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I encourage you. 

You fanfic writers, whether or not you write 100K of epic smut or 150 words of adorable fluff. 

I want you to keep writing, no matter how many comments, likes, kudos or subscribers you get. 

Write what makes you happy. Share what makes you gleeful. Make friends with your work and don’t be afraid to write boldly. 

Comment on what you love, rec it, reblog it–make sure the writer knows that it made you happy. You might just make their day. 

And to all of you who reblog with love in the tags, who like it and shout at me on messenger. Thank you. Seriously. I write for those moments. <3

Just remember, that we got this. Okay? So keep writing!

Got It Bad

Characters/pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5150 (god I’m sorry, I just really like words)

Contains: Fluff, smut, angst, language

A/N: I wrote this for @melbelle45‘s Dirty Pop Challenge. My song prompt was U Got it Bad by Usher. I used some lines and ideas from the song and I went for the hardcore pining, hope you feel it. Assume the reader is familiar of the hunting life, and it’s sometime after S8. All my love to @impala-dreamer for her encouragement and time when I struggled with this one.

Feedback and constructive criticism are both welcomed and encouraged. xoxo

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The email sat in your inbox for a month before you noticed it; buried in the spam from mailing lists and unsolicited porn. Then, it sat there for another week before you could decide what to do with it - delete it, ignore it, reply. You had a decent enough reason for each option. Your stomach did flips every time you held the cursor over the email. You’d been ready to flip your life upside down and take the leap, but then he was gone, before you had a chance to be anything.

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we're all so far up dans ass at this point im crying

it’s his confidence that really gets me like i’m excited he’s showing skin and that he called attention to it and he looks very nice but mostly i’m just fucking floored by the fact that dan howell is really out here mustering up the confidence to get on a stool in front of a mirror and make that sort of suggestive pose and dress in a shirt that is so unconventional and a more feminine cut and like let himself feel comfortable in that moment looking and posing how he wants,,,,,,, i’m floored that even after he took the photo, he saw it and he decided he liked it enough to share with us,,, like he really is just out here uploading photos of himself breaking so many of his own boundaries and comfort zones and i can’t believe it i’m so emotional honestly what the actual fuck i adore him so much

Hiccstrid first kiss analysis

Okay guys, I just want to share you an analysis I did for my grandma when I was speaking about Hiccstrid with her!

I’m so in love with that ship that I really found explanations in their attitudes during their first kiss in RTTE S4 (and not because I’m in psychology).

So firstly, seeing Toothless and Stormfly playing like that clearly announces what will occur next.

I mean: they’re obviously teasing HTTYD2.

Then, we have this:

Ok so here they just recap everything that happened during the past few seasons, namely protect each other. In this small dialogue, they remind us all Hiccstrid moments we had. And I adore it cause that was what the producters told us in this line:

“Whether it’s one of them being in danger and how the other one feels about that […]”

Thanks them.

So we can say that, at some points, they review their relation. But in Hiccstrid’s way :)

Secondly, we have Hiccup teasing Astrid…

Like… it’s him who makes the first move for once! And what a reference! He uses the way Astrid treats him with her famous ‘punch’.

And besides, she strikes back.

It’s really cute.

And I think that’s why Astrid takes the opportunity to question him…

Hiccup’s face OMT… He’s so cute and what I appreciate is that he’s clearly disappointed:

Next, Astrid relaunches him:

Then, he answers. And what an answer…

We just learn that he “thought about it a lot”. Like what? OMT Hiccup!! And that he is a romantic. This is SO beautiful. The poor baby was waiting for the “perfect” time.

What I really appreciate is that after all he said, he still hesitates to kiss Astrid. That’s WHY this scene is perfect cause the producters keep Astrid and Hiccup’s personalities here. Hiccup always doubts and Astrid is confident. This is how Hiccstrid looks like and I’m in love with that. So that’s why Astrid has to relaunch Hiccup for the third time in order to reassure him and give him confidence.

Finally, Hiccup is confident. Thanks to Astrid. And they finally share this mutual kiss that Hiccup initiates!

That’s why this first kiss is truly perfect. Astrid succeeds in making her boy confident with her. It’s a really good conclusion of everything they had overcome before and that’s why this is perfect.


Hiccup’ sigh at the end… No comment.

All I Need is You

Imagine: Tom takes you out for a day by the beach. As the day comes to an end, you feel a strong shift in the the emotions you possess for the boy.

A/N: I applied for uni today, saw IT and I’m just a stressed snake (!!!!!!) needed some tom fluff so here’s some short summery goodness to fill a gap that I, at least, had in my heart. so enjoy, requests/asks are always open!! 

Word Count: 1000ish [UNEDITED]

A warm, salty breeze floated past you, rustling through your wet hair. Green, soft grass tickled at your bare feet where your picnic blanket ended. A fond sensation overtook your body as you observed the skies soft blues, pinks and reds melt together. The sun’s rays gently caressed the bare skin of your legs and face. The tree above you allowed the sun to created intricate patterns on the blanket beneath you. Your eyes glimmered as you gazed from the blue ocean to the sky overhead. Other couples and families littered around the hill, loud laughter, music and chatter flowing through the evening’s sky. The smokiness of surrounding barbeques and sunscreen wafted in the air; filling your senses. A soft smile tugged at your lips in content. This is what summer felt like.

“Ayeee,” voices cheered behind you. Jumping as a pair of strong arms wrapped around your torso, a soft kiss pressed to your cheek. “Hi, love.”

“You scared me, you dick,” you chuckled. Your head tilted to the side, meeting Tom’s bright brown eyes, a cheeky smile plastered on his face. Placing a tender kiss to his soft lips, as your hand reached up to grasp onto his jaw. “Hi,” you smiled, gently pushing his cheek away from you.

A hearty laugh fell from lips as he sat down beside on the soft material, placing a plastic bag down in front of you. His hands immediately diving into the grey material, pulling out an array of food and cold drinks.

“I didn’t really know what to get,” he sighed. “So I sort of got a lil’ bit of everything.”

You nodded, your hand reaching down to grab some chips from the paper bag. You hummed, the food satisfying the hunger which had rumbled through your stomach. Tom leant back onto his left arm, pressing a mound of kisses onto your cheek, in attempt to grab your attention away from the small feast in front of you.

“I’m trying to be romantiiiiic. Kiss me,” he whined.

“Um, I don’t know if you’ve realised, but you’ve just presented me with a feast,” you spoke light-heartedly, placing another chip in your mouth. “Priorities.”

He groaned again, louder this time, causing people to turn their heads towards the distracting sound. Your eyes widened, lightly punching him in the chest.

“Stop being a little shit, Tom. I’m being serious,” you spoke. Smiling warily back at the strangers and parents looking at you with disappointment. Tom groaned your name this time, stifling a laugh in the process.

“Stooop,” you huffed.

“Make me,” he winked suggestively, raising his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes comically as he let out another chuckle.

“Don’t pull this fairy tale shit on me, Tom. I’ll fight you.”

Ignoring your unrealistic threat, he opened his mouth to whine once again. Except, this time, it was muffled by your lips pressing to his.

“There it is,” he cheered. “That’s all I wanted, hun.”

Wrapping his arm around your shoulder in delight. You couldn’t help but laugh at his childish antics. The pair of you calmed, settling into each other’s presence once again as you both became caught up in your own daze, munching on the variety of snacks in front of you.  

“Thank you for this,” you spoke thoughtfully. Tom nodded, smiling as he mindlessly acknowledged your praise. “Honestly Tom, no one has ever done anything like this for me. It means a lot.”

“I’m glad I could make you happy, babe. C’mere,” he spoke encouragingly. Shuffling back, Tom assisted you in moving between his legs. You leant back into his toned body, closing your eyes as the suns warmth gently shun down onto your face. Moving back to lean on the tree, Tom’s hands moved down, circling loosely around your waist.

Shifting to the side, you looked up to Tom who looked fixated on the view before you.

“Hey, T?” you questioned quietly.


“I think I love you.”

Tom’s gaze remained fixated on the horizon, his body stiffening slightly as the words reached his ears. You immediately became more alert at his silence. Your breath quickened, your chest contracting in an unfamiliar pain.

“Did you just-“

“Yeah,” you cut him off. Your stomach clenched, bile rising to the back of your throat. You couldn’t bare this. This was too soon for the both of you.

“I love yo-“

“I shouldn’t-“

“What?” you both questioned simultaneously. Despite the tension which you felt, Tom burst out into laughter, which turned hysterical all too soon. Your face fell flat, confused and slightly bewildered by the situation playing out before your very eyes. His joyful laughter soon turned into a series of coughing and spluttering which only made him laugh louder. Choking on his own air, he heaved for air, slapping his hand against his heart. A small smile broke out on your face upon witnessing this.

“Were you about to take back that I love you?” he questioned, a wide smile plastered on his face. You gave a sheepish smile, covering your face with your hands; groaning in embarrassment as you leant into his chest. “You were the one that said no take backsies.”  

Light chuckles bounced vibrated through both of you before silence surrounded you both. Tom squeezed you tightly, his hand rubbing up and down the side of your arm. Opening your eyes, you looked up towards him, only to be met with his glimmering brown eyes looking back at you. Something new was hinted in his expression; something you had never seen before.

“You know how hard it is for me to say those phrase to someone,” he whispered. You nodded, fully aware of the heart-breaking past Tom associated with those three simple words.

“I totally understand if you don’t want to say it back, Tom, I-“ you rushed.

“And if you let me finish,” he smirked. His hand raised, his thumb brushing over your cheek; settling just below where your jaw meets your neck. “I was going to say that I love you.”

You blinked slowly, attempting to comprehend the passionate words which he spoke confidently. Exhaling in adoration, a smile of disbelief lit up your face. Tom pulled your head towards him, an intense kiss being shared in that moment of pure bliss. Your body was filled with more love than you thought was ever capable. Pulling away with his eyes closed, Tom licked his lips, humming; as if savouring the moment. In a daze, he murmured; an overly cocky and flirty tone hinted in his voice.

“There’s a lot more fairy tale shit where that came from, darling.”

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Reasons to buy and read It Devours!:

  • I mean, more wtnv. what else do you even need
  • highlighting of Carlos’s team of scientists!
  • interesting thoughts on the differences between how religious and non-religious people, specifically scientists, view the world around them
  • a lot of new info about familiar characters
  • for real, it’s so amazing to read about him just… doing stuff. not being talked about by Cecil but just,, existing there, speaking by himself, interacting with others
  • also you get to know more small and not so small facts about him
  • I love Carlos okay
  • also you’ll find out the secret he hides about this year in the desert other world. it’s… big. You definitely want to know that
  • Josh is adorable
  • if you want more cecilos in your life, just go and buy this book. trust me. so much fluff. so much
  • Janice being amazing is my world. Carlos loving Janice is my soul. Carlos loving his family and sharing emotional moments with them is my reason to live.
  • UNCLE CARLOS jfcrtstplbjh
  • more info about the religion of the Smiling God and the Smiling God in general
  • Nilanjana’s interaction with that agent piloting a helicopter is honestly one of my favorite parts of the book
  • there’s probably more I can’t think of right now

Conclusion? I can’t say you will definitely enjoy this book but I personally think it’s the best thing. Just go but it

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 16

 They Made A Monster Out Of Me 

Negan x Addison

A/N: you’re gonna get some Negan fluff in this one guys - I have some smutty chapters coming up, more detailed than the first smut PROMISE, my smut writing has gotten better *le awkward face* I’ve been writing more of it so I’m a lot more comfortable- just focusing on developing Negan and Addison’s relationship hehe – ALSO I’VE BEEN LIVING FOR YOUR COMMENTS xx I love how interactive some of you are with the story, keep em coming fam <3 – Trigger warning: there is mention of abuse/ and allusion to rape in this chapter **

Chapter 15 || Masterlist 

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Negan pinched his lids together with one hand noticing the breaking light of dawn through the small window of Addison’s room. He knew he had to leave to get some sleep. The best he got was usually four, maybe five hours tops. Otherwise, he functioned on nothing but a spatter of naps throughout his day. This fuckin’ world kept him restless, and at night when there were no distractions, he found himself wide awake living in his own personal hell that his mind created. 

Right now, as Addison lay nestled securely under his arm, he could tell something was different. Negan felt oddly…calm. He trailed his finger along her side, lost deep in thought. Even after fucking his wives, he never wanted to be in the company of their presence. Yeah, he was friends with Naomi, and had great banter with Annie, but that was it. That’s all it was for him, a good fuck and small talk. That’s all it’s supposed to be with her. 

Addison’s body rose and fell with each pacing breath she took. He lowered his eyes to look at her hand resting on his chest. He lifted his other hand from his side, hovering it over hers. He thought about the most innocent thing he wanted to do to her…to just hold her. He thought of the first moment he laid eyes on her. How her fine self practically made him stop in his tracks. He thought of the first night she stayed in his room when she was with Toby, and every moment they shared after that. Every time she got flustered by his presence, he found it downright adorable. 

Before Carl showed up at the Sanctuary…

Before she saw the fucking monster that he was… 

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What video is that hot stuff gif you re blogged from

it’s here in the brits 2015 backstage tour vid :) isjdfksjdlfjsdlf god tbh all of the brits content is so underrated and lovely. esp the backstage tours, they’re so surprisingly relaxed in these videos and laughing a lot and feeling awkward and out of place and it’s honestly adorable to watch??? and there’s some genuinely flirty moments in this vid omg and a lot of shots of them squeezing together as they take in all the Serious Business brits stuff together :(( here r some cute pics i have from this vid just bc im feelin emo and want to share: 

i just feel like the brits vids are lowkey such good examples of the way dnp sort of subtly lean on each other (i mean figuratively mostly but also sometimes literally) in situations where theyre a bit uncomfortable and out of their depth

ahahah also a bonus: 

Coffee in the mornings

Authors Note: This is my first blurb regarding Shawn, I am remarkably sorry that is more dialogue, but I thought the small plot/interview made for a cute start to the new sense of writing I am doing. 
Thanks to my Anons who convinced me to do this!

Enjoy! Xx

He confidently stands with a coffee cup gripped in his hand while patiently waiting to be pushed onto the stage of the interview that’s minutes from taking place. He’s self-composed and collected, he’s not ill at ease about the subjects that may be thrown at him, he has it all figured out in his head— to a certain extent of course. After all, there isn’t much to ask about besides his music and his future plans regarding his music.
Everything has essentially been covered in numerous other interviews he’s fulfilled. The amount of repetitive questions he has received about his newest hit song is unbelievable. 

Shawn has his responses memorised perfectly for each set of questions he’s expected to be asked. He’s realised they’re not strategically directed or worded, consequently, he can use the same response with most of them. 

He takes a seat graciously next to the host, a grin depicted across his lips as he adjusts his black Sandro sweater while becoming content within the chair. While Shawn becomes comfortable and takes one last quick sip of his coffee, the host views the notes scribbled down on the note cards, promptly revising.

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Fucking Hell

Title: Fucking Hell

 Prompt: @wayward-mirage : Lucifer x Reader on their first date.  This is for the 26 Day Birthday Celebration.

 ***A/N: I decided to try a different format.  I hope that’s okay.

 Summary: Lucifer decides to take you, the human he can’t believe he has fallen for, out for a first date.  It doesn’t go well.

 Warnings: As you can tell from the title…Language.

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

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“Stop!” Lucifer shouted at his brother as he tightened the tie.  “This is idiotic!”

“Do you want to look nice for your date or not?!”  Gabriel said with a pout, putting his hands on his hips for added flair.  He waited until Lucifer rolled his eyes and nodded. “Good.  Now sit still…don’t you look so cute in a tie!”

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001. // saeyoung drabble

a/n: random drabble bcs anxiety’s a hoe that’s keeping me up at 5 am, not letting me sleep, and yeah. i’ll edit this latter if it has any grammatical errors and shit. idk what’s this. whatever it turns out to be.


Saeyoung had been locked up in his office, which now was a crafting room of sorts, for a few hours now. He’d been working on some new products for his toy shop. But his energy was running low and he just needed to see your face. He needed you in his arms.

He stretched briefly while sitting on his chair before standing up, pushing the chair behind him and letting it slide away until it hit the wall.

“Alright then,” he made his way to the living room, hoping to find you there but you were nowhere to be seen.

It always gave him slight anxiety not knowing where you were. He knew it was kind of creepy, but he just couldn’t help it. You were someone he absolutely did not want to lose. He wanted you by his side as long as God would allow him to. Allow you both to.

As if sensing his worries, you walked right into the room, eyes puffy and laptop underneath your arm. This alarmed him instantly, automatically thinking he’d done something wrong. Saeyoung still wasn’t used to being overly affectionate to other people, even you. But seeing you in this state only made him rush over to you, cautiously remove the laptop from underneath your arm, and wrap his muscular arms around you.

“(Y/n), what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Did I do someth—” he shot question after question, his hands running up and down your back desperately.

You pulled back from the embrace, successfully interrupting him before rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands, a shaky sigh leaving your lips.

“I’m okay, Saeyoung. It’s nothing.”

You looked exhausted.

“It clearly looks like something.”

He wrapped his arms around your smaller frame once again, his lips soon coming to rest on your temple, “Talk to me, babe.”

You shifted uncomfortably in his arms, which made his heart pang painfully.

“You’ll think I’m ridiculous,” you murmured, your lips hovering over his toned chest. God, he smelled so good.

“Try me,” his fingers ran through your hair lovingly.

You sighed in defeat, your arms now managing to wrap around him. That’s when he noticed how badly you were trembling and just how tightly you were pressing him against your body. /Just what happened to you to make you behave this way?/

“Well… You see,” your cheek was pressed tightly against his chest, his heartbeat managing to calm you down, “I just finished watching this drama called Goblin and… I…”

Your voice started to break again. So that was it.

If you weren’t as shaken as you currently were, he would’ve chuckled. Instead, he chose to finish your sentence, “You cried over the end.”

He started rubbing your back over and over, “I know how that feels and I—”

He was interrupted for the second time in that short while, “It’s not just that! I… I never want to lose you!”

The ginger man was taken aback by your sudden statement. Sure, you would frequently say those things to him, but this time it sounded so… /intense/. Plus, he still wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of such strong emotions.

Saeyoung was about to speak when you said, “I just… This show didn’t kid around. And it made think of how precious you are to me. Of how short human lives can be. It reminded me that we need to make the most out of each moment we live with the people we love. And it made even more conscious of my love towards you and how sad and lonely my world would be without you in it. And if God allows it, I would love to share each and every of my lifetimes with you. I… I just never want to lose you. You are my precious Saeyoung.”

He was vaguely aware of the wetness around his chest. Were you… crying? Was this drama really sad?

The young man stayed quiet for a moment before slightly pulling back from the embrace and tilting your head up to make you look into his eyes. There were strong emotions within them.

“I adore you, (y/n). I love you. I would be honored to be your companion for as long as my soul remains.”

And he sealed his promise with a searing kiss.

New to This

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Warning: FLUFF, Dean being a sugar-coated smol bean, Dean defending a burger

Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends all of their life and are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. How will the relationship life treat them?

A/N: This is my piece for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My Quote was “I think you pissed off my sandwich” Dean. Congrats on 2,000 followers, sugar! Thanks for letting me participate @dancingalone21 :)

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I know I don’t normally post this type of personal stuff on my blog, but I wanted to share - I’ve just started my own little shop on Etsy, with not much on it at the moment, but it’s a start! 

I’m in love with watercolour and I like dabbling with abstract colours, but I’m also going to start portraits and other things in the near future. I also like painting characters, and I’m very much willing to go into the commission side of things. This is Sonic the Hedgehog, painted for my brother for his birthday: 

I’ve also won a few prizes with my watercolour, including this stag which I adore: 

I’ve been wanting to set up a little shop for absolutely ages. I would really appreciate anyone going to have a browse - I am very much willing to do commissions, as long as you contact me with details of what you would like. Please like and re-blog too if you want!

Link to my Etsy here.


Warning: right in the feels! I am serious!

I was yet again drifting through my great grandma’s childhood pictures. There was this one … she must have been like 5 or 6. In a park, and on the far right bench there was man sitting. As a child I used to joke I was gonna marry him, although I had no idea who he was, nor does my great grandma … just some random person forever caught on this photo.

But today was the day … I am gonna be 25 this year – the end of the month. A while ago my dad make his time travel machine work. It was his passion since forever… but he never used it for longer than one “jump” back in time, one precious jumped, that saved us all, but he feared this will ruin something … like the time line, space continuum and shit like this … If it was even possible, he won’t be able to build it at first place!

I was gonna secretly use it to go back in time and meet this person. I can go only 3 times – that’s the amount of “jumps” a body can handle. At least 7 days time between travel. The first one will be at the park when my grandma was a child, to ask who he is, and stuff … after this I was gonna go earlier… to find him. Because on this photo he was obviously old already.

First “jump” – 10. 11. 2061

-        Here we go. - I set the date - month - year - location - perfect time. I left the picture on the stand next to the machine. - Let’s ride!

I “woke up” sitting on a bench … nearby. I walked in the park. I knew the place as I knew the back of my hand. I have seen million of pictures of it! I saw my great granny running around, or it is to say the 5-year old version of her. Future technology have the opportunity to extend life, and later to load the mind in an android body, so she was still … present. Not that all the people if 21-st century liked it!

And there I saw him. Alone on the bench with a book, looking in the nowhere. I rushed and stopped in front of him. His gaze stopped at me. Looking, he smiled, I must have been red as a potato.

-        I am sorry, but I know you form somewhere
-        I doubt that, Love. – he smiled, his bright blue eyes, got darker.
-        No, I am sure … – I insisted and sat next to him. I “appeared” after the photo, so it was ok to sit there. – My … grandma… I am sure I saw you on some of her pictures. Were you classmates?

He looked down. Then at me again. Smiling lightly. He was indeed older than he looked, his eyes gave him away, so much sorrow. Suddenly he lighten up.

-        Maybe in college? Where does your grandma took the picture?
-        Am … - I looked at my “grandma” playing in the sand. – In a park. – I smiled.
-        There wasn’t much parks in Louisiana back then. – he chuckled.
-        Really?
-        Yeah … back in the 90’s … were you … - he looked at me and smiled. You were not born back then. - He laughed, and fixed his hair. Was he nervous? - Maybe in the Art University … when I was studying art?
-        I have no idea… - I shrugged. How am I supposed to ask him stuff for when he was young without being suspicious. – When was this exactly …
-        Oh, that’s a tough one! – he laughed. - I barely remembered what I ate last night.

He then looked at me warmly and got silent for a while. He got his book, there was a piece of paper inside, a drawing maybe … After some awkward silence he told me for this one time in school. A funny story. But this was exactly what I needed. Date, month, year, time! We talked for a while more. I excused myself for bothering him, but he just waved and smiled.

-        I am sorry if I disturbed you. Were waiting someone?
-        I am not anymore.

Poor man, he looked so sad. How can someone as beautiful as him, be so sad? He was in his 50’s maybe. But was still ravishing. It was obvious for everyone. The young and even the elderly women had hard time looking away from him, and he was just sitting there, alone … in sadness.

Every trip had it’s time length! The first one was 24 hours. The second 12, and the last 6! I had like 23 hours to walk around and get familiar with the surroundings. After my time was out I was gonna go back. I had this liquid crystals I had to drink before “jumping” otherwise I was gonna stuck in time. And I didn’t want to live in the boring past, as I have such amazing plans for my future!

My time was up! I was brought back in, with horrible migraine, and a will to die. It took me 2 days to get better. After this I planned my trip back. I chose some clothes, so I can properly fit in and prepared myself again.

Second “jump” – 17. 11. 2061

Date – Month – Year – Location – Time

It was right after the funny prank he and his friend pulled on another classmate of theirs; they were supposed to be in the school cafeteria.

I entered the place. It was full of loud young people. I sat at the bar and looked around. After 10 min I managed to locate him … there he was. In his full glory! A young boy, in the beginning of his adulthood. He was maybe 19, or so. Definitely a “player”, that’s how my granny used to call boys who dated girls for sport.

I smiled at him. And he looked away. But just for a second, as he kept staring at me. 

After 10 more minutes he sat next to me.

-        Hi! – he was chewing on some meat. Gross, people back then used to eat meat.
-        Hi …
-        You are new!
-        Is it this obvious? – I pull some hair away of my face.
-        Yeah, you look innocent, and here is full of two faced people, come on! – he took my hand and walked towards the exit.
-        What about your friends?
-        They are lame! Wanna hear about the prank we just made?
-        Yeah …
-        So, there was this super rude boy, like … having fun on girls, you know … and we, like … am … - he scratch the back of his neck, looking for words. – We …
-        Prank him?
-        No, yes … We, slipped some mud all over his new suite. And today are the album photos.
-        Aw … nice, I guess.
-        Yeah, I’ll probably be expended from school again, but who cares. It sucks anyway. - He got out a cigarette. Oh no! I’ve seen this in an old healthy file. – Want some?
-        No, thank you! – he looked disappointed.

My stomach growled – side effect of “jumping”

-        Hungry?
-        Yeah … where can I eat for 5? – even with my dad being top scientist, this is the only thing I managed to find, as a money from the ancient times.
-        It’s ok, I’ll buy you something.
-        No, I have money!
-        Shush, don’t yell, someone may rob you.

Oh, crimes, so sweet. We haven’t had crimes in 55 years!

-        Ok …
-        Come on! - he turned left into a small street. - This guy there owns me a favor. 

We stopped in front of a “hot dog” place. Odd, I have no idea what this is. He bought two of these, he got extra stuff on it. And gave me one.

-        Ugh … - I spit it out – it tastes like shit.
-        Yeah I know … I am considering going vegan.
-        What’s stopping you?
-        It’s expansive to leave a healthy life, and money … don’t exactly grow on trees around here.
-        So … - I kept on eating, it was going to be extremely rude to throw the food away. – tell me something about you?
He just laughed.
-        Come on, you bought me food!
-        The name’s Jared. – he looked questioning. That was the moment when I was supposed to say mine.
-        Ava.
-        Pretty name!

He kept eating and staring at me.

-        Wanna go for a ride?
-        Ha?

He dragged me to his car. A Car! I always wanted to try one as a child but thy weren’t safe enough.

-        Is this save enough?
-        Yeah … yeah! Why?

-        Just asking?
-        Are you from Europe, you people are nuts. – he laughed. The most adorable laughter ever!

We drove around the city, talking laughing. He was indeed amazing. His pretty features. His smile, his eyes … I could drown into them. He shared his dreams with me – he wanted to be an artist, paintings music … why not acting. Anything that will allow him to express his free will and also himself. Anything that will inspire people to be strong as his mother was when him and his brother were children, and she saved them. Such pretty visons and dreams. He wasn’t very good at words, not that he was stupid, just … not very experienced in talking with people.

He drove me to a woods on a cliff a little bit out of the city to watch the sunset. It was amazing view. Since we put a shield to guard us form the sun radiation, there was no color in the sky. But there were no skin deceases and allergies, also cancer was gone. So colors were ok to sacrifice.

-        What about you? – he was driving back to the city, it was night already.
-        What about me?
-        Hey … don’t be like this?
-        Like what?
-        Like … you know! Tell me about you? A mysterious girl, you just appear form nowhere, like … alien!
-        Ha! – I laughed, he was so right – Well … I … I wanna help my dad, he is a scientist. He … is having this project, I am kinda helping him, and if it worked, he will help a lot of people.
-        Really? That’s cool … what’s the project?
-        I can’t tell you.
-        Come on! You can tell me anything! I won’t tell, I promise.
-        I can’t, I am sorry. – it’s a cure for death - nano cells in human bodies, so we can live forever.
-        No, it’s ok. It’s personal, I get it. – he turned the radio on.
-        It’s … health project.
-        Like …. Hospital health.
-        Yes.
-        Cool, I hope he will succeed.
-        Yeah, me too.
-        Oh man, this song is amazing. – he turned the volume on. The quality of the music was below horrible, but he enjoyed it. Singing along. It was about dreaming … more than a feeling?

He stopped the car in front of a small house.

-        I get you have no where to stay.
-        Is this where you live?

He looked at his feet laughing.

-        Don’t worry I won’t hurt you or something. I came here to work sometimes, so I have the key for the house.

-        Isn’t this a …

-        What … we won’t steal anything. Besides that I know how bad is to have no place to stay. Just for tonight I promise.

We got in. It was cozy and clean. He made some popcorn and we watched TV. So many radiation from these machines, and they had no idea. He didn’t said a word, just put his hand on mine, and kept it like this. No words, no … nothing, just gently rubbing his fingers in mine. His skin was so soft. At some point the TV changed color and stopped working with loud sound. We burst in laughing … and then he kissed me. Kissing is weird. It looked cool on the old movies, but in real isn’t that nice. It’s … wet, and awkward. I pulled back not knowing what to do. We don’t kiss anymore in my time. Everyone have their own “immortality juice” so no kisses were allowed.

-        Sorry … - he licked his lips – I didn’t …
-        No, it’s fine …
-        You … like … you haven’t been kissed before?
-        No! – I laughed.
-        Wanna try again?

With this smile of his there was no way any power on Earth to stop me from agreeing. He kissed me again. This time slower, allowing me to breath between kisses. I chuckled and he laughed. He pet my hair, and then he pulled me closer, and squeezed me in himself. At some point, the neighbor’s dogs started barking and we had to shut the lights off. We moved upstairs to find a place to sleep. We kept on talking, as he allowed himself to rub his nose in mine, or to kiss my neck, depends on how we were lying. We fell asleep.

I woke up in the basement. My 12 hours were finished.

-        Fuck! – I puked on the floor, collapsing.

I woke up again with my face buried in my own vomit. Super gross. I cleaned up everything and went to my health booth to check myself.

-        Fuck! I have to go again!

Third “jump” – 24. 11. 2061

Date – Month – Year – Location – …

I appeared at the Art University couple of months later of the moment we met. It took me 4 of 6 hours to find him. Apparently he was a real deal. I almost got beaten up, by a girl for being his “bitch”. He lived the bad boy live at full. He was grounded, for smoking weed, being drunk all the time … who was he, what happened?

-        J? – I yelled when I saw him. He was in the basement, grounded, but this doesn’t seem to stop him of drinking and smoking.
-        Fuck! – he throw his cigarette at me.

-        What happened to you.
-        Fuck … Ava the alien!

-        What?
-        You look the same … just like 4 years ago when we met …

His gaze was blur, he was high and also drunk. Did he just said 4 years? 4 years! What have I done?

-        What the hell happened to you? What about your dreams, your … future…
-        My brother is in jail … there is no future for me …
-        No … - I sat next to him. – It’s going to be fine …
-        The world is falling a part Eve …
-        Ava!
-        Whatever, man …

His eyes were empty … he looked at me.

-        You left me! … That night. I never felt anything like this … and you just left without a note … without anything …
-        I …
-        I am sorry … I was poor … I was … lame, and stupid …
-        No you weren’t …
-        I wasn’t good enough … of course you left me …  I am unworthy for a pure creature like you! - he just looked away.
-        No I didn’t leave you. I came back for you.
-        No … - he pushed me away. – If you wanted to be back you were gonna go back the other day … you what, got lost?
-        I couldn’t come earlier I am so sorry … - I almost cried. – I couldn’t … I was unable … the time … that’s are the rules!
-        What? … Why? What rules? Who’s rules? On Mars! – he yelled.
-        I am so …
-        Sorry! After I shared my dreams with you … after … I told you how all the people in my life just left me … you did exactly the same! – he hit hard on the table. He was a gown up man already and this was scary. My 7 days were 4 years in his time. 4 years!
-        Please! Let’s run away form here, it’s my birthday today!
-        I know … I … remember. – he got calm.
-        Please! – I got a hold on his jacket, he was a lot taller than me now.
-        Ok …
-        No … weird foods, please.
-        I am vegan now, well since couple of months, but …
-        Cool! – I smiled.

We got out through a window, at the back of the building. we settled in a park. This time I got a clock with me - 90 min. We were walking in silence, holding hands.

-        J … I wanted …
-        I love you!

I gasped.

-        I really do … I am so sorry I yelled at you. We just … clicked so well together, and you listened to me … without judging … and you understood me. No complaining. Like we are made for each other …

-        J …
-        Stay with me, Ava. Stay this time. I have a job, and … a place … it’s not much, but. I was looking for you, I even draw pictures of you … - he got some drawings of his pocket, and another one from his wallet, his hands were shaking. – My brother joked you were an alien, because you were nowhere to be found …

-        Why is he in jail?
-        He attacked a guy, but they will release him tomorrow. I’ll go to pay the bill.
I looked in awe.
-        So … what you say? – eyes to drown in.
-        Take me to your place!

It took us 40 min. with the public transport, we got in the rush hour. It was a small room with 2 beds and bathroom, an old oven and a little locker. He sat on one of the beds. Looking at me. These so amazing blue eyes, were now rather gray …

-        J, I …

He simply smiled.

-        I know! – he looked at his feet.
-        No you don’t!
-        I was your one time stand.
-        No you weren’t! – I kneeled in front of him. 20 min.

He smiled again. Have you ever seen blue eyes got dark, because I did, twice.

-        No listen, I came back for you!
-        Yeah …
-        No, Jared, listen … I came back for you. To tell you it wasn’t just a thing back then …

He looked with eyes full of hope.

-        I came in this cafeteria … to look for you.
-        But you didn’t knew me back then.
-        That’s not exactly true … I knew you since I was a child. You were on a picture of my great grandmother – 15min. – I kinda met you. We met 2 weeks ago … but in the future.
-        What … - he got up. - Are you nuts? Is this your excuse?
-        Yes, and it’s not an excuse! I am an alien, but from the future! I got back in time! We met in LA around 2020. You were at a park near the botanic garden, my grandma was taken a picture there and you were on it, but you were old …

He tried to walk away, but I stopped him.

-        I talked to you back then, you were sitting alone on a bench – 10min. – you told me you did this prank on this boy, in the gum! – I cupped his face – you didn’t tell me this the last time.
-        You could have heard it anywhere! – he got away.
-        The project I am helping my dad is a cure for death, including a time machine, he went back in time and stop the science, a particular moment that happened in 2035, a plague, it killed 68% of the people.

He looked rather shocked.

-        It worked. But it was one time thing because he almost died we are not supposed to use it! And I used it without permission to come and find you! Because I love you! Don’t you get that! Time travel is a killer, and I came anyway, because you are my last piece of happiness. – 5 min. – Because I love you Jared!

He blinked in silence.

-        Where we met? - his voice was emty now.
-        At the cafeteria …
-        No, in the future … are you ok?

I was shaking. I was out of time.

-        Los Angeles. A park near the botanic garden!
-        2020?
-        Yes!
-        And you will look exactly like this?
-        Yes!
-        Ava the alien!
-        Yes … - I cried.
-        I am gonna wait for you! I promise, Love …

I woke up in the chair. I cried, and cursed, and kicked and broke stuff … anything I could find. All the people used to say I looked a lot like my great grandmother, even as a child.

He kept his promise, “accidentally” giving me anything I needed so we can meet for a first time in the right moment … back in the past. Our doomed future … I can’t go back, I can’t stay here either, in my own time … Ava the alien! I quickly took the picture. It was like 2 weeks and a lot of years ago, but I’ve never felt more alive! Color wasn’t the only thing we lost in our perfect world …


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The Miller’s Dance - utterly, utterly adorable

I know we’re all, understandably, very fraught with emotion over s3 of Poldark. So, as I’m re-reading The Miller’s Dance at the moment, I thought I’d share some of the absolute adorableness that is Ross and Demelza in later years, about 16-17 years after where we’ve just left them in s3/The Four Swans. A reminder to book fans, and a life ring for any show viewers who want it.

No plot spoilers per se, but if you don’t want to know anything about the future family life of the Poldarks, just scroll on by.

Note: I’m tagging this with my ‘sparks talks poldark’ tag, but don’t expect much analysis. This is a self-indulgent injection of fluff into the fandom by way of several extracts of Ross and Demelza;s long-lasting love for each other :D

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TRR Chapter 7 Thoughts

* Penelope is not the traitor. Nope. First of all, that’s too easy and secondly, she’d have to be the world’s best actress to pull it off. She is trusting enough to let someone else use her card, as proven twice in this chapter. 
* Kiara is definitely running of patience with Madeleine. I think the moment she feels like there is a chance to stop Madeleine from becoming Queen, she’ll take it. She won’t jump ship early, but I’m betting she’s going to cross-over at a crucial moment.
* I think it was important that it was Kiara, Madeleine made hold her purse when she went to the bathroom. She has no reason to trust Hana or MC and Penelope is sweet, but easily manipulated. Kiara is the one Madeleine trusts the most but she still doesn’t treat her well and I think that will be her undoing.
* I find it interesting the interview was done by Ana de Luca, because I think she’s the one more likely to be sympathetic to our cause and she was certainly very friendly and complimentary. She loved the corgi. I also thought her reaction to Madeleine’s comment was interesting and I wonder if that to may end up back-firing on Madeleine.
* Poor Hana. Though her naivety about confusing bachelorette parties and the Bachelorette was a little cringe-worthy. Still, the way Madeleine went after her was horrifying. I’m glad we could cheer her up.
* The corgi is so cute and I am not even a dog person. I can’t wait until Liam meets our fur baby, since we know he loves dogs. Hopefully that will be next week.
* Justin is awesome. I want to hire him on to work for me once I become queen. Which is probably his hope too, since they referenced he’s working for cheap.
* Drake’s hide and seek story was so cute and funny. I can just picture little Liam all panicked that something happened to his best friend.
* Olivia. I adore her. Just straight out adore her. And we got so many great moments with her. I like that she didn’t trust the others enough to share an embarrassing story, but she still stayed and hung out and participated in the food fight. It felt natural, she’ll need time to warm up but I’d love to see her be part of the gang of misfits.
* So many thoughts about Madeleine. Her comments about Tariq were interesting and so were her comments about Liam and what is expected of a woman. More and more, I think she’s being manipulated by someone more powerful, and she resents it. I think she truly wants to be Queen, but resents how she has to go about it.
* Her treatment of poor Hana was downright cruel but @lizzybeth1986 and I were talking about this and how it’s likely a lot more complicated and tied into Madeleine’s feelings of powerlessness—including the fact that we know it was Liam who forced her to have Hana in her inner circle. But I’ll let @lizzybeth1986 expand on that.
* Back to Penelope, I think we’ll find out that someone is setting her up to take the fall. Olivia set that the blackmail note when through half a dozen messengers before it got to her. Whoever is doing this is being careful and that means leaving no paper trail. That’s not in Penelope’s character, but she is easy to set up because she’s trusting and careless.
* This chapter was really interesting, while it was light on romance, it was heavy on character development. We saw how frustrated Kiara is, got a chance to hang out with Hana, Maxwell, and Drake and bond a little with Olivia and we saw all these new facets of Madeleine’s personality.

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do you think they'll renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Season 5?

Originally posted by thesecretsofdaydreams

I’m going to be a broken record and recycle this post.   We’re on the bubble and I wish I could say 100% we are good and going to be renewed but I can’t.   All we can do is FIGHT for the show, cast, and crew we love so much.  We need to do this now because its incredibly hard to get a show back after its been cancelled.  

As we watch and tweet tag (using the @) ABC as well and add the #renewagentsofshield

WATCH LIVE!  I realize we have a large international fan base but everyone who can WATCH LIVE!

  • DVR it and watch/rewatch preferably in the first 3 Days but up to 7….I literally have all of Season 3 and Season 4 so far on mine.
  • Watch again or watch on ABC on Demand
  • Buy the episode on itunes and amazon.

TWEET! Make us trend as the episode airs.  And keep it going all night as we air in different time zones. 

  • Use the Hashtags ABC, Colo, Agents of Shield Feed, and the Cast are using.  #AgentsofShield, #LMD, #Philinda, #FItzsimmons, and anything else they put out.  You can tag ABC as well.   HERE is the Tweet Colo just put out with that lovely picture.  Let’s unite Tonight @Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #LMD LIVE Tweet
  • Retweet things like the Sneak Peeks and Promos to help bring new people into the Fandom.
  • We can add a new hashtag like #renewagentsofshield
  • Interact with the cast on their live tweets during airing.
  • Spread positivity about the show.
  • Cast we know will be live tweeting tonight as of 4:00pm MST.  Interact with what she tweets out and retweet.  If anyone else sees another cast member live tweeting spread the word.  

Build the Hype!  Keep it up on here, twitter, and Facebook.  If people see us posting and getting excited about something they will want to check it out.  

  • Fitzsimmons has a moment…BLOW IT UP!
  • Philinda does something awesome….BLOW IT UP!
  • Plot twist….BLOW IT UP!
  • Badass moment….BLOW IT UP!
  • Cool Easter Egg…BLOW IT UP!
  • Share teaser articles (just not the click bait ones).
  • Share Promos, Sneak Peeks, and other videos they put out on Twitter and Facebook.  

I know some of you are lucky enough to have the Season 3 DVD on pre order now.  Buying the past seasons shows the interest.

Yes, the ABC president was Bullish about us and seemed pleased with how things were going.  But, we need to plan for the worst but fight for the best here guys.

Do any of you want to tell my adorable kiddo that her favorite show has been cancelled?   I don’t!

Its time to mobilize guys, its time to watch, its time to be vocal, its time to show them just how much love there is for this show, its cast and its crew.  Boost this post by reblogging, spread the word, and I’ll see you all Tuesday night!

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Double Date

@writingwife-83 requested a Anthea and Molly get the idea for a double date, much to Sherlock and Mycroft’s chagrin. Luckily our two girls know how to play their boys like a fiddle. 

“Oh do you know what would be fun?” Molly said.

“Hm?” Anthea glanced up from the rack of clothes they were picking through.

“A double date! You and Mycroft, and Sherlock and me.”

Anthea turned with a gasp, eyes alight.

Every once in a while, Anthea would ‘kidnap’ Molly and they’d scurry off to Harrods and spend the day getting absolutely lost in a lovely day of retail therapy. Anthea often said they had their best ides whilst shopping, and clearly, Molly had just happened upon one.

“You mean like a night on the town?”

“Oh no, but it’d be nice, right? The four of us at a restaurant.”

“Hmm. Our respective dates scowling across the dinner table at each other,” Anthea replied with a sarcastic grin.

“So you’ll talk to Mycroft?”

Anthea pulled out her phone. “Consider it done. Come on, let’s go to the lingerie shop. If I’m going to convince Mr. Privacy to come on this double date I’m going to need reinforcements.”

Molly snickered, but followed her lead, deciding a little something for the boudoir wouldn’t hurt her argument when she presented it to Sherlock that evening as well.

That Night…

“Let me get this straight,” Mycroft looked at his wife as they stepped into the shared walk-in closet. “You want for Sherlock and I, two emotionally private people, to go on a double date.”

“Yes,” Anthea said, hanging up her new purchases. “It’d be you and me, and Sherlock and Molly. You adore Molly, don’t tell me you don’t,” she held up a hand just as Mycroft opened his mouth. He shut it for a moment, deciding against lying.

“I don’t dislike her,”

“You adore her,” Anthea repeated.

“Very well, she’s a lovely person and I should dislike anyone but her to be my sister in-law, but that does not mean I want to go on an outing with my brother! Especially on something so intimate as a dinner date!”

“Why? Afraid you might have a good time?”

“It rather ruins the point of a date, which is to spend time with you,”

“Yes but you never spend time with your brother, and Molly and I rarely have evenings free.”

“Wouldn’t it be all the better then if we all spent our time with our respective mates and not at a dinner party?” Mycroft groused. He turned to hang up his suit jacket. “Honestly, the point of a double date, so one can argue about the wine, the bill, listen to him call me fat when we all know I’m not, or-“ he turned to face Anthea again and quite lost his words. Apparently she’d been shopping today. Apparently she remembered he liked her in lace peignoirs.

Apparently Mycroft had lost all ability reason. His stinging argument that would have kept him from the double date went flying out the window as his wife guided him through to the bedroom.


That Friday…

Molly and Anthea were happily chatting away, discussing the menu and what they’d accomplished that day. Sherlock and Mycroft sat quietly across from the other, now and then reaching for their respected wine glasses.

“So…how did she convince you?” Sherlock asked.

Mycroft shrugged. “Can’t I simply want to see my brother outside of work-related business?”

There was a pause.

“Molly went shopping that day too.”

Both were silent, glancing at their respected wives, then at each other. With a shrug, they lifted their glasses once more in a silent nod that they were absolutely under their wives thumbs at times, and neither minded one bit.

2017 Follower Favorite: ENFP Winner
Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang has won! He has won an in-depth profile and has now joined Javert in the 2017 Follower Favorite Chart. 

Read from followers like you and learn why Aang has won the 2017 ENFP Favorite:

I really just spent longer with Aang than Moana, so I have a stronger sense of attachment that demands he has a victory in any competition.

He’s funny and relatable and he is always ready to help others

Because he’s a good round about character that often comes up with fun games and unconventional solutions, not to mention he is able to bring other people out of their shells.

I love ATLA

ATLA came out years ago and seeing Aang in the finals is a true testament to how much he is loved and adored as a character.

He’s a really lovable character and the way he matures throughout the series makes you love him more.

He is just the best thx

He begins the series through an Ne state of wonder and curiosity and at every chance he has he simply wants to share that moment with his friends but later on we see a lot of inner turmoil through his realization of how torn the world around him truly is and he soon begins to confront his Fi. Sorry I’m pretty incoherent and all over the place. My point is that he shows an exciting transformation by the end of the series as he comes into his own.

Aang had to go threw a lot. His culture being destroyed by the fire nation and he still has to save the world on top of that, being at a super young age. The best part is that he goes about fighting the fire nation without killing them. He turns a few enemies into allies.

For me, Aang symbolizes an ENFP to the dot. He seems the youngest of his friend group and yet often has this old soul feeling about him. He tries to inspire and gets excited easily and it is so beautiful to watch. As a person who’s friends with many ENFPs, who have often been conditioned to control this eager, happy side of themselves, it is also emotional. Also, Aang takes his ideals very seriously, best example when he tried to get Katara not to take revenge on her mother’s killer. He is a quintessential ENFP.

Aang is, above all, a character who looks for balance. Throughout the show he holds true to his ideals and his enthusiastic, childish nature despite living through some of the most difficult things a kid can experience. In the end he achieves victory by doing what he knows is right, rather than what is easiest.

Aang’s character has more screen time to be developed. We see more situations that could challenge or invigorate the ENFP mindset. We get a lot of different reactions from him in this way that paint a picture of his core preferences, and even better we see how over time his maturity and increased understanding means different approaches when dealing with similar circumstances.

He’s curious, introspective, and very active, and i can notice it more easily

I really like both of these characters but the reason why I chose Aang is because I used to watch Avatar the Last Airbender as a kid and I loved the show. Although I did like Moana, Aang brings back warm childhood memories for me. Sorry that my choice doesn’t have anything to do with their mbti type 😅

Seeing his struggle between being a peaceful non conflict type of person and have to take down the firelord was great.

Aang embodies the free-spirited ENFP! He’s very compassionate, energetic, as well as harmony-seeking.

A fun loving character, Aang expresses some of the best parts Fo NE creativity with his philosophy. A deep character that also struggle with his past life, but he still stay true to who he is and his morals

Waking up after being asleep 100 years in an iceberg would usually terrify a child, but Aang quickly adjusts and is actually excited to explore the world with his new friends. He is enthusiastic and wise, and like many ENFPs would rather use his (bending) skills to make others happy than for violence.

Least Obvious/straightforward ENFP among the ENFP characters that have made it to the finals. His enthusiasm is that of a stereotypical ENFP, but the rest of his personality isn’t as straightforward as I initially thought.

He’s able to balance responsibility and fun

He’s so fun, and even though Aang acts goofy, in the end he developed as a character and was ready to deafeat the firelord in his own, Fi approved way. :)

Aang’s Ne is EVERYWHERE to explore and find new things and DO YOU WANT TO GO PENGUIN SLEDDING WITH ME while his Fi guides him down his own path to NOT kill Fire Lord Ozi while literally EVERYONE else tells him it’s what he’s gotta do.

I grew up with the show and Aang always makes me happy. XD

I suppose I am a little bias because I haven’t seen Moana. I know she is a lovely, lovely character and reminds me of my sister but Aang is my homie.

Next will be ISTP! Stay tuned and keep voting! :)