i just wanted to post more of the amazing photos


Rogue One had very few women, with only Jyn, Lyra, and Mon Mothma getting a full page spread in the visual guide. I wanted to compile all of the other women in the book so that the fandom can include them in their art and fanfiction. As it turns out, other than the aforementioned three, there are 14 women (too many for this post, but also way too few for a movie…), so check out the Imgur album for photos and more information about them.

Also…I just want to point out that Jaldine Gerams (played by the amazing Geraldine James from Utopia, btw) has the same callsign as Jessika Pava, which makes me very happy.

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Just want to thanks all the amazing ladies here.. when I saw the photo in Jess's tumblr I was sick, really sick, and I wanted to cry so much, but I find the original post of just wrenched and I read all of your comment and I could take a step Back and really saw the pic.. my life is a mess actually and beliving in SC love help me so much.. its kind of ridiculous I know.. so thanks again to all of you, I could face the day by day thanks to your humour, irony and more ❤💙💛💜💚

Oh anon, this makes me want to cry more than the photo. This group of women (maybe we have some men) are the most resilient and loving group. How could we not be, we were brought together by love and the friendships that have grown are amazing! I appreciate the candor and camaraderie that we have here everyday.

I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

dating calum would include:
  • random phone calls at any time of night just to tell you that he misses you
  • “2 more weeks pretty boy and you’ll be all mine again”
  • coming home to him dancing in his underwear
  • having date nights twice a week
  • building blanket forts all the time
  • waking up to him leaving sloppy kisses all over your face
  • bribing him with a blowjob whenever you want something
  • “have i ever told you how much i love your booty?”
  • him dedicating certain nights to worship your body
  • waking up to an amazing breakfast after a night of rough sex
  • dealing with him when he’s extra clingy
  • seeing candid photos of you posted on social media
  • “calum why do you always take pictures of me when i’m caught off guard?”
  • “you’re just so damn beautiful baby and it reminds me of how lucky i am”
  • becoming close with his family
  • hearing how much he talks about you to his parents and sister
  • putting up with his stubborn ass when he’s jealous
  • taking pictures of him while he’s asleep
  • squeezing his cheeks constantly
  • touching each other’s butts 24/7
  • late night talks
  • coming home to see him sprawled out on your bed naked
  • seeing him naked A LOT
  • “since i’m already naked we might as well have sex”
  • tracing his tattoos while cuddling
  • distracting him while he’s playing video games
  • “fuck babe you made me lose but i have a feeling we’re about to do something better”
  • giving him massages when he has a bad day
  • leaving hickeys all over each other
  • playing pranks on the other boys
  • him singing you to sleep 
  • lots of sex
  • randomly saying you’re in love with him in the middle of a conversation
  • “i’m crazy in love with you princess and that will never change.”

And last by certainly not last, to finish the series like he always does is the second half of the Busan line, a total cutie with lil cute lil smile that’s :D, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Visuals are up first bc model AU
  • As I’ve mentioned in the other posts, his looks do change around depending on who he’s modeling for and what they want for that specific photo shoot but here are just a few of the looks he’s sported
  • Similar to hobi, he’s stuck to more natural colors (so far at least)
  • He had the red that looked s o nice it was amazing, he’s had the black hair that he literally makes his bitch like kookie in black hair now that is some good shit !!!!
  • Like the hair he had for War of Hormone oh wow that was really fucking nice A plus for that hairstyle
  • He’s had that light brown/blonde hair, okay so blonde!kookie is honestly one of my favorite looks on him bc it was so !!! and it was just beautiful and amazing and I just need it
  • Like that one look he had with the red beanie oh boY
  • That hair just made him look so soft and angelic and he could do so many photo shoots with it bc it adds a new element to him
  • Before he dyed it blonde, he’s mainly only had dark colors, black and browns so when he goes blonde, it’s like wh o a
  • And then everyone falls in love with it bc it’s really really nice and he can look all ethereal in his pictures and just really cuddly and it’s all 10/10
  • He’s had pink hair, does everyone remember the now 3 trailer teaser thing that was released and kookie had like this pink hair style that was a really good look so just imagine this for a second
  • It’s a gradient pink, none of it is like neon pink, it starts off as a dark pink, almost reddish color and then it fades out into this light pink that isn’t like super light, it’s not pastel but it's like that middle color right in between light pink and medium pink
  • He actually makes it look really nice bc this is Jeon Jungkook he’s fucking nice as fuck like his face is !!!
  • And he gets to wear a lot of comfy clothes for the first shoot he does with it bc they were going for a soft look he gets to roll around in a bed and just chill and snack on some pizza and it’s so much fun
  • He’s had purple hair, normal!kookie has also had purple hair which was really fucking amazing but this purple is a bit different, it’s much lighter, it’s more like a medium purple and it’s got this lil blue hints in it so in some lighting, it actually looks a bit blue ??
  • It’s forever messy bc messy haired kookie is such a gift bl e SS
  • He does darker looks with it and he gets to bring out that gaze that he had in Danger which honestly is so not okay like who the fuck allowed this certainlY NOT ME
  • He does a few photo shoots with the boys, people lo v e when he has shoots with Jimin bc it’s just the Busan boys and they play off of each other so well
  • Like they can be playful and make each other laugh mid-photo but they both also get that lo o k in their eyes that is just !!!
  • You two meet at one of his photo shoots
  • You’re the photographer for the shoot that day
  • You two are briefly introduced as he’s getting ready bc he always likes to come out and watch the photographer set their cameras up
  • It’s just kinda cool for him bc he’s so used to being behind the camera so he likes seeing the way it’s set up and the way it works and he’s always wondered what it’s like to be the one taking the pictures
  • He really really wants to learn more about photography bc even though, his job is to be photographed, he likes the idea of taking a break from it and being able to say hey that flower over there would make a cool picture and then have an actual camera to take the picture with instead of just his phone
  • But he also doesn’t really have much time to sit down and learn about cameras on his own, like he’s constantly jetting all around the world, he’s in photo shoot after photo shoot, he doesn’t have the time to do everything on his own
  • Which is where you come in
  • He decides that if he’s ever gonna learn about cameras, it should be from a photographer so before the shoot, he asks you if you’ll have time afterwards to sit and talk
  • You’re a bit ?? bc you’re not really used to the models wanting to have a full on meeting after the photo shoots normally they’re pretty tired or they have to be somewhere else immediately after
  • You two go through the photo shoot pretty easily, he’s really fun to work with bc he’s got that lil kid side to him but he’s also that manly kookie we all know so he can bounce between looking like a lil bby that you just wanna hug to a grown ass man that makes you wanna throw something
  • After the photo shoot, he takes you down to this lil ramen place bc we all know kookie likes his ramen
  • He tells you that if you’d be interested, he’s curious about cameras and would love it if you helped teach him about them when he has some free time bc even though he’s super busy, he still has days off
  • You agree to it bc why not, he’s cute but he’s also a genuinely nice human bean maybe you two can become friends
  • Spoiler alert you become more than friends
  • The whole platonic thing doesn’t last all that long bc kookie gets a crush and you get a crush and somehow you two end up kissing one night
  • Like it starts off platonic, he’s just there for the camera and you’re there to teach him that’s it but then you two find out that you actually click pretty well
  • That lil shy bby you see the first time you go over to his house, the one that can’t look up at you for a solid hour, soon turns into this lil goofball that makes you laugh so much you both forget what you’re there for
  • And then as time goes on, you two end growing closer and closer and soon that lil gap that’s always between you two when you sit starts to shrink down until your legs are in his lap and he’s got his arm over your shoulders
  • One day you lean over to show him a feature on the camera and how to use it and all of that and he just looks up at you and you look at him and the noses are touching and then the kiss happens
  • “So that’s how a flash works”
  • “You should show me how it works at like a restaurant idk maybe we can get some food while we’re there maybe it can be a date iDK”

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve completely abandoned this blog the past month or so, but I am finally up on San Juan Island doing my internship! It has been fantastic so far and I am so in love with this place. If you want more details about it, visit my little blog at summerwiththewhales.blogspot.com. I think I’ll just be posting mainly pictures on here.

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos from the first day. We saw a resting group of J’s and K’s, including pretty much every matriline EXCEPT THE ONES WITH THE NEW CALVES. You’d be amazed how close they come to the rocks in front of the Lime Kiln lighthouse. I’ve already seen breaches, tail slaps, pec slaps, cartwheels… the whole thing.

(pictured above is J22 Oreo & J34 Doublestuf, and and K26 Lobo in the 3rd and last photos)

I hope I don’t need to remind anybody about this, but please don’t steal these photos without credit :)