i just wanted to play with textures

History is a desire, not just a discipline. Apart from its facts and theories, movements and stories, it arouses in me a visceral longing for the actual texture, details, and habits of the past. It’s not only the historian wanting to solve a mystery or bear witness who says, ‘I wish I’d been there.’ It’s also the unrequited lover of the past who can never quite possess the object of his desire. It would interest me to watch George Washington give an address. But it would delight me if there were two boys playing noisily on the edge of his crowd. The particular timber of Washington’s voice, the look in the eye as he appraised the audience, how his false teeth sat in his mouth-these would matter as much to me as his words.
—  Mark Stevens, “Chief Joseph Surrenders”

“the white noise in my mind won’t calm down. you’re all I think about.”

b&w kaisoo, requested by @okaysoo

so much of professional artwork can be boiled down to ‘Draw it again’

animation, storyboarding, illustration, comics, ALL Of it requires you to draw the same shit over and over and over again

and I don’t just mean ‘draw this character a bunch of times in order to tell their story’. I mean thumbnails, layout, pencils, inks–the incremental step-by-step to create the best version of your product possible. You draw your characters as stick figures, then you draw them again with more detail, then you draw them again and add crosshatching or shadows or whatever, and then you draw them AGAIN and focus on line weight and texture and fucking fuck fuck

you know what doesn’t play well with all this fucking work required to do your shit?

ADD and depression and anxiety

those mmmotherfuckers take one look at the fucking truckload of effort needed to complete a professional project and they just start spinning out of fucking control

its fucking frustrating as all hell because I love to draw, I love to tell stories and I want, more than anything in this world, to draw for a living. But man, most days? I can’t with all this. I can’t draw the thing a billion times. It’s amazing when I manage to draw it ONCE. It’s one and done with me, it always has been, and that’s NOT HELPFUL. That’s not good enough. 

and maybe with the right medication that’ll change. Maybe if my depression stops stealing my energy and my attention span lengthens and my anxiety gets manageable I’ll start building up the mental muscles needed to knuckle down and draw again and again and again, consistently, so I can be someone worth employing to draw cool shit

but I’ll be honest with you, most days, like today, I worry its not something that can be chemically balanced and I’m just too fucking lazy to make it as anything more than a decent fanartist living in their parent’s basement 


Pray for me sister. Give me a mention. 
I’ve got no faith and oh did I mention?
I want no trouble. I want no trouble. I want no trouble. I want no trouble.

This is kinetic sand. It’s 98% sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane, which is nontoxic and nonflammable. It’s sculptable, washable, and leaves no residue. It feels slightly moist and doughy like brown sugar, except it doesn’t stick.

I have a tactile aversion to sand. I hate the way it feels, smells, and sticks. I hate that it gets everywhere and that it’s salty and gritty. It makes my teeth hurt and and my brain scream and I panic.
Kinetic sand does none of these things to me. It looks and feels interesting and it’s fun to play with. It’s a consistent temperature and texture and it doesn’t feel too dry or too damp. It’s just a fascinating stim toy that happens to look and feel a bit like sand.

If any of you have an aversion to sand and want to start integration therapy, or if you just want to play with a cool material, I heartily recommend kinetic sand.

Please note: I know that sensory integration is controversial and I want to make it clear that I don’t support forcing anyone into experiencing something they don’t want. My opinions belong to myself and don’t necessarily reflect those of Autistic Eagle.
– Rahel
     「   THEME #006: MORNING GLORY by angelicxi   」

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Morning Glory is a clean container-type theme with a springtime feeling. I have coded it with personal & role-playing blogs in mind, but really, it works for just about anything. ^^ Enjoy!

F E A T U R E S :

— full wallpaper (ideally 1900x1080px, but anything will do!) + plain color background options (remember to delete the background-size property and set the background-repeat one to repeat if you wish to leave a texture);
500px posts;
— slot for a blog title;
— home & ask + 5 extra link slots;
— given that I actually made the background using stocks, I don’t mind you keeping it. :)
Message me if you want it!

      Do NOT:
       — remove the credit
       — steal the code / parts of it
       — claim as yours in any way, shape, or form.
      Respect the maker's work, please.
    This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
    It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

                    “It’s 180 days, Veronica. What’s 180 days to us?
                                      Our story is epic. Spanning years, continents…”
                                                                                    "Lives ruined, bloodshed.“

So it’s official: the remastered versions of the first two BS games fucking suck?? Like they’re buggy as hell and no fix works. And some of the bugs only happened when they patched them. God. 2kgames are always a bunch of asshats. I don’t understand why they’ve done what they’ve done and why they’re not keeping on top of patching, esp. when their last one caused many of the current bugs. awjdhoawd

isahbellah  asked:

Hi! I've never played a repainted game before and I'm pretty new to this, so I'd like to know: are the changes to the games permanent? or can I play the repainted game and when I miss the original one I can just go back to what it used to be?

Every game that’s emulated like Luigi’s Mansion or Super Mario Sunshine can change their textures back and forth using Dolphin’s custom texture option.

Special exceptions like text edits in Paper Mario or non-emulated games like Undertale require editing on the files themselves so changing them back are a bit harder. If you want to keep the originals, we recommend you back up your files before “repainting” them.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sae, what are your brush settings?

hello grey person with sunglasses, my brush is really weird. i get this question often so i’ll make an entire post about it lmao. it’s a fingerprint (yes i don’t know either ok shh) with a crazy scattering and shape dynamics. transfer and noise activated. it’s very irregular and impossible to control (say good bye to straight lines) which is perfect for my messy process lmao.

just look for a fingerprint image in google and go to edit > define brush preset, then play around in the settings. or you can crop the picture below and steal mine (hey we’re all lazy aren’t we)

here’s a comparison to photoshop’s “normal” textured brush and some wips so you can see it clearly

to be honest, i don’t really recommend it? not that i want to keep it to myself (ok maybe a bit) but it’s just really hard to control if you don’t know how to use it. you will take 2x more time to finish your paintings.
when i detail i just set it to a very small size and zoom in a lot.

i don’t mind spending 5 hours on an eye so that’s fine for me but there are a lot of brushes out there made to make the process easier.

anyway i hope it helped lmao


Lockwood and Co.: The Hollow Boy

A massive outbreak of supernatural Visitors baffles Scotland Yard and causes protests throughout London. There are reports of many new hauntings, including a house where bloody footprints are appearing, and a department store full of strange sounds and shadowy figures. But ghosts seem to be the least of Lockwood & Co.’s concerns when an assassin attacks during a carnival in the centre of the city…. 

Dar really is just a magical boy in disguise tbh. Also whoops meant to just be a sketch, then my brain went, color would be cool! Had some fun playing with spatter and texture brushes! Brushes by Kyle T Webster.


Everything is modeled. I’m just blocking out textures including tiling. :D HAND PAINTED TEXTURES! I honestly wanted to start small with hand painted texturing like the KH BBS: icecream. I’ll be able to play with rendering different materials etc.  I do think after blocking ALL the textures for EHTHANG I need to assess different material types for it won’t look flat. 

Sure artists would’ve processed that when optimizing their scene before starting, but I needed to dive in fearlessly since this is a first. 

That Time I Did That Thing, Episode #2: Wytches Variant Cover

By most folks I’m considered a comedic cartoonist, which is fine by me. I’ve made a bit of a name for myself just for drawing goofy characters and situations in an effectively funny way. But of course the danger is that folks will only think of me as “that guy that draws cartoon characters”. So from time to time I like to shake things up and approach things differently. The variant cover for Scott Snyder and Jock’s Wytches was one such project.
For this one, I wanted to play it completely non-comedic, obviously. I wanted to do something that honored the eerie, darkly magical story Scott and Jock created. Jock’s work always drips with texture, graphic design mastery and deliberate tone, so I focused on that, weaving multiple layers of texture throughout the piece. At various points in the image, my pencils intermingle with the inks, along with some oil stain textures I like to whip out from time to time. I saturated the colors of the piece far more than I typically do on projects like CHEW (almost uncomfortably), but it felt right to me, so I went with it.
The red brush strokes that frame the piece were an afterthought (as often is the case), but again, it just felt right.
This is actually one of my favorite covers, though I think it’s one that few people have actually seen. It’s one of the few that my wife made me swear to hide from our kids, so I knew I’d achieved the appropriately frightening tone I set out to create.
Personal note: I don’t really like scary stories, and I’m a total wuss when it comes to horror movies. All the same, I believe there are just some moments in a story where horror is needed to convey whatever needs conveying. It’s a tool to be wielded at the right time, and it’s one I’m using often in the new project I’m currently developing.

Callout post Hey Simblr!

Some of you are huge hypocrites and Drama Queens Peggy and some other creators quit over harassment because of their pay/donation hairs. But I’ve seen Hallowsims using Pay meshes from Peggy that I KNOW they didn’t get permission to use from her or pay for. But, suddenly it’s okay if its behind adfly, or if someone does a re texture of a previously pay hair mesh or other item and makes it Paetron only.

Try that with Newsea or Juice and see how long you last.

I’m just hoping Sandy has decided to still create for TS2. I play 3 of the 4 sims games (couldn’t get into sims 1) and it would really be a shame to loose her .

Also on Sandy,

she doesn’t allow conversions of her meshes because in the past she said that she was going to convert them herself and wanted to test them herself. But People STILL converted without permission.

A lot of people hated on ANYONE who used TSR, or made their own website to sell custom content. But, now that’s rebranded as “Paetron Exclusive” or behind Adfly it’s suddenly acceptable and okay?

It’s one thing to FREELY host custom content of someone who quit the sims when all their media fire or box, or drop box, or Yadisk links don’t work anymore, or maybe they deleted their simfile share.

It’s something else entirely to swing a profit from someone elses work without their consent.

But, in ts4 there are people who are adamantly AGAINST any kind of graveyard services to keep meshes and recolors and textures open so anyone can download them, (Feel free to way backmachine this post. In five years when sims5 or sims6 is out you will be singing a different tune when your favorite ts4 creator didn’t move up to the next game. Assuming EA doesn’t kill the series by then)

but god forbid someone refuse to share an old pay file from one of the previous games so they can’t convert it, retexture it, and put it behind an adfly or pay wall.

Thieves that’s what some of you are. Thieves and Hypocrites