING?

18. “Are you Lucas?” You think AD is going to be like “Heck yeah I’m Lucas, you got me!”

19. NO

20. ALSO Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, SHE THINKS THEY WILL MAKE CUTE BABIES! But its no big deal.

21. The Facetime calls with AD being Aria were so disturbing?

22. AD is one needy person though, imagine being one of his/her helpers.

23. You never miss one of AD’s calls, as Aria misses like 20 calls.

24. AD didn’t really think it through picking Aria to be a helper, if she see’s Ezra, that’s all she will focus on.

25. “Lucas’s Loft is probably bugged” YOU THINK?

26. “Lucas is a nice guy” the more you know Hanna, the more you know.

27. I think the writers are going down the Lucas killed Charlotte path which at least will prove his shady “nice guy” act was all fake.

28. But I’m not giving up on the Lucas is AD train.

29. Lucas also sold the factory and crushed my poor Hanna.  To make matters worse she still has to play the game aka Monas new interest.

30. Mona is too good for this show.

31. OH MY GOD and the comic book! Lucas was part of or in the dollhouse! 100%!

32. Hanna and Emily dramatically narrating the comic book. If it ever gets made into a movie I think Hanna and Emily should get a role.

33. Mona is going to die this season. I can feel it.

34. Spencer used Rollins (he has like 12 different names I don’t know if there is one I’m supposed to call him by officially?) card that night when she bought drinks and signed for them. Didn’t we all think that though?

35. She also told Marco she was burying a body. Smooth move Spencer.

36. Marco followed Spencer to the lost woods, then waited in his car for 58 minutes. Don’t tell him it was an hour, because it was exactly 58 minutes.

37. Marco is one smart detective, I got to give him that. We have never seen someone ACTUALLY solve something in Rosewood.

38. Speaking of solving things do the cops even care about who killed Charlotte?

39. Caleb is out of town with Toby because he just lost his wife. But now watch Toby come back and be 3000% okay and just start dating Spencer. WE ALL KNOW ITS COMING.



42. The promo for 7x16 show Lucas getting his shady ass caught. BUT remember not to believe half the stuff he says, cause he is a LIAR.

43. He also tells Hanna the reason she was tortured. WHAT A LOVELY GUY…



Ezra Fitz- just an all around terrible human and is sketchy, but whats new.

Spencer’s twin- PLEASE NO. PLEASEEEEE no twins.

Lucas “Why wont Hanna love me? Is it because I watch her sleep?”- Just another fake person on the show and is going to get called out on it.

Wren- I honestly don’t think he is AD, I just love him<3

Aria and Ezra- Really weird conversations tonight.

Till next week! BYEEE