i just wanted to see more of them in general i think


Thanks for liking my work! And I think this is the right time to show up some SF outlook changes I guess

Actually the main reason I don’t make many Swapfell art is because… I can think of them really “fontcest” way! Like till now when I think about how they would live with each other, all the ideas and scenarios comes out are all very brotherly and, sfw??? Unlike the other bros which I can make at least suggestive thing??? I do want to draw some of the ideas but I guess most of the other brothers and ships have occupied my mind first lmao. Another reason is I still haven’t make up a really firm settings for them, and this makes me not very confident for build up art for them without giving them a fine personality/characteristic first? At least this is my own standard when I do fanworks, I just love to explore some more for the characters.

But hey since you asked, I can still share you some developed headcanons (You can see my general headcanons on them here first):

  • SF Sans still make tacos, but SF Pap’s favorite would be can whipped cream for me. (Since no one sure what kind of stuff he like by the original setting)
  • As a linkage of the Fell brothers, SF Pap is the one who caused the scar on SF Sans’ left eye, but it was SF Sans asked for it when little at first. SF Pap is secretly holding deep guilt over this till now.
  • SF Pap knows how to trick minds very well, like he can pretend to like you very much you won’t even notice that to him you are just like shit. (Of course he has to be willing to pretend first) This is one big advantage for letting him still survive in Snowdin.
  • Both of them cannot leave each other for too long, or they will start act aggressive around. SF Sans will start smashing and destroying things around him and become more and more violent if his brother is still not there with him, meanwhile SF Pap will stop interact with other, even resisting others to get close with him, you are basically fucked if you dared to touch him at the moment.
  • For the above point, this is caused by both of them never leave each other when living under such dangerous environment from young, this led to both them grew very strong dependence for each other.
  • SF Sans properly hit his bro unintentionally, a lot, like when he is too excited, or too pissed when shouting at him. But SF Pap never stop him for the hitting, not because he masochist (I don’t think he really is one anyway), more like he just spoiled his bro too much he chooses to tolerant this.
  • Is still debating with my morality that whether should let SF Pap into drugs
  • Is still debating with my morality that whether should let SF Pap into prostitution
  • Seriously my morality is constantly fighting myself when get close to SF Pap fucc this bitch what the fucc
  • SF Pap loves his brother a lot.
  • SF Sans lovers his brother a lot, too.

I guess this will be disappointing if you are looking for me doing little cute sexy SF Sans and huge cute obedient SF Pap, I just go to my own preference like what I always do… If you don’t like this version of Swapfell brothers I am so sorr

Wait who the fuck am I kidding why should I be sorry about this fuck everything else like everyday ok.

PS: The original creator of the whole Swapfell concept is kkhoppang! Even though both their tumblr and twitter seems to deactivated, please don’t forget the one who created things you like!

  • What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.
Fics/Headcanons/AUs I’d kill a man for more of:
  • Prank war between Ransom-Dex & Holster-Nursey (I think Ransom-Dex would win personally)
  • Obliviously bisexual Holster
  • Confidently bisexual Ransom
  • Obliviously bisexual Shitty
  • Transwoman Shitty (with LardoShitty)
  • ADHD!Bitty
  • ASD!Jack
  • Roadtrips. I always want more roadtrips.
  • Queerplatonic relationships, in general (jackshitty, holsom, lardoshitty, etc.)
  • Any NurseyDex fics that show them being best friends, in detail, at length (also queerplatonic)

This is just my personal list, but if you have your own I’d be interested to see them in the tags or shouting at me in my inbox!

Got7 trying to prove that they are not just cute

So the set up is that you constantly called them or their actions cute. The first few times they had laughed it off but at some point they just had to prove that they have more than just a cute side to them.Warning: it might be a little cringy!
Uhm well I still hope you enjoy it…..


Originally posted by lifemindwalker88

Now I think Mark wouldn’t be too hung up on you calling him cute repeatedly. In general he doesn’t seem like the type to complain a lot. Still he wanted you too see that he could change from adorable to absolutely hot in mere seconds. Mark might even starts to really enjoy teasing you by acting in his usual playful manner but then randomly winking or smirking to catch you off guard. He’d be glad because it worked wonderfully each and ever time. He’d love the little stunned and embarrassed face you’d make.
Also when it was just the two of you spending some quality time together, he’d take the opportunity to show you just how much of a sexy man he could be. Some hot sexy time assured.

“Wow, sweetie you look so cute today~…..I really wanna eat you up.” *suggestive lip bite* 


Originally posted by jack777

Even though Jackson enjoyed it very much when you call him cute, he loves every form of affection, he’d want you to see all of his different characters. If you still called him cute even though he did his best to seduce you he’d whine and pout. Jackson might even playfully get angry, telling you what were supposed to say in this situation.
He’s not one to easily give up though, he’d keep on stepping up just game surprising you with new tricks and tactics to acknowledge his sexy side. Some of those plans would include seductive dancing, sometimes even shirtless, or hot kisses turning into even hotter make out sessions with lots of teasing.

“No baby, you’re supposed to say ‘Jackson-oppa you’re so sexy that I can’t help but blush!’ got it?”


Originally posted by got7gifs

Jaebum would honestly be pretty displeased every time you call him cute. Ok sometimes he might accept it but that’s rather rare. So he’s more than ready to show you his “true character”. JB would do everything so you’d understand that he’s a cool guy. (no he’s not he’s the dorkiest dork of them all) Though he’d try to show off a little too hard and ends up looking slightly more foolish than he intended. If you were to point that out to him he’d feel mixed. On one hand he did manage to make you call him something else than cute yet it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. In the end I feel like he’d be content if you gave him an occasional cool.
On a side note he wouldn’t show his sexier side off while others were around. In private that was a whole different story though. JB would know almost a little too well how to press your switches just right….and you acknowledged that side of him long ago but you weren’t eager to share it.

“Oh just wait, one day I’ll make you acknowledge my coolness.”


Originally posted by jiminthebun

Youngjae is mostly a very sweet and innocent person. He wouldn’t mind being called cute by you and would always make sure to return the compliment. He’d also show you a lot of his dorky sides, especially when you’re around the other members. You’d love his carefree and cheery attitude.
There were certain times though when he’d change. Youngjae can definitely be sexy yet I feel like if it would show rather randomly and accidentally. Like he’d give you that look that made your knees go weak, a quick wink or a slightly husky voice calling your name. If you asked him to stop teasing he’d probably blink innocently and ask what you were talking about.

“Have you seen my shirt?” *walks in half naked scratching his head*


Originally posted by jitonic

You should really know better than to call Jinyoung cute. Even if he might not really be mad at you, he’d surely give you a playful glare each time. Also prepare to get an immediate savage reply. Sometimes he’d flat out refuse it or he’d start mocking your way of speaking until you stop or even chase you around before tickling you mercilessly.
Yet you still wouldn’t give in, so Jinyoung started to think of new ways to stop you. It started off playfully, holding your mouth shut to prevent you from speaking, which later changed to sealing your lips with his. He found that this method worked better since it temporarily stunned you. It had a little extra effect to it too, your expressions would always be the most adorable to look at. Also it gave him a chance to tease and touch you more.
Then again if it were just the two of you he might let you call him cute once in a while.

“Stop using the c-word or I might have to shut you up again.”


Originally posted by jackseunie

Bambam is probably the one to mind you calling him cute the least. Actually he’d even love it, especially since he found you so adorable as well. Sometimes he’d start an aegyo competition with you.
Yet he wants you to know that he can also be a “real man”. Bambam would plan out various tricks and situations to achieve this goal. He’d even pull the other members into it, making them tell you how manly he can be. If that would fail to make you believe him though he’d resort to some other tactics.
Every time he could get you alone he’d start teasing you relentlessly, he knew how much you loved his kisses and his touch. He can be quite the little devil so that sometimes you do forget his cute side.
There are times when he loves to change in between cute and sexy. One moment he’d adorably grab your hand and tells you look wonderful today before suddenly his smile turns into a smirk and he adds a suggestive line.

“Wow you shirt is so cute! It looks really good on you….but it would look even better on the floor.”


Originally posted by jongdabae

Yugyeom would probably not be too bother being called cute by you. You’re a very precious person to him and your opinion would matter a lot too. He has a mature charm to him, besides being a sweet dork at times, so he’d probably not try to actively change your picture of him. Actually the way you say him changed the more you got to know him and saw him. Especially the way he danced got you to realize there was more to him.
He might even be somewhat surprised when you started to describe him as hot or sexy. I feel like afterwards that might get to him. Like he would show his “bad boy” side more often and start to put emphasize on it because you seemed to like it. It might even turn into teasing. Yet he wouldn’t deny his cute side.

“I’d say you quite like this bad part of me, isn’t that right?”

Excuse me but I might have died writing this…..It feels weird at certain parts, I’m sorry. I really gotta go learn some more about their characters but you know I started it so I wanted to finish it too…..Oh well I’m out!!!

My ask box is open so if you want to request a reaction or scenario on your own please go ahead. You can find the “rules” here and the ask box over here. For the other things I already posted on my blog you can check out my masterlist. Thanks Sen~<3

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Sometimes I feel bad or feel like an outsider because as a goth, I try to stay away from occult symbols for religious reasons :') (even though I think of some of them look cool/are nice aesthetic) - I will say that coming to your blog often makes me feel better in a way since I see you post a lot of the stuff I love i.e. snakes, bats, old horror movies (especially Frankenstein) :D

Thank you!

I’m the same when it comes to clothing. I’m not religious, so I try to avoid religious symbols with a few exceptions (like Ankhs and coincidental pentagrams), but I’ve become a bit more relaxed about that recently when it comes to my blog. As a basic guideline I try to avoid religion, politics, nudity and gore on my blog in general so it’s just a chill place for people who want to see spooky things. It’s nice to know it’s doing just that! (:

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I've sent you like 10 hc I'm sorry but plz imagine Yuri seeing pictures of couples doing body paint and immediately wanting to try it out with otabae. But neither of them are good at drawing???? So they do weird colorful doodles across eachother's skin. Once they don't have anymore space for more cats, bears, flowers etc they bathe together and the bath is super colorful so yuri takes a picture for ig and everyone thinks it's a bath bomb but the caption is #bodypaint and he tags beka.

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PLEASE, PLEASE don’t feel bad about sending me headcanons oh my gosh, I LOVE THEM??? If I haven’t replied to some of them, it’s definitely NOT bc I’m ignoring you; I just have this awful habit of procrastinating with responding to asks… Especially bc I’ve been so busy lately CRIES…!!! :’D

TYSM FOR THIS MY DEAR ANON!!! It TOTALLY made me smile so hard hehe!!! ;///7///; <3333333333


One thing that I wish we could have seen in the revival is Luke comforting Lorelai. In the short funeral scene, all we see is Luke sitting next to Lorelai… he isn’t even holding her hand. I also would have loved to see a hug between them there too, or a forehead kiss or some kind of affection.

I thought there would be a scene showing Lorelai breakdown on the first anniversary of Richard’s death and Luke comforting her… instead we got her going to do “Wild” which was boring in my opinion although I loved her phone call to Emily.

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Do you sometimes think the studyblr community go over the top with their expensive stationary? I'd love to see a studyblr with messy notes on poundland refill pads😂

Hi, and yep! I 100% think that this community gets wrapped up in the cute washi tapes, mildliners and just general aesthetic of expensive and excessive stationery. It makes for good photos, but you don’t need any of that stuff to study effectively and achieve what you want. 

I am guilty of it sometimes - I do bloody love my mildliners and cute notebooks, and I post photos of them, but they’re more tools to motivate me than to have to take photos/blog about. I hope that nobody in this community would go out and buy stationery for the sole reason of taking photos of it to have it on their blog. I’d hope that they would actually like and use the product a lot!

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what ships do you like and dislike? (and which ones will you write?)

I’m gonna take this as a ships in general thing;; (just because I am awkward and want to write about them)

BTS ships that I like and will write about are; yoonkook (jungkook/yoongi), vmin (taehyung/jimin) and namjin (namjoon/seokjin)

There are one or two ships in bts that I’m really like NOTP NOTP, but other than those I don’t mind seeing a few. Tbh I’m not sure if I would write fluff for some? At the moment I’m just thinking to focus on my own shipping bubble!

(unless some of my close friends are like “hey would you want to write this? *insert ship and prompt*)

As for other groups that I am willing to write ships for; 
EXO; chanbaek (chanyeol/baekhyun)
MX: changki (changkyun/kihyun)
GOT7; jackbum (jaebum/jackson)

I don’t mind people dropping prompts for ships though, the more the merrier!

Sam & Rafe Story DLC

Full conversation & original post here [x]

Ya know what… I would love some DLC that featured that two year gap in time. Not just for them interacting together, but seeing each of them in a different element, and shedding more light on their characters then the main games story-line was able to (especially Rafe in that regard, whom we saw very little of).

Seeing things from Sam’s perspective. Seeing Sam away from Nate, working some on his own, as well as with Rafe, and Nadine and company. Seeing how Sam and Rafe operate as a team, and perhaps Sam having to do some shady stuff with Rafe on certain missions. Seeing the conflictions he has about everything, about wanting Nate with them, but knowing he wouldn’t approve. About wanting to tell Nate anyway, but thinking it’s better for everyone that he doesn’t know. About his relationship/partnership with Rafe, and about Rafe in general. About what they’re doing, and their motives behind it. Conflicting thoughts and feelings everywhere! Finally confronting Rafe about it and whatever conversation that might spark (ohman… I can just imagine how it might go).

I’d also love to see more flashbacks, like when Sam met Rafe, and more of young Nate and Sam, showing more past and present parallels. Also how much his stay in prison - and working with Rafe - changed him and his outlook on life. Changed how he views the world, how he views himself, or his view of people in general. Seeing him interacting with more unsavory characters, but somehow fitting in a little too well. Maybe, he actually enjoys it a little too much. Maybe that bothers him more then he cares to admit. Maybe besides wanting to fulfill a childhood dream and see his brother again, the fear of becoming just like these people also drove him to his final decision. Maybe, however, he was already too close for comfort. Maybe it was already too late. In fact, I’m sure it was. The damage had already been done.

Then there’s Rafe. Again, seeing things from his perspective too would be awesome, as would learning more about him in general. There’s so much we don’t know. I’d like to see some of his life outside the obsessive-treasure-hunting. Seeing where he came from and what shaped him. Why he is the way he is… why he’s so angry and insecure and just not quite right.

Personally, I think having been born into great wealth, people instantly labeled him as the Rich Little White Boy who had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Which - in reality - isn’t untrue. So he must be nothing more then that, right? That’s what everyone thinks, and Rafe hates that. That much is painfully obvious. So he spends his life trying to prove he’s more then just what people see at first glance. However, no matter what he does on his own to try and escape that two dimensional stereotype, it is still all anyone ever sees. The effects that has on him are very clear even in his adult life. People still treat him like the little boy who never earned a single thing on his own. That, in fact, he probably couldn’t do anything on his own if he tried. I imagine it gets under Rafe’s skin all the more because somewhere deep down he thinks they’re actually right… so it’s not just about proving them wrong, it’s about proving to himself that he can do it, that’s he’s more, that he has agency and a will of his own (Sadly, and perhaps ironically, he goes about this by employing the help of others and using his families vast wealth to fund his endeavors. Which is not in and of itself a bad thing… but considering Rafe’s mental state and his reasons for doing it all, I imagine if he sat down and thought about that he’d probably hate it, and hate himself for it too). Some of this is made obvious in the main story, but I want more then just subtext and speculations! I also wanna know what exactly his families business is, and since he runs that whole operation now, does that mean his parents passed away? What was it they did exactly? Criminal enterprise? High class thieves? Probably something of the sort. Would make sense (right now all we can do is make educated guesses though).

((oops, kinda went off on a Rafe-tangent. lol))

Beyond learning about his past, I’d also really like to see Rafe interacting with his friends (I use that term loosely. lol) and allies more. Especially Sam, whom - perhaps even against his better judgment - he began to trust and feel more relaxed around during those couple of years… before it all went to hell and came back to bite him in the ass. You know that what Sam did, apart from being angry at the betrayal itself, just added more fuel to the fire of his bitterness and jealousy towards Nate! And his anger levels in general. He had to be angry at himself too for letting it happen. For letting himself trust Sam too much, for maybe getting too close. To both of them really. Perhaps vowing that would never happen again. He won’t let them take advantage of him, or get the drop on him again! If only he’d applied that sentiment to all his allies from then on… he might have succeeded.

Anyway. Just getting a taste for how he operates when shit isn’t hitting the fan 24/7 would be cool to see. I’m sure even in his down time Rafe is still, ya know… Rafe (#UnchartedsAngriestSmol). I think he’s probably always a bit of a loose canon, and despite the fact he could buy anything, and do anything he wants, I believe he has a difficult time finding true happiness or validation in life. He probably doesn’t enjoy “down time” like other people do. Honestly, I think Rafe probably has a difficult time being idle at all. Sam, if there, would totally be telling him to just chillax for once in his life. The treasure ain’t goin’ anywhere. So enjoy the calm moments while he can. This is a conversation I’d really love to see. For all the things they have in common, they are also so sharply contrasted personality wise, and seeing what they’d each draw out of the other would be fascinating. Perhaps even saddening and heartwarming all at once.

Although, I could very well be mistaken. Maybe Rafe totally loves sitting on some picture-perfect-beach sipping pina coladas out of a coconut. lol And maybe Sam would be the anxious one wanting to get back to work. *facepalms*  Frankly, I’m probably wrong. They’d probably both be hyper focused on the treasure, and Nadine would have to intervene and use her Mom Voice to get them both to take a break once in a blue moon. Because obviously they’re no good to the mission all strung out and pissy. lol  SIDE NOTE: omg I wanna read that fic! Nadine forcing them to go on a vacation for the greater good. And the boys both being super annoyed like -Rafe: *pouts*  “This… is so stupid”  -Sam: *sigh*  “Yep. Totally”, and them weirdly bonding over it. lol xD  Anyhow, yeah, it’s difficult to say anything for sure since we didn’t get to see enough of any of these characters, much less them interacting together. Which again, is a shame. Regardless, I still think they’d have an awesome dynamic.

Honestly, I think there’s a part of them deep down that would secretly enjoy working together more then either of them would openly express. Even in spite of Rafe being a bit scary and unhinged sometimes. Even though Sam likely annoys Rafe very often. Though perhaps in an endearing sort of way. Maybe Rafe acts annoyed but is secretly fond of Sam’s bad jokes and whatnot. lol  Hell, maybe Sam - too - kinda likes it when Rafe goes all Full Metal Jacket. xD Maybe they’d hate to admit it, but they both kinda enjoy the others company. Even whilst both plotting to stab the other in the back and take all the treasure and recognition for themselves. *facedesk*

Although, Rafe claimed that’s not his style, so I dunno. It’s true that Rafe never outright betrayed anyone first, and is - weirdly - overly trusting of his allies. To the point it keeps screwing him over. We see this happen even after what Sam did, which you’d think would have made Rafe less trusting of others. Admittedly, it’s also true he is the one usually driving them to make that choice, cuz ya know, he’s kind of a giant asshole and all, but it’s still really interesting, and not a trait we often see in villain characters. So maybe it was never Rafe’s intention to betray Sam. We only know that ditching Rafe and working against him was Sam’s plan (Was it his plan from the start? Maybe. Currently only Sam knows the answer to that). Although, we also know he had very personal motives for his betrayal that went deeper then just gold and glory, or even however he felt about Rafe, good or bad. In the end, it was always all about him and his brother, a childhood dream, to finish what their mother started. Finding Avery’s treasure was a chance to prove something, to himself as well as the world, a desire that became an obsession, one that ended up defining him for a long time.

Good God! He and Rafe share so much of that in common it’s kinda of ridiculous! Neither of them actually give a shit about the treasure itself (lord knows Rafe sure as hell don’t need it), yet they’ve dedicated their lives to finding it. Investing years of their lives, risking life and limb just for a chance at finding clues. Why go so far if the treasure itself doesn’t matter? Because for them it’s personal, so  very  personal, and directly linked to their sense of self worth. Just the details are somewhat different. That’s why neither of them could let it go, and why it almost destroyed them both, as well as the people around them. Seriously, just… I could go on, and on about these two for forever, tbh.

I picked up on this early on. Sam and Rafe, despite differing personalities, share a lot in common. If they ever looked close enough to figure that out I think it would probably bother them. Maybe they’d feel sympathy for each other, maybe they’d reach a deeper understanding of the other, maybe they’d be at risk of suddenly getting too close… and regardless of whatever they’re feeling deep down, they’d probably hate that, even resent the other for it, deny it means anything, and try to run from it. After all, they both have more important things to worry about, right? In the end, they both suffer from tunnel vision regarding their life goals, goals that have blinded them from seeing other opportunities, or seeing themselves (or even others) in an honest light. Which screws them over on so many levels. They’re both selfish and flawed human beings, who think they deserve the “treasure” more, think they’re better then the other. Yet they need each other (for now).

We’re not alike. I don’t care about you.
I’m using you. I’m better then you.

They’d both think to themselves, and think they mean it, believe it’s just fact… but is it really that simple? Maybe it is, but I doubt it. Nothing about these two characters is simple. I tell ya what, I sure as hell would like to find out! I mean, seriously! This is dripping with potential! I really believe it would be a very interesting and engaging story, full of conflicting emotions (both from Sam and Rafe, as well as the audience), angst and humor galore. Yes. good. All the shades of gray. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Seriously, I wanna understand their motives and emotional state more so. In regards to each other and as individuals. I wanna see the best and the worst of them. I wanna see them overcome their demons, only to later succumb to their darker natures. I wanna see them fail and succeed in grand and personal hardships alike. I wanna see them struggle together, get angry at each other, actually get along a little too well sometimes, and hating the fact they’re enjoying this adventure again, but for the first time in a long time, and enjoying it together (until it all falls apart of course…). I wanna see them being clever badasses, and sassy little shits, and breaking all the rules together. I wanna see all the different sides of both characters. The softer sides… and the darker ones. ♥

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I want to express an opinion about how diff C and B are towards ppl in general but I don’t want to make it sound like I am hating on C, because I am not. I feel like, when it comes to ppl or at least the delinquents they r closer to B, cuzz they feel like he values them more as ppl not treat them as subjects. I feel like C in S3 felt entitled to make a decision for everyone else while she was away for them for 3 months and just expected them to get along with whatever she was deciding. (1/2)

(2/2) I don’t think she means too though. I mean in their POV B values their opinion more and sticks up for them more. He’s there for them more than C. p.s: please put in mind i am in no way hating on C, and i def dont think that thats who she is, i am saying they might see it that way, it always seem to me like they r closer to B

I don’t think it’s hating on characters to talk about their role in the show or their character development. People have this idea that if you don’t call them perfect cupcakes, that means you’re hating them, and that’s a pretty immature way to look, not just at characters, but at people, too. Character is made up a constellation of traits and behaviors, some great, some not so great. Some healthy, some destructive, some noble some that just makes you want to roll your eyes at them, and that’s okay.

I think you’re right. Clarke has always had a tendency to consider her own judgment over anyone else’s. She’s just been always sure that she was right. And she often is. She’s pretty insightful. The problem comes when she is so used to being right and telling people what to do and the decisions start getting more complicated and gray and more about perspective than just “we need to survive.”

She is not as connected to people as Bellamy is. I think it’s one of the ways he grounds her… or centers her. She looks at things in the big picture, and he looks at things in the small picture, including people’s feelings and opinions and perspectives. He thinks about who these decisions are affecting and she is very often focused more heavily on the goal. 

Rather than hating on Clarke, I think you’re making a good analysis of her character and how it affects the other characters. 

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(I messaged you the other day via my side blog wang7gae) hey :-) I've just read your explanation about bts' spring day and I really want to cry. how were you able to analyse the video so perfectly?! I see that video and bts in general in a different light now. I've told myself that I won't try to analyse spring day bc I seriously had a headache after trying to analyse inu, prologue and run haha (1/2)

I already knew that they’ll address the sewol tragedy but wow I didn’t think that it’ll be this spot on. and in such a artistic way. bts really is more than the “factory idol group”. I don’t want to belittle the other groups bc I love them as well, but I’m just so deeply impressed. Thank you so much for your analysis ❤ 

awhh no problem~^^ and yeahh me too doll i gave up analyzing the mvs cos they’re too complicated lol which is why i just stick to lyrics translations sometimes, and maybe explain a little on the grammar and cultural/political backgrounds like i did with baebsae etc. ^^ the sewol tragedy though, tbh i thought the hints were quite obvious if you follow the news in south korea, which is why i couldn’t help but include in the post, but of course, there are so many subtle ones too, for example, the songchu sign at the train station being edited to pohang (@micro-decibel @purple-tae​) in addition to pohang being famous for their summer festival every year which is similar to how the summer festival depicted in omelas, i just found out that pohang was also where they (first?) held the group memorial altar, it is now located in ansan in seoul now where dawon high school is. and like the shoes, the white shoes that high schoolers middle schoolers wear to school everyday, that was like a dead giveaway to me along with the others i’ve mentioned idk it’s just.. the tragedy happened in april you know? and at that time it was spring in south korea

what i want in dd2

there are a lot of things i’d looove to see in this movie
most of them are very unlikely to happen but a girl can dream

- Melody. She is literally the first actual descendant (if i’m not forgetting someone?) and even has her own movie

- Arielle and/or her sisters, even if they’re just in the backround of a scene

- queen Attina, since she is the oldest and thus king Triton’s successor

- the child(ren) of Tiana and Naveen, Tarzan and Jane, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Jasmin and Aladdin

- Jaylos

- Evie talking to Snow White

- basically all of them meeting their story counterparts

- more character development for Audrey

- some insight in the relationship between Chad and Doug

- the children of the other dwarves (or are they just the other band kids lol)

- more Malvie friendship moments

- more friendship moments in general (like Evie and Jay, Mal and Carlos etc)

- Lonnie kicking some ass

- Carlos being a nerd

welp that’s all i can think of right now

so i’ve decided to become…more confident in my writing. i’m tired of being held back from doing drabbles and whatnot because of this damn insecurity that i’m not good enough for people to see. y’know what, screw that shit. it’s my own writing and if someone says it’s the most vile piece of garbage they ever laid eyes upon then fuck them. it’s your own damn writing that you’re doing so if you’re just doing it based on what people think and what they want to see then you’re gonna be miserable for the rest of your roleplaying life

i have been writing these drabbles and honestly, it boosts my pride in taking what i’ve learned throughout the years and putting them in something that i enjoy and love ( the muse i am playing and SH in general )

got a problem with my writing and you’re feeling nothing but hate for it? too bad. got constructive criticism for it? lemme know! enjoying it thus far? thank you for reading on them and genuinely liking it and i’ll be sure to give out more for your reading pleasure! ❤

I still ship Yullen...

I was thinking about it before, but after watching DGM Hallow, I remember it again why despite I feel for yulma I still love yullen the best.
When Kanda become exorcist the first time, it’s for searching his past lover. Despite being reincarnated as different person, his lingering feelings didn’t let him to grow emotionally as his own person. Hence, he closed his heart unconsiously. Alma on the other hand, acknowledge that he care for Kanda despite their past. He want both of them to be their own persons, as Alma and Yuu, not as their past selves. At that point, I don’t think Alma care that they’re friends, past lovers, or more than friends. As long as they accept each other, and they both accept the identity of Alma and Yuu as real, Alma is okay with that. He just didn’t want Kanda to only see the past and not see Alma and Yuu as “human being”. Kanda see them as weapons, but Alma want him to know that they’re “alive”, not only as the past remnant. Allen fight Kanda because he somehow knew that Alma have more reasons to why he want to kill Kanda. And bingo, he got it right. As long as Kanda chain himself with the past life, the bond between Alma and Yuu will be obscured. Alma want it to be real, whatever their bond is. And when Allen send both of them to Matel to settle down their promise, Kanda accept the past Alma and present Alma as his important person, not as one woman but 2 different persons. That’s why he saw Alma and the woman holding hand together instead only 1 person in Alma’s death.
I’m sad at this time because Kanda leave Allen by himself when he’s struggling with the new awaken Neah. But hey, this Alma Karma tragedy actually made Kanda to realize that he can lives as himself. So when he came back to take Mugen and his exorcist status again, he did it as Kanda Yuu with no past life related motive, it’s pure for Allen’s sake. He still hate Order, Noah, Akuma, and don’t care of them. He still won’t be friendly to his exorcist fellows or anyone, though he become slightly friendlier to them. He only want to pay his debt to Allen and kill him if he lose to The 14th. Because Allen didn’t give up to Alma and Kanda till the end, and won’t budge even he’s accused of treason and jailed. And now Kanda accept to be General, chained more and more to Order, only to save Allen. Allen never said that Kanda owes him, and never made Kanda promise him anything. But Kanda promise himself that it’s him, and only him that will kill Allen in the end, and then he can die peacefully without regret. I don’t think he care if Millenium Earl still alive at this time, or the duty to defeat him before they die. But maybe if Allen insist to defeat the Earl before they die, Kanda will listen, even if reluctantly. Kanda don’t care how everyone see Moyashi, as a hero, traitor, enemy, or whatever. But maybe the reason he want to kill Allen besides the guilt and regret, it is because he don’t want The 14th using Allen’s body as if his own, because it’s Allen’s. And he perfectly know how big Allen’s self-guilt is. And if Allen see how Neah using Allen’s body for destruction, ‘this’ may will be the trigger to completely destroy Allen’s soul. So before The 14th do this deed, Kanda will kill him to save what remain of Allen’s soul and body. And then he can finally die too.
It’s look like as if Kanda and Allen now lives only using their borrowed time. That was sad but I can’t seem to see any other way. At first I’m confused of why Kanda wearing Order uniform again. Why not take Mugen and then travelled as stray exorcist like Allen. But then maybe because of Fallen and Katsura-sensei want to make Kanda as General then? Because as General he can pick some informations of higher up and then have more leeway to go outside. General have a duty to search for Acomodator after all. And he won’t be worried of become Fallen because he’s searching for Allen.
I can’t wait to see Kanda wearing General uniform and Yullen reunion. It’ll bittersweet i presume :)

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I just wanted to say the latest mech sketch you made is really cool ! You must understand a lot about general structure ! Do you have any plan finishing the sketch? I would love to see what will become of this exciting wip ~

Thanks, I’m glad you think it’s cool. General structure? I’m don’t quite understand what you refer to, sorry. As for whether or not I plan on finishing it, I’m sorry to disappoint you and say no as all I really wanted to do was just sketch something out. I think I might draw mechas a little more often however, I really like them.

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(same anon who asked about lbgt rep) I'm sorry if my original ask implied that I specifically wanted you to include Stucky in your stories, that wasn't what I intended. I was more referring to general representation- I'm a lesbian who ADORES the Marvel universe, but it can get discouraging to not see any rep in the MCU, so I just think it would be cool to see some in the VPU, even just in one of your OCs or something. Sorry for bothering you, and I love your stories, thanks for sharing them <3

You’re not a bother at all! *hugs you* I hope I didn’t make you feel that way! And I will definitely add in some more diverse representation into the VPU. I’m not sure in what capacity yet, but I’ll make it happen. I’ve got some ideas already for characters :)

@star-wars-discousre @panfrieddiscourse

Thank you guys for commenting and sharing.

Star-Wars-Discourse, I never threw fit. In fact, I think I’ve been pretty calm. There is more than this just one piece of a larger discussion. I simply asked a question and asked them to explain. I wanted to know why Aces are not considered apart of the LGBTQ? Very general. People commented back that aces were not part of the LGBTQ+ and I asked why? If someone is hurt or sees this as hate and aphobic then they can and yes they can easily ignore it.

Panfrieddiscourse, my second paragraph goes back to another part of this discussion, the person replied with a no, I was just further commenting. And I don’t think I ever mentioned the LGBT never existing. I included Agender because the A stands for Asexual, Aromantic, and Agender. Being Asexual does not make you straight, it makes you Asexual. And if someone is hurt or sees something as hate or aphobic then they can.

I do apologize that cishet’s have caused oppression. From my understanding though, cishet means cisgendered and heterosexual. And from my understanding if you are cisgendered it mean you identify with the same sex you were at birth. So I’m cisgendered if I am a female and identify as a girl, right? And if you are Asexual you are not Heterosexual. 

I appreciate you guys adding further insight into this. I’m seeing that the people who can be perceived as “straight,” are not allowed into the community. I’m still going to work on understand this, because if you are Ace then you are not straight.

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Asaemon, Nobume, Tama headcanons for crushing someone older

Nobume Imai

  • She has difficulty admitting and understanding her feelings and pretty much chooses to ignore them 
  • It would take her awhile to sort out her feelings and realize what she was feeling. Again, she would try to ignore them to see if they went away
  • She would spend more time with her crush and want to be around them a lot
  • She wouldn’t be the one to confess even if she thought the feelings might be mutual. They would have to confess to her first

Asaemon Ikeda

  • She’ll blush a little when they’re around and the stronger her feelings get the more obvious it is
  • She would try to deny her feelings to her crush and to others
  • Always tries to steal glances at her crush when they aren’t looking
  • Like Nobume, she wouldn’t be the one to confess first


  • Doesn’t have a problem displaying affection to her crush, but in her own way
  • Probably takes her a really long time to figure out this emotion
  • She isn’t afraid to openly admit how she feels
  • Thinks about her crush literally all the time
  • She would always be asking them if they need anything and offering to help them with things
  • Probably goes to Gintoki for advice
  • He isn’t helpful at all but Tama still takes his advice