i just wanted to make this cause ive seen things like this

UGH sorry i said i was done but, im stressed cause i feel like i answered that kind of abrasively…this is a sensitive subject for me bc ive literally never seen as much homophobia in a fandom as i have in the sonic fandom and ive been in like. a LOT of fandoms. ive never seen so many people who outright refuse to take anything gay as a commission, ive never seen so many people attacked & belittled for shipping gay things

its really depressing when sonic is my favorite thing in the world! and i want it to be a safe & happy thing for me especially when i grew up with so much family abuse bc of homophobia. like i really just want to make something positive about my identity and put it into the thing i love most. and its not like i go attack people who ship straight ships so idk. just let me have fun

Like, if ppl wanna ship shimadacest that’s their thing. Leave em alone. The shimadas (as far as ive seen) have always been shown as two adults making a decision that they wanna frickle. Its not like they’re gonna get pregs and have a baby or anything.

As long as ur not puttin shimadacest in character tags (cause nsfw is what i usually see and ya dont want kiddos seein that), there is really no reason to bother each other.

Just. Shimadacest shippers and antis, just leave each other alone.