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Do you have any idea how actors get good chemistry onscreen and ignore each other in real life what triggers it good story , understanding of story or just professionalism

legit, good chemistry isn’t something that can be helped. i think you can have natural chemistry and then understanding story and understanding character is an elevation of that story so you work really hard in making the audience believe in these two characters but that spark, that chemistry, that can’t be helped that’s why there are auditions and screen tests because they want to see how the two people will work onscreen. Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski had to say this when it came to casting: “Fischer recalled the last stages of the audition process for Pam and Jim, with the producers partnering the different potential Pams and Jims (four of each) together to gauge their chemistry. When Fischer finished her scene with Krasinski, he told her that she was his favorite Pam, to which she reciprocated that he was her favorite Jim.[25]“ like it’s just natural.