i just wanted to post something i neglect this blog

HEYO STAR WARS FAM! it’s me, calling from the other side. Lmao, I am so funny, rip. ANYWAY, there has been a LOT of negativity in the fandom lately and meanwhile, I am more than HAPPY that I do not have any part in it, I do see some of it on my dash. It makes me SAD &&. makes me think about how we used to be ( wow, cheesy ) when I joined, the fandom wasn’t like THIS but well, time never stops ( *fight the urge to athlete student meme this —* ). So, I know, I know - this post won’t change ANYTHING but I just wanted to do something to maybe cheer us all up a little. Negativity should not take over a fandom and should not be the reason people neglect their blogs. Have your Clique, have your faves as long as YOU feel comfortable because THAT is all that matters. And now, something bright &&. nice so yes, under the cut are some Positive Callouts!! happy reading and spread the positive vibes! 

xoxo Antonia

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Hello everyone! I don’t know how many times I can apologize for not being active, haha. I feel bad for not getting to all the messages I receive. However, I do read them all when I’m able to sign from time to time. I have a lot.. but then again a lot of them are from last year as well, but I’m gonna try to answer as many as I can little by little. The very very old ones will be removed to finally start cleaning out my inbox!

I’m so horrible at keeping up w/ things tho, I know. I always feel sad when I have to leave Rex alone for weeks on end. When will I find time for my ocs or art?? I don’t know. Sucks how little time we have. Hm, but for this blog.. it is mainly for Rex, but I’m also thinking of starting to just post other artwork I do on here as well so you guys can be updated on some of the stuff I do?? I don’t know if you guys will be into that, but it’s something I suppose?

The thing is that I tend to sketch a ton, but never post it because I’m the type that wants things finished or nicely drawn out.. but I believe sketches are just as nice right? As long as I’m posting art and not neglecting my poor man. Hm, let me know what you guys think and I’ll see what I can do. I’m trying to fix my daily scheduled so I can give myself some more free time.

I’m changing things up

I use this blog very infrequently, and that annoys me. I made it in the first place so that I could contribute to the radfem community and well… there’s been very little of that.

My problem is basically this: whenever I care about something a lot I tend to overthink it, and because of this I end up neglecting it. This applies to everything. Projects, people, particularly good ideas, etc.

In this situation I care a lot about:

  • curating a nice blog 
  • being careful with my words 
  • being consistent with what I say 
  • projecting a positive image
  • the radical feminist community and my place in it

My regard for all these things and my need to make everything *perfect* means that I end up just keeping my thoughts to myself, writing a million things and saving them in drafts indefinitely, and just reblogging other people’s content instead.

I’m even more reluctant to break this habit because I’m still at that ex-libfem stage of “saying this out loud/putting it online feels good but also viscerally terrifying”.

There’s also the chance, remote as it is, of my libfem friends finding this blog. It’s so unlikely and yet it worries me so much :)))

but OH WELL! WHATEVER!! Because yesterday I had an existential crisis in a Target cosmetics aisle and I decided right there and then that I cannot afford to give a shit anymore. I’m ready to write things down and put them out there. I’m probably gonna embarrass myself but at this point I can’t let that stop me. 

tldr; If you followed me because of female positivity posts that’s cool because I’m probably still gonna do those here and there. But I’m going to use this blog for my thoughts and opinions now, so, I guess, prepare yourselves?