i just wanted to put one but i can't decide

  • Aries: People hold hands? Psh I can't relate, I throw hands like a real man.
  • Taurus: [puts on fake glasses] It's time to read some hoes.
  • Gemini: Me actually liking someone? Sounds fake, I just like the validation that I'm not complete trash.
  • Cancer: I'm internally screaming right now because the one day I decide to wear makeup I keep crying. My eyelashes are clumping together and I cannot. I refuse.
  • Leo: Do you ever see the sun and you're like ... Man, I'd love to punch it because same. I want to punch the sun so hard. My only chance to be fist-kissed by a hottie.
  • Virgo: I feel bad that I don't recycle. I just can't be inspired to do it because I still feel terrible about life after doing so. [throws water bottle in recycling bin] Oh look, I still have depression!
  • Libra: I want to have a flowery aesthetic... I need a group of friends that are always willing to take pictures of frolicking through flower fields.
  • Scorpio: I love the fact that no one really knows anything about me, but it also makes me kind of sad at the same time. What is my legacy besides being the mysterious and hot one?
  • Sagittarius: The only person in this world who will never break my heart is education connection lady. She's still in 2009 singing about her education experience and I refuse to believe anything different.
  • Capricorn: I've spent 10 hours of my life listening to the education connection song. If I don't make it to college, then I may as well just die.
  • Aquarius: Other people around me are always like "I LOVE YOU! OMG, I LOVE YOU!" Meanwhile I'm just eating my imaginary popcorn thinking about how much I hate everyone.
  • Pisces: I'm eating five hour old chicken nuggets and I'm sad. I don't think I'll finish them... I have to throw them away... This is probably the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just wanted to know if you got a message about a fic with undercover stiles and teacher derek? I can't find it anywhere and i thought you wrote it or maybe know where to find it?

yes i wrote that that! it’s kind of a bunch of rough sketches and also a wip, and i don’t know when i can update it. i’m going to try my best to update and finish all my wip’s this year, but this is one of those that i haven’t decided whether i want to put on ao3 as complete or do chapter by chapter. 

anyways, you can explore the whole tag here or look at all the one-shots in the verse here:

Because skating.

X-Files AU

Another old-ish (finished, at least) thing for an AU that I thought about a lot but never drew out. More info under the cut again, but it got super long so:

TL;DR: Ross, Trott, and Smith were abducted together as teenagers but don’t remember/believe it until they coincidentally (or not) run into each other years later - all working for the FBI - and realize they have matching nightmares, matching scars, matching implants in their necks.

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and time does tell

DR/SDR2 | Junkomaeda
Summary: He doesn’t have that much left, and when she finds out she scatters all the pills in the medicine cabinet onto the floor and screams with fury and madness and sorrow and god knows what else until she goes hoarse.
Notes: For kohmaidah/sonofunderworld, who requested a fic based off of line thirty in and maybe if!

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A Braxiatel collection absolutely no one asked for.

Basic premise: All Braxiatels are Miles Richardson. All that ever changes is his hair/mustache. (And, arguably, his eyesight, although I really wouldn’t put it past Empire of Glass!Brax to be wearing the glasses merely as an affectation.) 

I haven’t even read any Benny books, so I know nothing of blond!Brax except that he exists. And I couldn’t decide whether I liked the mustache or not, so you get both.

Very much influenced by lufiemstark.

What do you mean I can't ship everything at once in the same fic?

So, I’m listening to this song, and somehow an AU popped up in my head (don’t ask).

I want a fic in which Scott gets left by his fiancée Allison one day before their wedding and to prevent his heart from being torn apart by this break up, Scott decides to no longer give a damn about anything at all. He just takes a week off from his life, doesn’t show up for work, doesn’t call his mother, doesn’t put on pants when he goes to get the pizza from the delivery dude and gets drunk at one in the afternoon.

He decides that love sucks and that he never wants to love anyone ever again - but he sure as hell doesn’t want to sleep alone for the rest of his life, so he goes off and meets six of the most amazing people he’ll ever meet in his life.

Monday he decides that life is too short to worry about possibly making a fool out of yourself by asking out a girl who is way out of your leage and finally finds the courage to hit on Lydia Martin, the owner of the penthouse suite in his building. He finds out that Lydia may be out of his leage, but she is always in for a distraction. And into pretty kinky stuff.

Tuesday morning he realizes walking around naked in someone else’s appartment leads to embarrassing moments only in movies - in real life it leads to Lydia’s drop-dead gorgeous husband Peter bending you over the kitchen counter, assuring you that Lydia won’t mind. They have an agreement - and who is Scott to judge? 

Wednesday Scott learns that not only horny teenage boys are into hentai and cosplay when he finds himself in a sex position he’d rather not talk about ever again, trying to remember that for the next hour Kira prefers to be called Misa Misa.

Thursday he decides that there is no such thing as too early when you want to get drunk. There definitely is something as too much when it comes to drinking, though, and it comes along with wondering if the guy you just had sex with in the dirty restroom of that club is Aiden or Ethan. Or maybe you weren’t seeing double after all.

Friday he finds out that tattoos still hurt like a motherfucker, even if the tattoo artist is the hottest girl you have seen all week (note: Lydia is not a girl, she’s a woman.). Good thing Cora understands causing her guys intense pain as foreplay.

Saturday he follows Cora’s advice and visits her brother’s diner “Hale’s Kitchen” (I had to.). It’s always nice to learn new uses for whipped cream and chocolate sauce - and Derek is very creative when it comes to food.

And then it's Sunday.
Sunday Scott comes home and finds a note from his roommate Isaac telling him that he and Allison eloped. He decides that the whole world is crazy and the only person he can always rely on is his best friend Stiles, who is waiting for him with a bowl of popcorn and Star Wars Episode IV ready to go.

                    ..and that’s all.