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It's just so hard to be happy for Harry when Louis has such a shitty team behind him. I see all this stuff happening for Harry and I just want to see it happen for Louis. Does that make me bad?

No it doesn’t make you /bad/… it’s just..

Okay look. Let’s pretend that Louis has the best team he could acquire, who would work tirelessly for him and do everything right for him. Even if he had Harry’s team, even if he had a better team, there is a really good chance that Louis would still not be doing what Harry is doing.

They are not currently acting within the band. They are acting as solo artists, solo artists who may have different goals and different aspirations and may be interested in different aspects of the industry. They may just want different things. it’s not fair to hold that against Harry.

I want Louis to have a team who cares about him, and I want a team that will fight FOR him and fight beside him to get him the best of everything that he can get. I want Louis to be free to explore what he wants to do, and know that he has a professional and effective supporting cast behind him, whatever that means. Whether it’s more songs, an album, writing, mentoring or producing, working with the girlband etc. Whatever he WANTS to do is what I want.

But the fact that he is obviously with a team who is not fighting for him is not, in my opinion, a fair reason to be resentful towards Harry. I’m so happy for Harry and I’m excited and I want to see what happens and how he does and I want to cheer for him and support him. Being frustrated about Louis’ team and being happy for Harry are not mutually exclusive, they can be felt at the same time.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wearing No Makeup For The First Time

 Hey guys! Sorry me and @taeguboi haven’t done these in a while. I work and she is at college… So here we go …

Rap Monster

You would have just removed your make up in the bedroom and you go walk to the kitchen to put the wipe in the bin. You then hear the door open and you quickly cover your face as Namjoon walks in the kitchen. 

Namjoon: “Hey y/n why you cover your face?”

You: “Because i just removed my make up and I don’t want you to see me look ugly.”

He walks over to you and says “y/n do you trust me?” You hang your head down low with your hands still on your face and nod your head, and with that, he carefully removes your hands from your face. He then carefully places his finger on your chin and lifts your head up and smiles brightly and says “y/n you look beautiful” and kisses you softly on your lips. 

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You and Jin are both in the bedroom and you say to Jin “Jin baby could you look away for me?” He looks at you and says “Why y/n? I don’t understand.” You say “I don’t want you to see me without make up on” 

He says “How about you and I both remove our make up at same time?” You umm and ahh about then say “Ok then” 

You both take a make up wipe, you both remove your make up together. 

You both finish and Jin says “ y/n you look beautiful… but not as good as me.”

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You’re sat watching TV. You have already removed your make up and you’re so zoned in to the TV that you haven’t noticed that Yoongi has come into the room. He stands there for a minute admiring you without your make up, then he would sit down next to you and say “That’s better y/n.”You look at him with a confused face totally forgetting that you have removed your make up. 

“Y/n you look better without make up and I have said in the past that I would prefer you without make up.” You look at him and say “But I look ugly Yoongs.”

“Y/n stop please listen. You look beautiful without make up.” You blush and he just smiles and says “You’re welcome baby,” planting a kiss on your forehead.

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The previous night, you had made sure to get into bed after Hobi so that he couldn’t really see you properly without your make up.

Waking up the next morning, you’re secretly pleased that he isn’t awake yet, so you take your chance and head straight to the shower.

Coming out of the shower, it is sort of to your dismay that he is now out of bed as you exit the bathroom, before you are able to put your make up on for the day. The sunlight creeps in over your face as he greets you with the biggest sunshine smile you’ve ever seen.

“Jagi! Oh my god! You look so radiant and beautiful!” he exclaims, like a true fan boy for you, and the level of excitement at your pure face is so extra like “I can’t even! You melt my heart so much jagi!” It just gets so corny and you feel embarrased that you cover your face with your hands.

Gently removing your hands from your face, he mellows down and stares genuinely into your eyes – “Seriously, y/n… you look so beautiful right now.”

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You would be in the room and you’re putting make up when Jimin comes in the bedroom as he had already been out and come back. He says  “Y/n please don’t put your make up on; you look pretty without, just looking at you now.” He comes over and kisses your cheek. You look in the mirror and you smile. He smiles and then kisses your shoulder and says “There you are baby” 

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You’re just doing normal chores around the house on a day off, and it takes a while for you to notice but as Taehyung is sat there on the sofa, seemingly just staring into thin air, but he is watching your every move, and more specifically, he’s focusing on your face.

Having never seen you without make up before, he’s trying to get used to how amazing he thinks you look without even trying. He’s basically living up to his nickname of ‘Blank Tae’, jaw loose and mouth open, with a docile expression.

“Tae, what are you gawping at?” you ask him, tilting your head sideways to meet his level as you’re still standing.

“I… uh…. just… I think you’re amazing.” he replies with a calm and mellow tone.

“Aw, Tae, that’s really sweet!” you tell him “But why the sudden… emotional moment like this?” you ask him.

He gets out of his seat to stand close to you, doing nothing but staring at you. He eventually breaks the silence with “I really like you without your make up jagiya… your beauty is ethereal to me.”

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The day before, Jungkook had hidden your make up as he actually wanted to see your beautiful face.

You: “Kookie.. Where’s my make up box?”

Jungkook walks in the room and says “You’re not allowed it jagi.” “But Kookie, I need it!” 

He looks at you and says “Jagi, I can see you don’t need it. You look beautiful without it.” You stand there for a minute then say “But Kookie…” 

He says “No buts; you’re not having it back until you go a couple of days without make up,” he smirks and you can’t help smile and he comes to you and kisses you cheek.

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Regarding that last ask I got

Yes this is a public account, yes the things I write you can share, you can send your friends even use on your pinterest, instagram whatever.
But if you use them without sharing the post owners’ url, what are you doing with your life stealing other people’s works? How dare you take away something that is part of it’s creator? We don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit because I for one just want to share my ideas with you but how fucking dare you exploit that to get more followers? That is genuinely disgusting.

Edit: oh and I know there are people who repost my posts on tumblr, if I come across one again, well we’ll all see what happens. If I could get enough people there are a few accounts I would shut down by just reporting them because they have no respect whatsoever for the people who try their best to do something memorable. Don’t make me hate Tumblr.

Having worked on Global for years, and having been part of the BBCan Production Crew, I have some inside knowledge I want to share, I would like to remain anonymous because i still work in media, just not for Global anymore.

I, until recently was involved in the selection process for the BBCan 2017 season houseguests. Let me fill you in on who is going to win this season, it has already been pre-determined. Neda Kalantar will be the Big Brother Canada winner and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.

In case any of you are thinking that I am wrong and that Cassandra Shahinfar will win because she has been pre-chosen by Global, you are half right. Cassandra was pre-chosen by BBCan Production Crew, but not for winning the $100,000.00. Cassandra was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre-chosen to be the winner of BBCan5 and that is Neda.

Neda is and has been friends with Barbara Bowlby for the past few years and will win BB. I have some evidence that backs this up and will be anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale airs.

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Maggie's a top? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard! Honestly, my headcanon is Maggie's a bottom. She's totally dominant/top at work and I just cannot see her wanting to bring that home. And in that same way I see Alex as a bottom too, but two in a relationship would be pretty boring I guess. So I can see Alex being switch/versatile way more often than Maggie. Maggie trying to top Alex? It ends with both of them just laughing at the effort. Whenever anyone says Maggie's a top I just cannot.

this. is. blasphemy. 

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Sunday Candy Romanoff Edition (Natasha x reader)

A/N: This is the last one for today and maybe my favorite. It was hard to write but when I picture this it is just so cute. Hope you all enjoyed my celebration of @bitch-m-fabulous day of birth. I will add onto the Sunday Candy series after a little break cause dam my eyes hurt from looking at screens all day.

Warnings: mentions of sex and major fluff

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“I am the one who keeps this world in balance. I am the one who protects the innocent. I am the one that you fear…And I am the one who shall end you if you get in the way of humanity’s goal to survive.”

Whoooo boy. This…This took a while.

Now for those of you who have just stumbled upon my blog and are wondering who this lovely lady is, then I shall tell you.

This is Ceres, the Goddess of Mira who shares a part of her soul with my Cross, Athena. How she met Athena and everything will be established later. I have just been too busy and have been procrastinating to work on Athena’s backstory.

But long story short, this is what she looks like when Athena sees her in her mind and on Mira. 

And boy do I love this end result. I started working on the sketch on Monday and it was originally going to stay as a sketch but…I wanted to see what it would look like in color. And boy does it look good! I just…I love!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing and let you be. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening.

Also @kentucky-the-fried reminder that this chick is gonna stop Mira in his tracks and deck him. 

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how much i have to pay to be possible to access the spoilers section of twdzone? it is payed mohntly, anally? only credit card? is paypal an option? hope you understand, i am not english speaker.

We do not charge anyone to see our spoilers, Nonny. Our spoilers are free to read for all members of TWD Zone community.  Just create a site account and when approved, log in and read the Spoilers section. :)

If you’d like to make a donation to the site, we would appreciate that very much, of course.   Donors become automatic VIP members and anyone can make a one-time gift or multiple donations.  Gifts can be made via PayPal, credit or debit card and if you want to use other methods, please contact me on the site to work out details. 

Donations are voluntary, not required.

I hope you’ll come join us in the community and enjoy the free spoilers as much as all of our terrific members, Nonny. Your English is great- I could not speak your native language on social media or a fan site. 

Thanks for the terrific question Nonny- we are fundraising separately from the spoilers, so the confusion is understandable.

Take care- Ripley 

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Are you excited about the new "It" movie? Oddly enough, I want to see it, even though I am not a fan of remakes/reboots. Hopefully, it would not be as campy as the 1990s tv movie. (Though, I also hope they avoid a certain "scene" from the book. *cringes*)

DUDE AM I EXCITED??? AM I FUCKING EXCITED??? It is my actual favourite book OF ALL TIME. I’m so fuckin’ excited I could poop rn. There aren’t many things that cause me to reblog something instantly instead of queuing but seeing those gifsets cross my dash was like BOOM. GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS. I’m just bummed the trailer dropped while I was at work (as always) so now everything has been giffed to fuck. Ah well.

That scene, yeah. I’m sure we all could do without that - I can’t imagine they’ll include it. What I AM jazzed about though, is seeing that they’ve cast Patrick Hockstetter. Reading about that bastard made my skin crawl, and that’s gonna make for some unsettling horror. Hopefully they can give us all the things that the TV adaptation couldn’t. ALL THE THINGS. GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS. GIVE THEM TO ME.

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chiby-chan replied to your post “I imagine that the miscarriage in Celestial Navigation sent Tony into…”

Oh, right. I remember that part. I was a little sad that they wouldn’t be able to have a kid. Its not always a big deal, but after all they been through, I guess I thought they deserve just one of does little miracles. Um, is Lily Maria adopted or did, Tony at…age? Was able to actually get pregnat? Just curious, if you want to answer.

I honestly think either would work. As an adoptive mom myself, I’m a big proponent of presenting positive adoption stories, so that is appealing, but I also kind of think that in that ‘verse, there would be a lot of pressure and self-worth tied up in getting pregnant, so a part of me also would like to see that happen for Tony.  Or, on days when I’m in a mood for angst, it never happens and they form something of a found family with the Avengers, more the way we see it in MCU.

[[I feel like I should state this out, that this blog does revolve around and AU that I’m constantly trying to make ideas for. It’s like bouncing a ball against a wall full of wet paint and seeing what patterns come back and if I like it or not. Those ideas are me trying to be cute and domestic or just interesting to see happen and work with

ALSO: The AU is nothing but fluff and cute and maybe will get a little bit crack-ish, depending on whats going on. The main intent is to make you guys smile with the shenanigans, so if that happens and your smiling at your phone/computer screen then it means I’m doing something right.]]

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would you ever want to be a WAG?

Here is my opinion:

From what I’ve seen, I don’t know if I could be. If I meet a player and we actually, truly, hit it off- maybe? But I don’t see myself as a wife who can just have kids and continue that lifestyle. I’m really independent and I want to have my own job and having my husband travel all the time while I work, I wouldn’t want to have kids and take time off and what not to raise them because I don’t think an NHL player could/would take time off. Family is really important to me and I feel trusting someone, and from what I’ve heard about NHL players, and even other sports, there happens to be cheating and rumors of that and I don’t trust easily from what my past has taught me. I understand there isn’t a perfect relationship out there, but it takes two people to make a relationship work and while an NHL player is constantly at work and traveling it would make my head go crazy. My parents have a beautiful relationship and they’ve been together for 30+ years full of love. I want something like them.

  • Me: wow this landscape is gorgeous where is this i wish I could go th...
  • Me: *squints*
  • Me: this is a video game isn't it

I asked a friend (more just a school friend) who doesn’t know I have DID if he would be scared to meet someone with DID after seeing split and he said yes. Another friend told me her dad thinks people with DID are violent like how split shows…. so can people stop acting like works of fiction don’t effect how people think. They do. In fact I have heard several times there is scientific data that they do which I will try to find sources for in the morning. (Unless someone has them and can reblog adding them on) I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to make this quick post now.


Something bitter is felt in the atmosphere… it’s hard to tell with such a smiling face.


After a long wait, with the help of my buddy @sparksparta, I finally bring you the first part of the comic ‘Bendy in Disney!’ Thank you everyone for your support in this comic, I have been reading your tags and they really warmed my heart! <3

- Mun’s note under cut.

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As many of you know, monsta x just recently had their comeback and us monbebes are working really hard to get them their first win. Unfortunately there is tough competition at the moment so it’s getting a little difficult. Even though our fandom is growing, it’s still relatively small. Because of that, I would kindly like to ask for the help of the Army and Exo L fandom to help us with this comeback. We have been working really hard, but we still need more support to make it happen. I know this a pretty big favor, but it would be really nice if we could all put behind all the negativity and unite as fandom’s to help each other out and have each others backs. Please help us by voting for them on the music shows and streaming the video. (Even once is fine). Help our boys get their phones back by helping to get their very deserved first win!
Sincerely a Monbebe who just wants to see them get a win!!!

HEY EVERYONE!!! Yes, I am alive, I’ve just been busy with applying to schools and working on stuff for friends, which I still need to finish -___- but I really wanted to draw this, so everything had to stop. Just wanted to practice more on my Mashima art style because I love it so much, plus I think Eileen and Erza deserve to have a happy conversation, so here they go! And of course Jellal in the background thinking there’s two Erzas LOL They look so alike! Anyway, hopefully I can make more post soon!


Palmistry and Sigils

So I see lots of pictures of people drawing sigils on their hands, and I think that’s awesome. But one thing I’m surprised about is that–as far as I know–not many people have incorporated palmistry in with sigils. 

As shown on the picture above, different parts of the hand have different correspondences. 

A self-love sigil would ideally go on the Mount of Venus. 

A sigil for enhanced spiritual awareness would work great drawn on the Lunar Mount.

So yeah, just an idea I wanted to share. 

Straight up one of the worst things about capitalism is just the effect that having to work so much has on our ability to maintain relationships. Relationships all take work, and it is sometimes hard work, but part of that work just includes making a space of time wherein you can just talk to or hang out with someone. Any given week there are a good 10 people I want to see, or call, or something, and I just can’t hang out with everyone in a week. I sometimes feel quite worried about one friend feeling alienated because I’ve seen another, whose schedule matches mine better, or talked to another, etc. For now this is why it is so important to just periodically remind people that you love or miss them. But that’s so hard! If I had one more day off per week, all of my relationships would be much, much stronger. This is an important part of alientation. The older I get, the more I work, the more I understand that. It’s hard! I love my friends and it’s hard to show all of them.


Q: May I ask what happened? Like how’d you work from warner bros to Disney? Were you a free lancer and contract ended? Felt like it wasn’t a good environment? Sorry if I’m nosy once I get my BA in animation I kind of want to know the process of finding a job in a company or what artist go through. Btw CONGRATS! LIVING THR DREAM!!


I already answered this on my post but I figure it would be good to post it separately for those who want job careers similar to mine.  

A: I was a full time employee at Warner Bros but Be Cool Scooby Doo ended productions arounndddd November? So I was looking for another job and got a recommendation from my art director to test for Ducktales at Disney. I took the art test and i just pretty much got the job but i’m at this 6 week trial thing where they want to see if i’m the kind of person they want to work with. 

The most important advice i can give you is NETWORKKKKK PEOPLE!!! Your friends will get you the jobs. People will want to work with people they already know —-> FRIENDS are usually the first to be recommended in anything. Don’t just sit there and dream that your art will be so dazzling that it’ll make recruiters hand you a job, you have to get out there and approach those people in the industry! That’s how I was even able to work for WB in the first place! 

(side story: I met my art director from WB when she was giving a presentation in my class, and then the teacher in that class gave me her email and i talked to her how i was interested in working in the BCSD team. At that time they didn’t have jobs but at least she knew who i was at that point and was interested! Then i met her again when i invited her to go to my Grad show and we finally got to talk one on one. After that my boyfriend’s friend was a BG painter at BCSD at that time and gave us a tour at WB where i met the art director again!!!! and FINALLLY there was a position opened for a BG designer. So through all those meet-ups my art director at that point gotten familiar with me enough that she emailed me to give me a art test and i got the job!!! 

So talking to people is IMPORTANT! You don’t know where that person’s career is heading so just be nice to everyone and at least say hi! The worst thing that they can do is just ignore you. So don’t be scared to reach out to your peers, teachers, WHOEVER! 

And when you DO GET THE ART TEST: 

Make sure whatever you do is strictly what they ASKED for. I’ve seen so many tests where the artist tries to put themselves in the art tests or just do the things the job says NOT to do (read EVERYTHING in the style guild). Showing yourself off is the WORST thing you can do. The tests aren’t about YOU. It’s about if you can fit in THEIR show’s style, they need consistency! That’s what makes you the better option, that you know your place and you can do what’s asked from you.

Hope that helps!