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LYSANDRE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE at talking out his feelings with his boyfriend. Sycamore just wants to help him and be supportive. (sorry not sorry)

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Eventually, I will be desensitized to these! You ain’t funny! (actually a little funny) 

hi reminder that i love and appreciate johnny seo so so much and i hope he’s having an amazing day and life and is happy

Cas and humanity

Because I’m seeing so much “let Cas stay an Angel and those who want him to be Human are taking away his identity” posts on my dash… I feel I have to defend myself albeit very briefly as I’m not in front of my computer to give all the intricate details and gifs to go with it.

The reason I believe his endgame is to be Human is, the same as Destiel, because the writing of the show made me do it.

In my opinion:

The show has consistently told us that Cas was never “right” as an Angel, that he was always different, had a crack in his chassis etc. That he couldn’t do what the others did during the times of Herod, that he is always seen as “odd” in the other Angels minds, that he has always watched over and admired Humanity, finds that it never gets old.

After he was Human he said he was killing himself when he took back his grace, such strong words! Before that he tellingly didn’t answer Dean’s question if he was ok about being an Angel again. It has been framed as a loss of a newfound identity, hence his depression afterwards, stuck in the middle, when he has now had what he felt he wanted (even though it was a terrible human experience which even more emphasises the point) and he had to let it go.

In my opinion they have created Cas as a character who never was happy as an Angel, he never fit, it was never what he WANTED. It’s very akin to a coming out or trans person’s story for me.

Becoming Human is not CHANGING him, it’s allowing him to embrace who he truly has been all along.

Cas was never truly in his mind an Angel, he was never happy as an Angel, he discovered who he truly was and wanted to be in season 9 as a Human.

When has he smiled the most in the show? Around humans and thinking about his human experience via the pb&j. How does he say “I’m an Angel” v “I’m a sales associate”. Resignation v pride… It’s clear to me.

I’m not some asshole who wants him to be Human to “serve my ship”. It is a totally separate story and again, that is why it is so powerful. Dean and Cas’ love story leads them BOTH to finding themselves, Dean as bisexual and feeling worthy of love and Cas and human and also feeling worthy of love. They both help each other get to their own INDIVIDUAL endgames that are written as such in the story that is being told.

In my opinion Cas has found himself and his story is clear to me.

I don’t want him to CHANGE. Entirely to the contrary I want him to EMBRACE WHO HE HAS BEEN ALL ALONG.

Scars || Steve Rogers x Reader [[soulmate au]]

[prompt: soulmate au where the only way you can get rid of your scars is if your soulmate kisses them away.]

{summary: you are known as Steve Roger’s shadow, and you only have one purpose in your life, and that is to protect the man from any unknown dangers all while hiding your presence from him. one fateful day, when an assassination attempt goes wrong, leaving you injured in the process, Steve finally sees you for the first time and slowly helps with treating your wounds [[au]]}

yooooooo this is saeran–choi, i just changed my username to my new favorite character, momo sakaki (i also wanted to get a username that only has a single dash in it instead of two for purely //aesthetic// purposes)

I’ll work on updating and fixing my masterlist once my computer is fixed, so i hope you all will forgive me for changing my url!!!

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Sometimes, you absolutely despised how fragile you were as a human being.

You worked for a secret agency who’s main purpose was to act as a personal guard for superheroes. Now, it may seem like having bodyguards for superheroes would be a lost cause, since their duty was to protect the world and save innocent lives with their superpowers. One would like to believe that such heroes would be able to protect themselves, but they didn’t know the half of it.

There’s always some type of danger hidden from their sights, and if the world was to remain safe, then there had to be a group of people that could act as a shield for these superheroes without them knowing about it.

The moment you had completed your training, you were given the name and files pertaining to the hero you were assigned to protect-

And that hero was named Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

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Em Dashes

A lot of people use semi-colons wrong because they know there’s supposed to be a pause in their sentence that they know isn’t quite a comma, so they think it must be that mysterious semi-colon. Usually, it’s actually supposed to be an em dash (—), which in some ways is more mysterious!

The em dash is the longest of the three dashes and most often used for interruptions. Interruptions in speech, in action, in thought. It’s also a great syntax addition for fight scenes, since it makes the narrative seem quick and unexpected and jolting from side to side like a fight scene should be. Read your em dash sentences out loud until you get a feel for how its pause compares to the pause of a comma. It’s a heartbeat longer. If a comma is one beat of pause, then I see an em dash as two beats of pause.

In this first example, the em dash is used to give an aside to the reader. It’s like a btw sort of moment, which can sometimes be replaced with commas or parenthesis. I think the em dashes are most suitable when your aside is decently long.

Her neighbor, Frank, is always blasting music.

Her neighbor—the one who always blasts the music—is named Frank.

My mischievous neighbor, Vince, seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Vince—more often called (in a raised and angry voice) Vincent Price Ramsey—seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Next up, here’s the em dash as a replacement for the semi-colon. Kinda like a slang or shortened sentence. Semi-colons have to connect two independent clauses—meaning each side of the semi-colon could stand alone as its own complete sentence. If you don’t want to do that, try an em dash:

I thought hanging out would be great—a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

I thought hanging out would be great; it would be a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged—dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged; it was made of dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

Sometimes, you can use an em dash to have a speaker correct themselves, or interrupt themselves to amend their sentence.

I could see the blur of the graveyard behind him—through him—

Similar to the last example, it can be used to interrupt a sentence in order to add additional information about the sentence. Often you can use a comma in this situation, too, so try to think of syntax and how that additional beat of pause changes things. In this case, Alice has just seen a ghost for the first time, so her mind is a bit too shocked for the normal pause of a comma. Read both. Doesn’t the one with the em dash sound more shocked or surprised, while the comma makes it sound like a simple observation?

He was glowing pale—almost tinged in cold blue.

He was glowing pale, almost tinged in cold blue.

Of course, it could be an interruption. It could be someone interrupting another in speech, one action interrupting another, or a character’s thoughts interrupting themselves. Here I’ll include the sentence with the em dash and the sentence following, so you can see the thing interrupted and the interruption.

You can have an action interrupt a character’s thoughts. For the first one, Alice is in a creepy situation and completely focused on something else, so when something touches her elbow, she’s shocked out of her thoughts. For the second one, Tristan is listening for an enemy when the enemy makes a move and startles him into action.

As far as I could tell it was some kind of berry—

An icy contact on my elbow broke my resolve, and I screamed until an equally cold hand clamped over my mouth.

The night was still, and yet—

Something whistled through the air. Tristan jerked backwards, narrowly avoiding an incoming dagger.

Here we have one character interrupting another in dialogue. Pretty self-explanatory.

“I’m not going to—”

Mom’s voice in the receiver cut me off. “At least consider it.”

“After all, you’re only a—”

“If you even say girl,” I interrupted, “I’ll stab you, I swear.”

The next one is part of a fight scene, so Alice’s thoughts are interrupting themselves as soon as she thinks them. She throws up an idea, “iron,” but interrupts herself from further exploring that idea, and instead casts it out. In a fight, you don’t have time to think out long, eloquent ideas. Your thoughts should come in fragments. Stab. Punch. Dodge. Swing. Would this work? No. How about this? Maybe. The em dash can help get across this uneven jolting of thoughts.

Iron—no use. I’d dropped the knife when her damn vines ensnared me, and the nails were in my pockets and out of reach. Blood—there were possibilities there.

Continuing in fight scenes, em dashes can have action interrupt action. Don’t just throw them in willy nilly, but if you have a chance for an em dash, jump on it. Instead of a word like “suddenly,” it makes it feel suddenly. Ups the tension. Em dashes are about interruption, and what is a fight scene but two people interrupting each other’s attempts to kill the other? This is especially useful for the last line in a paragraph during a fighting scene, because it’s a nice place to have one action interrupt another.

I snatched it—slit across my hand—

And stabbed her through the heart.

His swords whistled through the air—

A clean “X” appeared on the imp’s back, severing its body into four neat chunks.

So yeah, I’m basically obsessed with em dashes and I use more of them than the majority of writers. (At 72k words, my current project has 22 semi-colons and 344 em dashes. So. Yeah. Not to mention the length of this post…) Em dashes are way cool and can add a lot to your writing even though they’re just another form of punctuation. Syntax helps your reader into the mindset you’re going for, and em dashes can be a great, powerful part of that syntax!


FIC: The Fire in my Soul

A one shot send more or less in canon, shortly after the return to the Ridge in MOBY . Claire reflects on when she first fell in love with Jamie.

As always please let me know what you think and if you enjoy it reblog :-)

My other work can be found on A03 here 

The heat of him. That’s what I remember most about that moment. The white hot feel of his skin under my fingers as I examined his arm. I was cold to the bone and yet when I touched him his heat was catching. In that moment he warmed me better than any fire could have. Just to be close to him was to feel the thaw in my frozen bones, to feel something melt in my very core. I didn’t know it at the time but I was irrevocably changed in that moment. Almost like the heat of him melted me and I reformed into someone else. Into Claire Fraser.

I fought it, or at least I thought I did. I can see now that I was lost to my old life in that very moment and all that I thought I was or wanted had been dashed away. But I had tried… Guilt, I suppose, and obligation. I had given a vow to Frank and I had loved him, I wanted to honour that, but all that was nothing from the moment I laid my hands on that scorching hot skin, from the moment those blue cat eyes met mine. But to admit that to myself, even for many years after my choice was made… I hadn’t quite been able to make my peace with the extent to which I was lost in those very first moments.

But I should have known. How safe I felt wrapped in his arms on that indeterminable ride to Leoch, how in that moment of conflict in the glade after the red coat ambush when he cornered me trying to run, I had wanted nothing more than to lean forward and kiss him. To taste him. I should have known, I should have admitted it to myself. But how could I? I wasn’t supposed to be there, or so I thought at the time. I l know differently now.

When I look back I laugh at myself. The manufactured meetings in the corridors of the castles or out at the stables. The way that we always seemed to find ourselves sat together at meals. The way we rode that little bit too close to each other whenever he accompanied me anywhere, knees jostling. I’d tried to chalk it up to good old fashioned lust or the fact that I needed a protector and he was as good as any, but it simply wasn’t true. I believed in love, I thought I had experienced it, but I had never thought until that moment in the crofter’s cottage that it was possible for a soul to call to another, to yearn so. But it is possible. And I think, now, that that was what brought me there, to that time and that place out of all others. My soul called to his across time and space and he answered in kind.

My marriage to him had been more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for. Again, I fought it, tried to deny my feelings, and succeeded. For a while. I convinced myself again that the connection between us was purely physical, that it was gratefulness on my part for saving me from Randall and the Tolbooth. But then when he rescued me from Fort William, I knew. I let myself admit my feelings. I understood what it had cost him to go there. I knew what he had suffered within those walls, what would have awaited him had be not been successful in freeing me. And he had risked all that for me. For the vow he had given me. Even after he beat me and I was so angry I could barely see straight, when for a silver penny I thought I could have cut his throat and made a run for Craigh na Dun without so much as a backward glance, I knew. I saw him flailing between the man he thought he should be and the one he truly was. I saw him struggle to find the justice he wanted to meet and that which duty demanded. And I saw his terror, the fear of the place and the man that held me completely consumed by the fear he felt for me. When we came together then, there was no more fighting. No more denying. Although the declarations did not come until after, we laid ourselves bare to each other then. I was his and he was mine and that is all that there would ever be.

In the years that we were apart, when I thought him dead and he thought me lost to him forever, my soul had never been my own again. It had always been reaching, searching. Brianna had lessened that tug, anchored my soul to the life I was living, but it was never fully mine. The gnawing hollow in my stomach where I always fancied my soul to be never went away. I was never at peace again. Not until I came back. Until I found him again. When our eyes locked in that Print Shop in Edinburgh. When I put my hands on him again and felt the heat of him.

And I watch him now. He is still so tall and strong. His back does not slouch and there is no sign of frailty in him yet. Yet the years have touched him. There is grey among that fiery red, the lines of his face etched deeper. He wears spectacles, as he sits and whittles whatever toy he is currently making for one of the children. But when I touch him he still burns. He is still that boy on the cusp of manhood sitting on a stool, his jaw clenched in pain. I still reach for his body as well as his soul. War is coming and this idyll will not last. We will leave the Ridge once more and he will do his duty. But this time I will not leave him. I cannot live without my soul.

The Case for Jonsa: Why Crowd Appeal will be the Dragon’s Downfall

I talked about this a bit in my post The Case for Jonsa but I wanted to exapand on it a bit more.

This post and the poster are spoiler free. Please respect that. If you know something from a leak that contradicts any of my predictions, I ask you to keep it to yourself.

Right now Jonerys is, by far, the most popular ship in the fandom, and it isn’t going to happen for one simple reason: It’s exactly what everyone wants to happen. Not only is it what they want, it’s what they expect. And why wouldn’t they? GRRM has left a trail of symbolism and subtext guiding the collective to this rather cliche fairytale ending. Is anyone else a bit suspicious of that? Think of how many times he’s led us to believe we were going to get a certain outcome just to laugh like a sadist when we fall into his trap. For example, Oberyn comes to mind. Despite all this show has done for us, how many of us still actually thought that Oberyn would get his revenge, save Tyrion, and kill Cersei’s unstoppable servant? How foolish we were. Everything we’ve been taught about plot and character development completely goes out the window when GRRM pulls his twist. There is no guarantee of a satisfying end for a beloved character, main or otherwise. Every step of this journey has been anything but expected, and certainly anything but what we wanted. Just when we were starting to like Jaime, he gets his hand chopped off. Just when we were starting to hate Theon, he goes from villain to victim in a single seven minute scene. Just when it looked like Cersei was FINALLY defeated, she kills off all of her enemies in one fell swoop. The point is, it’s foolish to think the writers would have some cheesy opposites-attract love story as the motivation for this entire work.

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One day

Request:  Hi darling. Could you do an Enzo imagine? Like super fluffy and cuddly. Just a day without vamp drama

You woke up and yawned, stretching out, and rolled onto your side. You smiled at the sight of Enzo lying next to you still; usually he would be long gone by the time you woke up, off to deal with whatever the latest threat to Mystic Falls was with the rest of your friends. You enjoyed the rare moment to admire his sleeping features, completely peaceful for once. A few moments passed before a smile crept onto his own face. “G’morning, love,” he said softly before opening his eyes.

“Hey sleepyhead,” you replied. “What time do you call this?”

He chuckled, raising a hand to wipe the sleep from his eyes. “This is the first lie-in I’ve had in months, leave me be.” 

“I’m not complaining, it was nice to have you actually here for once when I woke up. Although, that does mean someone is going to have to get up to make the coffee.”

“No, not yet,” whined Enzo, and you glanced across at him with a smirk. “Are you doing anything today?”

“No, are you?”
“Noe, I’m all yours for once. Therefore, there’s no rush. I’m perfectly happy right here for the time being.”

You had sat up earlier in your conversation, and now slowly lay back down. “Well, I suppose if you insist, I could spare a little of my precious time to stay with you a bit longer.” 

“I am eternally grateful,” he replied. “C’mere,” murmured Enzo, wrapping an arm around you to pull you closer to him, so your head rested lightly against his chest.

“We should do this more often,” you mumbled from where you had buried your head against the covers to keep warm.

“Believe me love, if it was up to me we would. But then again if we did, the town would probably have burnt down months ago.”

“Of course, it’s only our contribution that keeps hundreds of people alive,” you teased. 

“Why, of course. What do you actually want to do today? Assuming we aren’t planning on spending the entire day in bed.”
“Oh damn, that’s my hopes dashed. But no, I don’t mind. It would just be nice to spend some time with you, I feel like we hardly see each other anymore.”

“Ditto, love. C’mon, let’s get some breakfast,” he suggested. You pulled a face at him.

“But I’ve just got cosy and it’s so coldddd,” you whined, sticking out your bottom lip. He raised an eyebrow as he clambered out of bed, pulling a t-shirt on over his bare chest. Shaking his head at how wrapped around your finger he was, he wrapped you up in the duvet and scooped you up. You laughed as you were raised off the bed and Enzo started to walk downstairs. That is, until you reached the actual stairs.

“Enzo, put me down! You’re gonna fall!”
“I won’t Y/N, I promise. Live a little,” he joked. Your arms were completely bundled up in the duvet so you couldn’t even cling to him, so instead you closed your eyes tightly shut. 

“You better not, Lorenzo. It would ruin our chilled out day if I break both my legs before we’ve even made it outside!”
“Hmm, I suppose it would.” Then, smirking, he dropped you at the top of the stairs. For a moment you hung in thin air, your heart in your mouth, before he vamp-speeded to the bottom and caught you. You breathed in deeply in an attempt to catch your breath.

“Don’t ever do that again! I’m pretty sure my entire life just flashed before my eyes.” 

“Well, I thought you still seemed a bit sleepy. It woke you up, didn’t it?” 

“There’s easier ways to do that, like coffee,” you muttered under your breath.

Messy p.t. 2

Intro: So so so here we are my loves, at last (I’m sorry it took so long - blame school).   YES I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT MESSY P.T. 2 FOR YOUUU.  

This is a long awaited (and long overdue) sequel to Messy that was requested by a number of you and thank you guys so much for the amazing response that Messy got, it astounds me.  

So hopefully this one satiates your need for more as it is a long one (surprise surprise).  

I want to give a big shout out to @yourtropegirl for setting up a poll for me to decide the uniform that Leonard would wear (right) along with the reader’s dress (left), which you can see above - they are beautiful guys thanks so much.  

Pairing: Bones x reader

Word Count: 5,813 (whoopsies)

Warnings: none, just tooth-aching fluff and a little bit of frustration. 

Summary: So, if you haven’t read the original Messy, Leonard is all upset because Jocelyn is getting re-married and invites Leonard to the wedding. The reader jokingly says that he should go and bring a hot date, not realizing that the hot date would actually be them.  This story is surrounding Jocelyn’s wedding.  I hope you enjoy!

ALSO: I have actually no idea what Jocelyn is like as a person, even what she looks like as I have seen precious few episodes of TOS.  So I wrote her as a blue-eyed blonde who is infuriatingly nice.  Though I have an angst fic planned where she isn’t going to be so nice…


“Nope.  That’s it.  I’m not going.” You fumed, storming out of the bathroom, and stalking past Leonard who was zipping up his shirt.  

Strong hands suddenly caught you around the waist, and you were yanked backwards. 

“Hey, whoa, darlin’.” Leonard pulled you to his chest. 

You beat weakly at his arms in an attempt to pry them off you and kicked your feet, trying to resist him but he was too strong. 

“Let me go, Len.” You pouted, trying to squirm out of his grip. 

“What’s wrong?” Leonard wrapped his arms around you tighter, one arm around your waist, one arm across your chest. 

“I am not going to this wedding.” You stated, pushing off his chest to get away, but he held you fast. 

“Why are- sTOP FIGHting ME!” He shouted as your elbows dug into his sides, trying to get him to release you. 

“Go find some other beautiful girl to bring.” You fought. 

“What are you-OW!  Are you biting me?” Leonard inquired with a huff of laughter. 

You pulled your teeth from his arm, “No.”

He suddenly spun you around in his grip to face him, his arms still locked around you, “What is the matter with you?”

“I-I can’t go, Len.  I just-it’s too much and what if they…” You rambled but stopped when Leonard’s hands gripped either side of your face, making your cheeks squish and your lips pout slightly. 

“You’re freaking out.” He informed.

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First Impressions (Part 3)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and

Word Count: 2030

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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Another week and a half flew by since your interview but you were hard at work for your film, pouring every waking hour and ounce of energy you had into directing and meanwhile trying not to but heads with Mike.

Your phone buzzed at 10:45.

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Frosting Kisses - Tyler x Reader

I had just got done making cookies, the whole house smelled of them. I had sat down to read my book, music playing in the background, scooping the remainder of the frosting in the jar onto my spoon and licking it off as I read my book. I was waiting for Tyler to come over so we could hang out. Lately, he had been busy with work, I wasn’t bitter it just sucked he had to work so much. At least I shouldn’t be bitter after all me and him are just friends.
“I’ll be back later y/n” Ethan called, I glanced up at the blue haired boy and nodded.
Ethan was one of my close friends and ended up moving in with me so I wasn’t alone in the apartment.
“Okay, Eth, Tylers coming over anyway,” I said closing my book with my thumb in between the pages to keep my place.
“I know” he smirked, “That’s why I’m leaving to give you too some alone time” he winked.
“Shut up nerd,” I said throwing a pillow from the couch at him, he caught it laughing “You know me and Tyler are just friends, he’ll think I like him if you keep making weird comments like that” I huffed.
“But you do like him” Ethan teased bending down to tie his shoes.
“No, I don’t! You know what just leave” I huffed “You call a guy cute once” I mumbled under my breath the pillow I threw at Ethan hit me in the head and I playfully glared at him.
Ethan quickly dashed out the door giving a quick ‘see ya’ before closing it. I sighed and got back to reading and eating the frosting, I was focused on my book when the door opened I glanced up and saw Tyler, I pretended not to notice him and go back to reading. I had been the one to invite him over in the first place, but I also wanted to finish the chapter.
“Hey! smells good,” Tyler said sitting on the couch next to me.
I put up a finger telling him to wait a minute.
“Are you eating frosting out of the can?” he asked a bit judgmental.
“Shut up you ate a cold hot pocket cause you were too lazy to put it back in the microwave,” I said putting my book down and smirking at him.
“Okay fair enough” he chuckled.
“We don’t hang out enough anymore,” I said.
“I know, I’m sorry I’ve been busy. Why is it so important to you anyway?” Tyler asked looking at me.
“It’s not!” I said stubbornly “I just don’t want to lose someone like you” I mumbled.
“Someone like me?”
“Nevermind… it’s stupid” I sighed licking the frosting, Tyler knew better than to press me further about it.
We sat in silence for a bit and I looked over at him
“So you want to-” he was looking at me weirdly “why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.
“nothing- what were you saying?” he asked.
“Oh, do you want to watch a movie?” I asked.
I looked back to my spoon it was almost gone I put the rest in my mouth and pulled the spoon out clean of frosting, I looked back at him.
“I have-” I was cut off my Tyler lips on mine, he was leaning over me as he kissed me.
I was frozen in place I couldn’t do anything, eventually, though I melted into the kiss, he licked my lips and pulled back. I pushed him off of me.
“What was that for?” I asked covering my face trying to hide how red it was.
“You had frosting on your lips,” Tyler said.
I peeked from in between my fingers to see him with a sly smirk.
“Well tell me don’t kiss me!” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a worried look “You didn’t like it?” he asked.
I paused feeling my face go even redder if possible “Well I didn’t say that…” I mumbled crossing my arms.
“So you liked it?” he smiled.
“Didn’t say that either” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a confused look, and let out a breathy laugh uncovering my face and looking at him.
“I’ll uh leave… if you want me too,” Tyler said.
“n-no… I mean you don’t- I mean I don’t want you to” I said.
“Okay,” he nodded.
Awkward silence, at least it felt awkward to me, I was trying to gather up my feeling about the kiss, it felt like it was a dream, I looked at Tyler again and looked down. I coughed to break the silence and he looked at me, I met his gaze and gave him a soft smile to show I wasn’t mad at him, it seemed to relax the worried look he had.
“Kiss me again” I mumbled.
“What?” he sounded surprised
“I said kiss me again…. before I change my mind!” I huffed.
Tyler smiled with a soft laugh before he leaned in slowly pressing our lips together again, this time I responded much faster, my hands were quick to tangle themselves into his hair leaning down slightly uncomfortably on armrest of the couch, I didn’t mind at the moment, his hands went to my hips as we kissed, he licked my lips this time asking for entrance, when I didn’t give him it his bit my lip gently causing me to gasp, he took that time to push his tongue into my mouth.
There was a small gasp from someone cause me and Tyler to pull apart, both of are faced flushed, I was almost hoping it was an intruder there to steal our stuff, but I looked up and met blueish-greenish eyes.
“Ha! I knew you liked him!” Ethan said though he was blushing too from walking in on us basically making out.
“S-Shut up!” I growled.
Tyler got off of me and I sat up.
“I’ll leave you guys alone I just forgot my wallet,” he said.
Ethan went to his room.
“So you like me huh?” Tyler teased.
“No that was a pitty make out,” I said but then sighed “Fine… I guess I like you… a lot, that’s also why I spend a lot of time with you, so you can’t meet someone else” I admitted sheepishly.
“Why did you tell me?” Tyler asked.
“Because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend,” I said.
“Well… I don’t want you as a friend” Tyler said.
I looked at him a bit hurt, Tyler, chuckled at my expression, though “I don’t want you as a friend ‘cause I want you as something more”
“Is that okay?” he asked.
I smiled at him kissing him gently “Yeah that’s perfect”
“Awe” Ethan said.
I growled and started throwing pillow after pillow at him until he ran out of the house.
“He’s gonna tell everyone isn’t he?” I said.
“Probably” Tyler shrugged “are you okay with that?”
“Yeah… if you are,” I said.
“I’m fine with everyone in the world knowing you’re mine” Tyler smiled.

Drake Walker x MC - A Playlist

#ChoicesCreates Round 24

Prompt: “
Movement of the Stars”
@hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc​. A lot of the songs in this playlist use motifs of stars and light, so I was really, really happy to see that this was the prompt! As always, thanks to our wonderful hosts.

Background Info:His pain, his loneliness, is laid stark against the inky backdrop.”
 The second playlist for TRR I’ve been working on for the past few months, aka how I’ve been getting my feels out every week.  

Click on each song title for the link. I highly recommend listening while looking at the visuals, lyrics, and analysis.

If you’re interested, you can find Maxwell x MC here and Zig x MC here.

1) “Halfway Gone” Lifehouse
An exhilarating alt-rock anthem to rocky memories and bold decisions.

I’m hanging on but growing cold
While my mind is leaving
You got one foot out the door
And choking on the other
Always think there’s something more
It’s just around the corner
Talk, talk is cheap
Give me a word you can keep
Cause I’m halfway gone and I’m on my way

Stepping into the bar that night, Drake is no less cynical than he was back in Cordonia. When he sees the way that the Prince looks at us—the waitress with the pretty eyes and penchant for quips—he’s reminded that this is not the place for him to dare dream of a future. Not in New York, and not anywhere else.

So back at the palace, he wastes no time telling us the truth: that this is not a land of fairytales. To us, he’s brusque, colder than the night air.

Inside, he’s suffocating. His rebellion against this institution of lies and gilded smiles allows him to stay safe, in a world where his walls keep all hopes out.

Just the way he wants it.

2) “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face” Coldplay
A guitar riff-driven, alt-rock song that twists and turns with the observations of a jaded mind.

Where do we go, nobody knows?
I’ve gotta say I’m on my way down
Now, when you work it out I’m worse than you
Yeah, when you work it out I wanted to
Now, when you work out where to draw the line
Your guess is as good as mine

Granted, we’re much tougher than we seem—among other things. He reminds himself that his watchful gaze on us is only because his best friend has fallen head over heels for us, of course.

But when he slips back into the tent with drinks in hand, he’s taken aback by our beaming smile, directed just at him. Questions begin swirling through his mind, all centered on this strange churning in his stomach, as the three of them laugh together.

After years of letting rolled eyes and offhand insults fester, camaraderie sure is a strange pill to swallow.

3) “Amsterdam” Imagine Dragons
An introspective indie-rock tune for the nights we spend reminiscing and gravitate toward truth.

I’m sorry, mother… I’m sorry, I let you down
Well, these days I’m fine - No these days I tend to lie
Kinda thought it was a mystery and then I thought I wasn’t meant to be
You set yourself fantastically, “Congratulations you are all alone.”
Your time will come if you wait for it, if you wait for it
It’s hard, believe me… I’ve tried
But I keep coming up short
No I won’t wait much longer ‘cause these walls they’re crashing down

That night, we stroll along the sidewalk, surrounded by the soft glow of street signs and the echo of conversation. More bold than we’ve felt in months, we tease him shamelessly, until he’s tossing his head back and laughing heartily. 

When the palace comes back into view, the bitter twinge in his chest creeps back in; yet at our bright smile by his side, it soon dissipates.

As the night wind whips through our hair, Drake ponders what we might see the next time we look at him, a man veiled by a stony barrier that has begun to crumble, and what magic that future moments may reveal. 

4. “Holes” The Paper Kites
An atmospheric, indie-folk ballad that rings with aching vulnerability.

Never did I find all the answers I’ve untied
But then you always pushed the light in your way
And your voice was trembling
At the thought of “you couldn’t win”
But it’s the only race I’m in, running strong
Till you did, I faded out of sight
All my days and nights
You never leave my mind
Holes let in the light

With his gaze lost in the twinkling constellations above, all of his past comes rushing out. His pain, his loneliness, is laid stark against the inky backdrop. Somehow, he feels strangely whole.

When his shoulder presses firmly against ours, all we can think of is how alive this night feels. How we yearn to let this moment fade into infinity. With only the swaying trees to bear witness, we want nothing more to press against this wavering space between us.

As we walk through the snow, hand in hand, he knows now that somewhere along the way, we set off a spark in him—a glow that leaves him craving more.

5. “little light” Lewis Watson
An uplifting folk-rock ode to seeing the world renewed through bright eyes.

Staring at the clouds, looking for a silver lining
I was caught in a cocoon but now you got me feeling butterflies
Dreaming in the lows, I never thought I’d see this high
And all the plans that I’ve been chasing are always fading
But ever since I found you
A little light is breaking through
I was longing for the rain, you were the flood that made me overflow
A stranger to my skin, but now I’m braver in my bones
You see I’m shooting for the moon, you’re painting me in indigo

It’s as if he’s floating on air, yet still anchored to the earth—with the purpose, and the beauty, that our presence brims with. As the weeks unfold, he basks in the afterglow of all our times together.

There’s no denying it any longer: he feels deeply for us. It takes all his willpower to hold himself back from sweeping us into his arms on the dance floor, to remind himself to look away after smiling for too long.

He prays that these golden moments will stay, for just a little longer.

6. “Stall Out” Mutemath
A trancelike, alt rock track that brims with the apprehension of a moment, or a future, that could shatter all at once.

Racing on a faultline
Bracing for a landslide
Conscious of every move getting harder
Has the race gone underwater?

I keep stalling out; I just can’t keep up
There’s alarming doubt; am I good enough?
But you keep coming around to convince me
It’s still far from over

All we hear is the wind whistling through the open window, as we stare at him in disbelief. In pain.

After falling through the cracks of his walls, we’ve burned slow trails around his heart. One step closer and this distance may very well disintegrate into the passion that we crave every night. 

We have gone too far.

And so, he pushes us away. As he trudges out the room, his hands forced behind his back to prevent himself from reaching for us, for one last touch, he bitterly thinks of the dreams he’s learned to deny himself of. 

Neither of us sleep well that night.

7. “Illuminate” The Kite String Tangle, Dustin Tebbutt
A stirring, electro-indie number to surrendering to desire and letting the light in.

As the words fade away, I still believe what your eyes say
I still see you illuminate, as I drop my guard.
Time slows for the last breath
While everything is shattering
We won’t make it keeping to our own
No, it’s not easy
Through the long shadow, you can’t see the road
Can you just let us grow?

Alone in the study, we summon the bravery that we’ve learned over the past weeks. The courage that we’ve found in loving him.

When we place a gentle hand on his arm and lift our face to meet his, we have no request. Simply a question. Is he willing to open himself up once again to risk, to possibility? To finally let himself breathe, free?

Desire swirls through his eyes like whiskey. As he presses his mouth against us, hard and lets his hands roam unrestrained, fiery, we have our answer. 

He understands now; all along, we needed him just as much as he needed us.

8. “WALLS” Kings of Leon
A moving, soft rock ballad to one man’s heartbreak and bare confessions.

I can get there on my own
You can leave me here alone
I’m just trying to do what’s right
I could never point you out
Waste of space in a faceless crowd
Oh, a man ain’t a man unless he has desire
The western girl with eastern eyes
Took a wrong turn and found surprise awaits
Now there’s nothing in the way

When the walls come down

As Drake watches us twirl about in the ballroom, attracting adoring smiles wherever we flit, there is an undeniable heaviness in his chest. When it becomes too much to bear, he escapes to the cool night air, and attempts to catch his breath. Soon, we follow.

In the minutes that we spend lost in each other’s eyes, he can’t help but move closer to our warmth. As he presses his lips to us and pours all his sorrow into simply feeling this one, glowing moment, he silently begs it, and us, to stay.

But moments, as precious as they are to him, as much as he wishes to deny it, are fleeting. And so with one last desperate gaze, we slip back into the castle, our hearts aching with the thought of stolen touches and endings we didn’t dream of. 

He sits at the bar until his hands turn cold. Until it’s finally time.

“Holes” is my favorite, favorite song out of this entire playlist. It just screams Drake x MC and that legendary stargazing diamond scene to me. I also wanted to take a moment to say that seeing all your lovely faces on my dash made my day. You all are beautiful, and I hope you all have a wonderful week! Now, it’s time for me to hit the books…again…😢

I just want you to know that Sam Claflin is honestly really great and I don’t see enough of him on my dash.

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A Year and Six months

This a thing I guess not a very good thing but it is a thing.

Part 2

AN: Butt chins. My best friend says when i write I try to explain my self too much … i agree. Also the author is fucking shit at titles and endings and writing in general but whatever

It’s been a year and 6 month since you left the tower. A year and 6 month since you’ve talked to anyone at the tower besides Steve and Pepper. A year and 6 months since the day you found them, the man you loved most and some woman, together in your once shared room lips pressed together and bodies bare of everything but each other.

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Shit-Faced (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

A/N: ya girl finally caved in and wrote a Jared Kleinman fic!!! it’s gonna be rlly bad but i hope y'all like it anyway agsjdjdn

Summary: Jared invited you to the homecoming party and u hesitantly accept. Eventually u get completely shit-faced woops

Warnings: cursing, probably an OOC Jared, mentions of bible study, kinda smutty near the end, alcohol


“So, Y/N, you goin to the big party tonight? I hear it’s gonna be craaazy!” Your locker buddy, Jared, had been pestering you nonstop about the homecoming party the popular kids were hosting this week. And technically, Jared wasn’t even your buddy. He was just some guy who shared a locker next to you and would talk to you constantly while you occasionally responded.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a uh Kleinsen one-shot where Jared is scared of thunderstorms (but doesn't like to admit it because he's the insanely-cool Jared Kleinman) So he calls Evan to come down to 'hang out' which means 'comfort me asshole thunder is scary' thing.

(Thank you so much for the amazing suggestion! I had a lot of fun writing this one, I love my precious baby~)

(Word Count : 1344)

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Cast Holiday (A Thomas Sangster One Shot)

Request: Can you do an imagine about Thomas Sangster where the reader is Kaya Scodelario’s cousin and they meet during an holiday with the rest of The Maze Runner cast, please???

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“Relax, they’re all really nice,” your cousin prepped you before entering the party at Dyaln’s. 

“It’s going to be so awkward….” you made circles with the tip of your shoe on the steps, neglecting to make eye contact.

“Come on, they’re like my second family!” Kaya prodded, “plus there’s someone I want to introduce you to. I think you’ll get on quite well…” she knocked on the door and was greeted by a bunch of cast members seconds later.

“Kaya!” they all chimed in harmony. 

“Welcome, welcome,” Dylan beckoned you guys in, “make yourselves at home.”

Kaya practically had to tear you away from the coat rack before she introduced you, “Everyone, this is my cousin, y/n! Y/n this is the ever so funny Ki Hong, sweet Katherine, the great William, and of course you know Dylan,” she stuck out her tongue at her fellow cast member. 

“Hello everybody, it’s a pleasure to meet you all,” you nervously fixed your shirt. You didn’t really want to come and it was kinda hard to hide it. Kaya had been harassing you to come visit her and her cast mates while they were away filming, but you were never able to make it. But now that they were on break, you couldn’t evade it. It’s not like you didn’t want to meet them, they did seem like lovely people. It’s just that you felt like you would have nothing in common with a bunch of close knit actors. 

“Where’s Thomas?” Kaya looked around, “he’s the one I want you to meet,” she whispered. 

“Hello Kaya,” he walked in from the back entrance with a drink in his hand and gave her a hug, “I just stepped out for a bit.”

“Oh it’s so nice to see you again. This is my dear cousin, y/n,” she pushed you forward, “Y/n, this is the dashing Thomas I’ve been telling you about.” Your stomach dropped, you didn’t realize he was going to be here. You knew who he was from Kaya’s famous stories and seeing him on screen, and you couldn’t deny the fact you found him extremely attractive. 

“Been gossiping about me, huh? Well, I hope it was all good things? Very nice to meet you, y/n. What a pretty name,” you went to shake his hand but he lifted yours to his mouth and gave it a small peck, “I hope you enjoy yourself tonight.”

“Oh wow, someone’s getting a bit cheeky!” Kaya winked causing you to roll your eyes. Thomas just chuckled in response and followed the little crowd moving outside. 

Much to your surprise the night was going along great, actually. It wasn’t awkward at all. Everyone invited you right on in, and the atmosphere was a buzz and full of cheer. 

Right now a bonfire was roaring with a bunch of marshmallows hovering above. The stereo softly hummed in the background. 

“You cold?” Thomas sat down next to you and noticed your sporadic shivering. 

“Oh, a little,” you nodded.

“Here take this,” he took off his jacket and wrapped around your shoulders. 

“Oh thank you, but you don’t ha-”

“No thanks necessary. Don’t be silly, wear it. You’re freezing.”

“Oh so, chivalry isn’t quite dead I see.”

“No, not yet,” he smiled down at the ground as the light flickered across his face. The long awkward silence that followed was interrupted by the stereo blaring “In My Life” by the Beatles. Kaya stood by the volume button and nodded at you.

“I love this song!” she cheered. 

“Wow, she’s relentless,” you whispered.

“Tell me about it,” you didn’t think Thomas heard, “but I don’t really mind. Now, this is the part where I’d ask you to dance and your cousin would be squealing in the corner, but I’m afraid I’m not the good at it.”

“That’s ok, I’ll teach you,” you grabbed his hand and led him away from the seating. “It’s just a simple 1-2-3…” you guided him along as he awkwardly stumbled every now and then.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered every now and then.

“You’re not that bad.”

“Oh, please I’m terrible!” he laughed, letting go of the frame.

“Ok, you’re awful, but-” you couldn’t stop laughing, “but it’s kinda cute.”

“Kinda cute huh?” he awkwardly ran a hand through his hair.

“Hey, Thomas are you ready to go? We gotta an early interview tomorrow, remember?” Will shouted from the firepit. 

“Ya, I’ll be there in a sec. Um, it was lovely to meet you, y/n. Maybe you can give me some more dance lessons sometime? Maybe next Saturday night, that’s if you’re free of course.”

“Free as a bird, uh…that’d be nice,” you stammered as he smiled down at you. 

“I’ll see you then,” he began to head off.

“Oh, your coat!” 

“I’ll get it next week, love.”

“Wow, you’re so going to have his babies,” Kaya appeared once he walked out of ear shot.

“Shut up!” you swatted.

“What, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you the whole time! I think you owe me a thank you!”

This was cheesy I know, but hey I couldn’t help it??