i just wanted to make sth


I think he believes that somehow they must recognize that the other one cares. I’m sure she knows he cares about her. The fact that she tries to give him back the sword Oathkeeper and he kind of says, “It’s yours. It’s always been yours,”…the subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos

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Sometimes I think kkmin r just very very close friends & jk acts like me with my eldest sister coz she's smaller & cuter than me so I tend to pinch her cheeks & coo at her like a baby & sometimes I even feel like I'm older coz I'm more mature. But then I remember all the questionable looks & skinship btwn jk & jm & this need for jk to be aroud jm & I'm like: nope nothing platonic there lol I feel like jm's role in jk's life is too big, like he overwhelms him sometimes.

anon hello~~~~

1st and foremost, I’m sincerely sorry for only being able to reply to this now. I’ve been so caught up in my exhausting life that I couldn’t find any time to use tumblr *sob sob* 😢😢

Thank you so much, really, for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m really happy to read asks like yours, and to learn to know how other people perceive our ship. And yes, I totally, entirely, whole-heartedly agree with you 🐥🐰👍👍

Yes, whenever I see a moment that is not very usual between them, I try to force every single cell of my brain to work, find a reason as to why it happened, is there a rational/ platonic explanation for it? etc. Will I do that to my close friends, my cute sister-like younger friends etc. It’s a war 🙈🙈. Most of the time it works, but the other times… it just doesn’t make any sense.

You stated a good point there, skinship. The other day when I was working (yes yes my mind is filled with Jikook/Kookmin all the time I need help, for real ><), it suddenly hit me that Jungkook was caught touching Jimin’s chest for at least more than 5 times already, but did we see him do it with any other member? Not once in my goldfish memory. Maybe he did, I was just to blinded by Jikook/Kookmin to see it, but that’s not our main point here. Let’s just take into consideration how some non-shippers or shippers of other ships saying that Jungkook looks at Jimin with the exact same eyes he uses to look at other hyungs (yeah let’s just *pretend to* ignore the heart eyes for a bit), how we see him backhug the other hyungs too, and how he occasionally slaps the others’ butts; you know, how he touches Jimin’s chest… is really worth paying attention to.

(again, all of the gifs I use below are not mine, I include the links to the original posts of the gif-makers under the gif itself)

  • 1st, why? Why is there a need for him to touch Jimin’s chest, when most of the time there really is no need to? And why the chest, out of all place (shoulder, arm, *whisper* abs)

well actually, it’s not like he hasn’t been caught touching other places I mention, but it’s another story, maybe we’ll talk about it the other time xD

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

Well, only Jungkook can answer tbh…

  • 2nd, how. How he actually touches Jimin’s chest. I mean, you can say that the above examples are just… mere accidents (which I doubt), the other times he actually knows what he is doing, not to mention the fact that he looks like he’s… lost in there, it just engrosses him

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

(gif source: http://jikookdetails.tumblr.com/post/157361954874/suuuuuubtle)

Jimin and Jungkook being touchy is nothing new to talk about tbh, we see it all the time, it’s just there. Sure people can say brothers and close friends being touchy is nothing unusual, with I agree. But then, there are times you just can’t use the brother/close friend excuse…

It still bugs me to this day, how I can’t find any reason as to why Jungkook felt the need to be close to Jimin in A SAUNA, hello~, isn’t it hot there, Jungkook ah~? It’s not like he’s not filmed on camera, and it’s not like there isn’t enough space, and it’s not like Jimin didn’t actually move further away, but no means no, Jungkook doesn’t approve…

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(please go to the original post to see it clearer)

Satellite jeon is not made up. It’s a thing, search for it if anyone is in doubt.

The thirst seems to be real…

And I talk about it before, but I’ll talk about it over and over again. Just because I still don’t get it.

Originally posted by jibeom

Yes it’s normal to give compliments to your best friends/brothers right. To encourage, support them for the better, sure. But what follows it is what makes you feel… so wrong. Even if you just wanna tease, it sure is a weird way to tease…

갖고싶다 x3, “I want you” x3

Lemme go a bit outside of this. Let’s take Namjoonie for example. You know he’s one of the ones who wanna see Jimin exposing his shoulder in BST too, right?

In this particular video reaction to their own stage, Jungkook and Monie made a fuss about Jimin not revealing his jacket, Monie explained he couldn’t do things like taking off his jacket, that’s why. He also said once while monitoring Jimin’s Lie solo stage at the end of the year, he’d like to be born as a great dancer to know how it feels like. You know it’s natural when someone does sth you can’t, you admire and praise that person. But in Jungkook’s case, it’s just… so hard to understand. If he wanna be sexy like Jimin, or if he wanna take off his jacket like Jimin, he can totally try. Or back to our video above, he can say things like “oh~ what a sexy expression, I wanna have a sexy expression like that too~”, or “I wanna be sexy too”, you know, stuff like that. But no, he went straight up to say he wanted Jimin, JIMIN HIMSELF. The way Jungkook compliments Jimin’s sexiness is really on another level, like no other… I don’t wanna be that shipper, but it really does seem to be in the ‘thirsty’ direction, it’s not just a mere praise… It actually seems to affect him, does sth to him…

Check out all of those compliments in BST era here


One last thing I feel like talking about is feeling like the mature one that you mentioned. The thing that makes me wonder is that Jungkook doesn’t really act like the mature one to the other hyungs, but Jimin. Sure maybe because Jimin is cute, but it seems more than just that. Thanks to my goldfish memory, I can’t really name a particular moment. But I have the feeling that Jungkook tries to be manly, and tough around Jimin, like he’s a man, not a boy, he’s strong, muscular, capable (can drive while Jimin has no license), he can manhandle Jimin etc., yet he still treats Jimin gently (or not once in a while xD). I dunno how to phrase it so that it’s understandable, so I’ll just say it bluntly. I feel like he wanna be the man for Jimin… *oops, I said it*

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

Again, these are just my thoughts, and I’m a shipper, I can be biased, delusional. Please don’t take everything I said too seriously.

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure what kind of relationship they have, and how they truly feel about each other. But one thing we’re sure, if these things they do are solely platonic, they sure have weird taste and hobbies there.

I’m sure I wanna discuss many things more, but I just can’t remember them at the moment. I hope this still somehow makes up for your long wait, thank you very much for turning to me to share your thoughts. I look forward to talking to you again 🌸🌺💜

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What do you think that Touka and Kaneki's plot line will lead up to?

Originally posted by you-wanna-kiss-the-girl

…Or so we can hope ;)

But in all seriousness, Kaneki did promise to talk with Touka after the Lab Raid, and I get the feeling this is going to happen in Chapter 120, with 118 and 119 dealing with events in the CCG and Akiramon. Why 120? Well, we just had a parallel to the original series’ Kanou’s Lab arc, and a second Anteiku raid has been set up with Takeomi - what major moment between Kaneki and Touka happened between those two arcs in the first manga? 

The confrontation on the bridge in Chapter 120. So mark the 8th April on your calendars, everyone.

Now that they’re both roughly in the same place on the Ghoul/Human spectrum, effective communication between the two of them is looking more and more likely. Kaneki has never been a very open person - Hide was about the only person he opened up to, and that stopped completely when he became a Ghoul. But that’s a trait he and Touka share. She hated for people to see her insecurities and weaknesses, so she covered it up with aggression in an overt display of strength. 

But given how they’ve both matured, I think this conversation will go very differently from the last one. The Amon/Touka conversation we had last chapter hints through Amon at the reason for Kaneki’s own reluctance to talk, but when the talk happens he might be finally convinced to open up about all of the fear, guilt and self-doubt he’s been harbouring. As for Touka, she’ll talk about being left behind by Arata and Ayato and express her will to fight alongside him instead of being protected all the time. Romantic or not, (and given all the sudden canonisations of ships in the latest arc, I’m actually pretty confident in the former), Kaneki and Touka will leave the encounter closer and with clearer consciences. The last encounter ended dramatically with a fight - to mirror that, I think this time around we might get a hug at the very least.

But themes and characters aside, how does this tie into the main plot? Because in the upcoming CCG raid on :re, Touka will be placed in severe danger. Kaneki failed to save the old manager, but will he be able to save the new one? Having finally reached a mutual understanding with her, just like he did with Yoshimura by hearing his story, the stakes will be all the higher. Kaneki and Touka themselves make a nice little parallel for Kuzen and Ukina too - a ghoul and a human who met at a coffee shop and became entangled in each other’s worlds.

The raid on :re will be a delicious opportunity for tragedy for Ishida, and that art with Touka in funereal clothes with Kaneki’s mask leaves me more than a little wary for our main’s safety. However, I see :re as Kaneki being given a chance by the author to do his story again, and to make sure that it’s not a tragedy this time around - a :rewrite, if you will. He’s already made a lot of mistakes on the way but I think we ought to have faith, as Touka did, that he will always be able to return to Anteiku.

It’s Only Natural That I Keep Her

||| Anon asked: Can I request a BTS, EXO and Monsta X mafia au, were they are the head of the most dangerous mafia clan and the reader (a girl) is a journaliste who want to find about a crime and she is disguised as a exotic dancer or sth. And somehow they find out about her.  |||

Changkyun x Reader feat. BTS & EXO

Genre: Mafia AU

Word count: 915

Originally posted by wonhontology

“Are you serious? Why do you always come up with these stupid ideas?”

“There not stupid, they make money and this is going to be a big scoop, I can feel it.”

Thinking back you should have listened to your co-workers advice and finally given up on going on these dangerous infiltration missions just to get a good story but you weren’t thinking about that then, all that mattered to you was getting inside.

You bribed one of the dancers, ensuring her that she won’t get in trouble and she seemed happy to get that big amount of money. Now you knew how to get in, if you’re successful you will be able to get some info of what’s going on in these types of parties, maybe you will see or even get to talk to no other but the boss of BTS himself - Park Jimin. 

None of the dancers noticed that you’re not one of them, probably because they didn’t know each other that well. You were given a tight shirt and a skirt way too short for your liking. After you got changed you went to take a peek to see what kind of people where at the other side of the curtain. And there he was. Jimin at his finest.

“Bingo.” you thought but to your surprise he wasn’t the only one there, you looked to his right and saw EXO, so there were other gangs present as well. Your eyes stopped on one of them in particular. It was a relatively new group called Monsta X. As you were looking at them you felt a pair of eyes on you too. You turned your gaze and noticed that one member was staring at you and you quickly closed the curtain. 

You had to find a way to get to the main hall. No way were you going to dance, you don’t even know how to, so you got to the end of the formation hoping to make your escape as soon as they start going on stage. You quickly went backstage happy that everything went well. Or so you thought because a certain somebody noticed you left.

“I have to change out of this ridiculous outfit” you thought wandering around when you came across a door that said “Personnel only”. Inside there were more corridors. You brushed past a few waitresses but they didn’t pay much attention to you, so you continued your search. At the end of one hallway you saw a changing room. Just what you needed. You slowly opened the door, to see is anybody was inside, luckily there was not a single soul and so you quickly got in. You started searching the room for more comfortable clothes when a voice from behind, startled you.

“Looking for something?”

You turned around to see a man leaning on the door frame.

“Oh nothing, I was just about to get changed.”

“Interesting because you see, I thought you were supposed to be dancing.” he said standing up straight. You didn’t like where this was going so you took a step back.

“You probably mistook me with someone.”

“I don’t make silly mistakes like that, do you know who I am?” he asked approaching you. You took a few more steps back.

“I know which gang you’re from.” you tried to sound confident to hide your shaky voice. “But what’s your position?”

“I’m the boss.” he smirked as your back hit the wall and he finally got you cornered.

You thought there was no way he could be the leader of Monsta X. He looked about the same age as you. Well you didn’t know anything about him so you had no idea what to expect.

“Say, aren’t you that journalist.” he started taking a strand of your hair and lifting it up. “Who specializes in undercover investigations?” he asked gently releasing your hair. He laughed when he saw how wide with shock your eyes have become.

“I think you should come with me.” he said grabbing you by the arm and dragging you out of the room. You tried to pry his hand from yours when he suddenly stopped and you bumped into him.

“I suggest you don’t try anything stupid like that if you value your life.” you stopped resisting and let him guide you to wherever he was taking you. You passed the main hall and went up a big set of stairs that had a large door at the top of them. He opened it and pushed you inside. There were a few other people there, Park Jimin was one of them and besides him you only knew the leader of EXO Yixing.

“Woah! Changkyun you were right it is her!” Jimin said.

“I know, I’m always right.”

“So what do we do with her?” one man asked.

“Get rid of her, obviously.” Yixing stated.

“What? But I don’t want to, she could be interesting.” Jimin opposed.

“I agree with him, she has a lot of knowledge about this world and other gangs, so she could be useful.” Changkyun said.

You looked at him in surprise, hoping he was joking but his face was dead serious.

“So who will be the one to do it?” Yixing asked.

“Well since I was the one who found her, I guess it’s only natural that I am the one to keep her. After all, I have more than one way to get the information out of her.”

A/N: If requests like this keep up, my blog will be nothing but mafia aus 😂 Not that I’m complaining… Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

omg so today in one of my seminars we were talking about classification and then a girl brought up gender (ofc) and was explaining how “someone with a penis who feels like a woman is a woman” and oh god she could have just written her tumblr url on the blackboard lmao. Well at the end of the lesson the example was brought up again and I said sth about the differences between gender and sex and the mistakes that today’s individualism makes and my professor didn’t say anything bc I think he was completely surprised. But then afterwards a guy talked to him about trans issues and how trans women’s brains resemble the female brain and I immediately interrupted and explained how there’s not a female brain just as there’s not a female liver or lung. And then my professor asked me about what I had said during the lesson (I was so honored lol, he is REALLY smart and he wanted me to explain sth to him!!) and then we talked about gender and sex for half an hour!! It was me, our teacher and two other guys and it was so interesting to be in a room with 3 men and they were all intently listening to me explaining the issues with today’s liberalism and trans activism. We talked about the link between capitalism and the oppression of women and even though we disagreed in the beginning they all pretty much agreed with me in the end, even our teacher said I was right, and he was so interested in my opinion. He only left because he was late for sth else and we continued talking haha

So basically I feel like I bathed in attention and affection (I know I know it was men and it would have been better to talk to the girl that mentioned it in the beginning but it was a very fruitful discussion, especially our teacher seemed like he had a few realizations) and I’m so proud of myself for standing my grounds (which is sth I don’t usually do).

Superhusbands4ever’s January 2017 Fic Rec

Hey guys! So I got the idea to do a monthly fic rec where I list any Tony ship fics that I read and liked that month (because I read a ridiculous amount of fanfiction, it’s crazy), and a lot of people were interested! So I’m going to post each month’s list on the last day of every month, but I’m posting two this month since I missed January (there’ll be more in next month’s, I promise). (If you’re not a Tony fan this list probably won’t interest you lmao)

January | February

Fics marked with ** are personal favorites that I highly recommend you read. Like if you don’t read the others, at least read those.

Stony (Steve/Tony)

“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”

“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”

As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

  • Your Name on Every Wall by Sineala - 616 Fix it of so many things, general knowledge of Civil War and Original Sin recommended - 18K

The Time Gem throws Steve into the past rather than the future, and in doing so, it gives him the opportunity to undo his past mistakes. But when it turns out that all of his mistakes involve Tony Stark, Steve begins to wonder if he’s ever going to be able to mend things between them.

Tony is no stranger to paternity claims from his female conquests, there’s a system in place for them. But when one of the tests actually comes back positive, he makes a rash decision to not tell anyone about it, not even Pepper Potts. All Mary Parker wants is for Tony to spend a little time with their son. Tony has a lot to think about in his life now, how he wants to run his company, how his life is going to change with the arc reactor, and what he’s going to do about his son, Peter. Then, the Avengers Initiative pops up, and in waltzes his childhood hero, and enemy, Captain America.

Follows the lives of the Starks, Parkers, and Rogers’, as they grow up, and grow in life.

(more under the cut)

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Misunderstanding? 6/?

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Genre: Angst/Fluff?
Pairing: ReaderxYoongi
Part 6/?

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

‘Y/N… Let’s talk in the kitchen?’  I hear Yoongi say and just nod.

We walk to the kitchen and he asks me if I want to drink something. How can he be this calm? I look up at the clock: 5AM. Nice. I will look terrible tomorrow. My gaze wanders to the cup in front if me, which I left here earlier, and then continues to Yoongi who is looking at me as well.

'So? Do you want something? Maybe Ice Tea, we-’
'I still have some, thanks.’ I say and take a sip from it.
'Ah, I see..Uhm’

He ruffles through his hair. He always does that when he is unsure or nervous.

'Y/N..’ he says, obviously struggling. 'I don’t know where to start. I-’
'How about this: Who is this girl? Why was she in your room -no- in your bed?’

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. I was mad, sad, just done with this.

'Why were you embracing her like that? Why were you with her and not with me?’
'WHY..Why did you lie to me… Work? Do you call this work?’

'Y/N, let me expla-’

'Did you work on your physical condition or what kind of work is this Yoongi??? Maybe you can start ex-’


I stopped and looked at him. Tears, which cannot be stopped anymore, are rolling down my cheeks. He looks desperate. How terrible do I look, I wonder?

'Y/N… please listen. Let me explain. It was really a misunderstanding. Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!’

I calm down a little and look at him, still crying.

'Ugh..Ok. Ok, listen. Do you know how I told you about that classmate meeting a couple of weeks ago?’

I remember something. He continues talking.

'That was yesterday evening. I went there thinking our midnight date is tomorrow, well today. I got the dates mixed up so I went there to meet old friends. That woman in my bed? She is an old classmate of mine. We were all out together drinking and talking and she got like super drunk. Everyone left one by one and then we were only like 4 people left, I don’t really remember, but the point is that no one knew where she lives. Everyone else was also super drunk and they all have a wife at home so they can’t take her in.’

'So you just brought her here? A dorm with 7 guys?’

'Well, I had no other choice, it was getting late and I was so tired so I just brought her here’

'And to sleep with her in the same bed? Good move, very smooth’ I laughed at him. This is ridicilous.

'It wasn’t like that! Just listen for a second please, god. So, like I said before I brought her here yes, but I left her in the living room on the couch to sleep. She was wearing your slippers because that was the first thing she grabbed… I tried to take them away but it didn’t work, I am really sorry for all of that.’

'But how the hell did she end up in your bed Yoongi? Mind to explain that?’

'To be honest I am not to sure either. I went to the kitchen, drank some water, brought her everything she needed to sleep and went to sleep myself. I was so tired I fell asleep right away and since you didn’t answer I thought it would be fine. I never thought that you would come. I woke up and realised that she was sleeping in my bed and I woke her up right away and send her home. Then I saw all your things on the floor and guessed what happened… I swear to god Y/N, nothing, absolutely NOTHING happened, please believe me.. How could I ever cheat on you? You’re an angel, I love you, please don’t leave me’

He looked at me with sad and desperate eyes. Is this all true?
Hell, how stupid I feel right now. But there’s still something bothering me.

'Why did you lie to me that you were working?’

'I was afraid that you would get all of this wrong… and you would still come if I said I forgot about it so I thought working would be the best choice because you know how sensitive I am when it comes to my work…’

I am so stupid. He knows me better than I do know myself. So in the end it was all an misunderstanding? Was I really so stupid to just assume that he cheated on me without him explaining anything? Yoongi? Actual angel on earth? I feel so dumb right now.

'Yoongi… Is this all the truth though?’

'Of course! You can call all of them, please, do it if you need to! I will give you all the numbers but please believe me. Don’t leave me, I don’t know what I would do. I was so worried when you didn’t answer and I wanted to run out right away but Hoseok stopped me, please Y/N I am sorry for hurting you like this, making you feel like this. I am not worth it but please just-’


He looked at me with tears in his eyes. Holy shit.

'I feel so dumb right now. Oh my god, I am so stupid. Can you slap me please?’

His eyes got wider. 'What..Y/N? What are you saying?’

'Can you just?? Like? I don’t deserve anything less. Oh my god I still can’t believe it’

I look at his face, now in shock. How stupid of me. I hurt him so much with my assumtions. Tears start rolling down my cheeks again making me look down. Got he made me so soft, I feel so sorry.

'Y/N, why are you crying? Please don’t cry? Do you not believe me? Are you hurt somewhere? Please talk to me I-’

'I am so sorry, Yoongi.’ I say, now looking him in the face again. 'I am SO SORRY’
'I must have make you feel like shit, assuming that you cheated on me without any real evidence.. and also not letting you explain before I thought of the worst. God I am so stupid..’

Silence surrounded us once again. The tension is gone. Yoongi looks at me with eyes wide open.

'Y/N,no. No, no, no! You have the right to think that way to feel that way.. I was the one being thoughtless. I am so sorry. I will never do something so naiv and stupid, so please… Don’t leave me like this EVER again..’

How come anything he says makes me want to hug him and never let him go again?

'I will not… I am so sorry, Yoongs.’ I said smiling, still with tears in my eyes.
Yoongi looks at me and stands up going around the table we were sitting at. He stops right in front of me and hugs me.

'Thank you, Y/N. Thank you so much’ he whispers in my ear.

I hug him back. How come I have someone so pure and angel like as my boyfriend?

'I am so sorry, Yoongi. Can you forgive me?’

'Oh my god- YES! Please stop apologising, I feel so stupid..’

'I am the stupid one… I love you, Yoongi.’

He stops hugging me to look me in the eyes. He scans my whole face, every inch of it.

'I love you even more, Y/N, my world, my everything.’ he says and kisses my forhead.

I can’t help but smile. He is still a romantic guy deep down. But I can’t hold myself back. It has do be done.

'Ew, getting cheesy here.Better stop it or we will slip’

'Even now… you’ve learned well. But it’s ok, I will catch you if you fall.’

'Well I had the best teacher’ I winked at him 'but… seriously, who thought you to be so smooth and cheesy?’

'That was probably me!’ I hear a voice saying from the back.

'Ah, Hoseok.’

'Are you guys done? Everything’s setteled?’
We both look at each other and then nod.
'GOOD! Can we like eat sth now? I am super hungry, I couln’t eat anything when I came home..because of a CERTAIN person-’

Gosh, he knows how to make you feel bad.

'I am… sorry? Ok, wait right here I’ll just order something? What do you want to eat?’

'Chicken please. You bag is in the living room, go get it if you need it’ he said while walking up to Yoongi.

I stand up and make my way out of the kitchen not without turning around once again to see Hoseok and Yoongi talking.

Not long after Yoongi joins me in the living room, looking relieved. 

'What did Hoseok tell you’ I asked what caused him to laugh out loud.

'He said: If you ever hurt her like this again or really cheat on her consider yourself a dead man.’
'Holy shit. What did you do to him? Where is he? Is he still alive??’

'I just smacked his head very lightly? He was not wrong after all. I guess he went to his room. He said he will be back after changing’

'I see. Poor baby, he’s probably crying right now’ We both laughed.
'But honestly. Don’t ever do this again, or I’ll smack you tiny perfect ass.’

'I love you too, Y/N.’

20 minutes passed and Hoseok is still not back. What is him taking so long?

'I’ll go look for Hope, he takes way too long. Our food will arrive soon’ Yoongi says. It feels like he can read my mind, what a connection we have.

'Don’t worry, we can finish it without him’ I answer. He stares at me.

'Well, you’re not wrong. Still gotta go look for him. Be right back’ he says and leaves.

I lean my head over the edge of the couch. So it really was a misunderstanding. It seems like even shit days like those have a happy ending right? 

Part 6 of ‘Misunderstanding?’ !
I hope you guys like it ♥
Idk if I’ll finish it here or continue, that’s why there’s still a question mark haha

I would be happy about feedback and comments ^-^

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]

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Hello! Sorry to bother you, but could you make a tutorial of this post post/160598278702/players-like-neymar-are-great-for-football it looks amazing!!! Thank you!

you’re not bothering me at all, thank you!

okay so i couldn’t recreate the exact edit but i tried and i hope you understand all the steps, please feel free to ask any questions!

*i m really bad at explaining plus my english is a big LOL bear with me :P

here’s the edit:

What you’ll need: any version of PS, i used CS6, a picture of a person or anything i guess, water splash brushes (just look them up on google bc i don’t remember the site i downloaded mine from lol) and gifs like these x

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Hi! I love your writing, so I felt free to ask you for a little headcanon bc I keep thinking about it lol. So, according to you, has Jason ever read 50 shades of Gray (out of curiosity or whatever other reasons)? If yes, what's his opinion about it? Does he hate it with a passion, or maybe finds it lowkey entertaining just for porn purposes, or he& Dick would make a parody of it or sth? Did he make it through entire trilogy or he considers it a utter garbage not even worth reading to begin with?

Thank you! :D To answer your question…

Yes he has, and, like most things in Jason’s life he doesn’t want to admit to, it’s all Roy Harper’s fault. Roy got him the books as a joke gift, and Jason (after first throwing them at Roy’s head) decided he might as well try reading them to see what all the fuss is about.

Now he has notes. He has so many notes about this bullshit. He hates himself. He hates Roy. He hates these books. How did they get so popular? Why is Christian Gray considered a desirable male lead by so many people? And most of all, why can’t he stop laughing every time Roy says ‘inner Goddess’ to him now? (Kori is very confused by all this, especially when they assure her she’s an outer Goddess and then crack up laughing all over again)

Dick meanwhile, gets all the ‘Fifty Shades of Grayson’ jokes until he refuses to speak to any of the Outlaws for a week afterwards and Jason is forced to apologise if he wants to save their relationship.

(Later Dick tried to get his revenge by asking Jason how his inner Goddess was doing during sex, but it ended up backfiring on him when Jason started laughing so hard he actually kicked Dick out of bed and then couldn’t continue. Dick solemnly swore never to try anything like it again)

Advice to write a Latin character

Okay, I’m writing this post mainly because of what I’ve read in the Clony fandom but it applies to any fandom. Here’s a brief summary of musts and don'ts:

- don’t insert random Spanish words. We bilingual people don’t talk like that, we’ll only insert words in our first language when we truly mean it
- don’t make them switch back from one language to another unless they’re talking to someone who can understand both languages. We do know how to use the right language
- for the love of everything that’s holy unless than to talk about clay you’re also saying “the White did this” or “the White’s eyes” don’t refer to tony as “the Latino”. It’s racist. But nothing. It’s racist.
- unless you’re fluent in Spanish (or you can ask somebody who is) don’t insert phrases in Spanish. Google translator sucks and we can tell when you use it. It only ruins your fic
- if you do know spanish make sure to use the appropriate language for the region. We don’t all talk like Mexicans or Spaniards
- when in doubt use English. You can always add, “he said in Spanish” or sth like that. Just make sure you don’t use wordplay that you don’t know if it can be translated and you’re fine. It helps to keep a good fic quality and not being offensive to Spanish speakers
- do some research. I know, i know it’s just a fic you only want to have fun and research is boring. But when you are writing any minority a little research is always worthy to not offend said minority and on the plus side you’re also educating yourself

Thank you
A Latina fan




 So OMG.. this is hella late by my standards. But I have a good excuse I promise. So… um… This is also not only Nico’s Bday post but also my first commission. *  blushes and hides* which is why you see the watermark.

I never expected anyone to want to ask me to draw sth. like EVER. So I am extremely humbled and I was working really hard to make this perfect for @tykira45 …hence my tardiness…. and not knowing how to watermark *sigh* and….thank you love, for even thinking of me in the first place

I made teacups for the Stein Trio to go with it cause Nico just by himself…. ahaha it needed more really.

Nico’s cup is Sakura Blossoms said to mean beauty and fragile life. We all know Nico’s past …or most of us do so I thought it fitting, plus he’s beautiful. Gotta admit.

Albert’s cup is Peach blossom which is said to mean intense love. I thoroughly believe Al has such love for his “brothers” so… this was fitting.

and lastly, Byron-sama’s cup is a Purple rose, which had a ton of meanings but I personally took it as said to mean enchantment and magnetism, opulence and majesty.

Thank you for putting up with my lateness everyone (/.\) Thank you @emigotchi for WIP viewing amongst other stuff  xD ( My freaking out and perfectionism)

Thanks to @midnightuglystepsister for encouraging me and helping me fix stuff on him.

@juzbijou and @kakihoden and @leorysxi for inspiring me enough to draw and to get this opportunity and to grow.


Please do not repost my art or commissions… er.. commission. Myself and my commissioner ask that you reblog please.

Kinda wonder whether what Mary wants is hunting or family, because don’t get me wrong I’m all for both, both is good, and it can work for Sam and Dean and hopefully Cas but I don’t think it’s what Mary actually wants..
I mean, I’ve been buying the ‘kill all the monsters to give sons a normal life’ thing but now I think.. if she really wanted family, she wouldn’t have had the urge to hunt when Dean was a kid and all? Maybe she’s really kidding herself? Or is this also still the messed up cupid/resurrection thing affecting her?

I also wonder if John would’ve been able to/wanted to stop after Azazel’s death if he’d still been alive back then..

What I’d also like them do with this character story is the boys not ‘because mom’-ing everything about her, because that way they can never develop an honest relationship with her. I’d like them to temporarily(!) break with her so she can earn her place in the family by herself and not based on expectations. 

I just want there to be one vision. One Sonic. No more classic, no more modern, no more boom. I wish it was just… Sonic. No more arbitrary lining everything into eras, and making a franchise going forward that takes a little bit of all the good stuff and unifies it.

One vision going forward. I just want SEGA to just finally settle on what they even think Sonic IS. Because to be honest, if you asked different people, some from within SEGA, within Sonic Team, and within the Mania dev team, this question: “What is Sonic The Hedgehog?” You will get answers that totally oppose each other.

Quite frankly, just make a composite by combining the best of everything. STICK WITH IT. And move on. No more doing whatever and hoping it sticks. No more multiple Sonics occupying the same space.

Just make a really good formula and world that can be used going forward and stick to it.