i just wanted to make someone smile today

im watching a girl on the bus put on lip balm.
her hair is rained on and pulled into a tiny loop on the back of her head.
i feel connected to her because we are both wet and wearing lipstick and heavy shoes
she is pulling sunglasses out of her backpack and pulling a piece of hair off her face. she is sliding a pin against her head.
she moves her hands like someone is watching. I think we all do this.
I wonder if
girls are poetic because we simply are or because someone is always watching us. being a voyeur makes me feel less innocent.

but still I wonder what she is reading. i wonder if the lipstick she’s wearing is her favorite or if it’s just the one she had in her pocket today. i wonder who she is going to meet tonight.

When she’s getting off the bus she smiles at me and i feel at ease. i want to tell her she is beautiful but I remember that every time a stranger told me I was beautiful it has made me feel uneasy. so I watch her go and I am grateful

You are loved.

I Just wanted to let you guys know despite the aftermath of the election, I believe that everything is going to be okay. We cannot let negativity control our thoughts and actions. I know it’s hard right now and I am equally as upset as the rest of you.

However, If we continue to fight for our rights and remain strong, we will prevail!
In the meantime, I will continue to work hard, offering you more educational and fun comics!

We all need some cuteness during these dark and depressing times after all.
I hope I managed to make someone smile today, and just remember, you are loved and appreciated.

Have a great night.

“I want someone who will stay up with me just talking about galaxies and stars, I want someone who’ll make sure I smile for today. I want someone to effort on me, because I’ve done so many efforts and they’ll only come back when they need something. But maybe it’s just me.”
أريدُ شخصاً يبقى مستيقظاً بجانبي فقط لنتحدث عن المجرات والنجوم. أريد شخصاً يتأكد من أنني ابتسمت اليوم. أريد شخصاً يبذل جهداً من اجلي، لأنني بذلت جهداً كبيراً لأناسٍ عادوا فقط عندما احتاجوني. ولكن، ربما هذا فقط لأنني أنا.
—  zaidalhourani quotes

“want to have flowing luscious locks like me? want to have hair that is bloody amazing and can make you look like a man whore in just one wash? try seriously Sirius shampoo today!”

“Sirius can you cut that off?” You laugh at your boyfriends antics, the wind blew through Sirius’ hair as he poses dramatically . “Merlin, someone please make the winds stop!” you fake complained as the autumn wind just blew stronger. “You can never resist this hot body!” he smiled at you before sitting down beside you, “plus, i wanted to cheer up my girl”.

You only smiled, thankful for having such a sassy yet caring boyfriend by your side.

-Admin Zeus Diana Lupin

Hey guys, like it seems many of you enjoy these flowers, I have a request : 

Please, share these flowers with someone you like. 

It can be a friend, it can be someone you just want to be close, someone you respect, someone you like but are afraid to talk to, someone you want to wish something or just to make a smile today. 
It would make me really very happy if this doodle could serve this purpose. 


Hey you, I hope you’re doing well! I hope you smiled today!

It’s nice to smile, isn’t it? That little bit of joy that spreads across your face when you feel good. It’s lovely.

There’s just something I want to say about it.

Just because you smile, or laugh, or make jokes with your friends…doesn’t mean you can’t feel sad too.

And vice versa.

Just because you feel sad, or depressed, or hurt, or anxious…doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t smile. Don’t ever let someone make you feel guilty about that.


“I thought you were sad, but you just smiled at that picture.”

“You said you had depression, but you’re laughing at that video.”

…is bullshit.

The way you feel and the way that you act, that’s yours and yours alone. No one can tell you it “doesn’t make sense” that you feel that way but you act this way.

Life doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Can I tell you something else though?

You deserve to smile.

You deserve to laugh and to be happy. You deserve to feel good about yourself and to love yourself.

Your worth is infinite.

So I hope you smiled today.

And if you didn’t…it doesn’t mean you won’t smile tomorrow. 🙂❤️

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I’d like to say something. Despite myself I’ll try my best not rant bloody murder because there is enough of that around and the last thing the world needs is more hatred and fear. In fact, engaging in it means they win, in every respect.

I apologize in advance for the essay. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to but it‘s something I’ve been writing in my head since about 5pm Sydney time today, when the result seemed final. Obviously I could have posted this on my personal tumblr but because this blog has a wider audience, I figured maybe just one person would benefit from reading this here. If I could make someone smile, or message me for a chat, or refrain from attaching a hose pipe to their car’s exhaust, I’ll be contented.

This is mainly directed to my American followers but I would hope anyone from any country who has kept their eye on American politics lately might appreciate this also. I can attest to that, as I am not an American myself.

You don’t get to call the United States of America the “greatest country in the world” without causing ripples overseas. Your influence and your presence is vast, so whether we like it or not, we’ve got our eyes and ears on you. Even from where I am – Sydney, Australia – we bore witness to your presidential election in a Truman Show-esque manner. We’d been watching it long enough to become thoroughly invested in it, so much so that as I walked past people to catch my train home from work today, every single conversation I passed was about the election, specifically Drumpf (respect to John Oliver and his “Make Donald ‘Drumpf’ Again” campaign).. Even on the train, people were either receiving or making phone calls to others about the seeming result of the election, or staring grimly at their phones.

The only other time I’ve experienced an American related “Where were you when you found out?” moment was September 11.

This post is specifically targeted at those who are, to put it mildly, disappointed by the result of the election. I’m reluctant to say “You are not alone” but it’s the best way to put it. But don’t picture a couple of tumblr kids from around the world patting you on the back, Liz Lemon style murmuring “No it ok don’t b cry”.

Entire nations do not understand what has happened. Entire nations who, at large, share your progressive, egalitarian values, even if the majority of your country apparently does not (or, at least for the moment, has momentarily capitulated to fear). We want not to just pat you on the back; we want to take you by the shoulders and guide you to safe place where you are ALL welcome, you are ALL accepted for who you are, and most of all, you are ALL safe, even if our own homes aren’t the ideal place for that. We all saw the slow but stubborn strides the United States had been making towards becoming a more liberal and powerful nation, one where everyone can be themselves and are not denied exploring their potential, and the idea that your home is basically going to time travel back to the 1950s is beyond heartbreaking. I won’t wax lyrical about why this is “beyond heartbreaking” because it’s obvious, and as shit as I feel about this, I don’t desire to make you all feel shittier.

I can’t give you any quick remedies to this pain because there simply is none, but I’d like to gently suggest to you to hold onto that anger and/or disappointment and turn it into passion. Passion makes you proactive, and will help you fight fearlessly. The winning party will become more complacent and more legitimized by their bigotry than ever and the last thing that needs to happen, after making so many brave strides socially and culturally, is to lie down and have it become the status quo (again!). And that’s just what I have to say to those who have the privilege of not being directly in Drumpf’s line of fire. And by fire I mean his “policies”, which are half-baked but are policies no less.

I don’t know what to say to you as I will not presume to know what it’s like to be an immigrant or a follower of a faith decried by the (seeming) majority. All I can say is that there is nothing wrong with you. What is wrong is that there are people who are not the rightful owners of the land you call home who feel that they have the authority to tell you whether or not you belong on the same land. Which is fucked up. It happens here in Australia too, unfortunately.

What I find mildly amusing is that the progressive form of rebellion that makes conservatives angriest is to aggressively be yourself. They hate it. “How dare you defy my expectations of you!”. I think we all know, ultimately, who the stronger party is in this situation, and while you’ve lost the election this time, our quiet rebellion could lead to most effective, nonviolent revolution. Viva la revolución.

Feel free to message me if you would like to chat. And if you migrate or visit Sydney, I’d like to give you a hug (or a high five, if you’re not into hugs, like the Doctor). Any regular followers of my personal tumblr know I love Stephen Colbert, and his closing monologue tonight might make you feel better. x

Thanks for 3,400!

I’m really resenting the fact that I just hit this milestone when I’m having such a terrible day, otherwise I would have done something special. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

Anyways, I just want to give a massive thank you to all of my followers! I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all for making my Tumblr experience worthwhile. I am so thankful for your love and support; it means more to me than words can express.

I hope everyone is having a better day than I am. Make someone smile today; you might be the only one who does. Cheers!

Hey lovelies that follow me! Today my school talked about something called live to give. Everyone can make a change in this world it’s small or not. You can just make someone’s day better through a sweet anonymous ask to a blogger or smiling at someone. Yes, I know this is cheesy and to some people, stupid but whenever I’m on this site, you all just make me so happy and filled with love it is literally the highlight of my day. By hearing this, I want to do something nice for everyone on here! 

Send me an ask with a blogger that you love and would like to make their day better and brighter. Then I will do a compliment/shoutout post for them by saying thank you and things like that. 

Please I want everyone to participate because I just really want to make someone’s day better and make them smile because every deserves to be happy. :D (p.s. i know i should probably be doing my 100 followers celebration but this has been in my head all day and i want to spread kindness everywhere)(i promise i will get them done, just really slowly)(if you requested headcanons those will be probably answered last)(lol sorry, i still love you guys) <33

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For the country x s/o thingy.... What about Canada? He's just a (not so) small cinnamon roll that needs more love. Maybe Canada x Clingy! or Affectionate! Reader

First of all - I couldn’t agree more #loveForCanada
Secondly - I’ll try my best :)

(I’ll just go with Mathew for Canada, it sounds more personal that way) btw if you want a longer story, just add an event or something I should include

It was an ordinary day in March, somewhere in the countryside of Canada. It was bitterly cold, but the snow had already melted. S/o walked into the living room where Mathew was reading the newspaper. He looked somewhat serious as he read it. “Morning, cuddle bear” S/o smiled and removed the newspaper from his hands: “Don’t worry for a moment, will you? You can’t solve all these Problems today.” “Someone has to make at least something right” he replied and sighted. “You will” S/o stated and took his head gently between their Hands: “You normally do.” “I’m not sure if this is normal, anymore” he replied solemnly. S/o didn’t reply anything and softly kissed him while sitting on his lap. Mathew quietly kissed the tip of their nose. S/o bend forward and kissed his neck and smiled. Mathew’s breath hitched silently before he said: “Why are you here with me - if you don’t like the problems that surround me?”
S/o laughed quietly: “It’s not that I don’t like the fact that you occupy yourself with them, it’s your duty. It is my duty to take your thoughts away from them from time to time. Because I love you.”
It was an unusual feeling for him: Not only to be noticed, but to be loved. Actually loved.

My precious souls aka Wonho & Minhyuk

I just wanted to say that in the beginning of Monsta X Minhyuk was pretty much scolded by Wonho for being too touchy with everybody. I’m really glad Minhyuk didn’t stop because now it’s become something that the group relies on. Wonho now feel uneasy without Minhyuk because he’s comforting. His smiles and his touches helps put him at ease.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows how I feel about Wonho. He’s probably the member (after Minhyuk) that I think about the most. I’m always wondering if he’s okay or if someone has told him he’s talented rather than he’s beautiful today. Im so soft for Wonho I just want to make sure someone is telling him he’s worth it.

In addition I’m always wondering if Minhyuk is getting to express himself. If he’s getting to be him, because I know (since I’m extremely tactile as well) that sometimes not getting to touch someone or hug someone can’t start to hurt. It starts to hurt physically. Kind of makes you want to curl up and cry. Minhyuk needs those touches as much as the people he gives them too. Minhyuk needs to feel needed. He needs to feel like if he left people would miss him and like he isn’t just flying under the radar. He needs to be seen and wants people to want to see him.

I’m so glad these two found each other. Even in No.Mercy Minhyuk was seen hugging Wonho when he was down and I’m just glad they can help each other out this way. I love them both so much I’m glad they’ve found someone they can lean on and I just hope Minhyuk keeps holding Wonho up while Wonho is dealing with these insecurities (IM STILL BLAMING THAT REPORTER FOR THIS FIND ME AND FIGHT ME REPORTER). I hope Wonho understands that he isn’t a burden to Minhyuk.

I just love them both so much this wasn’t supposed to be this long. I’m getting emotional I gotta go.

  • Brother: You just got to make the most of whatever.
  • Me: Thank you... I really want to beleive you; I really do. ♡
  • (Read the tags for a long sentimental speech. It may help someone out there.)

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Hi...Thank you for being such an inspiration to me..Thank you for making me smile... It'll be too late to turn back but I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done to make me and my girl smile... On the 12th I'll be gone.. But I just want to show everyone that made me smile and made me who I am today to see that I tried.. That I had a good life... Even if I did have depression... Thank you again..

(If anyone else noticed what was written before, just ignore that. Someone else intervened to tell me what is actually going on with this person.)

I’m glad to know I was able to make a difference in your life, no matter how big or small. To bring happiness into someone else’s life - into yours - is a great honor that I will hold onto. Thank you for taking the time to write this message to me.

Jeonghan (Host AU! Series)

SEVENTEEN Host Club AU Series

NOTE : It seems like ya’ll liked the Seungcheol one, so here’s Jeonghan for you guys! Tell me how you guys find it, send me a message or anything, just let me know if the series is good or not. Enjoy!

Originally posted by kkimgyu

  • The club’s mascot, The Angel Prince.
  • “Whose princess are you?”
  • No one can resist him. NO ONE.
  • Never ending compliments from him, he will legit compliment you the moment he sees you until the moment you leave.
  • “I like what you did with your hair today.” *cue him tucking a few strands of your hair behind your ear*
  • Would give his guests the most dizzying smiles, making them want to faint right on the spot just because of it.
  • If someone is his frequent guest, he will memorize everything about that person. Like which cake/sweets she likes the best, which tea she always drinks, and most especially her weak spots when it comes to service.
  • “I’ll let you braid my hair if you behave today.”
  • Practically brainwashes everyone to make them say, “Jeonghan’s baby…” or so for his guests, “Jeonghan’s princess…”
  • Keeps repeating inside his head while looking at Seungcheol’s guests, “I AM SEUNGCHEOL’S IDEAL TYPE. NOT YOU OR YOU OR YOU.”
  • “Oh? Sorry, I wasn’t dazing at Seungcheol. I just think I’m better looking than him.”
  • Will be a nervous wreck when he’s with the guest he has a crush on.
  • “In my eyes, you’re the only girl I see. Come eat a cake with me?”

Originally posted by seungheol

ok so i work at this grocery store and today this old woman came through my line and goes “you know what, have you gotten anything for yourself today young lady?” and i was confused as of what she meant and she was like “well one time i had just broken up with my boyfriend but i didn’t want to feel like shit on valentines day so i just had this flower company send flowers to my office and everyone was like ‘oooo who are those from??’ but little did they know they were from actually from myself! look the point is, if someone is not taking the time to love you, make sure you love yourself.” and to this day that’s the realest and most inspiring valentines day story i’ve heard. love yourselves today guys, or at least think that it would probably make this old woman smile to know that u do.

Just Keep In Mind...

These points have been brought up hundreds of time. But i was talking to Fuchsia ( @tommotoy ) and i want to repeat because today ive seen posts about people questioning their faith…and today is NOT the day to have doubts. We just got AIMH to 2 million. Were doing fine. Sit back, relax, Happy Larrentines Day and…

If Larry isn’t real they’re gonna have to explain:

The tattoos. 

The fond. 

The living together. 

The non-denial denials. 

Sneaky glances, sneaky touches, sneaky smiles, sneaky innuendos…

The bullshit tweet. Louis making it clear in an interview and i quote “how would a fan distinguish If its us doing our tweets or maybe someone that maybe works for us. I think if you can match our personalities to the tweet it should be pretty obvious whos tweeting” hard stone proof of him telling us he’s not the only one behind his twitter. 

Liam reading Larry signs. So unnecessary. 

The leg brushes and arm fondles. Very unnecessary. 

The serenading each other every chance they get. 

Fucking HOME. end of the day. 18. Strong. The list goes on. 

Explain their sign language and thumbs up sweetheart secret code bullshit.

 BABYGATE OH LORD. The absolute silence from Harry lover of all things pregnant when she was at the show in London. The general silence of the whole band and a lot of family. The fucking articles around that time period making the WHOLE thing about larry.  The over publicized paps. Like theyre trying to prove something. Why do they have to defend it?

 Why does everything come back to Larry???


Explain why Larries are still here after so much oppression by the media. Explain how none of this has EVER gone away and weve actually GROWN in numbers BECAUSE of things like haylor, hendall, and elounor(the photoshopped instagram pics, her bein real fucking friendly with harry magee) The superficiality surrounding their “relationships” so blatant that COMPLETE 1D STRANGERS WERE PICKING UP ON IT. Literally people everywhere are opening their eyes. Its getting impossibly bigger. 

Explain why they have NEVER. ONCE. from their own mouths actually denied it if you listen closely to the sublines. 

Explain for fucks sake why they looked at each other when walters asked if they all wanted to married and have kids one day even as young as they are. 

Explain why theyve been seen at gay clubs so many times. Making it really obvious they wanna be seen there taking an ABUNDANCE of pics with fans.

 Again. Tattoos. Ship&Anchor hours apart in same shop by same artist. THE DAGGER. when we’d been saying for A YEAR that we wished he would get it.

I could go on forever. Keep listening to your gut, for gods sake don’t give up now. Larry is real.

I want someone who will stay up with me just talking about galaxies and stars, I want someone who’ll make sure I smile for today. I want someone to effort on me, because I’ve done so many efforts and they’ll only come back when they need something. But maybe it’s just me.
—  pmmhv 

[ Listen ]

     You. Are made of gold.
     You are someone special, always kind, full of joy.
     Your heart is kind, sensitive, but big enough. For everyone and everything.
     Your smile is something special. That needs to be saved.

     You always manage to cheer me up, make me laugh and are here for me.
     Thank you for everything, being here and being the dork you are. Also lovely.

So, maybe I got kinda emotional…
Weird day today, but I want to thank you for being my friend.
Thank you, freedthedark.


Today is Gyles’ birthday. I’ve been stuck on what I could possibly do today to honour him, but this morning I decided I knew what I wanted to do. Making other people happy seemed appropriate.

These are for my friends, who have suffered with me. For those who gave a sympathetic word and shared their experiences. For even just the kind strangers who wished me well. This is for all the people who’ve kept me alive the past two months. This is for all the people who have kept me living today, now, here. Living and breathing and loving and creating.

If I can put a smile on someones’ face today, I know that Gyle would be happy,

I want someone who will stay up with me just talking about galaxies and stars, I want someone who’ll make sure I smile for today. I want someone to effort on me, because I’ve done so many efforts and they’ll only come back when they need something. But maybe it’s just me.
—  pmmhv