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On May 26, 2017, Yuzuru Hanyu revealed his short program for the Olympic season at the first show of Fantasy on Ice (Makuhari). He will skate to Frederic Chopin’s Ballade no.1 again for the third season, debuting a different jump layout of 4lo, 3a, and a second half 4t-3t combination. (x


I think he believes that somehow they must recognize that the other one cares. I’m sure she knows he cares about her. The fact that she tries to give him back the sword Oathkeeper and he kind of says, “It’s yours. It’s always been yours,”…the subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“I was the best man, in a size too small…
you were my best friend, going at it all…”

size too small by sufjan stevens reminds me so much of these two…

the signs as

TVD Characters


Bonnie Bennet

Marcel Gerard


Jeremy Gilbert

Tyler Lockwood


Rebekah Mikaelson

Stefan Salvatore


Josette Laughlin


Caroline Forbes

Joshua Rosza

Niklaus Mikaelson


Camille O’Connell

Elijah Mikaelson

Elizabeth Forbes

Vincent Griffith


Alaric Saltzman

Davina Claire

Lorenzo St. John


Katherine Pierce

Kol Mikaelson

Malachi Parker


Damon Salvatore


Hayley Marshall


Matt Donovan


Elena Gilbert

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I’m currently working on my master’s dissertation, so I’m having to come up with inventive new methods of procrastination. The latest innovation is that I have a newfound fascination with royal genealogies.

okay so to the few that watch my vids,,,what should i post next? a ‘things you didn’t notice in’ video for bap’s dance practice or another crack video with the meme voice?

the fact that i’m not best friends with niall horan is quite frankly offensive.

Robin during the first war: constantly getting pulled from her tent for tasks and questions while she’s trying to study.

Robin during the second war: learns to hideout by leeching off other people’s quiet times. sits with Brady while he sleeps. Sits with Gerome while he works. Keeps Inigo out of trouble by stroking his hair while he lies in her lap with the book resting on his shoulders. Settles in for armor lectures with Kjelle but tunes out and runs scenarios in her head instead…