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Kara Danvers Defence Squad!

After watching last night’s SG episode I feel like I should share my thoughts. I know a few people said that they thought Kara was OOC a lot in the episode but I actually feel like it’s the opposite. Now I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m just stating mine.

  • Kara brought Mon-Hell into battle with her. With the fact that she is known for wanting to help people and for supporting people this isn’t exactly a new thing. Plus she was training him meaning she would have thought he would be ready. (Also Kara gets excited when she trains people - remember her on his first day at CatCo?!)
  • Kara sticking up for Mon-El isn’t that hard to believe either, given that she wants to see the good in everyone. 
  • Asking Winn to help Mon-El out with a suit is due to the fact that Kara gets excited about new things. Plus he has ‘mad sewing skills’ so she figured why not ask her buddy Winn.

(Just for the note I think The Guardian reveal was shitty and Kara should not have found out that way!)

  • Kara being mad is NOT a flaw. She has every right to be mad: Winn, Alex and James all lied to her. James is putting himself into danger and he got Winn injured (and yes I blame him!) in the process. They acted like it was nothing.
  • Kara has a valid point: they are not aliens or meta-humans. Winn and James are humans. They naturally do not have the same level of strength that she does, that’s a canon fact. Plus James is reckless, he doesn’t think before he does things and just acts which yes is great when he has to act on instinct but more than once Guardian has gotten in Kara’s way and made her trying to save lives harder.
  • The DEO have so much technology and they have 3 aliens there if James would have told Kara about his identity weeks ago she may have been angry at first but then she could have trained him specifically in fighting people with abilities such as her own. The DEO could have modified his suit so that the likelihood of James getting shot decreases.
  • It is canon that when Kara gets scared for someone she cares about she gets mad and lashes out. She’s done it to Alex before. - this is natural and it’s what a lot of people do.
  • Kara could have reacted WAY worse than she did but she calmed herself down and tried to be rational about it. Plus she probably feels that she can’t feel angry given that the last time she did that James acted like a whiny bitch and made her feel even worse because of it.
  • Just going to point it out again that James got both Alex and Winn to lie for him. Yes it wasn’t their secret to tell but they both asked him to tell Kara and he refused over and over again. If someone had lied to me like that I’d be pretty pissed off too!
  • Then Winn purposely lied to her about LiveWire just so James could get an ego boost. What happened? oh yeah both James and Mon-El got captured and Kara had to save them. Seriously?!
  • This is called SUPERGIRL. When Livewire talks sense you know something must be wrong.
  • Mon-El didn’t listen to Kara who has been doing this for a lot longer. He left civilians defenceless. I get why he did it but it was still a risky move, especially given that they had no idea whether Guardian would show up or not.
  • The episode before Kara said she was in a funk and she’s been putting so much effort into being Supergirl and to saving everyone and doing everything, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and no one takes it seriously. No one points out that she pushes herself too far, take when Alex tried and failed to calm her down about Livewire and the fact that it is canon that Kara is still learning about earth and humans. Kara doesn’t have anyone she can bond with currently. Alex has Maggie, James has Winn and yes she has Mon-El but then she also has to deal with yet another person crushing on her and feeling guilty that she doesn’t return their feelings. This is not healthy. Kara is lonely and she doesn’t have Clark to bond with over powers and really he’s one of the only ones that she can relate to so it makes sense she would want to spend time with Mon-El someone who can probably understand how she’s feeling (power wise) a bit better given that J’onn has personal things going on that she doesn’t want to intrude in.

  • Kara needs someone she can just be herself with, someone she can let loose with and focus on. This is why I am looking forward to Lena’s return because she provides the balance of Kara vs Supergirl, she gives Kara the ease and she doesn’t expect anything from her. I think one of the reasons why Kara is so insistent on helping Lena is the fact that she needs Lena, she needs her friendship, her care and she needs someone to focus her energy into - someone who didn’t lie to her and doesn’t make her feel bad for having feelings!

So in light of this episode and my protective feelings over Kara I did a little SuperDoodle.

the rough plan is to ditch this site for the most part in a few months & focus on finding a supportive peer group offline or at least in personal connections that exist beyond social media…and to create a portfolio for myself and get this shit..rollin. i’m really torn about the idea of leaving behind an audience of 18,000 people though that’s what’s so difficult about the “quit social media to be successful” thing because having platforms and constant feedback is really fun and useful. there are so many things that i’m like Over though…mostly like…selfies…and oversharing generally. and just putting all the details of my life online like i sat back the other day and realized how weird that is. but i AM an internet user and i just want to go to the more exciting corners of the internet…to me everything is happening online and the idea of not being plugged in in some way is stupid n self-sabotaging to an extent. also I have yet to find a platform that allows for easy sharing and discussion of art images but I’m considering bringing pre-rookie mag era moodboard pic collages back because a bitch loves to mine visual culture 

So I am currently in a state of CONSTANT INTERNAL SCREAMING in excitement for Andromeda, so I want to tell you all a few random headcanons about my Ryder, Charlie, that I was just sharing with @saint-leona because I’m so frickin’ excited I can’t contain myself.

-She’s a very analytical, techie person. She likes to take things apart to understand them, and she always asks lots of questions when problem solving. -For the most part she’s pretty reserved, she has ADHD and is self conscious about it because she has difficulty staying on track in conversations. But when faced with a problem she focuses her compete energy on it, and as a result is very good at finding the less obvious solutions. 
-She’s an artist, and art helps keep her grounded and allows her mind to wander so she can better stick to the task at hand when necessary.
-Her hair is teal and she enjoys changing it up between bright colours, because her dad used to dye it with Kool-Aid when she was a kid and it stuck (and constantly changing it suits her slightly impulsive nature).
-Scott is her counterbalance, confident and calm and a little boisterous, preferring the straightforward approach to problems. 
-She studied astronomy with a minor in xenobiology.
-Prior to the Andromeda initiative, she had a girlfriend, Lyra, who was abducted by the Collectors on Horizon. Lyra’s loss spurned Charlie to join the Andromeda initiative.

I think that’s all for now, but… developing this character in my head has been so fun and I can’t wait to get the game and get a bit of writing motivation from her. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Beautiful how are you? Anything new or exciting happen to you? Anything you want to share? You're an amazing and talented woman whom I love and care about very much

Hello lovely. <3

I’m doing well enough. Trying to sort out my sleep schedule at the moment. Waking up at 1 AM today is a good start because I have been waking up at 8 PM. :|

I’m also working on novel stuff for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m still wishy-washy on some aspects of it that I really don’t want to be waffling on. I’ll figure it out though. This novel is only meant to be a rough draft so if I write something I don’t like, I can just take it out.

Also, in my absence I have gotten more freelance writing work. By that, I mean I made over $200 this month, which means I won’t be hurting for money to pay bills and things. There shouldn’t be a freak out this month about that, at least. I’m grateful. Still haven’t figured out the tax situation quite yet, but I have all the paperwork I need to start filing. I just need to get that done.

Thank you so much. <3333 I hope you’ve been well and things are going amazingly for you.

The hardest thing about getting to know a new person, is sharing vulnerability. I am a person who tries so hard to not let the past impact my future but I’ve had many failed relationships and heartache and as a result I find myself to be so guarded. I so badly want happiness and a loving relationship, but I find myself running the opposite way or looking for reasons to leave because I truly fear letting someone else in again. I know I have such a big heart and I love with everything in me, and the thought of allowing someone else in my life and having that ability to hurt me, is just such a steep step that I don’t know how to take anymore. It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s a work in process.

Today, I fucked up... by trying to turn a piece of coal into a diamond

Years ago, I was out with my family, bundled against the cold in my winter jacket, when I found a piece of coal on the ground. I was incredibly excited, because as we all know (and I had probably just recently learned), coal turns into diamonds. Now, I knew to turn this coal into a diamond it had to be in a warm place, and in the dead of winter what better place to keep something warm than in my toasty winter coat pocket?

Rather than share the news of our new found fortune with my parents I decided I wanted to be able to surprise them with my genius when I eventually procured a diamond from my pocket. However, as I had many other important child things on my mind, I soon forgot about the coal, spring came around, and winter clothing got put away for the warm weather.

Fast forward to the next winter and I am standing in the foyer with my Dad while he pulls out my winter coat and starts checking the pockets. Suddenly I remember the coal that has slowly been turning into a diamond over the past year and I am so fucking excited. My Dad is going to find a diamond in my pocket, and he is going to be so happy with me.

I can barely contain myself, watching intensely as he pulls the object out of my winter pocket, and turns me with a look of utter disbelief on his face and goes, “Why do you have a piece of dried dog shit in your pocket?”

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Something funny, something funny…

Well, here; I don’t know how ‘haha’ funny this is, but it’s certainly something:

I attended a religious scholars conference recently, because, for one, it was in Georgia and I never pass up a chance for irony–and for two, they’re just so interesting. The way you people pick your own brains apart looking for answers…well, in any case, I met a lovely professor there who gave a speech about Slenderman. Among other things, but Slenderman was definitely a key point in her talk. She made some fairly compelling arguments, actually. She was also exceedingly excited and was more than happy to share her newfound expertise on “The Slender Man” with the rest of us after her speech.

There’s my story. Now, anonymous asker, may I have a moment of your time?

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Hey taylorswift. I’m JiaJun ツ I love you so much! ♡ This was the first time I saw your perfume “Incredible Things” on display, I was extremely excited so I took a photo with it. I want to say this to you, Taylor. You taught me how to shake things off and not care about other people’s opinion of me, but just be myself. You’re the sun behind my dark hurtful clouds, you come out to make me smile and keep on embracing in life. You’ve helped me in times when I had no one to share my feelings with or to talk to, I just turn to your music and I feel like you’re talking to me. When I cried because of those liars and dirty dirty cheats of the world, your voice soothed me and when I was angry, your words spoke to me. I am proud to say that I’ve been a Swiftie for 6 years and the main reason behind it is because you’ve always been true to yourself. You’ve inspired me to be the person I am today and I’m so grateful for that. I’m seeing you this November 7th in Singapore for the 1989 World Tour and I’m seated at Section 224. I really can’t wait for that special moment when you come out on stage to sing “Welcome to New York.” Taylor, thank you so much for showing me Incredible Things all the time!!!

I am going through a bout of insomnia but I am also feeling really creative!!!! so!!!! if anyone wants to read me motor mouthing about my various projects now is the time (will probably remove this post later)

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OKAY SO I’M JUST GONNA APOLOGIZE TO YOU ALL RIGHT NOW because I realize how ridiculous it is to post more pics of me from Shatterdome Atlanta wearing Charlie Day’s clothes but I just needed to get these pics out and I hope you can share in my excitement about the whole thing. THANK YOU so much, drhermannhottlieb, for letting me wear this amazing thing. Ummm… also in case you are wondering these selfies in my hotel room were taken hastily as I was about to change out of the costume that first time. As soon as I got into the hotel room I just kept snapping away, I’m kind of embarrassed about it hehe XDDD;;; 

Congratulations for winning it in the auction and thank you for bringing it to the convention for everyone to see. I am now hunting for those exact Lip Service pants, link to redderz‘s info post on her win, because HOLY FUCK they were more comfy than my cosplay pants- it’ll be a challenge to find ‘em because they’ve been discontinued but here is hoping. I’m going to scour a couple of nice second-hand stores in the area for them as well. <3  

For anyone wondering, I am about 5′3″ without shoes, probably 5′4″ with. My waist is about 32″ and I have decently broad shoulders. Charlie Day is likely not much taller than that gauging by the fit of the clothes- the inseam was very short haha (the shirt I’m wearing in these pics is actually my own Pacific Rim auction win, the Hannibal Chau’s office scene shirt worn by Charlie- drhermannhottlieb‘s shirt that was with the costume was also there but I didn’t bother changing out of my own shirt- figured the eau de Charlie would stay more intact on her costume that way hehehe)

EDIT: Also this is cheesy, but I have been cosplaying Newt since July 20, 2013 (Archive link to those first few Newt posts for funsies.)and if I could go back in time two years and tell myself back then as I stuck fake stubble to my face with spirit gum and stuck lipgloss up my nose that I would one day be wearing Charlie Day’s actual movie costume, I wouldn’t have believed it. Nor would I have believed that I would find a ton of awesome friends in fandom and that I would go to a convention called Shatterdome Atlanta. X3 I wouldn’t have believed it.